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The Vegan Diet
vs the Western
By Brenna Strong
Vegan diet vs Western diet
What are they?
Vegan diet: A diet containing no animal
The Western diet: high in saturated fats, meat,
sugar, cholesterol and fast processed foods.
Low in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
Vegan diet: Creates a healthier you if
balanced correctly.
Western diet: Leads to heart disease,
diabetes, obesity, and several cancers
such as colon cancer.
High Cholesterol from the Western diet
Plaque build up leads to Heart Disease, stops oxygen from getting to the
heart, and can cause blood clots.
Meat (high fat), butter, partially hydrogenated oils, egg yolks, and high fat
milks all have a good amount of cholesterol.
Nuts, oats, whole grains, and vegetables are cholesterol friendly foods.
The facts
(from centers for disease control and prevention.)
75% of our nations health care dollars goes to
treatment for chronic diseases.
68% of the American population is over-weight
Heart Disease is America’s number one killer with
diabetes and cancer following short behind.
Heart disease is caused by high cholesterol, high
blood pressure, and high amounts of sugar. In
other words, the Western diet.
Why dairy is not so good
Multiple studies have
proven diary benefits are
at a minimum.
Countries with lowest rates
of dairy consumption have
the lowest rates of
Dairy products have also
shown to promote cancer
growth. (IGF-1 in the blood
stream) The blood stream is
the quickest way things
move and spread through
your body.
Almond milk has as
more calcium than
cows milk.
 -Lactose
 -Saturated Fat
 -Cholesterol
 -Gluten
 -Dairy
Are all excluded from
Almond milk.
The biggest concernProtein
Protein examples
Many will disagree you
can’t get enough protein
from a plant based diet.
It is recommended
(depending on gender
and body mass) you get
about 50 grams of protein
a day.
Vegetables, legumes,
nuts, seeds, beans, nondairy milk, beans, and
grains are all natural
sources of protein.
1 Avocado: 3-4g
1C lentils: 18g
Two slices of whole-wheat
bread: 8g
1C almonds: 20g
1 head Cauliflower: 11g
1 C oats: 26g
A veggie sandwich with a
side of nuts or lentils is
more than half of your
daily dose.
A healthy diet leads to a
happy, and healthy life.
Why not start today?