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By: Emily and Roxy
What does an astronomer do?
Typical days don’t include looking through a
Attend meetings, work at desks, work on
Study objects by observing light they give off
or reflect and their movements
Astronomers are scientists that study planets,
stars and galaxies
About ten years of college
You should take math, science, and computing
in high school to be an astronomer
For college the bachelor of science in
astronomy is the best degree
Astronomer’s pay
Assistant professor in astronomy can make
$45,000 to $50,000 for nine months
$100,000 a year with several years of
Interesting facts about astronomy
• Many meteors you flying through the sky are
about the size of a grain of rice.
• The biggest known star is about 2,000 times
the radius of the sun and about 30 times
Galileo Galilei
Born February 15, 1564
Born in Pisa, Italy
Died January 8, 1642.
Discovered Jupiter’s four moons
Made a more improved telescope
• What they do
• It is physical science.
• Pay
• What you should know to be an astronomer
• School
• More about what they do
• Meteor information in interesting facts
• Star information in interesting facts.
Bibliography continued
• Galileo’s birth and death
• Discoveries/inventions
• His birth place
• $100,000 a year info
• Info on bachelor of science in astronomy degree