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¿WHAT IS NAVIHOTEL? NAVIHOTEL is the integrated solution for the enterprise management of the hotel industry, contemplates the sector needs and it can be adapted to the particular features of each company. NAVIHOTEL can meet the needs of your hotel business, whether it’s a holiday hotel resort, city hotel, resort, time sharing or any kind of hotel chain. EXPERIENCE More than forty hotel chains, totaling more than six hundred properties, guarantee our work as a leading provider of hotel management software since 1991. HOTEL CHAIN ORIENTED
From its very beginning, NAVIHOTEL was developed looking to cover the needs of the management of a hotel chain. In this way it covers in a single solution the complete management of a single property, as well as a centralized management of several hotels, with their specific requirements, such as those derived from the Central Purchasing, Booking, etc.. INTEGRATION NAVIHOTEL covers all areas of the hotel business management, in a fully integrated way, from front desk to financial management, covering also POS management, warehouses, central purchasing, central reservations, customer loyalty, quality, etc.. and of course, is integrated into the peripheral set of the hotel as switchboards, recorders, magnetic stripe keys, document scanner, Pay‐TV systems, among others. ADAPTABILITY Thanks to its modular functionality NAVIHOTEL, you can choose which modules you require to adapt the system to your needs at all times, and you can extend the functionality only when needed. NAVIHOTEL can meet the needs of your hotel business, whether it’s a holiday hotel resort, urban hotel, resort, time sharing or any kind of hotel chain. Additionally, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV easily allows customizations and adaptations specific to your business. PLATTFORM NAVIHOTEL is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of this ERP software present in 130 countries with over 1,250,000 users around the world. NAVIHOTEL runs on Microsoft SQL Server Database, allowing you flexibility and unparalleled growth scalability. VENDOR Sistemas de Gestión is a provider of business technology, with more than 20 years’ experience specialized developing and implementing business solutions. MICROSOFT PLATTFORM NAVIHOTEL enjoys the complete integration Microsoft Dynamics NAV has with the rest of the Microsoft products, such as Office applications. This implies that information can be “cut and paste” directly in Word, Excel or any Microsoft compatible application, maintaining the original format and integrity all the time. Likewise, this integration allows the NAVIHOTEL interface to be used simply and intuitively. CONTACT Phone Number: +34 902 221 223 [email protected] ARQUITHECTURE
NAVIHOTEL facilities for multiple hotels or locations, technology can be configured in several ways: 
Centralized: All workstations, all the hotels, connected to the same, centralized, server. 
Distributed: This setting is based on each hotel having a database server with data being replicated daily to the central on a daily basis, consolidating data in the central database.