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Technology Analyst
Who are we?
Dillard’s, Inc. ranks among the nation’s largest
fashion apparel, cosmetics and home
furnishings retailers with annual sales
exceeding $6.6 billion. The Company focuses
on delivering maximum fashion and value to its
shoppers by offering compelling selections
complemented by exceptional customer care.
Dillard’s Technology supports our customers’
experience through our technology
infrastructure, application development, and
business intelligence.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for soon to be college
graduates to work in our corporate office in
Little Rock, AR. You should enjoy solving
problems, hate being bored, communicate
technical and non-technical ideas effectively,
and be willing to learn since technology is
constantly changing.
What will you do?
Our two year training program, Dillard’s TECH,
will begin with the first 10 weeks in classroom.
You will be taught the technical skills and
business lingo needed to succeed in the
Dillard’s Technology Department and will hear
about all of the different areas of our
department from the managers and directors
themselves. You will also train at a Dillard’s
store and distribution center to see the
applications we develop in action. At the
conclusion of your classroom training, the
training manager will place you into one of the
roles listed and assign you a mentor for your
remaining time in Dillard’s TECH.
Kristen Moore
Technology Recruiter / Developer
[email protected]
As a Technology Analyst at Dillard’s, you will be placed in one
of the following roles:
Application Developer - Design and implement applications for complete
solutions to new business needs. Maintain and support existing applications
and make any necessary changes as new features are requested. Most
applications are written in Java, Groovy, .NET, COBOL, or a combination of
these languages.
Business Analyst - The bridge between the business users and the
development team. Works with end users and subject matter experts on
defining business processes and translating them into requirements to be
executed into technical solutions.
Business Intelligence Analyst / Architect - Design physical data models
and processes to transform, cleanse and validate data to support analytic
queries and workloads. Develop and maintain metadata models and BI
analysis reports, deriving insightful trends to influence business decisions.
Information Security Analyst - Prevent data exfiltration and malware by
scanning applications that are developed in house, managing the vulnerability
of servers, and analyzing malware of any machine that is on the network.
Network Engineer - Design, implement, and maintain the Dillard’s network
architecture in the LAN, WAN, and Data Center environments.
Quality Assurance Analyst - Design and manage manual and automated
functional and performance testing activities across the development lifecycle.
Systems Administrator - Design, implement, and support server hardware
and software configurations. Maintain system updates, monitor server activity,
and tune systems for efficiency and stability.
Strategic Testing and Statistical Analyst - Use data mining and statistical
modeling tools to mine various data sources and derive predictive insights
through use of advanced algorithms and data visualization. Conduct test
analysis using a controlled testing methodology to evaluate cause-and-effect
through business experiments.
User Experience Designer - Create mockups, prototypes, designs, and
layouts to solve business needs. Work simultaneously with the development
team to implement the front end solution using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
If you think Dillard’s Technology is the
place for you, we want to know more
about you! Check out our website to apply.