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Provide a platform
built on security,
privacy, and trust
Maintain an
evergreen service
Offer highly
configurable and
scalable services
No advertising
We don’t build
advertising products
out of customer data
No data mining
We don’t scan the
contents of customer
email or documents for
or data mining
No co-mingling
Business data and
consumer data are
stored separately
Data is portable
Customers own the
data and can remove
their data whenever
they choose
Data Maps
Customers know where
their data is stored
Role based Access
Customers know who
can access their data
and why
Customers can stay in
the know by choosing
to receive updates
regarding changes to
security, privacy, and
audit information
ISO 27001
EU Model Clauses
U.K. G-Cloud IL2
Relentless on Security
Service Continuity
24 hour monitored
physical datacenters
99.9% uptime
Logical isolation of data
between tenants
Segregation of internal
datacenter network
from the external
Encryption at rest and
in transit (AD-RMS)
Securing access to
services via identity
Data loss prevention
Anti-virus/anti spam
Financial guarantees
on uptime
Redundancy in both
functionality as well as
Automated monitoring
and recovery systems
24x7 on-call
engineering team
available to handle
Continuous innovation with confidence and control
Deliver new features and value
Build trust and compliance
Respond to customer feedback
through agile development
Monthly release cadence
Security comes first
Direct feedback
Minor & major updates
Evolving standards
Real-time information
Up-to-date, no patching
Common support issues
Insights to help manage change
Direct to customer communications
Organizational readiness content
Deliver new features and value on a frequent cadence
Minor update examples:
Security and performance improvements
Incremental feature improvements and fixes
Country, currency and language expansion
Continuous service reliability improvements
Trials expansion to new markets
Updated Exchange Deployment Assistant
GoDaddy integration
Major updates examples:
Major changes to Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Yammer
New scenarios and/or services
Changes that require admins to take action
Rights Management Service availability
Office Mobile for iPhone
Real-time Office Web Apps co-authoring
HIPAA/BAA support for SharePoint
to customer messages
In service Get Started
content and online
training videos for users
direct to customer
365 Service
Updates Wiki
Office 365 Technology
Notify admins about
client status: OS, browser,
and Office version
Running a service brings Microsoft closer to the customer than ever before
Customer engagement
Send-a-smile in-product feedback
Support and community aggregate
customers’ issues
What is disruptive change?
Disruptive changes require you to take action to avoid significant user
experience degradation.
You will be notified 12 months before having to accept changes Office 365
considers disruptive.
How do we provide notice?
We will provide an announcement in the Office 365 Community.
Additionally, we provide notice direct to you via email sent to your
service’s global admins.
When does the 12-month period start?
It begins when general notice is provided in the Office 365 Community.
Email notice may be delivered to your service’s global admins after the
community announcement.
Office 365 is a highly configurable with some
Customers can mix and match services to meet their
Choose the flexibility between cloud and hybrid
Redundant datacenters and financially backed SLA
provide uninterrupted and reliable access
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