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Corporate Overview – January, 2009 –
BLADE Network Technologies
Intelligent networking and storage application connectivity for the Rackonomic Datacenter
BLADE Network Technologies is the leading supplier of Gigabit and 10G Ethernet network infrastructure solutions that reside in blade
servers and “scale-out” server and storage racks. BLADE’s new “virtual, cooler and easier” RackSwitch family demonstrates the promise
of “Rackonomics”—a revolutionary approach for scaling out data center networks to drive down total cost of ownership. The company’s
customers include over half of the Fortune 500 across 26 different industry segments, and an installed base of over 220,000 network
switches representing more than 1,100,000 servers and over 5 million switch ports. On February 13, 2006, Nortel and Garnett & Helfrich
Capital established Nortel’s Blade Server Switch Business Unit (“BSSBU”) as a private enterprise — BLADE Network Technologies, Inc.
— the industry’s first vendor to focus exclusively on serving the networking requirements of the rapidly growing blade server market.
BLADE’s mission is to be the most valued and dependable supplier of “Lossless, Low Latency, Low Cost, Low Power” Ethernet I/O
infrastructure solutions that reside in blade server, scale-out server and storage racks.
Value Proposition
BLADE products are the vital communications gateways in blade server, scale-out server and storage racks. They directly influence
the performance, availability, scalability, manageability, security, and cost of ownership of server and storage systems.
BLADE’s impressive array of industry firsts includes:
First to ship native 10 Gigabit Ethernet blade server switches – received Frost and Sullivan’s Product Innovation Award
Industry’s best price-performance for blade server switches
Industry-leading product quality with over 5 million hours MTBF
First to ship integrated Layer 2-3 and Layer 2-7 switching for blade servers
Industry’s record holder for highest throughput and lowest latency blade server switch
First blade server networking product line offering 100-percent interoperability with existing infrastructures
First green networking company – named to AlwaysOn GoingGreen 100
First rack-level networking to provide software for network virtualization
First “top-of-rack” data center-class switches for network virtualization
Award-winning startup – Red Herring Global 100, Byte & Switch’s Top 10 Companies To Watch and CRN Emerging Tech
Executive Management Team
Vikram Mehta
President and CEO
Mark Verbeck
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Hudson
Chief Marketing Officer
Jim Sladek
Vice President of Finance
Bob Murden
Vice President of Operations
Shailesh Naik
Vice President of Sales
Stefan Zuckut
Vice President of Corp. Development
Dan Tuchler
Vice President of Strategy and Product Management
Tim Shaughnessy
Vice President of Marketing
Atul Tambe
Vice President of Hardware Engineering
Tim Chao
Vice President of Software Engineering and Advanced Technology
Ardene Fullerton
Director, Human Resources
Clive Surfleet
Advisor to CEO
Major Investors
Garnett & Helfrich Capital
Nortel Networks
Products and Services
BLADE’s 1U RackSwitch product family extends virtualization by mirroring the benefits of server virtualization within the network at
the rack level, saves energy through rack-friendly cooling and alleviates management pain by removing complexity through
simplified management and fabric convergence. BLADE’s embedded Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet IP and Application Switch
modules are available for IBM BladeCenter, HP BladeSystem, NEC SIGMABLADE and Verari BladeRack consolidate server I/O,
enable network virtualization, and reduce data center complexity by consolidating network intelligence within the blade server
chassis. BLADE offers a comprehensive line of embedded blade switch modules. The BLADEHarmony Manager enables remote
monitoring and management of BLADE switch modules. BLADE’s Professional Services enable rapid planning, design, installation,
operation and optimization for blade server environments.