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World Book Encyclopedia Research
Multimedia Edition
Network Version
1. Choose a topic related to this year’s world history or life science courses. The topic
must have been studied in school within the past month. Read the whole article first
and take notes on the information that will answer the following questions. Do not
print out the World Book article. After reading and taking notes, then write in
sentences on this sheet your answers to these questions.
2. What is that topic? To what world history or life science subject does this relate?
How does it relate?
3. Who are the actors? In 2-3 sentences tell us about these people.
4. When did this take place? What significant events took place immediately before and
5. Where did it take place? How did the geography or environment influence what
6. What happened?
7. How did it affect the course of world history? How did it affect our understanding of
life sciences?
8. Why did it happen? What were the causes?
9. What effect did this have on Christianity? What effect did Christianity have on this?
10. What were the new thoughts, ideas, or concepts that you learned about this topic from
the World Book article?
11. Find a related site online using a search engine like Ask Jeeves. Place the site address
in this box following:
Tell some new information that was not in the World Book article that you learned