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Warlords Castles: Mini Puzzle
Quick Guide
© 2009
Goal of the game
The goal of the game is to match 3 or more symbols of the same type, either in rows or in columns, in order to keep the resource count (represented by color bars) above zero.
General description
The game begins with an empty board. The player is given a randomly generated puzzle piece. That he\she can place anywhere within the board at will. He/she is then given another piece to place on the board. The process repeats until the game is over.
When the player manages to create a match of three symbols of the same type, the matched symbols dissapear, and the player is rewarded with score points and corresponding resources.
Every matched symbol gets the player a score of 10 plus the actual level of gameplay (i.e. 13 in level 3). The player also gets resources that equal to 5 plus actual level of gameplay.
A level is added and the game board is cleared with every thousand points of score achieved. Each level beyond the first one increases the amount of resources lost per second by 1. So the longer you play, the faster you have to think.
Rotate brick
Place brick
Move brick
What´s what
Board 15x15
Actual brick
Resource bars
Symbols ready to match
Normal symbols
Special symbols
Increases red resource bar.
Increases orange resource bar.
Increases blue resource bar.
Increases green resource bar.
Destructs symbol underneath.
Grabs symbol underneath.
Matchs to any normal brick.
Original design and implementation by 2eternity studios (
Graphics is based on famous Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria by Infinite Interactive (www.infinite­
Developed with consent of Infinite Interactive (www.infinite­