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Cabaret Overview
New VMF Cabaret on April 21st features Actress-Singer Linda Purl,
honors Justice Steven Z. Perren, and benefits the VMF Young Artists Fund
The Ventura Music Festival announces an exciting new annual Cabaret program designed to feature an outstanding
singer, honor an individual distinguished by his/her contributions to the arts and community, and benefit the VMF
Young Artists Fund. The event is set for Thursday, April 21, 6:00 pm at the Ventura Beach Marriott.
The 2016 honoree is Steven Z. Perren, Justice of the California Court of Appeal in the Second District. The LA
Times documented this "dedicated crusader's" efforts on behalf of young offenders, a commitment that was marked
publicly in Ventura County by naming the (then new) Juvenile Justice Center after him. Justice Perren is a strong
supporter of the arts, and area music groups, including VMF where he serves on the Board. He is also a gifted singer,
appearing frequently with the Rubicon, Opera Santa Barbara and Cabrillo Music Theatre, among others.
The Cabaret launches with Linda Purl, the celebrated singer and actress. Television audiences know her from recent
dramatic turns in True Blood and Homeland. In the theater, she’s had numerous roles on and off-Broadway and
starred regionally in productions of the Mark Taper Forum, South Coast Repertory, Ensemble Theatre Company in
Santa Barbara and Ventura’s Rubicon Theatre. As to her cabaret act, LA Weekly’s Tom Provenzano wrote: Purl is a
sultry nightclub star with a show that combines intimate stories, humor and delicious song styling. For the VMF
Cabaret, Purl is bringing her new Midnight Caravan salute to the great female singing stars of the 40’s and 50’s.
Young Artists Fund
The VMF Young Artists Fund underwrites the participation of outstanding young musicians in diverse Festival
programs, such as the annual Student Jazz Competition open to area high school youth; also in Rising Stars and other
concerts scheduled as part of the Festival weekends or as pre-Festival events earlier in the year. The Young Artists
Fund has spotlighted young musicians emerging from national and international competitions who have then gone
on to careers in concert halls that span the globe. The Fund also features young talent lauded locally for whom the
Festival appearance is a professional debut. One young artist, Rachel Flowers, blind from infancy and raised in a
home of modest means, demonstrated singular classical and jazz musicianship from childhood on. Rachel won the
VMF Student Jazz Competition at age 17 and returned to VMF for other appearances over the years. Today, at 23,
she’s starring in a feature film based on her remarkable life.
Tribute sponsorship options
Sponsor options are available ranging from $1,000 to $10,000; Tribute messages are $100; dinner-only reservations
$150 per person. The Cabaret audience is projected at 200 music-loving civic leaders. The larger Cabaret
communications will reach thousands.
Contact: Susan Scott - Executive Director - 805-415-2005 or 805-648-3146
More information and reservations at: