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Assignment: Write a generalization of your own,
and then turn it into a long paragraph that
contains many specific details and examples.
Before you begin, consider how even some words are general: bad, good, interesting, weird,
tasty, pretty, ugly, handsome, strange, mean, nice, fine. Words like these don't actually tell the
reader anything specific. Instead of using such non-specific words in your paragraph, try saying
things in a more specific way. For example:
Generalization: That milk tastes weird. (Weird is a general word.)
Specific: That milk tastes sour and chunky. (Ah! Much more specific!)
Having trouble getting started? Here are some generalizations that tell. Try to turn one of them
into a very specific paragraph that shows:
She was a kind person.
The situation was frightening.
He felt depressed.
The storm was violent.
That dog looks dangerous.
She is a good problem solver