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Customer Data Integration &
Master Data Management
Summit London 2006
13-14 July, London, UK
Produced by :
In Association with
Providing Reliable Customer
Data within a Large Financial
Services Group
Lynn Colledge
practical difficulties
micro/macro solution
impact… after the rain
had gone
Sanlam – leading financial services group in South Africa …
Established in 1918, demutualised in 1998
& listed on JSE
Four business clusters
… life insurance, short-term insurance, investments
& independent financial services
R353 billion assets under management & administration
9500 office staff … 1400 advisers
“In the next five years there are going to be two types of
businesses, those that use the computer as a marketing
tool and those that face bankruptcy”
Harvard Business Review
Advisers technology-enabled… but paradigm shift
Data not readily available… consolidated data
repository required providing single view of customer
CRM strategy & enabler required… to support
“client centric” business strategy
Leverage off cross-selling opportunities… also focus
on up-selling
Group-wide goal to achieve …
Creation of a consistent customer information base…
currently stored in several disparate systems across
the group… and covering multiple product ranges
Delivery of consistent information… to the right people
in a medium that is appropriate to them
Maintenance of an accurate base of customer
Accommodate governance issues/requirements
not an easy ride
… and group politics
& protected interests
to contend with!
“I own my customer data &
you can’t have it”
Not a bed of roses…
issues that were addressed…
unreliable enterprise information due to overlapping &
inconsistent silos of data
inaccessible data stored in several different systems…
business specific applications, spreadsheets, legacy
systems & the “human head”
inability to produce & maintain a single, believable view of a
no mechanism to co-ordinate value-adding information
across the group
on the adviser front… “left hand does not know what right
hand is doing”
disparate agency systems across the group
… where to from here?
“A customer data warehouse is paramount to the ability
to capture information, integrate it, and generate this
single view of the customer.”
- Adam Klaber, Price Waterhouse Coopers
Data consolidation engine… MRM technology
MICRO solution… initial focus Employee Benefits &
Worksite Marketing (“chunking” principle)
Five different sales channels
External commercial database
Legislation… Financial Advisory & Intermediary
Services Act (FAIS)
the bigger picture
… MACRO group-wide solution
Institutional Client Index
Leverage off existing relationships…
“foot in the door”
Cross-selling & up-selling enabler…
packaged approach
Retention… “to be forewarned, is to be forearmed”
the data integration engine
… cornerstones
Consolidation… match/merge
Reliability… trust & decay
… massages data to ensure it is clean &
appropriately standardized
Ford Inc.
Ford Motor Company
Ford Maatskappy
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Company
Ford Motor Company
… match/merge functionality
Duplicate data from the various data sources
is eliminated
Overlapping data is combined
Cross-reference tables… key to update processes
… trust & decay
Trust factors are applied at cell level… optional setting
Most accurate sources are identified… e.g. financial
data, adviser input (“Real-Time”), etc.
Decay factors ensure our data remains valid &
… governance driven
Hierarchy-based… “who’s who in the zoo”
Access determined by user groups & roles
(JV’s & Partnerships)
Legislative requirements…ECT & COMSEC Acts
(Electronic Communications & Transmission Act)
Administration module
… Data Steward (“the driver”)
Data management… audit function (accuracy)
Process management… access control, load process,
training responsibility, etc.
Data Mining
WIS Application
Common Application Interface
Security Services
Reliability Services (Trust / Decay)
Transportation Layer
VIP Lists
I can see clearly now
… the rain has gone
(Creedence Clearwater
- Johnny Nash)
the value-add $$$$$
… how to quantify
Promotes co-operation between all business units…
resulting in a more professional sales approach
Generates goodwill in the customer space…
equates to more sales = higher revenue stream
Holistic view of the customer…
supports a strong retention strategy
Improved data quality…
translates into reduced operational costs
Data availability…
complements the sales process, contributing to a
reduced sales cycle = reduced sales costs
Thank You
Lynn Colledge