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Runtime: 90 minutes
Censors Rating: M – contains violence & nudity
New Zealand Release Date: 8th March 2012
Sweden’s premier crime writer Liza Marklund and Yellow Bird,
producers of the multi-award winning The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,
have collaborated on Marklund’s international best-selling Annika
Bengtzon novels.
Annika Bengtzon is a devoted crime reporter; workaholic and mother of
two struggling to keep her marriage alive. When she covers the
prestigious annual Nobel banquet for tabloid newspaper Kvaillspressen,
Annika witnesses the murder of a high-ranking Nobel committee
member. As a key witness, Annika is banned from writing about the
murder, but cannot resist her journalistic instincts to pursue the
investigation, drawing her perilously close to the corrupt power at the
heart of this thriller.
Malin Crepin will play Annika Bengtzon. A former Rising Star at the
Stockholm Film Festival, Crepin has also played the lead role in In Your
Veins (I skuggan av varmen), which earned her a nomination at the
Swedish Guldbagge Awards.
Peter Flinth directs Last Will. Flinth is one of Denmark’s top directors,
whose credits include: the Arn films; the Wallander film Mastermind;
and episodes of the Emmy awarded TV series Unit I (Rejseholdet).
Eric Kress, whose credits include The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is
Director of Photography.
Last Will is a co-production between Yellow Bird, Nordisk Film, TV4 and
ARD Degeto.
Zodiak Rights represents rest of world distribution in all media.
Director of Photography
Executive Producers
Peter Flinth
Eric Kress
Jenny Gilbertsson
Malin Crepin as Annika
Ole Sondberg,
Anni Faurbye Fernandez
Born in 1962 in the village of Palmark, close to the Arctic Circle in
Sweden, Liza Marklund is a best-selling author, journalist, columnist and
goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.
Her novels about Annika Bengtzon were among the world’s bestsellers
during 2002 and 2003 according to the American online magazine
Publishing Trends, with The Red Wolf ranking number 12 and Prime Time
number 13.
Marklund is the only female Scandinavian writer to have become a
number one bestseller in all five Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark,
Norway, Finland and Iceland. Her 2010 collaboration with James
Patterson on The Postcard Killers reached number one on the New York
Times best-seller list.
Yellow Bird will produce 6 x 90’ films based on the Annika Bengtzon
novels. Last will is currently in production. Following it’s theatrical
release it will be launched on DVD and TV. A further five films will be
released on DVD and TV: Prime Time, Studio Sex, The Red Wolf, Lifetime,
and A Place in the Sun.
Whilst the film series arc demonstrates a dramatic and evolving personal
journey for Annika Bengtzon, each film will contain a stand-alone
narrative that offers broadcasters and distributors a great deal of
flexibility. The Annika Bengtzon series of novels has sold over ten
million copies in thirty countries, with fast paced and gripping stories
fascinating readers all over the world.
The timing of the theatrical and TV releases could not be better, as sales of
the books continue to grow internationally.
Random House launched the books in Canada in October 2010. In the
UK, publisher Doubleday will launch the series in February 2012.
Ullstein is re-launching the franchise in Germany and in Spain SUMA has
bought the rights to seven books