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Physical Therapy Before and After Surgery
- A Letter of Thanks
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Physical Therapy Before Surgery
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Discover the Benefits of Aquatic Therapy
Physical Therapy Can Be Effective at Decreasing
or Eliminating Headaches
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Physical Therapy Before and After Surgery - A Letter of Thanks
By Don Grainger
Hi Folks,
I would like to share with you a positive outcome of a total knee replacement. In
December 2011, my orthopedic Dr. explained to me that it was time to replace the
knee. Dr. Hance requested that I attend physical therapy before the surgery and after
the surgery. I thought to myself, I could understand the after surgery, but before?
Little did I know that Dr. Hance’s request for the physical therapy would be so
beneficial to my recovery!
Indian River Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine put a plan in action. A very
knowledgeable and caring staff, worked with me through the month of January.
Their plan had me in good enough shape that my hospital stay was just over 24
hours, and I was up walking with a walker.
I returned home and I was told that one of the
caring staff, of IRPT would be coming to the
house to keep my therapy going. There was
approximately a week of home therapy, and
then I was cleared to drive to IRPT. The above
“plan” was picked up right where we left it before
surgery, now a little more aggressive. Through
the month of February and the first 3 weeks of
March, these ladies had me ready to return to
work without any restrictions.
In closing, I would like to “Thank” all the staff at IRPT for their concern to
progress patients and the “Smiles” you all have. Dr. Hance, thank you for a great
Don Grainger
Physical Therapy Before Surgery
By Sally Knopf
Last October, 2011, I injured my left knee. I walked on some uneven ground and
lost my balance. I saw Dr. Joseph Hance and he ordered out an MRI and the results
showed I had torn the meniscus and moved a lot of arthritis. Dr. Hance referred to it
as “thrashed.” So, we decided it was best to have a total knee replacement.
Dr. Hance gave me a prescription for physical therapy to do before my surgery. He
informed me that it would build up the muscles in my leg before surgery and help
with my recovery. I chose to go to Rogers City Physical Therapy and did therapy for
a month before surgery. Arika Berg, my therapist, developed a plan and helped me
with therapy.
I had my total knee replacement on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at Northern Michigan
Hospital, Petoskey. On Thursday, February 2, 2012, I had accomplished all my goals
for physical therapy that morning and the doctors said that I was going to be released
that day. I was surprised! Since this was a day earlier than usual.
Vital Care sent a physical therapist to my home three times a week.
I was walking so well, after I got home from the hospital, that I only
used the walker for about three days. I never did use a cane. After
three weeks, I was walking like I never had any surgery. At 4 weeks,
I was discharged from Vital Care, and I resumed my physical therapy
at Rogers City Physical Therapy, to build up more strength in my leg
I give a lot of credit to Dr. Hance, for suggesting physical therapy before
surgery, and to Arika Berg, physical therapist, for helping me with all
my therapy. If I had not done therapy before surgery, I do not think
I would have recovered as well as I did after surgery. Plus the time I
spent in therapy after surgery was much shorter.
I really thank Dr. Hance, and all the girls at Rogers City Physical Therapy
– Arika, Denise, and Luann, in helping me recover faster than I did
almost 9 years ago, when I had my right knee replacement done. Also,
to have such a great team at Rogers City Physical Therapy so close to
home for me was wonderful in my recovery.
Sally and Arika
Discover the Benefits of Aquatic Therapy
Many physical therapy patients at our clinics start their recovery from surgery or an
injury with therapy in the warm waters of the aquatic therapy pool.
Aquatic therapy offers the benefit of hydrostatic pressure to assist patients with deep
breathing and improve circulation through force exerted on the body by the water.
The healing benefits of warm water and the ability to begin exercises in a non-weight
bearing environment help patients return to normal daily activities faster.
The aquatic therapy program began just over ten years ago at our Petoskey location of
Sports Medicine. “While benefits
of water and exercise have always
been talked about, the use of
aquatic therapy in health care
situations continues to grow,” said
Becky Bailey, physical therapist.
Buoyancy in the pool allows
aquatic exercise to increase
flexibility, muscle strength, and
improve balance in a non-weight
bearing environment.
notes that these are common
goals of therapy patients. “Aquatic
therapy often serves as a steppingstone for patients to move to other,
land-based therapies,” she said. “Foam dumbbell weights are used to increase muscle
strength in patients. Although the dumbbells themselves weigh next to nothing, the
resistance they provide in the water is beneficial to patients.”
Patients also speak about the soothing benefits of the water in their recovery. The
temperature of the pool is kept at 92 to 94 degrees, a temperature that promotes
reduced muscle and joint soreness according to the American Arthritis Association.
“Movement through the water provides resistance that can help patients work on
improving their balance and strength,” said Becky.
“Some patients are hesitant when
we recommend aquatic therapy,
but usually one session is all it
takes to convince them of the
benefits,” added Tanya Ruddy,
physical therapist.
Aquatic therapy is recommended
for many conditions, after joint
surgery, arthritis, fibromyalgia,
and back pain. A referral from
your physician is needed to begin
your aquatic therapy program.
Thank you Indian River Sports Medicine!
By Daniel R. Duncan
I have suffered from chronic pain in my neck and back for many years due to a spinal
injury. In addition to the pain, I had frequent migraine headaches, and had numbness
in my hands and arms. Thanks to Tanya and her staff, I now have a different problem.
The guy that looks back at me in the mirror is about 20 years older than I feel. It is
almost shocking when I see a 50 year old face staring back at me!
Due to the therapy I received, I can now alleviate the migraine headaches or at least
greatly reduce the severity. My sleep patterns have improved and I have more physical
stamina than I have had in 20+ years. My overall pain level has been drastically
reduced and is now tolerable.
My feeble words cannot express the gratitude I have for IRPT. They didn’t just help
my problem; they improved my quality of life.
Daniel R. Duncan
Tanya with Dan Duncan
Physical Therapy Can Be Effective at Decreasing or Eliminating Headaches
By Tanya Ruddy, PT
How do you know if your headache may respond to physical therapy? If you answer
yes to any of these questions, your headache may be triggered from your neck region.
• Head pain brought on by neck movement or prolonged awkward position, or by
pressure to the base of the skull
• Restriction in neck range of motion
• Neck, shoulder, or arm pain but not usually radiating pain
• Pain that originates in the neck and radiates into the head
• Cervicogenic (neck region) headache pain is non-throbbing
• May have nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, blurred vision on same
side, difficulty swallowing, and same side swelling around the eye
• Females and those with a history of head or neck trauma are predisposed to
• Cervicogenic headaches are usually one sided due to restrictions with a particular
joint in the neck
• However, it can be felt on both sides of head/neck if each side has restrictions
The subcranial spine or base of the skull where it meets the neck is an important region
of the spine in patients with cervicogenic headaches. Many patients with headaches
lack mobility of these joints.
Cervicogenic headaches vs Migraines
• There are several different types of headaches, but the fundamental difference
between cervicogenic headaches and migraines is the involvement of neck
symptoms to include:
• Decreased neck range of motion
• Reproduction of symptoms with external pressure on neck
• Start of symptoms in the neck and radiating into the head
• Study by Jull has demonstrated the effectiveness of manual therapy for the
treatment of cervicogenic headaches
• If manipulation/mobilization eliminates or exacerbates pain, this may be enough
to diagnose a headache as cervicogenic
Another tool used in physical
therapy is Kinesiotaping, which
often is used to assist with posture
correction, strengthening and
stretching muscles to improve
muscle balance.
Physical therapy can provide significant relief of headaches by performing manual
therapy to improve joint mobility of the spine as well as loosening tight soft tissues.
In addition, physical therapy can
help to develop a customized
exercise program with an
emphasis on stretching tight
muscles to improve posture
as well as strengthening weak
muscles to restore muscle
balance to decrease the stress on
the neck.
Call us for a free consultation
or see your physician to ask
whether physical therapy may be
beneficial for you!
Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Centers
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