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Sarcococca confusa
(sar-ko-KOKE-uh kon-FYOO-suh)
Sweet Box
Evergreen Shrub
3-5 ft. tall and wide
Low Water
Full to Part Shade
USDA Zones 6 to 9
The foliage of Sweet Box is glossy and dark green, with a little twist to each leaf that adds
texture. It has upright, slightly arching branches with a slightly spreading habit, with the overall
effect being a dense, bushy shrub. In late winter, a time when there is little to enjoy in the
garden, it produces tiny white tubular with a vanilla-like fragrance so sweet as to be intoxicating.
Tiny purple-black berries follow the flowers.
Sweet box grows best in full to part shade, in humus-rich, fertile soil. Once established, it
tolerates dry soil fairly well, as long as it is not in full sun.. Full sun can scorch the leaves.
Pruning easily controls its size and shape.
It thrives in any shady spot, and makes a great choice for planting under the eaves or any other
dark dry location. It should be placed near a walkway or the front entrance where passersby are
sure to enjoy its winter fragrance. Sweet box can also be used as a hedge.
Photos courtesy of Oregon State University