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Rethink the TV Armoire
As the hotel industry moves rapidly toward adopting new technologies, one basic piece of
furniture is quickly heading toward obsolescence: the TV armoire. With stunning new flat panels
becoming standard in room amenities, big bulky cabinets meant to hide tube televisions are
quickly becoming the buggy whip of the hotel room.
But parts of the armoire are still critical since this piece of furniture typically houses such
important elements as the minibar, glassware, and drawers for the guest’s personal items. In a
perfect world, the solution would be to simply throw out the armoire and replace it with a brand
new piece of furniture. However, chances are the unit was a significant financial investment that
is being amortized over seven to 10 years or more.
According to Mario Insenga, President of The Refinishing Touch, a Georgia-based furniture
refinishing and asset Management Company, this has quickly become a significant issue for the
lodging industry. “Every hotel owner is now in the position where they have to upgrade their
rooms to meet the new television standards,” he said.
Fortunately, The Refinishing Touch has the ideal money saving solution that will not only
transform an armoire into a stylish piece of furniture ready for today’s TV revolution, but the
process can be done at a fraction of replacement cost.
“When we get done with an armoire, it looks like it just arrived from the factory,” said Insenga.
“With our precision cut process, the furniture will still match the room décor exactly. When you
buy something new, that is rarely possible to achieve.”
Utilizing highly specialized technologies, The Refinishing Touch achieves incredible results with
its complete turnkey solution. This modification combined with non toxic odorless waterborne
refinishing is completed in the room with no down time. The room is back into inventory within
the same day.
Depending on the particular job, up to 25 armoires can be refreshed and repurposed in a single
day. The process is completely safe, dries fast and holds color properly.
“We have built our reputation doing very specialized engineering and operations work,” said
Insenga. “We engineer the correct fix for every job we do. And the older the piece of furniture,
the better we like it frankly. We are able to extend the life of your armoire for years.”
When the armoire is converted into a cabinet, the Refinishing Touch can also cap the piece with
high-quality stone too, at a price competitive with even the largest stone importers.
The Refinishing Touch specializes in three to five star hotels with their fully warranted work, and
the company has been recognized nationally by the United States Federal Government’s when it
was presented with the Evergreen Award. “Every designer has specified a TV armoire for the
guestroom, and no matter what the specs are we are able to come in with the right price.” said