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Iakovos Kolanian
World Tour
Dedicated to the
100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Under the auspices of the
Ministry of Diaspora RA
Iakovos Kolanian
Memory of a Century
Dedication to the Armenian Music
The internationally acclaimed classical guitarist
Iakovos Kolanian, with numerous performances in
Greece and abroad, honors and dedicates this
year to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian
Through Armenian music dedications, starts his
World Tour to Europe, North America, Canada and
Middle East, under the events of the Armenian
diaspora communities.
The Program
The program that will be presented will be consisted by traditional Armenian
music. Iakovos Kolanian will adapt musical works of Komitas, Edgar Hovhannisyan,
Aram Khachaturian etc.
The World Tour
The World Tour is dedicated to the events of the 100th
anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and it is integrated
under the auspices of the Ministry of Diaspora RA
The Music
Live Performances
Live in Concert - Los Angeles 2010
Iakovos Kolanian, a well-known international guitarist, with numerous
performances in Greece and abroad, ranks among the most prominent
artists of his generation. Always attended with interest by the public,
his interpretations, driven by vision and faith, often form a bridge
between classical music and the music traditions of the world.
Iakovos Kolanian studied classical guitar at the National Conservatory
of Athens, Greece. He graduated in 1985, awarded with the first prize
and special honors for exceptional performance. Subsequently, he
broadened his knowledge by attending various seminars.
He started his musical performance journey by giving individual
recitals in many cities in Greece and abroad. In addition, he performed
as a soloist with almost all Greek symphonic orchestras.
Presenting his first album in 1989, consisting of his own transcriptions of Armenian popular music,
Kolanian toured in England, France, Italy, and Austria, while also being featured on BBC, Radio France,
and the Austrian Television (ORF). His collaboration with the Symphonic Orchestra of Armenia and its
conductor Loris Tjeknavorian resulted in the recording of “Zarhe,” a concert for guitar and orchestra,
and the release of a CD – with the composer himself as the conductor, which Kolanian has performed
in various cities all over the world.
In 2002, a new CD was released by “Eros Music” with the J. S. Bach Lute Suites transcribed for guitar
by Kolanian himself. The following year, in a CD released by the “Pomegranate” company out of
Boston, MA, Kolanian recorded a new the Armenian popular peaces on his own transcription, adding
also works of the Armenian national composer, Komitas. That CD won an award in Hollywood, USA, as
the best in the category of Best Instrumental Albums. The success was followed by a new tour in
various cities of the US and Canada, including, among others, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Austin,
and Vancouver.
His latest recording activities include a CD with works of Agustin Barrios, released by the “Pomegrenate” company in
Greece and abroad, as well as his transcription for guitar of the famous work “Epitafios” by the world-renowned Greek
composer Mikis Theodorakis.
On November 14, 2009, on the 26th anniversary of the 1973 student uprising at the Polytechnic University of Athens
against the Greek military junta, 70,000 copies of this CD were distributed by the daily Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia.
For this recording, Kolanian received a note with the following complimentary remarks by the legendary composer:
“Thirty-five years since John Williams and some other great guitarists have
dealt with my work, and specifically with “Epitafios,” Iakovos Kolanian comes
to add his own view, in the double role of arranger and performer.
In arranging the eight parts of the work for solo guitar, I believe that, while
he remains faithful to the spirit and letter of “Epitafios,” he also renders
fantastic “breadth” and “depth” to it, by making best use of all the great
technical and expressive potentials of this magnificent and difficult
instrument. Thus, having no intention to underestimate the previous
attempts, I dare say that I consider this arrangement as being the closest to
the spirit of my work, while, at the same time, it enables the performer to
wholly unfold all potentials of musical expression and technical maturity.
During their collaboration...
I rank Kolanian, as a performer, at an equal level of excellence, since in many parts of the work, he achieves technical
and expressive perfection. It is a fact ,though, that “Epitafios” for solo guitar, in its entirety, attains a new dimension,
which, I’m sure, will be fully appreciated both by those who are familiar with my music and the larger audience.
I truly wish for him to enjoy the great success he deserves. I would also like to publicly express my affection and thanks
for his love towards my work.”
Mikis Theodorakis – Athens, 9/18/2006
On September, 2011 he received the Komitas medal of the Government of the Republic of ArmeniaMinistry of Diaspora for his high-level creativity and performance in the sphere and for making
considerable contributions to the development of Armenia-Diaspora partnership through activities.
I Remember and Demand!
Let us honor this year with musical memories...
Iakovos Kolanian