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1) WHat is a solstice?
2) Define Equinox?
3) Explain the difference between geocentric and heliocentric.
4) What are 4 different instruments the ancients used. Explain each.
5) What is a AU. What does it stand for?
6) Draw the life cycle of a star. pg. 386.
7) What is the difference between an asterism and a constellation.
8) Define galaxy.
9) Explain the protoplanet thesis.
10) Explain the difference between a asteroid, meteor, meteorite.
11) What is the difference between a azimuth, altitude, and zenith.
12) What are 3 types of ways that can be used to move space craft? Explain each.
13) What are 5 hazards of living in space?
14) What is a satellite? What are 2 types?
15) What is GPS? How does it work?
16) Describe the difference between a reflacting telecope and a refracting
17) What is interferometry?
18) Why is it an advantage to have the Hubble space telescope in space?
19) descrube the difference between a wavelength and frequency.
20) Name the 8 types of electromagnetic energy.
21) What are 4 advantages to using a radio telescope?
22) Why are probes sent into space (2 reasons).
23) What is triangulation?
24) Describe dangers of launching into space, while in space and returning to earth. (2
25) What are 4 famous space accidents that have occurs wasting billions of dollars?
26) What are the concerns over “space junk”?
27) List 2 cons and 2 pros of space exploration?
28) What are 2 ethical, 2 political and 2 environmental issues concerning space exploration.