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Job Description
Job title
E-Communication Content Specialist (full-time)
Reports to
Manager of Ministry Support
Job purpose
To serve the church by providing content specialist support primarily in the area of Ecommunication.
Duties and responsibilities
Provide professional writing and communications in support of E-communication of RHCCC,
with primary focus on the official web sites of the church.
Responsible for creating quality and appealing contents for web communication,
especially at corporate and church-wide level;
Collaborate, write, edit and provide expertise in developing corporate brochures, web
content, press releases and other print materials;
Provide communication expertise support on major ministry events within RHCCC;
Maintain consistency with the development and implementation of company branding;
Ensure the proper use of RHCCC corporate branding and external communications such
as media releases and news stories
Support ministry communications by assisting ministry leaders to create effective
communication materials
Other special projects as assigned and directed by the Supervisor
University Degree or College degree in communications or public relations
Must have 3-5 years professional experience writing for marketing and communications
Fluency in Chinese and English (in writing)
Working experience of HTML/CSS and Wordpress a plus.
Working knowledge of graphics and video editing software such as Photoshop, GIMP,
Illustrator, PowerDirector a plus.
Self-starter, capable of working both independently and in a team environment
Impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation skills;
Knowledge of web writing tactics; knowledge of use of social media tactics a plus
A positive attitude
Comfortable with multi-tasking, priorities and meeting several, often movable, deadlines
under pressure
Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
Competencies required to succeed
Possess a flair for creative writing, a keen understanding of successful communication
strategies and are looking for a challenging, multifaceted role in which you’ll be called
upon to be both a leader and a doer.
Clarity of communication – Communicates effectively both verbally, in writing and other
audio-visual means.
Organizing & Multi-tasking – Able to manage multiple projects; able to determine project
urgency in a practical way; uses goals to guide actions; creates detailed action plans;
organizes and schedules people and tasks effectively.
Teamwork with internal and external contacts – Works harmoniously with others to get a
job done; responds positively to instructions and procedures; able to work well with staff
and volunteers. Coordinates own work with others; seeks opinions; values working
Possess both big picture thinking and attention to detail. Someone with a strong work
ethic, who is accomplished in the fundamentals and is looking for a role to make a
meaningful contribution.
Working conditions
Timely attendance with ability to vary schedule when needed.
Physical requirements
Direct reports
Approved by:
Paul Ting
Date approved:
Feb. 12, 2015
Date when the job description was last reviewed
Ideally, a job description should be reviewed annually and updated as often as necessary.