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Continuous Zoom Cooled Thermal Imager
OPGAL’s EYE-LITE™ is an advanced, continuous zoom
thermal imager camera. Based on OPGAL’s cooled IR
engine, the EYE-Z™, it provides flexible configurations for
short and long-range applications. With its modular design,
OPGAL’s EYE-LITE™ can be custom-tailored to meet
specific customer requirements from a stand-alone sealed
camera to an open frame configuration. It can be integrated
either into gimbals, pan and tilt stations and other fixed or
mobile platforms. The EYE-LITE™ supplies a continuous
zoom to get a closer look at security threats once detected
and provides solutions for a large number of applications.
EYE-LITE™ provides night vision capability for military and paramilitary surveillance, as well as
airborne, ground and naval applications. Two basic configurations are offered: the EYE-LITE™ BZ
using a 320 x 240 InSb FPA, and the EYE-LITE™ FZ using a large format 640 x 480 InSb FPA - for
high-end market applications. The camera is controlled via communication protocol or by discrete
signals, which are implemented either locally or remotely by an RCU (remote control unit). A close-up
lens of x2.5 or x2 is available as well and can be connected for long range observation.
Features and Benefits
320 x 240 or 640 x 480 cooled InSb detector
Continuous Zoom
Open Frame or Sealed configuration
Digital Video Output and RS 170 or CCIR
Full control and software updates via communication
700mm focal length acquried with a close up lens of x 2.5
Rugged, compact, and low weight
Highly stabilized construction
Continuous Zoom telescopes provides solutions for a large
number of applications
Easier upgrades: Both EYE-LITE™ BZ and EYE-LITE™ FZ
are FFF. The system integrator can use either, based on the
same design
Electronic Zoom x2, x4
Flexible electronics configuration
Powerful electronic zoom with wide dynamic range
7 different color pallets
Technical Data
Description / Performance
Focal Plane Array
Spectral Range
3-5 µm
Number of Pixels
320x240 (30µ) EYE-LITE™ BZ
640x480 (15µ) EYE-LITE™ FZ
Continuous Optical ZOOM
Focal Length (mm)
22 to 275
Horizontal Field of View
25° to 2°
Vertical Field of View
18.75° to 1.5°
Analog Video Output
CCIR or RS-17
Digital Video Output
14 Bit RS422 or LVDS
Remote Control
RS 422 or RS 232
Control Operation
AGC, Focus, FOV, On\Off, Video, Polarity, NUC, El Zoom
Operating Voltage
28V Nominal or 12V (optional)
≤ 20° mK
Operating Temperature Range
-40°C to +55°C
Dimensions (maximum)
290 x 124 x 116 mm3
< 4.0 Kg
Power Consumption
35W Max
Environmental Qualification
With a close-up lens
55 to 687.5
Horizontal Field of View
10° to 0.8°
Vertical Field of View
7.5° to 0.6°
Dimensions (maximum)
390 x 170 x 170 mm3
Focal Length (mm)
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