Download Northshore Summer Session: Select Thursdays at the Abita Brewery

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Northshore Summer Session:
Select Thursdays at the Abita Brewery
Doors Open: 6:30 PM
$5 Per Person Donation Requested
Food & Beverages Provided
June 25th
Evan Corneille
High School English Teacher at
Archbishop Hannan High School
“Faith & Fiction: Finding God in
Evan is an Alabama native &
graduate of Spring Hill College in
Mobile. He brings a passion for
literature and a dry wit to the VIA
Christi Young Adult Ministry at St.
Peter Parish.
A favorite quote of Evan’s is: “He has
all the virtues I dislike and none of
the vices I admire” by Winston
July 16th
Fr. Bryce Sibley
July 23rd
Sarah Mary Toce
July 30th
Jennifer Miller, S.T.D.
Priest of the Diocese of Lafayette
Legislative Liaison & Acadiana Outreach
Louisiana Right to Life
Professor of Moral Theology at Notre Dame
“Practical Pro-Life Engages a
Culture of Death”
“Loving the Church with the Heart
of Pope Francis”
Sarah Mary, a Louisiana native, began
her philanthropic work at the age of
14 - igniting her commitment to social
justice issues. An accomplished
student, she studied political science
at the prestigious L’Institut d’Etudes
Politiques in Aix-en-Provence France.
Sarah Mary has a Masters in Disaster
Science and Management. She
coordinates mass education efforts &
mobilizes the pro-life community in
Cajun by birth, Dr. Jenifer Miller completed
degrees in theology at the Pontifical
Universities of the Angelicum & the
Gregorian, the John Paul II Pontifical
Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family ,
& the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
in Rome. Her doctoral thesis concerns
Catholic social doctrine. She has taught both
moral theology & business ethics in the U.S.
and in Italy, & is published in both languages.
Jennifer is a delight to be around with a
passion for life, teaching, and the Faith. Her
intelligence and infectious joie de vivre are
great assets to the seminary community.
“Knowing God’s Plan for Your Life”
Fr. Bryce Sibley was ordained a priest in
the year 2000. He is currently serving as
pastor and chaplain of Our Lady of
Wisdom Church and Catholic Student
Center on the campus of the University
of Louisiana - Lafayette. He travels
speaks extensively on the topics of
marriage, sexual ethics, evangelization,
and morality.
When not ministering to his flock, he has
also been known to crush Dr. Corey
Hayes’ skull.
For more information please contact Christine Kelly Baglow at [email protected] or 985-951-9669.