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American Greetings, One American Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44144
Sr. Category Analyst
The Sr. Category Analyst at American Greetings Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio carries out
standard reporting and data analysis from a number of data sources, including Point-of-Sale,
shipments, product footage, pockets and other internal data management/mining systems.
Analyzes and interprets data using category management and statistical techniques in order to
improve sales performance at retail. The Sr. Category Analyst is expected to have significant
product, merchandising, and business process knowledge which enable them to work
independently in supporting the business. He or she supports Sales, Production Management, and
Operations to secure placement, improve execution, and improve productivity. The Sr. Category
Analyst understands business questions and designs statistical testing strategy to answer them.
This individual will be responsible in formulating hypotheses, identifying appropriate tests and
metrics for measurements, designing experiments (including, but not limited to, calculating sample
sizes and selecting tests and controls), overseeing execution of tests, and analyzing test results. He
or she data mines Point-of-Sale, shipment, pockets and product footage data at various levels,
demographics and general macroeconomics trends to extract patterns in sales and provide
breakthrough insights for the retailer, Sales, and Product Merchant teams in strategies formulation.
The Sr. Category Analyst oversees the seasonal planning process, provides forecasts on future
holiday performances, and summarizes performances at the end of holidays. To that end, the Sr.
Category Analyst engages in forecasting and recapping which includes, but is not limited to:
tracking, analyzing and planning retailer opportunities, extracting historical trends using time series
analyses, and assimilating knowledge from third party data in gauging consumer sentiments
towards the holidays. He or she works directly with: Card Merchant and other product teams to
provide insights, information, and support in updating product offering; product and operations
teams to provide information and support to efficiently execute programs; and the Walmart SAM
Team Operations group to provide reporting and analytical support for field communication and
program execution tracking. The Sr. Category Analyst provides information and analytical support
to the Director of Category Development in developing space allocation models and other initiative
development functions, as well as to Walmart Sales, Merchant and Category Development Director
in preparing sales presentations to Walmart buyers. He or she tracks merchandising and
promotional efforts and tests to determine if they were efficient and effective, and makes
recommendations for improvement. The accuracy of reporting and analysis is paramount, as many
reports are directly shared with retailers and upper management. To that end, the Sr. Category
Analyst must communicate insights effectively.
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Economics, Business, Operations Research or related field with
quantitative analysis focus and 3 years of experience applying quantitative methods to solve
business problems. Experience must include SAS and SQL programming.
Commensurate with qualifications and experience ($72,500.00)
Mary Ann Maslar, Manager, American Greetings, One American Road, Cleveland, OH 44144,
[email protected], 216.252.7300 Ext. 2516.
This notice is posted in connection with the filing of an application for permanent alien labor certification. Any
person may provide documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Local Office of the State Employment
Commission and/or the Regional Certifying Officer of the Department of Labor:
U.S. Department of Labor
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