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Chapter 20
The Global Community
Climate Change
• The topic of climate change has recently
become a major point of discussion
• Al Gore has written books and produced
movies on the issue of global warming
which insists that the actions of humanity
are causing the earth to become warmer
Free Trade Areas
• To increase trade, free trade areas exist in many
• Some areas have developed a single market which
allows states to trade with one another without
• The European Union is an economical and
political alliance of nearly 30 European countries
• Many of the members have made the euro their
common currency
Single Market
• Other regions have followed Europe’s lead.
• The Central American Common Market was
formed in the 1960’s to encourage trade
• Some West African states formed the West
African Economic and Monetary Union
which uses the CFA franc
Stem Cell Research
• Supporters of this research often use
embryonic stem cells for research
• Opponents of this form of research
encourage the use of adult stem cells instead
Rise of Terrorist States
• Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq and
massacred hundreds of thousands of his
own people
• His actions caused the US to send troops
over two separate times
• Afghanistan came under the control of the
Taliban which was protecting Osama bin
Laden and his terrorist network, al Qaeda
Growth of Islam
• The Wahhabist movement has spread in
Middle Eastern countries and is responsible
for spreading terrorism
• They also encourage the building of
madrassas, Muslim religious schools that
teach fundamentalism
Spread of Christianity
• Christianity is spreading the quickest in an
area known as the global south, made up of
Latin America, India, China and Africa
• With the spread of Christianity, persecution
has also increased
• Wang Mingdao, a Chinese Christian spent
nearly 25 years in prison for his beliefs and