Download Wireless audio module for PA systems

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Wireless audio module for PA systems
DECT networking ensures clear sound, reliable transmission and easy set-up
What makes a good public address system? For the public, it’s crystal-clear sound and reliable transmission from microphone to speaker so they always
get the message. Users want a solution that is easy to install and use. System developers are looking for a short product creation cycle and the flexibility
to address different environments and operational set ups.
DECT wireless networking technology delivers on all these fronts. It offers interference-free, long-range communication in any environment, as well as
easy system installation and expansion.
Now Dialog is offering the world’s first DECT-based wireless networking solution specifically designed for public address systems. Delivered as a
complete and pre-tested wireless audio module, it makes system development as simple as possible. You don’t need any radio frequency (RF) expertise
or resources for design and production. There is no need for expensive RF testing equipment either.
To streamline your development cycle even further, the wireless audio module for public address systems is also available in a complete reference design.
• DECT / DECT 6.0-based digital wireless networking solution for public address systems
• Complete, fully tested module comprising all necessary hardware (including antenna) and software
• No RF experience or resources needed for system development or production
• Supports both shared and personal microphone set ups
• Supports 14 kHz audio bandwidth
• Excellent voice quality built in
• Reliable, interference-free and encrypted transmission
· Can have multiple microphones and speakers in the same room
• Simple, hassle-free installation
· No frequency planning required
· Automatic channel selection
• Works both indoors and outdoors
• Long range transmission: 50 m indoors and 300 m outdoors
The ideal technology for public address
DECT wireless networking technology is the ideal choice for public address systems. Originally designed for cordless telephony, it naturally delivers
outstanding voice quality as standard. As a digital RF technology, DECT is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, and its long range makes it
possible to cover large areas with a single base station.
Moreover, DECT operates in a licensed, royalty-free band of the radio spectrum and features automatic channel selection. This eliminates interference
issues and guarantees reliable transmission. It also means multiple base stations can be used in the same installation and multiple systems can be
installed at the same location without having to worry about frequency planning.
DECT also offers push-button registration, which makes it simple to set up and expand wireless public address systems. The same characteristic means
DECT systems can automatically support both shared and personal microphone scenarios, so microphones can be assigned to specific rooms or to
individual people.
Already thoroughly field-proven in more than 250 million residential cordless phone systems, DECT has a track record that few other wireless
technologies can match.
Wireless networking made easy
Dialog makes it easy to embed the benefits of DECT into your public address application with our drop-in wireless audio module. The wireless audio
module is a complete solution for public address networking, integrating all necessary hardware and software in one compact package.
That includes a powerful, multi-core DECT baseband processor, transceiver, power amplifier and antenna plus complete protocol and application interface software. It also includes new application-specific software developed especially for the module by our partner RTX Telecom.
All this is delivered in one type-approved, tested and TBR-6 / FCC certified module. So you don’t need any in-depth knowledge of DECT protocols or
RF design to create your system. Just drop a module into the base station speaker and another into the microphone(s).
The wireless audio module for public address systems supports both DECT and DECT 6.0, so it can be used in systems around the world.
PA system reference kit
Want to see for yourself the benefits that DECT and our wireless audio modules bring to public address systems? Dialog and RTX have created a public
address system demonstration kit.
The kit includes all the hardware and software necessary to create a basic public address system. That includes a standard radio microphone and a base
station development board. Based on our wireless audio module for public address systems, the board can be easily connected to a speaker amplifier.
To simplify your product creation cycle, we offer a public address system reference kit. This features full documentation – including schematics, a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) and a functional description. The reference design kit acts as the ideal basis for developing complete applications of any
size, helping you get to market fast with a range of easy-to-install and easy-to-use public address solutions.
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