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Louisiana Purchase 1803
it the Greatest
Real Estate
Transaction in
History?    
As American settlers moved West, control of
the Mississippi River became more important
to the United States.
 The Louisiana Purchase almost doubled the
size of the United States.
 Expeditions led by Lewis & Clark, and Pike
increased Americans’ understanding of the
 Thousands of Americans had settled
between the Appalachian Mountains and
the Mississippi River by 1800s.
 Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio were
admitted as states.
 Settlers depended on the Ohio and
Mississippi rivers to ship products East.
 Jefferson
about who would be
in control of New
Orleans and
› Americans depended
on the river, which
could be disrupted if
a foreign power shut
down access to New
Only was supposed to buy New Orleans ($2 million)! They
did the complete opposite of what their task was.
France controlled both New
Orleans and Louisiana—land
stretching from Mississippi River to
the Rocky Mountains.
 Spain gave land to France in a
secret treaty.
 French leader Napoleon
Bonaparte_ wanted to rebuild
France’s empire in North America.
 Rebellion (revolt) in French colony
of Haiti, in the Caribbean, ended
Napoleons' North American’s
empire dream in 1802.
Jefferson sent Robert
Livingston and James
Monroe to France to try to
negotiate and purchase New
 The French offered to offered
to sell ALL of Louisiana.
› Napoléon had wanted to set
up a North American empire,
but a revolt in Haiti ruined
those plans.
Price was $15 million. (3 cents
per acre)
 The Louisiana Purchase was
approved by Senate on
October 20, 1803.
 Nearly doubled size of United
States in an instant.
How did the LA Purchase double the size of the
 Expedition
to explore the
Louisiana Purchase.
 Led by Lewis and Clark.
 Included 50 skilled frontiersman.
 Began near St. Louis on May 14,
 Reached the Pacific Ocean on
November 07, 1805.
Lewis used interpreters to
talk to leaders of each of
the peoples they met.
Told them United States now
owned land on which
Native Americans lived.
Relied on goodwill of the
peoples they met.
- Given food by Shoshone,
Nez Percé, and others.
Scagawea, a Shoshone
woman, served as a guide
and interpreter.
Zebulon Pike, an army officer,
led another expedition to the
West in 1806.
 Explored area near Louisiana
Territory’s western border with
New Spain
 Headed into the Rocky
Mountains, in present-day
› Traveled into Spanish lands and
was arrested as a spy.
› When finally released, still
praised the opportunities for
doing business with the Spanish
Pike’s report offered Americans
their first description of the
 Under
Thomas Jefferson’s
leadership, the United
States added the
Louisiana Territory.
 The Louisiana
Purchase was the
greatest real estate
transaction in history!!
 Cost: $15,000,000 ($15
million) or 3 cents per