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Paolo Agostini is a composer for television and motion pictures. He wrote the
original score for IL SEGRETO DI ITALIA, starring Romina Power, directed by
Antonello Belluco, as well as the one for TERRE ROSSE. The latter is an awardwinning feature film by first-time director Dennis Dellai, shown out of competition
at the Venice Film Festival in 2008 and screened many times at the Italian
Cultural Institute at the Embassy in Washington D.C., becoming, a topic of study
in film departments at some universities in the United States.
In honor of commemorating 500 years since the passing of the painter Giorgione
da Castelfranco, he scored the soundtrack for the film GIORGIONE-SULLE
TRACE DEL GENIO (Giorgione-Tracking a Genius) with Stefano Scaldaletti,
directed by Antonello Belluco and produced by Venice Film. For this occasion
Warner Music Chappel published the score that features “Paint My Life”,
composed by Paolo Agostini and sung by the soprano Marina Bartoli. He has
worked on many short films, such as the highly awarded THE KNIGHT, and the
docu-fiction COSI’ ERAVAMO (How We Were), which was presented at the
David di Donatello Awards in 2007 in the feature-length documentary category.
This latter work includes the title song “Cosi’ Eravamo” sung by Eva Pevarello.
In Television, he has collaborated on the score of the Rai show LA GRANDE
STORIA (The Big Story), directed by Enzo Cicchino, as well as composing the
tracks for many national commercials.
In Theatre, he has composed the opera BLYTHE SPIRIT, by Noel Coward. He is
also a singer songwriter and arranger. He was awarded a scholarship to CETThe European Center in Toscolano, established and run by Mogol, with whom he
directly collaborates, as he does with Maestro Detto Mariano ( Lucio Battisti’s
arranger and composer of numerous soundtracks).
He co-produced the album L’ARTE DELLA CANZONE POPOLARE (Art in
Popular Song) that includes a track sung by Patrizia Laquidara. In 2000, in honor
of the Jubilee, he composed the theme song for the “Note Giovani” (Young
Notes) event. Together with Bungaro, he organizes, and takes part in seminars
for the improvement of musical skills.
Recently, he has written the music that underscores the text for the Italian tour of
international author Sergio Bambaren; texts that are closely tied to Nature and
“Music is a journey of the Soul “
- Paolo Agostini