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Treatment Fees
The cost of a crown depends on the amount of clinical time, laboratory
time and materials/equipment used. For private crowns we digitally scan
the tooth using the latest laser technology. This technology gives a more
precise and accurate fitting crown, preventing food traps and bacteria
collecting around ill- fitting crowns.
Standard IPS
Good aesthetics but not as strong.
Porcelain bonded - precious metal, maximum strength crowns bonded to
tooth coloured porcelain. Good strength and lovely cosmetics. £494
Beautiful Zirconia - Where aesthetics are of paramount importance and
strength is the key to success. We use tooth coloured materials at the
Root Canal Treatments
Designed to save a tooth. This treatment removes dead tissue from the
dead tooth. The tooth is then disinfected and sealed from bacteria by
using a superior filling material.
Incisor / canine
Root Canal Retreatment’s
All carried out by our visiting Endodontist from Glasgow Dental
Hospital. All retreatment’s are carried out using special microscopic
A standard replacement for missing teeth. Made by an external dental
laboratory using metal framework with porcelain facing.
1 unit
2 units
3 units
Etkon bridges
An Etkon Bridge is entirely free of metal for a perfect appearance. Made
by our own in-house master technician using a digital scanner to achieve
a perfect fit.
1 unit
2 unit
3 unit
Chrome dentures
These dentures are a more permanent partial denture.
Chrome dentures are far superior to acrylic as they can be made thinner,
which means less plastic in your mouth, using small clasps to help with
Up to 3 teeth
Up to 10
Partial acrylic dentures
This is a less expensive way of replacing teeth. The acrylic has to be a
certain thickness which means it is larger in the mouth.
Up to 3
These are the gold standard for; tooth replacement, replacing dentures
and anchoring loose dentures with natural looking teeth. Implant dentistry
is provided by Dr Bruce Strickland who is a member and lecturer for the
International Team of Implantology and Care Dentals full time
Initial consultation
CT Scan
Implant single placement
Implant crown
Denture attachment from