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An Argument for Naturism
Essay on the Freedom Of the Heart
Dear friends,
we proudly present our recent book in English and German.
It can be ordered directly from the editor (editionL) or any
bookseller except Amazon:
Volkmar Ellmauthaler: An Argument for Naturism.
Essay on the Freedom Of the Heart
Von der Kultur des Natürlichen
Ein Argument für Naturismus – Versuch über die Freiheit
English–German Turnaround book edition, 124 pg., 42 ill.
Wien: editionL July 2016.
ISBN: 978-3-902245-13-7
€ 15,00 1,50 16,50
Please note:
Shipping to European countries only – Switzerland, Norway,
Britain and the British Channel Islands included.
Costs will be added, according to tariffs and distances.