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Spring 2015
They are here! Bulbs and Plants for Spring Planting
NEW Dahlia
Nadia Ruth
Crème de Casis
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Colour Me Beautiful
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Patio Potatoes
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Just as many perennials are beginning to flag in the
heat of summer, dahlias are coming into their own.
They revel in the warmth to produce an array of shapes,
sizes and colours that will bring life and beauty back to
your garden borders. Plant in dry and sunny spots and
deadhead to prolong flowering.
Dahlia Decorative - Onesta
Rosy-pink, perfectly formed, waterlily style. Long lasting, beautiful blooms,
ideal for cutting. Height 80cm G200 1-$8.00 3-$22.50
Dahlia Decorative - Purple Flame
Luscious purple flowers and dark foliage. Early and long flowering, with ebony
stems and leaves contrasting beautifully with the flowers. H.90cm
G201 1-$8.00 3-$22.50
Dahlia Decorative - Nicholas
Large, perfectly formed, salmon/orange flowers with lemon centres and soft
rounded florets. Easy to grow, flowering up to 100 cm tall.
G202 1-$8.00 3-$22.50
Dahlia Decorative - Colour Spectacle
A beautiful dahlia that has deep orange flowers, tipped
white. Medium blooms of average 15-20cm flower heads.
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Decorative - Worton Blue Streak
Lavender flowers with a hint of blue. With strong stems and
a long vase life this is an incredible cut flower. H 80cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Arabian Night
Dark red medium sized flowers will provide a riot of colour
all summer long. H 90 - 100cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Decorative - Glory van Heemstede
A small waterlily type with almost translucent, clear-yellow
flowers. Award winning, excellent cut flowers and a fine
example of its type. H90cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Decorative - Kelvin Floodlight
Giant butter-yellow blooms are a beacon of sunshine in the
garden. One flower in a flat bowl makes a gorgeous table
decoration. H 80-100cm.
G207 1-$6.00 3-$16.50
Dahlia Decorative - Ace Summer Sunset
A fusion of large, peach, apricot and lemon flowers.
Highlight the gardenwith these large, vibrant blooms.
H 100cm G208 1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Offshore Dream
Most appealing, large, soft lilac-rose flowers silvering
towards the edge of the petals H80cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Cafe au Lait
These large flowered dahlias are rich cream with a hint of
mocha and peach. Unusual and simply yummy. H80 cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Check our website for extra gorgeous and colourful combination ideas
Dahlia Decorative - Creme de Casis
Pale lilac flowers with quilled petals which have purple coloured backs and at
the heart of the flowers. Compact enough to show off in a container. H90cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Striped Emory Paul
Large white flowers splashed with pink and magenta
stripes stand tall on sturdy stems. H90cm G363 1-$7.50
Dahlia Fubuki Black Touch
An imposing and splendid
deep reddish-black with
fimbriated petals. H 100cm
G368 1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Iceberg
White with a light lavender blush towards the centre. Informal style, with large,
very delicate flowers. H 80cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Edinburgh
Striking large flowers of dark purple-red with contrasting
white tips. Will add a vibrant touch to your garden H90cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Decorative - X Factor
Giant size blooms in dark red with white tips. Flowers can reach up to 20cm in
size. H100cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Blue Wish
Ever-so-beautiful, this dahlia will be on everyone’s wish list.
The colour is an exquisite white with lilac flush in perfectly
formed waterlily style flowers.
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Cabellero
Waterlliy form with multiple layers of warm-red petals
blending to soft-yellow at the tips, giving real festive look.
Large flowers on plants 100cm high. G3671-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Fubuki - Myjama
These double, white fluffy
flowers will provide a
stunning summer display
- try with Dahlia Black
Touch for a striking contrast.
G369 1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Decorative - Clair Obscure
A breath-taking dahlia with rich purple flowers with white
frosting at the tips. Sturdy and upright, requiring minimal
staking. H 70- 100cm G366 1-$7.50 3-$21.00,
Dahlia Cactus - Nadia Ruth
Masses of large, soft pink blooms with a creamy white centre and unusual
fimbriated petals. H 90cm G430 1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Cactus - Trebiano
Midnight-black blooms mature with the tips turning a rich
red. Makes a bold statement in the garden or vase. H 90cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Cactus - Flavien
Beautiful large, spiky, white flowers with fondant-pink tips. H90cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Cactus - Friquolet
Sensational fire engine red flowers with pure white tips.
Some of the petals curve towards the centre. Tall sturdy
stems and nice foilage . H120cm
1-$6.00 3-$16.50
Dahlia Cactus - Kennemerland
Large heads of bright yellow, upward pointing petals.
Cheerful and perky, ideal for the back of a sunny summer
border. H100 cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Cactus - Ice Crystal
Large, pure white flowers with a creamy
centre. Wavy and twisted petals give the
blooms a frilled and ruffled look. H 80cm
G433 1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Cactus - Grande Finale
Huge blooms in wine-purple that blend to
blush tips. Late flowering variety that will
bring your garden to a true grand finale at the
end of summer!
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Cactus - Urchin
Spiked, brick- red, very striking flowers, rather like a sea urchin. Adorable and
unusual H 90cm G432
1 - $8.50 3-$24.00
Dahlia Cactus - Nenekazi
Fimbriated flowers with delicate pink florets shading to a
creamy-yellow base. H80cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Border - Dracula
Bright red flowers with dark red centres on
bushy plants. Plant in full sun to partial shade
in rich well drained soil. H 30cm
G441 1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Border - Star Wars
A blend of red and yellow on dark foliage,
suitable for borders or display in containers on
patios. H30cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Border - Taxi Driver
Compact variety with richly coloured, brightyellow flowers with a brown-black heart and
dark bronze leaves. Excellent for pots. H30cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
DAHLIA BALL CriChton Honey
Beautiful apricot-peach 10cm
balls. Low growing bush that
produces nice long stems for
cutting. Early bloomer and great
for borders. H100cm
1-$9.50 3-$27.00
Dahlia Pom Pom - Golden Scepter
Lots of golden yellow, showy pom poms all
summer. A cheerful addition to the summer
garden. H80cm G581
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Pom Pom - Little William
Tightly rolled little balls of bright pink paling
to white at the edges. Will flower all summer
long. H80cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Pom Pom - Rococo
Zappy but dainty, compact purple pom poms.
H 80cm G583
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Pom Pom - Stolze von Berlin
Small, bouncy pom poms of dusky pink are
good for picking and will stand out in the vase
and the garden. H80cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Dahlia Pom Pom - Snowflake
These snowy white ball-shaped blooms are
GORGEOUS and will add charm and grace to
any garden. H80cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Gallery Mix
Grower’s mix of miniatures. A
perfect way to fill pots, small
gardens and create cheerful border
edges. H35cm G590: 3-$18.00 6-$33.00
Gallery dAhliAs
Dahlia Gallery - Art Fair
Perfectly formed, creamy white flowers with yellowish
centres. Exquisite beauty, compact and floriferous, perfect
for pots to brighten the patio. H 35cm.
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Gallery - Cezanne
These double sunshiny-yellow blooms are so bright they
can be spotted from a distance. Tolerant of shade. H35 cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Gallery - Art Nouveau
Miniature dahlia with large double, bright pink flowers
with dark pink reverse. Compact, long flowering and
excellent for pots. H35cm.
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Dahlia Gallery - Rembrandt
Lovely, rich flowering pink and silvery pink flowers. Easy
care for all those gardeners who want a summer full of
gorgeous blooms. H35cm
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Once considered a bit old-fashioned, but now highly sought
after for their impressive pointed stems with attractive,
stately flowers in a huge array of colours. These regal,
flowering swords have been staples of the cut-flower industry
for years. Plant at fortnightly intervals for pro-longed
summer flowering. H 90-110cm
Gladioli - Traderhorn
Large, fire engine-red flowers have a crisp white
contrasting centre and tall, straight flower spires.
5-$4.00 10-$7.00
Gladioli - Chemistry
Flowers have purple edges that gradually
merge to lavender towards the centre.
5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Towers of Dramatic Colour
Gladioli - Home Coming
Pure white flowers with a sweet kiss of violet in the centre.
Rather gorgeous.
5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladioli - Pink Parrot
Large flowers ruffled and crimped like a party
dress in a blend of bright pink, icy pink and
white. G645 5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladioli - Espresso
Jet black buds open into velvety, dark crimson flowers with
contrasting white anthers.
G649 5-$5.00 10-$9.00
glAdiol i
Gladioli - Green Star
Bring a little Irish luck to your mixed border. Softly ruffled,
this lovely variety says green like no other. Ideal as a cut
flower. G642 5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladioli - Land-O-Lakes
Soft mauve flowers with blue-violet edgings
emerge from dark purple buds. Ideal as a cut
flower. G646 5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladiloi - Zizanie
The dazzling colour combination of candy-cane red and
white, mixed and splashed together creating a unique and
intriguing display.
5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladioli - Nova Lux
Golden yellow blooms are a must for a splash of sunshine
in the garden. Or cut the long flower spikes and bring the
sunshine indoors.
5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladioli Tout-a-Toi
Shades of pink flowers with creamy white
centres and ruffled edges.
5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladioli - Large Mixed
Top quality corms as used by commercial growers. Plant
at fortnightly intervals until December for an extended
continuous display throughout the season. Height 80cm to
1m. Great value for money.
G651 10-$7.50 20-$13.00 50-$30.00 100-$58.00
Gladioli - Princess Margaret Rose
Create a blaze of colour in your garden with
these fiery yellow-orange blooms with flame
red, ruffled edges.
5-$5.00 10-$9.00
Gladioli - Flevo Mixed
The ultimate mix from our grower to add a dazzling blizzard
of colour in the summer garden. H 80 cm.
G652 10-$8.00 20-$15.00 50-$35.00 100-$65.00
Begonia Non Stop - Fire Ball
Red-hot blooms will flower all summer long
for a sizzling display in the garden or patio
container. H 30cm
1-$5.00 3-$13.50
It’s amazing that such unimpressive brown disks can
produce such magnificent flowers within a few weeks.
These superstars will electrify your summer garden.
Great for pots on shady patios - they prefer light shade
to full sun. So easy to grow in most garden situations.
Begonia Non Stop - Apricot Dessert
Delectable, rich apricot coloured blooms will
give a continuous display over the summer and
autumn months. H20-30cm
1-$5.00 3-$13.50
Begonia Picotee - Bridesmaid
Pale pink to white pinwheel flowers edged
in red, giving a striking two-tone colouring.
Graceful, mounding form. H40cm
1-$5.00 3-$13.50
Begonia Flamboyant Mrs Richard Gaulle
Masses of small. semi-double,
apricot flowers smother
these low growing plants all
summer. Excellent for borders
or pots.
G716 1-$5.00 3-$13.50
Begonia Cascade - Avalanche
Tumbling icy white blooms make a graceful
display for a pot or hanging basket. H 30cm
1-$5.00 3-$13.50
Begonia Mixes
Begonia Picotee - Harlequin
Glowing double blooms of coppery-apricot are edged with
red. Understandably popular. H 40cm.
G713 1-$4.50 3-$12.00
Begonia - Galaxy Mix
Create a sensational display with this collection from our
grower’s mix of profusely flowering begonias - Camellia,
non-stop and double frills.
3-$13.50 6-$25.50
Begonia - Non Stop Pastel Mix
Celebrate all summer long with this mix of pastel colours.
They are resistant to rain due to their unique compact
flower heads. Ideal for pots or as a border plant. H 30cm
3-$13.50 6-$25.50
Begonia Cascade - Golden Cascade
Soft golden-yellow blooms will tumble out
of a pot or basket all summer. Enchanting.
1-$5.00 3-$13.50
Note: See also Basket & Begonia
Basket Mix page 12
Hanging Basket Mix
Everyone’s favourite Begonia. Cascading double blooms in
a flamboyant range of luscious colours. Three corms will fill
our 30cm hanging basket.
3-$13.50 6-$25.50
Gladioli Collections
Red & White Collection
5 each of Gladioli Espresso & Home Coming,
packed separately. Total 10 bulbs
Colour Me Beautiful Collection
5 each of Gladioli Land-O- Lakes, Pink
Parrot & Green Star, packed separately.
Total 15 bulbs
G731 15-$13.50
Fill your summer garden to
overflowing with these fabulous
lilies – all at super prices!
Order early - available only
until mid September
Oriental Lilies
LA Hybrid Lily - Royal Trinity
LA Hybrid Lily - Couplet
Brilliant apricot-yellow flowers face upwards, curve slightly
Slightly ruffled petals are pink fading to white in the centre. at their tips and have deeper orange at their edges. Light
H 1m G820 3-$12.00 6-$22.50
sweet scent. H 1m G821
3-$12.00 6-$22.50
Calla Lilies
Oriental Lily - Casa Blanca
Regarded as one of the best white lilies ever! Huge, pure
white blooms that are velvety inside. A fabulously tall
growing lily which is a favourite of florists.
3-$12.00 6-$22.50
Oriental Lily - Sheila
Luscious soft pink with hint of lavender. Soft white hairs
complete its elegance. Sweetly fragrant flowers that hold
their colour well, even deepening a bit as they age.
3-$12.00 6-$22.50
Callas are among the most flexible summer flowering bulbs, thriving in
sun and part shade. Give them lots of water and they’ll bloom frequently.
Bulbs are flowering size and full information is provided. They can be
grown nationwide.
Calla Passionfruit
Delicious light
apricot blooms
with highlights of
yellow and pink.
These spectacular
blooms are very long
lasting making them
excellent cut flowers.
3-$17.25 5-$27.50
Calla - Red Sox
Brilliant fire-red
flowers that are bright
but also very elegant.
Beautiful colour for
the garden or vase.
H 60cm
3-$17.25 5-$27.50
Oriental Lily - Viviana
The enticing fragrance
and beauty of this
lily never fails to stop
passers-by in their
tracks. Vibrant red/lilac
flowers have slightly
pointed petals and green
throats. H 1m
G824 3-$12.00 6-$22.50
Calla - Landed Eagle
Unusual dark purple/red flowers with dark stems, giving a lovely contrast in
the garden and for cut flowers. H 60 cm G828
3-$17.25 5-$27.50
Calla - Aurora
Simple gorgeous soft
lavender-pink flowers.
Long lasting in the
garden and as cut
flowers. H 60cm
3-$17.25 5-$27.50
Tuberose - The Pearl
Spikes of highly
scented white flowers
that are extremely
popular as cut flowers.
They grace the garden
from summer to
autumn. H60cm
G830 3-$15.00
Pleione - Ground Orchid
A mass of colour is produced
each spring from these semiAsian orchids. Grow outdoors
in warm areas or indoors in
cooler areas. Easy to grow and
multiply quickly. Supplied as
bulbs ready for planting.
Sun. H10 cm.
G829 3-$13.50 6-$25.50
These bare-root plants are ready for planting straight into the ground & have
the advantage is that they establish themselves very quickly.
Order early - available only until mid September
Bare Rooted
Hemerocallis - Pardon Me
An exception day lily that has cranberry-red flowers held in an
upright cluster above the foliage. Compact variety flowering early
to mid summer and again in late summer. Winter dormant. H
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Peony - Bowl of Beauty
Bowl-shaped, very fragrant, fuchsia-pink blooms have
tufts of creamy white petals in the centre. One of the most
famous peonies as it flowers for more than a month. Best in
cold climates. H 90cm
1 - $8.00 3-$22.50
Filipendula rubra
Delicate-looking but tall and sturdy, with
sprays of fluffy heads of tiny pink blooms
above its ferny, toothed leaves. Prefers slightly
moist soil. Ideal for the back border to fill your
summer garden. Hardy. H 1.5m
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Peony - Sarah Bernhardt
One of the most popular peonies ever, with sweetly
scented, fully double, pale pink flowers. It is very productive
and reliable and has good disease resistance. Ideal for
colder climates. Hardy. H 90cm
1 - $9.00 3-$25.50
Hemerocallis - Double Orange
Bright orange, double day lily that flowers in summer on stems
around 50-60 cm tall. A robust day lily that readily multiplies. Grow in
full sun to part shade in well drained gardens. Winter dormant.
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Astilbe - Bridal Veil
Graceful pure white, airy plumes are held above feathery,
green foliage, lending a frothy look to the clump. Full to
partial shade. Like a moist soil. Plant with crown just
below soil surface. H 60cm
1-$8.00 3-$22.50
Bearded Iris - Apricot Silk
An intermediate Iris that produces long stems
Iris ensata - Mixed
of eye-catching apricot flowers with small
Japanese Iris. Large and spectacular, broad
orange beards. Plant these magnificent irises
flowers in a variety of colours from our grower. in a sunny border and they will thrive with
Good for bog gardens, but also perform well little attention, forming large, dramatic clumps
in rich soil in part shade. Flowers in spring and with little attention. Summer flowering, often
early summer Hardy. H 80 -100cm.
with a second late flush. H 80cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Astilbe - Crimson King
Astilbes have been loved for years for their feathery flower
spikes. This has elegant, bright rosy-red flowers that rise
above the finely divided foliage in summer. They like rich
soil, light shade and consistently moist soil. Hardy. H70cm
1-$8.00 3-$22.50
Bearded Iris Mixed
A rainbow of flower colours from our grower.
Bearded iris are easily grown plants that will
thrive in sunny gardens. Their late spring
show bridges the gap between the spring and
summer and are in colour for around a month.
Bearded Iris also make excellent cut flowers.
H80-90cm G918
3-$18.00 5-$28.75
Iris sibirica - Cream Chattel
A creamy-lemon Siberian Iris, hailed for
its elegant, delicate flowers. They perform
admirably in the sunny to part shady garden.
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Hostas are amongst the most popular of perennials
for shady areas, with hundreds of varieties available.
Plants form a sturdy mound of foliage, topped with
lily-like blooms in summer. They like a shady garden
with plenty of organic matter being added to the soil
before planting. Fertilise in spring and be sure to put
around plenty of slug bait. Hardy.
Hosta - Krossa Regal
Upright, vase-shaped form with frosty blue-green,
wavy leaves. A large, distinctive plant often considered a
cornerstone of a hosta garden. Spikes of
in summer. H80cm
Order early - available only until mid September pale violet flowers
G10551-$7.00 3-$19.50
Shady Perennials
Hosta - Thomas Hogg
Large plants with broad, flat or slightly wavy, green
leaves with cream or pale yellow edges. Clump-forming
perennial, ideal foliage plant for background plantings.
Lavender flowers in summer. H60cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Hosta - Golden Tiara
A medium variety that has rounded green leaves with
a creamy-gold edges that become brighter in the sun.
Lavender flowers appear in summer. Excellent for edging
and in mixed containers. H40cm
1-$7.00 3-$19.50
Aquilegia - Origami Blue & White
Flowering up to 12 weeks these blue and white Granny’s
Bonnets look as if they could have been folded out of
paper. They are perfect for picking. H45cm 5cm pot
G1060 1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Vinca - Illumination
Also known as Periwinkle, this is a popular evergreen
Blechnum discolour - Crown Fern
groundcover. This exciting selection has bright gold
Easy to grow native fern that forms a dense crown
leaves edged in green and studded with soft blue
of fronds. Makes an attractive groundcover in part
flowers from spring to autumn. Use as a shade
shade. Likes a light damp but well drained soil. Hardy ground cover or in hanging baskets. Hardy. H10and evergreen. H50cm 5cm pot
15cm 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Heuchera - Chantilly
Dark velvety- green, maple-leaf shape leaves with
charming white fluffy flowers in summer. Try planting
with Hostas for lovely foliage contrast. Semievergreen for part shade. H30cm.. 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Rodgersia - Hanna
Attractive green leaves with a bronze tint and clusters
of small, bright pink flowers in large panicles in
summer. Moisture-loving, clump forming ,winter
dormant perennial, best in semi shade but also does
well in sun. H 1m 5cm pot G1064 1-$5.00 3-14.25
One each Hosta Thomas Hogg, Heuchera Chantily and
Blechium Crown Fern. Plant one of each in a pot in a
shady corner or plant direct into the shade.
Available until mid September.
3 - $15.00
Thalictrum - Splendide
Meadow Rue. Forms a lacy mass of green foliage
with clouds of lavender flowers for a very long time
in summer. A lovely delicate architectural element for
the sunny, moist border or woodland garden. Hardy.
H 1m.. 5cm pot G1065 1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Geranium - Bertie Crug
Delightful cheery pink flowers throughout summer provide a wonderful
contrast over a carpet of shiny, deep green leaves brushed with bronze.
Bushy trailing habit, easily grown in full sun to part shade. Hardy. H25cm
9cm pot G1066 1-$7.50 3-$21.00
Geranium - Tiny Monster
A low maintenance groundcover that remains attractive throughout the
entire season. Large bright pink flowers with dark veins make a wonderful
display all summer. Easy to grow and ideal for borders or pots. Sun or part
shade. Hardy. H 30cm x W45cm 9cm pot
1-$7.50 3-$21.00
The best, non-invasive, ultra-dwarf flowering Peruvian Lily in the world. The blooms are larger with more
intense colours. While expensive they are easily the best, offering eight months of blooms for the vase.
Alstroemeria Inticancha - Passion
White flowers with purple blotches. 6cm pot
G1100 1-$14.00 3-$36.00
Alstroemeria Inticancha - Doba
Bright red with a flash of lemon. 6cm pot G1101 1-$14.00 3-$36.00
Alstroemeria Inticancha - Indian Summer
All the colours of summer over bronze foliage. 6cm pot
G1102 1-$14.00 3-$36.00
Perennials for Sun
Armeria - Bees Ruby
Low tufted foliage and ruby-pink pompom flowers on long
stems in summer. Great for picking. This plant tolerates
drought and salt well and will grow in dry soils. Hardy.
H30cm. 5cm pot
1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Geum - Princess Juliana
Bright discs of semi-double, peachy-orange
flowers wave in the breeze on their long wiry
stems during spring and summer. Flowering
stems rise above a rosette of neat, pretty soft
green foliage. Sun to part shade. Hardy H 50cm
5cm pot
G1107 1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Dianthus - Cranberry Ice
Rose pink blooms with cranberry-red eyes and picotee
edgings pack a punch from early spring to summer.
Fragrant. Sensational in mass plantings or in pots. Sun/
part-shade. H 20cm. 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Tulbaghia - Tricolour
Sometimes called society garlic. Variegated
pink, green and white foliage that has a
garlic-like fragrance. Showy spikes of lavender
star-shaped flowers rise above the foliage from
spring to early summer. Adds great texture to
sunny border or pot. Foliage can be eaten like
chives. H30-40cm
5cm pot
G1108 1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Fascicularia bicolour
A rarely seen bromeliad that has spiny leaf rosettes,
reddening at the base to brilliant fluorescent red in summer.
Mature plants produce duck-egg blue flowers in the centre.
Plants thrive on neglect and are more likely to flower when
treated mean. Plant in sunny, dry, very well drained area.
Hardy. H40cm 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Salvia - Aztec Blue
A slightly spreading perennial producing spikes
of vibrant true-blue flowers in summer. Young
leaves emerge a delightful plum colour that
slowly changes to dark green. Full sun. Hardy.
H30cm 5cm pot
G1109 1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Geum - Bell Bank
Dark buds open to reveal copper-pink, semi-double flowers
in spring over a rosette of crinkled leaves. The frilled flowers
are larger than most and make a great impact. Fluffy seed
heads follow in summer. Sun to part shade. Hardy. H45cm
5cm pot
1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Iresine herbstii – Neon Pink PVR
For glossy, bright- red foliage, you can’t beat
this new, compact Iresine. It has vivid pink ribs
on red leaves that will make it stand out in
any garden - a perfect foliage contrast plant. A
drought tolerant, tender plant for sunny area.
H40cm 7cm pot
G1110 1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Helianthemum - Wisley Primrose
Primrose yellow flowers just smother the
plants during summer, looking rather like tiny
suns. Grey-green foliage. Full sun. Tolerant of
drought & salt and frost. H30cm x W60cm
9cm pot
G1111 1-$7.00 3-$20.25 5-$32.50
Perennials For Sun
Federation Daisy - Summersong Pink Blush Double flowers that blend from ever-so-soft, blush pink
to bright cerise pink. An easy, breezy plant, flowering from
spring to autumn. Prune lightly after flowering to promote
a long display. Full Sun. H80cm 9cm pot
1-$7.00 3-$20.25 5-$32.50
Stokesia - Peachies Pick
Scabiosa - Fama White
Large lavender-blue, fringed flowers stand tall above tidy,
Forms dense tufts with masses of elegant double white,
clump forming, evergreen foliage. Blooms for a long time
frilly flowers. The cut flowers are long lasting. Likes a sunny from mid summer onwards. A solid performer for sunny
site in well-drained soil. Hardy. H30cm. 9cm pot
borders or pots. H60cm. Hardy.5cm pot
1-$7.00 3-$20.25 5-$32.50
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Penstemon - Port Wine
Racemes of deep red-purple, bell-shaped flowers with
white splotches in the throat on dark, upright stems from
summer all through to autumn. Award winning variety
that likes a well-drained, sunny garden. Hardy, semievergreen. H70-90cm 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Penstemon - Purple Passion
A clump forming perennial with masses of purple-grape
coloured, tubular flowers on tall, strong stems from spring
to autumn. Full sun, hardy. H80cm 5cm pot
1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Verbascum - Carribean Crush
A tropical blend of ruffled rosy-peach flowers crowd along
tall and elegant flower spikes that arise from a tight rosette
of huge, silvery-green leaves. Will bloom most of the
summer – keep dead headed. Hardy. H 1m+ 5cm pot
1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Salvia - Amistad
Flowers almost all year round in a warm climate. Exquisite
purple flowers appearing from mystical, almost black buds,
in sprays above glossy green foliage. A stunning perennial
that impressed us so much last year! Hardy and ideal for
warm sunny areas. H1.2m. Order early! 6cm pot
1-$7.00 3-$20.25 5-$32.50
Wire Hanging basket with liner 30cm
A stylish hanging basket for cascading
begonias or trailing plants such as Vinca
Illumination, Helianthemum Wisley Primrose
or Geranium Tiny Monster. Basket can also sit
on flat surface.
1 - $9.00
Hanging Basket & Begonia Set
The perfect combo of a stylish hanging basket
and three cascading begonia bulbs. Just add
potting mix, water and watch the colours
G1249 1 set $20.00
Verbascum - Raspberry Ripple
Tall sturdy spikes of beautiful soft pink flowers with darker
raspberry central splotch rise above tight rosettes of large,
deep green leaves. Makes a bold vertical element a sunny
garden. Winter dormant. Hardy. H60cm 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Hanging Basket & Pea Set
Sow seeds of Dwarf Sweet Pea Cupid and
Garden Pea Easy Peasy together into the
hanging basket. The Sweet Pea flowers help
attract pollinators for the Garden Peas. Pick
both flowers and peas regularly for a steady
supply of flowers and delicious peas. Set
contains 1 basket and 10 seeds mixed of each
variety - enough for two sowings.
1 set $13.00
Natures Garden Fertiliser
A natural blend of Reactive Phosphate
Rock, Humic Acid, Seaweed, Vermicast and
Paramagnetic Rock Dust. Contains 70 essential
plant minerals, vitamins and natural growth
hormones. It will help to improve soil structure
and increase yield. This is the best general
garden fertiliser we have ever used. N-1, P-5,
K-3, Ca-20, Mg-3 plus Trace Minerals. Use 2
tbsp per 10 small bulbs or 5 larger bulbs. Ideal
for all plants. - use 1-2 tbsp per plant. 500
gram bags. G1251 1 bag-$5.00 3 bags-$14.50
Bulbs just love this specially prepared fertiliser.
It contains all the nutrients necessary for
growing healthy bulbs. Allow 100 grams for
5-10 larger bulbs or 100 gm for 15-20 smaller
bulbs. Use at planting time and top-dress later.
N5 P4 K5 plus trace elements
G1252 1 bag-$3.75 3 bags-$10.00
Patio Potatoes
All new European Varieties.
Just partly fill the bag with potting mix, plant 3 potatoes per bag
and then, when shoots emerge, gradually fill the bag to the top.
Full instructions are provided.
Potato - Red Fantasy
Excellent taste and good storing. Great for mashing, boiling
or roasting. High yield, long to oval with red smooth skin
and deep yellow flesh . Approx. 100 – 120 days maturity.
3-$2.50 6-$4.80 9-$6.75
Potato - Electra
Great for boiling and potato salads. Very high yield, oval
with light yellow skin and flesh. Shallow faint pink eyes.
Approx.90- 100 days maturity.
3-$2.50 6-$4.80 9-$6.75
We all love freshly dug home grown potatoes! But if you don’t have the area or
ability to grow them in the garden, then the answer is right here - small quantities of
seed potatoes to grow in easy to manage planter bags. Potatoes grown in bags are
less likely to get pests and diseases and you will have your first crop by Christmas.
You can buy the potatoes on their own or kit yourself up with bags and fertiliser to
complete the job. Note – always choose certified seed potatoes.
Potato - Anuschka
Similar to Ilam Hardy. Ideal fresh potato salad, hot or cold.
Round to oval smooth yellow skin with deep fellow flesh.
High yield, taking 90 – 100 days to mature.
3-$2.50 6-$4.80 9-$6.75
Potato Bags 25 ltr
Ideal to plant your potatoes or
any other large plants. These 25
litre bags are reinforced, have 2
carry handles to make moving
really easy and will last for
many years. Each bag will hold
3 potato plants. 330mm wide x
340 mm high
G1364 $4.50 each
Potato - Kikko
Excellent for boiling and salads, very similar to Rua Potatos.
Long to oval with white skin and cream flesh. Approx.
110–130 maturity.
3-$2.50 6-$4.80 9-$6.75
Potato Fertiliser
Especially formulated to provide all
the nutrients needed to give high
yielding, quality potatoes. Good levels of
phosphorus and potassium to promote
healthy tuber production. Apply 2
tablespoons to per square metre of
garden or large pot. N12 P5 K15 plus
trace elements. Granulated form making
it easy to apply. 300 gram bags.
G1365 1 bag $3.00 3 bags $8.50
Kitchen Garden
Strawberry Perpetual
Perpetual strawberries will produce small flushes of fruit from the beginning
of summer right through well into Autumn if the conditions are right. Ideal for
containers or baskets where you can regularly pick the fruit. 5cm pot
1-$4.50 3-12.00 5-$17.50
Blackberry - Karaka Black
These mammoth-sized, dark black shiny berries are one of the largest
blackberry fruits. They pack a punch for flavour and are perfect fresh or for jams
and freezing. The berries are firm and easy to pick and long lasting. Excellent
resistance to downy mildew. Small climber to 2m. 5cm pot
1-$5.50 3-$15.75 5-$25.00
Lime - Sublime
A compact and virtually thorn less lime, perfect for small gardens or large
pots. It produces full size juicy fruit to use in cooking, as decoration and flavour
in drinks. These plants are classic additions to any garden. Sun or part shade.
Protect from heavy frosts. H 1.5m 5cm pot
1-$5.50 3-$15.75 5-$25.00
Flowering Shrubs
Camellia sasanqua - Setsugekka
Popular, evergreen shrub with an abundance of large, wavy,
semi-double white flowers with prominent yellow stamens
from early autumn through to winter. Flowers drop before
browning. Ideal for specimens or hedging. H 3m 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Small plants in 5 or 7cm pots. Less cost and they will catch up to larger grades very quickly.
Plant direct in sheltered areas or pot up and plant out later.
Ceanothus - Blue Carpet
A low growing, spreading shrub with small glossy dark
green leaves. Abundant bright blue pom pom like flowers
carpet the bush in spring. Ideal for rockeries or trailing over
a bank. Likes full sun. Evergreen. H1 x W1.5m 5cm pot
1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Hebe - Icing Sugar
An attractive, rounded shrub that has deep pink buds opening to white flower
spikes dusted with pink in summer. Ideal for garden beds or containers and
makes an excellent low hedge. Hardy. H1m. 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Chaenomeles - Early Orange
Flowering Quince. Dark orange/red blossoms smother
bare branches in early spring. Small fragrant, edible fruit
in autumn. Excellent for cut flowers. Full sun. Hardy. H1m.
5cm pot
1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Lavender - Grosso
One of the most popular English lavenders, Grosso is the favoured variety for
cutting and is a major source of lavender oil. Masses of sweet scented violet
flowers. Good for hedges, sunny garden borders or pots. Plant 30 cm apart.
Hardy. H1m. 5cm pot
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Lavender - Joyful Cherub
A dwarf French Lavender with grey-green foliage that
covers itself with dark pink flowers with light pink wings in
summer. Hardy. H40cm 9cm pot
1-$7.00 3-$20.25 5-$32.50
CytsIs - Lena. Scotch Broom
A compact grower that has maroon buds that open to lemon to orange flowers
in the middle with large bright ruby wings. The green upright and arching
branches resemble sweeping-brooms. Award winning, drought tolerant variety
that does not spread. Sun. H1.2m 5cm pot
1-$6.00 3-17.25 5-$27.50
Easy Seeds
Summer Salads
Prepare for summer salads with this selection of easy to grow seeds.
Hydrangea - Snowball
Compact plants with tight balls of clear pure white
flowers with a frilly edge. An especially easy-growing
type that does well in light shady areas, pots and smaller
gardens. H 1m 5cm pot
G1427 1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Coprosma - Pink Splendour
Mirror Bush. Dense, mounding, evergreen shrub that has
glossy and wavy, green, pink and cream leaves, with the
pink colour intensifying in winter. A reliable, drought and
frost tolerant, plant and forget shrub. Hardy. H1.5m. 5cm
1-$5.00 3-14.25 5-$22.50
Beans Baby Beans Round, slim pods on dwarf
bushes. Small pods are
mature when just 10cm
long - ideal for cooking
ES100. 60 seeds $3.00
Tomato - Sweet Million Masses of sweet cherrysized fruit. Less likely
to crack & has better
flavour than other cherry
ES118. 20 seeds $3.00
Lettuce - Cos Freckles Tasty, bright green leaves
with burgundy spots.
Good ‘cut & come again’
variety. Young leaves can
be picked in just 1 month.
ES1101. 250 seeds $3.00
Peas Sugar Snap Dwarf variety that
produces a heavy crop of
thick, fleshy pods that are
crunchy and delicious.
Eat both pods and peas.
ES113. 150 seeds $3.00
Cucumber Crystal Apple Small oval fruit about the
size of a small apple. The
crisp, tender flesh has a
sweet flavour.
ES105. 30 seeds $3.00
Spring Onions A crisp bunching variety
with plump white stems
and green tops with a mild
onion flavour.
ES115. 350 seeds $3.00
More are online
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SPRING 2015 - Products available till early November 2015 while stocks last
Hello everybody . . .
Dahlias are making a rocket come back in popularity in summer gardens
both here and recently seen in gardens overseas. Nothing quite packs the
power punch – just follow simply rules of planting in a free-draining, sunny
area and keep picking the flowers to encourage more – what could be
simpler? Team them up with stately Gladioli and Lilies, pop around a few
perennials and the job’s done!
It’s Spring – let’s go gardening!
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Surely the most rewarding summer flowers. A fantastic mix from our
grower for masses of blooming colour all summer long.
H80 - 100cm
3-$18.00 6-$33.00
A fabulous collection of mixed dahlias chosen by our grower for
you to enjoy all summer long. Super low price means great savings.
H80-100 cm
3-$18.00 6-$33.00
Pompom Dahlias have lovely, compact rounded flower balls. This
zappy mix of cheeky flowers will provide a riot of colour every
summer. H80cm
3-$18.00 6-$33.00
Pompom Mix
SPRING 2015 - Plants and bulbs available until end October 2015 while stocks last. Summer Catalogue due early November 2015
Cactus Mix
Endless Bouquets Mix
Create a traffic-stopping garden filled with these dark-leafed
dahlias. They form neat mounds and will look divine in a mixed
border or in containers. H30cm
3-$18.00 6-$33.00
Border Mix
Mixing flower styles as well as colours is the key to great-looking flower gardens.
With these mixtures you’ll be able to pick armloads of flowers that perfectly
complement each other.
Please advise if your address has changed or if you no longer would like a GardenPost catalogue sent to you.
Private Bag 12050 Tauranga 3143
Dahlia Mixtures
See Pages 9-12
Lovely range
of Perennials
Salvia Amistad - Just EXQUISITE