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IJSART - Volume 1
Issue 5 –MAY 2015
ISSN [ONLINE]: 2395-1052
Physiological Signal Analysis For Human And To
Maintain Good Physical Condition With Self Analysis
T.R.Vinothini 1, S.Vandhana 2
Department of Embedded systems technologies
1, 2
Kongunadu College Of Engineering&technologyTrichy, Tamil Nadu, India
Abstract- The Aim of the paper is used to simply analyse the
patient and show what is the body condition, causes, how to
overcome this problem without help of doctor. This system
combines three essential physiological signal obtain sensors:
Heart beat sensor, blood pressure sensor, and temperature
temperatur sensor. The physiological signal sensor captured
by physiological data’s are sent via a data interface module to
a mobile handheld device. Two communication systems are
used for data transmission: RS-232 serial port wired
transmission and wireless Bluetooth. The physiological
signals are presented on Android mobile handheld devices.
When the physiological data attain the danger levels, it gives
warning to seek proper treatment by medical unit. In this
device used to prevention of diseases prevention is better than
Keywords- heartbeat sensor, blood pressure sensor, temperature
sensor, ARM controller, Android mobile, Bluetooth, and RS232
The aim of this paper is to review latest
developments in the field of medical electronics and the
physiological modules are related to the field of embedded
system. Embedded system is a combination of hardware and
software use to achieve a single task within a given time
frame, repeatedly and endlessly, with or without human
interactions. Embedded system is a computer system that
monitor, respond to control an external environment. Health
care spending indeed accounts for a significant fraction of the
welfare budget of any country. A physiological measurement
platform is proposed for enabling users to measure physical
condition regularly and to maintain good physical condition.
In the years to come, the demographic compression,
along with the increased number of senior members in the
society will undermine economic sustainability of available
healthcare systems. Wise and long-term welfare-oriented
policies are mandatory to deal with this daunting challenge.
However, to compensate effects and implications of
demographic changes in the society, it is also necessary to
identify suitable technology solutions capable of reducing
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healthcare costs, and at the same time, of improving healthcare
services quality for citizens. Recent advancement in wireless
sensor networks produces small sensing self-powered nodes
which are able to gather information or detect special events
and transmit the data wirelessly to third party devices.
Numerous works in literature related with heart
disease diagnosis using data mining techniques have inspired
our work. Heon Gyu Lee et al proposed innovative technique
to improve the multi-parametric feature with linear and
Variability).There many statistical and classification methods
were applied to improve the multi-parametric feature of HRV.
Using HRV characteristics specific tests were showed to
assess some classifiers, such as SVM (Support Vector
machine), CMAR (Classification based on Multiple
Association Rules) etc. There some Mobile Stethoscope
applications are presented in our smart phone device. Apple
Computer, Inc. developed a mobile stethoscope. It archives
exact low noise heart, lung and bowel sounds. However, it
could not detect the heart position of a human body.
Medical electronics essentially discussed technology,
medical electronics products can be considered in terms of
functionality in to three major categories: diagnostic
equipment, medical treatment apparatus and rhea-dilatation
equipment. To medical products that apply electronic
Android system is open handheld device plat form operating
system based on the Linux kernel android was originally the
operating system for mobile phones such as mobile devices
but has gradually been extended to tablet pc.
ARM (LPC2148) controller, Power supply
heartbeat sensor, pressure level sensor, oxygen saturation
module, Bluetooth modem, Android Mobile.
IJSART - Volume 1
Issue 5 –MAY 2015
ISSN [ONLINE]: 2395-1052
Pressure level sensor
Transmitter Section
The reason why people with blood pressure readings
in this range should lower it, even though this is not classified
as 'high' blood pressure, is that the higher your blood pressure,
the higher your risk of health problems. For example, someone
with a blood pressure level of 135 over 85 (135/85) is twice as
likely to have a heart attack or stroke as someone with a
reading of 115 over 75 (115/75).
Receiver Section
The Blood Pressure sensor has a memory chip
(EEPROM) with information about the sensor. Through a
simple protocol (I2C) the sensor transfers its data: name,
quantity, unit and calibration to the interface.
Measurement of Blood Pressure
Heart beat sensor
During the compression of the heart, blood pumps
near the end of the finger, so the density of blood increases, as
a importance the intensity of the light that is being inward by
the IR receiver decreases, so corresponding a low signal is
obtained. Correspondingly in the time of expansion a high
amplitude signal is obtained. This analog signal is accepted
through an OP-AMP which is being used as a comparator. By
carefully setting the proper reference voltage of the op-amp a
square pulse is generated.
Temperature sensor
These sensors use a solid-state technique to
determine the temperature. That is to say, they don't use
mercury (like old thermometers), bimetallic strips (like in
some home thermometers or stoves), nor do they use
thermistors (temperature sensitive resistors). By precisely
amplifying the voltage change, it is easy to generate an analog
signal that is directly proportional to temperature. There have
been some improvements on the technique but, essentially that
is how temperature is measured.
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IJSART - Volume 1
Issue 5 –MAY 2015
Different methods have been residential for
Embedded based health monitoring. Current work focuses
on analyze the human health and how to prevention the need
for a more efficient reduce cost and time allocation because
highly expensive medical treatment.
Purpose of the current work is to study and analyze
for everyday human health monitoring in order to improve the
health in critical situation. The proposed physiological
integration platform combines three sensors are interface with
ARM7 microcontroller. When the physiological data reach the
designated hazard levels, it gives a notice to seek suitable
treatment by medical unit .In this device used to patients
individually known that the body condition as prevention is
better than cure, In the future this system will help the elderly
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Ms.T.R.Vinothini Completed B.E
in VKS
engineering& technology,Kulithalai
in 2013. Now am pursuing M.E
(Embedded system technologies) in
Kongunadu College of engineering &
Ms.S.VANDHANA Completed B.E
(ECE) degree M.N.S.K College Of
Engineering in Pudukottai, April
2009,M.E (Applied Electronics) in JJ
Technology, Trichy, in June 2011.
Now she is working as an Assistant
Professor in the Dept of EEE in
Kongunadu College of Engineering
and Technology, has a teaching
experience of 4 Years.
[6] QunHou, Research and Implementation of Remote
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