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Prepared By:
Kopila Sharma
Enables communication between two or more
system .
Uses standard network protocols for
Do not use network cabling
Two types of network
 Infrastructure Network
 Ad-hoc Network
Wireless Sensor Network.
◦ Wireless Monitoring System is the results of the
wireless sensor network.
What is Wireless Sensor Network?
Wireless network.
Consists of spatially distributed devices.
Uses sensors to monitor.
Considered as small Computers.
Consists Processing Unit with limited
computational power.
Limited Memory.
Communication device Usually radio
Power source in the form of battery.
◦ Easier to upgrade and add new devices.
◦ Eliminates the complexity of the system.
◦ Reduced installation labor.
◦ Easier to diagnose the efficiency of the process.
Security and Reliability
◦ Authentication.
◦ Encryption.
Integration with Existing Systems
Difficult to integrate with existing system.
Difficult to modify.
Battery Life
Tradeoff between power consumption and amount of
data collected.
Alternative energy are also in research.
Wireless Monitoring is used to monitor the
condition of the civil infrastructure.
An experiment was done by “Department of
Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University,
Taipei, Taiwan”.
Experimented with 3-story steel frame
instrumented with wireless sensors for
shaking table test.
With the designed converter different sensor
signals can be used as input to the wireless
sensing unit for monitoring purpose.
For structural control purpose, one can
embedded the control gain as well as the
control algorithm in the sensing unit.
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