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KATHY Van Zeeland Heroine Belt
Wonderl Bag
Be a fashion Heroine with this bag from KATHY Van Zeeland. It features a
glittery fabrication and shiny hardware for extra style, while exterior and
interior pockets offer extra storage options.
* Shoulder straps measure 21 long and have a drop of 9
* Four exterior accessory pockets help keep you organized
* Magnetic snap closure to main compartment
* Fabric lining
* Drop pocket for cell phone or sunglasses
My Personal Review:
This is my first time buying a Kathy Van Zeeland bag and I must say that I
love it. This bag is beautiful and it's just the right size (not to big and not to
small). It's sturdy and it's made out of great material. Im a fan of her's for
life because im thinking about buying another bag before the week is out.
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