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Russell Nursery Pre-Bonsai plants for 2014
1370 Wain Rd. North Saanich BC (250)656-0384 [email protected]
The list at a glance – see below for more detailed info and photos:
Acer buergerianum, Medium plug $5.00
Acer palmatum, 3 gallon $29.99
Acer palmatum seedling, genetic dwarf, Med plug $12.00 or 2 gal $19.99, 3 gal $39.99
Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’, seedlings $8.00 or sq 2 gal $18.99, 3 gal $29.99
Acer palmatum ‘Mikawa Yatsubusa’ 1 gallon, 6-12” $39.00
Betula nigra Heritage seedling $7.00
Betula papyrifera ‘Prairie Dream’ Large Plug $25.00
Cercidyphyllum japonicum, Medium plug $7.00, 3 gallon $29.99
Fagus sylvatica ‘Dawyck Purple’ 6-12” Large plug $25.00
Gingko ‘Jade Butterflies’ 1 gallon $29.00
Liquidamber styraciflua 3 gallon $29.99
Parrotia persica, bare root $10.00
Pistacia chinensis, 3 gallon $29.99
Sorbus ‘Villmorini’, 3 gallon $29.99
Styrax japonica, 3 gallon $29.99
Acer buergerianum (Trident Maple) The bark of the Trident Maple is a
soft brown with a dappled effect. The leaves are small and close together.
The advantage of using the Trident Maple for bonsai is that it reaches a
mature appearance very quickly. Medium plug $5.00
Acer palmatum (Green Leaf Japanese Maple) 3 gallon $29.99
Acer palmatum Genetic Dwarf Green leaf Japanese Maple A
very interesting seedling selection of this classic bonsai plant. We
have found a naturally occurring extreme dwarfing form with
extraordinarily tight internodes and leaves much smaller than the
species. Medium plug $12.00 or 2 gallon $19.99, 3 gal $39.99
Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’ The classic naturally occurring
(not grafted) red-leaf form of Japanese Maple. These plants work well
as multi stem specimens.
1 to 2 ft seedlings $8.00 or 2 gal $18.99, 3 gal 29.99
Acer palmatum ‘Mikawa Yatsubusa’ An interesting extreme
dwarf form, very slow growing, with a tight, congested habit
and leaves smaller than the species.
Grafted plants, 1 gallon, 6-12” $39.00
Betula nigra ‘Heritage’ seedling A River Birch cultivar selected for
the beauty of its peeling salmon-coloured bark and clean, neat foliage.
Resistant to bronze birch borer. Bare root $7.00
Betula papyrifera ‘Prairie Dream’ (Paper Birch) Description:
Prairie Dream is a paper birch with exceptional snow-white
exfoliating bark, quality dark green foliage and excellent goldenyellow autumn foliage coloration. Also resistant to bronze birch
borer. Large Plug $25.00
Cercidyphyllum japonicum (Katsura) A lovely, heart-shaped leaf in
medium green make this finely textured tree worth a try as a bonsai. It
shows up well in Fall, with pastel shades of gold, orange and apricot,
usually all present on the tree at the same time. This is a quick grower
and will show good calliper in a short time. Medium plug 7.00
or 3 gallon $29.99
Fagus sylvatica ‘Dawyk Purple’ (Columnar Beech) Naturally columnar habit
with purple foliage. Large plug $25.00
Ginkgo ‘Jade Butterflies’ ‘Jade Butterflies’ is a slowgrowing, dwarf, male tree that grows in an upright, vaseshaped form to only 4-6’ tall over the first 10 years.Excellent
bonsai subject. Easy to wire and clip. Large plug $29.00
Liquidambar styraciflua (Sweetgum) Wonderfully corky bark on
older plants, maple-like foliage and pleasing fall colours are
features in this stately tree. 3 gallon $29.99
Parrotia persica Persian Parrotia has one of the most beautiful foliage
displays and is an excellent tree for Vancouver Island because of its drought
tolerance. Leave are reddish-purple when unfolding in spring and dark green in
summer, turning yellow to orange or scarlet in fall. Leaves hold their color for a long period. Older
branches and trunks develop an exfoliating gray, green, white, and brown color that is a welcome
feature in the winter garden. Bare root $10.00
Pistacia chinensis (Chinese Pistacia) Delicate, pinnate leaves
and good red fall colour make this tough, pest-free tree an easy and
desirable bonsai subject. 3 gallon $29.99
Sorbus ‘Villmorini’ (Villmorin Mountain Ash) This variety has the
smallest leaflets of any Mountain Ash we have seen, almost like the
pinnate leaves of the Silk tree. Pinkish white berries will persist on
bare branches into winter. Good fall colour. 3 gallon $29.99
Styrax japonica (Japanese Snowbell) Delicate foliage,
small but profuse nodding fragrant white flowers, delicate
habit and refined appearance. This is one that every bonsai
aficionado should have in his or her collection. 3 gallon