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Technology and Science Quiz Answer Key
1. What is the goal of technology?
The goal of technology is to find solutions to practical problems.
2. True or false: Science and technology have the same goal.
3. Scientific knowledge needed to create the first telescope included knowledge of
a) light.
b) lenses.
c) mirrors.
d) two of the above
4. The first telescope was invented by _____.
Hans Lippershey
5. What did Galileo discover with his telescope?
a) hills and valleys on the moon
b) spots on the sun
c) moons of Jupiter
d) all of the above
6. How did Galileo’s discoveries with his telescope help give birth to modern Western
Galileo’s discoveries with this telescope provided evidence that the sun, not Earth, is at the
center of the solar system. This new view of the solar system started the scientific
revolution that gave birth to modern Western science.
7. What is an important scientific discovery that was made possible by the microscope?
Answers may vary. Sample answer: An important scientific discovery made possible by the
microscope was the discovery of cells, which are the basic building blocks of all living
8. What scientific knowledge was needed to develop the seismometer?
To develop the seismometer scientific knowledge of waves and motion was needed.
9. Using seismometers, scientists discovered that
a) the moon has earthquakes.
b) the sun has an atmosphere.
c) Earth has a solid inner core.
d) none of the above
10. A device that measures properties of light given off by matter is a(n) _____.