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Mapping with your Robot
What is mapping?
• The process of using a sensor to
determine the location of objects or holes
in a remote area
What is mapping?
• Mapping can be done with satellite
images, sonar, radar, etc.
Why map?
• July 2002, nine miners dug through a wall into
another tunnel
• The other tunnel was filled with groundwater,
which trapped them in a tiny air pocket
• The other tunnel was part of an abandoned
mine that had filled with groundwater
If the miners had stopped
excavating earlier, this could
have been avoided.
Why didn’t they stop when they got too close?
Why map?
• They didn’t have an accurate map of the
abandoned mine to know when they
would hit it
• They were rescued after 77 hours, but it
could happen again
Why robots?
• Abandoned mines fill with groundwater
• Groundwater mixes with dust leftover from
mining to produce toxic, slippery sludge
• Support timbers rot, leaving the mine
structurally unstable
Why robots?
This is a dirty, dangerous job!
Robots can map just as well as humans
Robots don’t complain
This method won’t endanger human life
Mapping with Ultrasonic Sensor
• Ultrasonic sensor works by bouncing
sound waves off of an object
• We cannot heard ultrasonic noise
Mapping with Ultrasonic Sensor
• Records how quickly the waves bounce
Mapping with Ultrasonic Sensor
• That tells it how close or far an object is
• The farther it is, the longer it takes for the
waves to bounce back
Mapping with Ultrasonic Sensor
• We can measure the area first and compare
measurement to the sensor readings
• Shows us how accurate the sensor is
Bluetooth Technology
• Every NXT is equipped with Bluetooth
• Allows it to send information to anything
else that has Bluetooth
NXT to NXT Communication
• NXT can send data to any other NXT
using Bluetooth
• Will be using one NXT to map and send
data, another to receive data
Project Goals
• Prototype that can take accurate
measurements of interior of model
• Organized group structure, well-defined
individual tasks
• Presentation of your prototype and your