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Raising a Child as a Vegan
Katie Ferguson
I was curious if it was
 Child abuse cases
 It was a unique topic
Topic: Children raised on vegan diets.
Driving Question: Can a vegan diet
nutritionally support a child throughout all
stages of development?
Thesis: A vegan diet can support a child's
health as long as the parents pay close
attention to the foods the child is
Fun Facts
1. In America, livestock animals are exempted from anti-cruelty
laws. They are usually slaughtered in ways that cause
adrenaline increase.
2. The America Dietetic Association advocate well planned
vegetarian diets. They provide health benefits that can prevent
and help treat chronic diseases.
3. People who eat more fruits and vegetables have about half the
risk of cancer.
4. Famous Vegetarians:
1. Socrates
2. Plato
3. Albert Einstein
4. Leonardo de Vinci
What I Learned While
There are different types of vegan diets –
some more restrictive than others.
Although it's possible, it's not a good idea to
raise a child as a vegan.
There are lots of benefits to being vegan,
however there are plenty of consequences
as well.
I made a cookbook of easy and fun vegan
recipes. Many are vegan versions of
common dishes.
I used a small scrapbook and decorations to
make it.
I worked on the product during my free time.
My product gives people a way to
incorporate vegan food into their normal
I did not have a mentor.
What I Learned from the Product
Chose something you know you'll
have fun making.
Making a cookbook is more timeconsuming than you think!
Connecting my Paper to my
My paper talked about how to stay
healthy and eat well as a vegan, so
my cookbook offered easy and
healthy recipes.
Completing my
Having most of my
paper done
sophomore year.
Choosing a product I
was able to have fun
Time management
and procrastination.
Sticking with the
time line.
Finding trustworthy
I will use these recipes in the future and
share them with my family and friends.
I took away a new knowledge of a different
diet and lifestyle, as well as new ways to
make veggies taste good!
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