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Damn Good Time!
Severn CD - SEVCD56
Margaret Carter, Mamie Smith, Jed Davenport, Clara
Smith, Blind Willie McTell, Edna Hicks, Ma Rainey,
Charley Patton, Ida May Mack, Bessie Tucker, Barbecue Bob, Papa Charlie Jackson, Martha Copeland,
Buddy Boy Hawkins, Flo Bert, Memphis Jug Band,
Viola McCoy, Fanny May Goosby, Charley Lincoln,
Texas Alexander, Butterbeans & Susie and more.
JSP 4CD - JSP77161
Too Much, Who You’re Workin’ For, Damn Good
Time, Bring Your Sister, Send For Me, Minimum
Wage, Georgia Slop, Night Work, Let’s Work Together, Smack Dab In The Middle, Down To My Last
Million Tears, Heartbreak Shake.
A new album from a roadhouse R&B band that has
been at it since 1972 when formed in Washington DC by
guitarist Jimmy Thackery and harmonica player Mark
Jimmy Thackery left as far back as 1986 to pursue his
successful solo career but Wenner has ploughed on
through a variety of line ups and changing fortunes. I
must confess to have lost touch over recent incarnations
of the band, a fact brought home to me recently when re
-watching the box set of The Wire as they popped up in
a scene in one episode as the bar band (and rather
good they were too).
So it comes as a pleasant surprise to discover that after
all this time, they can still deliver a sprightly and refreshing album of honest-to-goodness r&b of the muscular
but unpretentious kind.
What we get is 12 tracks of well chosen covers and a
few originals that heavily feature the swooping and
swinging gob iron of Wenner and a band of tasteful and
skilful musicians - being Paul Bell on guitars, Johnny
Castle on bass and Mark Stutso on drums. The only
thing not specified is who does what in the vocals department - never a major strength within the band but
with the material and playing being this good, it all fits
together nicely !
Highlights start early and just keep on coming - I just
love the second track, Who You’re Workin’ For, a rollicking little number that just keeps on moving and with
some fantastic, if paranoid, lyrics. I would imagine that
this is exactly the kind of song that Lee Brilleaux would
be leading Dr Feelgood through if he was still up and
Straight up next is the title track, a white-soul heartbreaker that may just well be the greatest John Hiatt
song that John Hiatt didn’t actually write! It really is
good enough to stand alongside his best songs, and the
band’s delivery is right on the money. Later on there’s a
rather fine cover of Smack Dab In The Middle followed
by one of the best originals on show, Down To My Last
Million Tears, a Louisiana R&B style blues ballad that
could easily stand alongside the songs written by one of
the big song-writing teams from back in the day.
A highly enjoyable album all round, one of those rare
beasts that I don’t think I’ll tire of listening to.
Ask for SEVCD56 - on offer at a special review price
of only £11.75 plus p&p until 19 October
The latest JSP box set is fast becoming one of my very
favourites in the series, despite the fact that I have yet to
fully get my head around the concept.
Lightnin’ Hopkins
Doxy Vinyl LP - DOY671LP
Penitentiary Blues, Bad Luck And Trouble, Come Go
Home With Me, Trouble Stay ‘Way From My Door,
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Goin’ Back To
Florida, Reminiscenses Of Blind Lemon, Fan It, Tell
Me Baby, She’s Mine.
The re-release of Lightnin’s rediscovery album, recorded
by Sam Charters in Houston in 1959 when Lightnin’ was
down on his luck and had to be found and coaxed back
into playing (as Charters tells it, Lightnin’ didn’t even
have a guitar to hand at the time). Thankfully he relented to the pressure that Charters exerted on him (the
whiskey and the money helped) and came up with these
historic recordings that re-invigorated his recording
career and allowed him to join in, and contribute to, the
burgeoning folk and blues boom that would lead on to
bigger and greater things.
The historicity of these recordings notwithstanding,
these compelling and driven performances, to these
ears, still stand as Lightnin’ at his very best. Just Hopkins and Charters in a living room, with a guitar, a bottle
of whiskey and a tape recorder - and the emotional
sparks flew.
After running through superb versions of the traditional
Penitentiary Blues and Blind Lemon Jefferson’s See
That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Lightnin’ also set down
some semi-improvised and half-remembered songs of
his own. Bad Luck And Trouble, Trouble Stay ‘Way
From My Door and Tell Me Baby are particularly strong
examples of Lightnin’s unique and expressive voice,
while Fan It and She’s Mine evidence his lighter, more
playful side. The session concluded with some brief chat
between the two, a portion of which is included here as
Lightnin’ recalled his dealings with Blind Lemon.
Not a very long album (certainly not by the standards of
the CD generation), but a compelling insight into the
character of this major bluesman that deserves to be
heard. This album has been available for quite a while
on CD (Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD40019) but not
for ages on LP and this deluxe 180g edition is just the
ticket for lovers of gorgeous vinyl.
And, what’s more, the UK distributors of this Italian label
are looking to bring in a lot more vinyl in the series,
featuring a host of blues artists from the 1920s and
1930. Needless to say, we intend to stock these so keep
an eye on future catalogues and release sheets for
further information.
Ask for DOY671LP - a superb vinyl LP on offer at a
special review price of only £18.45 plus p&p until 19
Essentially, compiler and annotator, Max Haymes, has
explored the links between the recorded blues of the
1920s and 1930s and its vaudeville roots that came, and
largely disappeared, prior to the emergence of a mass
recording industry. As a result, Max presents, across
four sensational CDs, a load of rare country blues sides
and sets them against even rarer vaudeville recordings,
comparing and contrasting the themes, motifs and
phrases that were adopted and adapted by each.
If this sounds a little dry and academic, well it ain’t. The
music is universally vibrant, joyous, humourous and lifeaffirming and is a truly splendid set whether you try to
join the dots or not. I was hooked from the early tracks
by the rather marvellous singer Margaret Carter (get a
load of I Want Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan and
Come Get Me Papa, Before I Faint) and the equally
splendid Margaret Johnson (on Who’ll Chop Your Suey)
and I am still working my way through the rest.
Obviously many of the country blues artists included are
well known already - featuring here great sides by Blind
Willie McTell, Charlie Patton, Tampa Red, Buddy Boy
Hawkins, Willie Brown, Kokomo Arnold, Leadbelly, Furry
Lewis and the rest - but there are still many that I have
not heard before (or do not have elsewhere on CD).
However it is the revelatory vaudeville singers among
the 103 tracks, as Max presents them, that are taking up
most of my attention right now.
This is a must-have set if you have any interest in the
emergence of pre-war blues. Enjoy the music for its own
sake first and, if you then want to pursue your understanding further, there is an expanded version of the
sets liner notes available at (follow
links marked ‘history of the blues’ and ‘I need-a plenty
grease in my frying pan’ and you should find them).
Ask for JSP77161
Only £14.50 plus p&p here at Red Lick
For more reviews, go to the back page
CDs & DVDs
ACE CD £14.75
CDLUX009 Jeanne And The Darlings/The Charmels: We're
The Soul Girls - Complete Volt Recordings. Untouched soul
gold from the Stax vaults, with girl groups often used as backing
singers on the label's hits of the 60s but who also recorded their
own sides on the Volt subsidiary under the guidance of Isaac
Hayes and George Porter. 29 super southern soul tracks.
ACE CD £10.95
CDCHD1342 The Rumblers: Rumblin' & Rare. Follow up to
2010's It's A Gas (CDCHD1286), this 24 track CD completes
Ace's round up of the back catalogue of this (mostly) instrumental surf guitar band
CDCHD1343 Priscilla Paris: Love, Priscilla. Two late 60s pop
albums on CD for first time from lead singer of Paris Sisters.
Also includes some previously unreleased recordings from 1968.
CDCHD1344 Various: The Ramones Heard Them Here First.
For all their cartoon numb-skullery, The Ramones had quite a
feel for their rock and roll and garage rock heritage. These 24
tracks include originals of songs they covered or bands they
name-checked as influences. A crazed diversity that includes
Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong, The Seeds, Ritchie Valens, The
Troggs, The Ronettes, The Beach Boys, Love, The Trashmen
and more. Surprisingly good.
CDCHD1345 Various: Boppin' By The Bayou. 28 corkers from
the cream of Louisiana's labels of the 50s that
gave the state its own brand of rock and roll with
its own regional twists and flavours. The first in a
proposed series of releases and the others will
need to go some to better this set that features
track by Warren Storm, Rocket Morgan, Al Ferrier, Johnny Jano, Tommy Todd, Jivin' Gene and
more. Read our review on page 44.
CDCHD1346 Various: Handy Man - The Otis
Blackwell Songbook. One of the great rock and
roll song-writers as evidenced by these 24 superb
tracks featuring Little Willie John, Elvis Presley,
Solomon Burke, Dee Clark, Jerry Lee Lewis, The
Five Keys and many more.
ACE CD £11.95
CDTOP1335 Various: Action! The Songs Of
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart. Popular song-writing team from
the sixties were much more than the guys behind The Monkees
big hits. Their songs were also hits for many others and this
includes 26 superior sides from the likes of The Ikettes, The
Standells, Del Shannon, The Shangri-Las, The Royalettes, Fats
Domino and more.
CDTOP1339 Various: Modern Music - The First Year 1945.
Superb compilation from the archives of the Modern Recording
Company, the record label formed by the Bihari Brothers. This
includes all A & B sides issued during the first year in business 24 sides dominated by Hadda Brooks, Howard McGhee and
Happy Johnson, many never having been issued on CD before.
ACE 2CD £16.25
CDTOP1335 Joe Barry: A Fool To Care. A Louisiana swamp
pop populariser from the 50s, largely on the back of the huge hit
that was the title track of this set. The rest of this 52 track compilation show just how good his other sides were, albeit less commercially successful. Drawn from the original master tapes of
producer Huey Meaux and including a lengthy essay on Joe in
the extensive booklet, this is a real treat for fans of Louisiana
R&B in its heyday.
31914782 Dave Goodman & Steve Baker: The Wine Dark
Sea. Master guitarist joins forces with harmonica ace on a lovely
set of blues, folk, country rock and acoustic funk numbers.
ALCD4951 Michael Burks: Show Of Strength. Sadly posthumous release of exciting Chicago blues singer and guitarist who
has made three other excellent albums previously for Alligator
and whose time may well just have been about to
come. This is quite probably his best with 12
tracks that invoke the sounds of a slightly rockier
Robert Cray, Albert King and more while still
retaining enough individuality to suggest he could
have (should have) been bigger. Mostly wellwritten originals but with some interesting covers
- the most poignant of which is the closer, a
superb version of Charlie Rich's heartbreaking
end-of-the-road country soul classic I Feel Like
Coming Home. As his passing at the end of a
European tour earlier in 2012 was (seemingly) a
major shock, he could not have known the prescience of this recording but it does make it even
more bone-chilling to listen to now.
ARHCD542 Loafers' Glory: Loafers' Glory.
Sort of a supergroup of experienced and respected bluegrass and old-timey musicians, featuring 13 tracks
involving Herb Pedersen, Bill Bryson, Tom Sauber and Patrick
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All contents of this catalogue are the copyright of
Red Lick Records Ltd.
ART7030 Brian Bromberg: Bromberg Plays Hendrix. Surprising 10 track jazz interpretation of Hendrix's best songs. All
instruments, other than drums, are played by Bromberg - but
none of them are a guitar! Go figure.
BCD17117AH Various: Juke Box Pearls - Meet The Pearls. A
splendid 25 track spotlight on early female rock and rollers,
including Jean Shepard, Rose Maddox,
Laura Lee Perkins, Bonnie Lou, Margie
Singleton, Janis Martin and more. Big
rarities and surprises, plus an
extensive 76 page booklet.
BCD16743AH Myrna Lorrie: Hello
Baby - Juke Box Pearls. Ultra-rare
1950's and 1960s recordings of influential Canadian singer who was mentored
in her early days by Hank Snow and
Cowboy Copas. 22 great tracks plus a 28
page booklet.
BCD17274AH Mimi Roman: I'm Ready
If You're Willing - Juke Box Pearls. 25
unheralded gems from the 1950s from
the archives of Decca Records. Great
country and pop - the first release solely dedicated to Mimi, with
32 page booklet
BCD17294AH Laura Lee Perkins: Don't Wait Up - Juke Box
Pearls. Billed as the female Jerry Lee Lewis, this has all 14 of
Laura Lee's 1950s Imperial recordings. Hot piano-fuelled rockabilly with Joe Maphis on guitar. Great booklet.
BCD17132AH The Bailes Brothers: Remember Me - The
Legendary King Sessions 1946. Sibling country harmony at its
finest and a major influence on the Everly Brothers, many
of these 24 tracks have not been released since the
78RPM era. With a deluxe 60 page booklet with an essay
by Dick Spottiswood.
BCD17133AH The Bailes Brothers: Standing Somewhere In The Shadows - The legendary King Sessions 1953 Plus. 22 more tracks, some never issued
before - a number of which include Webb Pierce singing
harmony. With a 52 page booklet.
BCD17276AH Edna McGriff: Start Movin' In My Direction - The Bell Recordings Plus 1954-1959. The forgotten recordings of R&B singer, Edna McGriff, featuring 29
sides cut mostly for Arthur Shimkin plus even rarer stuff
for Felsted, Savoy and Brunswick. Backed by the cream
of New York's R&B session men, Edna died tragically
young to carve out a lasting legacy but Bear family remedy the situation somewhat with this excellent release.
With a 44 page booklet, including a biographical essay by
Bill Dahl.
BCD17250DK Merle Haggard: The Troubador. Overlooked
MCA recordings from between 1976 and 1971, featuring 111
tracks drawn from eight released LPs, a `lost' album later sold to
ABC, plus a few tracks that never made it to any album. Great
stuff, including his heartfelt tribute `My Farewell To Elvis', plus a
lavish 68 page hardback book with an essay by Dave
Samuelson and a full sessionography
BVDAT20120 Johnny Horton: I'm A Fishin' Man. 25 of his
performances captured on video from various times in his career
plus three bonus audio tracks. Many are of his big hits but there
are quite a few surprises and songs not easily found among his
recordings. Some of the inclusions are gathered from the only
known video tapes remaining so they are not all pristine but
taken, as a whole, another significant and historical production
from Bear Family.
CDBGPD252 Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers: Big Stick/
Dateline. A mix of Latin, soul and jazz on two late 60s albums
originally on Prestige.
BGO CD £12.50
BGOCD1056 Edgar Winter: The Edgar Winter Group With
Rick Derringer/Jasmine Nightdreams. Two mid 70s albums.
BGO CD £10.95
BGOCD1041 Duane Eddy: Duane Eddy. Re-mastered and on
CD for the first time, a 1987 album with tracks variously produced by Ry Cooder, Paul McCartney, and Jeff Lynne.
BIG3 3CD £5.50
BT3059 Various: Totally Essential Rock `N' Roll. A full three
CDs of rock and roll classics, with Bill Haley, Elvis, Little Richard,
Buddy Holly, Larry Williams, Bo Diddley, Link Wray, Chuck
Berry, Fats Domino, Bobby Charles, Big Joe Turner, Jerry Lee
Lewis, Smiley Lewis and loads more.
250311 EB Davis & The Greyhound Blues Band: You Can
Still Take It Or Leave It. Reissue of 1999 album recorded in
Holland that merges the talents of experienced US soul blues
singer with hot live European blues band.
250314 King Biscuit Boy: Hoodoo In My Soul. Reissue of
1982 Red Lightnin' album (previously known as Mouth Of Steel),
this has harp-blowing King Biscuit Boy fronting a scorching band
on a set of raw and primitive blues tracks
Material that has been issued before but now in nice digi-packs
with excellent artworked covers and at lower prices.
250317 Chuck Berry: Confessin' The Blues. 20 of classics,
with an emphasis on his
bluesy side.
250323 Johnny Guitar Watson: Gangster Of The Blues.
14 tracks programmed as per
a Red Lightnin' LP from way
250318 Freddie King: The
Blues Is Rising. Live in Hamburg & Bremen, Germany
Screamin' And Crying The
Blues. Live in Warsaw, Poland
on Oct 22 1976.
250319 B.B. King: The Thrill
of The Blues. Live in Cannes,
Jan 28 1983
250321 Albert King: Bad Luck Blues. Early 60s sides covering
BEAR FAMILY `STREET CORNER SYMPHONIES' CD £15.25 the same ground as the recently-deleted Ace CD CDCHD827
More in a fantastic series providing the definitive history of doo- More Big Blues.
250322 Otis Rush: West Chicago Blues. All his classic late
wop, 30+ tracks each & impressive 80 page booklet.
BCD17284AR The Complete 50s Cobra sides plus a few extra tracks
Story Of Doo Wop Vol Six BLUES BOULEVARD CD £13.75
1954. Penguins, Harp-Tones, 250213 Paddy Milner: The Curious Case of Paddy Milner ReSpiders, Moonglows, Spaniels, Opened. Re-release of recently acclaimed CD from British blues
Drifters, etc
pianist, now with four bonus tracks.
BCD17285AR The Complete
Story Of Doo Wop Vol Seven CHARLY 2CD £12.75
1955. Hearts, Nutmegs, Jacks, CHARLY645X Various: Move With The Groove - The OneOrchids, Cardinals, Regals, etc derful Mar-V-Lus Story. Chicago soul from 1962 - 70, featuring
BCD17286AR The Complete sides from labels such as Mar-V-Lus, One-Derful, M-Pac and
Story Of Doo Wop Vol Eight Toddlin' Town. Features 50 super sides from Otis Clay, Betty
1956. Five Satins, Cadets, Everett, Lonnie Brooks, Alvin Cash, Johnny Sayles, Andrew
SixTeens, Cleftones, Jaguars, Tibbs, Du-Ettes, etc.
Coasters, etc
BCD17287AR The Complete CDCD5084 Various: Rarest Rockabilly Album In The World
Story Of Doo Wop Vol Nine Volume 2. Another 50 rarely heard rockabilly treasures, most
1957. Silhouettes, Chantels, never before on CD. With Ersel Hickey, Gene Watson, Willie
Turbans, Mello-Kings, Pastels, Ward, Hollis Champion, Skeets McDonald, Pat Cupp, Sonny
Cole, Jimmy Ford, Chavis Brothers and so many more.
BCD17288AR The Complete Story Of Doo Wop Vol Ten CDCD5086 Pete Seeger: Live At The Mandel Hall 1957. Two
1958. Avalons, Flamingos, Skylines, Olympics, Elegants, concerts from the University Of Chicago, accompanying himself
Shirelles, etc
on banjo, 12-string guitar and flute. 36 tracks.
CLPCD8727 Various: Black On Blues - A Tribute To The
Black Keys. A stirring 14 track tribute featuring Oli Brown,
Walter Trout, Albert Lee, Tab Benoit, Larry McCray, Leslie West
and more.
CLPCD8991 Pat Travers: Blues On Fire. Canadian guitar
legend with his own blues rock take on classic blues tracks
made famous by the likes of Blind Blake, Blind Willie Johnson,
Son House, Tampa Red, Blind Lemon Jefferson and more.
CLCD418 Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band: Live 2012.
Recorded live in Milton Keynes in March 2012, with 16 tracks
including versions of Cream classics and favourites from his solo
CPI3364600 Manuel Galban: Blue Cha Cha. Legendary Cuban
guitarist and occasional Ry Cooder associate with a bunch of
music that he loves - from Afro-Cuban, rhythm & blues, bolero
and more - in the company of guests that
include Eric Bibb, Sissoko Ballaké, Rosa
Passos and more. The DVD is a fascinating documentary with interviews as
Manuel travels through Cuba and Paris.
CSCCD1088 Meschiya Lake & Little
Big Horns: Lucky Devil. Sassy blues
singer out of New Orleans fronting a band
said to be the kingpins of the Crescent
City's jazz revival. Debut album with a set
that was honed busking pennies from the
SIG2045 Peter Mulvey: The Good Stuff.
A collection of timeless covers that take in
Duke Ellington, Tom Waits, Thelonious
Monk, Willie Nelson and more. Well worth
your attention.
SIG2047 Chris Smither: Hundred Dollar Valentine. The
twelfth studio album of renowned bluesy americana singersongwriter but his first to contain only self-penned songs. Quite
possibly his best.
Turn your unwanted CDs, Vinyl and DVDs into useful credit
against future purchases - or even cash - or exchange them now
for something new for your collection. Contact us with your list.
0250152 R.J. Mischo: Make It Good. New 13 track album from
blues singer and harp blower, with guest guitarists Johnny
Moeller and Nick Curran
DFGCD8722 Malted Milk: Get Some. Rockin' French blues
band with second album for label.
DOCUMENTS 10 CD £12.75
233567 Eddy Arnold: America's Most Successful Country &
Western Star. With 200 tracks from between 1945-1960.
EAGLE DVD & CD £14.95
ERDVCD069 Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones: Live At
The Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago 1981. Only previously
available on bootlegs of dubious quality, this historic appearance
on stage of members of the Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger, Keith
Richards, Ronnie Wood and Ian Stewart) with Muddy and his
band (plus appearances by Buddy Guy, Junior Wells and Lefty
Dizz) is now available on this legitimate release - and in its fullest
form and with superior sound and picture quality. 15 great tracks
over 90 minutes on the DVD and selected highlights on the CD.
ECLEC2334 West, Bruce & Laing: Why Dontcha. Remastered edition of well-regarded 1972 album featuring the
combined talents of Leslie West, Jack Bruce and Corky Laing.
ECLEC2333 Chicken Shack: Imagination Lady. Re-mastered
edition of 1972 classic, their fifth, with Stan Webb's new line-up
moving away from blues roots towards a more rock direction.
FVDD105 Various: Later Alligator - Louisiana Rock `N' Roll.
Latest in impressive series of regional rock and roll collections
from the 50s, this time focused on Louisiana. With 51 tremendous tracks, varying from unearthed, seemingly long-lost, recordings from labels such as Goldband, Jin, Ace, Ram and Vin
to the inclusion of some big-seller examplars of the genre. As
with any music that comes out of Louisiana, these tracks are
typically a gumbo stew of rock and roll, rockabilly, R&B, cajun,
country and plenty more besides. Big names and barely-knowns
abound - including Jerry Lee Lewis, Paul Gayten, Johnny Jano,
Champion Jack Dupree, Al Ferrier, Bobby Charles, Big Boy
Myles, Al Terry and a whole lot more (even a 13
year old Dolly Parton!). And damn fine it is too.
Read our review on page 44 & buy this at a
special review price - only £8.95 + p&p (if
bought & paid for by 19 October)
FVDD117 Johnny Ace: Ace's Wild.
All the solo singles and his sessions
on piano in support of others, such
as B.B. King, Bobby `Blue' Bland,
Earl Forest, Johnny Fuller and more.
An excellent bluesman who deserves
to be better remembered for more
than his one massive hit (Pledging
My Love) and the tragic manner of
his premature demise. A super 55
track collection with illustrated booklet containing essay and discography
from Dave Penny.
FVDD136 Various: Love Me Do - 50 Songs That
Shaped The Beatles. A 50 track collection to mark
the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles
Love Me Do single. This presents a load of artists and tracks that
influenced the Fab Four, from direct musical influences that they
learnt from, and whose songs they played and often recorded,
through to artists they subsequently name-checked as an influence. A wildly eclectic set including Fats Waller, The Vipers, Carl
Perkins, George Formby, Elvis, Everly Brothers, Hoagy Carmichael, The Crickets, Peter Sellers, Dell-Vikings, Marvelettes, Roy
Young, Crew-Cuts, Vince Taylor, Dicky Bishop, Johnny Kidd
And The Pirates. The Drifters and more. An always interesting
and enjoyable collection.
FVTD129 Various: Doo Wop - The Rock & Roll Vocal Group
Sound (1957-1961). 96 US pop hits from super doo-wop artists
as The Diamonds, The Fleetwoods, Dion & The Belmonts, Jan &
Dean, The Crests and so many more.
FVTD137 Various: Screaming And Crying. A mammoth 75
blues guitar killers from 35 of the very best known (and some
lesser known) artists, all compiled and annotated by Neil Slaven.
With B.B. King, Magic Sam, Guitar Slim, Otis Rush, Albert King,
Elmore James, Buddy Guy, Lafayette Thomas, Eddie Taylor,
Muddy Waters, Goree Carter, Hop Wilson, Morris Pejoe, Earl
Hooker, just where do we stop listing!! A perfect collection for
lovers of electric blues guitar.
FREED5040 Solomon Burke: The Last Great Concert. Fronting a 14-piece band in Switzerland in December 2008. 34
scorching tracks.
EAGLE DVD £12.95
EREDV946 Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones: Live At The FLOATM6145 Tom Russell: Borderland & Modern Art. Two
Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago 1981. DVD only edition
super albums from 2001 and 2003 from a revered Americana
EAGLE 3CD £11.50
EDGCD484 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band: Anthology - So FLOATM6149 Joe Louis Walker: Live At Slim's Volumes 1 &
Far. Recorded at various concerts between 1989 and 2000, with 2. Two great Hightone albums together in a single package.
differing line-ups that variously included Dr John, Dave Ed- FLOATM6152 Tom Russell: Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs/
munds, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, Joe Walsh, Nils Lofgren and Hotwalker. Re-issue of two Hightone albums from acclaimed
more. The set list at any time consisted of Ringo's back cata- American singer-songwriter.
FLOATM6158 Deke Dickerson: Number One Hit Record/
logue and numbers of the guest artists at the time
More Million Sellers. Two Hightone albums from late 1990s reEAGLE CD £7.25
EAGCD483 Peter Green Splinter Group: Blues Don't FLOATM6160 Buddy Miller: Cruel
Change. 2001 recording of blues standards, only made available Moon/Midnight And Lonesome. Revia the group's website and concerts. Now with its first general issue of two Hightone albums from singerrelease and at a nice price too!
songwriter, producer and guitarist for
Emmylou Harris (who appears on both on
EAGLE CD £10.75
EAGCD490 Etta James: Live At Montreux 1975-1993. High- backing vocals).
lights from various appearances at the festival covering almost a FLOATING WORLD CD £9.15
20 year period. With 11 great tracks, including many of her FLOATM6151 Magic Sam: Raw Blues!
biggest numbers, and another good reason to remember her.
Live 1969. Recorded in Berkeley, California just five months before his desperately
EAGLE DVD £14.50
EREDV948 Etta James: Live At Montreux 1993. Available for premature death at only 32. A small club
the first time, this has Etta in full flow, a full 11 track concert from date that shows, despite imperfect sound
1993 plus lots of bonus material from previous appearances at recording, the blues giant that he could've
and should've become.
the Festival between 1977 and 1990.
FA5358 Various: Jamaica - Rhythm & Blues 1956-1961.
Further evidence of the influence of American R&B, blues, jazz
and more on the formative sounds of Jamaica's own blue beat
music. 44 marvelous tracks with Laurel Aitken, Derrick Morgan,
Lloyd Clarke, Rico Rodriguez, Owen Gray & more.
FRM1162 Johnny Winter: Live Bootleg Series Vol 8. Authorised and available for the first time, 6 extended live rocking blues
tracks including covers of Freddie King's Have You Ever Loved
A Woman and Tore Down and the Elmore James classics
Stranger Blues and Done Somebody Wrong.
GLP CD £13.15
GLP036 Hat Fitz & Cara: Wiley Ways. Album produced by Jeff
Lang, this is an amalgam of hill country blues and old-time folk,
utilising a variety of soundscapes and instrumentation to portray
an original exuberance true to the spirit of their influences.
GSK1005 Genial Hawaiians: 1932-34. Hot on the heels of the
fabulous new Ken & Bob CD (GSK1004 - reviewed in catalogue167), comes this pretty special release. It has 12 tracks
from Jim Halstein and Bob Pauole (their first and only recordings
from December 1933) and 12 tracks from George Ku and His
Paradise Islanders. Fantastic Hawaiian music with steel guitar to
the fore on uniformly excellent
songs and musical pieces. And to
top it all off, the 32 page booklet of
notes, photos and recording details
is a marvel. An absolute treat.
HOODOO CD £10.25
263415 Various: The Influences
Behind The Rolling Stones. 26
tracks by artists that influenced the
Stones or were covered by them.
Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy,
Coasters, Thurston Harris, Sugar
Boy Crawford, Nappy Brown, Buddy
Holly, Jimmy Reed, etc. With a 16
page booklet of liner notes, photos,
263417 Brenda Lee: Miss Dynamite + Emotions. Two early
albums from 1960 and 1961 plus five bonus tracks. Brenda was
in her prime here, on pop, rock and roll, rockabilly, country and
novelty songs.
263418 Johnny Cash: Ride This Train + Now, There Was A
Song! Two Columbia albums from 1960 plus seven bonus
tracks and 16 page booklet.
263421 Elvis Presley: GI Blues + Something For Everybody.
Plus 7 bonus tracks.
(plus £1 p&p on orders under £40; p&p free on orders £40+)
B&R271 Blues & Rhythm August 2012. Walter Horton, Bogard
Brothers, Black Bob Hudson, James Kinds, reviews, etc.
B&R272 Blues & Rhythm September 2012. The Sam Charters
Story, Albert King, Atomic Boogie, Buddy Guy, reviews, etc.
JASMINE 2CD £11.25
JASMCD30289 Amos Milburn: Rockin' And Drinkin' - Greatest Hits And More. Boogie woogie pianist and blues balladeer
with 50 tracks that include all his Billboard R&B hits such as One
Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer, Chicken Shack Boogie, Bad,
Bad Whiskey and many more.
JASMCD30301 Charles Brown: The Cool, Cool Blues Of
Charles Brown - All Time Classic Hits. 50 smooth tracks from
1945-1961 including 15 Billboard R&B hits such as More Than
You Know, Merry Christmas Baby, Driftin' Blues and more.
JASMCD36201 Faron Young: Live Fast, Love Hard, Die
Young - The Early Album Collection. The Singing Sheriff of
country music with 3 albums from between 1957 and 1959 Sweethearts Or Strangers, The Object Of My Affection and This
Is Faron Young! - plus his fifth release Talk About Hits! and a
couple of honky tonk hit singles. All in one bargain package.
JASCD706 Various: Twice Lightning! Pop/Country - The
Crossover. A full 60 major country songs that made it big on the
pop charts (or, if you prefer, major pop songs that made it big on
the country charts!), provided by Patsy Cline, Elvis, Sonny
James, Johnny Horton, Patti Page and Marty
JASCD209 Wanda Jackson: Rocking Country
Style - The Early Album Collection. Her first four
albums from between 1958 and 1961, packed full
of loads of rocking hits
JASBOX28-4 Various: The Good Ol' Boys Club
- Solos, Duos, Trios, Four-o's! More than 120
tracks by a wide range of America's greatest
singers - with Mills Brothers, Everly Brothers, Nat
King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Four Aces, Bing Crosby,
The Terriers, Patti Page, The Five Keys and more.
JSP 4CD £14.50
JSP77161 Various: Vaudeville Blues. 103 glorious tracks
compiled by Max Haymes that examine the connections and
influences that existed between vaudeville blues and the country
blues legends of the 1920s and 1930s. However far the connections are proven, this features the amazing country blues music
of Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell, Robert Wilkins, Sleepy
John Estes, Willie Brown, Barbecue Bob, Texas Alexander,
Memphis Jug Band, Sam Collins and more alongside lesserknown (to these ears anyway) but fabulous sides by Margaret
Carter, Margaret Johnson, Edna Hicks, Mary Stafford, Ida May
Mack, Essie Whitman, Virginia Liston and plenty more known
and obscure artists. Read our review on page 1.
For more details on the amazing collection of JSP box sets now
available, see pages 13 and 25. You can also download our JSP
BOX SET pdf from This has our brief write-ups
on each box set, and pictures of many (and in colour as well!!).
JSP CD £10.25
JSP8845 Michael Hill's Blues Mob: Goddesses and Gold
Redux. A re-worked and radically different version of the 2005
album plus 3 additional tracks.
KENT CD £10.95
CDKEND379 Various: Manhattan Soul Volume 2.
More great New York soul from archives of Septer,
Wand and Musicor. 24 tracks, many of them rare or
new to CD, including Tommy Hunt, Willie Hatcher,
Jimmy Radcliffe, Freddie Hughes, Big Maybelle and
CDKEND380 George Jackson: Let The Best Man
Win - The Fame Recordings Volume 2. A great
southern soul songwriter who's own career as a performer of his songs was undermined to some extent by
the excellence of the versions cut, and success
achieved, by other artists. We reviewed Volume 1 when
released a year or so ago (CDKEND363) and this
follow up again shows the quality of both the performing
artist and singer. Another vital contribution to the story
of southern soul. 24 tracks.
CDKEND381 Various: King Northern Soul Volume 3. A great
CD for discerning collectors, this has 24 buzzing tracks including
Hank Ballard, Otis Williams, Little Willie John, Oscar Toney Jr,
Mike Williams, Marva Whitney, Toni Williams, Charles Spurling
and more.
LAKE CD £13.15
LACD311 Hot Fingers: In Glorious Mono. Debut album from a
band that delivers an eclectic mix of vintage acoustic string
music, taking in hot jazz from the 1920s, gypsy swing, Lonnie
Johnson-style blues and more. The band is led by the musical
talents of Spats Langham (previously of the Pasadena Roof
Orchestra and The Charleston Chasers) whose guitar, banjo,
ukulele and vocals are to the fore, often joined by guest vocalist
Emily Campbell on a set of songs popularised by singers such
as Bing Crosby, Al Bowlly and Louis Prima and/or written by
songwriting greats such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin. And
very nice it is too. Read our review on page 44 & buy this at a
special review price - only £11.75 + p&p (if bought & paid for
by 19 October)
LAN1041 Scrapomatic: I'm A Stranger (And I Love The
Night). Swamp blues, tough soul and bone-crushing rock and
roll sounds from a band that includes Mike Mattison, Paul Olsen
and Dave Yoke, all veterans of the Tedeschi-Trucks, Susan
Tedeschi and Col. Bruce Hampton bands.
LITA083 Various: Country Funk 1969-1975. Excellent 16 track
compilation featuring super artists such as Jim Ford, Bobby
Charles, Dale Hawkins, Mac Davis, Tony Joe White,
Bobbie Gentry, Johnny Adams, Johnny Jenkins and more.
A melting pot of rustic Americana through to swamp
boogie and back again. With a 24 page booklet.
MRLL1 George Jones: The Grand Tour + Alone Again. Two
mid 70s albums on one CD from the great voice of country
MRLL2 Marty Robbins: My Woman, My Woman, My Wife +
Marty After Midnight. Two albums on one CD, the first (from
1970) on CD for the first time.
MRLL3 George Jones: Bartender's Blues/Shine On. Two
albums produced by Billy Sherrill, originally released in 1978 and
OSCD034 Various: Crossover To Modern Soul. 24
Northern Soul classics and
with Bobby
Womack, Three Shades Of
Soul, Johnny Adams,
Deniece Chandler, The
Esquires, etc
GLMY3B14 Various: The Glorious Old Time Music
Hall. With 67 great tracks from the golden age of Music
Hall - with George Formby, Arthur Askey, Stanley Holloway, Tommy Handley, Will Hay, Max Miller, Flanagan And
Allen, Ella Shields and more.
CHERRY RED PAPERBACK BOOK £16.95 (plus £4 UK p&p)
BK059 Martin Elliott: The Rolling Stones - Complete Recording Sessions 1962-2012 (50th Anniversary Edition).
Updated version of definitive guide to the band's studio activity,
taking forward the story from its first appearance in 2002. An
invaluable guide to their work being chock full of information,
commentary and analysis. A must-have for fans.
7559796163 Ry Cooder: Election Special. New album and a
continuation of the themes of recent albums, that is the decline
of the American Dream. This is even more directly politically
focussed than before, timed to co-incide with the forthcoming US
autumn election season. As always, laced with humour, a broad MUSIC MENTOR PAPERBACK £19.99 (plus £3.00 UK p&p)
musical landscape for the songs and great, great playing, this is BK060 Ian Wallis: More American Rock `N' Roll - The UK
Cooder at his best (see page 6 for the vinyl version)
Tours 1973-1984. Follow up to big selling first volume (BK014 1956-1972), this again is full of information, photos and other
NOT2CD453 Various: Protest Songs. 2CDs of digitally re- fascinating ephemera about every American and Canadian rock
mastered classics with Leadbelly, Woody Huthrie, Pete Seeger, and roller who visited Britain during the period. The amount of
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Joan Baez, Josh White, Judy detail, anecdote and reportage on the personalities and tours is
extensive and always enjoyable. A fascinating study.
Collins and many more.
NOT2CD456 Various: Godfathers Of Psychobilly. A terrible
title (and cover) but great music, with 50 rockabilly greats such
as Link Wray, Ronnie Self, Ray
PROPERBOX170 Various: Ramblers, Gamblers, Vagabonds
Ethier, Screaming Lord Sutch and
And Revelers. Sub-titled `100 Songs By And About The Archemore.
types And Architects Of American Roots Music', this pretty much
NOT2CD457 The Shirelles: Will
`does what it says on the tin' and encompasses old-timey, early
You Love Me Tomorrow. More
country, country blues, jazz, Cajun, bluegrass and much more.
than 30 classics.
Every one a gem - including Blind Willie McTell, Crystal Spring
Ramblers, Carolina Tar Heels, Scrapper Blackwell, Woody
NOT3CD083 Various: The History Guthrie, Charlie Poole, Kokomo Arnold, Memphis Jug Band, Red
Of Blue Beat - A & B sides (BB26- Foley, Darby & Tarlton, Cliff Carlisle, Buddy Moss, Bessie Smith,
BB50). More tremendous sides Jelly Roll Morton, Black Boy Shine, Blind Blake and many, many
from the legendary Blue Beat label, more.
with Derrick Morgan, Errol Dixon,
Hank Marr, Laurel Aitken and more. PROPERFOLK 3CD £10.75
PROPERFOLK12 Various: Folk Awards 2012. A compilation
OH BOY 2CD £13.50
that includes all the nominees in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards
OBR040 John Prine: The Singing 2012 plus a bonus disc of the 10 semi-finalists in the BBC Young
Mailman Delivers. Intriguing unissued early live and studio Folk Awards. Quite a list of super artists including Martin Simprecordings from 1970, a full year before his debut album was son, June Tabor & Oysterband, Steve Tilston, Christy Moore,
Jackie Oates and more. A super collection.
ONEDAY 2CD £5.95
DAY2CD161 Various: Pink Pumps And
Ponytails. 50 nostalgic hits from Elvis, Buddy
PRD73775 Robert Cray: Nothing But
Holly, Eddie Cochran, Ricky Nelson & more.
Love. Brand new 11-track studio
DAY2CD162 Various: The London - Amerialbum and for a new label. Rawer than
can Doo-Wop Story 1955-1958. With Penrecent efforts, due in part to having
guins, Drifters, Clovers, Harvey & The Moonbeen recorded in-studio in commendaglows, etc
bly swift two week period. Available for
DAY2CD163 Various: The London - Amerinow as a limited edition digipack.
can Doo-Wop Story 1959-1961. With Crests,
Dion & The Belmonts, Shirelles, etc
RM1004 Various: Chicago Blues - A
DAY2CD164 Various: Essential Rockabilly Living History, The Revolution
The King Story. 40 hot rockabilly stompers
Continues. With the Living History
from the vaults of King Records
Blues Band plus guests Billy Boy
DAY2CD168 Various: The Stars Of Buena
Arnold, John Primer, Billy Branch,
Vista. Over 2 hours of Cuban superstars
Lurrie Bell, Buddy Guy, James Cotton,
including Compay Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer,
Magic Slim and more. A living testament to the survival of the
Omara Portuondo, David Alvarez and more.
blues with 22 storing tracks plus a detailed booklet full of vintage
ONEDAY 3CD £6.75
and contemporary photography & incisive liner notes.
DAY3CD011 Various: The Sun Blues Story. 60 classic blues
courstesy of Sam Phillips featuring Howlin' Wolf, B.B. King, RAVEN 2CD £24.95
Doctor Ross, Rosco Gordon, Willie Nix, Junior Parker, & so Latest great release by this label imported from Australia
RVCD357 Jerry Lee Lewis: Original Classic Albums 1965many more. A fantastic set at any price!
DAY3CD013 Various: Here Comes Summer. 60 great summer 1969. Features five great albums including The Return Of Rock,
hits from the `50s and `60s featuring The Beach Boys, Sam Memphis Beat, Soul My Way, I'm On Fire and Together. Great
Cooke, Elvis, Eddie Coch- rockin' country across 58 tracks, many of them hard to find
ran, Del Shannon and more. elsewhere, plus a 16 page booklet.
MC0069 Debbie Davies: After The Fall. Welcome return
from popular and award-winning blues singer, guitarist and
song-writer, with 11 new original songs full of passion and
METRSL048 Patsy Cline: Walkin' After Midnight. 50
classic tracks, detailed notes and a full colour, fold-out poster.
METRSL049 The Yardbirds: Smokestack Lightning. A 40
track compilation of their best live and studio recordings featuring plenty of Clapton, Beck and Page on guitar. As good an
overview as you can expect, with detailed notes and a full colour,
fold-out poster. And what a price!
DEJA VA HARDBACK BOOK £17.95 (plus £3.75 UK p&p)
BK058 Buddy Guy (With David Ritz): When I Left Home - My
Story. The autobiography of the great man. At the time of writing, it is still due in but reviews elsewhere have been amazingly
positive. He seems to be able to tell an anecdote just about as
well as he can play the guitar!
POW130 Tom Principato:
Raising The Roof. Remixed and re-mastered
version of 2008 album from
critically renowned bluesrock guitarist.
PRIMO 2CD £6.00
PRMCD6137 Don Gibson: The Essential Recordings. 40 of
the best from popular country stra of 50s and 60s.
PRMCD6138 Lonnie Donegan: The Essential Recordings. 40
skiffle classics.
Red Lick’s best seller chart
1. The Bristol Sessions (JSP 4CD)
2. Rick Estrin & The Nitecats: One Wrong Turn (Alligator CD)
3. Albert King: I'll Play The Blues For You (Stax CD)
4. Hollywood Blues - Classic West Coast Blues (JSP 2CD)
5. Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials: Jump Start (Alligator CD)
6. We Juke Up In Here (Broke & hungry/Cathead DVD&CD)
7. Make It Your Sound¼ Vanguard Records (Vanguard 4CD)
8. Ken & Bob: Escape To Jazz Island (Grass Skirt CD)
9. Juke Joints 3 (JSP 4CD)
10. Tedeschi Trucks Band: Everybody's Talkin' (Sony 2CD)
11. Rory Block: I Belong To The Band (Stony Plain CD)
12. Warren Haynes: At Moody Theatre (Provogue 2CD/DVD)
13. Herb Hardesty: The Domino Effect (Ace CD)
14. Otis Spann: Ebony And Ivory Blues (2CD)
15. John Coltrane: The 1961 Newport Set (Solar CD)
Our best selling lists appear regularly in fRoots and Blues
Matters magazines
RGRNRCD001 Little Richard: Five Classic Albums. With
Here's Little Richard, Little Richard Vol 2, The Fabulous Little
Richard, Pray Along Vol 1 and Pray Along Vol 2, plus some
bonus singles.
RGRNRCD002 Gene Vincent: Six Classic Albums. With Blue
Jean Bop, Gene Vincent And The Bluecaps. Gene Vincent
Rocks And The Bluecaps Roll, A Gene Vincent Record Date,
Sounds Like Gene Vincent and Crazy Times.
RGMCD007 Elvis Presley: Eight Classic Albums. With Elvis
Presley, Elvis, Loving You, Christmas Album, King Creole, GI
Blues, His Hand In Mine and Elvis Is Back. Plus bonus singles,
making 127 tracks in all.
RGFCD001 Pete Seeger: Four Classic Albums. With American Ballads, American Favorite Ballads Vol 1, Indian Summer
and Rainbow Quest. Plus 2 unreleased concerts from Chicago.
REDLINE48 Various: Trouble - A Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Their greatest numbers as recorded by the likes of Canned Heat,
Walter Trout, Pat Travers, The Outlaws, Rick Derringer and
REP5223 Alvin Lee: Still On The Road To Freedom. New
album from legendary blues rock guitarist, with a varied set of 13
Release Sheets
Confirm your email address with us to ensure that you get each
new Release Sheet as and when we issue them between catalogues. Simply email [email protected] and type in `please add
to email update list' in the subject box.
SECRET 2CD £9.15
SONY CD & DVD £14.25
SECCD054 John Martyn: Remembering John Martyn 194888725439742 Various: We Walk The Line - A Celebration Of
2009. Live and studio versions of many of his greatest songs.
The Music Of Johnny Cash. A tribute concert to celebrate the
80th birthday of Johnny Cash held in April 2012 in Austin, TX.
SIDVD571 Bob Dylan & The Band: Down In The Flood.
With Kris Kristofferson, Willie
Documentary story covering the coming together of two
Nelson, Carolina Chocolate
musical forces and the relationship that developed and
Drops, Lucinda Williams,
historic music that flowed. Featuring rare footage and
Buddy Miller and plenty more
archive interviews with Garth Hudson, Ronnie Hawkins,
reminding us once more of his
Charlie McCoy as well as music writers and biographers.
life, magnificent music and
monumental legacy.
SEPIA CD £7.75
SONY 2CD £13.95
SEPIA1194 Johnny Mercer: Sings Just For Fun. Well82876822942 Taj Mahal: The
known and rare recordings from legendary songwriter and
Hidden Treasures Of Taj
arranger, including previously unissued tracks written and
Mahal 1969-1973. Previously
performed in collaboration with Hoagy Carmichael from an
unissued studio recordings on
aborted film project The Keystone Girl. A must for anyone
the first CD plus a full live
with more than a passing interest in one of the leading
concert from the vaults at the
architects of the Great American Songbook.
Royal Albert Hall in London in
SEPIA1195 Tommy Sands: Dream With Me. Capitol's one
April 1970. Impressive and
-time answer to the rise of Elvis, with 23 tracks (many on
enjoyable (as Taj always is), this is also the first release in a
CD for the first time) all arranged by Nelson Riddle.
SEPIA1197 Hoagy Carmichael: Hoagy Carmichael's Havin' A proposed programme for re-issuing his early Columbia cataParty. With two late 50s albums Havin' A Party and Ole Butter- logue.
milk Sky, both making their debut on CD.
RTR4204 Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land - A Centenary Tribute. Contains 26 of his finest tracks to celebrate the
centenary of his birth. If you only want one Woody CD, this just
SEVERN CD £13.15
might be the one.
SEVCD56 The Nighthawks: Damn Good Time! New album
from popular US blues and R&B band. 12 top new tracks from a
CRREV224 Blind Willie Johnson: Nobody's Fault But Mine ± band that knows how to swing, with long of super harmonica
Original Recordings 1927-30. Re-press of compilation first from band leader Mark Wenner. Read our review on page 1 &
released in 2007. With 23 of the most spine-chilling depression- buy this at a special review price - only £11.75 + p&p (if
era gospel tracks you will ever hear, from a master of the slide bought & paid for by 19 October)
guitar and a voice that, once heard, is never forgotten.
RHINO 7CD £36.50
SHANCD5802 Leela James: Loving You More - In The Spirit
8122797350 Ray Charles: Pure Genius - The Complete Atlan- Of Etta James. Contemporary versions of Etta classics from a
tic Recordings. Re-formatted version of a deluxe collectors set new soul singer often said to be today's Miss Peaches.
(unavailable since 2010) at a much reSHIRTY 2CD £15.95
duced price. Contains his entire Atlantic
SHIRTY3 Fairport Convention: 4 Play. Live
catalogue recorded between 1952 and
tracks from the seventies, restored by Dave
1959 with an entire CD of unreleased
Swarbrick from his personal tapes.
rarities - in total over nine hours of imperious music. And if this isn't enough, the set
SHOUT CD £13.15
also comes with an impressive linen-bound
SHOUT78 Benny Spellman: Fortune Teller book featuring essays by Ahmet Ertegun
A Singles Collection 1960-1967. A great 28
and David Ritz, detailed recording session
track compilation from his great sides for Ace,
information, an Atlantic album and singles
Minit, Alon and Sansu including his hugely
discography, liner notes from the original
influential Fortune Teller, Lipstick Traces and
albums and many rare photos.
Mother-In-Law. Great New Orleans R&B from
a great singer with productions more
overseen by Allen Toussaint. As well
TUGCD1064 Koo Nimo: Highlife Roots
as a great re-mastering job, the bookRevival. Recorded in his backyard in
let also makes this a hugely enjoyable
Accra, Ghana this features Nimo's lovely
and gentle, story-telling singing style over
acoustic guitars and rolling percussion.
TUGCD1067 Alhousseini Anivolla: Anewal/The Walking Man.
Superb African desert blues guitarist with 11 original compostions featuring captivating guitar patterns & sensitive vocals.
SFWCD45072 Elizabeth Mitchell: Little Seed - Songs
For Children By Woody Guthrie. Popular American
folk singer on 13 beguiling Woody Guthrie songs.
6191492 Little Feat: Rooster Rag. New album features 10
originals (four of which were co-written with Grateful Dead's
lyricist Robert Hunter) plus covers of songs of Mississippi John
Hurt and Willie Dixon.
SFWCD40184 Pete Seeger: The Complete Bowden
College Concert 1960. Black-listed by the infamous
House Of Un-American Activities for refusing to answer
questions about his political beliefs, Seeger continued to
work where he could, notably `community concerts' in
local schools and colleges. This amazing set captures
the mood of the times and Seeger's continued commitment to his music and his causes. With 35 greatsounding tracks, lasting over 110 minutes
plus a fantastic 24 page booklet which
provides an article contextualising the
concert plus a song by song summary.
RUF CD & DVD £16.75
RUF1182 Dani Wilde, Victoria Smith and Samantha Fish:
Girls With Guitars Live. The Ruf label's 8th annual Blues
Caravan road show hit the road in early 2012 and this show
captures the performance at Musichall Worpswede in Germany
on February 11th. Familiar and popular names Dani Wilde and
Samantha Fish were joined by bassist Victoria Smith, and they
run through titles from albums recently recorded for the label
plus covers that include Screaming Jay Hawkin's I Put A Spell
On You and Steve Miller's Jet Airliner. If you weren't there, this SPECTRUM CD £4.95
will give you a sense of just how lively and energetic it all was.
Bargain priced sets of Motown hits
SPEC2113 Isley Brothers: Behind A
SALVO DVD & CD £13.50
SALVOSVX002 Roy Harper: Live At Metropolis Studios, Painted Smile - The Collection.
London. 12 great tracks on both CD and DVD, plus an interview SPEC2115 The Temptations: My Girl The Collection.
with Roy on the DVD, plus 12 page booklet.
5338308 Various: Freedom Sounds - A Celebration Of Jamaican Music. Released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of
the island's independence from British rule, this highlights the
leading performers, producers, studios and labels that have
contributed to the unique Jamaican sound, from early ska
through to more contemporary sounds. Over 100 tracks, most
previously unavailable outside Jamaica plus a 52-page A5
booklet of rare photos, articles and memorabilia.
SONY DVD £13.15
88691993319 Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Plays Berkeley. A two hour
documentary film chronicling the two concerts played at the
Berkeley Community Theatre on May 30 1970. Hailed by some
as one of his finest performances, this fascinating film includes
footage of 11 of his tracks played, plus loads of extra features
SONY CD £12.95
88691992572 Jimi Hendrix: Live At
Berkeley. His second set of May 30
1970, 12 tracks - many previously unreleased.
All contents copyright Red Lick Records Ltd.
Tell us the value you want and we'll mail it to you, post free
by return, in a smart envelope.
Easy as that.
SONY 20CD BOX SET £35.00
88725444462 Elvis Presley: The Perfect Elvis Presley Collection. Classic studio and live albums from Elvis, from Elvis
Presley in 1956 to Moody Blue in 1977, all presented in cardboard miniature replicas of original album sleeve artwork housed
in a box with lift off lid. With 34 page booklet
STAX CD £10.95
CDSXD140 Hot Sauce Featuring Rhonda Washington: Good
Woman Turning Bad. Southern soul from late-period Stax
featuring Rhonda Washington, Chuck Berry's niece, on vocals.
This album went unreleased on being recorded in 1974 as the
label went into bankruptcy but has been re-mastered and is
available now for the first time.
SGGW150 Stefan Grossman: My Creole Belle. Re-issue of
solo album from 1976, with 11 tracks
of pieces of music either first recorded
in the early 20th century (such as
John Henry, Turn Your Money Green,
etc) or new pieces heavily influenced
by this era.
SGGW83940 Tom Feldman: The
Guitar Of Fred McDowell. Tutorial
heaven for those captivated by Mississippi Fred's propulsive slide guitar
playing. The first disc is dedicated to
archive performances of Fred playing
in Open E Tuning, the second has our
man playing in Open A. Any the
wiser? No, mean neither but, after
each, Tom Feldman then breaks down
the guitar parts to explain what has
been going on and how best to
achieve them for yourself. Whether an aspirant guitarist, pretty accomplished already or
even if you have two hands of concrete and
no ambition to improve, this is a great study of
one of our very favourite bluesmen.
SFMDVD113 Alexis Korner & Friends: Live
From London. Recorded on 29th April 1983
as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of
London's Marquee Club, this features the
talents of Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ian
Stewart and Nico Korner among others on 10
tracks including How Long, Hoochie Coochie
Man and I'd Rather Go Blind.
TECD202 Chicken Shack: 100 Ton Chicken. Re-release of
1969 album full of great early Brit blues-rock.
CD83452 Various: The Songs Of Willie Dixon. Re-issue of
1998 album paying tribute to the blues classics as written by
Willie Dixon. With John Mooney, Clarence Gatemouth Brown,
Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson, Ronnie Earl, Tab Benoit, Eddie
Kirkland, Deborah Coleman, Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith, Sonny
Landreth and more.
CD83535 Various: Down The Dirt Road - The Songs Of
Charley Patton. Re-issue of 2001 tribute featuring Snooky Prior,
Charlie Musselwhite, Dave Van Ronk, Corey Harris, Joe Louis
Walker and more.
CD83536 Various: Preachin' The Blues - The Music Of Mississippi Fred McDowell. Twelve contemporary blues performers with versions of Fred's classics, including Paul Geremia, Sue
Foley, Charlie Musselwhite, Steve James, Kenny Neal, Tab
Benoit and more.
CD83553 Various: The Blues White Album. 10 versions of
tracks from The Beatles classic album by blues artists including
Jimmy Thackery, Chris Duarte, Maria Muldaur, Joe Louis
Walker, Colin Linden and more.
CD83556 Various: In The Pocket - A Taste Of Blues Harmonica. Some of the best blues harp players in the Telarc catalogue
on super compilation - with James Cotton, Junior Wells, Lazy
Lester, Billy Branch, Jerry Portnoy, Charlie Musselwhite, Sugar
Ray Norcia and more.
CD83567 Various: Blues On Blonde On Blonde. Contemporary blues artists cover tracks from Dylan's classic
1966 album, featuring Sue Foley, Walter Trout, Eric
Bibb, Sean Costello, Deborah Coleman, Duke Robillard,
Joe Louis Walker and more.
CD83594 Various: Bar Room Blues - A 12-Track
Program. 12 drinking ditties from Telarc's extensive
catalogue, featuring Bob Margolin, Tab Benoit, Junior
Wells, Tommy Castro, Tinsley Ellis and more.
2799314 Jerry Lee Lewis: The Killer Live 1964-1970. Contains
four knock-out live albums - Live At The Star Club, Hamburg
(1964), The Greatest Live Show On Earth (1964), By Request
(1966) and Live At The International, Las Vegas
(1970) - plus 16 bonus tracks (10 previously
unreleased). In total, 58 of the greatest live sides
you can hope to hear.
URCD242 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The One And
Only Queen Of Hot Gospel. 24 great tracks
including a previously unavailable recording of her
hilarious public wedding ceremony in Washington
VCD79124 Hedy West: Accompanying Herself
On The Five String Banjo/Hedy West Volume 2.
Fantastic 32 tracks encompassing her two ultrarare solo studio albums for Vanguard, plus 2
bonus tracks. One of the best and most expressive folk musicians to come out of America at her very best - with
a fantastic booklet including original album liner notes plus new
essay on her life, art and career. An excellent release.
VCD79150 Mike Seeger: Mike Seeger. Re-issue of 1964 solo
debut album of founder member
of New Lost City Ramblers, a
sparse collection of songs that
(mostly) include just Mike and
his own accompaniment on
guitar, banjo, fiddle and other
instruments. With original album
artwork plus additional new
notes in an impressive booklet.
VCD79844 Levon Helm: Dirt
Farmer. 2007 album that became an instant rustic Americana classic and Grammy award
winner but has been pretty hard
5339066 Toots & The Maytals: Pressure Drop - The
to find in recent times. This is far
Best Of. Great ska and reggae sounds from Jamaican
too vital an album to get caught in `distribution hell' - a fabulous
legend with fantastic voice, great songs and stomping band.
CD in its own right and a catalyst for re-energising his creative
spark that lasted until his untimely passing in April 2012. Read
First in a series of re-masters of Frank Zappa's back catalogue, our review on page 44 & buy this at a special review price appearing as they were first issued on Zappa's own label Bark- only £11.75 + p&p (if bought & paid for by 19 October)
ing Pumpkin Records.
0238342 Frank Zappa: Freak Out!
VTJP001 Jeff Pitchell: American Girl. Blues singer-guitarist
0238352 Frank Zappa: Absolutely Free
with soundtrack album to movie of the same name. Features J
0238362 Frank Zappa: Lumpy Gravy
Geils on 4 tracks.
0238372 Frank Zappa: We're Only In It For The Money
0238382 Frank Zappa: Cruisin' With Ruben & The Jets
MVD5430A All Purpose Blues Band: Cornbread And Cadil0238392 Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat
lacs. Popular soul blues band that are often found playing in the
0238412 Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
bars and clubs of Bourbon Street in New Orleans when not
0238422 Frank Zappa: Burnt Weeny Sandwich
wowing crowds on tour and at festivals.
0238432 Frank Zappa: Weasels Ripped My Flesh
0238442 Frank Zappa: Chunga's Revenge
0238452 Frank Zappa: Fillmore East - June 1971
7061355 Whiskey Myers: Firewater. New album of southern
0238472 Frank Zappa: Just Another Band From L.A
boogie from a band that has been championed as the natural
5334091 Cream: Icons. Budget collection of 11 of their
best - Strange Brew, I'm So Glad, Crossroads, Badge,
Spoonful, etc
successors to Lynyrd Skynyrd.
WOLF CD £12.75
Yes, its nearly that time, when thoughts turn to the Blues Im- 120827 Jimmy Mayes: All My Best - Chicago Southside Soul
age's calendar. The 2013 edition - the tenth! - is a bit behind & Blues. First release from veteran Chicago blues drummer who
played in his time with Little Walter, Jimmy Reed and more.
schedule and is, as we write, still at the printers in the USA.
All the indications are that this new edition is just as splendiferous as always; full of fantastic advertising artwork (as originally
used on releases by Charlie Patton, Buddy Boy Hawkins, Blind
Blake, Clifford Gibson, Harum Scarum and more) plus neverbefore seen photos of Lil' McClintock and Memphis Minnie.
And, again, you also get
a corking free CD featuring the songs illustrated
in the calendar plus
tracks by Blind Willie
Johnson, Ardell Bragg,
Rev. Emmet Dickenson,
Blind Willie Davis, Hi
Henry Brown, Laura
Rucker and Freddie
Spruell with Washboard
Sam. Indeed, this CD
has a bumper 21 songs,
all newly mastered from
the best or only copies.
Who can resist? A
hugely enjoyable way to ready yourself the delights of 2013!
Pre-order now - as soon as it arrives (we hope by the end of
September), your copy will be sent to you.
Ask for CAL2013, only £17.50 here at Red Lick - £14.50 for
the calendar plus £3.00 UK p&p *
* due to the way calendars are shipped, they cannot be packed
with other ordered items and are not included in the `p&p free'
offer on completed orders within the UK of £100 and above
RGNET1277CD B.B. King: The Rough Guide To B. B. King.
A 20 track compilation of his early seminal recordings on CD1
plus 12 tracks on CD2 from B.B.s associates and followers
(featuring Bukka White, Bobby `Blue' Bland, Albert King, Freddie
King, Lowell Fulson, T-Bone Walker, Otis Rush, Pee Wee Crayton, Guitar Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, Lonnie Johnson and
Elmore James).
RGNET1278CD Howlin' Wolf: The Rough Guide To Howlin'
Wolf. 21 great Wolf sides plus a bonus 13 track CD of influences
and contemporaries, including Blind Willie Johnson, Robert
Nighthawk, Sonny Boy Williamson, Big Joe Williams, Muddy and
Our postage and packing rates are included on page 43 and on
our website - any queries however please ask.
BAF18010 Frank Frost With The Nighthawks: Hey Boss
Man! Vinyl re-issue of a super down-home blues album from
one of the very last Mississippi Delta
bluesmen. Originally released by Phillips
International in 1962, this includes the
13 album tracks mixing Frost originals
and well-chosen covers plus a bonus
track Crawlback. Hot, stomping rhythm
& blues as we like it, with Frost singer
and playing harmonica and guitar and
stellar support from drummer Sam Carr
and guitarist Jack Johnson. A blast!
DOXY LP £21.25
DOK215LP Alexis Korner: R&B From
The Marquee. Often cited as the first
British blues LP, this legendary 1962
recording was actually recorded in
Decca's London studios. This comes as
a quality 180g vinyl edition and bonus CD of same.
DOXY LP £19.95
DOY665LP Martial Solal: Breathless (A Bout De Souffle).
Soundtrack to Jean Luc Godard's 1960 movie masterpiece.
DOY666LP Duke Ellington: Anatomy Of A Murder. Original
soundtrack to Otto Preminger's 1959 courtroom drama movie.
DOY671LP Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins. The Sam
Charters re-discovery recordings from 1959 (best known
perhaps as The Roots Of Lightnin' Hopkins). Ten tracks recorded by Lightnin' in a hotel room with just an acoustic guitar
and bottle of whiskey. Phenomenal, riveting and compelling among his best. Read our review on page 1 & buy this at a
special review price - only £18.45 + p&p (if bought & paid
for by 19 October)
DOX867LP Gerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond: Quartet. Their
first collaborative effort from 1957.
IN CROWD 180g LP £16.75
LP2252003 Miles Davis: In Amsterdam 1957. Rare live
concert, a hidden gem now available on vinyl.
7559796144 Ry Cooder:
Special. The new album in
CD formats (for the CD only, see page 4).
Diddley Is A Gunslinger. Remastered
of superb
1961 Chess
plus bonus
28 tracks with
Smokey Hogg, Freddie King, Texas Alexander, Pee Wee
Crayton, Lil' Son Jackson, Zuzu Bollin, etc
NOT2LP160 Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out & Time Out
Again. Two classic Columbia 1959 and 1960 albums together.
NOT2LP162 Various: Essential Detroit Blues. 28 tracks with
One String Sam, Calvin Frazier, Doctor Ross, John Lee
Hooker, Baby Boy Warren and more.
NOT2LP166 Various: Essential Chess Blues. 28 great
Chicago blues from iconic label, featuring Howlin' Wolf, Buddy
Guy, Little Walter, Jimmy McCracklin, John Lee Hooker, etc.
ROUNDER 10 X 7º SINGLES BOX £39.95 (+ £4.00 UK P&P)
RICBOX16 Various: From The Vaults Of Ric & Ron Records - Rare And Unreleased Recordings 1958-1962. With
10 45rpm 7º singles including Johnny Adams audition recording of I Won't Cry plus demo recordings by Eddie Bo, Al
Johnson and Barbara Lynn. Many of these recordings were
made in Cosimo Matassa's studios and feature arrangements
by Mac Rebennack (Dr John). A mighty fine set for collectors
of great music.
RUMBLE LP £17.50
RUM2011027LP Lavern Baker: La Vern. Debut album on
Atlantic from 1956
RUM2011028LP Lavern Baker: Lavern Baker. 1957 LP.
ACMCD4363 Tommy Whittle Quartet: Warm Glow. Rare 1992
album of British jazzman, on CD for first time.
ACMCD4367 Tommy Whittle Quartet: Why Not. 1977 album
of UK tenor saxman, first time on CD
ACT CD £14.95
ACT90292 EST: 301. Trio recordings released some time after
Esbjorn Svensson's untimely death in 2008. Maybe their best
AJC99052 Lee Konitz: Jazz At Storyville + Konitz. Two revered 1954 albums on one CD.
YEP ROC CD £13.15
YEP2269 Andre Williams & The Sadies: Night & Day. Veteran AJC99060 Peggy Lee: Blues Cross Country + If You Go. Two
R&B singer with a velvety-growl joins forces with alt-country Capitol albums from 1961 with the Quincy Jones Orchestra, plus
rockers and Jon Spencer (as producer) and comes up with bonus tracks. Among her very best.
spirited and eclectic stew. Each track is different to the last and BIG3 3CD £5.50
there just ain't a dull moment.
BT3056 John Coltrane: 6 Essential Original Albums. With
Blue Train, Giant Steps, Soul Trane, Ole Coltrane, My Favorite
YEB7726 Stone Raiders: Truth To Power. High quality mix of Things and Africa Brass.
blues, jazz, funk and rock from new super-group featuring highly
regarded guitarist Jean-Paul Bourelly, Rolling Stones bassist
Darryl Jones, and Will Calhoun, Living Colour drummer and goto sticksman to the stars.
CR73348 Harry Allen & Scott Hamilton: `Round Midnight.
Third outing together of melodic jazz tenormen swinging through
9 tracks.
DOCUMENTS 10 CD £12.75
233569 Various: Americans In Paris. Fantastic collection of
some of the best jazz recordings made in Paris by American
jazz greats in the 50s. With individual CDs focussing on the work
of Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, Mary Lou Williams, Lester Young,
Chet Baker, Lucky Thompson, Donald Byrd and more.
BDW8068 Various: Americans In Europe. Recorded in Berlin
and Geneva between 1925 and 1928, this includes the complete
European recordings of The New York Tanz Orchestra (led by
George Carhart) and Frank Guarente's Georgians. Rare early
jazz sessions never before reissued in their entirety and restored
and presented by Ted Kendall and John R.T. Davies. Plus a
great 44 page booklet.
SONY 6CD £19.95
88697957682 Thelonious Monk: The Complete Columbia
Albums Collection. Box set of albums in original LP replica
sleeves including Monk's Dream, Criss Cross, It's Monk's Time,
Monk, Straight No Chaser and Underground.
RRCD141 Don Byas: At Nalen With Jan Johansson - Live In
FA1307 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Complete Sister Rosetta Swedish Harlem. Sensational, and previously unreleased,
Tharpe Vol 7
recordings from 1962
SAVANT CD £14.75
HCD7232 Eric Alexander & Vincent Herring: Friendly Fire. SCD2120 Joe Chambers Moving Pictures Orchestra: Live At
Alto saxophonist Vincent Herring and tenor man Eric Alexander Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola. Legendary jazz drummer demonspar throughout on a lively set of superior jazz tunes.
strates his own composing and arranging talents.
URCD216 The Temperance Seven: The Best Of The Temperance Seven. A 19 track compilation drawn from their three
albums on the label recorded between 1989 and 1992, great foot
-stomping British jazz
URCD241 Kid Ory: Song Of The Wanderer/Dance With Kid
Ory Or Just Listen. Re-issue of two classic New Orleans jazz
albums from 1957 on one CD
JASMINE 2CD £11.25
JASCD703 Dorothy Donegan: One Night With The Virtuoso Four Complete Albums. Classically-trained jazz pianists who
often turned to boogie-woogie, bop, swing and more. This includes four albums - At The Embers, Dorothy Donegan Live!,
Donnybrook With Donegan and It Happened One Night, featuring individualistic versions of classics such as April In Paris, I've
Got You Under My Skin, Over The Rainbow and more.
JASCD705 Carmen McRae: The Very Thought Of You - The
Definitive Singles Collection. 58 tracks from a great jazz
vocalist, including many singles on CD for the first time.
URCD233D George Lewis And Alton Purnell: The Perennial
George Lewis. 1958 recordings with Norman Granz that, as well
as the Perennial George Lewis album, also includes other
Geoge Lewis sides plus tracks by long-time pianist in the Lewis
band, Alton Purnell. 32 great tracks.
DE2016 John Berman & His Gang:
There Now. New compositions and
arrangements of early jazz standards.
8 tracks.
DE2017 Fred Lonberg-Holm's Fast
Citizens: Gather. Latest album from
Chicago jazz sextet who rotate their
leadership to keep results and direction fresh and new. This has 7 tracks
mixing improvisations referencing all
points between popular and esoteric
ECM CD £14.95
2798108 John Surman: Saltash
Bells. Immaculate solo album
2795917 Dans Les Arbres: Canpoée. Follow up to 2008 debut
album, another eccentric but rewarding jazz excursion.
ECM 2CD £24.95
3705570 Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbareck, Palle Danielsson and
Jon Christensen: Sleeper - Tokyo, April 16 1979. A complete
and previously unreleased concert recording of the quartet that
became known as Keith Jarrett's European Quartet (and sometime as Belonging).
EJC55572 Charlie Parker: With Strings The Complete Mastertakes. All existing
master takes of Parker with strings, taken
from two Verve albums, one from 1949 and
1952. 25 lively tracks and 16 page booklet.
EJC55574 Red Garland Trio: Bright &
Breezy + The Nearness Of You. Two 1961
albums originally on Jazzland.
EJC55563 Louis Armstrong: Hot Five &
Hot Seven Recordings - Complete Edition.
Legendary recordings from between 192529, 102 tracks that set the standards for other
to follow and variously featured great musicians such as Johnny Dodds, Kid Ory, Barney Bigard, Jack
Teagarden, Jimmy Noone, Lonnie Johnson, Earl Hines and
more. Super 24 page booklet to complete a deluxe edition of this
FIVEFOUR20 Buddy Rich: The Man From Planet Jazz. Firey
set from Buddy's Big Band recorded at Ronnie Scott's club in
Soho, London in 1980.
FSRCD710 Gerry Mulligan: And The Concert Jazz Band,
Santa Monica 1960. The whole 19 exciting performances together and complete on CD for the first time.
FSRCD711 Marilyn Moore: Moody + Oh Captain!
FSRCD712 Joyce Collins Trio: Girl Here Plays Mean Piano.
Plus four bonus tracks.
FSRCD713 Count Basie: Kansas City Suite + The Legend.
Two albums from 1960 and 1961, written by Benny Carter but
typically Basie.
FSRCD714 King Curtis: The New Scene Of King Curtis +
Soul Meeting. Two albums from 1960 where R&B star fronts
two star-studded jazz rhythm sections (variously including Nat
Adderley, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Sam Jones and more)
and succeeds.
FA290 Bill Evans: The Quintessence 1956-1960.
SONY 7CD £23.95
88691993422 Weather Report: The Complete Columbia
Albums Collection 1971-1975. Box set of albums in original LP
replica sleeves including Weather Report, I Sing The Body
MAP13206 Dudley Moore Trio: Dudley Down Electric, Live In Tokyo (2CD), Sweetnighter, Mysterious Traveller
Under - Unabridged. Dudley's jazz trio in concert and Tail Spinnin'.
in the Sydney Town Hall, Australia on May 2nd
SONY 10CD £34.50
1978, now re-issued to include Dudley's funny
8869797592 Charles Mingus: The Complete Columbia &
asides, introductions and between-track banter as
RCA Albums Collection. Box set of albums in original LP
well as extra jazz tracks to the originally released
replica sleeves including Tijuana Moods (2CD), Mingus Ah Hum,
album. Almost one hour and fifty minutes of classy
Mingus Dynasty, Alternate Takes, Let My Children Hear Music,
music and entertaining humour.
Charles Mingus & Friends (2CD) and Epitaph (2CD).
MCDLX167 Duke Ellington: The Private Collec9039016 Duke Ellington: Treasury Shows Vol 16. Latest in a
tion. 40 tracks from Ellington's own private collecbreathtaking series of US Treasury Department sponsored radio
tion, recorded between 1956 and 1968. Includes
broadcasts designed to help sell World War Two war bonds in
signature tunes, hits and rarities.
the mid-1940s. A staggering series that keeps on delivering.
1038421 Miles Davis: Miles Davis. Recordings from three
NOT2CD451 Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin'. Two classic albums, different European tours between 1955 and 1960.
Cool Struttin' and Sonny Clark Trio remastered.
1038422 Stan Getz: At Large - Featuring Jan Johansson. 17
NOT2CD452 Miles Davis: Friday & Saturday Night At The highly-rated but rare tracks recorded live in Copenhagen 1960.
Black Hawk. Legendary live recordings from 1961.
1018430 Duke Ellington: My People - The Complete Show. A
131561 Chet Baker: The Lyrical Trumpet Of Chet Baker. whole project conceived, written and directed by The Duke and
Complete Riverside album from 1959 with Bill Evans plus extra put on stage originally in Chicago in 1963. This recording of the
sessions of the same period featuring show, supervised in conjunction with Billy Strayhorn, was made
these two jazz giants.
within days of its opening and is now on CD in its complete form
for the first time.
PWR27290 Gil Evans: Out Of The Cool. TCB CD £14.25
TCB31102 George Gruntz & NDR Big Band: Dig My Trane.
With 6 bonus tracks.
PWR27291 Art Farmer: Art And Percep- Swiss pianist and arranger leads a swinging 17-piece band
through the music of John Coltrane.
tion. Two albums on one CD.
PWR27301 Milt Jackson: Plenty, Plenty
TCB CD £13.25
TCB02292 Stan Getz Quartet: Live In Zurich 1960. Recorded
PWR27303 Stan Getz: Focus + Cool
during the Norman Granz organised Jazz At The Philharmonic
Velvet. Two Verve albums from early 60s.
tour of Europe, this performance was recorded by the Swiss
PWR27304 Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmBroadcasting Corporation and has been re-mastered from the
strong: Porgy & Bess. Classic 1957
original tapes for this first official release. With seven tracks and
album plus a bonus of rarely heard duets
featuring Jan Johansson, Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen.
recorded at the Hollywood Bowl in 1956
TCB02302 Oscar Peterson Trio: Live In Zurich 1960. With
bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen on 7 tracks rePROPERBOX171 Miles Davis: Essential Miles. His most mastered from original master tapes and recorded in April 1960
important recordings from 1955-1960, a period many consider during the Norman Granz organised `Jazz At The Philharmonic'
his most innovative and creative. This includes key tracks from tour of Europe.
classic albums such as Kind Of Blue, Round Midnight, Sketches
Of Spain, Miles Ahead and Milestones - 50 re-mastered tracks
CD83386 Kristin Korb & Ray Brown Trio: Introducing Kristin
and 24 page booklet.
Korb. 1996 album from lovely female jazz singer on arrangeREAL GONE JAZZ 4CD £8.50
ments of jazz standards provided by Ray Brown.
Collection of classic jazz albums on bargain-priced 4CD sets
CD83676 John Pizzarelli: With A Song In My Heart. 2008
RGJCD297 Sun Ra: Four Classic Albums. With Jazz By Sun album by jazz guitarist and vocalist covering Richard Rodgers
Ra, Supersonic Jazz, Jazz In Silhouette and The Futuristic music as arranged by Don Sebesky.
Sound of Sun Ra. Also has 18 bonus singles!
CD83333 George Shearing: Walkin'. British jazz pianist in a
RGJCD306 Ornette Coleman: Six Classic Albums. With The trio format live on a hot night in 1992 at New York's Blue Note.
Shape Of Jazz To Come, This Is Our Music, Change Of Century,
Something Else, Tomorrow Is The Question and Free Jazz.
T114CD John Sheridan & His Buddies Four. Butterscotch.
RGJCD308 Elmo Hope: Six Classic Albums. With Meditations,
T120CD Hal Smith's Roadrunners: Absolutely! Re-issue of
High Hope, Hope Meets Foster, Informal Jazz, Here's Hope and
1998 album of hot jazz, swing and popular song from the works
Harold Land The Fox.
of Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Fats Waller and George & Ira
RGJCD312 Johnny Hodges: Seven Classic Albums. With
Castle Rock, In A Mellow Tone, Perdido, Creamy, Blues-AT121CD Evergreen Classic Jazz Band: Music Of The CenPlenty, Side By Side and Back To Back.
REXX CD £6.50
T123CD Hal Smith's Roadrunners: Waiting At The End Of
REXX110 Various: Drum Crazy. With 25 tracks of the best jazz The Road. Re-issue of 2001 album with a hot jazz band on a set
and swing band drummers including Buddy Rich, Phil Seaman, of western swing, shuffle blues and Dixieland classics.
Jack Parnell, Shelly Manne, Gene Krupa, Eric Delaney and TRM117CD Hal Smith's Roadrunners: Rhythm, Romance &
SOLAR CD £11.95
4569923 Ramsey Lewis Trio: Complete Music From The Soil.
Two albums, from 1958 and 1961, plus 4 bonus tracks.
4569924 Sun Ra: Angels & Demons At Play + Sound Sun +
We Travel. Three late 50s albums together, plus a bonus track.
4569925 Jimmy Heath Sextet: The Thumper + The Quota.
1959 and 1961 Riverside albums, featuring lots of star names
among the supporting cast.
4569925 Buck Clayton & The Buddy Tate Quintet: Buck &
Buddy + Blow The Blues. Swingville albums from 1960, and
the only quintet albums they recorded together.
WAGRAM 5CD £17.95
3257232 Various: The Best Of Jazz Manouche. A fantastic
gypsy jazz collection, with a whole CD put over to the great
Django Reinhardt and with lots of excellent and varied artists
spread across the other four CDs.
A&M CD £4.95
3951582 John Hiatt: Bring The Family. Career best 1987 album, Original recordings (25 to 30 tracks apiece) and notes.
maybe his best. With Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe & Jim Kelther
SCOUNTCD001 Stanley Bros: Songs Of Tragedy & Redemption.
SCOUNTCD002 Flatt & Scruggs: Sound Of Foggy Mountain Soul.
SCOUNTCD003 Hank Snow: The Master Of Melancholy.
7567820172 Albert King: King Of The Blues. Best Of.
SCOUNTCD004 Maddox Bros & Sister Rose: Hillbilly Party Band.
SCOUNTCD007 Bill Monroe: The Father Of Bluegrass
BACKB012 Love & Jealousy - Deeper Side Of Southern Soul.
DECCA CDs £4.95
BACKB013 Motor City-70s Soul from Detroit.
8203312 John Mayall: Looking Back. 11-track compilation of 60s
BACKB016 Soultime!
BACKB019 I Get My Groove-Crossover Soul From Deep South. sides, mostly non-album tracks featuring Clapton, Green & Taylor
BACKB022 What’s The Word? Socially Conscious Soul Music. 8440282 John Mayall: Thru’ The Years. Another super ‘60s compilation, with Peter Green heavily featured. 14 tracks.
Gil Scott-Heron, Lee Dorsey, Impressions, Curtis Mayfield, etc.
BACKB027 They Call It Crossover-More Mid Tempo Soul. 26 8448012 The Blues Scene. 25 UK ‘60s blues boom tracks. Mayall,
Korner, Clapton, Savoy Brown, Eddie Boyd, Otis Spann, etc.
sides. Johnny Adams, Gene Chandler, Doris Duke, Otis Clay, etc
BACKB028 Mod Life Crisis-60’s Mod Anthems. 27 stonkers,
Sugar Pie Desanto, Betty Everett, Frank Frost, Barbara Acklin, etc.
BACKB030 Pain Goes Deep-More Deep Soul Gems. 25 tearjearkers, Bettye Lavette, Otis Clay, Tommie Young, Ann Sexton, etc
BT3007 Billie Holiday: Finest Studio Recs
BT3010 Totally Essential Rockabilly. 60 tracks. Elvis, Carl Perkins, Sid King, Sonny Burgess, Gene Vincent, Warren Smith, etc.
BT3016 Django Reinhardt: The Absolutely Essential Collection
BT3035 The Blues - The Absolutely Essential Collection
BT3042 John Lee Hooker: The Absolutely Essential Collection
BT3011 Totally Essential Bluegrass. Bill Monroe, Blue Sky Boys,
Stanley Bros, Flatt & Scruggs, Delmore Bros, Dave Macon, etc.
BT3051 Gospel. Rosetta Tharpe, Dixie Hummingbirds, Swan
Silvertones, Radio Four, Mahalia, Brother Joe May, etc.
BT3053 Soul Early Classics. Carla Thomas, Solomon Burke,
Johnny Ace, William Bell, Sam Cooke, Big Maybelle, etc
CAMDEN CDs £5.45
886976345822 Thelonious Monk: Just You, Just Me.
88697636272 The Byrds: Eight Miles High – Best Of.
88699736302 Gil Scott-Heron: Storm Music – Best Of.
88697794852 Elvis Presley: Gospel Collection.
88697846612 Etta James: At Last - Very Best Of
88697779692 J.J. Cale: The Silvertone Years
88697618762 Jeff Beck: Collection
88725409172 Janis Joplin: Piece Of My Heart - The Collection.
CDP 7995972 Bonzo Dog Band: The Intro And The Outro
387 8892 Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band: Gorilla
387 8912 Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band: Tadpoles
5355542 Groundhogs: Live At Leeds
387 8922 Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band: Keynsham
CASCD 1153 Vivian Stanshall: Teddy Boys Don’t Knit
VCCCD 18 Vivian Stanshall: Sir Henry At Rawlinson’s End
CDV2718 Loudon Wainwright III: Career Moves
CDV2789 Loudon Wainwright III: Grown Man
CDV2703 Loudon Wainwright III: History
5284992 Ten Years After: Best Of
5789492 Ten Years After: Ssssh
5787502 Jeff Beck Group: Beckola.
8737492 Jeff Beck: Truth. With bonus tracks
5330952 Ten Years After: Cricklewood Green
2081562 Ten Years After: Watt
CDV2021 Ivor Cutler: Dandruff
CDV2065 Ivor Cutler: Jammy Smears
CDV2037 Ivor Cutler: Velvet Donkey
5831142 The Animals: A’s, B’s & EP’s
5848152 Groundhogs: Who Will Save The World?
5848192 Groundhogs: Split
5848202 Groundhogs: Thank Christ For The Bomb
633 1192 Pennies From Heaven. 1930s big band & orchestra
songs via Dennis Potter’s BBC serial. Harry Roy, Nat Gonella, etc
628 8172 The Singing Detective. Nostalgia from ‘30s & ‘40s via
Dennis Potter’s BBC serial. Bing, Ella, Ink Spots, etc
5602532 CCS: A’s, B’s & Rarities. Alexis Korner’s big band
CZ529 Captain Beefheart: Strictly Personal.
CAMDEN 2CD £6.50
886979833821 Rory Gallagher: The Rory Gallagher Collection.
EMI 2CD £6.50
Super 28-track best of, with Bullfrog Blues, Shadow Play, etc.
228 1422 Johnny Kidd & The Pirates:
Very Best Of
535 0162 Mink DeVille: The Mink DeVille Collection
Fantastic value - repackaged (mostly) Sun classics at low price
SROLLCD803 Ruth Brown: Wild Wild Young Men – 24 belters
SROLLCD806 Billy Lee Riley: Red Hot.
SROLLCD808 Sonny Burgess: The Arkansas Wild Man
SROLLCD809 Big Joe Turner: Feeling Happy
SROLLCD810 Warren Smith: Rockabilly Legend
SROLLCD817 Carl Mann: Rockin’ Man.
SROLLCD818 Sleepy LaBeef: A Rockin’ Decade
SROLLCD824 LaVern Baker: Bop Ting A Ling – 24 gems
SROLLCD827 Jack Scott: Leroy
SROLLCD833 Malcolm Yelvington: Rockin’ With My Baby
SROLLCD834 Gene Simmons: I Done Told You
SROLLCD839 The Coasters: Baby That Is Rock & Roll. 24 killers
SROLLCD844 Bob Luman: Red Hot! 28 original rockers
SROLLCD845 Ricky Nelson: Hello Mary Lou. 25 tracks from the
late 50s - early 60s, with 14 massive hits, B sides & album tracks.
FVCD019 Good To The Last Drop –
Rare 60s & 70s Soul From Ember Tape
Vaults. 23 glorious tracks.
FVCD084 Rockin’ Rollin’ Wedding. 24
rocking sides (1949-59) on the subject of
getting wed. LaVern Baker, 5 Satins, Buddy
Holly, etc
FVCD097 Quiller Memorandum Vol 1 - 25
Songs Of Felice & Boudleaux Bryant.
Webb Pierce, Bob Luman, Buddy Holly, etc
DTD12 The Art Of Field Recording Vol 2. The second retrospective of the work of Art Rosenbaum, revivalist & preserver of a
unique cultural heritage, covering 50 years of American ballads,
blues, spirituals & fiddle tunes. 104 great tracks with a marvelous
book. Vol 1 is seemingly deleted but a selection from the 8CDs in
Vols 1 & 2 is available on DixieFrog (DFGCD8697).
CCD11059 Lynwood Slim & Junior Watson: Back To Back (CCS)
DGPCD135 Arthur Adams: Stomp The Floor (Delta Groove). Super
album full of cool soul-blues - read our review @
914222 Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Oddities (Querbe) Archive stuff.
SHOUT62 The Gospel Sound (Shout). Classic CBS compilation album
BGOCD978 Stefan Grossman: (2CD) The Ragtime Cowboy Jew
(BGO). First time on CD for 1970 2LP.
MRCD312 Johnny Dowd: Wake Up The Snakes (Munich)
JRCD001 Bo Diddley Is A Session Man - Studio Work 1955-57.
(Jerome). Bo as composer, talent-scout, session musician or producer behind Little Walter, Billy Boy Arnold, Billy Stewart and more.
SHOUT60 Sam & Dave: Back At’cha! Now deleted, very few left.
RES2307 Mike Bloomfield/John Hammond/Dr John: Triumvirate
SPV42522 Taj Mahal: The Real Thing. Now deleted, very few left.
RHRCD154 A Nod To Bob (Red House). A celebration of Dylan’s
60th birthday. Guy Davis, Martin Simpson, Greg Brown, etc
RHRCD246 A Nod To Bob 2. (Red House) Celebrating Dylan’s 70th
birthday, an album of his songs by Guy Davis, Ray Bonneville, Hot
Tuna, etc
P730 1552 The Little Willies: For The Good Times (Parlophone).
First album in six years, the band (with Nora Jones on vocals &
keyboards) play their blend of Americana and jazz on a set of
(mostly) covers.
US0399 Murder - Songs From Dark Side Of The Soul (Trikont).
US0405 Django’s Spirit - Tribute To Djang Reinhardt (Trikont)
TSQ2400 Roland White: Wasn’t Born To Rock’n’Roll (Tompkins Sq)
13009 Jimmy Duck Holmes: Back to Bentonia (Broke & Hungry).
Superb country blues in the style of Skip James and Jack
HEP05272 James Harman: Black & White (Hepcat)
REP4776 Sonny Boy Williamson: And The Yardbirds
(Repertoire) A great live recording from The Crawdaddy.
FP11492 Fred McDowell: Shake ‘Em On Down (Fat
FRM1121 T-Bone Walker: Texas Guitar-From Dallas
Texas (Friday)
FRM1143 Johnny Winter: Live Bootleg Series Vol 5
FLOATD6099 Rick Danko: Tin Angel (Floating World
FLOATD6122 Byrds: Preflyte (Floating World 2CD).
MIGHTCD101 Mighty Sam McClain: One More Bridge To Cross.
(Blueblood). Deep soul blues.
NW0020CD Chuck Berry: Performance (Northworld). Classic hits.
CDCHD1099 Cool Daddy-Central Ave Scene 1951-57 Vol 3 (Ace)
IGOXCD512 Paul Lamb & The King Snakes: John Henry Jumps
CDS7946132 The Animals: Complete Animals (EMI). 41 tracks.
In. Low-price reissue of killer album from blues harmonica ace.
PWR27265 Eric Dolphy Quintet: Outward Bound (Poll Winners)
PWR27266 Art Tatum: Legendary 1956 Session (Poll Winners)
IGOCD2119 Lightnin Hopkins: Feel So Bad - Essential Re- PWR27267 Horace Silver: Blowin’ My Blues Away (Poll Winners)
5164432 Fleetwood Mac: Fleetwood Mac
cordings. Available again and at a new bargain price. With 22 blues PWR27268 Red Garland: Dig It! (Poll Winners)
5164442 Fleetwood Mac: Mr. Wonderful
classics recorded between 1946-1949.
5164452 Fleetwood Mac: Pious Bird Of Good Omen
Attractive and well-compiled sets usually £13.00
5164482 Fleetwood Mac: The Original
5164462 Fleetwood Mac: Blues Jam In Chicago - Vol 1 8468132 The Hot Spot (Island). Soundtrack to 1990 movie, with BVDCD1017 Vol 6: New York & East Coast States 1943-1953
Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Taj Mahal, Earl Palmer and more.
BVDCD1013 Vol 4: California & The West Coast 1948-1954
(Columbia). With Otis Spann, Willie Dixon, Shakey Horton, etc
BVDCD1026 The R&B Years 1946 Vol 2
5164472 Fleetwood Mac: Blues Jam In Chicago - Vol 2 (Columbia) METRO SELECT 2CD £6.50
BVDCD1012 The R&B Years 1955 Vol 1
5060342 Al Kooper & Michael Bloomfield: Fillmore East: Lost
classics, with Ronnie Self, Carl Mann, Charlie Feathers, Bill Allen, BVDCD1018 The R&B Years 1956 Vol 2
Concert Tapes
Al Ferrier, Buck Griffin, Mac Curtis, Johnny Horton and plenty more. MORE OVERSTOCK CDs AT £7.75 EACH
4759722 Otis Spann: Biggest Thing Since Colossus
88697343162 Buddy Guy: Skin Deep.
FLOATM6068 Mose Allison: The Collection. A compilation of his
ORECD538 Buddy Guy: Live! The Real Deal (Silvertone)
50s material, showcasing both his instrumental & songwriting talent.
NOT3CD018 Woody Guthrie: Troubadour.
5080712 Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Steve Stills: Super NOT3CD020 Pete Seeger: American Folk Anthology.
X-ERSB1001 East River String Band: Sweet East River (East
Session (Columbia). Re-mastered plus 4 unissued bonus cuts
River). Country blues stylings from the 78-RPM era. Worth a listen.
NOT3CD034 Hank Williams: The Anthology
74321691742 Captain Beefheart: Mirror Man Sessions (Buddha)
NOT3CD036 Ella & Louis: Definitive. Three cracking albums - ‘Ella 81227996154 Led Zeppelin: Mothership (2CD) (Warners)
0591222 John Mayall: Silver Tones - Best Of (Silvertone)
5186561582 Seasick Steve: Man From Another Time (Atlantic)
And Louis’, Ella And Louis Again’ and ‘Porgy And Bess’.
4898922 Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was The Night
8122798110 Jeff Beck: Emotion & Commotion (Rhino)
NOT3CD038 Nina Simone: Trilogy.
5123472 Bob Dylan: John Wesley Harding
ELECTRO3418 Bobby Dean Blackburn: Don’t Ask.. (Electro-fi)
NOT3CD043 History Of American Folk
82876606442 Etta James: Blues To The Bone (RCA/Victor).
NOT3CD047 Rockabilly’s Gravest Hits. 75 tracks, Sleepy La NW6095 Sir Douglas Quintet: Live From Austin, TX (New West)
88697689062 Chet Baker: My Funny Valentine (Camden). 2CD set Beef, Charlie Feathers, Jack Scott, Mac Curtis, Sonny Fisher, etc.
SHOCK CD £6.95 (reduced from £13.15)
NOT3CD050 Very Best Of Bluegrass
CTX492CD Hot Club Of Cowtown: Wishful Thinking. An import
NOT3CD060 Howlin’ Wolf: Blues From Hell.
With original LP artwork and full liner notes
copy of a superb, big-selling CD from 2009
More like a heavenly anthology. Great early
88697569362 Bill Evans: The Bill Evans Album
and, while stocks last, available here for
Memphis & Chess-era classics
88697492082 Charles Mingus: Mingus Dynasty
nigh on half price!! A brilliant mix of AmeriNOT3CD058
88697694412 Chet Baker: Cool Chet Baker
can musical styles, taking in western swing,
Seeger, Joan Baez, Odetta, Earl Scruggs, Sonny
88697569662 Dexter Gordon: Live At Carnegie Hall
standards of Hoagy Carmichael and George
& Brownie, Jean Ritchie, etc.
88697492062 Duke Ellington: Blues In Orbit
Gershwin, a beautifully paced version of
NOT3CD054 The Cruisin’ Story 1955-60. Early
88697569772 Miles Davis: My Funny Valentine
Tom Waits The Long Way Home and more.
rock & roll with Elvis, Moonglows, Chuck Berry,
88697694572 Miles Davis: Someday My Prince Will Come
We loved it so much we reviewed it on
Eddie Cochran, Platters, etc
88697694582 Paul Desmond: Take Ten
NOT3CD065 Surf’s Comin’. 60 tracks from
88697694602 Sonny Rollins: The Bridge now!
CK85202 Miles Davis: At Newport 1958.
NOT3CD067 B.B. King: Can’t Kick The Blues
88697843492 Django Reinhardt: Djangology
HUCD3164 Taj Mahal: Maestro (Heads
NOT3CD072 The Story of Bluebeat - Birth Of
88697843412 Miles Davis: Cookin’ At The Plugged Nickel
Up). 2008 album with Scratch My Back, TV
Ska. 48 sensational tracks. Derrick Morgan,
88697843442 Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan: Two Of A Mind
Mama, Diddy Wah Diddy and more.
Byron Lee, Duke Reid, Laurel Aitken, etc
CK65446 Jimmy Giuffre: Free Fall. With bonus tracks
SPIT039 Laura Cantrell: Kitty Wells
Dresses - Songs Of The Queen Of Country
82796928442 Derek Trucks: Songlines
Music (Spit & Polish)
Shirelles, Bobby Freeman, Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, Chuck Berry,
5133102 Derek Trucks: Soul Serenade
FLOATM6031 Willie Dixon & Muddy Waters: Snakebite 3
Big Bopper, etc
(Retroworld). Focus on Dixon’s work at Chess, largely with Muddy.
FLOATB6067 J.B. Lenoir: The Mojo
NOT2CD288 John Lee Hooker: The Very Best Of
NOT2CD304 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Cripple Creek. Rare
Folkways stuff, with all tracks of 4 Folkways 10” LPs & 8 bonus cuts.
If you were to bid for the 4 albums on vinyl, you’d need £400 or so!
NOT2CD305 American Murder Ballads. Jack Elliott, Woody
Guthrie, Josh White, Leadbelly, John Hurt, Ernest Stoneman, etc.
NOT2CD321 Essential Delta Blues
NOT2CD327 Bo Diddley: Hey! Bo Diddley. It’s the two classic
albums Bo Diddley & Go Bo Diddley
NOT2CD332 Ewan MacColl: The Anthology
NOT2D335 Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue. Three killer albums - Kind Of
Blue, Something Else & the superb Ascenseur Pour L’echafaud
NOT2CD342 Bessie Smith: The Anthology
NOT2CD347 Lightnin’ Hopkins: Dirty House Blues
NOT2CD356 Sonny Boy Williamson: Down And Out Blues.
9362487302 Eric Clapton: Me And Mr Johnson
NOT2CD358 Best Of Cajun & Zydeco. Great music with Clifton Che9362444182 Eric Clapton & JJ Cale: Road To Escondido
9362496359 Eric Clapton: Clapton. 2010 album inc Steve Win- nier, Joseph Falcon, Moon Mullican, etc.
NOT2CD365 Modern Jazz Quartet: Jazzology
wood, Derek Trucks, Allen Touissant, Doyle Bramhall, JJ Cale, etc
9362483972 Eric Clapton: (2CD) One More Care, One More Rider. NOT2CD382 Beatnik Jazz Anthology
NOT2CD393 Stan Getz: The Cool Sound Of
9362450242 Eric Clapton: Unplugged.
NOT2CD402 Alexis Korner: Easy Rider. 40 tracks.
QLDVD0296 Ahmad Jamal: Live. Great improvisational piano jazz NOT2CD401 Big Bill Broonzy: Anthology. 50 classics
NOT2CD406 Little Walter: Rock Bottom. 47 killer
master, with My Funny Valentine, Autumn
Leaves, One & more.
NOT2CD415 Son House: Raw Delta Blues. 30
EAGLE CD £4.50
classic recordings, including both pre-war sessions
ER201242 Albert Collins: Live At
and his best re-discovery sides.
Montreux 1992. Seven great performNOT2CD414 Jimmy Reed: The Anthology. Over
ances including Honey Hush, Frosty,
50 of his best, Bright Lights, Big City, Honest I Do,
Iceman, etc
Big Boss Man, etc. A delight.
ER200392 George Thorogood: The Hard
NOT2CD418 Bottleneck Blues Anthology
Stuff (Eagle).
NOT2CD422 Memphis Slim: Boogie After
ER200922 Steve Earle: Live At Montreux
Midnight. 44 digitally re-mastered sides from
2005. 14 tracks (Eagle)
one of the great blues pianists.
NOT2CD425 Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich:
Razor Sharp Rhythm.
Superb compilations of classic blues, in
NOT2CD428 Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue - Mono
classy digipacks with nice artwork. Now
And Stereo Versions. The all-time classic
deleted, so get in quick!!
album in both mono and stereo.
9820773 John Lee Hooker: Blues From
NOT2CD431 John Coltrane: Africa/Brass.
The Motor City. 22 killer tracks, alone and
Digitally remastered classic plus the Ole Coltrane album.
with a band, between 1948-1953.
Brubeck: Time Further Out. Digitally re9829945 Bluesmen Sing Spirituals - When The Blues Go Marching In. 24 delights, including Blind Willie Johnson, Muddy Waters, mastered album with 1959’s The Riddle on CD2.
NOT2CD437 Bill Evans: Sunday At The Village Vanguard.
Kid Prince Moore, John Sellers, Gary Davis, Smokey Hogg, etc.
9820782 B.B. King: The Birth Of A King. 22 classics 1949-53, with Legendary live album, remastered - plus bonus album.
NOT2CD440 John Coltrane: My Favorite Things. Includes two
Three O’Clock Blues, Highway Bound, Please Love Me and more.
9829922 New York City Blues - The Big Apple Blues Scene classic albums, My Favorite Things and Bags & Trane.
1951-54. 22 tracks, with Jack Dupree, Brownie McGhee, Tarheel NOT2CD427 Buck Owens: The Essential. 46 original recordings.
NOT2CD441 Etta James: The Very Best Of. More than 40 of her
Slim, Ralph Willis, Honey Brown and more.
9820932 Muddy Waters: Screamin’ And Cryin’. 24 classics, Gypsy classics including At Last, Seven Day Fool, Trust In Me, etc.
NOT2CD447 Essential Memphis Blues. 50 tracks - Jim Jackson,
Woman, Still A Fool, She’s All Right, Blow Wind Blow, etc.
9821391 T-Bone Walker: Swinging The Blues. 22 corkers inc T- Howlin’ Wolf, Memphis Jug Band, B.B. King, Robert Wilkins, etc.
NOT2CD450 Essential Chess Blues. Over 50 classics - Muddy,
Bone Shuffle, Bobby Sox Blues, Strolling With Bone, etc
Wolf, Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, SBW, etc
NOT2CD454 T-Bone Walker: The Imperial Blues Years. Not-to-beYE-BG1055 L.R. Phoenix & Mr Mo' Hell: Wrecked (LR Phoenix)
missed re-mastered collection of some of his finest recordings.
YE-BG1049 Joy Buzzards: The Joy Buzzards (Joy Buzzards)
ONEDAY 2CD SETS £5.95 - Over 40 tracks on each!
YE-BG1042 George Pearson: Nice Things Gonna Happen
DAY2CD132 Tell Me What’d I Say. 50 remastered classics from
7567826322 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin I (Atlantic)
Atlantic 1955-60. Ray Charles, Longhair, Ruth Brown, etc.
IGOXCD2527 American Blues Legends (Indigo 2CD)
DAY2CD134 Essential Rockabilly - Decca Story. Over 50 hot
MMKCD702 Cootie Stark: Sugar Man (Cello)
rockers, Billy Lee Riley, Eddie Fontaine, Peanuts Wilson, etc
RMGS1012 Thelonious Monk: Monk’s Mood (Rajon)
DAYCD138 Essential Rockabilly - Imperial Story. Bob Luman,
UV140/3 Leadbelly: Last Sessions 3 (Comet)
BLCD760196 Bud Powell: Strictly Confidential (Black Lion) Ricky Nelson, Ronnie Smith, etc.
DAY2CD139 Essential Rockabilly - MGM Story. Marvin Rain74321238882 Jeff Healey Band: Cover To Cover (Arista)
SPV91732 Booze & The Blues (SPV). Memphis Minnie, Bill water, Conway Twitty, Sheb Wooley, etc.
Broonzy, Lucille Bogan, Barbecue Bob, Mississippi Sheiks, etc DAY2CD141 Essential Rockabilly-Sun Story. Warren Smith,
SPV42462 Messed Up In Love And Other Tales Of Woe (SPV). Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Carl Mann, Carl Perkins, etc
DAY2CD142 Essential Rockabilly - Capitol Story. Gene Vincent,
Love gone bad, with Bo Carter, Willie McTell, Lonnie Johnson, etc
Wanda Jackson, Bob Luman, etc
8573812952 Montreux Dream/BB King Workshop DVD
DAY2CD143 Cruisin’ Story 1961. Buddy Holly, Dion, Del ShanIGOFCD527 Charlie Musselwhite: Live 1986-Up&Down (Indigo)
non, Patsy Cline, Eddie Cochran, etc.
SROLLCD805 Carl Perkins: Boppin’ Blue Suede Shoes (Charly)
DAY2CD159 Roots Of Northern Soul. Marv Johnson, TemptaSROLLCD811 Gene Vincent: Bop Street (Charly)
tions, Etta James, Isley Bros, etc
DAY2CD160 Oh Boy! The Brunswick Story. 50 tracks, with
BG4173 Earl Johnson: Volume 2 (1927-1931)
Buddy Holly, Peanuts Wilson, Jackie Wilson, Billy Lee Riley & more.
BG4174 Hall Negro Quartette: Unissued Radio Programs 1936
Great label with major blues artists - usual price £13.75
CD83690 Otis Taylor: Pentatonic War And Love Songs
CD83601 Otis Taylor: Double V
CD83427 Tribute To Howlin’ Wolf. Inc Hubert Sumlin, Henry Gray,
Colin Linden, James Cotton, Kenny Neal, Debbie Davies & more
CD83656 Corey Harris: Zion Crossroads.
CD83624 Jimmy Thackery: Healin’ Ground
CD83672 Maria Muldaur: Yes We Can!
CD83625 Dave Brubeck Quartet: London Flat, London Sharp
CD83509 Robert Lockwood Jr: Delta Crossroads
CD83680 Pinetop Perkins: And Friends. Eric Clapton, BB King,
Willie Kent, ‘Big Eyes’ Smith, Jimmie Vaughan, Kenny Smith & more
CD83675 Eric Bibb: Get On Board.
BG4180 Tuskegee Institute Singers/Quartet: 1914-1927
BG4184 Black Vocal Groups Vol 3 (1925-1943)
BG4185 Black Vocal Groups Vol 4 (1927-1939)
BG4186 Black Vocal Groups Vol 5 (1923-1941)
BG4187 Black Vocal Groups Vol 6 (1924/5-1937)
BG4188 Black Vocal Groups Vol 7 (1927-1941)
BG4189 Black Vocal Groups Vol 8 (1926-1935)
BG4182 Black Secular Vocal Groups Vol 2 (1931-1939)
5310080 B.B. King: Sweet Little Angel. 16 of his best early sides.
5310178 Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls Of Fire. 13 early rockers.
5310142 Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Man 1947-1952. 16 classics.
5310175 Bo Diddley: I’m Bad! 16 selected singles 1955-57
YE-BG1008 Richie Milton: Straight Ahead, No Stoppin' (R’Track)
YE-BG1031 El Dorados: Chicago Street Corner Blues & Rhythm
SNAP071CD Lee Morgan: Just In Time (Charly)
SNAP222CD Rosco Gordon: Rosco’s Rhythm (Charly)
IGOXCD521 Paul Lamb & King Snakes: Blue Album (Indigo)
IGOXCD522 Paul Lamb: Whoopin’ (Indigo)
IGOCD2513 Fats Domino: The Fatman (Indigo)
IGOCD2543 Howlin Wolf: Wolf Is At Your Door (Indigo)
KATCD151 Various: The Roots Of John Lee Hooker.
KATCD161 Various: The Early Blues Roots Of Fleetwood Mac.
KATCD212 Sonny Boy Williamson: Eyesight To The Blind.
PRMCD6133 Etta James: The Essential Recordings. 40 early
belters, including many of the tracks on which her legend rests.
PRMCD6134 40 Delta Blues Gems. Sam Collins, Kid Bailey,
Garfield Akers, Joe Callicot, Freddie Spruell, King Solomon Hill,
Johnny Temple, Frank Stokes, Memphis Minnie, Son House, etc.
PROPERFOLK13 This Is Proper Folk Too!! 10 track sampler of
some of the best British folk - with Heidi Talbot, June Tabor &
Oysterband, Imagined Village, Bellowhead and more.
PLSCD103 Eric Clapton: Strictly The Blues. Mid 60s blues
PLSCD147 John Renbourn: The Best Of
PLSCD666 Chris Barber: The Best Of
PLSCD780 Chris Farlowe: Out Of Time
For the full list available in this series, see
SBLUECD028 Sleepy John Estes: Someday Baby Blues.
SBLUECD048 Rosetta Tharpe: Up Above My Head
SBLUECD050 Memphis Minnie: Hoodoo Lady
SBLUECD059 The Roots Of Jimi Hendrix
SBLUECD061 Mississippi Sheiks: Sitting On Top Of The World
SBLUECD083 B.B. King: BB Boogie
SBLUECD084 Otis Rush: Double Trouble. 20 West Side Chicago
blues classics with his 50s Cobra classics plus later Chess material.
SBLUECD085 Junior Parker: I’m Holding On. 25 tracks 1953-61.
SBLUECD086 Etta James: I Just Want To Make Love To You. 25
early 60s classics.
SONY CDs £4.95
4670142 The Vaughan Brothers: Family Style. Only album recorded together by Stevie Ray and Jimmie.
74321523762 Elmore James:
The Sky Is Crying.
74321588132 Guy Clark: Old
No.1/Texas Cookin’
74321773802 Odetta: Odetta
Sings Dylan
88697202712 Ste vie Ra y
Vaughan: Best Of
8416002 Taste: Taste
8416012 Taste: Live At The Isle
Of Wight
5486822 Graham Parker & The
Rumour: Heat Treatment
8302462 Robert Cray: False
3293222 Albert King/Otis Rush: Door To Door
SPECORIG1011 The Ethiopians: Engine ‘54. Re-release of debut
album, a seminal ska and rocksteady classic.
SPEC2107 Fairport Convention: Meet On The Ledge. Budget
compilation from classic albums & BBC sessions
SPEC2109 The Four Tops: I Can’t Help Myself - The Collection.
384 3992 We Sing The Blues/New Orleans, Our Home Town.
Great New Orleans R&B recordings from Minit & Imperial, 25 tracks
with Fats Domino, Spiders, Ernie K Doe, Aaron Neville, etc
509 5812 Clydie King: Imperial & Minit Years
860 9672 Betty LaVette/Carol Fran: Bluesoul Belles - Complete
Calla, Port & Roulette Recs.
Reissue of superb blues albums, now at a mid-price
TEL3330102 Tab Benoit: Legacy - Best Of. 14 track compilation
drawn from his albums recorded for the label since 1999.
CD83629 Eric Bibb: A Ship Called Love. 2005 album corker.
CD83627 Otis Taylor: Below The Fold. Powerful & haunting album
CD83444 Junior Wells: Keep On Steppin’ - Best Of. Compilation
from his late-period Telarc albums, with top class guests.
CD83537 Ronnie Earl: And Friends. Live in-studio recordings from
2000, with Kim Wilson, Luther ‘Guitar Junior’ Johnson, James
Cotton, Levon Helm, David Maxwell and Irma Thomas.
CD83593 Rory Block: Last Fair Deal. Rare solo album from 2003,
just Rory and her slide guitar across 14 tracks.
CD83674 Tab Benoit: Night Train To Nashville. Live in 2007 with
Louisiana’s Leroux, Kim Wilson, Johnny Sansone and more.
CD83667 Otis Taylor: Recapturing The Banjo. Big-selling 2008 CD
tracing the banjo’s roots from roots in Africa to its influence on blues.
DAY3CD001 London American Story - Rarities. 75 tracks with With Alvin Youngblood Hart, Keb’ Mo’, Guy Davis & Corey Harris
Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, Smiley Lewis, Fats Domino, and more.
CD83530 Tab Benoit: Wetlands. 2002 debut for label, paying
tribute to cajun & zydeco influences his Louisiana blues stylings.
8415992 Taste: On The Boards. Second and final studio album CD83637 Junior Brown: Live At The Continental Club. Exciting
from 1970 of Rory Gallagher’s power-blues trio. Among Rory’s best. 2005 album, mixing country, blues, Tex-Mex, western swing & more
PRIMO 2CD SETS ONLY £6.00 - 40 tracks on each!!
PRMCD2016 Chuck Berry: Yow
2716534 Albert King: Live In Sweden.
PRMCD6003 Muddy Waters: Father Of Chicago Blues
PRMCD6009 The Blues Had A Baby, They Called It Rock N Roll 20 track bargains of great bluesmen, mostly on Chess recordings!!
PRMCD6012 Bob Wills Texas Playboys: King Of Western Swing
5334574 Howlin’ Wolf: Blues Greats
PRMCD6082 Carl Perkins: The Fabulous Carl Perkins
5334575 John Lee Hooker: Blues Greats
PRMCD6084 Buddy Holly: The Legend Raves On
5334576 Sonny Boy Williamson: Blues Greats (Rice Miller)
PRMCD6085 Professor Longhair. Great early sides.
5334577 Buddy Guy: Blues Greats
PRMCD6090 Johny Burnette: And More Kings Of Rockabilly
5334578 Muddy Waters: Blues Greats
PRMCD6093 Gypsy Jazz
5334582 Jimmy Rogers: Blues Greats
PRMCD6094 Duke Ellington: Skin Deep
5334579 Little Walter: Blues Greats
PRMCD6096 Everly Brothers: Essential Early Recordings
5334581 Memphis Slim: Blues Greats
PRMCD6115 Hoagy Carmichael: Stardust
PRMCD6118 Rosetta Tharpe. Early Recordings
PRMCD6125 Ska. Skatalites, Toots & The Maytals, Baba Brooks, 760482 Cream: BBC Sessions. 20 previously unreleased
5306314 B.B. King: Live At The BBC
Pyramids, Roland Alphonso, Byron Lee, and more.
PRMCD6132 Jimmy Reed: Essential Recordings. 40 timeless 5303338 Robert Cray: Live At The BBC
9844665 John Mayall: Live At The BBC
classics; Honest I Do, Big Boss Man, Caress Me Baby, etc
VIRGIN CDs £5.75
PRMCD6130 Jelly Roll Morton
PRMCD6131 Fats Waller. Ain’t Misbehavin’, My Very Good Friend VPBCD43 Johnny Winter: Live In NYC ’97
The Milkman, Dinah, See-Saw, etc.
AFDVD205 Down Home Music-A Journey Through The Heartland 1962. German film maker accompanies Arhoolie boss Chris
Strachwitz down south. With Jesse Fuller, Lightnin Hopkins, Lowell
Fulson, Black Ace, George Lewis, Mance Lipscomb, etc.
EAGLE 3DVD £16.50
EREDV598 Carlos Santana Presents Blues At Montreux 2004.
Four hours live with Buddy Guy, Gatemouth Brown & Bobby Parker.
EREDV706 Rory Gallagher: Shadow Play - Rockpalast Collection
EAGLE DVD £13.95
EREDV723 Jeff Beck: Performing This Week- Live At Ronnie Scott’s
EREDV807 Rolling Stones: Ladies & Gentlemen. Filmed over 4
nights on the 1972 ‘Exile On Main Street’ tour, restored and remasARTIST EXCLUSIVE DVD £15.95
AEREC001 Ana Popovic: An Evening At Trasimo Lake. Classy tered to show the Stones in their pomp. Never on DVD before, with
15 in concert tracks plus 1972 & 2010 interviews with Mick Jagger.
live two and a half hour recording with an eight piece band.
BHMDVD66 A Tribute To The Mississippi Sheiks Concert. An all ERDVCD065 Rolling Stones: Some Girls - Live In Texas ‘78. First-star gathering for a tribute concert. Held in Vancouver in 2010, this ever appearance of a concert recorded while the Some Girls album
includes 14 performances with Bob Brozman, Alvin Youngblood was at the top of the US charts. A back-to-basics approach includHart, Geoff Muldaur, John Hammond, Van Dyke Parks and more. A ing many of the tracks on the new album plus other classic Stones
tracks. This includes the 85-minute concert as a film on DVD and as
super companion to the big-selling CD tribute (BHMCD55).
a 17-track audio CD.
PTYT037 John Fahey: 1978 Live TV Concert. 11 track set for EAGLE VISION DVD £14.75
EREDV916 Rolling Stones: Some Girls - Live In Texas ‘78. The
German TV music show Rockpalast, plus short interview.
DVD only edition of the above.
EREDV824 Jeff Beck: Rock N Roll Party - Honouring Les Paul. A
DVD4M4M001 M For Mississippi - A Road Trip Through The Birth- 2010 tribute concert with guests. With 27 tracks over 164 minutes.
place Of The Blues. A beautifully quirky (and award winning) film Interviews, back stage footage & other bonus features
about a trip to check out the Mississippi blues as it is now.
EREDV877 Gary Moore: Live At Montreux 2010. Includes 13
tracks from 2010 plus 4 from a previous appearance in
BHDVD001 We Juke Up In Here. From the
EREDV895 Richard Thompson: Live At Celtic Connecteam that brought us the fabulous M For
tions. Filmed in 2011 in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall,
Mississippi DVD in 2008 comes a new road
featuring in the first half songs from his Dream Attic album
trip to see what remains of Mississippi’s
followed by favourites from across his sol career. 20 tracks
juke joint culture. A joint venture between
in total (plus, as a bonus feature, two tracks from the 2011
Broke & Hungry’s Jeff Konkel and Roger
Cambridge Folk Festival). 145 minutes of bliss.
Stolle of Cat Head Records, the pair tell
EREDV897 Paul Rodgers & Friends: Live At Montreux
their story through an engaging series of
1994. A 79 minutes video version of the above.
interviews and live music performances. As
ARHDVD401 Clifton Chenier: The King Of Zydeco.
HL00641883 Catfish Keith: Dynamic Country Blues Guitar. Renowned acoustic blues guitarist with seven arrangements of delta
blues classics and other roots music from the likes of Bukka White,
Blind Willie Johnson and Joseph Spence. A superb teaching aid
and enjoyable insight into Keith’s music and his influences.
STAR0149 The Yardbirds: The Yardbirds. Performances captured
on screen, variously includes Clapton, Beck & Page
STAR1429 Elvis Costello: A Case For Song. Superb mid-90s
performance at the BBC, with Attractions, Brodsky Quartet & solo.
STAR1439 Bob Dylan: TV Live & Rare 1963-75. 29 tracks performed on various TV shows 1963 to 1975.
JHR050 Danny Bryant’s Red Eye Band: Night Life - Live In
LSM4014 John Martyn: One World...One John. A film made by
Lyn and Eleanor McMullen between 1999 and 2001 in Scotland and
Ireland when John and his band were arguably at the height of their
performance career.
MVD73557 Black Country Communion: Live Over Europe. A
super-group with Joe Bonamassa fronting up guitars and vocals.
Filmed in 2011 in Hamburg, Munich & Berlin. 18 performances plus
bonus features.
HATMAN3001 Eric Bibb: Live At The Basement. Live in Sydney,
Australia in 2002, with 14 of his best tracks, in 5.1 surround sound.
MEL BAY DVD £19.95
22136DVD Gordy Ohliger: The Banjo-Ologist. A friendly and fun
evening with a performing musicologist of early American songs
from 1800-1930. Using a variety of vintage and rare stringed instruments, Ohliger performs minstrel songs, hot jazz, ragtime, vaudewell as the documentary on DVD, you also
get a CD soundtrack and glossy pull-out
EREDV804 Rory Gallagher: Ghost Blues. Rory’s story with ville novelties and more. The concert is augmented by studio
booklet of essays, notes and colour photos.
interviews from friends & admirers plus the ‘Beat Club sessions and a visit to his home for witty stories and incidental
music. Over 100 minutes of informative fun.
Another fabulous package.
Sessions’ concert, 90 minutes of unreleased footage.
MIG DVD £19.95
CADIZDVD107 Dr Feelgood: Oil City
ERBRD5096 Cream: Royal Albert Hall - London 05. High MIG90367 Johnny Winter: Rockpalast Blues Rock Legends Vol 3.
See and hear Johnny ripping through the blues.
Confidential. Julian Temple’s acclaimed
definition highlights from four nights of the re-united
MIG90397 Roy Buchanan: Live At Rockpalast.
documentary, 100 minutes plus of bliss.
concerts. Includes 19 classic tracks plus 3 alternate
Stormin’ performance from Hamburg in February
1985, with 13 tracks.
4926139 Bonnie Raitt: Road Tested. Live in 1995 with guests Kim EAGLE VISION DVD £5.75
Wilson, Ruth Brown and Charles Brown.
EVDV080 Willie Nelson: Willie Nelson Special. At Austin
NBM0060 Watermelon Slim & The Workers: Live
Opry Hse
CHARLY 2DVD £15.25
At The Ground Zero Blues Club. Slim rocking out
CHFF1024LFD Canned Heat: On The Road Again. Two European EVDVD111 Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes: All I
Want Is Everything. Two German TV Rockpalast concerts,
on stage with Charlie Musselwhite and Big George
concerts & a 3 hour plus history, interviews, etc.
1979 & 1992
Brock. Plus interview, Slim chatting with John
EVDVD113 Jack Bruce: Golden Days. Two complete
Mayall & a short feature. Superb.
8447009 He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis. 3 hour concerts for German TV Rockpalast series, one in 1980
OZIT DVD £12.50
documentary and performances covering gospel influences on Elvis and the other 1990. The second in Jack alone at the piano
OZITDVD0009 US Blues Tour ’63. An English
with just his songs. Interesting.
language TV show with Memphis Slim performing
CDDVD29 Tom Waits: The Document. Fascinating documentary EAGLE VISION DVD £6.75
MC duties, introducing Muddy, SBW, Big Joe
plus CD of interviews and discussions focused on his raconteur wit. EVDVD130 Festival! Murray Lerner’s film of four Newport
Williams, Willie Dixon, Victoria Spivey, Otis Spann
CDDVD34 Captain Beefheart: The Document. Documentary with Folk Festivals of the early 1960s, first given a cinematic
& more.
interviews with Magic Band members and Zappa, archive perform- releases in 1967. This edition has been restored from the
OZIT DVD £24.95
ance & interview footage. The CD is a lengthy 1974 interview.
original footage with remixed and re-mastered sound and
OZITDVD12 Bickershaw Festival 1972 Vol 2.
now available at a ridiculously low price. With many classic
Revamped festival video, now 4 hours of performCVIS610 Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Narrative 1990-2006. performances - including, among others, Sonny Terry &
ances, interviews, etc. Grateful Dead, Captain
Documentary covering the ‘comeback’ of ‘Oh Mercy’ and ending Brownie McGhee, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt,
Beefheart, Family, Kinks, Incredible String Band &
with ‘Modern Times’. Archive & performance footage & interviews.
Howlin’ Wolf, Paul Butterfield Band, Joan Baez and Bob
appearCOOKING VINYL DVD £15.95
COOKDVD004 Richard Thompson: Live In Providence. A 13 track ance. A masterpiece.
PRDVD71847 Joe Bonamassa: Live At Rockpa2003 concert & 40 minutes of archive live material 1981 - 2001
FP10209 You See Me Laughin’ - The Last Of The Hill
Country Bluesmen. Takes us into the homes of RL BurnDVD1791 Carey & Lurrie Bell: Getting’ Up
side, T-Model Ford, Jr Kimbrough, Cedell Davis and more. A fasci- PRDVD72747 Joe Bonamassa: Live From The Royal Albert Hall.
DVD1800 It Ain't Over! 55 Years of Blues
nating look into the life of Fat Possum and it’s artists.
DVD1803 Tail Dragger: Live At Rooster’s Lounge
PRD73657 Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre - Live From New
York. Captured over two nights on Nov 4th and 5th in 2011, includDELPH015 Cambridge Folk Festival 2011. Live on-stage perform- VPDVD34 John Martyn: The Man Upstairs. 1978 on German TV.
ing favourites, new numbers and guest appearances from Paul
ances plus intimate backstage sessions from Europe’s most pres- FREMEAUX DVD £18.75
tigious folk event in the calendar. Includes Richard Thompson, DVDFA4020 Banjo Frolic. The fascinating story of the banjo, how Rodgers, Beth Hart and John Hiatt. Also contains a behind-thescenes ‘making of the DVD’
Laura Marling, Pentangle, Kate Rusby, Martin Simpson, Robert it was introduced to American music & some of its best musicians.
Cray, Mary Chapin Carpenter and more. A delight.
ERDVCD042 Peter Green & Splinter Group: An Evening With..
EAGLE 2DVD £14.15
EREDV473 Rory Gallagher: Definitive Montreux Collection
EREDV635 Gary Moore: Definitive Montreux
EAGLE DVD £10.95
EREDV267 Etta James: Burnin’ Down The House
EREDV499 Festival! Newport Folk Festival
1964 - 1966
EREDV409 George Thorogood: 30 Anniv. Tour/
Live In Europe
EREDV554 Otis Rush And Friends: Live At
Montreux 1986.
EREDV589 Canned Heat: Live At Montreux 1973
EAGLE DVD £12.95
EREDV759 Little Feat: Skin It Back. Led by
Lowell George and filmed in Germany in 1977
days before recording Waiting For Columbus. 11 tracks in concert
plus 30 minutes of rehearsal takes.
EREDV786 Rolling Stones: Stones In Exile. The story, in the
band’s own words, of the making of ’Exile On Main Street’. Over
150 minutes, with interviews with band members, hangers-on, fans
& more, plus some ’Cocksucker’s Blues’ footage. An amazing story.
EREDV828 Rory Gallagher: Irish Tour 1974. Restored, remastered and improved film by Tony Palmer.
EREDV904 Ray Charles: Live In France 1961. Ray’s performances
at the Antibes Jazz Festival while at his creative peak. A rare treat
GONZO DVD £10.00
HST056DVD Chuck Berry: The Lost Broadcasts. From 1972, in
the company of Liverpool’s Rocking Horse (which included at the
time former members of The Merseybeats).
HST062DVD Richie Havens: The Lost Broadcasts. Drawn from
various performances between 1969 and 1971.
HST067DVD John Mayall: The Lost Broadcasts. From two
performances in 1970 and 1971 with different bands (the
1971 band including Larry Taylor and Harvey Mandel).
RHINO 2DVD £18.75
0349794785 Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010. 4
hours of music, interviews & backstage. With BB King, Buddy Guy,
Jeff Beck, Derek Trucks, Robert Cray, Steve Winwood, Johnny
Lang, Susan Tedeschi, Jimmie Vaughan, Hubert Sumlin, etc.
More DVDs in Bargains, Used & Brand Spanking New .
RHINO 2DVD £16.95
0349794859 Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004. 4
hours, with Robert Jr Lockwood, Honeyboy Edwards, BB King, JJ
Cale, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Jimmy Vaughan and more.
HL00321094 Bob Brozman: Live In Germany.
HL00320749 Albert Collins: In Concert. Live at Ohne Filter
RHINO 2DVD £24.95
Studio 1988. Guest appearance by Duke Robillard.
HL00321025 Jeff Healey’s Jazz Wizards: Beautiful
Noise. Recorded for TV in 2006, with Jeff’s late-flowering,
classic jazz side. 11 tracks, interview & other footage.
HL00321099 Willie Dixon: I Am The Blues.
HL00321131 Jeff Beck/Steve Lukather. Japan Live
Session 1986
HALL10DVD Les Blank: The Blues According To Lightnin’ Hopkins.
The legendary 1969 documentary now on DVD. An intimate
portrait of our Sam as his mixes with family, friends and in performance on his own and with other blues musicians, including
Mance Lipscomb.
HEROIC0008 Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes: Live At The Tivoli.
0349798776 Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007. With
Steve Winwood, BB King, Jeff Beck,
Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Jimmy
Vaughan, Derek Trucks, Johnny
Winter and Susan Tedeschi
RUF DVD £15.95
RUF3016DVD Ruf’s Blues Caravan:
Guitars & Feathers. Blues gals
Candye Kayne, Dani Wilde & Deborah Coleman are joined on a fun live
outing by Kid Ramos, Popa Chubby &
Ana Popovic.
DRIDE83 Jeremy Spencer:
RED LICK RECORDS, PO BOX 55, CARDIFF CF11 1JT * TEL: (0)29 2049 6369 * EMAIL: [email protected] * WWW.REDLICK.COM
SIDVD500 Captain Beefheart: Under Review. Super documentary.
SIDVD553 Tom Waits: Under The Influence. Documentary.
SIDVD559 Eric Clapton: The 1960s Review. Classic footage,
photos and archive interviews (inc Paul Jones, John Mayall, etc).
SIDVD567 Robert Plant: Robert Plant’s Blue Note. A film documenting and reviewing a career, with rare footage, performance
archive, recorded interviews and contributions from collaborators.
SIDVD570 The Beatles: Strange Fruit - The Beatles’ Apple Records. The story of the extraordinary record label, including archive
footage of Apple artists, location film, interviews with staff and
musicians, plus contributions from music writers and biographers.
SGGW832 Tom Feldmann: Bottleneck Gospel Guitar. A slide
guitar tutorial of bottleneck guitar playing using the work of masters
such as Fred McDowell, Blind Willie Johnson, Muddy Waters,
Bukka White, Charlie Patton, Robert Wilkins and more. As well as
breaking down the styles of these great players in the DVD, there is
also a pdf booklet and the original recordings to listen to. You don’t
have to be committed to improving your slide guitar playing to enjoy
this beauty!
SGGW834 John Miller: Hillbilly Blues Guitar. As the country blues
began to grow as a recorded art form in the mid-20s, it was also
becoming apparent that it was not only Afro-Americans who were
playing and listening. This DVD presents the songs of Clarence
Greene, Dick Justice, Frank Hutchison, Sam McGhee and more including their original versions to enhance the enjoyment and
instructional potential of the DVD.
VEST13060 Brownie McGhee: Born With The Blues 1966-1992.
With 14 performances from various concerts.
VEST13065 John Fahey: In Concert And Interviews 1969 And
VEST13069 Stompin’ At The Savoy - World Of Slide Guitar Vol
2. Bob Brozman, Mike Auldridge, Freddie Roulette, Martin Simpson
and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.
VEST13089 Take Me Back To Tulsa - An Anthology Of Western
Swing. Superb performance footage of Bob Wills, Tex Williams,
Smokey Rogers and more.
VEST13090 Josh White: Free And Equal Blues - Rare Performances
VEST13094 Dave Van Ronk: Memories. Live in concert in 1980.
VEST13095 Chicago Blues: Superb 1972 film with Muddy, Koko,
SHANDV604 High Lonesome -Story of
Jr Wells, Hutto, Buddy Guy, etc.
Bluegrass Music inc. Bill Monroe, Flatt
VEST13099 Howlin’ Wolf: In Concert 1970
& Scruggs, Allison Krauss, etc. Award
VEST13108 Rory Block: Guitar Artistry Of
winning film
SGGW10012 John Miller: Improving Your Ear For The CounVEST13109 Paul Geremia: The Guitar
SHANDV607 Sonny Terry & Brownie
try Blues Guitar. Over 230 minutes of tips and guides to imArtistry Of Paul Geremia - Six And Twelve
McGhee: Rainbow Quest
prove your blues guitar playing.
String Blues. Among the best East Coast
SHANACHIE 1 DVD & 1 CD £19.95
and Texas blues guitar finger-picker and
SHANDVCD6804 The Panic Is On.
SGGW8355 Ernie Hawkins: Big Bill Broonzy The Ragtime And
slide guitarist performing 17 tracks.
The Great Depression of ‘30s with
Blues Guitar. Over 4 hours of guitar instruction, with Hawkins
VEST13111 Rev Gary Davis: Video Collecperiod footage, commentary & booklet.
working his way through ten of Big Bill’s greatest guitar solos
Bessie Smith, Woody Guthrie, Roy
and arrangements. As well as the DVDs, you also get pdf files
VEST13116 John Jackson: Video CollecAcuff, etc on the CD.
of guitar tabs plus rare video footage of Broonzy and audio
VEST13123 Eric Bibb: Guitar Artistry Of
SHANDV6801 And This Is Free: The Life
Eric Bibb. In concert plus Eric talking about
his life and music.
And Times Of Chicago's Legendary Maxwell Street. Highly recom- STOMPER TIME DVD £12.95
STDVD2 Rock Baby Rock It
VEST13127 Hubert Sumlin: Living The
STDVD3 Hillbilly Rockabillies on TV
Blues. Traces the life and career of one of the greatest electric
STDVD5 Hot Shot Rockabillies on The Town Hall Party. 45 blues guitarist ever.
SHANDVCD6901 How Sweet It Was-The Sights & Sounds of
performances from USA’s barn dance TV broadcasts 1952-61. WARNER 2DVD £20.95
Gospel’s Golden Age. Mid-60s footage with Consolers, Dixie
Gene Vincent, Wanda Jackson, Hank Snow, George Jones & more. 7599399925 Eric Clapton & Stevie Winwood: Live From Madison
Hummingbirds, Dorothy Love Coates, Marion Williams, Soul Stirrers
Square Garden. 2008 concert & extras.
CD covers 1940s-60s, inc. Rosetta
SFMDVD033 A Tribute To Muddy Waters. All-star tribute WHIRLIE DVD £22.95
Tharpe, Fairfield Four, Davis Sisters, Joe May,
concert from 1997, with Big Bill Morganfield, Koko Taylor, DVDWHIRLIE05 Transatlantic Sessions Series 2. 1998 collaboSwan Silvertones, Mahalia, etc
Buddy Guy, Robert Jr Lockwood, Mem Shannon, Nick rations, with John Martyn, Nanci Grifiths, Paul Brady, Jerry DougSHANACHIE DVD £19.25
Gravenites and more.
las, Rosanne Cash and many more.
SHANDV621 Rosco Holcomb: The Legacy Of
SFMDVD034 John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers: In The
Roscoe Holcomb. An American musical hero
Shadow Of Legends. Recorded live in 1982 in New Jersey, YAZOO COUNTRY BLUES DVD £19.00
and personification of the ‘high lonesome
with Albert King, Buddy Guy, Jr Wells, Etta James and Sippie YAZDV500 Bukka White/Son House
sound’ in his intense mountain music. Film
Wallace. The Bluebreakers on this hot night included Mick YAZDV501 Gary Davis/Sonny Terry
YAZDV502 Mance Lipscomb/Lightnin'Hopkins
maker, and member of New Lost City RamTaylor & John McVie.
YAZDV503 Elizabeth Cotton/Jesse Fuller
blers, John Cohen presents two documentaries
YAZDV518 Big Bill Broonzy/Roosevelt Sykes
alongside ten masterful performances. A
SFMDVD104 Snowy White: Live From London.
fabulous release.
SFMDVD155 John Martyn: Live From The Camden Palace
SGDVD030 Bob Dylan: Keep You Eyes On
SFMDVD024 Nils Lofgren: Live At The Town & Country
HL00320698 Delta Blues Guitar With Honeyboy Edwards. From
The Prize. Early years in Duluth to landmark
Club, London. 11 tracks including Keith Don’t Go, I Came To
1999, blues legend demonstrates slide & lead guitar and talks of life
1966 tour.
Dance, No Mercy, etc.
& times (with an account of Robert Johnson’s death).
SGDVD033 Bob Dylan: Weary Blues From Waitin’. Documentary
covering 1966-78. Footage & interviews with critics & friends
SGDVD041 Rolling Stones: Born Under A Bad Sign. Early years
HL00320662 Billy Branch’s Blues Harp.
moves north to Chicago and is adopted by rockers.
with archive interviews, performance footage, photos and more.
SGDVD047 Keith Richards: The Human Riff. 2 hour documentary.
TSDVD580 Martin Simpson: Prodigal Son – The Concert. Great solo ART OF GROOVE DVD £16.50
Exclusive interviews, photos & footage
SGDVD050 Bob Dylan: Gotta Do My Time. A documentary cover- gig plus film of Martin looking at his early days in Scunthorpe.
MIG80097 Weather Report: Live In Offenbach 1978.
ing 1978-89. Live & in studio footage & interviews with associates.
AOG80057 Weather Report: Live In Cologne 1983. DVD version
SGDVD050 Bob Dylan: Gotta Do My Time. Documentary com- 9874129 Muddy Waters: Classic Concerts.
of above concert performance. 108 minutes.
mencing with his born-again commitment from 1978 up to 1989’s
CHARLY DVD & CD £18.00
Oh Mercy release. Rare live an in studio footage plus archive UNIVERSAL DVD £13.50
2716013 Experience Hendrix. Tribute concerts, with Buddy Guy, SDVD001 Jazz On A Summer's Day – 1958 Newport Jazz Festiinterviews with musicians, collaborators and music journalists.
val, Chuck Berry, Big Maybelle, Mahalia, Guiffre, Monk etc
SGDVD062 Rolling Stones: The Second Wave. A documentary Sumlin, Mick Taylor, Paul Rodgers, & more.
covering the key years of 1966-1969 when the band went global. 2724288 Gotta Serve Somebody - Gospel Songs Of Bob Dylan. EAGLE DVD £14.75
EREDV883 Miles Davis: Live At Montreux - Highlights 1973-91.
With rare performance footage and archive interviews plus contribu130 minutes of footage, much never available.
tions from acclaimed critics and writers and friends and colleagues UNIVERSAL DVDS £15.75
of the band.
1720588 American Folk Blues Festival 1963-66 - British Tours. EAGLE 10DVD BOX £133.00
SGDVD064 Tom Waits: Second Hand Stories. Mix of performance Muddy, Wolf, Sonny Boy, Rosetta, etc
EREDV886 Miles Davis: Definitive Miles Davis At Montreux DVD
and studio footage, seldom heard interviews and rare photos, this 9821783 American Folk Blues Festival Vol 3. Skip James, Bukka, Collection 1973-1992. All performances at Montreux in a stunning,
tells the story from his career-shift in the early 1980s to more recent Son House, Muddy, Buddy Guy, etc
unparalleled archive of 18 hours of video footage & 48 page book.
times. Another super documentary of a fascinating artist
EFOR DVD £12.25
2774657 B.B. King: Soundstage Live. 12 searing blues classics.
DVD2869081 John Coltrane: Antibes/Baden Baden/San Francisco
82876883949 Derek Trucks Band: Songlines Live!
DVD2869084 Thelonious Monk: Complete Live in London 1965
DVD2869088 Bill Evans: In Umbria ‘78/In Hamburg ‘72.
SONY DVD £7.75
performance from Nashville with excellent guest support.
88697637369 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live At El Mocambo
HL00321075 Newport Jazz Festival 1962. Clara Ward, Pee Wee
SONY DVD £6.75
VEST13002 Legends Of Bottleneck Blues Guitar. Son House, Russell, Joe Williams, Roland Kirk & Duke Ellington, etc.
886977743290 Bob Dylan: MTV Unplugged.
Jesse Fuller, Fred McDowell, Johnny Shines, Furry Lewis, etc.
SONY DVD £13.75
88697869449/2 Jimi Hendrix: Band Of Gypsy’s Live At Fillmore VEST13003 Legends Of Country Blues Guitar Vol 1. Son House, DVD2869093 Bill Evans Trio: In Helsinki 1970. With bonus of
1966 TV film ‘The Universal Mind Of Bill Evans’.
East. All extant black & white footage of Jan 1 1970 first show in Mississippi John Hurt, Rev Gary Davis, Big Bill Broonzy and more.
VEST13011 Mance Lipscomb: In Concert
DVD2869097 Billie Holiday: Billie’s Blues-Her Best Performances
original programme sequence. Only known footage of band.
On Film. Rare footage from 1950-1959
88697941389 Jimi Hendrix: The Dick Cavett Show. Documentary
VEST13016 Legends Of Country Blues Guitar Vol 2. Bukka DVD2869099 Thelonious Monk: Monk Plays Ellington - Solo
plus interviews & performances from 2 shows in 1969.
Piano Berlin 1969
88697941379 Jimi Hendrix: Blue Wild Angel - Live At The Isle Of White, Sam Chatmon, Big Joe Williams, Houston Stackhouse, etc.
Wight. Sensational 1970 performance in front of 600,000 people, VEST13022 Lightnin’ Hopkins: Rare Performances 1960-1979. DVD2869101 Chet Baker: At Le Dreher 1980. 61 minutes of Chet
on trumpet, one vocal. Slightly off-mike, but essential to Chetcats.
with expanded special features, additional songs & 16 page booklet
VEST13026 Legends Of Old-Time Music. Roscoe Holcomb,
Clarence Ashley, Jean Ritchie, Tommy Jarrell, etc
SPV49317 Paul Lamb: A Journey Through The Blues
VEST13028 Freddie King: In Concert - Dallas, Texas 20 Jan 1973. DVDJAZZVIP135 Thelonious Monk Quartet: At Salle Pleyel, Paris
1969. First time on DVD, 81 mins.
An hour of Freddie in a TV studio at his peak.
SPV DVD £18.50
SPV90247 Paul Butterfield Band: Rockpalast – Blues Rock VEST13037 Legends Of Country Blues Guitar Vol 3. Featuring DVDJAZZVIP138 Miles Davis: Live In Vienna 1973.
Legends Vol 2. 1978 German TV recording, 11 songs & interviews. rare performance footage of Furry Lewis, John Jackson, Josh RARE JAZZ FOOTAGE DVD £12.95
White, Robert Pete Williams, Rev Gary Davis, Pink Anderson & DVD6632240 Miles Davis Septet: Live In Stockholm 1973.
SGGW830 Tom Feldmann: The Gospel Guitar Of Mississippi John Jesse Fuller
Hurt. A step-by-step guide to the guitar playing of John Hurt on 10 VEST13038 Legends Of The Delta Blues. With performances DVD44604 Bill Evans: Waltz For Debby. Live in New Jersey
of his lesser known, but impressive, gospel sides. As well as the from Johnny Shines, Bukka White, Son House and John Lee (1971) & London (1965)
instructional video and pdf file for detailed notes and tabs, you also Hooker. Back in print and available again.
DVD44612 Eric Dolphy: So Long Eric. In Berlin (1961), Baden,
VEST13046 Martin Simpson: In Concert.
get to hear the original recordings.
Baden (1961) and Norway (1964)
SGGW831 Tom Feldmann: The Guitar Of Blind Willie Johnson. Of VEST13047 Bob Brozman: In Concert
the 30 sides recorded by Willie between 1927 and 1930, he only VEST13049 Devil Got My Woman - Blues At Newport 1966. Skip UNIVERSAL 2DVD £16.95
2716031 A Great Day In Harlem. Academy Award-nominated
used his devastating slide on 12 of them. Here Tom Feldmann James, Wolf, Son House, Bukka White, etc.
dissects eight of them to show how they were put together. A VEST13056 Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry: Red River Blues. documentary of 57 jazz legends that met in Harlem in 1958 for a
historic photo session. 30 interviews & narration by Quincy Jones.
fascinating DVD, whether you want to play slide guitar or just
Of Congress in 1948, followed by a series of other performances up
further appreciate the music of the great man.
until 1973.
ABLX021 John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension: To The One.
CD4CD5069 John Coltrane: Evolution - Road To Giant Steps.
Recordings made in the 4 years prior to the release of his 1960
ACROBAT 2CD £10.75
masterpiece. Includes Prestige & Blue Note sides with Hank
ADDCD3070 Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band: Club Hangover Broad- Mobley, Monk, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, etc. 20 page booklet.
casts 1954. Live and unedited radio sessions from San Francisco,
much of which has never been released in any format.
ADDCD3065 Teddy Buckner’s All Stars: Live At The Club Hang- 88697720092 Jazz - Perfect Collection. 25 classic jazz albums in
over June/July 1955. Includes four previously unreleased broad- a box. Inc. Louis Armstrong, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Mingus, Chet
casts, unedited and in great sound. A leading figure in the Dixieland Baker, Monk, Sonny Rollins, etc.
88697876582 Jazz - Perfect Jazz Collection Vol 2. Another mindrevival in the fifties, and here is the reason why.
boggling 25 classic jazz albums in replica cardboard sleeve and a
40 page booklet, all in one box at a silly price. Includes Duke EllingAJC99011 Pepper Adams & Jimmy Knepper: Pepper-Knepper ton, Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker, Sonny Rollins, Nina Simone,
Quintet. Complete 1957 album, originally on Metrojazz
Clifford Brown, Charles Mingus, Jim Hall, Miles Davis and many
AJC99018 Gerry Mulligan: Meets Johnny Hodges.
more. For this money, you really can’t go wrong!
AJC99022 Chet Baker: In New York. Original & bonus tracks.
AJC99027 Dave Brubeck: Tonight Only! Complete 1960 Columbia DOCUMENTS 10CD SETS £12.75
231046 Charles Mingus: Mysterious Blues. 100 great tracks.
album, 5 bonus tracks & 12 page booklet.
AJC99029 Eric Dolphy: Far Cry. The complete 1960 Prestige 231048 Lionel Hampton: Flying Home. 95 tracks
233377 Roaring 20s, Crazy 30s - Golden Age Of The Dance
album with Booker Little on trumpet. Includes 2 bonus tracks.
AJC99037 Lester Young: Lester In Paris. Complete 1959 Verve Bands. Entertaining and stylish jazz bands and orchestras including
Harry Roy, Ray Noble, Nat Gonella, Victor Young, Chick Webb, Cab
LP (his final studio LP shortly before his death) & bonus live tracks.
AJC99042 Benny Carter: Further Definitions + Jazz Giant. Albums Calloway, Red Norvo, Red Allen, King Oliver, Earl Hines, Louis
Russell, Johnny Hodges and many more.
from Impulse and Contemporary, plus 20 page booklet.
AJC99044 Shelly Manne & His Men: Complete Live At The Manne 233550 European Jazz 1949-60. 150 tracks with Tubby Hayes, Joe
-Hole. First time ever on one CD, 1961 recordings once spread over Harriott, Enrico Rava, Swedish Modern Jazz Group, Stephane
Grappelli, Jutta Hipp, Toots Thielemans, etc, etc
two Contemporary albums. 9 tracks & 16 page booklet.
AJC99054 Barney Kessel: Some Like It Hot. After participating on DOMINO CD £12.95
the soundtrack album for Billy Wilder’s classic 1959 comedy movie, 891213 Dexter Gordon Quintet (featuring Woody Shaw): At The
Kessel was subsequently asked to produce an album of proper jazz Village Gate 1976. Previously unissued New York concert.
versions of the music used. He had the good sense to bring in Art 891215 Sonny Rollins Trio: Live In Munich 1965. Never before
Pepper, Shelly Manne, Joe Gordon and Jimmy Knowles and pro- released, backed only by bass and drums.
duced this superb swinging collection originally released on Con- 891218 Miles Davis Quintet: Live In Copenhagen 1964. Rare hour
temporary. This edition also includes as a bonus a rare session of long performance featuring Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Herbie
Kessel with Rowles from 1956 plus a 12 page booklet.
Hancock and Ron Carter.
AJC99055 Eric Dolphy: Where? + The Quest. Two 1961 albums 891219 Ben Webster: Live In Vienna 1972. Rare performance at
with Mal Waldron and Ron Carter, originally on New Jazz.
Porrhaus, with local musicians.
AJC99058 Johnny Hodges: Not So Dukish. Original Verve album 891220 Dave Brubeck Quartet: Live In London 1966
backed by all-star group plus 7 bonus tracks
DOMINO 2CD £16.75
ANTI CD £10.95
891200 John Coltrane Quartet: Complete 62 Copenhagen Concert
270592 Mose Allison: The Way Of The World. A corker!
891203 Ornette Coleman Quartet: Reunion 1990. Live in Italy.
891205 John Coltrane Quartet: Complete Live In Stuttgart 1963.
BGO 2CD £13.25
891207 Miles Davis Quintet: Complete
BGOCD1049 Ornette Coleman: The
Live At Blue Coronet 1969.
Music Of/Skies Of America. Two albums,
891212 Miles Davis Quintet: Unissued
the first from 1967, the other 1972
Japanese Concerts. Previously unissued
1964 with Tony Williams & Herbie Hancock.
Limited edition sets - 4 classic albums in
891214 Ornette Coleman Quartet: 1987
nice box.
Hamburg Concert. Never before released,
G680 5032 Art Blakey: Moanin/Africaine/
with Don Cherry, Charlie Haden & Billy
Buhaina’s Delight/The African Beat
G680 4732 Chet Baker: Sings/Big Band/&
Crew/The Most Important Jazz Album of
891216 John Coltrane Quartet: Complete
November 19 1962 Stockholm Concerts.
G680 5122 Dexter Gordon: Doin’ Alright/
Two long-unavailable concerts with the
Dexter Calling/ Go!/Our Man In Paris
classic quartet that included McCoy Tyner,
G680 5322 Joe Henderson: Page One/
Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones. 200
Our Thing/In’n’Out/Mode For Joe
minutes, 16 tracks & 16 page booklet.
G680 5552 Wayne Shorter: Night
Dreamer/Juju/Speak No Evil/Adam’s Apple
374 2302 Andrew Hill: Compulsion
521 9572 Art Blakey: Witch Doctor
477 5692 Cannonball Adderley: Money In The Pocket
374 2282 Dexter Gordon: Clubhouse
498 7932 Eric Dolphy: Out To Lunch
499 0022 Horace Silver: Song For My Father
393 1822 Paul Chambers: Bass On Top
392 7682 Thad Jones: The Magnificent Thad Jones
392 7662 Walter Davis: Davis Cup
362 6432 Lee Morgan: The Cooker
576 7522 Sonny Rollins: Newk’s Time
874 1882 Stan Getz: Music For Lovers
BXS1016 Jimmy Giuffre: The Complete Remastered Recordings
On Black Saint And Soul Note. Includes albums Dragonfly, Quasar,
Liquid Dancers and Conversations With A Goose from the 1980s
and 1990s.
BXS1017 Don Pullen: The Complete Remastered Recordings On
Black Saint And Soul Note. Includes albums Capricorn Rising,
Healing Force, Warriors, Milano Strut, The Magic Triangle, Evidence Of Things Unseen & The Sixth Sense from 1970s and 1980s
CANDID 2CD £10.25
CCS791012 Tubby Hayes: Inventivity. Live at Ronnie Scott’s 1964.
CANDID CD £10.00
WNCD79418 Don Pullen: Plays Monk. Former Mingus sideman
with his own tribute to Thelonious Monk.
CCD79106 Ben Webster: In A Mellow Tone. At Ronnie Scott’s in
London in the spring of 1965.
CCD79557 Duke Ellington: Flying Home! A rare recording from
1952, live at the Blue Note club in Chicago on 18 tracks.
CCD79560 Lester Young: Too Marvellous For Words. Rare recordings from Birdland in New York in the winter of 1951. With
support from John Lewis, Gene Ramey and Jo Jones on 13 freewheeling tracks.
CCD79732 Seldon Powell: End Play. Re-release of album by jazz
saxophonist who played with everyone from Benny Goodman and
Count Basie to Buddy Rich and Chet Baker.
Classic jazz albums re-issued, each with
bonus tracks and booklets
EJC55453 Georges Arvanitas Trio: 3am & Cocktails For Three.
1958 & 1959 LPs together - truly great piano jazz.
EJC55467 Sonny Stitt: Sits In With The Oscar Peterson Trio.
EJC55471 Charles Mingus: East Coasting (plus bonus tracks).
EJC55488 Art Pepper: Getting Together. 1960 LP & bonus tracks
EJC55498 Lester Young: President Plays With Oscar Peterson
Trio. Complete 1952 album & bonus tracks.
EJC55504 Duke Ellington: At The Bal Masque. Columbia album
plus a rarely heard 1960 session. 24 tracks plus 8 page booklet.
EJC55505 Dexter Gordon: The Resurgence Of... Complete 1960
Jazzland album plus 7 tracks from sessions in 1955.
EJC55507 Gerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond Quartet: Blues In
Time. The Verve LP from 1956.
EJC55508 Charles Mingus: Presents Charles Mingus. 1960 album
for Candid plus 2 extra tracks from the sessions. With Ted Curson,
Eric Dolphy & Dannie Richmond. 6 piano-less tracks.
EJC55517 John Coltrane, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims & Hank Mobley:
Tenor Conclave. Prestige album of 4 top tenor saxophonists together, plus bonus tracks of Coltrane with Paul Quinchette.
EJC55525 Thelonious Monk Orchestra: At Town Hall. 1959
Riverside album plus bonus tracks. A rare big-band outing for Monk.
EJC55530 Coleman Hawkins: The Hawk Relaxes + Soul. Two
Prestige albums together on one CD
EJC55534 Bill Evans Trio: Waltz For Debby. Riverside album.
EJC55538 John Coltrane: Africa/Brass + Africa Brass
Sessions Vol 2. 1961 Impulse album plus its sequel.
EJC55547 John Coltrane: Live At The Village Vanguard.
EJC55548 Cannonball Adderley/Bill Evans: Know What I
EJC55552 Charlie Parker: Jazz At Massey Hall. The
complete and celebrated concert from Montreal in May
1953, featuring Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus
and Max Roach.
EJC55561 Kenny Burrell: A Night At The Vanguard Complete Edition. The 1959 Argo album with 4 bonus tracks
from the same set that never made the album and are now
on CD for the first time.
EJC55567 Charlie Parker: Plays Cole Porter. 1954 Verve
album plus seven bonus Cole Porter written tracks from
earlier sessions.
EJC55568 Sonny Stitt: Only The Blues. Plus 7 bonus tracks
EJC55537 Eric Dolphy & Booker Little: At The Five Spot - Complete Edition. Live sessions in New York in 1961.
EJC55511 Fletcher Henderson: A Study In Frustration. A long
unavailable collection re-issued with extra tracks, now totalling 74.
Supporting players include Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Henry
’Red’ Allen, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, etc. 24 page booklet
FVDD121 Jazz Noire - Darktown Sleaze From The Mean Streets
Of The 1940s. Fantastic film noir music. Bookended by some title
tracks of key genre movies (The Killers, High Sierra, Double Indemnity and Cry Of The City), this has 46 more atmospheric jazz, blues
and r&b cuts from 1940s, with Buddy Johnson, Charlie Parker, Al
Hibbler, Thelonious Monk, Etta Jones, T-Bone Walker, Lester
Young, Amos Milburn and plenty more.
FA5256 Jazzmen Play The Blues. Louis Armstrong, King Oliver,
Johnny Dodds, Sidney Bechet, Ben Webster, Count Basie, etc.
FA5281 Jazz West Coast - Hollywood To LA. Cream of West
Coast jazz 1950-58. 42 tracks - Shorty Rogers, Zoot Sims, etc.
FSRCD649 Sonny Rollins: And The Big Brass Trio & Quintet.
Sonny’s big-band debut album plus as a bonus two other sessions
from 1957 and 1958. 11 tracks.
FSRCD668 Al Smith/Mildred Anderson: With Eddie ‘Lockjaw’
Davis Quartet. With Al’s Hear My Blues album & Mildred’s Person
To Person album
FSRCD702 Maynard Ferguson & Chris Connor: Double Exposure + Two’s Company
FSRCD704 Frank Wess: North, South, East ..Wess + No Count.
FSRCD705 Brew Moore: West Coast Brew - Quartet/Quintet
Sessions 1955-1958
FSRCD680 Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis & Johnny Griffin Quartet:
Live At Minton’s Playhouse - Complete Recordings
FSRCD690 Eddie Lockjaw Davis/Johnny Griffin Quartet: Griff &
Lock/Tough Tenors/Lookin’ At Monk. Three studio albums recorded
for Jazzland in 1960 & 1961. 19 tracks, with masterful support from
Junior Mance, Larry Gales & Ben Riley
FROG CDs £11.00
DGF10 Clifford Hayes Louisville Stompers: Frog Hop.
DGF39 Johnny Dodds: New Orleans Stomp
DGF51 Jimmy O’Bryant: Mystery Man Of Jazz
DGF58 Five Birmingham Babies: Heart Breakin’ Baby
DGF61 Lanin’s Southern Serenaders: Shake It And Break It
DGF63 Richard M Jones: Good Stuff 1925-29
DGF65 King Oliver: New Orleans Shout 1929-30
DGF69 The Missourians: Stompin’ The Traffic. 1928-1930.
DGF70 King Mutt: And His Tennessee Thumpers.
DGF71 Frog Spawn – First Batch. 25 red hot jazz rarities - King
Oliver, Earl Hines, Thomas Morris, William Bailey, Dicky Wells, etc.
DGF72 Earl McDonald: & Great Louisville Jug Bands 1924-31.
DGF73 Frog Spawn – The Second Batch. 26 red hot jazz rarities.
DGF74 Bernie Young: Every Saturday Night
DGF75 Clarence Williams: Gimme Blues 1926-29
DGF76 Frog Spawn - White Hot Batch. 25 more early jazz rarities.
FROG 2CD £15.95
DGF77 Johnny Dodds: Johnny Dodds On Paramount. With King
Oliver, Jimmie Blythe, Lovie Austin, Jasper Taylor, Blind Blake,
Freddie Keppard and more. Lots of hot 20s jazz.
GAMBIT CDs £12.95
69274 Erroll Garner: Turin Concert 1971
69289 Cannonball Adderley Quintet: Live In Italy 1969.
69296 Stan Getz Quartet: Complete Live At Montreaux 1972
69310 Dexter Gordon: Live At The Amsterdam Paradiso
HEP 2CD £18.95
HEPCD9293 Duke Ellington And His Orchestra: At The Crystal
Gardens 1952. Previously unreleased concert from Oregon with allstar line-up (Paul Gonsalves, Clark Terry, Ray Nance and more).
BDW8065 Jelly Roll Morton: Rarities - The Rare Band And Blues
Sides 1923-1930
BDW8066 Merritt Brunies: Complete Recordings 1924-1926
BDW8067 Jimmie’s Joys: Complete Golden And Okeh Recordings
1923-25. Big-selling Texas clarinetist Jimmie Maloney Joy and his
band with early sides (plus some later Brunswick sides).
JSP901 Django Reinhardt: Classic Early Recordings.
JSP903 Jelly Roll Morton.
JSP905 Louis Jordan’s Tympany Five.
JSP915 Charlie Parker: A
Studio Chronicle 1940-48.
JSP944 Shorty Rogers: Vol 1
JSP953 Django Reinhardt:
Django On The Radio ‘45-53.
JSP954 George Shearing:
Early Years.
JSP955 Django Reinhardt:
Post War Recordings ‘44-53.
JSP952 Fats Waller: 1940-42
Vol 6 Complete Works.
JSP966 Django Reinhardt:
Musette To Maestro 1928-37.
JSP970 Django Reinhardt:
Renown & Resistance 19371943. The sixth, and last, of the
fantastic series of Django’s recorded output. An essential and
incomparable series ends on a high.
131529 Hank Jones: Complete Original Trio Recordings. All Trio
recordings from 1950s, including some bonus tracks. 18 tracks in all
& 20 page booklet (previously available on Lonehill Jazz in 2008).
131536 Jimmy Giuffre Quartet: Live In 1960. 1960 In Person
album & bonus tracks.
131537 Milt Jackson & The Jazz Giants: Bean Bags + Bags’
Opus. 1958 albums, previously on Essential Jazz
JSP100 Louis Armstrong: Hot Fives And Sevens.
131545 Art Tatum/Ben Webster: Art Tatum & Ben Webster QuarJSP904 Django Reinhardt: Vol 2 Paris & London 1937-48
tet. All existing sides from their 1956 pairing, recorded just two
JSP908 Cab Calloway: Vol 1 Early Years 1930-34.
months before Tatum’s death and originally issued on Verve and
JSP909 Charlie Christian: Selected Broadcasts And Jam Ses- more recently available on Jazzbeat. Also included as a bonus is a
sions. rare material highly prized by fans of this great jazz guitarist.
1954 session of Webster with Teddy Wilson on piano.
JSP914 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra Vol 2 1935-1940.
131540 Barney Kessel & Hampton Hawes: Four! + Extra Tracks
JSP916 Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti: New York Sessions 1926-35.
& Quintet Session. All small group collaborations without horns,
JSP919 Django Reinhardt: Django In Rome 1949-50.
recorded 1957-1958 (previously issued on Essential jazz Classics).
JSP921 Breaking Out Of New Orleans 1922-29.
131552 Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool. Complete and seminal
JSP922 Count Basie Orchestra: Basically Basie 1937-45
1950 album, with Gerry Mulligan, Gil Evans and John Lewis. Plus a
JSP923 Away From Base.
bonus live 1948 set of the same group (previously on Jazz Track).
JSP924 Duke Ellington. Vol 1. 1926-29
JSP925 All Star Jazz Quartets 1927-41.
Re-issues of albums voted by Downbeat as classics
JSP926 Jimmie Noone: Chicago Rhythm–Apex Blues 1923-43.
PWR27218 Gerry Mulligan: Meets Ben Webster.
JSP927 Fats Waller: Complete Recorded Works Vol 1 1922-29.
PWR27252 Jim Hall: Good Friday Blues. Complete 1960 Pacific
JSP928 Fats Waller: Vol 2 - A Handful Of Keys.
Jazz album plus bonus tracks.
JSP931 Coleman Hawkins: Essential Sides.
PWR27255 John Coltrane: My Favorite Things. Plus 1960 session
JSP933 Sidney Bechet: Pre-War Classic Sides 1931-40.
PWR27257 Bill Evans: Portrait In Jazz. Complete Riverside album,
JSP934 Bing Crosby: Vintage Years 1932-50.
a radio broadcast & original of ‘Blue In Green’ with Miles Davis.
JSP936 Duke Ellington: Vol 2 1929-40 Cotton Club To Sweden.
PWR27259 Jimmy Rushing: Rushing Lullabies/Brubeck & RushJSP940 John R.T. Davies Collection Vol 1: 1920s-30s.
ing. 2 Columbia albums on 1 CD. ‘Mr Five By Five’ shouts the blues.
JSP943 Stan Getz: Smoothest Operator 1946-52.
PWR27260 Charles Mingus: Mingus Three. Jubilee album.
JSP946 Fats Waller: Complete Works Vol 3 1934-36.
PWR27269 Stan Getz & J.J. Johnson: At The Opera House.
JSP948 Fats Waller: Complete Works Vol 4 1936-38.
PWR27273 Art Tatum, Lionel HampJSP949 Fats Waller: Complete Works Vol 5.
ton & Buddy Rich: The Art Tatum,
Lionel Hampton & Buddy Rich Trio.
JSP959 Hoagy Carmichael: First Of The
Complete 1955 Clef album plus 6 bonus
Singer/Songwriters-Key Cuts 1924-46.
tracks from same sessions & 16 page
JSP960 Paramount Jazz.
JSP962 Gennett Jazz 1922-30.
PWR27294 Lester Young & Harry
Edison: Going For Myself. The 1957
JUST2482 Kenny Werner: Me, Myself & I.
album plus 5 extra tracks from 1958,
Jazz piano legend with rare solo appearance
with sterling support from Oscar Peterat Montreal jazz Festival 2011.
son and Herb Ellis.
LAKE CDs £13.15
PROPER 4CD £13.95
LACD295 Alex Welsh: Alex Welsh & Friends.
PROPERBOX155 Larkin’s Jazz. Philip
With Diz Disley, George Chisholm, Beryl
Larkin’s jazz favourites.
Bryden & Harry Gold, 'live' 1958-60.
PROPERBOX157 Cannonball Adderley:
LACD302 Vintage Merseysippi Jazz Band:
Dis Here. 57 tracks 1955-59, with Miles
Vol 2. Second compilation of their 1950s
Davis, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Milt Jackson
output (for Vol 1 ask for LACD291).
and more.
LACD307 Diz Disley: Diz Disley & His String Quintet.. 1950s
PROPERBOX158 Serge Chaloff: Boss Baritone. 79 tracks from
recordings of Disley’s seemingly one-man crusade to get Django
great baritone sax player, recorded 1946 - 57. With full booklet.
Reinhardt’s music fully appreciated.
PROPERBOX159 Phil Seamen: Seaman’s Mission. Legendary
LACD309 Dick Charlesworth & His City Gents: The City Gent.
British jazz drummer’s in various band recordings, with Jack Parnell,
Popular British Trad Jazz Band from the late 1950s with recordings
Joe Harriott Quartet, Victor Feldman Big Band, Tubby Hayes Quarfirst released on the independent 77 label. 23 stomping jazz tracks.
tet, Dizzy Reece Quartet, Stan Tracey, etc.
LAKE 3CD £14.50
PROPERBOX161 Joe Harriott: The Joe Harriott Story. Survey of
LACD300 British Traditional Jazz - A Potted History 1936-1963. multi-talented and original jazz artist of the 50s & 60s, demonstratPossibly the defining collection - with a 40 page book and 73 tracks. ing how easily Harriott fitted into traditional jazz combos, swinging
Danny Polo, Sid Phillips, Nat Gonella, Mick Mulligan, Humphrey big bands, be-bop combos and free jazz ensembles. Fascinating.
Lyttleton, Ken Colyer, Alex Welsh, Eric Silk, George Melly, Beryl PROPERBOX161 Sonny Clark: Sonny’s Conception. Recordings
Bryden, Chris Barber, Acker Bilk and so many more.
from solo piano sides in 1954 to Trio recordings in 1960. Collaborators included Donald Byrd, Max Roach, John Coltrane and Art
MILAN 2CD £13.75
Farmer. With booklet covering discography and the harrowing story
1136997112 Woody Allen - The Music. A celebration of the music
to his early death at only 31.
in Woody Allen’s films, mostly centred on his love of early jazz. 36
PROPERBOX169 Bill Evans: The Way To Play. 60 tracks from
tracks with Errol Garner, Bechet, Ellington, Stan Getz, etc
one of the most gifted and influential jazz pianists ever, from his
earliest and rarest recordings through to his historic early 60s sides.
MOOCHIN01 Jazz On Film - Film Noir. Deluxe collection of seven With a 23 page booklet, complete discography and rare photos.
classic 1950s jazz-inspired film noir soundtracks - A Streetcar
Named Desire, Private Hell 36, The man With The Golden Arm,
RLR88664 John Coltrane: The Unissued Seattle Broadcast 1965.
Sweet Smell Of Success, Touch Of Evil, Anatomy Of A Murder, and
70 minutes of an unissued radio broadcast concert with McCoy
Odds Against Tomorrow. A 52 page colour booklet is housed in a
Tyner, Elvin Jones, Pharaoh Sanders etc
high-quality box which also has the CDs in stylish sleeves. A great
RLR88665 Miles Davis: The Unissued 1956/57 Paris Broadcasts.
idea, more please!!
Various sessions, including some that included Sonny Rollins and
Lester Young. 14 tracks plus 8 page booklet.
Mid-price re-issues of jazz classics
RLR88666 Miles Davis: Unissued 1952-1959 Birdland Broadcasts.
OJCCD7122 Paul Desmond: Paul Desmond Quinter & Quartet.
3 rare & previously unreleased performances with John Coltrane,
OJCCD6952 Art Pepper: Friday Night At The Village Vanguard.
Cannonball Adderley, Wynton Kelly & Paul Chambers. 11 tracks &
OJCCD3042 Max Roach: Deeds, Not Words.
12 page booklet
OJCCD0152 Billy Taylor Trio: With Candido. Re-promotion of RLR88622 Charlie Parker: At Jirayr Zorthian’s Ranch 14/7/1952
classic 1954 album.
RLR88625 Eric Dolphy: Munich Jam Session December 1 1961
RLR88632 Miles Davis Quintet & Sextet: Radio Broadcasts 1958PHOENIX JAZZ 2CD £12.75
131522 Hampton Hawes Quartet: All-Night Session! 1-3. A single
RLR88642 Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie: Complete Live At
session from Los Angeles in 1956 that led to the release of 3 LPs
on Contemporary. This has the pianist in top form, with Jim Hall
RLR88667 Charlie Parker: Complete Bird At The Bandbox. All
impressing on guitar and Red Mitchell on bass and Bruz Freeman
existing broadcasts from the Bandbox club in New York in 1953
on drums. This is a re-issue of the 2007 set previously on Definitive.
plus, as a bonus, a jam session from Massachusetts in 1951
131531 Chet Baker Quintet: Conservatorio Cherubni - Complete
Concert. Live in Italy on 24 January 1956 plus extra tracks recorded RETRIEVAL CDs £11.95
around the same time.
RTR79061 Fred ‘Sugar’ Hall & His Sugar Babies: Look Who’s
131547 Clifford Brown: And The Ladies Of Jazz - Complete Here! 1925-1931. 24 early jazz belters.
Recordings. Featuring Helen Merrill, Dinah Washington and Sarah
8122797709 Ornette Coleman: (Change Of The Century; Free
131555 Thelonious Monk Featuring Johnny Griffin: Complete
Jazz; Ornette!; The Shape Of Jazz To Come; This Is Our Music).
Live At The Five Spot 1958. Highly regarded album now on CD
8122797710 John Coltrane (Coltrane Jazz; Coltrane Plays The
Blues; Coltrane’s Sound; Giant Steps; My Favorite Things)
131516 Dave Brubeck Quartet With Paul Desmond: At Newport 8122797711 Herbie Mann: (At The Village Gate; Do The Bossa
1956 & 1959. Two rarely heard performances plus bonus tracks Nova; Hold On I’m Coming; Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty; Nirvana).
(previously available on Jazzbeat in 2008).
131524 Paul Chambers & Tommy Flanagan: Motor City Scene
RMBOX3 Miles Davis: On The Crest Of The Airwaves. Contains 3
Complete Recordings. Nine outstanding tracks from 1959 & 1960
rare & previously unreleased concerts from San Francisco (1970),
that also included Donald Byrd, Thad & Elvin Jones, Kenny Burrell
England (1970 and Melbourne (1988), all digitally re-mastered.
& more (previously released on LoneHill Jazz in 2004).
For details on the amazing collection of JSP box sets now available,
download our JSP BOX SET pdf from This has
our write-ups on each & colour pictures of many.
UMC8182 Bill Frisell: Sign Of Life - Music For The 858 Quartet.
Legendary jazz guitarist in collaboration with super string quartet.
SS002CD Tubby Hayes Quintet: Dancing In The Dark. Live recording from Nottingham 1964 taken from Tubby’s own personal
archive, never before released.
SOLAR 3CD £25.50
4569904 Buck Clayton: Complete Legendary Jam Sessions
Master Takes. 1953 and 1954 recordings produced by John
Hammond and George Avakian and featuring giants such as Coleman Hawkins, Woody Herman, Al Cohn, Buddy Tate, Freddie
Green and more. 19 tracks and 16 page booklet.
4569910 Sonny Rollins Trio: Live In Europe 1959 - Complete
Recordings. All known recordings of his trio tour in March 1959.
Almost 3 hours of Rollins last known recordings before his 3 years
of self-imposed musical exile. With 16 page booklet.
SOLAR CD £11.95
4569871 Gerry Mulligan & Art Farmer Quartet: In Stockholm &
Hollywood 1959. Long unavailable, now issued again.
4569886 Shelley Manne & His Men: West Coast Jazz In England.
Live at The Free Trade Hall March 1960.
4569890 Gerry Mulligan: Concert Jazz Band at Newport 1960.
4569891 Louis Armstrong: Live In Amsterdam 1959.
4569895 Ben Webster/Johnny Hodges Sextet: Complete 1960
Jazz Cellar Sessions. Available in complete form for the first time.
4569901 Ben Webster: At The Renaissance 1960. With bonus
track backing Jimmy Witherspoon in 1959.
4569902 Shelly Manne: The Proper
Time (OST).
4569903 Howard McGhee: Sharp
Edge. 1960 comeback album.
4569906 Stan Kenton: Back To
Balboa + Rendezvous With Kenton.
1957 and 1958 Capitol albums, one
never on CD previously. 23 tracks
and 16 page booklet
Adams: Complete Live At Jorgie’s
1961. All existing sides from St Louis
in June 1961, with Herbie Hancock on
piano. 5 tracks plus 8 page booklet.
4569915 Ella Fitzgerald: The 1961
Amsterdam Concert. A previously unreleased live recording plus the
only two surviving songs from a 1953 Carnegie Hall set. With 17
tracks & 8 page booklet.
4569916 Milt Buckner: Mighty High + Midnight Mood
4569917 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Tough! 1957 Cadet
album plus, as a bonus, 1956 album Hard Bop. 16 page booklet.
4566918 John Coltrane: The 1961 Newport Set. Previously unissued set, plus as a bonus a live from Helsinki with Eric Dolphy.
4569919 Oscar Peterson Trio: Live In Amsterdam 1960. A complete concert available for first time.
4569920 Billie Holiday: At The Stratford Shakespearean Festival
4566920 Milt Buckner: Please Mr Organ Player + Send Me Softy.
Plus 7 bonus tracks
4569922 Ramsey Lewis Trio & Lem Winchester: Tribute To
Clifford Brown + Never On Sunday
4569877 Red Garland, Paul Chambers, Art Taylor Trio: Complete Studio Recs. One of the best jazz piano trios ever, 1956-58.
Inc 9 original albums, plus extra tracks-some on CD for the first time
88697766662 Miles Davis: Original Album Classics. ‘Man With The
Horn’, ‘Star People’, ‘Decoy’, ‘You’re Under Arrest’ and ‘Aura’.
88697660492 Dave Brubeck. ‘Time Out’, ‘Countdown - Time In
Outer Space’, ‘Time Further Out’, ‘Time Changes’ and ‘Time In’.
88697928962 Thelonious Monk: (Misterioso; Monk In Tokyo - Disc
1; Monk In Tokyo - Disc 2; Monk; Monk’s Blues).
88691901432 Weather Report: Weather Report (1); Tail Spinnin’;
Heavy Weather; Mr Gone; Weather Report (2).
88697739762 Duke Ellington. ‘Sweet Thunder’, ‘Duke Ellington’s
Far East Suite’ and ‘..And Him Mother Called Him Bill’.
STCD8283 Thelonious Monk Quartet: Monk In Copenhagen.
Unissued recordings of the Danish Broadcast Corporation from
1961. 10 tracks over 71 minutes with Charlie Rouse on tenor sax,
John Ore on bass and Frankie Dunlop on drums.
T2 10CD BOX SETS 19.75
220120 Charles Mingus: Kind Of Mingus. Super live and rare sides!
CDTTD666 The Storyville Jassband: On Tour. A new studio set
from Dutch trad jazz band, performing songs by the likes of Sidney
Bechet, Kid Ory, George Lewis and more.
WNRCD5048 Douglas On Blue Note. Super recordings made by Alan
Douglas. Inc. Blakey, Coltrane, Mingus, Ellington, Bill Evans, etc.
WNRCD5051 John McLaughlin: My Goal’s Beyond. Re-release of
classic album. Forty years on, it still has its original beauty & bite.
910198-2 Paul Motian: Monk In Motian. Limited deluxe hardcover
edition of 1988 album with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell. Motian’s
impressive interpretations of Monk’s music is impressive.
WVCD137 Alan Barnes, Craig Milverton, Al Swainger & Nick
Millward: The Art Tripp - The Music Of Art Pepper. Pays tribute to
music from across Art Pepper’s career. 13 swinging tracks.
The best reissue label in the world!
Intelligent reissues of the best in American blues and roots music. Wonderful
recordings from RPM, Modern, Flair,
Specialty, Swallow, La Louisianne are included here.
Ace has long been a big selling label among Red Lick’ customers
and no wonder! The quality and depth of it’s reissue programme
has to be seen to be believed.
ACE 4CD BOX £39.75
ABOXCD8 B B King: The Vintage Years. With 106 tracks from his
RPM, Crown and Kent years. Remastered from original tapes with a
spectacular 76 page book (inc. biography, full discography, listing of
LPs with tracklistings, interviews with Sam Phillips and The Biharis,
and an article about BB’s life on the road). Plus a track by track
rundown from Colin Escott. Dynamic presentation too!
ACE 3CD BOX SET £14.50
ABOXCD4 Elmore James: Classic Early Recordings 1951-56. 71
greats (inc. alternates/unissueds) from Meteor, Flair & Modern.
ACE 3CD Boxset £21.25
ABOXCD11 The Music City Story. R&B, R&R, Soul, Vocal Groups
and more from Berkeley, California 1950s-70s. 78 cuts from Jimmy
Raney, Bob & Jessie, Nightcaps, Johnny Heartsman, Chick Morris,
Jackie Day, Wanda Burt, Soul Sensations, Little Lynn etc.
ACE CDCH Series £10.95
CDCH109 Little Richard: His Greatest Recordings
CDCH191 Rockabilly Shakeout #1 - 25 red hot belters
CDCH195 Little Richard:22 Classic Cuts
CDCH234 Clifton Chenier: King Of Zydeco
CDCH252 Walter Horton: Mouth Harp Maestro
CDCH396 Bo Diddley: Bo's Blues
CDCH397 Chuck Berry: On The Blues Side (Chess)
CDCH409 Lightnin Hopkins: How Many More Years I Got
ACE CDCHD Series £10.95
CDCHD36 Texas Rockabilly
CDCHD240 Hop Wilson & His Buddies: Steel Guitar Flash
CDCHD265 The Original Memphis Blues Brothers. Great early
1950s blues and R&B with Bobby Bland, Jr Parker, Johnny Ace, etc
CDCHD283 Percy Mayfield: Poet Of The Blues
CDCHD300 B B King: My Sweet Little Angel
CDCHD315 John Lee Hooker: Legendary Moderns 1948/54
CDCHD318 Guitar Slim: Things That I Used To Do
CDCHD323 Bobby Bland: The Voice 26 Dukes
CDCHD325 Johnny Otis: Creepin' With The Cats
CDCHD334 Dig These Blues: Dig Masters inc. Al Simmons,
Sugarcane Harris, Slim Green, Jimmy Nolen. 22 stunners
CDCHD337 George Smith: Harmonica Ace
CDCHD339 Lowell Fulson: Tramp/Soul
CDCHD343 Dorothy Love Coates: Get On Board.
CDCHD347 Radio Gold
CDCHD359 Sam Cooke with The Soul Stirrers
CDCHD380 Johnnie Allen: Promised Land - South Louisiana
Swamp Pop Gold. Re-pressed with new artwork, this includes
Johnnie’s fabulous blend of Cajun swamp pop and R&B on 28
blasters. Compiled by John Broven and sleeve notes including
Johnnie telling his own story. A welcome re-release.
CDCHD427 Bayou Blues Blasters-Goldband Blues. Hop Wilson,
Lonesome Sundown, Charles Sheffield, Juke Boy Bonner, etc
CDCHD428 Iry Lejeune: Cajun’s Greatest - Definitive Collection
CDCHD442 Boppin’ Tonight - Goldband Rockabilly
CDCHD454 Freddy King: Blues Guitar Hero
CDCHD456 Brother Claude Ely: Satan Get Back!
CDCHD457 Wynonie Harris: Women, Whiskey & Fishtails
CDCHD462 More Gumbo Stew - AFO Records New Orleans R&B.
CDCHD473 El Primitivo - American Rock ‘N’ Roll & Rockabilly.
Legendary (and wild) compilation.
CDCHD490 Louisiana Saturday Night
CDCHD491 Louisiana Rockers from Goldband
CDCHD495 Shreveport Stomp - Ram Records Vol 1
CDCHD497 Golden Age of American R&R Vol 3
CDCHD500 Golden Age of American R&R Vol 4
CDCHD503 Little Willie Littlefield: Going Back To Kay Cee.
CDCHD548 Papa Lightfoot: Goin' Back To The Natchez Trace
CDCHD532 ZZ Hill/Freddie North: The Brand New ZZ Hill/Friend
CDCHD553 Ike Turner/Kings of Rhythm: Rhythm Rockin Blues
CDCHD568 The Heart Of Southern Soul -Nashville To Memphis
CDCHD579 DooTone DooWop Vol 1
CDCHD588 Dootone DooWop Vol 2
CDCHD597 Fats Domino: Early Imperial Singles 1950-52
CDCHD601 Heart Of Southern Soul Vol 2
CDCHD614 King Curtis: Old Gold/Doin’ The Dixie Twist.
CDCHD621 Johnny Guitar Watson: Hot Just Like TNT
CDCHD632 PeeWee Crayton: The Modern Legacy
CDCHD648 Where The Girls Are-24 girl groups
CDCHD649 Fats Domino: Imperial Singles Vol 2 1953-56
CDCHD650 Golden Age Of American Rock & Roll 6
CDCHD660 The Heart Of Southern Soul Volume 3
CDCHD689 Fats Domino: Imperial Singles Vol 3 1956-58
CDCHD693 Dale Hawkins: Rock & Roll Tornado from Chess
CDCHD694 Rosco Gordon: Bootin'- Best of RPM Years
CDCHD699 West Texas Bop
CDCHD700 Golden Age Of American Rock & Roll Vol 7
CDCHD704 Starday-Dixie Rockabilly Vol 1
CDCHD705 Robert Pete Williams/Snooks Eaglin: Rural Blues
CDCHD708 Starday Dixie Rockabilly Vol 2
CDCHD710 Harp Blues-25 great blues
CDCHD711 Where The Girls Are Volume 2
CDCHD712 BB King: The RPM Hits 1951-57
CDCHD713 Lonnie Mack: Memphis Wham
CDCHD715 Rockin' From Coast To Coast Vol 2
CDCHD720 Jimmy McCracklin: Modern Recs 1948-49
CDCHD722 Chartbusters USA Vol 1-30 great hits!
CDCHD725 Red River Blues-Shreveport blues
CDCHD727 Albert Washington: Blues And Soul Man
CDCHD728 Freddy Robinson: Bluesology
CDCHD736 Little Willie Littlefield: Kat On The Keys
CDCHD740 Floyd Dixon: Cow Town Blues 1948-50
CDCHD743 Floyd's Early Cajun Singles
CDCHD744 Goldband Bayou Rockabilly Cats
CDCHD745 Where The Girls Are Vol 3 -Chess females
CDCHD746 Gene Phillips: Swinging The Blues
CDCHD749 Little Willie Jackson: Jazz Me Blues
CDCHD750 Golden Age Of American Rock & Roll Vol 8
CDCHD754 Roy Hawkins: The Thrill Is Gone
CDCHD755 Lowell Fulson: The Tramp Years
CDCHD760 B B King: Best Of Kent Singles 1958-71
CDCHD767 Pee Wee Crayton: Blues Gtr Magic
CDCHD768 Long Gone Daddies. Bihari rockabillies
CDCHD773 Messing With The Blues-Atlantic Blues
CDCHD776 Wanda Jackson: Queen Of Rockabilly
CDCHD777 King Rockabilly-24 super rockabillys.
CDCHD780 Smokey Hogg: Deep Ellum Rambler
CDCHD782 Ike Turner & Kings Of Rhythm: Ike's Instrumentals
CDCHD791 Dion: You're Not Alone
CDCHD793 Dion: Born To Be With You
CDCHD799 John Lee Hooker: House Rent Boogie
CDCHD802 Where The Girls Are Vol 4
CDCHD803 Joe Hill Louis: Boogie In The Park
CDCHD804 Lowell Fulson: Black Nights-Early Kents
CDCHD805 Arthur Alexander: Monument Years
CDCHD807 Lonnie Mack: From Nashville to Memphis
CDCHD810 Radio Gold Volume 4
CDCHD811 Bandera Rockabilly & Country Roots
CDCHD813 Travelling Record Man-Historic Down South Trips of
Joe Bihari & Ike Turner
CDCHD817 Modern Vocal Groups Vol 6
CDCHD818 Shreveport High Steppers-Ram
CDCHD819 Great R&B Instrumentals
CDCHD821 Goin Down To Louisiana-Goldband
Blues Anthology
CDCHD823 Where The Girls Are Vol 5.
CDCHD831 Lowell Fulson: Final Kent Years 196478
CDCHD832 Chartbusters USA Volume 2
CDCHD843 Wynonie Harris: Lovin’ Machine. 26
CDCHD846 Little Willie John: Early King Sessions.
CDCHD847 Lonnie Mack: Still On The Move
CDCHD856 Todd Rhodes & Orchestra: Blues For
The Red Boy
CDCHD858 Smokey Smothers: Backporch Blues.
Rare King LP
CDCHD861 Freddy King: Blues Guitar Hero Vol 2. 24 more influential Federal & King from 1961-66
CDCHD865 Saunders King: Cool Blues, Jumps & Shufles
CDCHD866 Smokey Hogg: Serve It To The Right- Combo &
Modern Recs 1947-52.
CDCHD868 Straight To Watts- Central Avenue Scene 1951-54
CDCHD869 Sylvester Cotton & Andrew Dunham: Blues Sensation-Detroit Downhome Recs 1948-49
CDCHD873 Best Of King Gospel—great gospel quartet anthology
CDCHD876 Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 1– Early 50s
CDCHD878 Southland Rock’n’Roll-Early Jin Singles
CDCHD896 Jimmy Witherspoon Sings The Blues Sessions. His
Crown LP & 14 more tracks!
CDCHD922 Arthur Alexander: The Greatest
CDCHD927 John Lee Hooker: That's My Story
CDCHD938 John Lee Hooker: Live at Sugar Hill Vols 1&2
CDCHD940 Big Mama Thornton: Original Hound Dog
CDCHD967 Little Johnny Taylor: The Galaxy Years
CDCHD975 King Rock’n’Roll - Booker Lee Jr, Bobby Cash etc
CDCHD976 Jimmy T-99 Nelson: Cry Hard Luck - RPM And Kent
Recordings 1951-1961
CDCHD978 Phil’s Spectre-A Wall Of Soundalikes. The influence
on 60s popular music by Phil Spector
CDCHD980 Golden Age Of American R’n’R - Special Novelty Ed
CDCHD981 Johnny Otis Show: Vintage ‘50s LA Broadcasts.
CDCHD982 Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 2-Mississippi &
Arkansas 1952
CDCHD984 Lula Reed: Drown In My Tears-King Anthology ‘52-’55
CDCHD985 Rocking From Coast To Coast Vol 3 Don Covay,
Mari Petti, Pat Kelly, Kid Thomas, etc
CDCHD990 Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile-Jan & Dean, Markeys, Al
Vance, Chuck Berry, Oscar McLollie, Jackie Brenston, etc
CDCHD993 Jimmy McCracklin: Blues Blastin - Modern Recs Vol 2
CDCHD994 Joe Houston: Rockin’ At The Drive-In. Late 50s R&B
CDCHD1000 Golden Age Of American R’n’R—Doo-Wop Edition
CDCHD1001 UK Sue Label Story-World of Guy Stevens.
CDCHD1003 Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 3 Willie Nix,
Howlin’ Wolf, Joe Hill Louis, Alfred Harris, Walter Horton etc.
CDCHD1004 Later JIN Singles-Promised Land Johnnie Allan,
Rockin Sidney, Margo White, Clint West, Tommy McLain, etc.
CDCHD1009 Welcome To The Club-Chicago Blues from Federal
Vol 2 Syl Johnson, Lee Shot Williams, Eddy Clearwater, etc.
CDCHD1010 Leiber & Stoller Story Vol 1 Hard Times. L. A.
Years 1951-56. Etta James, Drifters, Milt Trenier, Roy Hawkins etc
CDCHD1019 Smokey Hogg: Midnight Blues. 24 Modern & Combo
recordings of the early 50s, many previously unreleased.
CDCHD1022 Mellow Cats’n’Kittens-Hot R&B & Cool Blues 46-52.
CDCHD1030 Jack Nitzsche Story 1963-78-Hearing is Believing
CDCHD1037 Central Rocks- Central Ave Scene 1951-58 Vol 2
CDCHD1038 5 Royales: It’s Hard But It’s Fair- King Hits & Rarities.
CDCHD1051 King Rock’n’Roll Vol 2
CDCHD1053 Charlie Feathers & Mac Curtis: Rockabilly Kings.
CDCHD1056 Little Willie Littlefield: Boogie Blues & Bounce-The
Modern Recordings Vol 2
CDCHD1057 Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 4-The Southern
Country Blues Guitarists 1948-52
CDCHD1061 Little Willie John: The King Sessions 1958-60
CDCHD1072 Roy Brown: Good Rockin’ Brown - The King Deluxe
Acetate Series
CDCHD1071 Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues-Elmore, Joe Hill Louis, etc
CDCHD1086 Flip Hits! Plus Flip Misses! Both LA based Flip
label’s two “Hits” LP on one CD plus 13 extra tracks
CDCHD1087 More Mellow Cats & Kittens-Hot R&B & Cool Blues
CDCHD1089 Baby Washington: The J&S Years.
CDCHD1092 Ivory Joe Hunter: Woo Wee!
CDCHD1096 Roy Hawkins: Modern RPM & Kent Recs Vol 2.
CDCHD1098 Grandpa Jones: Steppin’ Out Kind - King & Deluxe
Acetate Series
CDCHD1100 Dead! The Grim Reaper’s Greatest Hits-Twinkle,
Mark Dinning, John Leyton, Jimmy Cross etc
CDCHD1111 Golden Age Of American Popular Music 4 Preps,
Tony Orlando, Vic Dana, Dorsey Burnette etc
CDCHD1115 Blues For Dootsie-Blue & Dootone Sides. Bobby
Nunn, Johnny Taylor, Pete Johnson, Cleo Brown, etc.
CDCHD1116 Leiber & Stoller Story Vol 2 - On The Horizon 195664. Clovers, Young Jessie, Alvin Robinson, Ben E King etc.
CDCHD1123 Smokey Wilson: Round Like An Apple. 1977-78 recs.
CDCHD1125 Wanda Jackson: Very Best of The Country Years.
CDCHD1130 Hard Workin’ Man - The Jack Nitzsche Story Vol 2
Captain Beefheart, Bobby Vee, The Monkees, etc
CDCHD1140 Even More Mellow Cats n Kittens-Hot R&B And Cool
Blues 1945-51. Clarence Williams, Butch Stone, Helen Humes, etc
CDCHD1143 Link Wray: King of The Wild Guitar
CDCHD1148 Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers: Be Cool - The
Modern & Dolphin Sessions 1952-1954
CDCHD1149 Phil's Spectre III - A
Third Wall of Soundalikes.
CDCHD1153 Rockin’ South. Joe
South, Tommy Roe, 4 Mints, etc
CDCHD1154 Link Wray: Pathway
Sessions 1989 instrumentals
CDCHD1156 Leiber/Stoller Story Vol
3: Shake 'Em Up & Let 'Em Roll 196269. Clovers, Varetta Dillard, Cassius
Clay, etc
CDCHD1163 Hands Off! 1950-1956:
Modern Studio Recordings.
CDCHD1165 R&B On Lakewood
CDCHD1167 Stanley Brothers: Ralph
& Carter - Later King Years
CDCHD1170 Goffin & King-A Song
Collection 1961-1967. Jackie DeShannon, Chiffons, Tokens, PJ Proby, Betty Everett etc
CDCHD1174 Yet More Mellow Cats'n'Kittens-Hot R&B And Cool
Blues 1945-1957. Roy Hawkins, Jesse Perry, Felix Gross etc
CDCHD1175 Golden Age Of American Popular Music-Folk Hits.
CDCHD1179 On With The Jive! 1950s R&B From Dolphins Of
Hollywood Vol 1 (Little Caesar, Jesse Belvin, Peewee Crayton etc).
CDCHD1180 Johnny Guitar Watson: Untouchable! 1959-68
CDCHD1182 Jimmy Witherspoon: I’ll Be Right On Down: Modern
Recordings 1947-53.
CDCHD1187 Leo’s Five: Direct from Blue Note Club.
CDCHD1192 Mickey Champion: Bam A Lam-The R&B Recordings
1950-1962. w/ Maxwell Davis, Roy Milton, Witherspoon.
CDCHD1193 Little Caesar: Your On The Hour Man 1952-60.
CDCHD1194 Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 5-Back In The Alley 194954. Johnny Fuller, McCracklin, Roy Hawkins, Lowell Fulson, etc.
CDCHD1197 Joe Tex: Get Way Back-The 1950s Recordings.
CDCHD1204 You Heard It Here First! 26 originals of enduring
classics of ‘50s & ‘60s. Red Rooster, Go Now, Louie Louie, etc etc
CDCHD1208 Break-A-Way: Songs Of Jackie DeShannon.
CDCHD1211 Holy Mackerel! Pretenders To Little Richard’s
Throne. Joe Neal, Thurston Harris, Joe Tex (Little Booker), etc
CDCHD1212 Glitter & Gold – Words & Music By Mann & Weil.
CDCHD1213 Vince Taylor: Jet Black Leather Machine.
CDCHD1214 Respect — Aretha’s Influences And Inspiration. Percy
Mayfield, Bobby Bland, Nina, Otis Redding, etc.
CDCHD1215 Toast Of The Coast-1950s R&B From Dolphin’s of
Hollywood Vol 2. Peewee Crayton, Peppermint Harris, etc
CDCHD1216 Honey & Wine-Another Goffin & King Collection.
26 tracks Maxine Brown, Jackie DeShannon, Turtles, etc.
CDCHD1218 Where The Girls Are Vol 7. Teardrops, Tiffanys,
Marry Clayton, Penny Sisters, etc. 26 tracks.
CDCHD1221 Little Willie John: Heaven All Around Me 1961-63.
CDCHD1222 Brenda Lee: Queen Of Rock’n’Roll. 28 early tracks.
CDCHD1224 Destroy That Boy! More Girls With Guitars 196370. She Trinity, Fondettes, Termites, Liverbirds, etc .
CDCHD1230 Golden Age Of American R’n’R Special - Doowop
1956-63 Vol 2. Temptations, Jesters, Cleftones, Mello-Tones etc
CDCHD1231 Laurie Records Story Vol 3 – Girls & Girl Groups.
CDCHD1232 Bobby Freeman: Give My Heart A Break - Complete
King Recordings. Important link between his rock’n’roll & soul years.
CDCHD1233 Al ‘Cake’ Wichard Sextette: Cake Walkin’ – Modern
Recordings 1947-48.
CDCHD1234 Blues Belles With Attitude! 28 female singers from
Modern in ‘50s. Helen Humes, Mickey Champion, Little Esther, etc.
CDCHD1237 London American Label Year By Year 1960. 28
tracks. Etta James, Chuck Berry, Lavern Baker, Donnie Brooks, etc
CDCHD1239 Shirelles: Swing The Most & Hear And Now.
CDCHD1241 Brenda Holloway: Early Years - Rare Recordings
1962-63. Pre-Motown sides from small labels. 22 collectable sides.
CDCHD1242 Charlie Gillett’s Radio Picks From Honky Tonk.
CDCHD1245 Connie Francis: Rockin’ Connie
CDCHD1246 Jack McVea & Orchestra: Fortissimo! The Combo
Recordings. 23 tracks inc. unreleased alternate takes.
CDCHD1247 Tony Allen: Here Comes The Night Owl. Complete
Kent and Specialty recs & Dig and Ebb sides. 26 tracks, no dupes!!
CDCHD1249 London American Label Year By Year 1961. 28
belters in mono, inc. Jerry Lee Lewis, Solomon Burke, Fats Domino,
Johnny Burnette, Coasters, Marvin Rainwater, etc.
CDCHD1250 You Heard It Here First Vol 2. 24 tracks that went
on to be recorded by others to great success.
CDCHD1251 Bert Berns Story - Mr Success Vol 2 1964-67. 26
tracks. Garnett Mimms, Pickett, Otis Redding, Solomon Burke, etc
CDCHD1258 Lord Luther: I Am The Lord! 24 tracks of rare
doowop, R&B & r’n’r recorded in late fifties/early 60s.
CDCHD1260 Bo Diddley Is A Songwriter. 24 Diddley songs by
Buddy Holly, Dr Feelgood, Animals, John Hammond, Beefheart etc
CDCHD1261 The Ace Story Vol 1. Johnny Vincent’s Ace from
Jackson. Joe Tex, Earl King, Huey Smith, Frankie Lee Sims etc
CDCHD1263 Jerry Cole: Guitars A-Go Go – Crown Vol 2.
CDCHD1265 London-American Label Year By Year 1962.
Crickets, Coasters, Roy Orbison, etc.
CDCHD1267 Otis Williams & His Charms: It’s A Treat – King/
DeLuxe Recordings 1959-63. 24 crackers.
CDCHD1268 A Rocket In My Pocket – Hipster’s Guide To Rockabilly.
Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, Ronnie Self, Freddie Franks etc.
CDCHD1277 Califia - Songs Of Lee Hazelwood. 25 tracks. Al
Casey, B.B.King, Duane Eddy, Sanford Clark, and more.
CDCHD1278 How Many Roads-Black America Sings Bob Dylan.
Nina Simone, Isleys, Esther Phillips, OV Wright, Howard Tate, etc.
CDCHD1280 Golden Age Of American R’n’R Vol 12. Bo Diddley,
Slim Harpo, Marvelettes, Dick Dale, Charlie Gracie etc.
CDCHD1281 Ace Story Vol 2. Rockin’ good stuff from Ace Records of Jackson. 12 tracks are as the original album plus a further
12 cuts. Earl King, Eddie Bo, Lightnin Hopkins, Mercy Baby, etc
CDCHD1284 Sweet Inspiration - The Songs Of Dan Penn & Spooner
Oldham. Terrific sides by Percy Sledge, Arthur Alexander, Irma
Thomas, Barbara Lynn, Joe Simon, Box Tops, etc
CDCHD1285 London American Label Year By Year 1959
CHCHD1288 Barrence Whitfield: & The Savages. An extended reissue of the R&B blaster from 1984. Includes 10 extra tracks.
CDCHD1290 Jackie DeShannon: Come & Get Me - Complete
Liberty & Imperial Singles Vol 2.
CDCHD1292 Al King/Arthur K Adams: Together – The Complete Kent
& Modern Recordings. 22 of the finest soul/blues of the sixties.
CDCHD1295 Dee Dee Sharp: It’s Mashed Potato Time & Do The
Bird. Two Cameo albums from 1962 and 1963
CDCHD1297 Ace Story Vol 3. 24 scorchers from Huey Smith, Red
Tyler, Mac Rebennack, Mercy Baby, Frankie Lee Sims, Joe Tex, etc
CDCHD1298 Charlie Rich: It Ain’t Gonna Be That Way – Complete
Smash Sessions. All 29 genius tracks.
CDCHD1299 Before The Fall - 24 Original Songs As Recorded
By The Fall. 24 eclectic but super tracks, with Leadbelly, Pete
Seeger, Gene Vincent, Hank Mizell, Captain Beefheart, Sonics, etc.
CDCHD1300 Come Together-Black America Sings Lennon &
McCartney. Al Green, Fats Domino, Lowell Fulson, Jr Parker, etc.
CDCHD1301 Nino Tempo & April Stevens: Hey Baby! Anthology
CDCHD1302 The London American Label Year By Year 1963.
Crystals, Lavern Baker, Del Shannon, Little Eva, Darlene Love etc
CDCHD1303 The Big Beat – The Dave Bartholemew Songbook. Fats,
Shirley & Lee, Pelicans, Smiley Lewis, Tami Lynn, Elvis, etc.
CDCHD1304 Lazy Lester: Rides Again. Remixed & expanded
edition of 1987 Best Contemporary Blues Album winner on Blue
Horizon, produced by Mike Vernon and sterling back-up from Blues
‘N Trouble, Junkyard Angels, Bob Hall & Dr Feelgood’s Big Figure.
New notes & sessionography. .
CDCHD1306 Fats Domino: Imperial Singles Vol 4 1959-61. A & B
sides in chronological order. Compiled by John Broven.
CDCHD1308 Landlocked - The Downey Story. 24 gems, with
Johnny Taylor, Jessie Hill, Debonaires, Rumblers and more.
CDCHD1310 London American Label Year By Year 1958. 28
tracks inc Chuck Willis, Billy Ward, Chuck Berry, and more.
CDCHD1311 Where The Boys Are - The Songs Of Neil Sedaka
and Howard Greenfield. 25 tracks 1956-71. Clyde McPhatter,
Anthony & The Imperials, LaVern Baker, Wanda Jackson, etc.
CDCHD1312 Johnny Otis: Midnight At The Barrelhouse - The
Johnny Otis Story Vol 1 1945-57. His early years as a bandleader at
Capitol. 25 R&B belters, inc. Willie And The Hand Jive, etc.
CDCHD1313 James Burton: The Early Years 1957-69. The legendary guitarist in support of Bob Luman, Dale Hawkins, Ricky Nelson, Everlys & more. 28 historic tracks, 10 on CD for first time.
CDCHD1314 Trini Lopez: Sinner Not A Saint - Complete King &
DRA Recs 1959-61. 29 Texas RNR, doo-wop & R&B tracks.
CDCHD1315 Fender - The Golden Age 1946-1970. 29 glorious
and diverse treats featuring Leon McAuliffe, Bob Wills, Ernie Ford,
Otis Rush, Ike Turner, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Otis Redding,
Booker T & MGs, Crickets, Ronnie Hawkins, Yardbirds, etc.
CDCHD1317 Smash Boom Bang! The Songs & Productions Of
Feldman-Goldstein-Gotteher. 26 classy sides from hot songwriting
team that struck big in mid-60s - with Hang On, Sloopy (McCoys),
Tell Her (Dean Parrish), I Want Candy (Strangeloves) and more.
CDCHD1318 London American label Year By Year 1957. Latest
in popular, but strangely non-sequential series. 28 re-mastered hits
(many making their Ace CD debut). Focus is on rock & roll and doowop with Moonglows, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Fats
Domino, Ruth Brown, Charlie Gracie, etc. As always, great notes
CDCHD1319 Criminal Records. Crime and punishment in R ‘N R,
from TV theme music (Dragnet), run-ins with the law (Wynonie
Harris, Coasters) and jail time (Vicki Young, Robins, Sonny Knight).
CDCHD1320 The Balfa Brothers: Play Traditional Cajun Music.
Two classic Cajun albums on one CD - Play Traditional Cajun Music
(originally released in 1964) and a second volume (from 1974). With
bonus tracks and new notes. A must for traditional Cajun lovers.
CDCHD1321 Richard Thompson: Strict Tempo. 1981 instrumental
album of (mostly) traditional folk jigs & reels but with an original
song and Duke Ellington cover.
CDCHD1322 Further Mellow Cats ‘N’ Kittens - Hot R&B And
Cool Blues 1946-51. Fifth and final release in the series with 25
more obscure & unissued R&B treasures from legends and littleknown artists alike. Hadda Brooks, Duke Henderson, Jimmy
Witherspoon, Effie Smith & more
CDCHD1323 Fats Domino: Imperial Singles Vol 5 1962-64. Last in
the series, 26 more crackers, few of which have been anthologised
CDCHD1326 Johnny Otis: On With The Show - The Johnny Otis
Story Vol 2 1957-74. 24 more enduring classics, including sides
from his renaissance of popularity following 1969’s Cold Shot.
CDCHD1327 Something Good - From The Goffin & King Songbook. Third in the popular series of Gerry Goffin and Carole King
songs - Everly Bros, Skeeter Davis, Lenny Welch, Drifters, etc.
CDCHD1328 Jerry Cole: Psychedelic Guitars. 1960s Crown &
Custom sides. Soul-surfin & blues-pickin’
CDCHD1330 Memphis Boys - The Story Of American Studios 19651972. King Curtis, Box Tops, James Carr, Solomon Burke, Arthur
Conley, Wilson Picket, Elvis & more. 24 tracks and a peach of a CD.
CDCHD1329 Ike Turner: Studio Productions - New Orleans And
Los Angeles 1963-65. Studio sessions with a focus away from Tina
and towards tough blues and soul singers such as Vernon Guy,
Bobby John, Jimmy Thomas, Jackie Brenston, Stacy Johnson and
Venetta Fields. Most of these recordings are unissued until now.
CDCHD1332 Elvis Heard Them Here First. Focuses on songs
recorded by Elvis between 1968-1977. 24 corkers including Jerry
Reed, Mickey Newbury, Tony Joe White, Bob Dylan, Spidells, etc.
CDCHD1334 Kent Harris’ R&B Family. Recording artist, record
shop owner, label owner, radio DJ and talent scout, Harris cast a
large shadow over late 50s - early 60s LA R&B. 26 tracks, with his
original version of Cops And Robbers (later recorded by Bo Diddley)
and sides by wife Ty Karim, Ray Agee, Phillips Sisters and more.
CDCHD1337 Ace Story Vol 4. Another 1980s vinyl compilation
getting a CD upgrade, with the original 16 track album plus eight
more sides. Frankie Lee Sims, Bobby Marchan, Alvin ‘Red’ Tyler,
Huey Piano Smith, Earl King, Joe Tex & more
CDCHD1340 Da Doo Ron Ron - More From The Ellie Greenwich
& Jeff Barry. More from Brill Building husband and wife team. 24
gems with Connie Francis, Chiffons, Darlene Love, Lesley Gore, etc
ACE CDCHM 2CD Series £13.00
CDCHM2 835 BB King: Modern recordings 1950-51. 33 blasters
CDCHM2 860 Lee Hazlewood: These Boots Are Made For Walking
ACE CDCHM 2CD Series £11.50
CDCHM2 1085 Etta James: Complete
Modern & Kent Recordings.
ACE CDCH 2CD Series £14.50
CDCH2 885 Complete Meteor Rockabilly & Hillbilly Recordings
CDCH2 1020 Jesse Belvin: Guess
Who? RCA Victor Recordings.
CDCH2 1021 Larry Williams: At His
Finest-Specialty R’n’R Years.
CDCH2 1090 Complete Meteor Blues
R&B & Gospel Recs. 53 tracks by
Elmore, Smokey Hogg, Little Milton,
Fenton Robinson, etc
CDCH2 1226 Complete Goldwax
Singles Vol 1 1962-66. OV Wright,
Ovations, James Carr etc
CDCH2 1236 Complete Goldwax
Singles Vol 2 1966-67. James Carr,
Spencer Wiggins, Ovations, etc
CDCH2 1248 Complete Goldwax Singles Vol 3 1967-70. Southern soul -James Carr, Willie Walker, Spencer Wiggins, etc
CDCH2 1254 Best Of Crest – 48 Tall Cool Ones. Wailers, Calvin
Ruffin, Prince Jesse, Cartrell Dickson etc
CDCH2 1259 Lightnin’ Hopkins: His Blues. Super career overview.
CDCH2 1266 More Miles Than Money. Super 38 track companion to a
book charting a journey through musical genres of America, - blues,
soul, funk, country, Tex-Mex, mariachi, R’n’R, etc. OV Wright, Jr
Wells, Jimmie Rodgers, Furry Lewis, Jr Kimbrough, etc
CDCH2 1287 Rick Nelson: In Concert At Troubadour 1969.
ACE 2CD PACK £14.00
CDCH2 1202 Theme Time Radio Hour with your host Bob Dylan. The
revelatory sounds of the acclaimed radio shows. Superb variety of
blues, jazz, soul, country, ska, etc. But note, Bob does not appear!!
CDCH2 1225 Theme Time Radio Hour Season Tour With Your Host
Bob Dylan. Another slice of timeless music from terrific radio shows.
CDCH2 1270 Theme Time Radio Hour with your host Bob Dylan
Season 3. Another great selection.
ACE £7.25
CDCHM6 Link Wray: Early Recordings. First time on CD
CDCHM128 Little Richard: Here’s Little Richard
CDCHM131 Little Richard: Vol. 2
CDCHM133 Little Richard: Fabulous
CDCHM410 Slim Harpo: The Best of Slim Harpo
CDCHM530 John Lee Hooker: Original Folk Blues
CDCHM546 Lightnin Hopkins: California Mudslide
CDCHM785 Columbia Rockabilly Vol 1
CDCHM786 Columbia Rockabilly Vol 2
CDCHM881 BB King: My Kind Of Blues
CDCHM882 BB King: Wails
CDCHM897 BB King: King Of The Blues
CDCHM986 BB King: The Soul Of.. The Crown LP (8 bonus tracks)
CDCHM996 BB King: Blues In My Heart. 1963 LP + bonus tracks
CDCHM1011 BB King: Easy Listening Blues. 1962 instrumental LP
CDCHM1013 Howlin’ Wolf: Sings The Blues. His entire output on
Modern recorded in Memphis by Sam Phillips in 1951/52.
CDCHM1034 BB King: More BB King. 1961 LP & 8 extra tracks
CDCHM1041 BB King: Singin’ The Blues. 1957 Crown LP & extras.
CDCHM1043 Elmore James: Blues After Hours. Inc 8 bonus tracks
CDCHM1049 BB King: The Great BB King. Crown LP & extras.
CDCHM1062 Jimmy Witherspoon: Jimmy
1958 Crown LP with extras.
CDCHM1063 Champion Jack Dupree/TS McPhee: Dupree ’n’
McPhee-1967 Blue Horizon Session.
CDCHM1084 BB King: The Blues. Crown LP of 1951-58 singles
CDCHM1093 BB King: Spirituals. 4th Crown LP & 8 bonus tracks.
CDHP023 The Sonics: Boom.
CDHP026 Hollywood Rock N Roll.
CDCHD510 Slim Harpo: I’m A King Bee.
CDCHD517 Lightnin' Slim: Rooster Blues/Bell Ringer
CDCHD518 Lazy Lester: I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
CDCHD523 Silas Hogan: So Long Blues
CDCHD556 Lonesome Sundown: I'm A Mojo Man
CDCHD562 Real Excello R&B
CDCHD578 Lightnin' Slim/Whispering Smith-High & Low Down/
Over Easy
CDCHD587 Lightnin' Slim: It's Mighty Crazy
CDCHD604 Deep Harmonica Blues
CDCHD606 Slim Harpo-Tip On In
CDCHD616 Lightnin' Slim: Nothin’ But The Devil
CDCHD641 Hey Baby! The Rockin' South
CDCHD652 No Jive: Authentic Southern Country Blues
CDCHD658 Slim Harpo: Sting It Then!
CDCHD661 Swamp Blues
CDCHD674 Lightnin' Slim: Wintertime Blues
ACE 2CD £16.25
CDTOP2 1309 The Flash Records Story. A comprehensive overview of Los Angeles-based label that specialised in 1950s doowop, blues and r&b. 60 rare tracks from 1955-59. Mamie Perry, Nip
Roman, James Curry, Buddy Cypress, Cubans, etc.
CDTOP2 1234 Jimmy Donley: In The Key Of Heartbreak - Complete Tear Drop Singles And More. Superior swamp pop and R&B
from neglected singer and occasional song-writer for Fats Domino.
With A & B sides of singles plus demos & booklet.
CDTOP2 1331 Eddie Holland: It Moves Me - Complete Recordings
1958-64. The solo side of legendary Motown song-writer, with both
sides of 15 singles made prior to concentrating on penning hits for
others; plus unissued masters from Motown vaults. Great stuff
ACE CD £11.95
CDTOP1341 Have Mercy! The Songs Of Don Covay. An eclectic
mix of soul, R&B, pop, rock and rock & roll, all written by the multitalented Don Covay. 26 super tracks with Wilson
Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, Etta
James, Solomon Burke, Staple Singers, etc.
CDTOP1333 Herb Hardesty & His Band: The
Domino Effect - Wing & Federal Recordings 1958
-61. New Orleans session man (and preferred
saxophonist of blues & R&B stars) stepped into
the limelight only once to record his own album,
12 honking R&B sides issued by Mercury in 1958.
Also included are eight sides from vaults of King,
the only other sides he issued commercially in his
own name. A real find, endorsed by Herb himself.
ACE CDLUX limited edition £14.75
CDLUX002 Satintones: Sing! Tamla & Motown
Singles Plus.
CDLUX004 The Fireballs: Exotic Guitars From
The Clovis Vaults. An instrumental feast with
band as Fireballs and String-A-Longs.
CDLUX005 Bandera Doo Wop. With 11 early
sides of Impressions plus Boomerangs, Fleettones, Epics, Diatones,
etc. 26 tracks in all.
CDLUX006 The Markets: Outer Space, Hot Rods & Superheroes.
Surf & hot rod bands 1963-1966.
CDLUX007 Sandy Nelson: Big Sixties Frat Party!!! 24 foot-stompin’
instrumentals of drum maestro drawn from 1965-1969 recordings.
CDLUX008 The Routers: A-Ooga!!! Stamp & Shake With The
Routers. Rockin’ pop of a band presented as clean-cut All-American
white kids while the studio musicians were mostly middle-aged
black guys - including Earl Palmer. 27 tracks, many new to CD.
ACONY £9.45
ACNY0101 Gillian Welch: Revival
ACNY0102 Gillian Welch: Hell Among The Yearlings
ACNY0103 Gillian Welch: Time (The Revelator)
5046668682 Gillian Welch: Soul Journey
31914332 Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn. Stefan Grossman
& John Renbourn. Guitar maestros together (Sonet LP from 1978)
31914402 Rory Block & Stefan Grossman: Country Blues Guitar.
Historic stuff (mostly) from 1963-64, re-released with extra tracks.
31914412 Sam Mitchell: Bottleneck/Slide Guitar
ACROBAT £10.25
ACMCD4010 Howlin’ Wolf: Rockin’ The Blues - Live In Germany
1964. With Hubert Sumlin, Willie Dixon & Sunnyland Slim in tow. A
bit low-fi but very powerful.
ACMCD4047 John Hammond: Live.
ACMCD4352 Peppy Prince: Dance Time. 1945-57. West Coast
R&B band leade with Joe Liggins, Little Willie Jackson, Christine
Chatmon, etc. Another winning compilation by Opal Louis Nations.
ACRCD291 Lowell Fulson: I’m A Night Owl Vol 2 1948-54. 24
classics - Reconsider Baby, 3 O’ Clock Blues, Blue Shadows, etc.
ACRCD162 Son House: New York Central Live! 1965 performance
1047981 Albany Down: South Of The City. Rockin’ blues based
band, as heard in session on the Paul Jones Blues Show.
AWCD7 Madou Sidiki Diabaté, Ahmed Fofana & Alex Wilson:
Mali Latino. One of Songlines magazine’s albums of 2010.
(e.g., CDCH2
1266 ABOVE)
ALCD4903 Marcia Ball: Live-Down The Road.
A&M £8.95
AA7502152062 John Hiatt: Slow Turning. Excellent 1988 follow up ALCD4909 Lil Ed & Blues Imperials: Rattleshake.
to Bring The Family (3951582), with Sonny Landreth on slide guitar. ALCD4911 Guitar Shorty: We The People
ALCD4914 JJ Grey/Mofro: Country Ghetto
ALCD4915 Koko Taylor: Old School
ALIVE013CD T-Model Ford: The Ladies Man. Back porch blues
ALCD4916 Tinsley Ellis: Moment Of Truth
ALIVE £13.35
ALCD4919 Roomful Of Blues: Raisin' A Ruckus
ALIVE0115CD T-Model Ford And Gravelroad: Taledragger. Juke- ALCD4920 Smokin’ Joe Kubek/Bnois King: Blood Brothers
jointin’ raucous & hypnotic blues. 2010 studio recordings
ALCD4921 Eddy ‘The Chief’ Clearwater: West Side Strut
ALCD4922 Marcia Ball: Peace, Love & BBQ
AUPCD968 Best Of Blues. 80 classics - Slim Harpo, Magic Sam, ALCD4923 Michael Burks: Iron Man
Lowell Fulson, BB King, Bukka White, Robert Nighthawk, etc.
ALCD4925 JJ Grey & Mofro: Orange Blossoms.
AUPCD969 Best Of Doo Wop. 80 tracks - Five Satins, Flamingos, ALCD4926 Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials: Full Tilt. High octane
Penguins, Spaniels, Moonglows, etc.
ALCD4929 Buckwheat Zydeco: Lay Your Burden Down.
AUPCD967 Best Of Rock ‘n’ Roll. 80 tracks, with Bo Diddley, ALCD4930 Rick Estrin & The Nightcats: Twisted.
Buddy Knox, Sanford Clark, Jack Scott, etc
ALCD4931 Tommy Castro: Hard Believer.
AUPCD970 Best Of Early R&B. 80 tracks - LaVern Baker, Johnny ALCD4932 Tinsley Ellis: Speak No Evil.
Ace, Willie Mabon, Chuck Willis, Dee Clark, 5 Royales, etc, etc.
ALCD4934 Guitar Shorty: Bare Knuckle.
AUPCD1302 Hits Of The 50s And 60s. Buddy Holly, Champs, ALCD4935 Janiva Magness: The Devil Is An Angel Too.
Eddie Cochran, Conway Twitty, Elvis, Ray Charles, Dion, etc
ALCD4937 Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King: Have Blues Will Travel.
AUPCD1303 Best Of Rockabilly. 88 classic tracks, with Elvis, Bob ALCD4938 JJ Grey & Morfo: Georgia Warhorse.
Luman, Charlie Feathers, Al Ferrier, Jack Scott, Ronnie Self, etc.
ALCD4939 Charlie Musselwhite: The Well.
ALCD4940 James Cotton: Giant. Aged 75 but still packing a
AACD0102 John Hiatt: Paper Thin. Unreleased 1989 live broad- punch. 12 belters from a great band, with Slam Allen on gtr & vocals
ALCD4941 Roomful Of Blues: Hook, Line & Sinker. 12 blasts of
cast, featuring songs from Bring The Family and Slow Turning.
AACD0104 Emmylou Harris: Cowboy Angels. Rare 1975 radio guitar & horn stoked R&B from multi-award winners.
ALCD4942 Marcia Ball: Roadside Attractions. Storming blues,
broadcast with Hot Band (with James Burton on guitar). 15 tracks.
great R&B workouts and liver-quivering ballads by one of the best.
ALCD4944 JJ Grey & Mofro: Brighter Days. Live album, plus DVD ALCD4943 Tommy Castro Presents The Legendary R&B Revue.
Inc Magness, Michael Burks, Rick Estrin, JLW, Debbie Davies, etc.
of concert with extra tracks, interviews & more.
ALCD4945 Joe Louis Walker: Hellfire. Label debut and a blistering
set of 11 songs from one of the best living blues musicians.
ALCD4704 Hound Dog Taylor: Natural Boogie
ALCD4946 Janiva Magness: Stronger For It.
ALCD4705 Fenton Robinson: Somebody Loan Me A Dime
ALCD4947 Curtis Salgado: Soul Shot. Big-selling BMA nominee
ALCD4706 Koko Taylor: I Got What It Takes
with album of deep soul vocals supported by Phantom Blues Band.
ALCD4708 Son Seals: Midnight Son
ALCD4948 Anders Osborne: Black Eye Galaxy. Blues guitarist,
ALCD4710 Fenton Robinson: Hear Some Blues Downstairs
singer & songwriter incorporates his rock, pop and soul influences.
ALCD4717 Johnny Jones/Billy Boy Arnold
ALCD4949 Lil’ Ed & The Blues
ALCD4727 Hound Dog Taylor: Genuine Houserockin' Music
Imperials: Jump Start. A great
ALCD4730 Albert Collins: Don't Lose Your Cool
set of slash and burn Chicago
ALCD4740 Koko Taylor: Queen Of The Blues
blues. Raucous slide guitar, a
ALCD4742 Johnny Winter: Serious Business
propulsive band, passionate
ALCD4749 Lil Ed/Blues Imperials: Rough Housin'
singing and great songs.
ALCD4750 Lonnie Mack: Second Sight
Naturally, we love it!
ALCD4756 Roy Buchanan: Hot Wires
ALCD4950 Rick Estrin And The
ALCD4761 Lil Charlie/Nightcats: Disturbing The Peace
Nightcats: One Wrong Turn.
ALCD4765 Tinsley Ellis: Georgia Blue
Majestic set of witty and wise
ALCD4766 Katie Webster: Swamp Boogie Queen
songs from singer -harmonica
ALCD4781 Charlie Musselwhite: Ace Of Harps
player and hot band, effortALCD4783 Raful Neal: Louisiana Legend
lessly moving from rockin’
ALCD4784 Koko Taylor: Jump For Joy
blues to jazz and rock vibes
ALCD4788 William Clarke: Blowing Like Hell
ALCD4795 Kenny Neal: Walking On Fire
ALCD4801 Charlie Musselwhite: Signature
ALCD4803 Katie Webster: No Foolin
ALCD4805 Tinsley Ellis: Trouble Time
ALCD4806 William Clarke: Serious Intentions
ALCD4808 Lil Ed’s Blues Imperials:What You See Is What You Get!
ALCD4815 Billy Boy Arnold: Back Where I Belong
ALCD4822 Son Seals: Nothing But The Truth
ALCD4830 C.J. Chenier: Too Much Fun
ALCD4836 Billy Boy Arnold: Eldorado Cadillac
ALCD4842 Willam Clarke: The Hard Way
ALCD4854 Carey Bell: Good Luck Man
WVR04 The Toy Hearts:
Whisky. Birmingham-based
sisters pay homage to American roots influences on an album full of western swing, rockabilly,
jazz and blues. Fans includes Bob Harris.
ALCD4701 Hound Dog Taylor & HouseRockers
ALCD4702 Big Walter Horton & Carey Bell
ALCD4707 Hound Dog Taylor: Beware Of The Dog
ALCD4711 Koko Taylor: The Earthshaker
ALCD4712 Son Seals: Live & Burning
ALCD4713 Albert Collins: Ice Pickin'
ALCD4718 Professor Longhair: Crawfish Fiesta
ALCD4735 Johnny Winter: Guitar Slinger
ALCD4738 Son Seals: Bad Axe
ALCD4739 Lonnie Mack: Strikes Like Lightning
ALCD4741 Roy Buchanan: When A Gtr Play The Blues
ALCD4748 Johnny Winter: Third Degree
ALCD4753 Little Charlie & The Nightcats: All The Way Crazy
ALCD4754 Koko Taylor: Audience With The Queen
ALCD4768 Lazy Lester: Harp & Soul
ALCD4772 Lil Ed & Blues Imperials: Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits
ALCD4777 Katie Webster: Two Fisted Mama
ALCD4790 Cotton/Wells/Bell/Branch: Harp Attack
ALCD4792 Nappy Brown/Heartfixers: Tore Up
ALCD4802 Buddy Guy & Jr Wells: Alone & Acoustic
ALCD4818 Charlie Musselwhite: In My Time
ALCD4825 Kenny Neal: Hoodoo Moon
ALCD4827 William Clarke: Groove Time
ALCD4828 Carey Bell: Deep Down
ALCD4829 Little Charlie/Nightcats: Straight Up!
ALCD4850 Corey Harris: Fish Ain't Bitin'
ALCD4852 Tinsley Ellis: Fire It Up
ALCD4864 Corey Harris: Greens From The Garden
ALCD4867 John Jackson: Front Porch Blues
ALCD4868 Lil Ed & Blues Imperials: Get Wild
ALCD4873 Koko Taylor: Royal Blue
ALCD4878 Michael Burks: Make It Rain
ALCD4879 Marcia Ball: Presumed Innocent
ALCD4886 Lil Ed & Blues Imperials: Heads Up!
ALCD4891 Marcia Ball: So Many Rivers
ALCD4892 Michael Burks: I Smell Smoke
ALCD4895 Guitar Shorty: Watch Your Back.
ALCD4896 Hound Dog Taylor: Release The Hound
ALCD4902 Little Charlie & Nightcats: Nine Lives
SJPCD242 Nine Below Zero: Both Sides Of Nine Below Zero. The
DVD was recorded live in England; the CD has live stuff from 2006.
SJPCD276 John Dummer Blues Band: The Lost 1973 Album.
SJPCD355 Foghat: Last Train Home. Their blues album! 12 tracks.
SJPCD399 Roy Young: Complete Singles Collection 1959-62.
Legendary UK boogie woogie piano player who played with pretty
much everyone in the early rock and roll era. 18 stonking tracks.
ANTI £10.95
267722 Betty LaVette: I’ve Got My Own Hell To Raise
268732 Betty Lavette: The Scene Of The Crime
270292 Bettye Lavette: Interpretations – British Rock Songbook.
ANTI £12.45
270052 Ramblin Jack Elliott: A Stranger Here.
271012 Booker T Jones: The Road From Memphis.
ANTI £13.75
271512 Tom Waits: Bad As Me. 13 bone-chilling tracks.
871772 Tom Waits: Bad As Me. 3 extra tracks & 40 page book.
APPLE £13.35
908 2432 Doris Troy: Doris Troy. Re-mastered 1970 album
APRCD1129 Peggy Seeger: Live. Rare
live album, mixing traditional folk songs,
originals & spoken poems.
ARCOLA 2CD £13.75
ACD1008 Son House: In Seattle 1968. Live
& intense on CD1, with an engaging interview on CD2 with classic tracks from old
friends (Charlie Patton, Willie Brown, etc).
Historic & enjoyable.
ARCOLA £12.75
ACD1001 Furry Lewis, Bukka White &
Friends: Party! At Home’ 68
ACD1002 Henry Townsend: The Real St
Louis Blues
ACD1003 Big Al Calhoun With Henry Townsend: Harmonica
Blues. 1979 St Louis recordings.
ACD1004 Ray Skjelbred: Plays Blues And Boogie Woogie
ACD1005 Babe Stovall: The Old Ace - Mississippi Blues And
Religious Songs
ACD1006 Sunnyland Slim: Long Tall Daddy. Recorded in 1976.
ACD1009 Bonnie McCoy: A Child Of The Blues. 2011 sides from
relative of Joe & Charlie McCoy and (by marriage) Memphis Minnie.
ARHCD302 Lightnin’ Hopkins: The Texas Bluesman
ARHCD306 Mance Lipscomb: Texas Songster
ARHCD313 Clifton Chenier: Live At St Marks
ARHCD330 Lightnin’ Hopkins: Gold Star Sessions Vol 1
ARHCD348 Snooks Eaglin: Country Boy Down In New Orleans
ARHCD360 Jesse Fuller: Frisco Bound
ARHCD371 Dr Ross: Boogie Disease
ARHCD372 Country Negro Jam Session
ARHCD374 Black Ace: I’m The Boss Card In Your Hand
ARHCD385 Mississippi Delta Blues Jam Volume 1
ARHCD409 Lil Son Jackson: Blues Come To Texas
ARHCD413 Carter Family: On Border Radio 1939 Vol 3
ARHCD419 Angola Prisoners’ Blues
ARHCD448 Prison Workongs
ARHCD499 Lightnin’ Hopkins: The Best Of
ARHCD9045 Butch Cage & Willie B Thomas: Old Time Black
Southern String
(plus p&p: £4.25 UK; £7.25 p&p within EU; £9.00 p&p ROW)
ARHCD518 Hear Me Howling. 72 sensational track overview of a
great label - Jesse Fuller, Bukka White, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Mance,
Fred McDowell, Skip James, Mama Thornton, Clifton Chenier, etc.
ARMD00027 Nimmo Brothers: Picking Up The Pieces
ARMD00029 Eugene Hideaway Bridges: Live In San Antonio
ARMD00032 Eugene Hideaway Bridges: Rock And A Hard Place.
ARMD00033 Nimmo Brothers: Brother To Brother.
BCD17038 All We Wanna Do Is Rock. A fabulous 36 track sampler.
Superior CD packs, with extensive booklets, rare tracks and photos
BCD16676 Smiley Lewis: Smiley Rocks. 36 blasters (Imperial hits)
BCD16941 Big Jeff Bess: Tennessee Home Brew. Honky tonk,
hillbilly & rockin’ country on 18 songs, 1947-52. 88 page booklet!
BCD16942 Christine Kittrell: Call Her Name - Complete 1951-65.
BCD16695 Rufus Thomas: 1949-56 - Sun Years Plus. 29 tracks.
BCD16937 Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson: Red Hot - Sun Years, Plus.
BCD15467 Jerry Lee Lewis: Live At The Star Club Hamburg.
BCD15460 Howlin’ Wolf: Memphis Days Vol 1
BCD15500 Howlin’ Wolf: Memphis Days Vol 2
BCD15524 Joe Hill Louis: The Be-Bop Boy. With Walter Horton
BCD16513 Charlie Rich: Charlie Rocks
BCD16935 Jack Earls: Slow Down- Sun Years Plus! 41 tracks
BCD16164 The Treniers: Rock. 32 hot rockin’ cuts from the 50s
BCD17207 Bobby Charles: See You Later, Alligator
BCD16529AH Billy Riley: The Mojo Albums Plus.
BCD16559AH Allerton And Alton: Black White And Bluegrass.
BCD16672AR Ella Mae Morse: Rocks. 34 track anthology
BCD17149AH Billy ’Red’ Love: Gee, I Wish..The Sun Years, Plus.
Memphis R&B singer-pianist on 26 rockin’ tracks. 48 page booklet.
BCD16685AH Jerry Lee Lewis: Old Time Religion. 20 gospel
sides recorded in 1970 in a Memphis church. A treat.
BCD17215AR Big Joe Turner: Rocks. 28 storming tracks.
BCD16638AH Stickbuddy Jamboree. Rare hillbilly, rockabilly &
country from Delta Studios 1953-early ’60s.
BCD16229AR Ronnie Hawkins: Ballads. His quieter side. 30
tracks, with support from Duane Allman, Levon Helm & Duck Dunn.
BCD16748AR Diddy Wah Diddy… Ain’t A Town, Ain’t A City.
Rare R n R & rockabilly from Delta Studios, Mississippi 1957-64.
BCD16532AR You Oughta See My Fanny Dance. 31 rare Western Swing tracks 1935-42 & 52 page booklet.
BCD16895AH Vin Bruce: Dans La Louisiane. 20 early Cajun cuts.
BCD17129AR Slim Harpo: Rocks. 31 sides, some of the best ever
Louisiana blues & r&b - with hits, rarities, alternates & booklet.
BCD17138AR Little Richard: Rocks. 31 monster tracks 1951-66.
BCD17139AR Chuck Berry: Rocks. 32 hits & 52 page booklet!
BCD17249AR Duane Eddy: Rocks. 32 tracks recorded 1958-61.
BCD16878AH Bonnie Guitar: Intimate Session. 1957 cuts for RCA
BCD17308AH Johnny Cash: Unseen Cash. Lots of unseen photos
reproduced in a 28 page booklet with a CD of 12 rare live tracks.
A comprehensive survey from Bear Family of electric blues from
the late 1930s - over 300 tracks on 12 CDs + over 650 pages of
written & visual context within the four booklets.
BCD16921CP Electric Blues - Definitive Collection Part 1
(Beginnings 1939-54). 77 tracks & 160 page
booklet. Jimmy Rogers, Tampa Red, Howlin’ Wolf,
Memphis Minnie, Pete ‘Guitar’ Lewis, Johnny
Shines, Pee Wee Crayton, Lowell Fulson, Baby Boy
Warren, John Brim, Muddy Waters, JB Hutto, etc.
BCD16922CP Electric Blues - Definitive Collection Part 2 (1954-67). 79 tracks plus 172 page
booklet. Bo Diddley, BB King, Tiny Grimes, Fenton
Robinson, Wild Jimmy Spruill, Earl Hooker, Magic
Sam, LC McKinley, Eddie Taylor, etc
BCD16923CP Electric Blues - Definitive Collection Part 3 (1960-69). 70 tracks & 172 page booklet. Freddie King, Jr Wells, Frank Frost, Albert King,
Calvin Leavy, Koko Taylor, Kid Thomas, Paul
Butterfield, John Mayall, Taj Mahal, Fleetwood Mac,
Michael Bloomfield, Etta James, etc
BCD16924CP Electric Blues - Definitive Collection Part 4
(1970-2005). 65 tracks plus 156 page booklet. Hound Dog Taylor,
Otis Rush, Eddy Clearwater, Johnny Copeland, Bobby Bland,
Johnny Winter, Little Milton, SRV, Fab Tbirds, RL Burnside,
Snooks Eaglin, Robert Cray, James Cotton, Hollywood Fats, Son
Seals, Ronnie Earl, Buddy Guy, etc
THE £10
More in the Gonna Shake This Shack series, with 40 page booklets
BCD16858AH George Jones: Heartbreak Hotel. 35 early rarities &
demos, focused around his rockin’ Starday and Mercury sides.
BCD17291AH Wade Ray: Idaho Red. 30 western swing tracks.
BCD16894AH Sheb Wooley: White Lightnin’. 30 track CD & 44
page booklet. Up-tempo country boogie from late 40s & early 50s.
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music Series. 72 page booklets!
BCD16961AR 1956: Ray Price, Benny Barnes, Reno & Smiley, etc.
BCD16962AR 1957: Chet Atkins, Warner Mack, Faron Young, etc.
BCD16963AR 1958: Eddie Noack, Webb Pierce, Ernest Tubb, etc
BCD16965AR 1960: Johnny Horton, Loretta Lynn, Roger Miller, etc.
BCD16966AR 1961: Kitty Wells, Buck Owens, Webb Pierce, etc.
BCD16967AR 1962:.Hank Snow, Don Gibson, Little Esther, etc.
BCD16968AR 1963: Ernest Tubb, Bobby Bare, Loretta Lynn, etc.
BCD16969AR 1964: Lefty Frizell, Warner Mack, Merle Haggard, etc
BCD16970AR 1965: Jimmy Dickens, Leon Payne, Chet Atkins, etc.
A new series providing the definitive history of doo-wop, each with
30 tracks and a detailed and mightily impressive 84 page booklet.
BCD17279AR The Complete Story Of Doo Wop Vol One 1939-49
Ink Spots, Mills Brothers, Four Aces, Robins, Deep River Boys, etc
BCD17280AR The Complete Story Of Doo Wop Vol Two 1950.
Ravens, Johnny Otis, Orioles, Four Aces, Dominoes, Clovers, etc
BCD17281AR The Complete Story Of Doo Wop Vol Three 1951.
Five Keys, Sultans, Cardinals, Four Dots, Swallows, Drifters, etc
BCD17282AR The Complete Story Of Doo Wop Vol Four 1952. 5
Royales, Sultans, Diamonds, Clovers, Vocaleers, Five Keys, etc
BCD17283AR The Complete Story Of Doo Wop Vol Five 1953.
Velvets, Du Droppers, Flamingos, Moonglows, Spaniels, etc
BCD16898HK Buck Owens: Tall Dark Stranger 1969-75. All
recordings from final years at Capitol; 214 tracks & 108 page book
BCD16979 Freddie King: Taking Care Of Business. A 168 track
marathon - every studio recording made 1956-73, with rare and
unissued demos & takes. Plus a 104 page booklet. Phenomenal.
BCD16855 Buck Owens: Open Up Your Heart. Vol 2 of his complete works - 249 rare tracks from Capitol years 1965-68.
BEAR FAMILY 5CD sets £107.50
BCD16778EK Freddie King: Texas Flyer 1974-76. All studio output
for RSO & 4 CDs of live performances and bumper booklet
BCD16094EK The Bristol Sessions 1927-28 - The Big Bang Of
Country Music. 124 tracks & 120 page hardcover book. First ever
recordings of Jimmie Rodgers, Carter Family, Ernest Stoneman,
Blind Alfred Reed, etc. An impressive slice of history.
BCD16818 George Jones: She Thinks I Still Care.
BCD16944EK Red Simpson: Hello, I’m Red Simpson. All recordings 1957-84 - seven Capitol albums & singles for independents and rarities. 167 tracks plus a 108 page book.
BCD16929 George Jones: Good Year For The Roses.
BCD15488 Hank Snow: The Thesaurus Transcriptions
BCD16928 George Jones: Walk Through This World With Me.
BCD16817DK Dixon Brothers: A Blessing To People - Complete
Recordings 1936-38. Every surviving recording of Dorsey and
Howard as The Dixon Brothers and other affiliated groups they
played in. 121 tracks plus 164-page LP-sized hardback book.
15CD/1DVD BOX £275.00
CDTL17039 Hank Williams: Complete Mother’s Best. 1951 radio
shows, increasing the number of Hank songs by a full 50%. Digitally
restored & with 120 page book (inc. 25,000 word essay). Strewth!!
BCD17206CK Acadian All-Star Special - The Pioneering Cajun
Recordings Of J.D. Miller. Rare recordings 1946-59. A massively
enjoyable ride - 78 tracks & 80 page hardback book
BCD17213CH Sun Ballads 1953-62. 78 great tracks with Charlie
Feathers, Warren Smith, Billy Riley, Elvis, etc. 80 page booklet.
CDTL17258CP Hank Williams: The Legend Begins. 60 rare tracks
from his Health & Happiness Shows (1949), his first ever recordings
(as a 15 & 17 year old) & tracks from March Of Dimes Show (1951).
BGOCD12 Canned Heat: Live In Concert 1970.
BGOCD116 T-Bone Walker: Funky Town
BGOCD137 Freddie King: Burglar
BGOCD221 Otis Spann: The Blues Is Where It's At
BGOCD341 Ten Years After: Recorded Live. 4 nights in mid-70s.
BGOCD425 T-Bone Walker: Stormy Monday Blues
BGOCD429 JoAnn Kelly: JoAnn Kelly-her 1969 Columbia LP
BGOCD617 Ten Years After: Positive Vibrations. From 1974.
BGOCD787 The Groundhogs: Hogwash. 1972 album remastered.
BGOCD823 Christine Collister, Dave Kelly & The Travelling
Gentlemen: Live. First album by folk/blues combo.
BGOCD867 Eddie Boyd: And His Blues Band With Peter Green,
John Mayall, John McVie & Aynsley Dunbar.
BGOCD912 Curtis Jones: In London. 1964 Decca sessions.
BGOCD916 Black Cat Bones: Barbed Wire Sandwich
BGOCD920 Robin Trower: Twice Removed From Yesterday. First
solo album from 1973, remastered. With notes by Mick Clarke.
BGOCD922 The Groundhogs: Blues Obituary.
BGOCD1031 Elvin Bishop: Raisin’ Hell. Live in 1977.
BGOCD1035 George Smith & The Chicago Blues Band: Blues
With A Feeling. Remastered edition of superb 1969 tribute to Little
Walter. Great harmonica from George as he leads a hot band
through classics Mellow Down Easy, My Babe, Last Night, etc.
BGOCD1036 Eric Burdon & The Animals: Love Is. Re-mastered
1968 2LP set. The Animals were, by this time, session players (with
Zoot Money) but Eric’s vocals are very much present and correct
BGOCD1038 Nine Below Zero: Third Degree. Re-release of the
band’s third and last A&M album from 1982, just prior to their split.
BGOCD327 Eddie Lang/Lonnie Johnson: Blue Guitars Vol 1&2
BGOCD332 Tony McPhee & Friends: Me And The Devil & I Asked
For Water, She Gave Me Gasoline
BGOCD478 Johnny Winter: Still Alive And Well/Captured Live!
BGOCD591 Canned Heat: Living The Blues. 1968 Liberty album
BGOCD649 Champion Jack Dupree: From N.O. To Chicago/
Champion Jack Dupree & Blues Band. Mid 60s Decca albums.
BGOCD668 Otis Spann: The Blues Of../Cracked Spanner Head.
BGOCD672 Canned Heat: Historical Figures & Ancient
Heads/The New Age
BGOCD677 Savoy Brown: Shake Down/Getting To The
BGOCD678 Savoy Brown: Blue Matter/A Step Further
BGOCD694 Canned Heat/John Lee Hooker: Hooker ’n’
BGOCD844 Savoy Brown: Boogie Brothers/Wire Fire.
BGOCD897 John Lee Hooker: Live At Soledad Prison/
Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive.
BGOCD902 Mick Clarke: Roll Again/Live In Luxembourg
BGOCD911 John Dummer: Cabal/John Dummer Blues
BGOCD960 Taj Mahal: Music Keeps Me Together/
Satisfied ‘N’ Tickled Too. Mid-70s albums of Hawaiian,
reggae, country & more.
BGOCD975 Stefan Grossman: Live! From 1973 in Europe
BGOCD979 Dave Swarbrick: Swarbrick/Swarbrick 2/Smiddyburn.
BGOCD984 John Dummer Band: John Dummer’s Famous Music
Band/Blue. 1971 & 1972 albums.
BGOCD1004 Dobie Gray: Drift Away/Lovin’ Arms/Hey Dixie. Mid
70s albums. Great soul with a hint of country from a great singer.
BEAT GOES ON £12.50 - 2 albums on one CD
BGOCD287 Bo Diddley: Hey Bo Diddley! & Bo Diddley
BGOCD347 Robin Trower: For Earth Below/Live. Repromotion of mid-70s albums - one in-studio and a live
set recorded in Sweden
BGOCD380 Chris Barber: Blues Book Vol 1/Good
Mornin' Blues
BGOCD395 Chuck Berry: In London/Fresh Berries
BGOCD424 Bo Diddley: Rides Again/In The Spotlight
BGOCD436 Muddy Waters: Real Folk Blues/More
Real Folk Blues
BGOCD500 Graham Bond: Sound Of 65/A Bond
Between Us
BGOCD541 Roy Buchanan: Roy Buchanan/Second
BGOCD561 Jerry Lee Lewis: Sings The Country Music Hall Of
Fame Vols I & II. Super Smash sides. The Killer in top form.
BGOCD578 Canned Heat: Hallelujah & Canned Heat Cookbook.
BGOCD602 B.B. King: Completely Well/Live In Cook County Jail.
BGOCD603 Sonny Boy Williamson: Down & Out/In Memoriam
BGOCD635 Jerry Lee Lewis: The Killer Rocks On/Boogie Woogie
Country Man
BGOCD658 Jerry Lee Lewis: Country Songs For City Folk/
Memphis Beat. Great country and rock n roll from mid 60s.
BGOCD659 Jerry Lee Lewis: Another Place Another Time & She
Still Comes Around.
BGOCD665 B B King: Mr Blues/Confessing The Blues
BGOCD666 Savoy Brown: Raw Sienna/Looking In
BGOCD682 Roy Buchanan: Live Stock/A Street Called Straight.
BGOCD717 Savoy Brown: Street Corner Talking/Hellbound Train.
BGOCD752 Johnny Winter: Nothing But The Blues/White, Hot &
Blue. 2 late-70s blues albums, the first with the Muddy Waters band.
BGOCD766 Johnny Winter: Saints & Sinners/John Dawson Winter III
BGOCD784 Dirty Blues Band: Dirty Blues Band & Stone Dirt. Real
early stuff presenting Rod Piazza with his first blues band.
BGOCD806 Roy Buchanan: That’s What I Am Here For/Rescue
Me. Super Polydor recs 1974-1975.
BGOCD845 Savoy Brown: Skin n Bones/Savage Return.
BGOCD892 Taj Mahal: Oooh So Good’n’Blues/ Mo’ Roots.
BGOCD939 Memphis Slim: Legend Of The Blues Vol I & II. First
time on CD, 20 re-mastered tracks from 60s. Plus new liner notes.
BGOCD959 Fats Domino: Million Sellers By Fats Vols I & II.
BGOCD949 Muddy Waters: They Call Me Muddy Waters/Live At
Mr Kelly’s. The first is a compilation of late ‘50s/early ‘60s sides.
BGOCD957 Fats Domino: Rare Dominos Vol 1 & 2. Rare Fats
from 1949-1957, 36 tracks from B-sides, EP tracks and others
BGOCD976 Stefan Grossman: Those Pleasant Days/Hot Dogs.
BGOCD977 Ram John Holder: Black London Blues/Bootleg Blues.
Beacon LPs from 1969 and 1971, first time on CD.
BGOCD1007 Muddy Waters: Muddy, Brass And The Blues/Can’t
Get No Grindin’. Two hard-to-find Chess albums (1966 & 1973)
BGOCD1009 Chuck Berry: After School Session/Berry Is On Top.
First 2 Chess albums (1957 & 1958), remastered & new liner notes.
BGOCD1011 Muddy Waters: Electric Mud/After The Rain. Late60s albums with Chess searching for a new, younger rock audience. Electric Mud is the famed psychedelic experiment; After
The Rain has less experimentation & is more like a Muddy LP.
BGOCD1033 Doc & Merle Watson: Look Away!/Live & Pickin’. UA
albums from 1978 & 1979, each delighting in bluegrass & folk styles
BGOCD1037 Ike Turner: Blues Roots/Bad Dreams. Early 70s solo
albums from UA, with My Babe, Dust My Broom and more.
CDBGPD206 Georgie Fame: Mod Classics 1964-66. 24 cool tracks
CDBGPD222 The Gospel Truth. Stax gospel from the 1970s.
Staple Singers, Marion Gaines, Sons Of Truth, Clarence Smith, etc.
CDBGPD229 Shattered Dreams – Funky Blues 1967-1978. Buddy
Guy, Johnny Otis, Smokey Wilson, Lowell Fulson, Slim Green, etc.
CDBGPD249 Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk Popcorn.
CDBGPD250 Royal Grooves. 23 groovy funk & soul tracks from
King Records vaults, with Albert Washington, Hank Ballard, Coasters, The Presidents, Bill Doggett and more.
BIG BEAT £10.95
CDWIK46 The Cramps: A Date With Elvis. Great 1985 album.
CDWIKD126 The Cramps: Stay Sick.
CDWIKD295 Willy DeVille: In New Orleans. Compilation drawn
from albums Victory Mixture & Big Easy Fantasy. Guests include Dr
John, Allen Toussaint and The Meters. Good stuff
CDWIKD296 Leon Russell: Live In Japan. From 1971 & 1973.
CDWIKD303 Willy DeVille: Backstreets Of Desire. Superb 1992
album including Dr John and Los
Lobos’ David Hidalgo.
CDWIKD304 Willy DeVille: Live In
Paris And New York 1993.
BIG BEAT £8.50
CDWIKM95 The Cramps: Smell Of
Female. Great live recording.
BURMBGM1021 Omar & The
Howlers: I’m Gone. First album of
new material since 2004. Raw,
electric blues as always plus touches
of rockabilly, country and other
music that he loves.
LMILCD07 Larry Miller: On The
Edge. Rip-roaring blues rockers and soulful ballads.
BLM0258 Bishop Manning And Manning Family: Converted Mind
- Early Recordings. Compelling gospel
BLM0259 Reverend John Wilkins: You
Can’t Hurry God. Son of Robert Wilkins
with superb Mississippi blues & gospel
BHMCD55 Things About Comin’ My
Way - A Tribute To The Mississippi
Sheiks. John
Hammond, Kelly Joe
Phelps, Madeleine Peyroux, North Mississippi Allstars, Geoff Muldaur, etc
BHMCD67 Jim Byrnes: Everywhere
West. St Louis singer-guitarist on enjoyable & unconventional set of classic blues.
BMACD9047 Eddie King & Mae Bee
Mae: The Blues Has Got Me
7233437 The Chieftains: Voice Of Ages. New CD with guests such
as Carolina Chocolate Drops, Imelda May and Punch Brothers.
BLUEBLOOD014 Eddie Martin With His Big Blues Band: Looking Forward Looking Back. Return to the electric blues influences
for popular UK bluesman. Worthy of attention.
BS193 Justin Townes Earle: Nothing Gonna Change The Way
You Feel About Me Now.
BURNBBCD1017 Nick Moss: Here I Am. 2011 album from revered
blues-rock guitarist. 11 tracks of superb riffing and soloing.
BURNBBCD1014 Nick Moss: Privileged. Blues rock CD from 2010
BG1920 Hans Theessink: Jedermann Remixed. Completed songs
from film soundtrack plus originals and intriguing covers.
BHV167872 Dion: Tank Full Of Blues. With self-penned blues songs
BLUE ROSE £13.25
BLUDP056 Ruthie Foster: Let It Burn. Ruthie on a set of combustible soul, gospel, blues & more. With soul legend William Bell.
BLUDP0557 Carolyn Wonderland: Peace Meal. Feisty blues-rock.
MCAD31307 Lyle Lovett: Lyle Lovett. 1986 debut.
MCAD42028 Lyle Lovett: Pontiac. Big-selling second MCA album.
250257 Otis Rush: I Can’t Quit The Blues. Incendiary Cobra sides
250265 Buddy Guy: Brokenhearted Blues. Compelling 50s sides
plus live rockin’ tracks from the 60s.
250267 Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown: Rockin’ Boogie Blues.
Early classics, with ‘She Walks Right In’, ‘Okie Dokie Stomp’, etc.
250297 Michael Powers: Revolutionary Boogie. Five-time ‘Blues
Music Award’ nominee with hot selection of covers and originals.
250300 Ramon Goose: Uptown Blues. Acclaimed solo debut.
250248 Roy Buchanan: When A Telecaster Plays The Blues. Live.
250249 Buddy Guy/Junior Wells/Otis Rush/Little Walter: Chicago Blues Festival from 1964 and 1967.
250255 Delta Moon: Hellbound Train
250288 Billy Boy Arnold & The Groundhogs: Blue & Lonesome.
Recorded in London in 1977, delivering a raw Chicago blues edge.
250302 Michael Messer: National Avenue. Rare 1996 album from
virtuoso slide guitarist.
250294 John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers: In The Shadow Of
Legends. Live in 1982 with Albert King, Buddy Guy, Jr Wells, Etta
James & Sippie Wallace. Plus, the Bluebreakers this night included
Mick Taylor & John McVie. (for DVD version, see page 11).
250247 Big Bill Broonzy: Key To The Blues. CD1 has his most BBCD001 Gordon Smith: Live At The Parsons Green Club. Refamous and influential pieces. CD2 has the 1965 London Sessions. corded in London in 2011, legendary ‘60s British blues guitarist in
top form in an intimate setting, with support from Alan Glen
(harmonica), Tim Penn (piano) and Jim Mercer
250308 Otis Spann: Ebony And Ivory
(double bass). With covers of Leroy Carr,
Blues. Early (and rare) solo sides in
Lonnie Johnson, JB Lenoir, Gary Davis, etc
Chicago, the best of his 1960 New York
studio sessions with Robert Jr Lockwood and St Louis Jimmy Oden plus
some big Chicago blues sides Otis
played on as a sideman - featuring
Buddy Guy, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy
Williamson, Bo Diddley and Muddy.
250312 Memphis Slim & Alexis
Korner: Two of The Same Kind. Memphis Slim’s 1960 London Sessions,
complete & re-packaged. Slim is in fine
voice and his piano playing is, as always, a delight.
250154 Muddy Waters: Hoochie Coochie
Mannish Boy.
250185 Pinetop Perkins: Hot Blues From A Cold Place
250207 North Mississippi AllStars: Shake Hands With Shorty.
250191 Muddy Waters: Live In Europe
250203 John Mayall: Dreaming Of The Blues. Recorded when he
could boast both Walter Trout and Coco Montoya in the band!
250254 Bo Diddley: Have Guitar Will Tour. First CD was recorded
during 1983 European tour; second CD has 25 of his greatest hits.
BURN HEAT £13.25
BURNBHR102 Sean Chambers: Live From
The Long Island Blues Warehouse. Blues-rock
singer & guitarist rips through 10 classics.
BURNLMTIF2010 Lisa Mills: Tempered In
Fire. Mississippi soul blues singer cuts album in
England with Andy Fairweather-Low.
CABLE CAR £11.75
CCR031135 Henrick Freischlader: Still Frame
Replay. German blues-rock guitarist who has
supported BB King, Gary Moore, Johnny Winter
and Peter Green. Recently he has opened for
Joe Bonamassa who makes a guest appearance here
CAMDEN 2CD £7.50
88697452022 Fleetwood Mac: Black Magic Women – Best Of
CANDID £10.25
CCD79024 Memphis Slim: Memphis Slim USA
CCD79001 Otis Spann: Otis Spann Is The Blues
CAPITOL £10.75
5984302 George Thorogood & The Destroyers: 30 years of RockGreatest Hits-includes 2 previously unreleased tracks
CDP 7912682 Bonnie Raitt: Nick Of Time
684 0822 George Thorogood & Destroyers: The Dirty Dozen. 6
250246 Percy Sledge: My Old Friend The Blues. Has he ever
scorching new rockers & 6 hard-to-find favourites.
made a bad record? In fine voice here and with more great songs.
5253892 The Band: The Band (remastered)
250286 The Persuasions: Knockin’ On Bob’s Door. 14 great
5253902 The Band: Music From The Big Pink (remastered)
acapella versions of Bob’s best.
5253932 The Band: Moondog Matinee (remastered)
5253912 The Band: Cahoots (remastered)
BDACD101 Bob Dylan: The Minneapolis Party Tape. Among his 5253922 The Band: Islands (remastered)
earliest taped performances, recorded at Bonnie Beecher’s home in 5253942 The Band: Northern Lights Southern Cross
May 1961. 25 songs including Death Don’t Have No Mercy, San 5253952 The Band: Stage Fright (remastered)
Francisco Bay, Railroad Bill, This Land Is Your Land.
8665682 Johnny Winter: The Progressive Blues Experiment.
BDACD102 Bob Dylan: Carnegie Chapter Hall. Unreleased 1961
CAPO 2CD £15.95
live recording with traditional tunes and Dylan originals.
88697903172 Rory Gallagher: Notes From San Francisco. PreviBRITISH ARCHIVE OF COUNTRY MUSIC £8.50
ously unreleased studio album from 1978 and live material recorded
This is just a selection. We can get everything on BACM - just ask!
at The Old Waldorf in 1979 with a stripped down three piece outfit.
BACM131 The Tobacco Tags: Get Your Head In Here 1931-39
BACM202 Fisher Hendley & Aristocratic Pigs with Henry Whitter
88697902302 Rory Gallagher: Notes From San Francisco. As
BACM239 The Chuck Wagon Gang: Secular & Sacred 1936-1954
above, but with 36 page booklet of essays, notes & 4 postcards.
BACM274 Dock Boggs/Emry Arthur: Old Time Songs From
Virginia And Kentucky
BACM340 Old Time Tunes & Songs 1926-1937. 26 tracks- 4512103277 Old Sledge: Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down. Old time
music of virtuoso fiddle tunes, Appalachian murder ballads & blues.
Tweedy Bros, Cauley Family, Happy Hayseeds, Red Fox Chasers.
BACM348 Henry Whitter: Early Country Singer 1923-28
CHARLY 2CD £9.75
BACM355 Leon Payne: Lang Worth Transcriptions Vol 2
SNAD661CD Sehorn’s Soul Farm – 50 New Orleans Soul Classics. A
BACM360 The Dot Label. 26 tracks inc. Mac Wiseman, Don Reno, gem on vinyl, now with extra tracks!!
Red Smiley, Jimmy Work and more
SNAD561CD Southern Soul Shake! Two seminal albums of deep
BACM363 Light Crust Doughboys: Vol 2 - Roll Up The Carpet 60s soul originally released in 1978 & 1982 plus 18 bonus tracks. 50
1933-40. 24 tracks
stunning soul tracks from Shelby Singleton’s SSS International label
BACM364 Old Time Tunes & Songs Vol 2
(and affiliates Silver Fox & Minaret) with Doris Allen, George PerBACM366 Country Ladies of the 50s. 26 tracks inc Helen Carter, kins, Betty Harris, Peggy Scott, Johnny Adams and Bettye Lavette
Margie Bowes, Alvadean Coker and more
plus bluesy stuff from T-Bone Walker and Calvin Leavy. A classic.
BACM367 Roy Newman: Round The World On A Dime.
SNAD664CD Mr Joe’s Jambalaya. 46 super soul and blues tracks
BACM369 Jim Boyd: Texas Moon Waltz
drawn from legendary New Orleans labels (Minit, Instant, Alon and
BACM370 Shelton Brothers: Volume 2.
Seven-B) of the late 1950s & 1960s. These sides appeared on two
BACM371 Cousin Herb Henson: And His Trading Post Gang
Charly vinyl albums in the 1980s and are now together of a smashBACM372 Tune Wranglers: Drivin’ The Dogies Along
ing set - Art Neville, Ernie K Doe, Benny Spellman, Jessie Hill, Allen
BACM373 Uncle Henry’s Original Kentucky Mountaineers: Vol 2
Toussaint, Showmen, Irma Thomas, Nolan Pitts, Eddie Lang, etc.
BACM374 Canadian Country Vol 3
BACM375 Margie Singleton: She Will Break Your Heart
SNAJ743 Sun Rockabilly Meltdown. 107 tracks, with Joe Baugh, Billy
BACM378 Hillbilly On A Budget. 30 super tracks, with Tex Arnold,
Lee Riley, Dick Penner, Malcolm Yelvington, Elvis, Carl Perkins, etc
Bob Sandy, Rusty Howard, Cliff Johnson and more.
SNAJ744 Charlie Rich: Complete Sun Masters. 102 tracks includBROADSIDE £9.50
ing all his hits for Sun plus undubbed versions, rarities, etc. Brilliant!
STERN1 When Girls Do It. Legendary Red Lightnin album on CD!
SNAJ723CD Vee Jay Records-Chicago Hit Factory 115 tracks
M4M002 M For Mississippi - A Road Trip Through The Birth- inc. John Lee Hooker, Jerry Butler, Jimmy Reed, Little Richard,
place Of The Blues. 11 tracks from Big George Brock, RL Boyce & Betty Everett, Kip Anderson, Billy Boy Arnold, Jay McShann etc.
Lightnin’ Malcolm, T-Model Ford, Jimmy Duck Holmes, etc.
SNAB904CD Jerry Lee Lewis: Sun Essentials. 128 rockin’ tracks
from his Sun years, covering rockers, country sides, ballads and a
M4M003 M For Mississppi Vol 2 Second CD from the film that few novelties. Plus a 52 page book with track details and biography.
has won a Blues Music Award for Blues DVD of The Year.
CHARLY 3CD £16.00
SNAJ722CD Elmore James: King Of The Slide Guitar. Complete
13002 Odell Harris: Searching For Odell Harris. Debut CD of rough Trumpet, Chief & Fire Sessions with a 24 page booklet.
SNAJCD728 Jimmy Reed: Essential Boss Man– 75 great tracks.
and wild blues. We gave it a great review on its release in 2006.
13003 Terry “Big T” Williams & Wesley “Junebug” Jefferson: SNAJ730CD Fire & Fury Story. History of pioneering labels.
Tarheel Slim, Elmore, Wilbert Harrison, Crudup, Jimmy Spruill, etc
Meet Me In The Cotton Field. Blues veterans from Clarksdale.
13004 Jimmy “Duck” Holmes: Done Got Tired Of Tryin’.
CHARLY 2CD £12.75
13005 Mississippi Marvel: The World Must Never Know. 2008 SNAX626CD The Red Bird Story. 60 songs from Alvin Robinson,
debut by a 78-year-old country blues guitarist hiding his identity to Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Dixie-Cups, Ad-Libs, Evie Sands, etc.
not offend his church. Solo acoustic and small-combo juke blues.
SNAX624CD Allen Toussaint: Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky. 50
13006 Pat Thomas: His Father’s Son. Debut CD from the son of tracks covering New Orleans legend’s solo recs plus great producthe late James "Son" Thomas.
tion hits with Lee Dorsey, Meters, Aaron Neville, Irma Thomas, etc.
13007 Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes: Ain’t It Lonesome. Bentonia blues
SNAX627CD The Meters: Here Comes The Meter Man. ‘Sissy
Strut’, ‘Sophisticated Sissy’, ‘Ride Your Pony’ & more.
BH13008 Mistakes Were Made - Five Years Of Raw Blues, Damaged SNAX628CD Lee Dorsey: Soul Mine - Best Of & More. Holy Cow,
Livers And Questionable Business Decisions. Label retrospective with Working In A Coalmine and plenty more New Orleans soul classics.
30 tracks from artists on their roster (many previously unreleased). SNAX629CD Vee-Jay Records Presents The Blues. One of the most
Stonking country blues from Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes, T-Model Ford, exciting LPs of the 1960s, this introduced us to JB Lenoir, Billy Boy
Arnold, Elmore James, Rosco Gordon, etc. An important record
Pat Thomas, Odell Harris, L.C. Ulmer, etc. This is seriously good.
reissued in full plus 21 more classic blues from Vee-Jay’s vaults.
SNAX630CD Jimmy Reed: I’m Jimmy Reed. Classic 1958 album
plus hits taken from his career at Vee-Jay.
SNAX632CD Aaron Neville: Hercules - Minit And Sansu Sessions
1960-77. One of the great New Orleans voices with classic soulful
hits, alternate takes, rarities,
etc. Over 50 massive tracks.
SNAX634CD Ernie K. Doe:
Here Come The Girls - A
History 1960-70. Big R&B hits
with Allen Toussaint, for Minit,
Instant and Janus.
SNAX635CD Irma Thomas:
Soul Queen Of New Orleans.
The first CD has her big hits
(plus demos & b-sides). CD2 is
a live 1976 set.
Womack: Across 110th Street
- 40th Anniversary Edition. Bigselling albums - Across 110th
Street (1972), Facts Of Life
(1973) & Looking For A Love Again (1974).
CHARLY £12.75
SNAX640CD Bettye LaVette: Nearer To You. Soul legend’s complete late 60s and early 70s sides for Silver Fox & SSS International
CHARLY £8.00
SNAP298CD Albert King: King Albert/New Orleans Heat
CRPIE005 Big Town Playboys: Roll The Dice. Re-released to
mark the 20th anniversary of lauded British R&B band.
CDMRED318 Stack Waddy: Stack Waddy. Re-release of roughhouse classic, first released on John Peel’s Dandelion label.
CRTREE004 Wizz Jones: Right Now. 1972 album.
CHESS 2CD £13.95
1129852 Howlin Wolf: London Sessions. Wolf with some of the
cream of British blues, notably Clapton. This 2CD version includes
alternate takes & additional sides not included on the original album.
CDCD5047 Rarest Rockabilly Album In The World Ever! 50
tracks, many super-rare with lots on names new (or barely known)
to us on tracks mostly from 1957-59. With Gene Brown, Jimmy
Patton, Glenn Bond, Marvin Rainwater, Carl Mann, Don Willis,
Maylon Humphries, Rocky Davis, Luke McDaniel and plenty more.
CDCD5076 Ronnie On The Radio - Ronnie Wood Show. Blues,
r&b, rock n roll & jazz from his Absolute Radio show.
CDCD5085 Elvis Presley: Complete ‘61 Session. Everything he
recorded in 1961 - singles, EPs, movie songs and albums. 55 tracks
CDCD5019 Best Of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour Vol 1
CDCD5021 Best Of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour Vol 2
CDCD5025 Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour Best Of Second
Series. 52 super tracks played by Bob during the second series
CDCD5032 Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour – Best Of
Third Series. 52 diverse tracks with Zuzu Bollin, Ray Charles,
Mose Allison, Memphis Jug Band, Muddy, Hot Lips Page, etc.
CDCD5038 Cramps Jukebox. One CD of 30 marvellously rare,
unhinged, rock & roll; CD2 is of radio interviews with Lux & Ivy of
the Cramps, discussing these amazing tracks. A real treasure.
CDCD5027 Captain Beefheart’s Jukebox. 25 tracks Inc. Howlin’
Wolf, Ornette Coleman, Slim Harpo, etc.
CDCD5060 Eric Clapton’s Jukebox. 70 mins of super blues - Big
Maceo, Little Walter, Otis Rush, Freddie King, Billy Boy Arnold, etc.
CDCD5063 Joan Baez: The Debut Album Plus. Her 1960 LP & 10
recordings made in 1959 never previously released on CD.
CDCD5065 Underground Rockabilly. 25 rare rockabilly sides from
late 50s. Aubrey Cagle, Laverne Stovall, Boppers, Hank Davis, etc.
CDCD5066 Keith Richards’ Jukebox. 27 splendidly varied tracks
inc. Chuck, Muddy, Rufus Thomas, Clarence Garlow, Elvis, etc.
CDCD5082 Ella Mae Morse: Barrelhouse, Boogie & The Blues.
Superb female blues shouter with 1954 album plus 20 bonus tracks.
CD4CD5075 Gene Vincent: The Capitol Years. His complete
output for Capitol during late 50s-early 60s, with a fantastic 122
tracks from albums, 45s, EPs & live sides. With 16 page booklet.
CWK3022 Radiators From Space: Sound City Beat. One-time
punk band re-invented to run through a spirited set of covers of 60s
& 70s Irish bands such as Them, Thin Lizzy, Taste, etc.
CLARION £10.00
CLCD002 Steve Phillips: Solo. One of UK’s best blues guitarists
CLCD003 Steve Phillips: Grosvenor Sessions (Live).
R&B & Blues giants, complete recordings in chronological order
CLASSICS5003 Ruth Brown 1949-50
CLASSICS5012 Sticks McGhee1947-51
CLASSICS5015 Ivory Joe Hunter 1945-47
CLASSICS5062 Jimmy McCracklin 1945-48
CLASSICS5098 Howlin’ Wolf 1952-53
CLASSICS5133 Lightnin’ Hopkins 1950-51
CLASSICS5136 Lula Reed: 1951-54
CLASSICS5164 Lowell Fulson 1949-51
CLASSICS5172 Johnny Guitar Watson 1952-55
All contents copyright Red Lick Records Ltd.
5067X Chris Barber Presents - Blues Lost & Found Vol 1. 23 live
tracks from Manchester in 1957/58 of the Chris Barber Band with
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
5068X Chris Barber Presents - Blues Lost & Found Vol 2. 19 live
tracks from Manchester & London 1958/59 and 1962. With Muddy,
Otis Spann, Sonny & Brown, Jack Dupree and Louis Jordan.
5069X Chris Barber Presents - Blues Lost & Found Vol 3. 23
more historic tracks with SBW, Wolf, Hubert Sumlin. Mostly from
the UK in 1964, but 5 are Jimmy Witherspoon in 1980 in Holland.
CONCORD £12.75
7233840 Little Richard: Here’s Little Richard. 1957 debut album, re
-mastered with two bonus tracks and two video screen tests. With
original LP liner notes & new notes from Lee Hildebrand.
88697732882 Bob Dylan: Vol 1-3 - Rare & Unreleased
CBHCD2016 Danny Bryant’s Redeye Band: Just As I Am. Blues
and soulful ballads by one of Britain’s leading bands. Their best yet.
CBHCD2018 Preston Shannon: Goin’ Back To Memphis. 12 track
album by singer likened to Otis Redding and Bobby Womack whose
guitar echoes Albert King, B.B, King, T-Bone Walker & Little Milton.
CBHCD2019 John Primer: All Original. 12 new songs.
CBHCD2020 Franck Goldwasser: Can’t Raise Me. Contemporary
American bluesman and one-time member of The Mannish Boys
and The Sultans Of Slide, with 11 track album.
9841801 John Mayall: Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton
DECCA £8.15
9842225 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers: A Hard Road
9840839 John Mayall: Blues From Laurel Canyon
8448272 John Mayall With Eric Clapton: Bluesbreakers
9842178 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers: Bare Wires
9842175 John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers: Crusade
8447852 John Mayall & Bluesbreakers: The Best Of
9841805 John Mayall: The Blues Alone
CONCORD 2CD £13.25
7232046 Otis Redding: Live On The Sunset Strip. Three full sets 8828982 Ten Years After: Stonedhenge
CLPCD7548 Little Richard: Rock ‘N’ Roll Anthology. 20 of his early from four nights at the Whisky A Go Go club in LA in 1966. Digitally 8828992 Ten Years After: Undead
hits on the CD plus an interview. The DVD is a 1972 documentary re-mastered from original tapes, this is hot & sweaty soul at its best. DECCA 2CD £11.85
of the historic London concert also with Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck
9841804 John Mayall: Diary Of A Band Vols 1 & 2
Berry, Bill Haley, Bo Diddley & more. Worth it for the DVD alone!
5322631 Davy Graham: A Scholar & A Gentleman (Best Of…)
CBCHCD2010 Danny Bryant’s Redeye Band: Live
CBHCD2014 Danny Bryant's Redeye Band: Black & White.
88697761792 Bob Dylan: Vol 9 - Witmark Demos 1962-64. 47 CBHCD2015 Paul Jones: Starting All Over Again. With guests Eric DD604 Big Joe Williams: Blues On Highway 49
historic early demos (15 previously unreleased Dylan songs).
Clapton & Percy Sledge. 1st solo album in decades.
DD605 Curtis Jones: Lonesome Bedroom Blues
88697732892 Bob Dylan: Vol 4 Live 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert
88697732902 Bob Dylan: Vol 5 Live 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue.
88697732912 Bob Dylan: Vol 6 Live 1964 At Philharmonic Hall.
88697732942 Bob Dylan: Vol 7 No Direction Home
88697746102 Bob Dylan: Vol 8 Tell Tale Signs Rare 1989- 2006.
CONCORD £13.75
7231528 Robben Ford: Soul On Ten
7232007 Jonny Lang: Live At The Ryman. First live CD from 2008.
7231351 Ray Charles: Genius - The Ultimate Ray Charles. A 23
track anthology of his big hits, digitally re-mastered. Awesome.
88697847422 Bob Dylan: In Concert At Brandeis University 1963. CONTINENTAL SONG CITY £13.15
A 21 year old Dylan in concert 2 weeks before ’The Freewheelin’..’ CSCCD1075 Pokey LaFarge And The South City Three: Middle
Of Everywhere. Follow up to Riverboat Soul (DIRTCD060), another
is released. A fascinating glimpse of 8 future Dylan masterpieces.
great set of early-20th century blues, jazz & country roots music.
CSCCD1076 Dale Watson & The Texas Two: Sun Sessions.
88697830152/9 Johnny Cash: Bootleg Series Vol 1 - Personal File. Tribute to sound of Sun Records from contemporary rockabilly trio.
49 privately recorded and intimate solo performances 1973– 1982
CSCCD1082 BettySoo & Doug Cox: Across The Borderline - More
Lies. Heartbreaker ballads and sterling guitar support from Doug.
88697600512 Johnny Cash: Vol 2 - From Memphis To Hollywood. COOKING VINYL £12.35
Early years at Sun in 1954 to Columbia years into 1960s, Live radio COOKCD361 North Mississippi Allstars:Electric Blue Watermelon
broadcasts, demos, out-takes, b-sides, etc. 57 tracks.
COOKCD325 Richard Thompson: Front Parlour Ballads
88697930332 Johnny Cash: Bootleg Vol III - Live Around The COOKCD531 Ron Sexsmith: Long Player Late Bloomer. Latest
World. Rare live tracks 1956 and 1979, most previously released.
from lauded Canadian singer-songwriter.
88697986712 Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas. First new CD for 8 years COOKCD251 Richard Thompson: The Old Kit Bag
88697192162 Christine Perfect
88697079152 Johnny Young
82876769682 Eddie Boyd. With Peter Green on guitar.
88697359862 Key Largo
82876822902 Otis Spann. Everything remastered from Biggest
Thing Since Colossus, Blues Jam At Chess and his Blue Horizon
singles. 28 beautiful tracks including unissued & alternate takes
82876851232 1968 Memphis Country Blues Festival & Bukka
White's Complete Blue Horizon Sessions. With Bukka White,
Furry Lewis, 100 year old Nathan Beauregard, Robert Wilkins and
Joe Callicott. Great live atmosphere. The Bukka White sessions
feature our boy whanging down on his National guitar with an
intensity akin to Son House, playing solo and with a small combo.
82876887372 George Smith & Bacon Fat. Original LPs s “Grease
One For Me” & “No Time For Jive”).
82876734942 Chicken Shack. Inc. unreleased gems & singles.
COOKCD214 Ron Sexsmith: Blue Boy. Re-released at a mid-price
COOL BUZZ £13.75
CLBZ032 Hokie Joint: The Music Starts To Play. Second album of
in-demand British roots-based blues band.
CORKER £10.25
Master of lap steel guitar, praised by Bob Brozman & Woody Mann.
CORKER001 Tom Doughty: The Bell
CORKER002 Tom Doughty: Running Free
CORKER003 Tom Doughty: Have A Taste Of This!
COUNTY £13.15
COCD3505 Uncle Dave Macon: Go Long Mule
COCD3512 Old Time Mountain Guitar
COCD3519 Old Time Music, West Virginia Vol 2
COCD2743 Senator Robert Byrd: Mountain Fiddler
COCD2744 Rural Parlour Guitar
COCD3510 Ernest V Stoneman: Edison Recordings 1928
CCD11100 BB & The Blues Shacks: London Days.
CCD11101 Josh Smith: I’m Gonna Be Ready. Guitarist influenced
by Texan bluesmen Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert Collins, etc .
CCD11102 JW-Jones: Midnight Memphis Sun. Much lauded blues
guitarist with support of Hubert Sumlin and Charlie Musselwhite.
CCD12013 Billy C. Farlow: Alabama Swamp Stomp. Southern
blues and r&b, a 14 track debut for label.
COMPASS £13.15
CCD12012 Colin Linden: Still Live. First live album includes a
COM45432 Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band: Legacy. With guests cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s Who’s Been Talking alongside 11 originals.
Del McCoury, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings and more.
CCD11104 JW Jones: Seventh Hour. Talented blues guitarist who
COM45652 Noam Pikelny: Beat The Devil And Carry A Rail. Rising
draws comparisons with Albert Collins,
star of bluegrass banjo, with Jerry Douglas,
Lonnie Mack & Ronnie Earl.
Chris Thile and more.
CRS £14.25
RM1010 Heritage Blues Orchestra: And
Historic albums available again at a great
Still I Rise. A musical ride through early
blues traditions of field hollers, spirituals,
7231439 Ray Charles: Live In Concert
early jazz and more, utilising three voices,
4312248 Ray Charles: Genius Loves
two guitars, drums/percussion, harmonica
and a fiery four-piece horn section (tuba,
7231406 Ray Charles: A Message From
trumpets, trombone and sax). With ClarksThe People
dale Moan, Go Down Hannah, Catfish
7231337 Ray Charles: Modern Sounds In C
Blues, Levee Camp Holler and more.
& W Music
DAPTONE £12.45
7232196 Ray Charles: The Undiscovered
DAP001 Sharon Jones & Dap Kings: DapMasters
Dippin With…
7231670 Ray Charles: The Genius Hits The
DAP004 Sharon Jones & Dap Kings:
CCD21872 Robben Ford: Keep On RunDAP012 Sharon Jones & Dap Kings: 100
ning. With John Mayall, Mavis Staples,
Edgar Winter & Terry Evans. Rocking blues guitar.
SCD85292 Little Milton: Grits Ain’t Groceries. Live Stax-period DAP019 Sharon Jones & Dap Kings: I Learned The Hard Way
DAP024 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Soul Time. 12 more
tracks from early 1970s in L.A. A great soul-bluesman on top form.
MCD470282 Staple Singers: Great Day. Riverside gospel sides corkers from one of the best soul singers and bands around.
from 1962-64, digitally remastered with new liner notes.
DARK LORD £11.75
DLWM66670 Snakewater: A New Breed. Debut CD from UK power
7233178 Rufus Thomas: Do The Funky Chicken. Stax recordings blues rock trio, influenced by Cream, Gary Moore & Bonamassa
88697847832 The Perfect Blues Collection. 25 original Columbia
blues albums in replica cardboard sleeves plus 40 page booklet, all
housed in a neat box. Classic and historic albums - Robert Johnson,
Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal, Etta James, SRV, Buddy Guy, Big Bill
Broonzy, Son House, Johnny Winter and more.
from 1968-69 plus bonus tracks recorded at Malaco.
DECCA £13.75
7233177 Shirley Brown: Woman To Woman. Re-issue of 1974 1775577 Susan Tedeschi: Back To The River
soul album on Stax’s Truth imprint label plus bonus tracks.
2748331 Robert Plant: Band Of Joy.
DD607 Roosevelt Sykes: Hard Drivin' Blues
DD608 Sleepy John Estes: Broke & Hungry
DD609 Big Joe Williams & JD Short: Stavin' Chain
DD613 Sleepy John Estes: Brownsville Blues
DD616 Roosevelt Sykes: Gold Mine
DD617 J.B. Hutto/Sunnyland Slim: Hawk Squat
DD620 Magic Sam Blues Band: Black Magic
DD621 Arthur Crudup Meets the Master Blues Bassists
DD623 Jimmy Dawkins: Fast Fingers
DD627 Big Joe Williams: 9 String Guitar Blues
DD628 Junior Wells: Southside Blues Jam
DD629 Mighty Joe Young: Blues With A Touch Of Soul
DD630 Robert Jr Lockwood: Steady Rollin' Man
DD635 Junior Wells: On Tap
DD636 J.B. Hutto: Slidewinder
DD640 Junior Wells: Blues Hit Big Town
DD644 Jimmy Johnson: Johnson's Whacks
DD647 Jimmy Johnson: North/South
DD648 Little Walter: The Blues World of...
DD649 Yank Rachell: Chicago Style
DD654 Magic Sam: Give Me Time
DD655 Sunnyland Slim: House Rent Party
DD656 Pete Johnson: Central Avenue Boogie
DD666 Carey Bell: Hearthaches and Pain
DD678 Eddy Clearwater: Boogie my blues away
DD705 Albert Ammons with Pete Johnson & Meade Lux Lewis:
Boogie Woogie Stomp
DD712 Big Walter Horton & Alfred "Blues King" Harris: Harmonica Blues Kings-16 sides from 1954
DD735 Sunnyland Slim: Smile On My Face
DD740 Piano Red: Dr Feelgood
DD745 Jimmy Johnson: Pepper's Hangout
DD773 Roosevelt Sykes: Chicago Boogie.
DELMARK £13.00
DE606 Yank Rachell: Mandolin Blues
DE614 Arthur Crudup: Look On Yonders Wall
DE622 Carey Bell: Blues Harp
DE632 Roosevelt Sykes: Feel Like Blowin’ My Horn
DE634 Jimmy Dawkins: All For Business
DE638 Otis Rush: A Cold Day in Hell
DE639 Sleepy John Estes: Newport Blues
DE642 Roosevelt Sykes: Raining In My Heart
DE643 Otis Rush: So Many Roads (Live)
DE645 Magic Sam: Live
DE663 Little Brother Montgomery: Goodbye Mister Blues
DE679 Lurrie Bell: Mercurial Son
DE681 Little Milton: Live at Westville Prison
DE682 Little Sammy Davis: I Ain't Lyin'
DE683 Wynonie Harris: Everybody Boogie
DE686 Brewer Phillips: Homebrew. Hot album from one-time
guitarist with Hound Dog Taylor and J.B. Hutto.
DE728 Tail Dragger: American People
DG757 Shirley Johnson: Killer Diller
DE762 Memphis Slim: The Come Back- first 2 sessions for United
DG763 Mad Dog Lester Davenport: I Smell A Rat
DG765 Magic Sam: Rockin’ Wild In Chicago-1960’s live cuts
DE767 Big Joe Williams: I Got Wild
DE774 Byther Smith: Hold That Train
DE778 J.B. Hutto: Stompin' at Mother Blues
DE781 Otis Rush: All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
DE782 Taildragger: My Head Is Bald
DE783 Mississippi Heat: One Eye Open featuring Lurrie Bell
DE786 Magic Slim & The Teardrops/Joe Carter with Sunnyland
Slim: That Ain’t Right
DE787 Junior Wells: Live at Theresa's 1975
DE791 Carrie & Lurrie Bell: Getting’ Up
DE793 Little Arthur Duncan: Live at Rosa's
DE795 Mississippi Heat: Hattiesberg Blues
DE796 Byther Smith: Blues On The Moon
DE797 Sleepy John Estes: On 80 Highway with Hammie Nixon.
Unissued stuff from 1974. Plenty he never recorded before.
DE798 Shirley Johnson: Blues Attack.
DE799 Eddie C. Campbell: Tear This World Up.
DE800 It Ain’t Over! 55 Years Of Blues. Delmark artists live at
Buddy Guy’s Legends to celebrate 55 years of the label.
DE801 Quintus McCormick Blues Band: Hey Hodie!
DE802 Zora Young: The French Connection
DE803 Tail Dragger: Live At Rooster’s Lounge
DE805 Willie Buck: The Life I Love. Tough Chicago blues
DE806 Dave Weld & Imperial Flames: Burnin’ Love. With Lil ‘Ed.
DE807 Mississippi Heat: Let’s Live It Up. With John Primer
DE808 Jimmy Dawkins Presents The Leric Story. Tail Dragger,
Vance Kelly, Queen Sylvia, Big Mojo Elem, Sister Margo and more,
all recorded for Dawkins in 1980s. Tough Chicago blues, backed by
Eddie Burks, Willie Kent, Lafayette Leake & Jimmy Dawkins.
CDs, LPs,
DE809 Junior Wells: Live In Boston 1966. Great rough & ready
recordings with Junior & the legendary Aces on top form.
DE810 Studebaker John: That’s The Way You Do.
DE811 James Kinds: Love You From The Top.
DE612 Junior Wells: Hoodoo Man Blues. Classic mid-60s Chicago
blues album in a re-mastered edition with bonus tracks, all presented in a nice double gatefold digi-pack with booklet of new notes
and rare photos. With Buddy Guy on guitar and Fred Below on
drums, this remains a high watermark of Chicago blues in the sixties
DE742 The Big DooWopper: All In The Joy. Blues, soul, gospel
and more from big-hearted piano and organ player from Chicago.
DE814 Demetria Taylor: Bad Girl. With guest appearances from
Billy Branch, Eddie Shaw, Eddie Taylor jr and more.
DE815 Quintis McCormick: Put It On Me! 14 tracks on follow up to
successful debut Hey Jodie (DE801). With guest Billy Branch.
DE816 Sharon Lewis: The Real Deal. With Billy Branch and Dave
Specter. 13 tracks from veteran singer of the Chicago blues scene.
DE817 Toronzo Cannon: Leavin’ Mood. Chicago blues singerguitarist influenced by the 3 Kings (B.B., Albert and Freddie) and
Hendrix with a new soul and gospel inflected album.
DE818 Studebaker John: Old School Rockin’. 14 originals from
rocking bluesman. Rough & ready, as he heard on Maxwell Street.
DE819 Eddie C Campbell: Spider Eating Preacher. Follow up to
Tear This World Up (DE799) which was a finalist for the Blues
Music Awards ‘Album Of The Year’ in 2010. Another belter.
DE820 Rockin’ Johnny Band: Grim Reaper. Popular contemporary blues band, incorporating funk, rock and swing vibes.
DE821 Quintis McCormick: Still Called The Blues. One of the
brightest stars of contemporary Chicago blues with third album for
label, once again presenting his soul as well as blues credentials.
DEVILDOWNCD005 Little Joe Ayers: Backatchya. Just Little Joe, his
guitar and a whole life immersed in propulsive, rhythmic and hypnotic music. We don’t really know as much about Joe as, and he
may not have the proven artistic gravitas of, Fred McDowell or R.L.
Burnside but, boy, he is good.
DEVILDOWNCD006 Turchi: Road Ends In Water. Having previously brought us other artists, label owner Reed Turchi now offers
up his own band’s slide guitar-led blues. Influences have obviously
been absorbed, and the 10 tracks here smell, taste & feel like
authentic modern-day North Mississippi hill country blues. Nice one.
DFGCD8720 Eric Bibb: Deeper In The Well. Studio album, recorded in Louisiana, featuring a rich mix of blues, folk, cajun and
Americana. In total, 13 lovely tracks in a beautiful gatefold digipack.
DFGCD8723 Rob Tognoni: Energy Red. Tasmanian blues rocker
with 14 new explosive tracks mixing originals and intriguing covers.
DFGCD8724 Dave Arcari: Nobody’s Fool. Gruff & growly CD that
mixes country blues from American south and Scottish folk. A lively
set of inspired covers, traditional material and excellent originals.
DFGCD8725 Larry Garner: Blues For Sale. Another 11 track
example of what is needed to be one of the finest bluesmen of a
generation, evidencing talents as blues singer, guitarist & songwriter
DEVILDOWNCD002 North Mississippi Allstars: Live In The Hills - DFGCD8726 Neal Black, Nico Wayne Toussaint & Fred ChapelOfficial Bootleg. A blues-rocking live feast from the 2010 North lier: BTC Blues Revue - Live And More. A dynamic combination of
blues, roots, soul and rock from the label’s leading lights
Mississippi Hill Country Picnic.
DFGCD8727 Leadfoot Rivet: Welcome To My Mongrel Music
World. Powerful vocalist who synthesises blues, folk, soul & more.
DEVILDOWNCD004 Kenny Brown: Can’t Stay Long. One disc of solo
acoustic songs (‘Porch Songs’) and another disc live and electric
233265 Alexis Korner: The Godfather Of The European Blues
with his band (‘Money Maker’) and you get the best of both worlds
Scene. Early recordings from 1954-57, with blues & skiffle tracks
from North Mississippi blues legend and his mean slide guitar.
involving Ken Colyer, Alexis Korner, Beryl Bryden and more. A find.
DT0024 Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown: Milton Hopkins & Jewel
233475 Muddy Waters: Chicago Blues Legend. Loads of big hits
Brown. Rhythm guitarist in B.B. King’s band for most of the 1970s
and rarities, from his Library Of Congress sides in 1941 to his
joins forces with super female blues vocalist on a set of classic
historic appearance of the Newport Festival in 1960.
blues sides. Highly enjoyable and recommended.
DIG MUSIC £13.15
233504 Rock Instrumentals. Around 200 instrumental classics
BURNDIG110 Maria Muldaur: Classic Live! 1973-75 performances
from the rock and roll era - Billy Haley, Scotty Moore Trio, The
Champs, Al Casey, Sonny Burgess, Duane Eddy, Link Wray, The
DFGCD8677 Guitar Gabriel: The Beginning Of The Music Maker Story. Fireballs, Joe Maphis, Bill Justis and tons more.
Excellent set of Gabriel’s music recorded in houses & back porches. DOCUMENTS 3CD £13.95
The DVD documentary is on the charitable foundation Music Maker 233431 Chuck Berry: All Hits & Rarities 1955-60. 60 amazing
DELMARK £12.15
DE615 Magic Sam: West Side Soul. New re-mastered release for an
all-time Chicago blues classic. New digi-pack with rare photos.
DFGCD8657 Duke Robillard: The Blues And More…
DE23 Karen Dalton: 1966. Rarely heard singer-songwriter on DIXIEFROG 2CD £14.95
intimate home-recordings from 1966, accompanied only by her own DFGCD8649 Music Maker’s Sisters of The South. Fantastic collection.
guitar and banjo. Booklet has a 3,500 word essay by Ben Edmonds. DFGCD8665 Eric Bibb: Live At Fip. Inc 20 minute video of onstage
DGPCD106 John Long: Lost And Found
DGPCD117 Insomniacs: Left Coast Blues
DGPCD118 Rod Piazza & Mighty Flyers: ThrillVille
DGPCD0120 Sean Costello: We Can Get Together
DGPCD121 Legendary R & B Revue
DGPCD122 Mannish Boys: Lowdown Feelin'
DGPCD123 Jackie Payne & Steve Edmonson: Overnight Sensation
DGPCD0125 Los Fabulocos Feat. Kid Ramos: Los Fabulocos
DGPCD0126 Elvin Bishop & Guests: The Blues Rolls On
DGPCD0127 Cedric Burnside & Lightnin Malcom: Two Man Wrecking
DGPCD128 Mitch Kashmar: Live At Labatt
DGPCD129 Bobby Jones & Mannish Boys: Comin' Back Hard
DGPCD130 Insomniacs: At Least I'm Not With You
DGPCD133 Candye Kane: Superhero
DGPCD134 Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: Soul Monster
DGPCD136 Hollywood Blue Flames: Deep In America (2CD)
DGPCD137 Mannish Boys: Shake For Me
DGPCD138 Elvin Bishop: Red Dog Speaks
DGPCD139 Bob Corritore: Harmonica Blues
DGPCD140 Mitch Kashmar: 100 Miles To Go
DGPCD141 Lynwood Slim & Igor Prado: Brazilian Kicks
DGPCD142 Los Fabulocos: Dos. Their second album and
it’s just as good as the first. Tons of energized latin
rhythms fused with good ol’ rock’n’roll, blues & boogie.
Hot stuff, featuring Kid Ramos (guitar).
DGPCD143 Tracey Nelson: Victim Of The Blues.
DGPCD144 Elvin Bishop: Raisin’ Hell Revue. Elvin on
the 2010 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise with
friends Finis Tasby, John Nemeth and Kid Andersen.
DGPCD145 Shawn Pittman: Edge Of The World. A
stunning album, made more impressive by the fact that
Shawn co-wrote most of the songs, played pretty much
all instruments and even produced the beast. Superb &
varied with a lively 50s R&B vibe throughout.
DGPCD146 Terry Hanck: Look Out! One-time Elvin
Bishop sax man fronts hot West Coast band.
DGPCD147 Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers: Almighty Dollar. A
superbly assured harmonica-led album from leading blues band.
DGPCD148 Candye Kane: Sister Vagabond. Scorching blues &
soul singer & multiple blues awards winner meaning every last word
DGPCD149 Big Pete: Choice Cuts. Stunning album by Dutch blues
singer & harp maestro with all-star support from Kim Wilson, Paul
Oscher, Kid Ramos, Shawn Pittman, Kirk Fletcher &, Rusty Zinn.
0250150 Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore: Long Time Friends In The
Blues. Legendary blues singer join forces with harmonica player
extraordinaire to bring us a corking hot & dirty Chicago blues album.
0250151 Nathan James & The Rhythm Scratchers: What You
Make Of It. Southern Californian blues sensations stomp, holler and
scratch their way through a set of amplified juke joint blues. Notable
guest appearance from James Harman on his superb Rhino Horn.
DEVILDOWNCD001 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Come And Found You
Gone - The Bill Ferris Recordings. Never before heard sessions, with
support from wife, Annie Mae, and friend Napoleon Strickland
(among others). Fred is at his most relaxed and expansive on
favourites and songs never otherwise recorded. Great songs,
fantastic sound and one of the very best bluesmen ever.
DEVILDOWNCD003 North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic Vol II. Super
compilation of live recordings from the 2010 Picnic, held in Potts
Camp, Mississippi. 13 ragged performances from country bluesmen
and rocking bands. With Rev John Wilkins, Robert Belfour, North
Mississippi Allstars, Kenny Brown, Alvin Youngblood Hart and more.
DFGCD8527 Duke Robillard: Living With The Blues
DFGCD8640 Carolina Chocolate Drops: Heritage
DFGCD8647 Kenny Neal: Let Life Flow
DFGCD8651 Joe Louis Walker: Witness To The Blues
DFGCD8654 Little Pink Anderson: Sittin’ Here Singing The Blues.
DFGCD8669 Duke Robillard: Stomp! The Blues Tonight. A reunion
with some of Roomful Of Blues. Steaming stuff from the 40s & 50s.
DFGCD8673 Joe Louis Walker: Between A Rock And The Blues.
DFGCD8682 Malted Milk: Sweet Soul Blues. Hot French blues.
FGCD8686 Napoleon Washington: Mud & Grace.
DFGCD8687 Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers: Live In Detroit.
DFGCD8690 Magic Slim & Teardrops: Raising The Bar. Chicago blues
boss with updated collection of old & new songs on a great album.
DFGCD8691 Sue Foley & Peter Carp: He Said, She Said.
DFGCD8693 Kenny Neal: Hooked On Your Love.
DFGCD8694 Duke Robillard: Passport To The Blues.
DFGCD8695 Joe Louis Walker’s Blues Conspiracy: Live On The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise. Live album with guests Tommy Castro,
Duke Robillard, Kenny Neal, Johnny Winter and Watermelon Slim.
DFG133 Tom Principato: A Part Of Me. With Sonny Landreth.
DFGCD8697 Black & White - Field
Recordings by Art Rosenbaum. A
compilation of the work of Art
Rosenbaum, musician, folklorist &
professor of art at University of Georgia who spent his spare time recording traditional music first released
on two 4CD boxsets on Dust To
Digital and often compared to Harry
Smith’s ‘Anthology Of American Folk
Music’ for cultural significance. 24
stunning sides, with Scrapper Blackwell, Yank Rachel, Balfa Brothers,
Nathan Abshire & more.
DGFCD8701 The Music Maker
Revue Live! In Europe. Pura Fe,
Alabama Slim,Eddie Tigner, Albert
DFGCD8703 Lucky Peterson, Magic Slim, Joe Louis Walker &
Bill Perry: 4 Blues Guitar Masters. 5 unreleased tracks from Lucky
and tracks selected from CDs on the label by the others. A stormer.
DFGCD8707 Monkey Junk: To Behold. Swampy R&B & boogie.
DFGCD8708 Duke Robillard: Low Down & Tore Up. High-energy
uptown and low-down blues. A return to the songs & styles that first
spiked our boy’s interest in blues as a young pup.
DFGCD8711 David Gogo: Soul-Bender. Hot Canadian blues rock.
DFGCD8709 Keith B. Brown: Down The Line. One of the lead
performers in the Wim Wenders ‘Soul Of A Man’ DVD (as part of
Martin Scorsese’s blues series) with his own album of traditional
and contemporary delta blues songs.
DFGCD8710 Bjorn Berge: Blackwood. 12-string guitar virtuoso
mixing blues slide, rock & country into eclectic but original sound.
DGFGCD8704 Hell’s Kitchen: Dress To Dig. Gutbucket blues
merged with rock and trance influences from Swiss trio.
DFGCD8712 Delta Saints: The Delta Saints. A harp and dobro
take on the blues, from young guys from Nashville.
DFGCD8716 Nico Wayne Toussaint: Lonely Number. Top French
harmonica-playing blues singer with new 16 track album, including
guests David Maxwell, Gary Davis and Rod Piazza.
DFGCD8717 Blues Power Band: Dark Room. Explosive French
blues rock band with a rootsy twist on this album, their second.
DFGCD8718 Lightnin’ Guy: Plays Hound Dog Taylor. Belgian
bluesman pays tribute to his inspiration & slide guitar hero
tracks, all the big sellers plus plenty of lesser known corkers.
233432 Bo Diddley: The Originator. Over 50 great sides, including
well-known hits plus rarities.
233434 Little Richard: Original Hits & Rarities. His first five albums
(1957-60) plus rare bonus tracks. Lots of rocking and gospel sides.
233487 Ricky Nelson: The Teenage Idol. His first five albums
(1957-60) plus rare bonus tracks
If you don’t see the CD you want, just ask. We can’t list ‘em all .
DOCD32-20-7 Johnny Shines: Live In Europe 1975
DOCD32-20-8 Honeyboy Edwards: Blues, Blues. Austria 1975
DOCD32-20-13 James Booker: Manchester ’77. Recorded live.
DOCD32-20-14 Rev. Gary Davis: Manchester Free Trade Hall
1964. Excellent quality & wonderful set. Davis is tremendous.
DOCD5001 Tommy Johnson: 1928-1929
DOCD5004 Furry Lewis: 1927-29
DOCD5012 Frank Stokes & Dan Sane: Beale Street Sheiks
DOCD5014 Memphis Blues Vol 1 1928-35
DOCD5032 Gus Cannon: Vol 1 1930
DOCD5033 Gus Cannon & Noah Lewis: Vol 2 1929-30
DOCD5034 Sam Collins: 1927-1931
DOCD5035 William Harris & Buddy Boy Hawkins: 1927-29
DOCD5053 Montana Taylor: 1929-1946
DOCD5070 Bessie Tucker: 1928-29
DOCD5078 Bo Carter: Vol 1 1928-31
DOCD5079 Bo Carter: Vol 2 1931-34
DOCD5080 Bo Carter: Vol 3 1934-36
DOCD5081 Bo Carter: Vol 4 1936-38
DOCD5082 Bo Carter: Vol 5 1938-40
DOCD5086 Mississippi Sheiks: Vol 4 1934-36
DOCD5279 Bobby Leecan & Robert Cooksey: Vol 1 1924-27
DOCD5125 Buddy Moss: Vol 3 1935-41
DOCD5154 Blind John Taggart: Vol 2 1929-1934
DOCD5172 Washboard Sam: Vol 2 1937-38
DOCD5173 Washboard Sam: Vol 3 1938
DOCD5186 Arizona Dranes: 1926-1929
DOCD5276 Too Late Too Late Vol 3 1927-60s
DOCD5321 Too Late Too Late Vol 4 1892-1937
DOCD5411 Too Late Too late Vol 5 1927-64
DOCD5465 Leroy Carr/Black Boy Shine: Unissued
DOCD5482 Male Blues of 20s 1922-30
DOCD5532 Male Blues Of 20s Vol 2
DOCD5573 Classic Blues & Vaudeville Singers 1921-1930
DOCD5590 Too Late Too Late Vol 9 1922-45
DOCD5601 Too Late Too Late Vol 10 1926-51
DOCD5611 Jazzin The Blues: Vol 4 1929-43
DOCD5634 Skip James: Complete Bloomington Concert Vol 2
DOCD5651 Ida Cox: Vol 5 1939-1940
DOCD5659 Too Late Too Late Blues Vol 12
DOCD5667 Sammy Price: And The Blues Singers Vol 1 1938-41
DOCD5668 Sammy Price: And The Blues Singers Vol 2 1939-49
DOCD5674 Big Maceo: Vol 2 Big City Blues
DOCD5680 Lil Son Jackson: Vol 1-Rockin' And Rollin' 1948-50.
DOCD5683 Rufus Thomas: Tiger Man 1950-57. R&B from early
days at Star Talent, Bullet, Chess, Meteor and Sun. A must.
DOCD5685 Memphis Blues Vol 3 1927-30. Includes alternate
takes of Memphis Jug Band.
DOCD5687 Charlie Burse & Mudcats 1939.
DOCD5688 Roosevelt Sykes: ‘Live’ At Webster’s College, St Louis
1974, with rockin’ songs, warm humour & reminiscences.
DOCD5689 Son House: 1941-42 - Field Recordings Vol 17. Library
Of Congress sides, with Willie Brown, Fiddlin’ Joe Martin,and Leroy
Williams. 18 of the very best including Pony Blues, Delta Blues, Jinx
Blues, American Defense, etc. Notes by Bob Groom.
DOCD5690 Blind Willie Johnson: Vol 1 - 1927-10 Dec 1929. 16
intense guitar evangelist masterpieces. Among the crown jewels of
pre-war blues and gospel recordings from a true master. Awesome.
DOCD5691 Blind Willie Johnson: Vol 2 - 11 Dec 1929 - 1930. 14
more of the very, very best. Absolutely essential.
(e.g., DEVILDOWNCD001)
JPCD15202 Lem Fowler: 1923-27
JPCD15312 Clarence Williams Jug & Washboard Bands:
Whoop It Up! Vol 1 1927—1929
JPCD1532-2 Cleo Brown: Mar-June 1935. Strutting piano playing.
BDCD6028 Memphis Harp & Jug Blowers 1929-39. Re-mastered
title, Minnie Wallace, Jed Davenport, Little Buddy Doyle, etc.
BDCD6033 Will Ezell: 1927-1931
MBCD2002 Texas Alexander: Vol 2 1929-30
MBCD2003 Texas Alexander: Vol 3 1930-50
DOCD322017 Barrelhouse Blues - Location Recordings & The
Early Traditions In The Blues. A companion to the Paul Oliver
book (BK024), Over 60 super country blues tracks - Rabbit Brown,
Pink Anderson, Roosevelt Graves, Bo Carter, Jim Jackson, Garfield
Akers, Joe Callicot, Tommy Johnson, Mississippi Sheiks, etc.
DOCD1108 Harry Reser: Trainin’ The Fingers. Virtuoso banjo
music from 1920s. 18 rags, jigs, cakewalks and pop songs.
DOGSTAR £10.95
BURNDS1010808 Danny Click: Life Is A Good Place. Texan
guitarist compared with Lowell George, Duane Allman & SRV!
2000 Mike Sanchez: Just Can’t Afford It
2001 Mike Sanchez: Blue Boy
DOOPIN01 Mike Sanchez: Women & Cadillacs
DOOPIN002 Mike Sanchez: You Better Dig It. Cracking R&B
DOOPIN03 Mike Sanchez And The Beat From Palookaville:
Babes And Buicks. Another blast from Red Lick favourite.
EAGCD442 Willie DeVille: Come A Little Bit Closer - Best Of. Rare
and (mostly) unreleased live tracks 1977-2005. A fitting tribute.
EAGCD450 Canned Heat: Live At Montreux 1973. Only appearance at Montreux, with guest Gatemouth Brown on 4 tracks.
EAGCD451 Nina Simone: Live At Montreux 1976. The complete
performance, plus 2 tracks from her 1987 appearance.
EAGCD452 Rockpile: Live At Montreux 1980. 17 stonking tracks
from a great rockin’ band at their best.
EAGCD434 Gary Moore: Live At Montreux 2010. Last recorded
performance, 11 tracks that explore his rock and blues sides.
EAGCD467 Paul Rodgers & Friends: Live At Montreux 1994.
Recorded while touring his ‘Muddy Waters Blues’ album, with
covers of blues classics & Free & Bad Company hits.
EAGCD482 Z.Z. Top: Live In Germany. Recorded in 1980 as part
of the Rockpalast TV series while
promoting their Deguello album, a
blues based blast made before
their MTV mega-stardom era.
EAGCD488 A, B, C, D Of Boogie
Woogie: Live In Paris. The combined talents of Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts
and Dave Green with an album of
blues & boogie woogie standards,
originals and improvisations. 14
tracks that allow two pianos to rock
out over the bass and (as always)
Charlie’s rock solid drumming.
EAGCD248 George Thorogood & The Destroyers: Ride ’Til I Die.
EAGCD345 John Mayall: In The Palace Of The King.
DREYFUS £13.75
EAGCD441 Ben Waters: Boogie 4 Stu - A Tribute To Ian Stewart.
FDM369672 Lucky Peterson: You Can Always Turn Around. First
With Jagger, Keef, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Bill Wyman & more
album in years, with covers of songs by Blind Willie McTell, Robert
EAGLE 5CD BOX £21.50
Johnson, Rev Gary Davis, Tom Waits & more. Quite a comeback.
EAGBX402 Gary Moore: Essential Montreux. 6 hours of music!
EAGLE 3CD & DVD BOX £21.75
DTM1471 Guy Clark: Somedays The Song Writes You.
DTM1533 Guy Clark: Songs & Stories. A live re-telling of his (and EAGBX472 Jeff Healey: Full Circle - The Live Anthology. From
Healey’s own archives, with live CDs from Montreal Jazz Festival
his fans) favourite songs developed over 40 years as a troubadour.
1989, St Gallen Open Air Festival 1991 & Hard Rock Toronto 1995
DUSK FIRE £10.45
plus the St Gallen concert on DVD. Classic Healey.
DUSKCD106 Duffy Power: Tigers. Cult British bluesman with first
new recordings since 1973 solo album.
ERDVCD063 Jeff Healey: Live In Belgium. Another release from
Healey’s own archives, this has Jeff and band on blistering form at
DTD16CD Baby, How Can It Be? (Songs of Love, Lust & Contempt the Peer Blues Festival in 1993. The usual trio is augmented by two
from the 1920s & 30s). Taken from the collection of 78s of John backing singers and pianist to give an extra dimension to the reHeneghan. Liner notes by Nick Tosches, illustrations by Robert corded ‘Jeff Healey Sound’. Includes band staples Angel Eyes, See
Crumb and 66 marvelous tracks including Bo Carter, Memphis Jug The Light, Full Circle, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and more.
Band, Dick Reinhart, Lonnie Coleman, Mississippi John Hurt,
ECC £13.25
Fiddlin John Carson, Uncle Dave Macon and many more
ECC006 The Imagined Village: Bending The Dark. New album
from folk & world collaborative team, with Martin and Eliza Carthy
DTD17CD Rev. Johnny L Jones: The Hurricane That Hit Atlanta. and Jackie Oates. Follow up to Empire & Love (EEC002).
Covering 50 years of his tape ministry, with songs, sermonettes,
guests & radio clips.
EGRCD501 Ana Popovic: Still Making History
DUST TO DIGITAL 2CD & BOOK £37.50 (p&p £3.00)
EGRCD504 John Black: Soul of Black John. Appealing bluesy soul
DTD19 Never A Pal Like Mother – Vintage Songs And Photo- EGRCD507 Ana Popovic: Blind For Love
graphs Of The One Who’s Always True. Old blues, old timey, EGRCD508 Mike Zito: Pearl River. Hard rockin’ roadhouse blues.
Hawaiian, gospel, calypso, world music and western swing songs EGRCD509 Nick Curran: Reform School Girl. A rockin’ CD full of
about the kindness, teaching, love and loss of a mother. 40 songs great material. If you like stormin’ R&B and wild rockabilly, get this.
from between 1927-56, with Washington Phillips, Golden Eagle EGRCD511 Kirk Fletcher: My Turn. Big guitar from top bluesman.
Gospel Singers, Milton Brown, Louvin Bros, Robert Wilkins, Doc EGRCD512 Mike Zito: Greyhound. Produced by Anders Osborne
Hopkins, Georgia Yellow Hammers and more. The book by collec- EGRCD513 Ana Popovic: Unconditional. Among the best contemtors Sarah Bryan (editor of the Old-Time magazine) and Jim Linde- porary female blues singer-guitarists, this was recorded in New
man contains 65 antique photographs and a foreword from Orleans with John Porter & guests Sonny Landreth, John Cleary,
Rosanne Cash. Another classic compilation Dust To Digital.
and Jason Ricci. 12 great tracks, 8 of which are Ana originals.
EDSEL £7.95
(p&p is £6.00 for delivery within the UK & this set is not included in EDSS1035 Sam & Dave: Hold On & Double Dynamite, Plus. Their
the offer of free UK p&p on completed orders over £100)
first two Stax albums from 1965 & 1966 (plus a few A & B sides). 27
DTD21 John Fahey: Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You - The great tracks & booklet with 4000 word essay!.
Fonotone Years 1958-65. A staggering collection, drawing together
EDSEL 2CD £9.15
the loose ends of Fahey’s recording career. With an 88 page book
EDSD2131 Sam & Dave: Soul Men & I Thank You, Plus. Two more
and 115 tracks (most on CD for first time) re-mastered from Joe
great Stax albums plus A & B sides. Booklet has 4500 word essay.
Bussard’s own collection and approved by John Fahey’s estate.
EL £9.95
ACMEM207CD The Ventures: Walk Don’t Run.
DTD23CD I Have My Liberty! Gospel Sounds From Accra,
ACMEM103CD Chet Atkins: Eclectic Guitar. 20 track compilation
Ghana. 25 live recordings from 2008 in Ghana’s capital city, sugshowcasing Chet’s amazing versatility - from jazz standards, coungestive of missing links between American gospel & African church
try & rock tunes, plus beautiful classical pieces. Impressive.
music. Another riveting and important release from a great label.
ACMEM231CD The Last Picture Show. Music that variously
E1 MUSIC £13.45
featured in the iconic and ground-breaking 1971 movie of Peter
E1ECD2082 V/A: Southern Filibuster - A Tribute To Tut Taylor.
Bogdanovich. 28 great (mostly) country sides, with Hank Williams,
Lefty Frizzell, Hank Snow, Eddy Arnold, Webb Pierce and more.
EAR MUSIC 2CDs & 1 DVD £16.50
196858ERE Jeff Healey Band: Legacy – Vol One. Singles, unre- ELECTRAPHONIC £12.75
leased live stuff, un-seen live video, interviews, collaborations, etc
ER106 The Bo-Keys: Got To Get Back! Contemporary Memphis
soul. Studio jams in the style of Booker T’s MGs & Willie Mitchell,
EAMCD417 This Is The Blues Vol 1. 15 modern day blues rock with guest vocalists Otis Clay, William Bell and Charlie Musselwhite.
tracks inc. Jeff Beck, Mick Taylor, Jack Bruce, TS McPhee, Gary ELECTRO-FI - 2CD SET £14.35
Moore, Larry McCray, Kim Simmonds, Otis Grand & more
ELECTRO3410 Mark Hummel’s Blues Harmonica Blowouts-Still Here
EAMCD418 This Is The Blues Vol 2. Rory Gallagher, J.L. Hooker, And Gone 1993 to 2007. Marvellous 2CD with big harp names from
Southside Johnny, 9 Below Zero, Peter Green, etc.
recent years - William Clarke, James Harman, Kim Wilson, Magic
EAMCD419 This Is The Blues Vol 3. 15 blues classics recorded by Dick, Sam Myers, Billy Boy Arnold, Lazy Lester, Carey Bell, etc.
top (mostly) Brit blues guys.
EAMCD420 This Is The Blues Vol 4. 15 more.
ELECTRO3363 Mel Brown: Neck Bones & Caviar
ELECTRO3367 Snooky Pryor & Mel Brown: Double Shot!
EAGCD313 Otis Rush & Friends: Live At Montreux 1986.
ELECTRO3370 Mel Brown: Homewreckin' Done Live
EAGCD336 Rory Gallagher: Live At Montreux.
ELECTRO3373 Snooky Pryor & His Mississippi Wrecking Crew
EAGCD396 Jeff Beck: Performing This Week - Live Ronnie Scott’s Mel Brown, Big-Eyes Smith, Pinetop Perkins & Jeff Healey.
EAGCD409 Roy Orbison: Final Concert. In Cleveland ‘88.
ELECTRO3377 Harmonica Shah: Tell It To Your Landlord
EAGCD425 Rory Gallagher: Beat Club Sessions
ELECTRO3379 Enrico Crivellaro: Key To My Kingdom
EAGCD437 Jeff Healey Band: Live At Grossmans - 1994. 10 ELECTRO3380 Fruteland Jackson: Blues 2.0.Traditional country
tracks from the Healey archives, with storming versions of All Along blues, with Chris Whitely and Mel Brown among the support crew.
The Watchtower, Killing Floor, Crossroads and Beatles Yer Blues.
ELECTRO3381 Snooky Pryor & Mel Brown: Mojo Ramble-Live In
ELECTRO3383 Sam Myers/Mel Brown: Coming From Old School
ELECTRO3385 Willie Big Eyes Smith: Bluesin’ It.
ELECTRO3390 Finis Tasby: What My Blues Are All About.
ELECTRO3392 Billy Boy Arnold: Consolidated Mojo.
ELECTRO3393 Harmonica Shah: Listen at Me Good
ELECTRO3394 Mel Brown: Blues-A Beautiful Thing.
ELECTRO3397 Lil’ Dave Thompson: Got To Get Over You.
ELECTRO3405 Billy Boy Arnold: Billy Boy Sings Sonny Boy (John
Lee Williamson) with Mel Brown, Willie Big Eyes Smith & Billy Flynn
ELECTRO3406 Julian Fauth: Ramblin' Son
ELECTRO3408 Lil’ Dave Thompson: Deep In The Night.
ELECTRO3409 Braithwaite & Whitely: Night Bird Blues.
ELECTRO3411 Enrico Crivellaro: Mojo Zone – Blues Guitar Of...
ELECTRO3413 Harmonica Shah: If All You Have Is A Hammer,
Everything Looks Like A Nail.
ELECTRO3414 Harrison Kennedy: One Dog Barkin’. Nice set of
songs, fans of Keb Mo, Guy Davis and Eric Bibb will like this one.
ELECTRO3415 Andrew Jr Boy Jones: Gettin’ Real. Pulsating
guitar-led blues. Nice to hear from him again.
ELECTRO3417 Mark Hummel: Retro-Active. A blistering blues set,
with great harp by Hummel, a superb sound and excellent material.
ELECTRO3416 Fathead: Where’s The Blues Taking Me?
ELECTRO3419 Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley: Deltaphonic.
Diana has a beautiful classic blues voice & Chris plays mean guitar
ELECTRO3421 Mel Brown: Love, Lost And Found. Final recordings and lost tapes of legendary blues guitarist. Support from
Snooky Pryor, Sam Myers, Enrico Crivellaro and Miss Angel.
ELECTRO3422 Harmonica Shah: "Live at the Cove" Detroit's
Motor City. A blistering set of his unique raw, rough & ready blues
with guitar ace Jack de Keyzer’s band providing first rate backing.
ELECTRO3423 George Harmonica Smith: Teardrops Are Falling.
A superb 1983 live set with George backed by Buddy Reed & the
Rocket 88's. A little lo-fi but the band is sensational.
ELECTRO3424 Morgan Davis: Drive My Blues Away. First new release
in seven years, and one that came in just as the last catalogue
(164) was going to press; too late for us to give it a good listen and
review it properly. All sorted now of course
ELECTRO3425 John Mays: I Found A Love. Singer with Fathead
& 6 time Maple Blues Award winner with a soul blues solo album.
ELECTRO3426 Sharrie Williams: Out Of The Dark. Spirited latenight soul & blues on 14 new tender, strident & reflective tracks.
ELECTRO3427 Enrico Crivellaro: Freewheelin’. Another allinstrumental blues guitar album, mixing a diverse array of styles,
taking in pulsating blues-rock, authentic Chicago blues, North
Mississippi hill country blues, laid-back southern rock and some jazz
stylings, all delivered with panache, imagination and flair. Mojo Zone
(ELECTRO3411) was a massive success and this is just as good.
ELECTRO3428 Harrison Kennedy: Shame The Devil. More soulful
blues, with Harrison singing and playing guitar, slide guitar, banjo,
mandolin & harmonica across 14 new tracks. Another winner.
ELECTRO3430 Billy Boy Arnold: Sings Big Bill Broonzy. A stellar
outing with 15 songs commonly associated with Big Bill in a commanding but relaxed manner. Supported by a mostly acoustic band,
his warm and relaxed vocals sit perfectly aside his masterful harp.
EL TORO £13.15
ETCD1019 Pat Cupp: Long Gone Daddy. Complete ‘50s recordings of rockabilly dancefloor classics.
ETCD1022 Jerry Lee Lewis: The Road Begins. Early Sun sides.
ETCDCH101 Texas Fever – Collector’s Choice Vol 1. Rare 1940s
and 1950s rockabilly and hillbilly gems.
ETCDCH102 Campus Boogie – Collector’s Choice Vol 2. Rare
rockabilly & hillbilly gems from 40s & 50s.
ETCD6044 The Aces: No One Rides For Free. Three guys from
California dealing in punk-trance blues, raw & primitive stuff.
ELTOROR&B110 Hot Lips Page: Roll, Roll, Roll - R&B Years.
ETCD1023 Got Them Hillbilly Blues. Rockabilly as envisioned by
Tarheel Slim, Mercy Dee, Jerry McCain, Eddie Riff, etc. Very juicy!
ETCD1024 Rollin’ The Rock - Texas Rockabilly 2. Great sides by
Ray Campi, Mac Curtis, Sid King, Johnny Carroll, etc
ETCD6046 Gene Taylor with Jerome’s Jet Setters & Nick
Curran: Let Me Ride Your Automobile. Ex-Blasters, ex-Fabulous
Thunderbirds boogoe pianist letting loose.
BE115 Rudy Green: Wild Life. Elusive guitar king with records
made in Nashville from 1946–57 & Chicago session work
BE116 Paul Gayton: Ain’t Nothin’ Happenin’. 36 tracks
ETCD1032 Al Ferrier: I’m The Man. The king of Louisiana swamp
rockabilly in his 1950s heyday. Quite a compilation.
ETCD1038 Johnny Jano: Rocking And Rolling. Complete recordings (1956-58) of Louisiana’s Crown Prince of rockabilly.
ELTOROR&B118 The Five Royales: Right Around The Corner. 25
great tracks, mostly rare & obscure tracks for King.
ETCD6048 Little Victor: Boogie All Night. Louisiana Red’s collaborator with own fantastic album. Down-home ‘back-in-the-alley’ blues
with larger-than-life Victor on guitar & vocals, supported by Bob
Corritore on harmonica. Recorded in Phoenix - in one-take!
ETCD1041 Rick Cartey & Friends - Georgia Rockers. Regional
rock n roll collection with great artists such as Sleepy La Beef, Sid
King, Jimmie Skinner, Elvis, Delmore Brothers, Merle Travis, etc.
ETCD1042 Ray Harris And Friends: Mississippi Rockers. Mid-50s
rockin’ with 9 tracks from Ray Harris plus lots more from contemporaries including Dick Holler & His Rockets, Jimmy Wages, Gene
Simmons, Mack Banks, Hayden Thompson & more. A killer.
ETCD1043 Werly Fairburn: My Heart’s On Fire. 1950s Rockabilly
from Columbia, Savoy and live stuff from the Louisiana Hay Ride.
ETCD1053 El Mexican Rock And Roll Vol 2. 1960s r’n’r from
south of the border, down Mexico way. Different but loads of thrills.
ETCD1054 Royce Porter And Friends: Texas Teenage Bop.
Porter’s singles plus sides from Vern Pullens, Ray Doggett, etc.
EL TORO 2CD £13.15
ETCD1020 Charlie Feathers: Can’t Hardly Stand It! Complete 50s
recordings from the king of rockabilly. Awesome.
EL TORO 3CD £15.50
ETCD1016 Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away - Complete 1957 Recs.
EL TORO 3CD £17.45
ETCD1034 Buddy Holly: Buddy’s Buddies - Holly For Hire 19571959. Two CDs of Buddy as sideman, session musician and producer, plus a CD with radio and TV interviews and promo clips.
EL TORO 2CD £16.95
ETCD1036 Al Casey: I’m A Guitar Man. Best of 1950s sides, solo &
session support for Duane Eddy, Jody Reynolds, Sanford Clark, etc.
ETCD1037 Burnette Brothers: If You Want It Enough 1956-59.
Separate recordings of Dorsey & Johnny after they split the Rock &
Roll Trio and their joint recordings upon reconciliation. Historic stuff.
ETTOROR&B119 The Five Keys: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind - The
Complete Capitol Recordings. 56 tracks from 1954-58, including
rarities and a couple of recordings from the Alan Freed radio show.
EMARCY £13.95
2773466 Madeleine Peyroux: Standing On The Rooftop. Album of
own songs & covers of Beatles, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson &
more. With Marc Ribot on guitar and banjo
EMI 3CD SETS £16.25
646 2712 The Groundhogs: Thank Christ For The Groundhogs The Liberty Years 1968-1972. Inc. their first 5 albums for Liberty.
642 1542 Robin Trower: A Tale Untold - The Chrysalis Years 1973
-1976. All 5 Chrysalis albums plus rare unreleased tracks.
642 1472 Ten Years After: Think About The Time - The Chrysalis
Years 1969-72. Five albums plus rare tracks.
301 3862 Robin Trower: Farther On Up The Road - The Chrysalis
Years 1977-1983. The remaining six albums plus bonus tracks.
CDEM1580 Freddie King: King Of The Blues 41 tracks from Shelter-including 6 unissued
EMI £13.55
C029 3382 George Thorogood And The Destroyers: 2120 South
Michigan Ave. Homage to Chess Records and their musical heroes
- Muddy, Wolf, SBW, Buddy Guy, Little Walter, etc. 13 storming
covers of My Babe, Spoonful, Still A Fool, Help Me and more,
EMI 3CD SETS £15.00
SHTW801 A Breath Of Fresh Air-Harvest Records Anthology ‘69-74
EMI 2CD £11.00
5023502 George Thorogood: Bad To The Bone: 25 Anniversary Ed.
EMI 2CD SET £15.00
3639512 Dr Feelgood: Down By The Jetty—Collector's Edition.
Original album in mono & stereo. 9 bonus tracks, 7 live tracks.
EMI £13.35
609 4632 Dr Feelgood: Oil City Confidential. Soundtrack to Julian
Temple’s documentary. Live & studio cuts, plus tracks by those who
influenced the Feelgoods - Johnny Kidd, Paramounts, etc.
EMI £6.95
496 5042 The Cramps: Psychedelic Jungle. Second studio album.
FVDD016 R&B Spotlight ’58. 60 R&B hits, Chantels, Huey Smith,
Little Richard, Lee Allen, Johnny Otis, Fats, Jimmy Reed etc.
FVDD040 R&B Spotlight ‘59. 60 R&B hits, Chuck Berry, Hank
Ballard, Ruth Brown, Lloyd Price, Lightnin Slim, Little Walter, etc
FVDD061 Instroville - Hits & Rarities From The Golden Age Of
Pop Instrumentals. 50 chart hits 1956-59, inc Duane Eddy, Bill
Black, Royaltones, Santo & Johnny, Sonny Burgess, Link Wray, etc.
FVDD077 Gospel Celebrities And Celestial Lights. 52 sensational
gospel tracks compiled by Opal Louis Nations. Dixie Nightingales,
Candi Staton, Rosetta Tharpe, Jesse Fuller, Zion Travelers, etc
FVDD081 Soul Breakout ‘60. 60 soul classics from 1960. Ray
Charles, Sam Cooke, Bobby Bland, Aretha, Irma Thomas, etc.
FVDD083 R&B Spotlight ‘60. 60 R&B belters. Bo Diddley, Chuck
Berry, Fats Domino, Aaron Neville, Spaniels, LaVern Baker, etc.
FVDD086 James Brown: I’ll Go Crazy. Every track 1956-60.
FVDD093 Feel Like Rockin’ - Tennessee Rock n Roll.
FVDD111 Freddie Slack: Down The Road A-Piece - The Definitive
Boogie-Woogie Collection 1940-1955. 43 tracks.
FVDD115 Wynonie Harris: Jump Mr Blues. Definitive 50 tracks
from our favourite blues shouter. All his best sides - a fabulous set.
FVDD113 Three Months To Kill - West Coast Rock ‘n’ Roll. 60
killers inc. Dorsey Burnette, Johnny Otis, Gene Vincent, etc
FVDD123 Roy Brown: Good Rockin’ Man - The Definitive Collection. 50 tracks from his peak period 1947-60. All his R&B jump hits.
FVDD133 Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup: My Baby Left Me. Definitive
50 track compilation, drawing on classic years with Bluebird, Victor,
Champion, Checker, Trumpet & Groove. Compiled by Neil Slaven.
FVDD138 Little Junior Parker: Ride With Me Baby - The Singles
1952-1961. Both sides of his first 23 singles for Modern, Sun and
Duke, with classics Mystery Train, Love My Baby and Feelin’ Good
plus lesser-known but equally fine tracks. A significant blues musician, whose legend was undermined by an early demise in 1971.
FVDD139 Crime And Punishment - Bloody Ballads, Prison
Moans & Chain Gang Blues. A CD each focused on criminal deed
s and the retribution that follows - Pat Hare, Leroy Carr, Blue Sky
Boys, Willie McTell, Dave Van Ronk, Frank Hutchison, Dick Justice,
Charley Patton, Ernest Stoneman, Willie Newbern, Mattie May
Thomas, Bukka White, Fred McMullen, Crickets, Texas Alexander,
Peg Leg Howell and more. 50 great tracks and a thoroughly enjoyable pot pourri of delta blues, old-timey, folk and early rock & roll.
FVDD142 Texas Tornados. Sub-titled Rock ‘N’ Roll From The
Lone Star State - 50 romping, stomping tracks that intertwine rockabilly, western swing, country & western and Tex-Mex and features
Crickets, Ray Campi, Bob Luman, Sid King, Doug Sahm, & more.
FVDD143 Soul Breakout ‘61. 56 chart hits from 1961 - Sam
Cooke, Jerry Butler, Chuck Jackson, Platters, Dee Clark, etc.
FVDD144 R&B Spotlight ‘61. 56 R&B hits from 1961 - Bobby
Bland, Jimmy Reed, Blossoms, Freddy King, Etta James, etc.
FVTD099 T-Bone Walker: You’re My Best Poker Hand-Definitive
Collection. Capitol, Mercury, Black&White, Imperial & Atlantic sides
FVTD106 Girls Gone Rockin’ Vol 2. 75 tracks from rocking sisters
- Etta James, Wanda Jackson, Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, Hadda
Brooks, Wynona Carr, Janis Martin, etc. More than 3 hours of fun.
FVTD107 George Jones: Ragged But Right - Starday Years Plus.
86 tracks, 1954-57 before he switched to Mercury. This takes the
story to 1959 and includes honky tonk, country gospel & rockabilly.
FVTD108 Classy Sugar - Pure Essence Of New York Rock &
Roll. 75 prime cuts from the late 50s - early 60s. Ann Cole, Big Joe
Turner, Piano Red, Titus Turner, Chuck Willis, Lloyd Price, etc.
FVTD114 Honky Tonkin’ - 87 Tracks From Golden Years Of
Country Music. Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, etc.
FVTD116 Doo-Wop - R&B Vocal Group Sound 1950-60. 89 bestselling tracks - Platters, Cardinals, Five Keys, Spaniels, Clovers,
Dell-Vikings, Moonglows, etc. A comprehensive and definitive set..
FVTD118 Snazzy Sugar - The Pure Essence of Rock & Roll
From West Texas & Beyond. 75 prime tracks - Buddy Holly, Link
Davis, Sid King, Myron Lee, Crickets, Joe Clay, Alvis Wayne, etc
FVTD119 Raunchy Sugar - The Pure Essence Of Memphis Rock
‘n’ Roll. 75 great r ‘n’ r tracks, with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Warren
Smith, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich plus lots of lesser known talents.
FVTD120 That’s Your Last Boogie! Best Of Johnny Otis 19451960. 83 tracks as singer, songwriter, bandleader, producer or
talent scout. As good a history of classic R&B as you will find Illinois Jacquet, Wynonie Harris, Little Esther, Little Richard, etc.
FVTD128 The Platters: Heaven On Earth - Classic Mercury Recordings. 88 tracks 1955-61, including 33 US Top 100 hits.
FVTD130 Maxwell Davis: Wailin’ Daddy - Best Of, 1945-59. Superb overview of West Coast saxophonist & band leader with
recordings in own name and as arranger, sideman or producer with
Helen Humes, Floyd Dixon, T-Bone Walker, Lowell Fulson, Percy
Mayfield, Amos Milburn, B.B. King, etc. 89 historic tracks.
FVTD131 Heavy Sugar - Second Spoonful. 75 more stunning
New Orleans R&B and R‘N R tracks. With Huey ‘Piano’ Smith,
Professor Longhair, Little Richard, Aaron Neville, Fats Domino,
Wynona Carr, Calvin Spears, Bobby Charles, etc
FVTD132 Mills Brothers: Swing It! - Best Of 1931-58. One of
popular music’s most successful male vocal groups, with 83 tracks.
FVTD140 Jamaica Selects Jump Blues Strictly For You - Jamaican Sound System Classics 1944-60. 85 R&B tracks popular in
Jamaica that sowed the seeds for ska & bluebeat. With Louis
Jordan, Amos Milburn, Lowell Fulson, Roy Brown, Gene Phillips,
Rosco Gordon, Chuck Willis, Ruth Brown, Earl Hooker, etc.
FVTD145 It’s Saturday Night! Starday-Dixie Rockabilly 1955-1961.
Over 100 superb Starday label rockabilly rarities, with Sleepy La
Beef, Sonny Fisher, Rudy Grayzell, Link Davis, Bill Mack & more.
FVSD134 1961 British it Parade Part 1. Oversized box with 163
hits, Jan-June. Fats Domino, Everlys, Dion, Elvis, Duane Eddy, etc
FVSD135 1961 British it Parade Part 2. 162 more hits from JulyDec. Buddy Holly, Fireballs, Johnny Burnette, Eddie Cochran, etc
FVCD013 Soul Breakout 1958. Bobby Bland, Chuck Willis, etc.
EMI/WELK CD & DVD £13.75
078 0732 Robert Cray Band: Cookin’ In Mobile. Live at Saenger FVCD039 Soul Breakout ‘59 - Evolution Of Soul. Isley Brothers,
Ray Charles, Bobby Bland, Jerry Butler, Sam Cooke, etc. 30 tracks. FAT POSSUM £11.45
Theatre, a 13 song set. The DVD has extra bonus footage.
FVCD080 Esquerita: Wildcat Shakeout. Hollerin’ R&B with re- FATP03152 Cedell Davis: The Horror Of It All
EMI £8.15
release of 1950s album plus bonus tracks. As far-out as they come. FATP03742 Furry Lewis: Good Morning Judge
859 7852 Leon Russell: Retrospective. 18 song overview.
803602 Joe Callicott: Ain’t Gonna Lie To You
803062 Junior Kimbrough: Sad Days Lonely Nights
EOMCD2135 Jeff Golub Band: Three Kings. Blues-rock guitarist FVTD008 75 Pumping Piano Greats. Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Rich- 803082 Junior Kimbrough: All Night Long
on some big R&B and blues, with Henry Butler, Robben Ford & ard, Pete Johnson, Willie Littlefield , etc
803092 Junior Kimbrough: Most Things Haven’t Worked Out
FVTD011 John Lee Hooker: Stomp Boogie. Archaic stuff, 1948-58.
Sonny Landreth. A homage to B.B., Albert and Freddie.
803202 Junior Kimbrough: God Knows I’m Tired
FVTD012 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Chicago 1925–58.
803222 Cedell Davis: Feel Like Doin’ Something Wrong
FVTD017 Good Rockin’ Tonight – Red Hot Rockabilly. Elvis, 803332 Junior Kimbrough: Meet Me In The City
KOCCD4540 Jeff Golub: Blues For You. Versatile guitarist who
Billy Riley, Sleepy LaBeef, Gene Maltais, Charlie Feathers, etc.
FP10222 Litlle Freddie King: You Don’t Know What I Know
has played with tons of jazz, blues, rock and pop performers.
FVTD022 Let Me Tell You About The Blues – Memphis.
803012 R.L. Burnside: Mr Wizard
Emphasis here is on rocking blues, and guests include Peter Wolf.
FVTD026 Routes Of Rockabilly. 75 tracks, Bob Wills, Jimmy 803072 R.L. Burnside: Too Bad Jim
EPIC £7.50
Revard, Louvin Bros, Ernest Tubb Charlie Feathers, Ernie Chaffin, etc 803322 R.L. Burnside: Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down
Great Blue Sky albums remastered & with a bonus track or two...
FVTD30 Let Me Tell You About The Blues - New York.
FATP03432 R.L. Burnside: Burnside On Burnside
5151612 Muddy Waters: Hard Again.
FVTD047 Let Me Tell You About The Blues - Texas. Henry FATP03652 R.L. Burnside: First Recordings
5151622 Muddy Waters: I’m Ready
Thomas, Texas Alexander, T-Bone, Frankie Lee Sims, etc.
FP10132 R.L. Burnside: A Bothered Mind
5151632 Muddy Waters: King Bee.
FVTD054 Girls Gone Rockin’ - 75 Fabulous Femme Rockers. FP10262 R.L. Burnside: Ass Pocket Full Of Whiskey
Ruth Brown, Irma Thomas, Wanda Jackson, Wynona Carr, etc.
EPIC £8.35
FATP03692 Robert Belfour: Pushin’ My Luck
FVTD055 Let Me Tell You About The Blues – Atlanta. Willie 803032 T-Model-Ford: Pee Wee Get My Gun
82876872312 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Solos, Sessions & Encores
FATP03632 T-Model Ford: Bad Man
EPIC £7.75
FVTD059 Savvy Sugar – West Coast Rock & Roll. 75 tracks, with FP10112 Charles Caldwell: Remember Me
Remastered with extra tracks!
T-Bone Walker, Johnny Otis, Larry Williams, Wynona Carr, etc.
4941292 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood
FVTD062 Let Me Tell You About The Blues-West Coast. Charles FAT POSSUM £12.15
4941302 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn't Stand The Weather
FP11502 Louisiana Red: Sweet Blood Call. Winner of the 2010
Brown, McCracklin, Roy Milton, etc.
4941312 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Soul To Soul
FVTD064 Bluegrass Big Three. A disc each for Bill Monroe, Flatt & Blues Music Award, this 1975 Blue Labor album is just Red & guitar.
4941322 Stevie Ray Vaughan: In Step
Scruggs and Don Reno, Red Smiley & Tennessee Cutups. Big hits. FAVORED NATIONS 2CD £13.35
4686402 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Sky Is Crying
4941332 Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Real Deal- Greatest Hits Vol 2 FVTD066 Lightnin’ Hopkins: Texas Blues Giant. Career overview FN27002 Tommy Emmanuel: Little By Little. Chet Atkins called
of hits and rarities. CD3 is set aside for his 1954 Herald Sessions.
this Australian guitarist the best finger-picker in the world.
4978582 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Blues At Sunrise - inc. 4 unissued
FVTD070 Let Me Tell You About The Blues - Detroit. John Lee FELLSIDE 2CD £13.45
EPITAPH 2CD £13.55
Hooker, Eddie Kirkland, John Brim, Big Maceo, Calvin Frazier, etc
270532 Tom Waits: Glitter & Doom Live. Live CD from 2008 mini- FVTD073 Constant Sorrow. 76 bluegrass & old timey classics. FECD240 A.L. Lloyd: Bramble Briars & Beams Of The Sun.
FECD241 Hedy West: Ballads & Songs Of The Appalachians. Cult
tour of US & Europe & CD of between
Charlie Poole, J.E Mainer, Bill Monroe, etc.
American folk singer with 3 albums recorded in England in 1960s.
song banter and monologue.
FVTD074 Hot Feet. Dance music from 1920s jazz
to post-war R&B. 70 tracks, King Oliver, Lucky FIREFLY CD £8.15
FFECD1001 Bob Dylan: Live In New York, Gaslight Café 06/09/61.
Millinder, Louis Jordan, etc.
ECD26068-2 JB Lenoir: Vietnam Blues
FVTD078 Let Me Tell You About The Blues - One of the first ever recorded Dylan concerts where he performed
FABTONE £12.15
Nashville. Wynonie Harris, Cecil Gant, Christine an original song. These were professionally recorded reel-to-reel
FAB1001 Gwyn Ashton: Two Man
from a patch to house PA and sound quality is excellent
Kittrell, Arthur Gunter, etc.
Blues Army. Guitar & drums, with
FVTD087 Jumping The Shuffle Blues - Jamaican FIREFLY 2CD £9.95
bottleneck, octave dividers, delays &
Sound System Classics 1946-60. R&B that was FFECD1002 Bob Dylan: Live In Minneapolis - Bonnie Beecher’s
popular (and influential) in Jamaica before ska & Apartment 22/12/61. Captured a month after recording his debut LP,
bluebeat. 85 tracks Gene Phillips, Jimmy
these 26 recordings catch Dylan at his most intimate and confident
McCracklin, Zuzu Bollin, Floyd Dixon, Wynonie
FLAMECD01 The First Rock And Roll
Record. 82 contenders for the title,
FVTD095 Let Me Tell You About The Blues-New 5SPH001 Ernest V Stoneman: The Unsung Father Of Country Music
covering blues, r&b, gospel, bluegrass,
Orleans. Tommy Griffin, Professor Longhair, Roy 1925-1934. Gorgeous package of 40 remastered tracks of one of
jazz, western swing and gospel. A
Brown, Snooks Eaglin, etc.
country music’s originals, with a Grammy-nominated booklet.
splendid set, with Charley Patton, Hank
FVTD096 Western Swingin’. 85 tracks of western
Williams, Bob Wills, Mississippi Jook
FHQ £12.95
swing with Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, Hank ThompBand, Jimmy Blythe, Jackie Brenston,
FHQ004 John Cleary: Occapella. UK-born, US-based blues pianist
son, and lesser known artists.
LaVern Baker, Clovers & more. Comwith a lovely album of re-imagined Allen Toussaint songs, with
FVTD098 Sassy Sugar - Pure Essence Of Nashpiled by Dave Henderson.
guests that include Dr John and Bonnie Raitt on one track.
ville Rock & Roll. 75 tracks- Elvis, Carl Perkins, Bob Luman, etc
FLED3073 Ian Anderson’s Country Blues Band: Stereo Death
Breakdown. Lost British blues classic.
FLED3080 Shirley Collins: Sweet England. Re-mastered 1958
classic of English & American traditional songs. New sleeve notes.
FLED3076 Incredible String Band: The Incredible String Band.
FLED3077 Incredible String Band: The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of
The Onion.
FLED3078 Incredible String Band: Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter.
FLED3079 Incredible String Band: Wee Tam/The Big Huge (2CD)
FLED3074 Jesse Fuller: Move On Down The Line. Thundering, rollicking music from the early sixties.
FLOATD6007 Buddy Guy, Otis Rush & Magic Sam: Snakebite.
Classics from the Cobra Records vaults. 47 spine-chilling tracks.
FLOATD6026 Cobra - Snakebite Vol 2. More Cobras - Otis Rush,
Ike Turner, Shakey Jake, Morris Pejoe, Big Walter, Magic Sam, etc
FLOATD6097 Rick Danko, Paul Butterfield & Richard Manuel:
Live At Lone Star. Live & acoustict. Fidelity not great but fascinating.
FLOATM6012 Kim Wilson: Tiger Man/That’s Life. .
FLOATM6130 The Blasters: Trouble Bound/American Music. Two
albums from Hightone label, including the debut album American
Music plus their live re-union album
made some thirteen years later. Dave
and Phil Alvin at their rocking roots best.
FLOATM6132 Buddy Miller: Your Love
& Other Lies/Poison Love. Two Hightone
albums re-released together on one CD.
FLOATM6133 Big Sandy And His Fly
Rite Boys: Big Sandy And His Fly Rite
Boys/Swinging West. Two Hightone
albums from excellent rockabilly band. 29
romping tracks.
FLOATM6134 Dave Alvin: Blues Boulevard/Museum Of The Heart. 1991 & 1993
Hightone albums of former-Blaster, reissued together
FLOATM6146 Dave Alvin: King Of
California/Interstate City. 1994 and 1995 albums, the first featuring
his renowned Border Radio and Fourth Of July and excellent blues
and r&b covers. The second is a thrilling live set.
FLOATM6148 Joe Ely: Lord of The Highway/Dig All Night. Two
albums from the vaults of Hightone Records.
DIRTCD060 Pokey LaFarge & South City Three: Riverboat
Soul. A rambunctious, rollicking blast of swinging blues
and old-time rockaboogie. Driving acoustic guitar with
terrific mandolin & fiddle.
GSK1001 Sam Ku West:
Hawaiian Hula Blues 1927-28.
GSK1002 Sol Hoopii: In Hollywood
GSK1004 Ken Emerson & Robert
Armstrong: Escape To Jazz
FA274 Memphis Slim: Piano Blues Supreme 1940-1961
Island. An eclectic mix of musiFREMEAUX 2CD £17.50
cal styles, taking in Hawaiian,
FA1301 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Complete ...Vol. 1
early hot jazz and Tin Pan Alley
FA1302 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Complete ...Vol. 2
standards. A hugely enjoyable
FA1303 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Complete ...Vol. 3
set from leading exponents of
FA1304 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Complete ...Vol. 4
guitar, ukulele and steel guitar (Armstrong is a former member of
FA1305 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Complete… Vol. 5
Robert Crumb’s Cheap Suit Serenaders so this ought to give you a
FA1306 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Complete Vol 6 1958-59. With clue as to the delights that are included here).
Chris Barber at Manchester Free Trade Hall & in the US in church.
FA5223 Sound Of New Orleans 1992-2005
FA5275 Jamaica-Mento 1951-58. Lord Flea, Hubert Porter, Count GAMC216CD Junior Wells: Messin’ With The Kid. 18 early killers
Mel London’s Chief and Profile imprints. Wells at his best.
Lasher, Laurel Aitken, etc.
FA515 Ukelele Club de Paris: Manuia! Spectacular
performances of Hawaiian, Japanese and Javaian songs,
early jazz tunes, sambas, show tunes, novelty numbers,
bit of spoof Bollywood etc.
FA5086 New Orleans Blues 1940-53. 36 tracks. With Jack Dupree,
Prof Longhair, Guitar Slim, Smiley Lewis, Fats
Domino etc
FA5348 Trinidad - Calypso 1939-59. 42 tracks Lord Kitchener, Mighty Sparrow, Lord Invader,
Wilmoth Houdini & more. Great stuff
FA5179 American Five String Banjo 1901-56. 40
track collection of banjo players, with Dave Macon,
Dock Boggs, Ralph Stanley, Pete Seeger, Charlie
Poole, etc.
FA5361 Elvis Presley & The American Musical
Heritage. A compilation of early Elvis sides plus
original versions he popularised. Wynonie Harris,
Arthur Crudup, Jr Parker, Bill Monroe, Leon Payne,
Kokomo Arnold, etc.
FA5376 Bo Diddley: The Indispensable 19551960. A great 64 track compilation plus 24 page book
Definitive Bessie Smith. Everything she recorded on 8 superb CDs.
Sound quality is incredible.
DGF40 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 1
DGF41 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 2
FLOATM6006 Lazy Lester & Jimmy Vaughan: Blues Stop DGF42 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 3.
DGF43 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 4.
Knockin’. 1998 album & 7 bonus tracks.
FLOATM6017 James Cotton: Mighty Long Time. 1997 album inc. DGF44 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 5
Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin, Wayne Bennett & Jimmy Vaughan. DGF45 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 6.
DGF46 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 7
FLOATM6019 Lucinda Williams: Ramblin’. Debut album.
FLOATM6020 Lucinda Williams: Happy Woman Blues. Follow up DGF47 Bessie Smith: Complete Vol 8.
FROG £11.00
to Ramblin’, this time with her own songs.
Mastered to perfection from 78s by John RT Davies.
FLOATM6021 Sue Foley: Queen Bee – Best Of.
DGF15 Memphis Jug Band Vol 1
FLOATM6023 The Blasters: 4 11 44.
DGF16 Memphis Jug Band Vol 2
FLOATM6086 Graham Parker: Carp Fishing On Valium.
FLOATM6084 Nick Gravenites With Mike Bloomfield: My Labors DGF18 Memphis Jug Band Vol 3
DGF21 Memphis Blues Singers Vol 1-Tommy Johnson/Ishman
And More. Studio & live tracks.
FLOATM6108 Pretty Things & Yardbird Blues Band: Chicago Bracey/Frank Stokes/Rosa Moore
Blues Tapes. Pretty Things & Yardbird members joined forces in the DGF22 Memphis Blues Singers Vol 2-Furry Lewis Tommy Johnson/Ishman Bracey/Robert Wilkins
early 90s in Chicago to run through blues standards.
FLOATM6109 Nine Below Zero: Live. 1992 performance, with DGF62 Memphis Jug Band: Vol 4. Complete 1934 sides for
Dennis Greaves the only original member remaining. A smoking set Vocalion & Okeh, alternative takes & unissued tests for Victor 192730. 25 corkers, re-mastered by John R.T. Davies.
featuring favourites Homework, Don’t Point Your Finger and more.
FLOATM6111 13: Featuring Lester Butler. Former Red Devils front DGF75 Clarence Williams: Gimme Blues - Washboard Bands
man formed new band in 1997 and sparks ensued. Fantastic re- 1926-29. 26 super tracks with Dixie Washboard Band, Blue Grass
release of band’s only album with Lester leading on vocals and Footwarmers &, Clarence Williams Washboard Band.
driving, amplified harp on classic Chicago blues standards. The FUTURE DAYS £13.50
band is also hot - after Lester’s untimely death they went on to back FDR600 Bo Diddley: The Black Gladiator. A funky 1970 excursion
James Harman. Great blues harp CD, now with 3 extra live tracks.
FLOATM6112 Sonny Landreth: Down In Louisiana. Re-release of GADFLY £13.75
BURN238 Graham Parker: Live Alone! Discovering Japan. Reearly album, not easy to find over recent years. Until now.
FLOATM6121 Etta James: Time After Time/Mystery Lady. Time corded during early 90s Japanese tour, a 14 song solo recording.
After Time is Etta’s 1995 Great American Songbook album; Mystery GET ON DOWN £10.55
Lady is her tribute to Billie Holiday. Two great albums on one CD
GET54038CD Howlin’ Wolf: The Howlin’ Wolf Album. 1969
FLOATM6124 Douglas Dillard: The Banjo Album. Extended edition Chess/Cadet album introducing psychedelic electric rock to the
of 1969 album inc John Hartford, Gene Clark & Bernie Leadon
Wolf’s blues. They suspected it wouldn’t please “hard blues”
FLOATM6129 Tom Russell: The Rose Of San Joanquin/The Man
audiences so sub-titled it “This Is Howlin’ Wolf’s New LP, He
From God Knows. 1995 & 1999 albums from Hightone.
Doesn’t Like It. He Didn’t Like His Electric Guitar At First Either”.
FLOATM6131 Joe Louis Walker: Cold Is The Night/The Gift.
While Wolf himself called it “dogshit” and hardcore Chicago blues
These first two albums from the mid-80s caused a stir on release
fans derided it, it has nonetheless gathered a committed fanbase.
among those looking for a new blues guitar hero. Here’s why.
FLOATM6135 Dick Dale: Tribal Thunder/Unknown Territory. Two GET54042CD Muddy Waters: After The Rain. Follow up to the
experiment of Electric Mud, this 1969 Chess album
Hightone albums on one CD from the King Of Surf Guitar
FLOATM6140 Gov’t Mule: Gov’t Mule. Debut album of scorching makes more use of traditional Muddy singing and playing styles and
is all the better for it. A rare find on CD for many years.
blues rockers from 1995, now available in new digi-pack
FLOATM6144 Dirty Dozen Brass Band: What’s Going On. The GET54047CD Bo Diddley: Big Bad Bo. Rare early 70s Chess
band’s take on Marvin Gaye’s 1971 protest album recorded in 2006 album with more of a funk edge to it than his usual Diddley beat.
in light of the US Government’s inability to deal with the impact of Another experimental Chess period release & a must-have for fans.
Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans.
FLOATB6116 The Profile Records Story. Smashing compilation
drawn from small independent label that grew up in Chicago alongside Chess and Vee-Jay. Junior Wells early blues sides feature
most prominently but this is a diverse and enjoyable collection.
4178222 Robbie Robertson: How To Be Clairvoyant. First solo
project since 1998. With Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, with a
bonus CD of six extra tracks including demos & unreleased material
4178212 Robbie Robertson: How To Be Clairvoyant.
GSK1003 Gino Bordin: Virtuose de la Guitarre Hawaiienne.
Superb 1930’s Paris recordings.
Digi pack with lovely booklet
GRAND £12.55
GRANDCD05 Dr Feelgood: Down By The Jetty. Stunning debut
GRANDCD09 Dr Feelgood: Malpractice. 1975 classic.
GRANDCD10 Dr Feelgood: A Case Of The Shakes. 1980 album
with Nick Lowe as producer. 12 no-nonsense, hard rocking tracks.
GRANDCD13 Dr Feelgood: Sneakin’ Suspicion. Last Feelgoods
album to feature Wilko on guitar.
GRANDCD18 Dr Feelgood: Down At The Doctors.
GRANDCD24 Dr Feelgood: BBC Sessions 1973-78. 21 tracks (13
with Wilko Johnson) of classic period Feelgoods.
GRANDCD30 Dr Feelgood: Repeat Prescription.
GRANDCD32 Dr Feelgood: Private Practice. 1978 album.
GAMC224CD Barbara Lynn: It Ain’t No Good To Be Good. Blues,
soul & southern R&B from New Orleans in the mid 60s. A great find.
GVC £6.50
GVC1001 Charlie Gracie: Cool Baby-Singles & More 1951-57.
GVC1002 Freddie Slack: Mr Freddie’s Boogie 1940-47. His best.
GVC1003 Chuck Miller: Vim Vam Vamoose. R’n’r boogie woogie
GVC1004 Bonnie Lou: Friction Heat ‘53-’58
GVC1005 Love Is A Wailing Thing. Johnny Oliver, Claude Cloud &
his Thunderclaps, Hide-a-ways, Jimmie Newsome etc.
GVC1006 Alexis Korner’s Breakdown Group: Blues From The Roundhouse. With Cyril Davies!
GVC1007 Janis Martin: My Girl Janis. 26 hard rockin’ tracks.
GVC1009 Bobby Charles: After A While Crocodile - 50s Anthology.
Chess sides from 1956-57 plus rare Imperial singles from 1958-59
GVC1011 Everly Brothers: Cathy’s Clown 1960. Their first two
Warners albums, some Cadence releases and a few outtakes.
GVC 2CD £9.50
GVC2023 Windy City Bop - Chicago Rockabilly 1945-58. Big seller.
GVC2024 Boogiology -Boogie Woogie Masters. Great piano collection.
GVC2030 Sneakin’ Around - London Records R&B Story 19481951. 36 honkin’ r&b belters - Sticks McGhee, Hadda Brooks, Paul
Bascomb, Treniers, Keys, Duke Henderson, etc. Many new to CD.
HEPCAT £11.95
HEP05292 Anson Funderburgh: Tell Me What I Want To Hear
HEP05242 Snooks Eaglin: Baby You Can Get Your Gun.
HEP0017 Anson Funderburgh: My Love Is Here To Stay
HEP05262 Mike Morgan & Crawl: Mighty Fine Dancin’
HEP2744 Rod Piazza’s Mighty Flyers: Blues In The Dark.
HEP2655 Anson Funderburgh: Talk To You by Hand.
HEP2566 James Harman: Two Sides To Every Story.
HEP0014 James Harman: Do Not Disturb.
HEP0016 Rod Piazza & Mighty Flyers: Alphabet Blues
HEP05212 Ronnie Earl: Peace Of Mind.
HEP05232 James Harman: Cards On The Table.
HEP05252 Ronnie Earl: Deep Blues.
HEP05282 Earl King & Roomful Of Blues: Glazed
HEP05302 Snooks Eaglin: Teasin’ You
HEROIC 2CD £14.15
HEROIC0009 Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes: On The Town Tonight. Hot live set from The Tivoli Theatre, Winbourne.
1793783 Chuck Berry: You Can Never Tell – Complete Chess
Recordings 1960-66. Another winner, with 108 recordings, including
18 previously unreleased, hits and a 45 minute 1963 live concert .
2727346 Chuck Berry: Have Mercy - Complete Chess Recordings
1969-74. 71 tracks of the years just prior to the demise of Chess.
With 22 previously unreleased tracks plus booklet. Another cracker.
2747239 Neville Brothers: Authorized Bootleg - Warfield Theatre.
Recorded at the time of ‘Yellow Moon’, this showcases New Orleans soul & funk, spiritual ballads and 50s rock n roll. Classy.
2760826 Flying Burrito Brothers: Authorized Bootleg/Fillmore
East, New York N.Y. Stirring embryonic country rock from ‘Version
2’ of the band (Sneaky Pete, Bernie Leadon and Rick Roberts).
2762734 Howlin’ Wolf: Smokestack Lightning - Complete Chess
Masters 1951-60. A 97 track feast (with rarities & alternate takes)
from the most singularly impressive bluesman ever. Seminal Memphis & Chicago sides plus a 45 page booklet with rare photos and
liner notes from Peter Guralnick and Dick Shurman. All Hip-O Select
sets are limited editions - so get it now!!
1107612 Bo Diddley: Road Runner – Chess Masters 1959-60.
Great sound and alternate takes and rare stuff. Cracking collection.
2749947 Tammi Terrell: Come And See Me - Complete Solo
Collection. Superb compilation of 50 tracks with hits & rarities.
2712262 Koko Taylor: What It Takes - Chess Years. Re-release
her blues-belting classics, now 24 storming tracks (70 minutes!).
2760950 Bo Diddley: Beach Party. Bo’s first live album, recorded
at Myrtle Beach beach club in 1963, with hits and a few oddities.
2770597 Buddy Guy & Junior Wells: Buddy And The Juniors. Remastered version of 1969 ‘unplugged’ album with Junior Mance.
JASCD178 Jack Scott: Touch Me Baby I Go Hog Wild 1957-60.
Brooding rockabilly - 64 classic hits & rare sides.
JASCD181 The Spaniels: Goodnight Sweetheart 1953-61 - Their
Two Original Albums. Complete A & B sides for Vee-Jay.
JASCD184 Nina Simone: Fine And Mellow - Her First Recordings
1958-60. Her first four albums with many tracks that made her name
JASCD185 Buddy Cole: Swingin’ At The Hammond Organ.
IMV £8.75
JASCD204 Johnny And The Hurricanes: Red Rivers, Rockin’
HJRCD39 Open Strings: 1920s Middle Eastern Recordings - New IMV001 Jack Bruce: Live 1980-2011.
Geese And Beatnik Flies. All A& B sides from 1959-61 plus three
Responses. Virtuoso string playing from Iran, Iraq, Turkey & Egypt
albums in their entirety. Great rock and roll instrumentals.
Excellent series of mid price 14 track blues compilations.
JASCD192 Joan Baez: First Lady Of Folk 1958-61. Early albums HJRCD48 To Scratch Your Heart – Early Recordings From INAK2301CD Blues For Broken Hearts. Aynsley Lister, Omar Joan Baez In San Francisco, Folk Singers ‘Round Harvard Square,
Istanbul. The cream of Turkish musicians.
Kent Dykes, Coco Montoya, Dani Wilde, Oli Brown and more.
Joan Baez and Joan Baez Vol 2.
HJRCD50 Something Is Wrong - Vintage Recordings From East INAK2302CD Blues For Rainy Days. Ana Popovic, Walter Trout,
Africa. 35 sides from Uganda & Kenya 1930-1950s. A super pack.
Son Seals, Bobby Jones, Samantha Fish, Ian Parker, etc.
INAK2303CD Blues For When You Are Alone. Dani Wilde, JASMCD3010 Bo Diddley: I’m A Man – Singles As & Bs 1955-59
HOODOO £10.25
263363 Lloyd Price: The Exciting Lloyd Price & Mr Personality. Eamon McCormack, Tinsley Ellis, Mike Zito, Dave Kelly, etc.
JHR050 Danny Bryant’s Red Eye Band: Night Life - Live In
The complete two 1959 LPs on one CD.
INDIGO £8.95
263366 Little Willie John: Mister Little Willie John & Talk To Me. IGOXCD531Z Paul Lamb & The King Snakes: Take Your Time & Holland.
Two albums from 1958 each containing 12 tracks plus 4 bonus cuts. Get It Right. Re-release of 2000 album
JEROME £13.15
263367 Bobby Day: Rockin’ Robin. 1958 album & 13 bonus tracks! INGOT £13.15
JRCD002 Ike Turner: Real Gone Rocket - Session Man Extraordi263364 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: At Home With Screamin’ Jay BURNIR0006 Claude Hay: Deep Fried Satisfied. Australian fuses naire 1951-59. A selection of 14 R&B essential and rarely heard
Hawkins. Okeh/Epic LP of 12 tracks & 11 bonus tracks
slide guitar, sitar, bass & percussion on stomping blues funk album. singles. Ike features as guitarist, pianist, songwriter or producer on
263368 Clyde McPhatter: Clyde/Rock & Roll. 2 classic Atlantic LPs
titles the name of Lonnie The Cat, Willie King, Matt Cockrell, Billy
263369 Chuck Berry: Rollin’ Till The Break Of Dawn. 25 re- ISLAND 2CD £14.75
Gayles, Jackie Brenston, Kenneth Churchill & more. Superb stuff.
5325197 John Martyn: Live At Leeds. 35th anniversary edition of
mastered Chess classics
263370 Chuck Willis: Rockin’ With The Sheikh Of The Blues. Okeh
JSP8808 Buddy Guy: Live At The Checkerboard Lounge 1979
& Atlantic recs. 29 tracks (1951 and 1959)
JASMINE 2CD £11.25
JSP8809 Elmore James Junior: Daddy Gave Me The Blues
263371 Percy Mayfield: Nightless Lover. The most delicious of JASMCD3022 Ruth Brown: Singles A’s & B’s 1953-60. 59 tracks.
JSP8810 Jay McShann with Al Casey: Best of Friends.
vocal stylists & song writers with Speciality A & B sides 1950 - 55.
JASMCD3024 50 Of The Most Influential Blues Songs Of The JSP8811 Professor Longhair: The London Concert 1978
263372 Thurston Harris: Little Bitty Pretty One
20th Century. Muddy, Wolf, Elmore, Slim Harpo, Leroy Carr, Bo JSP 8812 King Curtis: Live In New York. Vintage 1961 material.
263373 Bobby Mitchell: Rack ‘Em Back - N’Awlins R&B Stompers. Diddley, Otis Rush, Freddie King, Jr Parker, etc.
JSP8813 Buddy Guy: Breaking Out – his 1980-1981 recordings
263378 Hank Ballad: And The Midnighters & Singin’ & Swingin’.
JASMCD36167 Elton Britt: The Versatile Elton Britt - Classic JSP8814 Tamara & Lucky Peterson: Darling Forever.
263376 Dee Clark: Dee Clark & How About That. 28 tracks from Performances From Three Decades. Yodelling cowboy on 59 tracks JSP8817 Jimmy Rogers & Left Hand Frank: The Dirty Dozens. 30
first 2 albums, bonus tracks & booklet.
JASCD694 Floyd Cramer: Countrypolitan Piano - Four Original years after the LP was first released, on CD in its vintage rawness!
263379 Professor Longhair: No Buts, No Maybes. Best of 1949- Albums. Great piano playing on albums recorded in 1960 and 1961 JSP8820 Kirk Fletcher: I’m Here And I’m Gone.
57, 28 great tracks from Atlantic, Mercury, Federal and Ebb.
JASCD699 John D. Loudermilk: Sittin’ In The Balcony. A CD of JSP8819 Fernest Arceneaux: Zydeco Stomp. Re-issue of 1981
263380 Rufus Thomas: Crazy ‘Bout You Baby. Complete re- his own versions plus a CD of interpretations by Eddie Cochran, album from leading light of post-Clifton Chenier zydeco.
cordings 1950-1957 , 20 early wild ones for Sun, Chess, Meteor, etc Johnny Cash, Jimmy Newman, Chet Atkins, Kitty Wells and more.
JSP8822 Rosco Gordon: Rosco Rocks Again. Inc Wayne Bennett
263381 Ray Sharpe: Gonna Let It Go This Time.
JASMCD3608 Bluegrass - That High Lonesome Sound. 48 JSP8823 Phil Guy: It’s A Real Mutha’
263383 Billy Lee Riley: Rock With Me Baby. 26 1950s crackers
classics and obscurities to delight aficionados and newcomers alike. JSP8824 Lucky Peterson: Heart Of Pain. Strong vocals, powerful
263377 Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland: Little Boy Blue - The Duke Sides 1952- With Bill Monroe, Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Jim Eanes, Stanley guitar & songs his contemporaries would kill for! A cracker.
59. Early blues sides prior to becoming the greatest voice in soul.
Bros, Rouse Bros, Sonny Osborne, etc. A must-have for bluegrass. JSP8825 Buddy Guy: D.J. Play My Blues. Blistering 1981 set.
JASMCD36267 Johnny Horton: North To Alaska And Other Great JSP8828 Lil’ Dave Thompson: C’mon Down The Delta. 2001 album a
263385 Ruth Brown: Rock & Roll/Miss Rhythm. 2 Atlantic albums
Hits - The Early Album Collection. Popular 1950s honky tonk singer fitting memorial to a real bluesman. High octane guitar.
263387 Coasters: The Coasters & One By One.
263388 Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks: Ronnie Hawkins + Mr with 60 tracks that move from raucous rockabilly to country ballads. JSP8827 Lefty Dizz: Ain’t It Nice To Be Loved. Incendiary guitar.
Dynamo. 2 Roulette albums (1959 & 1960), with bonus tracks and a JASCD698 Doc Pomus: Singer And Songwriter. 56 tracks of the JSP8830 Texas Guitar Summit. Great modern blues guitar with
legendary figures own recordings as a blues singer (CD1) plus UP Wilson, Henry Qualls, JB Wynne, Bob Kirkpatrick, Andrew
16 page booklet. Support from Robbie Robertson & Levon Helm.
many examples of his songs as recorded by others (CD2), with ‘Junior Boy’ Jones & Bobby Gilmore.
263389 LaVern Baker: La Vern + Rock & Roll.
263392 Eddie Cochran: Eddie Cochran & Singin’ To My Baby. 2 Elvis, Ray Charles, Big Joe Turner, Coasters, Drifters & many more. JSP8833 Phillip Walker With Otis Grand: Big Blues From Texas.
Liberty albums (1957 & 1960) & 9 bonus cuts.
JSP8831 Lucky Peterson: Every Second A Fool Is Born.
263394 Andre Williams: Mr Rhythm Is Moving. Great hard to find JASCD161 The Crickets: I Fought The Law. Everything recorded JSP8832 Larry Garner: Double Dues. 20th anniversary re-master.
R&B for Fortune label 1955-60. 23 ultra-cool tracks.
1958-60 after split from Buddy.
JSP8829 Eddie Kirkland: Pick Up The Pieces. 1980 album &
263397 Johnny Guitar Watson: Space Guitar Master 1952-60.
JASCD162 Big Bopper: Oh Baby That’s What I Like!
bonus tracks. Tough blues from John Lee Hooker’s sideman.
263399 Little Richard: Here’s Little Richard + Little Richard Vol 2.
JASCD511 Raunchy–Rise Of Instrumental Rock. Bill Justis, JSP8821 Joe Louis Walker & Otis Grand: Guitar Brothers - 10th
263401 Duane Eddy: Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel/Especially Champs, Bill Doggett, Link Wray, etc.
Anniversary Edition. Remixed and repackaged in a nice digi-pack.
For You. Historic albums from 1958 and 1959.
JASCD519 Chuck Berry: Rock & Roll Music. First 14 singles
JSP8836 James Booker: King Of The New Orleans Keyboard. A true
263403 Louis Jordan: Route 66. 29 tracks 1956-1957.
JASCD521 Coasters: Singles A’s & B’s ‘55–59.
genius of New Orleans blues & boogie woogie piano. Sheer class.
263404 Gene Vincent: And The Blue Caps + Blue Jean Bop!
JASCD571 Conway Twitty: Lonely Blue Boy 1957-59-Complete JSP8816 James & Lucky Peterson: If You Can’t Fix It. Father
263405 Bo Diddley: Have Guitar Will Travel + In The Spotlight. Albums. Mercury/MGM recs.
and son together on a set of hard-hitting contemporary blues.
1959 and 1960 Checker albums.
JASCD171 Johnny Guitar Watson: Original Gangster Of Love JSP8834 Hubert Sumlin: Blues Guitar Boss. Wolf’s long-time
263395 Link Wray & The Wraymen: Definitive Edition. 1960’s Link 1953-59. Sensational blues guitar on 29 early classics.
sideman and just about the best Chicago blues guitarist that ever
Wray & The Wraymen & 16 alternate takes and demos.
JASCD599 Dale Hawkins: Susie Q. Exciting early rockabilly with plugged in with a re-issue of a 1980s album.
263386 Carl Perkins: Dance Album + Whole Lotta Shakin’. His first his first 14 A & B sides, including all-time classic title track.
JSP8842 Louisiana Red: Always Played The Blues. Remixed and
two solo albums (from 1957 & 1958) plus bonus tracks
repackaged studio album, With 13 striking songs, and support from
263396 Elvis Presley: King Creole + Blue Hawaii. Movie soundJASCD417 Meade Lux Lewis: Gliding From Glendale To Chicago- the likes of John Cleary on piano, this must be one of his very best.
track albums (from 1958 & 1961), bonus tracks & 16 page booklet
46 red hot boogie & blues piano classics
263412 Chuck Berry: One Dozen Berrys + Chuck Berry Is On Top.
JASCD537 LaVern Baker: Complete Singles As & Bs 1953-1959
JSP4201 Carter Family: Acme Sessions 1952-56.
Two of his best Chess albums from 1958-59, plus four bonus tracks.
JASCD568 Hank Ballard & The Midnighters: Come On And Get It JSP4203 Ike Turner: Classic Early Sides 1951-57.
263416 Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger + Bo Diddley Is A
-The Singles Collection 1954-1959. 58 tracks
JSP4205 Bill Haley: Early Years 1947-54.
Lover. Two of his finest albums, both from 1961 plus five bonus
JASCD578 Gene Vincent: Racing, Bop- JSP4207 Louis Jordan: The Later Years 1953–57.
tracks from the same period. 29 tracks in total,
ping, Jumping And Rocking. Best of from JSP4208 Joe Hill Louis: King Of The One Man Bands 1949-54.
with Willie Dixon, Otis Spann, Lafayette Leake
1956-59, over 60 tracks.
JSP4210 Rosco Gordon: Lets Get High 1951-65.
and more provide the sterling support.
JASCD564 Bobby Blue Bland: It’s My JSP4212 Clifton Chenier/Clarence Garlow.
263420 Chuck Berry: Rockin’ At The Hops +
Life – The Singles As & Bs 1951-1960. All JSP4213 Crazy With The Blues – Juke Joint Blues.
New Juke Box Hits. Plus 6 bonus tracks.
his singles between 1951 and 1960.
JSP4217 Frankie Lee Sims & Mercy Dee Walton.
JASCD592 Ronnie Hawkins: Early Album JSP4219 Hollywood Blues - Classic West Coast Blues 1947-53.
HB0001 Tom Paley’s Old-Time Moonshine
Collection. 49 early rockers supported by 53 superb and rare down-home California blues. Soldier Boy HousRevue: Roll On Roll On. One-time musical
The Hawks (future members of The Band). ton, James Tisdom, Ernest McClay, Slim Green, Smokey Hogg,
collaborator of Woody Guthrie, founder member
JASMCD30178 Muddy Waters: Natural Beverly Scott, Mac Willis, Charles Lacy, Sonny Boy Holmes, etc.
of New Lost City Ramblers and influence on a
Born Lover. A & B Sides of every Chess
JSP4223 Little Esther: The Early
young Bob Dylan with an album on which he is
single released 1953-60, 54
Hits 1949-54.
supported by younger roots and rock acolytes. 18
tracks in total. Includes a few
JSP4224 Swinging On The
great songs including standards such as The
rarely anthologised - I’m Your
Golden Gate 1944-58.
Midnight Special and Little Birdie plus many less
Doctor, Love Affair, etc.
JSP4225 Big Jay McNeely: King
well-known songs.
JASMCD30201 Howlin Wolf:
Of The Honkin’ Sax.
JSP4227 Fred McDowell: Down
B singles 1951-60. 46 unbeatHUMP68 Lyle Lovett: Natural Forces. 2009
Home Blues 1959.
able classics, from feral Memstudio album.
JSP6201 Virginia Rocks! Great
HUMP123 Lyle Lovett: Release Me. Red Lick favourite with album phis sides through to better-known Chess stuff.
rare rockabilly collection.
of diverse blend of country, folk, jazz, pop and americana.
JSP4231 Ray Charles: Complete
JASCD160 Ray Charles: The Genius In Person. Four
Early Recordings 1949-1952.
HUX £13.15
complete classic albums The Great .., At Newport,
JSP4230 Big Maceo: Complete
HUX094 Wizz Jones: Lucky The Man
Genius Of .. & In Person.
Sides 1941-1950.
HUX113 Davy Graham: From Monkhouse To Medway 1963-73.
JASMCD3015/6 Little Walter: Boom Boom - Singles As
Davy’s first 5 demo recordings with live recordings from early 70s.
& Bs 1952-60. 50 rip-roaring tracks, in order of release.
HUX126 Webb Pierce: Fallen Angel/Cross Country. Two superb
JSP2303 Chuck Willis: ComJASCD170 50 Classics Of Louisiana Sounds 19531960s albums on CD for first time. With 16 page booklet.
60. Some of the finest music to come out of Louisiana.
HUX130 Bill Anderson: From This Pen/Get While The Getting’s
JSP2305 Big Walter Horton: Blues Harmonica Giant 1951-56.
Blues, swamp pop, Cajun, rockabilly and more with Bobby Charles,
Good. Top-notch country music songwriter with two original albums
JSP2306 Slovenia USA. Slovenian Music Made In The USA.
Sugarboy Crawford, Lloyd Price, Slim Harpo, Guitar Slim, Charles
from 1965 & 1967, plus booklet with notes, lyrics and photos.
JSP2304 Gospel Alive - Sacred Recordings Made In The Field.
Shefifeld, Warren Storm, Huey Piano Smith, Lightnin Slim, Earl
JSP 3CD BOX SET £14.50
King, Clifton Chenier, Fats Domino, Al Terry, etc. Hours of fun.
HYP11277 Bluesmasters: Featuring Mickey Thomas. Vocalist on JASCD176 The Penguins: Earth Angel - Cool Sounds Of West JSP5201 Cantors, Klezmorim And Crooners 1905-53. Stunning.
Elvin’s ‘Fooled Around And Fell In Love’ fronts set of blues classics. Coast Doo-Wop 1954-60. 40 tracks.
HJRCD33 Living Is Hard: West African Music in Britain, 1927-29
HJRCD35 Give Me Love-The Brokenhearted Of Baghdad 1925-29
HJRCD40 The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From Congo 1954-55.
HJRCD41 Africa Boogaloo - Latinization Of West Africa. A
fantastic insight into post-colonial African music.
IAM0234 Nick Gravenites & John Cippolina: Live In Athens At
The Rodon. Super live album from two West Coast icons.
IAM0252 Graham Parker & Rumour: Live In San Francisco 1979
IAM0256 Nick Gravenites & John Cippolina: Monkey Medicine.
IAM0276 Fairport Convention & Sandy Denny: Ebbetts Field ‘74
Our website has more details on the amazing collection of JSP
box sets listed below - see the footnote at the bottom of this page
for more information. For JSP’s jazz box sets, see page 13.
JSP929 Bessie Smith: Vol 1 Queen of The Blues 1923-32
JSP930 Bessie Smith: Vol 2 Empress Of Blues 1926-33
JSP7703 John Lee Hooker: Classic Early Years ‘48-’51.
JSP7706 Blind Lemon Jefferson: Complete.
JSP7711 Blind Willie McTell: Classic Years 1927-40
JSP7712 Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys: 1937-1949.
JSP7723 Paramount Masters.
JSP7724 Flatt & Scruggs/Stanley Bros: Selected Sides 1947-53.
JSP7726 Cajun Early Recordings-Important Swamp Hits.
JSP7727 Delmore Bothers: Classic Cuts 1933-1941
JSP7729 Uncle Dave Macon: Classic Sides 1924–38.
JSP7731 Bluegrass-Classic Recordings.
JSP7732 Cliff Carlisle: A Country Legacy 1930-39.
JSP7734 Charlie Poole: & North Carolina Ramblers/Highlanders
JSP7735 Blind Boy Fuller: Remastered 1935-1938.
JSP7738 Hotter in Hawaii.
JSP7743 Worried Blues (Frank Hutchinson, Kelly Harrell, etc)
JSP7745 Memphis Jug Band & Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers.
JSP7746 Darby & Tarlton plus Chris Bouchillon.
JSP7749 Cajun Country Two-More Hits
From The Swamp.
JSP7750 Big Bill Broonzy: Vol 2 1937-40.
JSP7751 Sounds Like Jimmie Rodgers.
JSP7753 Shake That Thing-East Coast
Blues 1935-53.
JSP7754 Atlanta Blues.
JSP7755 Mountain Gospel.
JSP7756 Roy Brown: & New Orleans R&B.
JSP7757 Early Country Radio.
JSP7758 Boogie Uproar–Texas Blues & R&B
JSP7759 Rev Gary Davis: And The Guitar
JSP7760 Eddie Cleanhead Vinson: Honk For
JSP7763 Stick McGhee with Sonny Terry &
Brownie McGhee: New York Blues 1947-1955.
JSP7764 Leadbelly: Important Recordings 1934-49.
JSP7765 Delmore Brothers: Vol 2 - The Later Years 1933-52.
JSP7766 Sonny Boy Williamson: Cool Cool Blues 1951-54.
JSP7767 Big Bill Broonzy: Vol 3 War & Post War Years ‘40-51.
JSP7768 Cliff Carlisle: Vol 2 1930-41.
JSP7769 Uncle Dave Macon: Vol 2.
JSP7770 Bob Wills Texas Playboys: King of Western Swing.
JSP7772 Blind Boy Fuller & Others: Vol 2.
JSP7773 New Orleans Guitar.
JSP7774 Paramount Old Time Recordings.
JSP7776 Rembetika. Greek Music From The Underground ‘25-47
JSP7777 Memphis Blues-Important Post-War Blues.
JSP7778 Jimmy Witherspoon: Urban Blues Singing Legend.
JSP7779 Sleepy John Estes: 1929-47.
JSP7780 Serenade In The Mountains-Early Old-Time Music.
JSP7781 When The Levee Breaks - Mississippi Blues ‘26-46.
JSP7783 Sunnyland Slim: Classic Sides 1947-53. .
JSP7784 Delmore Brothers: Vol 3 More from 30s + 40s & 50s.
JSP7785 Houston Might Be Heaven Rockin’ R&B In Texas ‘47-51.
JSP7790 Lightnin’ Hopkins: Vol 2 1951-56.
JSP7792 Crescent City Bounce - Blues To R&B In New Orleans.
JSP7796 Jook Joint Blues – Good Time R & B 1943-56.
JSP7797 Sonny Boy Williamson: Original Vol 1 1937-39.
JSP7798 A Richer Tradition. Country Blues & String Bands ‘23-42.
JSP7799 Roy Acuff: King Of The Hillbillies 1936-44.
JSP77100 Mountain Frolic - Rare Old Timey Classics 1924-37.
JSP77101 Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson: Later Years 1939-47
JSP77104 Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell: Vol 1 1928-34.
JSP77105 Rembetika Two. More of The Secret History Of
Greece’s Underground Music 1908-46.
JSP77107 Ernest Tubb: Early Years 1936-45.
JSP77108 Rub A Little Boogie - New York Blues 1945-56.
JSP77109 Ain’t Times Hard? Political & Social Comment In Blues.
JSP77110 Authentic Rare Bluegrass 1951-54.
JSP77112 Gene Autry: Early Sides.
JSP77113 Dixon Bros/Callahan Bros: Make Time For Old Time.
JSP77114 Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys: Texas, Hollywood
And Chicago 1940-47.
JSP77115 Rare & Authentic Cajun 1928-39.
JSP77117 Lonnie Johnson: Life In Music-Selected Sides 1925-53
JSP77118 J.E. Mainer: Early Years 1935-39.
JSP77119 Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys: 1950-58.
JSP77120 Champion Jack Dupree: Early Cuts 1940-53.
JSP77122 Bob Geddins Blues Legacy.
JSP77124 J.E. Mainer: Classic Sides 1937-41.
JSP77125 Leroy Carr: Vol 2 1934-41.
JSP77126 Nuggets Of The Golden Age Of Gospel 1945-58.
JSP77127 Rare West Coast Jump ’n’ Jive 45-54.
JSP77128 Flatt & Scruggs/Stanley Bros: Selected Cuts 1951-59.
JSP77130 Gennett Old Time Music 1927-34.
JSP77131 Classic Field Recordings.
JSP77132 Markos Vamvakaris: The Master of Rembetika
JSP77134 Outsinging The Nightingale. Lost Treasures Of Bulgarian Music 1905-1950.
JSP77135 Powerhouse Gospel On Independent Labels ‘46-59
JSP77138 Riley Puckett: Country Music Pioneer.
JSP77140 Cousin Joe: From New Orleans.
JSP77141 Meaning In The Blues-The 50th Anniversary of Blues
Fell This Morning by Paul Oliver.
JSP77142 The Bobby Robinson Story - Selected Sides 1951-60
JSP77144 Country Guitar - Selected Sides 1935-55.
JSP77145 Golden Gospel Gals - Selected Sides 1949-1959.
JSP77146 Apostolos Hadzichristos: A Unique Greek Voice Selected Recordings 1937-53.
JSP77148 Ukranian & Lemko String Bands In America.
JSP77150 Juke Joints 3. Third in the best-selling series of rocking
electric blues. 104 tremendous tracks – Slim Harpo, Lightnin’ Slim,
Smokey Hogg, Big Boy Spires, Earl Hooker, Homesick James,
Clarence London, Sunny James, Eddie Taylor, etc.
JSP77151 Bo Carter: & The Mississippi Sheiks. 100 essential
sides from one of the most entertaining bluesmen ever, solo and
with the swinging Sheiks. Deep blues, novelties, risqué numbers,
social comment & more. Compiled by Neil Slaven and a must-have.
JSP77152 Women Of Rembetika 1908-1947. 89 tracks by leading
female singers such as K. Koula, R. Abadzi, K. Pipinas, M. Papagika, M. Politissa and plenty more. Another superb remastering
job by Ted Kendall from the archives of Charles Howard.
JSP77153 Turkish Tradition. 96 traditional eastern European (and
beyond) sides, remastered and presented by Chris King.
JSP77154 Memphis Marvels - Memphis Gospel 1927-1960.
Another superior collection from Opal Louis Nations. 105 remastered rare gospel crackers - Gospel Travelers, Queen C Anderson,
Brewster Singers, Southern Wonders and more
JSP77155 Gid Tanner And The Skillet Lickers: Old Timey’s
Favorite Band. 100 exuberant old-timey sides with Riley Puckett,
Clayton McMichen, Lowe Stokes and more.
JSP77156 The Bristol Sessions 19271928. Ralph Peer’s historic field recordings
that introduced The Carter Family and
Jimmie Rodgers to an unsuspecting world
have already been issued on other box sets
by JSP. The other marvellous artists discovered and recorded at these sessions however have not - until now. 94 stunning sides
with Blind Alfred Reed, Ernest Stoneman,
Henry Whitter, Alfred G Karnes, Tenneva
Ramblers, Johnson Bros, Ernest Phipps,
Carolina Twins, Blue Ridge Corn Suckers &
more. Essential.
JSP77158 Bradley Kincaid: A Man And
His Guitar. A huge star of early old-timey
country in the 78 era, curiously largely
forgotten. This collection of 104 selected sides from between 1927
and 1950 will help correct this. Another fabulous compilation from
CDKEND354 Patrice Holloway: Love And Desire - The Anthology.
CDKEND357 Bobby Marchan: Get Down With It - Soul Sides 1963
-67. 28 sides for Volt, Dial & Cameo. A treat.
CDKEND358 Arthur Conley: I’m Living Good - The Soul Of Arthur
Conley 1964-74. Great deep southern soul for various labels.
CDKEND360 Etta James: Call My Name. First ever CD re-issue of
12 track 1967 Chess album, plus 12 bonus cuts from 1967-69.
CDKEND361 Etta James: Losers Weepers. A 1970 11 track album
recorded with legendary producer Ralph Bass. Plus 11 bonus tracks
CDKEND362 Barbara Lynn: A Good Woman - Complete Tribe &
Jetstream Singles 1966-79. 24 rare tracks & booklet.
CDKEND363 George Jackson: Don’t Count Me Out - Fame Recordings
Vol 1. Original takes of songs written for Wilson Pickett, Willie
Hightower, Candi Staton, Clarence Carter, Jimmy Hughes & more.
24 superior southern soul classics 1968-72.
CDKEND364 Masterpieces Of Modern Soul Vol 3. 23 classy soul
songs - Candi Staton, Tommy Tate, Jesse Davis, etc.
CDKEND365 The Apollas: Absolutely Right! 1963-68.
CDKEND367 Paul Kelly: Hot Runnin’ Soul - Singles 1965-71.
CDKEND368 Mod Jazz Forever. 24 rare sides including Buddy
Guy, Jack McDuff, Jesse Davis, Reuben Wilson and more.
CDKEND370 Nobody Wins - Stax Southern Soul 1968-75. A splendid
compilation spotlighting Stax as it widened its reach after early
success. 22 hits, rare tracks & previously unissued gems. Mable
John, Little Milton, William Bell, Eddie Floyd, Johnnie Taylor, Calvin
Scott, Jimmy Hughes, etc. A treat.
CDKEND372 Hall Of Fame - Rare And Unissued Gems From
The Fame Vaults. Great southern soul including Otis Clay, Jimmy
Hughes, Clarence Carter and George Jackson alongside lots of less
familiar names. With a classy booklet with detailed notes.
CDKEND373 King New Breed R&B Vol 2. 24 wonderful blues &
R&B tracks from 50s and 60s - Little Willie John, Johnny Gtr Watson, Freddy King, Lula Reed, Eddie Kirk, 5 Royales, etc.
CDKEND375 Behind Closed Doors - Where Country Meets
Soul. 23 fine soul singers paying homage to the influence of country
music. Joe Simon, ZZ Hill, Little Milton, Solomon Burke, Candi
Staton, Bettye Swann, Arthur Alexander, etc. A real cracker.
CDKEND376 Clarence Carter: Fame Singles Vol 1 1966-70.
Includes million-selling titles, top-ten hits and other classic southern
soul and R&B. 26 tracks in all and sounding great!
CDKEND377 Etta James: Queen Of Soul. 1964 Chess album plus
14 bonus tracks, including I Worry About You & Only Time Will Tell.
CDKEND378 Lost Soul Gems From Sounds Of Memphis. A
newly-found treasure trove featuring George Jackson, Ovations,
Barbara & The Browns, Erma Shaw, Rudolph Taylor, etc.
JSP7702 Charley Patton: Complete Recordings 1929-34.
JSP7704 Jimmie Rodgers: 1927- 33.
JSP7705 Lightnin’ Hopkins: All the Classics 1946-51
JSP7714 Blind Blake: All The Published Sides.
JSP7715 Legends Of Country Blues.
JSP7716 Memphis Minnie: Queen Of Country Blues 1929-37.
JSP7718 Big Bill Broonzy: All The Classic Sides 1928-37
JSP7721 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: 1938-48.
JSP7741 Memphis Minnie: Vol 2 1937-53
JSP7782 Blue Sky Boys: Very Best Of Classic Country 1936-50.
JSP7793 Ma Rainey: Mother Of The Blues.
JSP7794 Chet Atkins: Early Years 1946-57.
JSP77111 Vassilis Tsitsanis: 1936-40 Rembetika
KENT 3CD £25.00
KENTBOX10 Take Me To The River - A Southern Soul Story 1961-77.
One of the best releases in any era, on any label, on any music. A
must for anyone with the slightest interest in southern soul. A
bargain at any price, especially a Red Lick price.
KENTBOX12 The Fame Studio Story 1961-73. With 75 superior
examples of recordings and artists that came out of the Fame
studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, a virtual Who’s Who of southern soul - Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Arthur Conley, Otis Clay,
Bettye Swann, Mitty Collier, etc. Also includes rare tracks & superb
booklet of information, photos, and track details. Truly marvellous.
KENT £10.95
CDKEND278 Barbara & The Browns: Can’t Find
Happiness - The Sounds Of Memphis Recordings.
CDKEND294 The Ovations Featuring Louis
Williams: One In A Million - The XL And Sounds Of
Memphis Recordings.
Mitty Collier: Shades Of-Chess
Singles 1961-68
CDKEND305 Little Willie John: Nineteen Sixty Six
-The David Axelrod & HB Barnum Capitol Sessions.
CDKEND308 Ty Karim: Complete. Soul Goddess
CDKEND312 Maxine Brown: Best Of Wand Years.
CDKEND316 The Soul Of Money Vol 3. Bettye Swann, Eddie
Horan, Pat Livingston, etc.
CDKEND317 Sugar Pie Desanto: Complete Chess Singles 1961-66.
CDKEND319 The Exciters: Soul Motion-Bang, Shout & RCA Recs
CDKEND320 Jackie Lee: The Mirwood Records Masters
CDKEND321 Slow’n’Moody, Black’n’Bluesy BB King, Johnny Copeland, Jimmy Holiday, Larry Davis, etc. Re-issue, extra tracks
CDKEND324 Jimmy Hughes: Steal Away-Early Fame Recordings.
CDKEND325 Aretha Franklin: Just A Matter Of Time. 1962-66.
CDKEND322 Birth Of Soul-Special Chicago Edition. Etta James, Jan
Bradley, Sugar Pie DeSanto etc
CDKEND328 Luther Ingram: Let’s Steal Away To The Hideaway/
Do You Love Somebody? 2 Koko albums
CDKEND329 George Jackson: In Memphis 1972-1977.
CDKEND331 Jimmy Hughes: Why Not Tonight? – Fame Recs Vol 2.
Original album plus 10 extra tracks.
CDKEND335 Goldwax Story Vol 3. Spencer Wiggins, Lee Shot
Williams, George Jackson, Wee Willie Walker, etc
CDKEND336 Double Cookin’. Classic Northern Soul Instrumentals
CDKEND339 Steppin’ Stone-The Sounds Of Memphis/XL Story
Vol 3. George Jackson, Willie Walker, Dan Greer, Minits, etc
CDKEND340 Spencer Wiggins: Feed The Flame – Fame & XL
Recordings. 23 tracks, 11 previously unissued, 7 not on CD before.
CDKEND341 Jimmy Hughes: Something Extra Special – Complete Volt Recordings 1968-71. Final part of super Hughes trilogy
CDKEND342 Deep Shadows - Best Of Kent Ballads. Super 24
track set of deep Southern soul ballads.
CDKEND344 Doris Troy: I’ll Do Anything – Anthology 1960-96.
Wonderful 30 tracker with the hits and Northern Soul anthems.
CDKEND345 Etta James: Who’s Blue? Rare Chess Recordings of
‘60s & ‘70s. 70 minutes of soul, blues, R&B, funk & jazz. Irresistible.
KENT £11.95
CDTOP350 The Contours: Dance With
The Contours. Never previously issued 12
track album plus 14 unissued tracks.
CDTOP351 Marv Johnson: I’ll Pick A Rose
For My Rose-The Complete Motown Recordings 1964-1971. 26 tracks.
CDTOP355 The Monitors: Say You! Motown Anthology 1963-68. CDTOP1293
The Doré Story - Postcard From East
Los Angeles 1958-64. 28 tracks with
Premiers, Billy Saint, Jan & Dean, etc.
CDTOP369 Shorty Long: Here Comes
Shorty Long - Complete Motown Stereo
Masters. 26 super sides, lots of notes &
KENT 2CD £14.50
CDKEN2 240 Staple Singers: The Ultimate - A Family Affair
CDKEN2 353 Candi Staton: Evidence - Complete Fame Records
Masters. 48 southern soul sides 1969-74, many not on CD before.
KHR01CD C.W. Stoneking: King Hokum. Magnificent 2006
debut. 11 corkers from a man said to be ‘lost in the 1920s & 30’s’.
KHR02 CW Stoneking: Jungle Blues. Fabulous blend of pre-war
blues, hokum, vintage jazz, calypso, gospel, ragtime. Genius.
KBR20121 Babajack: Rooster. High-energy contemporary bluesroots, with tribal rhythms, searing slide and harmonicas.
LAKE £13.15
LACD293 Chris Barber’s Jazz & Blues Band With Ken Colyer:
New Orleans Parade. 1980s re-union of two giants of UK trad-jazz..
LACD296 Ottilie Patterson: Blues Book And Beyond.
LAN1040 Sean Costello: At His Best - Live. Much-missed guitarist
with first live CD. 16 great tracks, mostly covers of blues classics.
2742184/85 Abbey Lincoln: Complete 1959-1961. The second
volume (see 2742041/42 for the first) of early sides, with albums
Abbey Is Blue and Straight Ahead, bonus tracks & 36 page booklet.
2742186/87 Betty Carter: Complete 1948-1961. Four early albums
plus bonus tracks and 36 page booklet.
2742188/89 Dakota Staton: Complete 1954-1958. Includes four
early albums, 16 bonus tracks and 36 page booklet.
2742033/34 Wanda Jackson: Let’s
Have A Party. 60 original crackers from
way back when in nice digi-pack.
2742031/32 Bo Diddley: I’m A Man. 52
corkers in nice digi-pack.
LFM2CD519 Neil Young: Cow Palace
1986. Live in San Francisco with Crazy
Horse on a two hour plus broadcast.
MCA £6.75
MCD11646 BB King: Live At The Regal
NW6222 Roy Buchanan: Live From Austin TX. From Nov 1976.
NW6223 Clarence Gatemouth Brown: Live From Austin TX.
Taking in blues, r&b, cajun, jazz, country & more.
MCA £9.95
AAMCAD10670 O.V. Wright: The Soul Of O.V. Wright. NW6224 Albert Collins: Live From Austin TX. Recorded on a hot
night (or should that be cool night?) in October 1991.
18 classics
NW6241 Richard Thompson: Live From Austin, TX. From 2001.
MCA/CHESS £13.75
AA881126482 Muddy Waters: Fathers & Sons. Muddy NEW WEST £10.95
& Otis Spann with Mike Bloomfield & Paul Butterfield. NW6045 John Hiatt & The Goners: Beneath This Gruff Exterior.
2003 album with Sonny Landreth’s rip-snorting slide to the fore.
With extra tracks.
NW6076 John Hiatt: Master of Disaster. 2005 album with Luther
MEGA1603 Johnny Winter: Roots. Great CD of blues and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars.
NW6145 John Hiatt: Same Old Man. Another super set from 2008,
standards, with Warren Haynes, Susan Tedeschi, Derek
with Luther Dickinson.
Trucks, Sonny Landreth, Edgar Winter and others helpNW6182 John Hiatt: The Open Road.
ing out.
NW6216 John Hiatt: Crossing Muddy Waters. Largely acoustic set
from 2000 and one of his very best. Superb.
MRS30001256 Elvis Presley: The Complete Louisiana Hayride NW6217 John Hiatt: The Tiki Bar Is Open. Cracking 2001 album,
Archives 1954-56. All tracks recorded for radio and TV broadcast this time with a fuller rock band sound and (as always) great songs.
country music show, plus 100 page hardback book with rare photos
MRS30025361 Elvis Presley: Such A Night In Pearl Harbor. His NONESUCH £13.95
last concert from 1961 before a stage hiatus of 8 years. Heralded as 7559797683 Ry Cooder: Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down. Fierce
his greatest ever concert, this also includes a preview radio broad- state-of-the nation album Superb music to boot..
cast, radio announcements, interviews & impressive 100 page book. 7559796271 Carolina Chocolate Drops: Leaving Eden. Popular
old-time fiddle & banjo band providing updated interpretations of
American heritage music, this time with more blues & jazz elements.
MRS30021361 Elvis Presley: Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alter- 7559796236 Dr John: Locked Down. Label debut and varied set of
nate Album. 1961 movie soundtrack expanded to include unre- songs, with New Orleans remaining the musical and spiritual basis.
leased out-takes. With a 40 page book
MERCURY 2CD £13.15
7559799005 Ry Cooder: I, Flathead
773532 Allman Brothers: At Fillmore East (De-Luxe Edition)
7559799287 Allan Touissant: The Bright Mississippi. Paying
5312622 Allman Brothers: Brothers & Sisters
tribute to jazz legends that influenced the music of New Orleans.
5312602 Allman Brothers: Live At Fillmore East
7559797818 Emmylou Harris: Hard Bargain. 11 track album.
5312612 Allman Brothers: Eat A Peach
7559798398 Carolina Chocolate Drops: Genuine Negro Jig.
Infectious old-time banjo-driven string band music. Stirring stuff.
MERCURY £13.95
2762986 Lucinda Williams: Blessed. 2011 album with 12 crackers. 7559797820 Randy Newman: Songbook Vol 2.
7559796499 Chris Thile & Michael Davis: Sleep With One Eye
2761430 Lucinda Williams: Blessed - Deluxe Edition. Includes Open. Spirited bluegrass standards.
LFMCD002 Bonnie Raitt: Lost Broadcast. 1972 radio performance.
LFMCD501 Bob Dylan: Folksinger’s
Choice. A barely known Dylan on New
York’s WBAI radio 1962. 11 tracks inc. 3 originals.
LFMCD504 Bob Dylan: Studs Terkels Wax Museum. 1963 radio
broadcast where Dylan is interviewed by legendary journalist,
playing songs, some not appearing on record until years later.
LFMCD511 Tom Waits: Round Midnight. 1975 radio broadcast concert with tracks from early Asylum albums, plus a couple of early80s performances while touring the Swordfishtrombones album.
LFMCD514 Captain Beefheart: An Ashtray Heart. Radio broadcast
performances from 1980-81 tour, plus bonus material from both
1971 & Saturday Night Live appearance in Nov 1980. 75 minutes.
LFMCD515 Leonard Cohen: Back In The Motherland. Rare live
broadcast, from 1988 in Toronto.
LFMCD516 Bruce Springsteen: Bound For Glory. Rare 1973
LFMCD517 Bob Dylan: Life And Life Only. An eclectic mix of early
rare and unreleased live song and interview broadcasts 1961-65.
LFMCD520 Little Feat: American Cutie. Live from Ebbets Field in
Colorado 1973. An intimate club set, with Lowell George in top form.
LFMCD522 Allman Brothers Band: A&R Studios - New York 26
August 1971. Final show with Duane, on CD for first time. A must.
LFMCD523 Ry Cooder: Down At The Field. Rare 1974 broadcast
performances, mostly at Ebbetts Field in Denver & also in New York
LFMCD521 Leonard Cohen: Angels At My Shoulder - Live 1993. A
previously unreleased concert broadcast from LA.
bonus CD with demo versions of the songs on the album.
LEMON £10.25
MIG £12.95
CDLEM2 Graham Parker: Official Art Vandelay Tapes.
MIG90352 Miller Anderson Band: Live At Rockpalast 2010
CDLEM23 John Hiatt: All Of A Sudden. 1982 album with dated MIG90392 Roy Buchanan: Live At Rockpalast. Hot 1985 concert
new wave production, but the songs are great.
MIG 2CD £17.95
CDLEM36 Delaney Bramlett: Sweet Inspiration
MIG90362 Johnny Winter: Rockpalast Blues Rock Legends Vol
CDLEM34 Leon Redbone: Live & Kickin’
3. Johnny live in Germany in 1979 with 2 hours of blues classics
CDLEMD115 John Mayall: Ten Years Are Gone. 1973 album.
CDLEM116 John Mayall: Moving On. 1972 live album from L.A..
CDLEM117 John Mayall: The Latest Edition. 1974 album.
LITA068CD Jim Ford: Harlan County. Re-release of 1969 album
with Dr John, James Burton and Jim Keltner. 10 country-soul gems
LMD001 John Jacob Niles: The Boone-Tolliver Recordings. Home
recordings from the 1950s of singular and individualistic folk music
legend, recorded after the albums on which his legend rests but
never released in any format - until now. And they are a revelation.
LUCKY £13.15
BURNLRS040CD Curtis Salgado & Terry Robb: Hit It ‘N Quit It.
LUSAFRICA562792 Boubacar Traore: Mali Denhou + Kongo
Magni. A boxed set of his two well-received Malian blues albums.
662012 African Guitars Anthology. With Boubacar Traore, Ali
Farka Toure and Tcheka plus others. A super collection.
MAD IRIS CD £13.75
MIM0007 Rita Chiarelli: Music From The Big House. Recorded live
in Angola Penitentiary, Louisiana. As well as Rita, there are spinechilling blues & gospel tracks from groups made up of inmates
MWR44 Little Freddie King: Messin’ Around Tha House. Nice
down-home ‘50s feel, with some contemporary remixes.
MRW65 Little Freddie King: Gotta Walk With The King. Juke-joint
blues, live at the Thirsty Ear Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
BURNMWR67 Little Freddie King: Chasing The Blues. Latest
from one-time Fat Possum artist, 12 authentic down-home delta
blues just made for the juke joints.
NEW WEST £11.75
NW6195 Steve Earle: I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive.
NEW WEST £11.95
NW6206 John Hiatt: Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns. One of
the greatest living singer-songwriters with his twentieth solo
NEW WEST CD & DVD £14.95
Album plus DVD of behind-the-scenes making of, with interMASCOT 2CD £14.50
M73622 Black Country Communion: Live Over Europe. Joe NW6200 Steve Earle: I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive.
Bonamassa’s rock side.
NW6209 John Hiatt: Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns.
NEW WEST CD & DVD £13.75
MGCD052 Fairport Convention: Babbacombe Lee Live Again. In concert on both CD and DVD, typically over an hour long.
The classic folk opera album recorded live on a 2011 tour.
NW6213 Susan Tedeschi: Live From Austin TX. With 15
7559797708 Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Tell My Sister. Remastered
versions of first Warners albums Kate & Anna McGarrigle (1975)
and Dancer With Bruised Knees (1977) plus rare acoustic demos.
NOTE £10
MIG £10.95
GSCD2001 Gordon Smith: Essential
MIG20062CD Todd Sharpville: Porchlight. Excellent album by UK
NCD1023 The Barcodes: Be Cool - Very Best Of.
blues guitarist, with Duke Robillard, Kim Wilson & Joe Louis Walker.
THCD12201 Tim Hain & Alan Glen: The Glenhain - Gold Reserve.
UK blues veterans join forces on an impressive new 13 track album.
MJR001 Johnny Dowd: No Regrets. Singular Texas-guitar-slinger.
Well worth a listen.
NBM0032 Watermelon Slim: & The Workers. Super debut for label
NBM0038 Watermelon Slim: The Wheel Man. Another belter.
MMR003 Giles Robson And The Dirty Aces: Crooked Heart Of NBM0047 Watermelon Slim & The Workers: No Paid Holidays.
Mine. Exciting UK harmonica player fronts well-loved blues band.
NBM0054 Watermelon Slim: Escape From The Chicken Coop. Superb
slice of hot Americana!
250293 Mike Eldred Trio: 61 And 49. Excellent re-issue by blues NBM0059 Watermelon Slim: Ringers. Another cracker from Bill.
singer-guitarist. With Kid Ramos, Scotty Moore, Ike Turner & others. NBM0061 Watermelon Slim & Super Chikan: Okiessippi Blues.
250304 Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack: Stan’s Blues. 11 blues
rockers inc. Spoonful, Reconsider Baby, I’d Rather Go Blind, etc.
NW0002CD Ry Cooder: Live On Air. 14 live tracks from mid-70s.
250259 Little Al Thomas & The Deep Down Fools: Not My Warden. NUGENE CD + DVD £13.50
NUG605 Ian Siegal: Bigger Plate Of Meat & Potatoes
Great voice, tough little band & damn good tunes. Cracking CD.
NUGENE £13.15
NUG702 Matt Schofield Trio: Ear To The Ground.
250151 Chicago Blues Union: Mike Bloomfield, Charlie Mussel- NUG704 Ian Siegal: Swagger. Produced by Matt Schofield.
white, Harvey Mandel & Barry Goldberg
NUG803 Ian Siegal: The Dust. More great tunes UK’s best.
NUG901 Matt Schofield: Heads, Tails & Aces
MCDLX518 Otis Redding: Soul Legend. 38 track best of.
NUG902 Ian Siegal: Broadside. Excellent set of songs.
NUG1002 Matt Schofield: Live From The Archive. Live in 2007.
MMLTDBOX12 Bob Dylan: On The Crest Of The Airwaves. Rare NUG1101 Ian Siegal And The Youngest Sons: The Skinny. In
sessions and interviews from radio broadcasts between 1962-1966. north Mississippi with Alvin Youngblood Hart, Duwayne Burnside,
Robert Kimbrough, Gary Burnside & Cody Dickinson.
NUG1102 Matt Schofield: Anything But Time-Mojo Blues CD 2011
MYSCD205 Virgil & The Accelerators: The Radium. Debut riffNUGENE £12.50
heavy album from promising blues-rock band.
MYSCD206 Mitch Laddie: Burning Bridges. Follow up to This Time NUG1201 Simon McBride: Nine Lives. 2011 live renditions of
Around CD on Provogue, this hot blues-rock guitarist from Newcas- tracks from studio CDs, unissued songs & acoustic performances.
tle has been championed for a long time by Walter Trout
OLD HAT £14.25
MYSCD209 WT Feaster: Juggling Dynamite. Former star of ‘Young OHCD1002 Violin Sing The Blues For Me African-American
Guns Of Blues Guitar’ tour with new rockin’ blues album. Supporting Fiddlers 1926-49
Walter Trout and Buddy Guy on 2012 tours.
OHCD1003 Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow! Vintage fiddle
MALACO CD £13.15
MCD7537 Queen Emily: Queen Emily. Super southern soul.
MCD7358 Bobby Bland: Unmatched - The Very Best Of. Gorgeous
mature soul from the master. Compilation of his Malaco years.
NR001 Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Heirloom Music. Celebrates early
HATMAN2023 JoAnn Kelly: Do It And More. The Red Rag album 20th century folk music with songs of Charlie Poole, Carter Family,
Bill Monroe, Bob Wills, etc. Great album & super booklet too!
with some cuts from her “Open” LP.
HATMAN2024 Aynsley Lister: Equilibrium
HATMAN2025 Aynsley Lister: Tower Sessions. Live and hot.
HATMAN2026 King King featuring Alan Nimmo: Take My
Hand. Debut solo CD of acclaimed British bluesman’s latest band.
HATMAN2028 Buddy Whittington: Six String Svengali. Second
solo album of Texas blues from former Bluesbreakers.
HATMAN2029 Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges: Born To Be Blue. Rerelease of 1998 Blueside album of tasteful guitar-led soul blues.
7559797678 Emmylou Harris: Hard Bargain. 11 track album
recorded in Nashville. Bonus DVD has performances of 6 tracks.
music 1927-35
OHCD1006 In The Pines - Tar Heel Folksongs and Fiddle Tunes. Big,
big seller. Fantastic set of old time classics.
OHCD1007 Gastonia Gallop - Cotton Mill Songs & Hillbilly Blues.
Marvellous vintage old time
country music.
OLD HAT 2CD £22.50
OHCD1005 Good For What
Ails You-music of the medicine shows 1926-37. Comic
songs, parodies, dance tunes,
novelties, ballads & blues from
travelling revues. A highly
informative 72 page booklet &
48 tracks of great music.
OPUS3CD22111 Eric Bibb:
Blues, Ballads & Work Songs.
(e.g., NBM0061
PRPCD098 Loudon Wainwright III: Older Than My Old Man Now.
OBCCD5352 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Long Way From Home. Super 15 song album, with contributions from family members John
1966 recordings, another beautiful collection of bottleneck blues.
Scofield, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Dame Edna Everage (no, really!).
PRPCD103 Sonny Landreth: Elemental Journey. Louisiana slide
OURGATE £11.75
OGP0011 24 Pesos: Busted, Broke And Blue. Fast rising blues wizard’s all-instrumental stew of blues, rock, jazz, zydeco and more.
PROCD001 Laurence Jones: Thunder In The Sky. Up-and-coming
band. Dobro, harmonica, Hammond organ, the lot!
OPG0012 24 Pesos: When The Ship Goes Down. Follow up to UK blues-rock guitarist with first CD. The shape of blues to come?
Busted, Broke & Blue, more energetic contemporary UK blues.
PM21522 Spectrum Road: Spectrum Road. Collaboration of Jack
Bruce, Living Colour’s Vernon Reid, John Medeski and Cindy
Blackman Santana on ten jazz-oriented tracks.
POKER £9.15
DECKCD118 Conway Twitty: Conway Twitty Country/Here’s
Conway Twitty & His Lonely Blue Boys. His 3rd & 4th Decca albums
5331428 Derek & The Dominos: Layla & Assorted Love Songs.
The original album re-mastered. Clapton’s finest moment by far - his
best songs, a great band and sparring with Duane
5331429 Derek & The Dominos: Layla & Assorted Love
Songs. Includes the unreleased ‘second’ album and other
2734295 Rolling Stones: Exile On Main Street. Remastered deluxe digi pack of classic Stones, with extra
tracks & booklet.
2784055 Rolling Stones: Some Girls. Well received and
big-selling 1978 album plus a treasure trove of unreleased extras.
POLYDOR 2CD £11.75
5216822 Derek & Dominos: Live At The Fillmore
POLYDOR £11.15
2754201 Delta Maid: Outside Looking In.
POLYDOR 2CD £12.95
5170862 Roy Buchanan: Sweet Dreams (Anthology)
9819312 Cream: Disraeli Gears (De-Luxe Edition)
98252486 Eric Clapton: 461 Ocean Boulevard (De-Luxe Edition))
9839607 Eric Clapton: Eric Clapton (De-Luxe Edition)
POPPYCD015 Vivian Stanshall: Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead.
1974 debut solo album in a remastered deluxe edition, with musical
support from Neiil Innes, Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Doris Troy &
more. Sheer madness, of course.
PT001CD John Lewis: Live In Cardiff. Engaging live solo performance of blues & rockabilly. Great covers and excellent original stuff.
PT002CD John Lewis Trio: The Billy Banks Sessions. Authentic sounding southern rock n roll. But from Penarth, south Wales!! You’d
never guess tho’ - a great rockabilly stomper of genuine appeal.
RAVEN £16.50
Selected excellent releases from label imported from Australia
RVCD206 Eddie Hinton: The Anthology 1969-1993
RVCD209 Ry Cooder: The Border/Alamo Bay (OST) Wonderful.
RVCD239 Louvin Brothers: The Essential 1955-64
RVCD290 Bonnie Bramlett: Piece Of My Heart-Best Of. 19 tracks
RVCD264 Taj Mahal: Oooh So Good ‘n Blues/Recycling The Blues
RVCD274 Richie Havens: Richard P Havens, 1983
RVCD336 Howlin’ Wolf: Live & Cookin’ At Alices Revisited. Origi(Just a selection. All others in series also at this price - just ask!)
nal album with 2 extra tracks. 65 minutes of the glorious Wolf.
PROPERBOX51 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Original
RVCD351 Mike Bloomfield With Nick Gravenites & Al Kooper:
PROPERBOX102 Muddy Waters: King Of Chicago Blues
Blues At The Fillmore 1968-69. Ten electrifying performances
PROPERBOX115 Woody Guthrie: Some Folk
PROPERBOX146 Rare Rock'n'Roll Rampage. 100 rockin’ tracks. together for the first time. 77 minutes of super electric blues, which
also includes a guest spot by a young Johnny Winter.
Jimmy Cavallo, Rusty Draper, Treniers, Freddie Bell, etc.
PROPERBOX148 Leadbelly: The Definitive
88697853002/8 Elvis Presley: Elvis Is Back. 1960 post-army album
PROPERBOX151 Charley Patton: 75 Years Anniv. Collection
(maybe his very best album) & follow up ’Something For Everybody’
PROPERBOX153 Charlie Poole: The Essential
PROPERBOX152 Muddy Waters: Stepping Stones
PROPERBOX154 Howlin’ Wolf: Best Of 1951-58.
CDRW138 Charlie Musselwhite: Delta Hardware.
PROPERBOX164 Lightnin’ Hop- CDRW170 Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara: Tell No Lies. Pulsating.
kins: The Houston Hurricane. 100 CDRW178 Little Axe: Bought For A Dollar, Sold For A Dime.
fantastic sides from across his
career and labels & booklet.
CDRWG147 Imagined Village: The Imagined Village. Folk getPROPERBOX163 John Lee
together featuring Martin Carthy, his daughter Eliza, Copper Family
Hooker: Motor City Blues Master.
and others. Poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Paul Weller also guest.
Classic sides & super booklet.
PROPERBOX166 Willie Dixon REBEL £13.15
Story. Individual discs given over to REBCD1840 Ralph Stanley: A Mother’s Prayer. Grammy-winning
Dixon as performer, session man, bluegrass legend with a collection of hymns and spirituals.
songwriter and record company RED HOUSE £13.15
man. A definitive collection of RHRCD80 Guy Davis: Stomp Down Rider
Chicago blues with 100 tracks RHRCD161 Guy Davis: Give In Kind
including Muddy, Bo Diddley, RHRCD211 Guy Davis: Sweetheart Like You.
Howlin’ Wolf, Otis Rush, Little RHRCD217 Jorma Kaukonen: River Of Time. His masterpiece.
Walter, Chuck Berry, Jr Wells, RHRCD128 Greg Brown: One Night, Live 1982
Eddie Boyd, Lowell Fulson, Magic RHRCD241 Hot Tuna: Steady As She Goes.
Sam, Guitar Shorty, Charles Clark RHRCD243 Ray Bonneville: Bad Man’s Blood. Texan singerand many more. You have to have this.
songwriter with a set of stripped-down swampy blues and folk tales.
PROPERBOX168 Lonesome Whistle - An Anthology Of Ameri- RHRCD239 Paul Geremia: Love My Stuff. A remastered collection
can Railroad Songs. 100 blues, folk, country and rock & roll tracks of live tapes made at various gigs since the 1980s. 21 tracks.
that celebrate the impact of the railroad expansion on the making of
modern America - Kelly Harrell, Blind Joe Taggart, Tenneva Ram- RED HOUSE 2CD £13.75
HRCD218 Greg Brown: Dream City - Essential Recordings Vol 2.
blers, Furry Lewis, Carter Family, Memphis Jug Band, Willie Brown,
Bukka White, Cliff Carlisle, Willie McTell, etc. A fantastic set.
REDLINE £10.95
RLB1804 Marcus Malone: One More Time
RLB1808 Marcus Malone & Friends: Walkin’ Shoes
PRD72852 Walter Trout: Unspoiled By Progress.
RLB1812 Marcus Malone: Let The Sunshine In. Hot modern blues.
PRD72942 Gov’t Mule: By A Thread.
PRD73152 Devon Allman’s Honeytribe: Space Age Blues.
PRD73402 Warren Haynes: Man In Motion. Blues-rock belter.
PRD73512 Philip Sayce: Ruby Electric. Blues rock hotshot.
PRD73542 Chris Duarte: Blues In The Afterburner. 12 smoking’
tracks from big selling blues-rock singer-guitarist..
PRD73492 Popa Chubby: Back To New York City. 11 high intenPRESSURE DROP 2CD £13.15
sity blues-rock tracks. Popa doing what he does best.
PDROPCDD7 Laurel Aitken: The Godfather Of Ska. Anthology PRD73612 Philip Sayce: Steamroller. A rock and blues powercovering 30 years. Includes Mento, Rock Steady & Ska, Super set.
house. 10 tracks from Los Angeles-based singer-guitarist.
PRD73842 Renegade Creation: Bullet. Another blues rock outing
PDROPCD8 Laurel Aitken: Boogie In My Bones 1957-60. 28 featuring Robben Ford, Michael Landau and Jimmy Haslip.
Jamaican hits before he came to London, many never on CD before PRD73902 Indigenous: Indigenous. Hard-hitting blues rock guitar
PDROPCD9 Laurel Aitken: You Got Me Rockin’ - Best Of The Blue album from Native American band, with Jonny Lang on one track.
Beat Years 1960-64. On CD for the first time,
first UK recordings.
PRD72182 Joe Bonamassa: Sloe Gin
PDROPCD10 Laurel Aitken: Voodoo Woman.
PRD72612 Chris Duarte Group: Vantage Point
Mid sixties sides.
PRD73002 Joe Bonamassa: Black Rock. BB
PDROPCD11 Laurel Aitken: Everybody Ska!
King guests on 1 track
Rudi Got Married 1980-82. Final CD in series
PRD73332 Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl.
compiling best work of this ska legend.
PRD73422 Leslie West: Unusual Suspects.
PDROPCD12 Boss Reggae Sounds - Reggae
Limited edition in a 64 page digi-pack. Blues &
Popcorn. Laurel Aitken’s production work for
boogie rockers, with Joe Bonamassa
Winston Groovy, King Horror, etc.
PRD73502 Beth Hart And Joe Bonamassa:
Don’t Explain. Lovely set of covers of (mostly)
PROPER 2CD £14.75
soul songs.
PRPCD073 Chris Barber: Memories Of My
PRD73682 Walter Trout: Blues For The Modern
Trip. Anthology, with Eric Clapton, Van MorriDaze. The 21st album from blues-rock legend
son, Muddy Waters, Rory Gallagher & more.
and emphasis here is on his original blues
PROPER 2CD £13.50
inspirations and songwriting side. Powerful as
PRPCD078 Joan Baez: Play Me Backwards.
Re-release of 1992 album recorded in Nashville, plus a bonus
disc of demos.
PRD72742 Joe Bonamassa: Live From Royal Albert Hall. 18 tracks
PROPER 2CD £13.15
PRPCD046 Joan Baez: Gone From Danger (Collectors Edition). PROVOGUE LIMITED EDITION £14.50
1997 album plus bonus CD from a live Mountain Stage appearance PRD73702 Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight. 13th
PRPCD048 Sonny Landreth: Levee Town. 2002 album & bonus solo album from blues juggernaut, this includes five new originals
plus covers of songs of Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits
CD containing 5 previously unreleased tracks
and more. This is a limited edition version with a 72 page booklet.
PROPER £13.15
PRPCD045 Ruthie Foster: The Truth According To... A real SOUL PROVOGUE 2CD & DVD £15.95
PRD73832 Warren Haynes Band: Live At The Moody Theatre. A
singer, influenced by Aretha, Ann Peebles & Mavis Staples.
PRPCD062 Jimmie Vaughan: Plays Blues, Ballads And Favorites. scorching set from Austin, TX, with live versions of back catalogue
and covers Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan and Sam Cooke songs.
Covers of songs of Jimmy Reed, Little Richard, Roy Milton & more
REEL TIME £13.15
RTCD1002 The Trip. Soundtrack to cult 1967 psychedelic movie,
with embryonic Electric Flag & Mike Bloomfield’s guitar.
RRTCD022 Derrick Morgan: Original Ska Volume 1 1960-66.
REPUK1150 Blues Band: Best Of The Blues Band. A 41 track
collection drawn from 13 albums. With notes by Chris Welch.
REP5116 Graham Bond Organization: The Sound Of ’65. With
Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker, with bonus tracks
REP5117 Graham Bond: There’s A Bond Between Us.
REP5151 Chris Farlowe: Best of.
REP5152 P.P. Arnold: Best Of. 20 tracks.
REP5172 Bill Wyman & Rhythm Kings: Anyway The Wind Blows.
REP5134 The Artwoods: Art Gallery
REP5090 The Yardbirds: Five Live Yardbirds — special edition.
REP5243 Robin Trower: What Lies Beneath
REP5244 Robin Trower: Another Day’s Blues. Playing the blues.
REP5245 Robin Trower: 20th Century Blues.
REPUK1142 Robin Trower: The Playful Heart. Latest album.
REPUK1143 Blues Band: Ready. Re-master of 1980 album plus 5
bonus tracks and a new booklet.
REPUK1148 Blues Band: Itchy Feet. Re-mastered edition of 1981
album plus 9 bonus tracks (7 being out-takes from album sessions).
REPUK1149 Blues Band: Few Short Lines. 2011 album with
guests Mike Sanchez, Southside Johnny, Al Kooper & Maggie Bell.
REP5170 Bill Wyman: Live Communication. 13 live tracks from
2008 UK tour. With Albert Lee (gtr) & Geraint Watkins (piano).
FLOATD6052 Snakebite IV - Sidewinder. Jewel/Paula Records
Story re-issue. Peppermint Harris, Johnny Taylor, Sam Hopkins, etc
FLOATM6053 Warren Haynes: Live At Bonaroo. Live acoustic set.
FLOATM6058 Govt Mule: Life Before Insanity/Dose.
REVOLA £9.95
CRBAND20 Big Maybelle: I’ve Got A Feelin’ - Okeh & Savoy
Recs 1952-56. 28 early 50s pearls
CRBAND24 Smiley Lewis: Mama Don’t Like It! 1950-56. Big hits.
CRBAND26 Grady Martin: Roughneck Blues 1949-56.
PRPCD066 Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel: Willie & The RACK ‘EM £13.55
Wheel. Jerry Wexler-produced collaboration of western swing.
RACK005 Joe Ely: Satisfied At Last. Includes Tex-Mex rhythms, CRBAND27 Amos Milburn: In The 50s - Let’s Have A Party.
CRBAND28 Piano Red: Diggin’ The Boogie.
FTN17803 Dr John & The Lower 911: Tribal. With Derek Trucks.
outlaw country, Texas blues & rock n roll.
CRBAND29 Mickey Baker: In The 50s-Hit, Git & Split. 31 tracks
PRPCD065 Los Lobos: Tin Can Trust. Latest album from hot band. RAISIN’ MUSIC 2CDs £15.95
PRPCD071 Hot Club Of Cowtown: What Makes Bob Holler. Red RM1003 Chicago Blues-A Living History. Billy Boy Arnold, John CRREV192 Skip James: I’d Rather Be The Devil. The surviving
18 tracks for Paramount in Feb 1931. Haunting and beautiful.
Lick favourites with a 14 track tribute to Bob Wills & Western Swing Primer, Billy Branch, Lurrie Bell & more.
PRPCD077 Nick Lowe: Labour Of Lust. Re-issue of 1979 corker.
RHINO 2CD £16.25
PRPCD083 Jimmie Vaughan: Plays More Blues, Ballads and
8122797570 Grateful Dead: Europe ‘72 Volume 2.
RAM0004 Jo’ Buddy & Downhome King III: Grits & Rattles
Favourites. Lou Ann Barton assists on another set of favourites.
RAM0005 Jo’ Buddy & Downhome King III: Whole Lotta Things To Do. RHINO 3CD £15.75
PRPCD085 Nick Lowe: The Old Magic. Fantastic album
8122798690 Grateful Dead: To Terrapin - 28/5/77 Hartford CT.
PRPCD088 Tom Russell: Mesabi. The wounded heart of America. RAM0006 Jo’ Buddy & Downhome King III: Everything’s Gonna Be
PRPCD097 Bonnie Raitt: Slipstream. First for seven years. Trade- Alright! Exuberant blues, tough, clanging guitar and riotous drum- RHINO ‘OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST PRESENTS’ £7.95 EACH
WMTV175 The Blues. 20 tracks with Freddie King, Rory Gallagher,
mark slide guitar and soulful vocals on 12 tracks, including covers of ming, overwhelming vocals & great material. Another gem!
Buddy Guy, Elmore, Chicken Shack, Allmans, John Mayall, etc
Bob Dylan & Loudon Wainwright III songs.
RHINO 3CD £14.25
WMTV189 Blue Moon - 75 Good Old Fashioned Hits. Doo wop & RR77235 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band: How I Go.
vocal harmony - Dion, Spaniels, Chuck Willis, Gene Chandler, etc.
As above CD but with 3 additional tracks.
RHINO 4CD £15.75
9362494975 Neil Young: Original Release Series Disc 1 - 4. Four
classic albums remastered - includes Neil Young, Everybody Knows
This Is Nowhere, After The Gold Rush and Harvest.
5 original albums, collected in one set. Amazing value.
8122798379 Ray Charles (Genius+Soul=Jazz; Genius After Hours;
Genius Hits The Road; Genius Of; Sings The Blues)
8122798279 Aretha Franklin (Aretha Now; Never Loved A Man;
Lady Soul; Live At The Fillmore; Spirit In The Dark)
8122798367 Dr. John (Babylon; Gris Gris; Gumbo; In The Right
Place; The Sun, The Moon & The Herbs)
8122798338 J. Geils Band (Bloodshot; Ladies Invited; Live: Full
House; The J. Geils Band; The Morning After)
8122798359 Little Feat (Dixie Chicken; Feats Don’t Fail Me Now;
Little Feat; Sailin’ Shoes; Last Record Album)
8122798358 Los Lobos (And A Time To Dance; By The Light Of The
Moon; Will The Wolf Survive?; Kiko; The Neighbourhood)
8122798274 Otis Redding (Dictionary Of Soul; Otis Blue; Pain In
My Heart; Sings Soul Ballads; The Soul Album)
8122798340 Paul Butterfield Band (East-West; In My Own Dream;
Keep On Movin’; Paul Butterfield Blues Band; Resurrection Of
Pigshaw Crabshaw)
8122798371 Warren Zevon (Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School;
Envoy; Excitable Boy; Stand In The Fire; Warren Zevon)
8122798377 Wilson Pickett: (In The Midnight Hour; The Exciting;
The Wicked Pickett; The Sound Of; I’m In Love)
8122798018 Everly Brothers: (It’s Everly Time, A Date With The
Everly Brothers, Rock ‘N’ Soul, Two Yanks In England, Roots)
8122797629 Bonnie Raitt: (Green Light; Home Plate; Streetlights;
Sweet Forgiveness; The Glow).
8122797755 ZZ Top: (Duguello, Eliminator, Fandango, Rio Grande
Mud and Tres Hombres).
RHINO £13.95
8122797591 Eric Clapton & Wynton Marsalis: Play The Blues Live From Jazz At Lincoln Center. 10 tracks of mostly blues classics
8122797590 Eric Clapton & Wynton Marsalis: Play The Blues Live From Jazz At Lincoln Center. In concert DVD with extra track.
RF012 Killing Floor: Rock ‘N’ Roll Gone Mad. Formed
in 1968 in the UK blues boom, this new CD is only their
fourth - hardly prolific. 12 blues rock songs with the
original line up, including Mick Clarke.
ROKOKO £7.50
ROK8014CD Chris Farlowe: Out Of The Blue. Rerelease of Mike Vernon-produced 1969 album of blues
classics & bonus tracks.
ROKOKO £11.55
ROK8050CD Jay Tamkin: Alibi. Multi-instrumentalist
West Country hot-shot, with guitar-led blues rock &
attentive song-writing
RCCD3007 Chas McDeVitt Skiffle Group: Freight Train.
RCCD3015 Terry Dene: The Real Terry Dene. Includes early
Decca sides, previously unreleased demos & live sides from 1970s
RCCD6004 Chas McDeVitt: Chas McDeVitt & Friends. Recordings
from 50s, 60s & 90s, with Wizz Jones, Joe Brown and more.
RUF 2CD £14.75
RUF1103 Canned Heat: The Boogie
House Tapes Vol 2 1969-99
RUF1146 Canned Heat: Boogie House
Tapes Vol 3. Live & in studio, with
Hooker, Gatemouth Brown, Sunnyland
Slim, etc
RUF 2CD £14.25
RUF1174 Omar & The Howlers: Essential Collection. 30 blues rock tracks from across his career.
RCD10424 Fleetwood Mac: Shrine ‘69 (Live)
LBJ161CD Big Harp: White Hat. Country, folk & off-kilter rock.
SALVO 4CD Box Set £29.50
SALVOBX404 Peter Green: The Anthology. A 64 track collection of
his best, with classic sides with Eddie Boyd, Otis Spann, Duster
Bennett & “Blues Jam At Chess”. Plus a terrific 72 page booklet.
SALVOBX410 Jerry Lee Lewis: A Whole Lotta Jerry Lee Lewis. A
superb collection of 106 re-mastered tracks stretching from 1956 –
ROUNDER £14.25
6186852 Alison Kraus & Union Station: Paper Airplane - Interna- 1989. His earth-shaking Sun rockers are here plus his magnificent
country sides for Mercury/Smash from the 60s and 70s. Selections
tional Tour Edition. Critically received album, with six bonus tracks.
from his later (and harder to find) Elektra and MCA albums are
ROUNDER £13.15
enormously welcome. With rarities and a illustrated 72-page booklet
6195732 Anson Funderburgh: Change In My Pocket
SALVO 2CD £13.75
ROUCD12128 Irma Thomas: Walk Around Heaven
SALVODCD219 The Pirates: Shakin’ With The Devil - Best Of
ROUCD12186 Irma Thomas: After The Rain
1977-79. Johnny Kidd’s band as exciting pub rockers, with the
6115832 Norman Blake: Old Ties
sensational guitar of Mick Green. 52 live & studio tracks & booklet.
ROUCD13013 George Thorogood: & Destroyers.
SALVODCD222 Roy Harper: Songs Of Love And Loss. Compiled
6116142 George Thorogood: Who Do You Love?
6122142 Irma Thomas: Soul Queen Of New Orleans. Compilation. by Roy himself.
6120462 Irma Thomas: The New Rules
6132852 George Thorogood & Destroyers: Live In Boston 1982.
2746349 Lonnie Donegan: Sundown. His Cajun album.
6185952 Gregg Allman: Low Country Blues. Great covers of 2746348 Lonnie Donegan: Puttin’ On The Style. 1977 album.
Sleepy John Estes, Jr Wells, Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Muddy, etc.
CMRCD1116 Peter Green: In The Skies. Solo, pre- Splinter Group.
6111672 Woody Guthrie: Live Wire. Rare concert in New Jersey CMRCD304 Bert Jansch: Jack Orion
1949, restored to near-perfect sound quality. A significant find in folk CMRCD622 Davy Graham: The Guitar Player
music history and a thrilling insight into Woody’s life & music.
ROOM 609 £13.75
CORDCD01 The Lil’ Band O’ Gold: The Promised Land. Louisiana
musicians CC Adcock and Steve Riley, Excello star Warren Storm
plus guests. Blues, cajun, zydeco, swamp pop, R&B and jazz!
RANDB008CD The History Of Rhythm & Blues Vol 1 1925-42.
106 tracks tracing the evolution from country blues, spirituals, &
hokum to early urban r&b & jump blues. Plenty to keep you sweet.
ROUNDER £12.45
6191332 Meet Me At The Mardi Gras. Compilation of Mardi Gras
RANDB013 The History Of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues 1921- songs - Joe Liggins, Larry Williams, Longhair, Chuck Carbo, etc.
49. Super set covering the evolution of New Orleans jazz & blues. RPM £9.95
51 tracks - Sidney Bechet, Rabbit Brown, Jelly Roll Morton, Lonnie RPM220 Chris Farlowe And The Thunderbirds: Dig The Buzz.
Johnson, Johnny Dodds, Kid Ory, Satchmo, Jack Dupree, etc
Early blues & R&B sides, with Albert Lee on guitar.
RANDB014 The History Of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues 1947- RETRO862 The Big Three: Cavern Stomp. 31 tracks from Mersey53. 53 more crackers - Longhair, Dave Bartholemew, Paul Gayten, beat’s second best group!!!
Fats Domino, Smiley Lewis, Guitar Slim, Papa Lightfoot, etc
RETRO889 Gene Vincent: I’m Back And I’m Proud. Remastered 1969 comeback LP, produced by Kim Fowley
RANDB009CD Rumba Jazz 1919-45-History Of Latin Jazz & RPM 2CD Set £10.95
Dance Music From Swing Era. 52 tracks - Johnny Dodds, Fletcher RPMD240 Duffy Power: Leapers & Sleepers. With Graham Bond,
Henderson, Jelly Roll Morton, Bunk Johnson, etc. & booklet.
John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker!
RUBY £13.15
RANDB010 Rumba Blues 1940-53-How Latin Music Changed RR003CD Errol Linton: Mama Said. Busking Brixton bluesman
R&B. 26 songs, T-Bone, BB King, Muddy, Fats, etc. 32 page book- with first for ten years. 12 blues and reggae influenced tracks.
RANDB012CD Rumba Blues 1953-57 The Mambo Years. 30
tracks inc. Jimmy McCracklin, Chuck Willis, Big Maybelle, Joe RUF RECORDS £13.95
RUF1137 Dani Wilde: Heal My Blues
Houston, Smiley Lewis, Elmore James, etc and 32 page booklet.
RUF1122 Omar Kent Dykes/Jimmie Vaughan: On The Jimmy
Reed Highway
PSALM232 Merle Travis: Merle Travis Guitar. Plus 8 bonus tracks. RUF1142 Omar Kent Dykes: Big Town Playboy. A bagful of tunes
PSALM235 Larry Williams & Johnny Watson: A gem - tough with Jimmie Vaughan, Lazy Lester & James Cotton in the band.
rockin’ OKehs from late 60s. Expanded to 20 tracks.
RUF1147 Joanne Shaw Taylor: White Sugar
PSALM236 Louvin Brothers: Tragic Songs Of Life. Classic album. RUF1149 Louisiana Red & Little Victor’s Juke Joint: Back To
PSALM237 George Jones: Blue & Lonesome. 1963 classic.
Black Bayou. His best in decades!
PSALM2320 Bad Music For Bad People – Songs The Cramps Taught RUF1151 Jack Bruce & Robin Trower: Seven Moons Live.
Us. Songs heralded by Lux & Ivy. Obscure but magnificent. A blast!
RUF1158 Jimmy Bowskill: Live. .
PSALM2321 Frankie And Johnny. 15 versions of murder ballad. RUF1161 Erja Lyytinen: Voracious Love. Finnish slide guitarist
Jewell Long, Jack Dupree, Ethel Waters, Bunny Berigan, etc
plays her own blues-rock love songs
PSALM2349 Louvin Brothers: The Church Of Louvin. 24 spirituals RUF1163 Dani Wilde: Shine. Follow up ‘Heal My Blues’.
PSALM2350 Spirit Of The Cramps. 27 more slabs of deranged RUF1164 Joanne Shaw Taylor: Diamonds In The Dirt.
RUF1169 Samantha Fish: Runaway. Solo debut.
rockabilly & musical miscreants that Lux & Ivy loved. Delicious!
PSALM2361 Martha Bass: I’m So Grateful. A real piece of buried RUF1170 Lightnin’ Malcolm: Renegade. Mississippi hill country
treasure from Fontella’s mother. 1966 gospel & soul from Checker
guitarist and producer with his own superb album.
PSALM2362 Smell Of The Cramps - More Songs From The Vaults Of RUF1171 Louisiana Red & Little Victor: Memphis Mojo. 12 more
Lux And Ivy. 29 surfing wipe-outs, rockabilly crazies, random misfits down-home blues winners.
and inspired lunatics. With Hollywood Flames, Wailers, Bob Luman, RUF1173 Savoy Brown: Voodoo Moon. Live tracks.
Bo Diddley, Bell Book And Candle, Little Sylvia, Kay Martin & more. RUF1175 Jimmy Bowskill Band: Back Number. Fifth album from
PSALM2363 Cowboy Copas: Songs That Made Him Famous. A singer guitarist - and he is only 21!. Classic blues-rock trio.
RUF1178 Oli Brown: Here I Am. 12 smoking
classic 1961 country selection, plus hits from 1946 onwards.
PSALM2366 George Jones/Jack Scott: Songs For Hank. Two tracks. Paul Jones guests on harmonica
super tribute albums, the first is George Jones Salutes Hank Wil- RUF1176 Dani Wilde: Juice Me Up. Brighton
-native with third album for the label. Solid
liams; the other is Jack Scott’s I Remember Hank Williams.
contemporary blues singing and guitar comRIVERBOAT £11.75
bined with southern soul and funk grooves.
TUGCD1057 Bob Brozman, John McSherry and Dònal O’ConRUF1180 Royal Southern Brotherhood:
nor: Six Days In Down. Brozman’s amazing guitar joins Irish uilThe Royal Southern Brotherhood. A new
leann piper (McSherry) & fiddle virtuoso (O’Connor). Superb pieces.
super-group that boasts Cyrille Neville,
Devon Allman and Mike Zito among its cast.
TUGCD1059 Samba Touré: Crocodile Blues. Malian desert blues.
Thrilling southern blues rock
RUF CD&DVD £16.50
RR77422 Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Live In Chicago.14 Shepherd RU1179 Erja Lyytinen: Songs From The
staples & classic covers with Hubert Sumlin & Bryan Lee
Road. A 2011 performance in Helsinki, with
Erja on top form on her own songs from
RR77232 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band: How I Go. New studio recent albums plus blistering covers of Blind Willie Johnson and
Robert Johnson. The DVD has a brief interview & two bonus tracks.
album from hot young blues guitarist. 14 tracks.
RUF CD & DVD £14.95
RUF1150 Jeff Healey: Songs From The
Road. Excellent live recs from concerts
in England, Norway and Canada.
RUF1157 Luther Allison: Songs From
The Road. 10 energetic tracks on CD &
7 on the DVD.
CMEDD9 Bert Jansch: Dazzling Stranger Anthology
SVY17799 Bill Frisell: Beautiful Dreamers. Originals & covers (of
Benny Goodman, Stephen Foster & Blind Willie Johnson). A treat.
4178322 Steve Cropper: Dedicated - A Salute To 5 Royales.
Legendary guitarist with guests BB King, Bettye LaVette and more.
SVY17836 Bill Frisell: All We Are Saying. John Lennon covers CD
SECRET 4CD £13.95
SECBX025 Ike Turner: That Kat Sure Could Play. 118 tracks featuring Ike on guitar, piano or vocals with Jackie Brenston, Howlin’ Wolf,
BB King, Rosco Gordon, Johnny Ace, Elmore, etc etc.
SECRET CD & 10” SINGLE £13.75
SECSP041 Ike Turner: Jack Rabbit Blues. Excellent 31 track
companion to That Kat Sure Could Play. Ike sings or plays guitar or
piano, as front man and behind Otis Rush, Betty Everett, Buddy
Guy & others. 10” single is repro of a rare 78rpm (it plays at 45rpm).
SECRET 2CD £9.25
SECDD028 Nine Below Zero: Cold Cool Heart. Live in 2002.
SECCD040 Southside Johnny & Asbury Jukes: Cadillac Jack’s
Number One Son. Live from Opera House, Newcastle 2002,.
SECDD036 Geno Washington: It’s Geno Time. Hot live 2011 set
SECCD053 Fairport Convention: And The Band Played On. Live
in Canterbury in February 2003.
SECRET £10.00
CRIDE83 Jeremy Spencer: In Session. Live and acoustic set.
SECRET £7.75
SECCD017 Fleetwood Mac: Crazy About The Blues. Studio & live
tracks from immediate post-Peter Green Mac.
SECCD029 John Mayall: Howlin’ At The Moon. Live in early ‘80s.
SECCD037 Savoy Brown: Hellbound Train. 8 live radio tracks.
SECCD039 Fleetwood Mac: Preaching The Blues. Live album from
the immediate post-Peter Green line-up.
SECCD045 Bert Jansch: Sweet Sweet Music. Live.
SECCD047 John Mayall: Smokin’ Blues. Live 1972-73.
SECCD049 Blodwyn Pig & The Mick Abrahams’ Band: Radio
Sessions 1969-71. Unreleased and rare early radio broadcasts.
SECCD052 Paul Lamb & The King Snakes: The Games People
Play. 13 hot live tracks.
SEVERN £13.15
SEVCD46 Chicago Blues Harmonica Project.
With harp blowers Harmonica Hinds, Little Arthur
Duncan, Charlie Love, and more.
SEVERNCD0049 Johnny Moeller: Bloogaloo.
With Kim Wilson and Lou Ann Barton.
SEVCD51 Big Joe And The Dynaflows: You
Can’t Keep A Big Man Down. 12 new tracks.
SEVCD52 Sugar Ray & The Bluetones: Evening.
With Monster Mike Welch on guitar. No-nonsense
Chicago blues.
SEVCD55 Mud Morganfield: Son Of The Seventh
Son. Eldest son of Muddy Waters on 12 tracks that
shows he is a ‘chip off the old block’ - a commanding voice fronting a powerful band on originals &
classic Chicago blues numbers. Great to hear.
SHOUT £13.15
SHOUT34 Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi: Something To Shout
About. 2 obscure Peacock albums on one CD.
SHOUT69 King Curtis: Music For Dancing–The Twist. First CD
release of 1961 album. inc Mickey Baker (gtr) & Don Covay (vcls).
SHOUT70 Z.Z. Hill: The Best Thing That’s Happened To Me/ZZ.
Two fine early 70s albums. Great soul, blues and country inflections
SHOUT72 Joe Tex: The Singles As & Bs Vol 3 1969-72
SHOUT76 Joe Tex: Singles A’s & B’s Vol 4 - 1973-1976. 18 tracks.
88697730622 Muddy Waters: Hard Again/I’m Ready/King Bee.
88697731562 Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal/The Natch’l Blues/Mo’ Roots.
88697647002 Gil Scott-Heron: Real Eyes/Reflections/Moving
88691901552 Jeff Healey: See The Light/Hell To Pay/Feel This
SGGW147 Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn: Under The
Volcano. A collection of seven beguiling guitar duets.
STCD26 Willie Mitchell: The Memphis Rhythm ‘N’ Blues Sound Of.
Compilation of 29 early tracks, 1958-1961 (7 previously unissued).
STCD27 Sonny Burgess: Everybody’s Rockin’ Again. Rockabilly
legend with 27 recordings from the 1980s, 14 tracks made in the UK
88697660512 Jeff Beck. There & Back, Flash, Jeff Beck’s Guitar STCD28 Delbert Barker: Kentucky Hillbilly Rockabilly Man. A fine
Workshop, Who Else! and You Had It Coming.
singer who covered hits of more famous artists. 34 of them are here
88697656172 Johnny Winter. Johnny Winter, Second Winter, Live STCD29 Johnnie Allen: Louisiana Man. Louisiana swamp-rock
SIMPCD001 Martin Simpson: Bootleg USA. Faultless recordings by Johnny Winter And, Still Alive And Well & Saints & Sinners
legend with a thrilling live set from London in 1991.
88691901252 Etta James: Love, Life & The Blues; Heart Of A STCD30 The Last Great Rockabilly Saturday Night Vol 3. Glen
one of our greatest guitarists & singer-songwriters. One of his best!
Woman; Matriach Of The Blues; Blue Gardenia; Let’s Roll
Glenn, Charlie Feathers, Joe South, Jr Thompson, Pat Cupp, etc
SIX SIX £9.75
SSR001 Jon Amor Blues Group: Jon Amor Blues Group. Hoax SONY 2CD & DVD £19.50
88697753322 Jimi Hendrix: BBC Sessions. Remastered versions SPCD1354 35 Years Of Stony Plain. 41 tracks & 10 videos, inc.
singer-guitarist returns with a powerful set of riff-laden tunes.
of BBC radio and TV archives. With DVD documentary in a limited Maria Muldaur, Jeff Healey, Steve Earle, Robert Nighthawk, etc.
SLYDOG £13.75
edition digi-pack version, with booklet, rare photos and liner notes.
SLY3012 Johnny Bassett: I Can Make That Happen. Veteran
SONY CD & DVD £16.75
SPCD1319 Maria Muldaur: Naughty, Bawdy & Blue
blues singer-guitarist, now 76, supported by ace Detroit musicians.
88697753362 Jimi Hendrix: Blues. Re-release of stunning 11 track SPCD1324 Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters: Hope Radio
SMITH & CO 5CD SET £11.95
compilation of blues classics, plus DVD mini-documentary. A limited SPCD1329 Rory Block: Like A Man-A Tribute To Son House
SCCD1119 101 Great Black Gospel Hits. Sam Cooke, Rosetta,
edition digi-pack version with booklet, rare photos and liner notes.
SPCD1332 Maria Muldaur: Good Music For Hard Times. Return to
Mahalia, Soul Stirrers, Wynona Carr, etc
jug band roots, with John Sebastian, Taj Mahal, Dan Hicks & more!
SONY 2CD £16.75
88697785812 Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock. A 16 track per- SPCD1340 Ronnie Earl & Broadcasters: Living In The Light
SFWCD40023 Big Bill Broonzy: Sings Folk Songs
formance from 1969, with 35 minutes of music previously unre- SPCD1347 Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters: Spread The Love.
SFWCD40034 Brownie McGhee: Folkways Years 45-59
leased. In limited edition digi-pack format with booklet & rare photos SPCD1344 Rory Block: Shake ‘Em On – Fred McDowell tribute
SFWCD40104 Roscoe Holcomb: High Lonesome Sound.
88697559432 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn’t Stand The Weather SPCD1346 Maria Muldaur: Steady Love. Bues & swamp funk set
SFWCD40131 Big Bill Broonzy: Trouble in Mind
SPCD1359 Rory Block: I Belong To The Band - A Tribute To
SFWCD40144 Roscoe Holcomb: An Untamed Sense Of Control. (Legacy Edition). Original album, 11 bonus tracks & 13 tracks live.
Reverend Gary Davis. Following similar tributes to Son House and
88697686082 Derek Trucks Band: Roadsongs. Live album with 14
SFWCD40035 Rev Gary Davis: Pure Religion & Bad Company
Mississippi Fred McDowell, this includes 11 songs associated with
tracks recorded over two nights in Chicago in 2009.
SFWCD40123 Rev Gary Davis: If I Had My Way
the great Rev Gary Davis. The liner notes also include an extract
SFWCD40019 Lightnin Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins
SONY £13.25
from her autobiography retelling the time when she received guitar
SFWCD40052 Big Joe Williams: & His 9-String Guitar
88697814202 Tedeschi Trucks Band: Revelator. Great album lessons from the great man alongside Stefan Grossman
SFWCD40009 Elizabeth Cotton: Freight Train
from husband and wife team Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.
SFWCD40181 John Jackson: Rappahannock Blues. Rare live gems
88697627732/1 Jimi Hendrix: South Saturn Delta. 15 track CD.
1088604 The Blues Box A superb blues compilation - SBW, Jack
SFWCD40202 Ola Belle Reed: Rising Sun Melodies.
88697640562 Jimi Hendrix: Valleys Of Neptune. 12 tracks.
Dupree, John Estes, Spann, Robert Lockwood, Sippie Wallace, etc.
SONY 2CD £13.45
SUNBEAM £13.25
SFWCD40198 Classic Appalachian Blues. Super compilation
88691959832 Tedeschi Trucks Band: Everybody’s Talkin’. Double
SBRCD5085 Wizz Jones: Huldenberg Blues. Solo live recording of
SFWCD40183 Classic Sounds Of New Orleans. Blues, gospel & jazz, live album featuring many tracks from their Grammy-Award winning
acclaimed British folk & blues guitarist.
Revelator album plus live favourites. Another great rockin’ southern
mostly from ‘50s. Snooks Eaglin, Kid Clayton, Punch Miller, etc.
blues album from dynamic husband and wife duo.
SUNRDD003 Story Of Blue Beat 1960 - Best In Ska. Super early
SFWCD40160 Friends Of Old Time Music - The Folk Arrival 1961-65. SONY 2CD £13.75
sides from Blue Beat and subsidiaries, Melodisc & Duke. Laurel
Blues & folk legends from early ‘60s festivals - Fred McDowell, Dock 88697985382/9 Johnny Cash: Bootleg Vol IV - The Soul Of Truth. Aitken, Byron Lee, Derrick Morgan, Lynn Hope, etc.
51 tracks, mostly rare gospel & spiritual recordings of 70s & 80s.
Boggs, Jesse Fuller, Sam McGhee, John Hurt and many more.
SUNRDD004 The Story Of Blue Beat 1961 Vol 1. The second 25
SONY £12.95
releases (50 tracks incorporating A and B sides) on the legendary
SFWCD40090 Anthology Of American Folk Music Ed. By Harry 88691960482 Willie Nelson: Heroes. 14 songs, with originals and a Blue Beat label and subsidiaries. Superb bluebeat & ska with Hank
Marr, Errol Dixon, Byron Lee, Derrick Morgan, Laurel Aitken, etc.
Smith. Legendary anthology which, in its original 6LP format, was
SUNRDD005 The Story Of Blue Beat - 1961 Part 2. More of the
SONY 2CD £12.45
positively life-changing. It still gets the heart
88697842242/2 Janis Joplin: The Pearl Sessions. story of the glorious Blue Beat label, with 25 more rare and soughtracing 50 years later.
Newly-curated and definitive edition of her final studio after A & B sides from Cecil Byrd, Derrick Morgan, Kent Brown, Mel
album, with studio out-takes, live sides, original mono Turner, Roland Alphonso, Laurel Aitken and more. A great series.
SFWCD40200 Woody Guthrie: Woody At
masters and other rarities. 36 tracks in all.
100 - Centennial Collection. Original SmithSBIRD0051CD Jo-Ann Kelly: Key To The Highway - Rare &
SONY £13.75
sonian Folkway recordings with never
Unissued 1968-74. 23 varied sides. Plus interview
88697327812 Derek Trucks Band: Already Free
before released tracks & radio broadcasts
88697802212 Buddy Guy: Living Proof.
plus 150 page hardback book with essays
88697936182 Jimi Hendrix Experience: Winterland. SBIRD20002CD Homesick James: Sweet Home Tennessee/Live
and pieces of artwork, lyrics, photographs
11 tracks compiled from 6 shows over 3 nights in 1968. In Europe
and writings by Woody. A stunning set in
88697936222 Jimi Hendrix: Hendrix In The West. SBIRD20036CD Jimmie Vaughan: Strange Pleasure/Out There. Solo
deluxe LP sized package. A must for fans.
Live album of 1969-70 recordings, now with extra albums from 1994 & 1998 respectively.
SMOKIN’ £10.00
tracks, digi-packed & booklet.
SMCD907 Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Fire
TAKOMA £10.95
88697964092 Big Brother And The Holding ComMeets The Fury. From two nights of a 1989
CDTAK1002 John Fahey: The Legend Of Blind Joe Death
pany: Live At The Carousel Ballroom June 1968, 14
US tour and among his final performances
CDTAK1011 Robert Pete Williams: Louisiana Blues
previously unreleased tracks.
SMCD909 Tom Waits: On The Scene ‘73.
CDTAK6506 Norman Blake: Live At Mccabe’s
Previously unreleased live broadcast recording from Santa Monica SONY 4CD & DVD £39.95
CDTAK7059 Michael Bloomfield: Analine/Michael Bloomfield
88697770372 Jimi Hendrix: West Coast Seattle Boy. A stunning CDTAK7087 Doctor Ross: One Man Band
in 1973, with interviews.
SMCD910 Bob Seger: Get Out Of Denver. Rare early live broad- compilation - with some early sideman work for R&B stars but CDTAK8903 John Fahey: America
mostly focused on Experience years with alternate takes, demos &
cast from Ebbetts Field, Denver in July 1974.
SMCD911 Flying Burrito Brothers: Devils Is Disguise. 1971 radio home tapes. 59 tracks, a DVD that tells Jimi’s story in his own
TECD188 Ten Years After: Hear Them Calling. Best of compilation
words, rare photos, postcards, lyrics, etc
broadcast from Philadelphia.
TELARC £13.75
SONY 4CD £17.95
TEL3179502 Corey Harris: Blues and other roots music.
88691942932 Elvis Presley: The Complete 1968 Comeback.
SBLUECD502X Blind Lemon Jefferson: Texas Blues (5CD).
TEL3175602 Eric Bibb: Booker’s Guitar
SBLUECD504X Blind Willie McTell: King Of Georgia Blues.(6CD) Limited edition book-sized collection of the legendary return.
TEL3185002 Pinetop Perkins & Willie Big Eyes Smith: Joined At
1927-49. 117 sides, 6 hrs of vintage McTell!
SONY BMG £9.75
The Hip. Respectable old gentleman slamming out super blues.
82876534682 Buddy Guy: Blues Singer
TEL3276002 Eric Bibb: Troubador Live. 2010 Sweden concert.
SNAXCD1101 Amund Maarud: Electric. Leading light of the thriv- SPACE COWBOY/ROADRUNNER £12.95
TEL3282302 Tab Benoit: Medicine. With Anders Osborne on gtr.
ing Norwegian blues scene with album of strong songs & vocals and RR77592 Steve Miller: Bingo! Album of excellent blues covers.
TEL3318802 Otis Taylor: Contraband. 14 compelling originals from
energetic blues guitar licks & riffs, supported by a tight little band.
RR77182 Steve Miller: Let Your Hair Down. Follow up to Bingo!, distinctive bluesman, guests include daughter, Cassie
this again features great blues covers. Quite a return to the blues!
SONY £6.50
Re-mastered albums, with enhanced original artwork & new notes.
TCD6002 David Honeyboy Edwards: Crawling Kingsnake
88691917452 Rory Gallagher: Blueprint.
SPECXX2059 Jerry Lee Lewis: Fireball - The Collection. 41 storm- TCD6007 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Levee Camp Blues
88691917372 Rory Gallagher: Deuce
TCD6008 Sleepy John Estes: Goin’ To Brownsville
ers from The Killer, inc lots from his great country years.
88691917472 Rory Gallagher: Irish Tour
SPECXX2060 Howlin’ Wolf: Smokestack Lightnin’. 48 killers.
88691917432 Rory Gallagher: Live! In Europe
TCD5004 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Amazing Grace
88691917352 Rory Gallagher: Rory Gallagher
TCD5018 Billy Boy Arnold: Goin’ To Chicago
SPECSIG2053 Lonnie Donegan: Skiffle King. Big hits & more.
88691917462 Rory Gallagher: Tattoo
TCD5019 Mississippi Fred McDowell: My Home Is In The Delta
STAX £8.25
7232874 Booker T & MGs: McLemore Avenue. Re-mastered TCD5021 Bottleneck Blues
ORECD516 Buddy Guy: Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues
TIME LIFE 3CD £28.25
88697072832 Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter & James Cotton: Abbey Road tribute & other Beatles covers.
7233716 Albert King: I’ll Play The Blues For You. Classic 1972 80031D Hank Williams: The Unreleased Recordings.
Breakin’ It Up & Breakin’ It Down
24922D Hank Williams: Revealed. 50 tracks for Mother's Best
5151302 Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle: One From The Heart (OST) album re-mastered with four additional tracks and new notes. Albert
Flour Co. Versions of hits & songs not recorded in studio. A delight.
on top form in the company of Bar-Kays and Memphis Horns.
SONY 2CD £12.15
TIME LIFE £13.75
C2L92598 Derek Trucks: Live At Georgia Theatre
7231839 Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan: In Session. Blues 24587D Hank Williams: The Unreleased Recordings - Gospel
88697056822 Nina Simone: Tell It Like It Is
Keepsakes. Recorded for Mother’s Best Flour radio shows in 1951,
guitar giants together. DVD adds 3 tracks not on CD.
SONY £9.50
TIME LIFE £11.35
Classic albums in new packaging, each with 24 page booklet
SGGW109 Blues Guitar Workshop. Compilation of UK folk & blues 26202D Hank Williams: Bound For The Promised Land - The
88691938902 Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced
Unreleased Recordings. 18 religious recordings from 1951.
88691938922 Jimi Hendrix: Axis - Bold As Love
SGGW146 John James: In Concert. Renowned UK folk and blues TIN ANGEL £11.75
88691938932 Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
finger-picking guitarist whose Transatlantic/Kicking Mule albums are TAR023 Charlie Parr: Cheap Wine. Folk & blues on National
88697893792 Jimi Hendrix: Band Of Gypsys
hard to find. Fear not, this CD of live performances first released in resonator guitar & banjo plus a lived-in vocal rasp, A lovely CD.
88691938942 Jimi Hendrix: First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
1978 is available again, with imaginative originals with super covers.
TSQ2219 Red Fox Chasers: I’m Going Down To North Carolina Complete Recs 1928-31. Classic old-timey, minstrel & tin pan alley
tunes, murder ballads, folk songs, gospel, etc.
VIRGIN £8.75
2795835 B.B. King & Friends: Live At Royal Albert Hall. A thrilling CDVR2172 Captain Beefheart: Doc At Radar Station
CDVR 2237 Captain Beefheart: Ice Cream For Crow
night in 2011 with Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi & Ronnie Wood.
CDVR 2149 Captain Beefheart: Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
TSQ2394 Beyond Berkeley Guitar. Bay Area guitarists play stuff
John Fahey would love.
TSQ2479 Bloody War Songs 1924-39. 15 songs - Fiddlin’ John
Carson, Frank Hutchison, Wade Mainer, etc.
Notes by Tony Russell
2732378 Robert Cray Band: Authorized Bootleg – Live, Outdoor VIZZ TONE £13.15
PNO002 Mac Arnold Blues Revival: Live At The Grey Eagle 2010.
Concert, Austin, Texas May 25 1987. The band caught at its peak.
With Bob Margolin, Willie ’Big Eyes’ Smith and Kim Wilson.
UMC2029 It’s Your Voodoo Working - Best Of Excello Records. VTSS11 Bob Margolin With Mike Sponza Band: Blues Around
36 raw & authentic blues, r&b, gospel & more - The World. Studio album from former Muddy’s Waters sideman.
Slim Harpo, Charles Sheffield, Lazy Lester, VTP001 Phantom Blues Band: Inside Out. Former Taj Mahal
backing band with their own brand of exciting and soulful r&b
Lonesome Sundown, Tabby Thomas, etc.
TSQ2271 Fire In My Bones-Raw & Rare &
Other-Worldly African American Gospel
1944-2007. Awesome rare gospel tracks of
little-known artists to up the spine-tingle
quota. A seriously brilliant set.
TSQ2639 This May Be My Last Time Singing Raw African-American Gospel on 45 RPM
1957-1982. Sensational gospel, fiery sanctified soul, heavy Pentecostal jams & glorified
sermons & hymns.
TSQ2653 Aimer Et Perdre - To Love & To Lose Songs 1917-34.
Compiled & produced by Chris King, this is a compelling set of love
lost and found songs, stretching from the Cajun bayous pre-World
War I, across to the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine and Poland
and all through the American countryside. 36 super-rare & glorious
tracks plus 60 page booklet & original Robert Crumb artworks.
WARNER 2CD £15.95
5311421 Bobby Blue Bland – The Best Of... 9362497988 Eric Clapton & Stevie Winwood: Live From Madison
Square Garden
27 fantastic tracks.
2799042 George Harrison: Early Takes Vol 1. 7599267552 Lowell George: Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here
Previously unreleased early demos of songs 7567903972 Delaney & Bonnie: On Tour With Eric Clapton
that would appear on All Things Must Pass plus 7599274482 Fleetwood Mac: Then Play On.
7599273982 Ry Cooder: Bop Till You Drop.
songs that would not appear elsewhere.
7599273552 Ry Cooder: Jazz
VALORY £10.75
7559605972 Tom Waits: Heart Of Saturday Night
VALCD012 Pine Leaf Boys: Back Home. 7559606202 Tom Waits: Nighthawks At The Diner
Contemporary and regarded Cajun & zydeco 7599273142 Little Feat: Time Loves A Hero
band from Louisiana.
7599233452 Little Feat: Down On The Farm
VALCD015 Cajun Country Revival: The Right
WARNER £6.95
Combination. Cajun super group (Joel Savoy, Jesse Lége, etc).
VALCD016 The Band Courtbouillon: The Band Courtbouillon. 8122799076 Bobby Charles: Bobby Charles. 1972 classic album
Three prominent Cajun accordionists - Wayne Toups, Steve Riley WARNERS £13.75
5249867172 Gillian Welch: The Harrow & The Harvest. Best yet
and Wilson Savoy - join forces on entertaining good-time album.
from Gillian and long-term collaborator David Rawlings. 10 tracks.
VAMPICD126 R&B Hipshakers Vol 2 - Scratch That Itch. Rockin’ 9362495085 Neil Young: Americana. First album together in nine
years on a collection of classic American folk songs.
R&B from the King/Federal/DeLuxe archives 1956-67.
TSQ2554CD Amede Ardoin: Mama, I’ll Be Long Gone - The Complete
Recordings 1929-34. An early innovator of cajun & zydeco with 34 VAMPISOUL £9.95
tracks of rare Afro-Creole rhythms alongside blues and breakdowns. VAMPICD029 Erma Franklin: Super Soul Sister
TSQ1912CD Charlie Louvin: Live At Shake It Records. 2007 live 079 9602 Robert Cray: This Time. First studio CD since 2005
album, recorded ‘in store’. Many stripped-down versions of classics. VANGUARD £7.25
TSQ1042CD Charlie Louvin: Charlie Louvin. 2006 album with VMD79219 Skip James: Skip James Today!
versions of Louvin Bros classics, country favourites & tribute to Ira. VMD79283 James Cotton: Cut You Loose
TSQ2127CD Charlie Louvin: Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs.
VMD73120 Junior Wells: It's My Life Baby
VMD79248 Mississippi John Hurt: The Immortal
TSQ2363 Charlie Louvin: Hickory Wind. Live Gram Parsons tribute VMD79273 Skip James: Devil Got My Woman
VMD8005 Brother John Sellers: Sings Blues And Folk Songs
VMD79259 John Fahey: Requia.
TSQ2608 To What Strange Place – The Music Of The OttomanVMD79262 Junior Wells: Coming At You. 60s sides inc Buddy Guy
American Diaspora 1916-1929. A wonderful collection of early 20th
century Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Jewish and Syrian music, re- VANGUARD £10.95
corded either in Manhattan or copied from records for those looking VCD79702 Mississippi John Hurt: Live
VCD79537 Otis Spann: Best Of Vanguard Years
for musical solace from their native lands. A priceless collection.
VCD79715 Lightnin’ Hopkins: Live At Newport 1965
VCD79588 Reverend Gary Davis: Live At Newport
TSQ2509CD People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs
1913-1938. Big selling compilation of early blues, country, folk and VANGUARD 3CD £14.50
3VCD178 Buddy Guy: Complete Vanguard Recordings
more, now in new CD-sized format. It’s fantastic.
3VCD175 Big Mama Thornton: Complete Vanguard Recs
TOPIC £9.25
3VCD181 Mississippi John Hurt: Complete Studio Recs
TSCD358 Jackie Daly: Music From Sliabh Luachra. 1977 album from 3VCD172 Chicago-The Blues Today! Vol 1-3. Tough blues.
‘the best accordionist in Ireland’ (New York Times).
TOPIC £13.15
079 8582 Levon Helm: Ramble At The Ryman. Live in Nashville in
TSCD578 Martin Simpson: True Stories. One of his best.
2008, 15 great tracks with Buddy Miller, John Hiatt & more. A treat
TSCD584 Martin Simpson: Purpose & Grace. Superb UK folk.
TOPIC 7CD/Hardback book £44.50
078 2082 Merle Haggard: Working In Tennessee.
TOPIC70 Three Score & Ten - A Voice To The People. 70 years of the
oldest independent label in Great Britain. Fabulous set-simply the 078 0352 Merle Haggard: I Am What I Am
best of its kind. 7 CDs of English, Irish, Scottish folk and more.
798 612 Levon Helm: Electric Dirt. A stirring collection
GET54036 The Wild Magnolias: With New Orleans Project.
Rooted among Krewes Indians, this band has recorded in New
Orleans since the early 1970s. This is perhaps their best.
TRAFFIC £10.50
RO155CD Kim Tolliver: Kim Tolliver. Deep southern soul singles.
TW0033 Chip Taylor: Yonkers NY. Deeply personal cycle of songs.
TRDCD3501 John O’Leary Blues Band: Two For The Show.
Veteran ‘60s British blues harp wizard has his 2004 studio album
‘Sins’ and a 2006 live session re-released in a nice package.
TRIKONT £13.15
US0364 Doom & Gloom-Early Songs of Angst And Disaster 192745. Roy Acuff, Allen Brothers, Gid Tanner, Dixon Brothers, etc.
US0392 Roll Your Moneymaker - Early Black Rock’n’Roll 1948-1958.
US0412 I Smell A Rat - Early Black Rock N Roll Vol 2. Sequel to the
fabulous US0392 & as good. Jr Wells, Bo Diddley, Magic Sam, etc
US0422 Early Rappers - Hipper Than Hop, Ancestors Of Rap.
Blues, r&b, jazz, reggae & more provide 21 jive-talking delights - Bo
Diddley, Chuck, Lightnin’ Slim, Dr. Horse, Pigmeat Markham, etc.
33 RECORDS £10.95
CDs of popular live UK blues and jump jive band
FRCDV8 Cadillac Kings: Lou Ann
33WM131 Cadillac Kings: Highway 17.
33WM145 Cadillac Kings: Trouble In Store.
333 RECORDS £12.45
295321 Stephen Dale Petit: BBC Sessions. Compiled from sessions for Paul Jones & Bob Harris, with Mick Taylor on slide guitar.
295311 Stephen Dale Petit: The Crave. Studio set from 2010.
2748927 O Brother Where Art Thou? Extended soundtrack to
2000 Coen Brothers movie full of bluegrass, gospel & blues, featuring Cox Family, John Hartford, Fairfield Four, Norman Blake & more
BURNWJ44 Norman Blake: Green Light On The Southern. 17 oldtime country songs from Grammy-winning legend.
WHIRLIE £12.95
WHIRLIECD26 Transatlantic Sessions Series 5 Vol 2. Gettogether of roots, folk & blues musicians with impressive results.
Featuring Eric Bibb, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Aly Bain, etc.
VI21016 Nils Lofgren: Old School. A lovely vibe & good songs.
WNRCD5063 Muddy Waters Blues Band: Mud In Your Ear. Mean
Chicago blues album from 1967 with Otis Spann, Mojo Buford,
Luther ‘Snake’ Johnson, Sammy Langhorn & Francis Clay. Vocals
are shared between Johnson & Buford (for contractual reasons
Muddy is restricted to guitar).
WOLF £12.75
120820 Magic Slim & The Teardrops: Rough Dried Woman. A revisit
to some of his best studio sides plus 3 previously unissued live cuts.
120822 Elmore James Jr: Baby Please Set A Date. His best yet!.
120824 Larry Taylor: They Were In This House.
120826 Eddie Taylor Jr: So Called Friends - His Best 15 Songs. A
compilation of previous recordings providing an excellent modern
Chicago blues album with imaginative playing & great songs.
WOLF £11.55
120304 Magic Slim: Zoo Bar Collection Vol 4
120300 Hound Dog Taylor: Have Some Fun
120864 Magic Slim: Live On The Road
120913 Frank Edwards: Georgia Country Blues
120600 Hound Dog Taylor: Freddie's Blues
120711 Eddie Taylor: Bad Boy
120896 J.B. Hutto: Hip Shakin'
120809 Magic Slim: Tin Pan Alley
120921 R.L. Burnside: Rollin’ & Tumblin’.
VANBOX14 Make It Your Sound, Make It Your Scene - Vanguard 120823 John Primer: Call Me John Primer
Records & The 1960s Musical Revolution. A stupendous compilation WORLD CIRCUIT £13.65
from the vaults a label that documented the seismic changes in the WCD083 Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Dabate: Ali And Toumani.
musical, social and political landscape of America in the late 1950s WORLD MUSIC NETWORK ‘ROUGH GUIDE TO’ 2CDs £8.15
and sixties. Live recordings (mostly Newport Folk Festivals) and RGNET1238CD Desert Blues. Tinariwen, Sambit Toure, etc .
studio sessions, a full 83 tracks with Jesse Fuller, Doc Watson, Skip RGNET1265CD Cajun & Zydeco.15 tracks on one CD with Pine
James, Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy, Rev Gary Davis, John Fahey, Phil Leaf Boys, Lil Nathan, Steve Riley, Lost Bayou Ramblers, etc. CD2
Ochs, JB Hutto, Dave Van Ronk, Otis Rush, James Cotton, Odetta, is Chubby Carrier’s Bayou Road album
Big Bill Broonzy, Joan Baez and plenty more. You also get a booklet RGNET1267CD Bluegrass. 18 tracks - Ralph Stanley, Peter
introduced by Sam Charters with rare photos, album artwork, sales Rowan, Tom T Hall, etc. CD2 is Scott Holstein’s Cold Coal Town
flyers and more. A staggering collection and an essential purchase. RGNET1268CD Charley Patton. 22 delta blues classics from
Patton plus artists who followed - Tommy Johnson, Robert Johnson,
VEETONE £11.95
VTRCD2017 R&B Humdingers Vol 11. Super Mark Lamarr compi- Bukka White, Willie Brown, Son House, Howlin’ Wolf, etc
lation of rockin’ obscurities from Chess, Deluxe, Peacock, Roulette, RGNET1272CD The Rough Guide To New Orleans. 15 classics Meters, Longhair, Earl King, Dr John, etc & album of Dumpstaphunk
Mercury & Aladdin. Buddy Guy, Faye Adams, LaVern Baker, etc.
VTRCD2019 R&B Humdingers Vol 12. 22 R&B obscurities from YAZOO £13.15
vaults of Savoy, Ember, Imperial, King & Speciality. With Sugar Boy YAZCD1011 Big Bill Broonzy: The Young Big Bill
Crawford, Jimmy McCracklin, H-Bomb Ferguson, etc.
YAZCD1043 Please Warm My Weiner
VTRCD2021 R&B Humdingers Vol 13. Rare 1950s R&B obscuri- YAZCD1065 Mississippi John Hurt: 1928 Sessions
ties from Goldband, RCA, King, Peacock & more. 22 scorchers with YAZCD1071 Ma Rainey: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Jimmy McCracklin, Snooks Eaglin, Citations, Bobby Elvin, etc.
YAZCD2022 When I Was A Cowboy Volume 1
YAZCD2040 My Rough And Rowdy Ways Vol 2
VEETONE 2CD £13.75
VTRCD2018 Wild Streak Vol 1. 50 rare, wild & crazy rockers from YAZCD3002 The Best There Ever Was
1950s - Ronnie Self, Chan Romero, Kip Tyler, Doug Sahm, etc
YEP ROC £11.95
VTRCD2020 Wild Streak Vol 2. 50 obscure 1950s r ‘n’ r sides - YEP2244 Greg Brown: Freak Flag. Excellent album
Link Wray, Kip Tyler, Jimmy Dee, String Kings, etc. Great stuff.
YEP2246 Dave Alvin: Eleven Eleven. Superb.
VERVE £13.95
2783189 Etta James: The Dreamer. Her final album, released prior YLI211117 Keb’ Mo’: The Reflection. Latest studio CD,
to her sad passing at the beginning of 2012. And very nice it is too.
ZOHO £13.15
VUCD0020 Vernon Garrett: Don’t Fall In Love With Me. Veteran
blues & soul singer with excellent set, occasionally sharing vocal
duties with soul diva Ms Sheila Gee.
VUCD0021 Sheila Gee: Have You Ever Had The Blues. 10 superb
& sassy soul blues tracks from inheritor of Queen Of The Blues title.
ZM200802 Swamp Cabbage: Squeal. Bluesy foot-stomping songs.
493 8362 The Cramps: Songs The Lord Taught Us. Stunning
debut, recorded in Sun Studios with alternate takes.
493 8372 The Cramps: Off The Bone. Early singles & B sides.
THE £10
ALIVE LP £14.55
ALIVE0115LP T-Model Ford And Gravelroad:
Taledragger. Vinyl version of super album by bluesman now into his nineties but still capable of producing good ole’ juke-jointin’ raucous blues. With 8
studio recordings made with current touring band
during a 2010 US tour. Compelling and hypnotic, as
always. This comes, at the moment at least, as a
limited edition coloured vinyl!
MR074LP Mississippi Fred McDowell:
The Alan Lomax Recordings. 12 tracks
from 1959 by one of the greatest ever
Mississippi bluesmen (you know we love
Fred at The Lickery). His first recordings
that created the legend. Phenomenal
music on sumptuous vinyl, with liner notes
by Nathan Salsburg.
MRP023LP Sticks Over My Shoulder. A
compilation of Georgia bluesmen recorded
BAF18006 Jerry Lee Lewis: Live At The Star Club
by George Mitchell between 1979-1981
Hamburg. Possibly the best live recording ever
while touring the American south in search
made, definitely the best rock’n’roll record anyway.
of real blues artists. This LP provides more
This is Jerry Lee in 1964 making men out of the
evidence that he found it - scintillating
Nashville Teens who back him on this all-out blistering set of his sides by John Lee Ziegler, Jimmy Lee Williams, Cecil Barfield,
greatest hits plus some other folks greatest hits which he makes all James Davis and more.
his own! The LP contains possibly his best ever version of Whole
Lotta Shakin’ and wait til you hear him rip into the two part epic NEW WEST LP £17.75
What’d I Say or the one extra track, the thundering (Move On) NW5036 John Hiatt: Dirty Jeans And Mudslide
Hymns. One of the greatest living singerDown The Line!!!
songwriters with his twentieth solo album,
recorded in Nashville. We love Hiatt here at Red
BAF18009 Johnny Cash: Unseen Cash. This LP version is a real Lick and every home should own at least one of
collectors item, as the stupendous photographs are reproduced his albums.
here in a 16 page LP sized hardcover book. The 12 recordings
appear on one side of the LP, the other side containing a 3-D NOT NOW MUSIC 2LP £21.50
180g vinyl in gatefold sleeves
engraving of Johnny.
NOT2LP130 Howlin’ Wolf: Blues From Hell. 27
BGP2206 Georgie Fame: Mod Classics 1964-1966. 24 tracks from NOT2LP132 B.B. King: Can’t Kick The Blues.
his days at Columbia.
27 early sides.
NOT2LP134 Muddy Waters: Hoochie Coochie
BLM0202 Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early: American Made. Man. 28 tracks, mostly his biggies but with some
rarely anthologised.
Highly regarded but, until recently, hard to find album.
NOT2LP136 Miles Davis: ‘Round About MidDELMARK LPs £12.45
night. With the ‘Round About Midnight and The
Classic mid-60s blues albums, with original artwork.
New Miles Davis Quintet albums.
LPDS615 Magic Sam: West Side Soul
NOT2LP138 Son House: Raw Delta Blues. Some of the rawest
LPDS612 Junior Wells: Hoodoo Man Blues
and best delta blues you will ever hear. 30 classic recordings that
LPDS628 Junior Wells: South Side Blues Jam.
include legendary pre-war Library Of Congress sessions and the
LPDL648 Little Walter: The Blues World Of Little Walter.
best of his re-discovery sides. Re-mastered.
DOXY DELUXE 180g LP £19.95
NOT2LP139 Sonny Boy Williamson: Down And Out Blues. 30
DOX861LP Donald Byrd: Royal Flush. 1961 Blue Note classic.
Rice Miller classics, from Memphis sides to Chess years.
DOX863LP Charles Mingus Quintet: And Max Roach. Recorded NOT2LP140 Thelonious Monk: Brilliant Corners. Includes classic
at Greenwich Village’s Café Bohemia in December 1955.
albums Brilliant Corners and Thelonious Himself.
DOX865LP Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Alamode. 1961 NOT2LP141 Bill Evans: Sharp Notes. Features albums Portrait In
album and the first with Curtis Fuller in the band
Jazz and Everybody Digs Bill Evans.
DOX866LP Chet Baker: Sings And Plays With Bud Shank, Russ NOT2LP143 Essential Chicago Blues. 27 classics including
Freeman And Strings. 1955 classic
Junior Wells, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, Muddy, etc
DOG901LP Gil Evans Orchestra: Out Of The Cool. 1960 album, NOT2LP144 The Story Of Blue Beat - The Birth Of Ska. Vinyl
recorded after his time as Miles Davis collaborator.
version of super compilation. 24 tracks by Laurel Aitken, Lloyd
EL TORO LP £13.25
Clarke, Derrick Morgan, Byron Lee and more.
BE111 Rudy Green: Wild Life – The Lost Album. Sixteen tracks NOT2LP145 Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue. One version in mono and
from his 1940s/50s singles. Originally slated to come out on the one in stereo.
Whiskey Women And.. vinyl label but never did!
NOT2LP147 John Coltrane: Africa/Brass. With Coltrane Jazz on
the second LP.
GET54038LP Howlin’ Wolf: The Howlin’ Wolf Album. 1969 NOT2LP149 John Coltrane: My Favorite Things. With Bags &
Chess/Cadet album introducing psychedelic electric guitars and Trane as a bonus album.
rock elements to the Wolf’s blues. They suspected it wouldn’t NOT2LP150 Essential Delta Blues. 24 stunning
please “hard blues” audiences so sub-titled it “This Is Howlin’ delta blues classics with Big Joe Williams, Bukka
Wolf’s New LP, He Doesn’t Like It. He Didn’t Like His Electric White, Mississippi John Hurt, Tommy Johnson, Bo
Guitar At First Either”. Wolf’s himself called it “dogshit” and hard- Carter, Skip James, Elmore James, Charlie Patton,
John Lee Hooker and more.
core Chicago blues fans derided it. Nonetheless it has attained
NOT2LP161 John Coltrane: Blue Train. Mono &
mythical proportions over the years.
Stereo Versions
GET54042LP Muddy Waters: After The Rain. Classic late period
Chess album from Muddy on lovely vinyl. Follow up to the psyche- PROPER 2LP £17.45
delic experiment of Electric Mud, this 1969 Chess album makes PRPLP083 Jimmie Vaughan: Plays More Blues,
more use of traditional Muddy singing and playing styles and is all Ballads and Favourites. 16 tracks across 4 sides of
lovely vinyl.
the better for it. A rarity for many years, now available.
GET54046LP Howlin’ Wolf: Message To The Young. Mega-rare PROVOGUE LP £13.15
album, recorded for Chess in 1971 when things were going a little PRD73331 Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl. A hot
skewiff for the great man. His health was fading (heart attacks and album on glorious vinyl.
failing kidneys meant he was on dialysis for the rest of his days)
REDWING 2LP £18.25
and Chess were again messing with his timeless and unique sound
RWR002 Bonnie Raitt: Slipstream. Her latest and criticallyto create a new appeal to a younger, rock-oriented audience. 8
acclaimed album on 180 gram vinyl.
tracks of bluesy funk and experimental near-rock from the Wolf
including I Smell A Rat, Turn Me On, Romance Without Finance REEL TIME LP £19.50
and more. For fans only perhaps, but that’s pretty much all of us, RTLP1002 The Trip. Original soundtrack album of cult 1967 psychedelic exploitation movie, made by Roger Corman with Peter
Fonda and Jack Nicholson. 18 tracks by the nascent Electric Flag,
with Mike Bloomfield’s shining guitar to the fore.
RBLP001 Every Day In The Week Volume 1. A glorious 180g vinyl LP
that presents 14 diverse and rare
Reproductions of original LPs and cover artwork, sourced
country blues singers, jug bands,
from original mono masters, on 180-g vinyl.
hokum blues singers, medicine show
SCLP5364 Freddy King: Let’s Hide Away And Dance
songsters, barrelhouse pianists and
Away With Freddie King
more, all recorded between 1927 and
SCLP5365 Freddy King: Gives You A Bonanza Of
1933. All tracks remastered from
original 78s and inclusive of a very
(for a full list of the books we currently sell, and more details
on each of these listed below, see ‘Red Lick Book Store’
available as a pdf download at
Also, please note you can now order books directly via the
online order facility on our website
BK036 Alan Govenar: Lightnin’ Hopkins - His Life and Blues.
(Chicago Review h/back)
£24.75 + £3.00 UK p&p
BK045 Bob Riesman: I Feel So Good - Life & Times Of Big Bill
Broonzy (Uni Of Chicago Press h/back)
£17.50 + £3.25 UK p&p
BK035 Tony Russell: Country Music Originals-Legends And The Lost.
(Oxford Uni P/back)
£9.95 + £2.50 UK p&p
BK051 Daniel Beaumont: Preachin’ The Blues - Life & Times Of
Son House (Oxford Uni Pres h/back)
£15.95 + £3.50 UK p&p
BK057 Wilko Johnson With Zoe Howe: Looking
Back At Me (Cadiz Hardback)
£25.00 + £4.00 UK p&p
BK038 Will Romano: The Troubles & Triumph Of
Blues Legend Hubert Sumlin (Backbeat p/back)
£11.95 + £2.75 UK p&p
BK041 John Broven: Record Makers & Breakers
(Uni Of Illinois Press p/back)
£21.75 plus £3.50 UK p&p
BK017 Michael Gray: Hand Me Down My Travelin’
Shoes-In Search Of Blind Willie McTell (Bloomsbury
£9.75 + £2 UK p&p
BK-DTD15CD Macel Ely II: Life & Legacy Of Brother
Claude Ely (Dust-To-Digital H/back book & CD)
£39.50 + £3.25 UK p&p
BK040 Frog Blues & Jazz Annual No. 2 (Frog Publications inc free 26 track CD)
£29.75 + £3.50 UK p&p
BK052 John Szwed: The Man Who Recorded The World - A
Biography Of Alan Lomax (Arrow p/back) £8.95 + £2.50 UK p&p
BK024 Paul Oliver: Barrelhouse Blues-Location Recording &
Early Traditions (Civitas H/Back)
£14.95 + £2.75 UK p&p
BK025 Graham Jones: Last Shop Standing-Whatever Happened To Record Shops (Proper P/back) £10.99 + £2.50 UK p&p
BK044 Robert Shelton: No Direction Home - Life & Music Of
Bob Dylan (Omnibus hardback)
£19.25 + £4.50 UK p&p
BK026 Frog Blues & Jazz Annual No. 1. (Frog Publications inc
free 25 CD)
£29.75 + £3.50 UK p&p
BK-DTD020 Steve Roden: I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates
My Traces - Music In Vernacular Photographs 1880-1955 (Dust
to Digital hardback plus 2CD)
£39.75 & £3.50 UK p&p
BK042 David Evans (Editor): Ramblin’ On My Mind (Uni Of
Illinois Press p/back)
£17.95 + £3.00 UK p&p
BK047 Ted Gioia: Delta Blues - The Life And Times Of The
Mississippi Masters Who Revolutionized American
Music (Norton Books P/back) £12.99 + £3.25 UK p&p
BK054 Mike Barnes: Captain Beefheart (Omnibus P/
£9.95 + £2.75 UK p&p
BK016 Barry Lee Pearson & Bill McCulloch: Robert
Johnson-Lost & Found (Uni Of Illinois p/back)
£13.75 + £1.75 UK p&p
BK030 Peter C. Muir: Long Lost Blues-Popular Blues
1850-1920 (Uni Of Illinois p/back)
£24.75 + £3.00 UK p&p
BK034 Stephen Calt: Barrelhouse Words-A Blues
Dialect Dictionary (Uni Of Illinois p/back)
£17.99 + £3.00 UK p&p
BK055 Harvey G. Cohen: Duke Ellington’s America
(Uni Of Chicago Press Paperback)
£14.50 + £4.25 UK p&p
BK043 David Whiteis: Chicago Blues - Portraits And Stories
(Uni Of Illinois Press p/back)
£12.99 + £3.00 UK p&p
BK048 Robert Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection
(Norton Books Hardback)
£18.00 + £4.25 UK p&p
BK046 Preston Lauterbach: The Chitlin’ Circuit - And The Road
To R ‘n’ R (Norton Books Hardback)
£19.95 + £4.50 UK p&p
BK049 Steve Cushing: Blues Before Sunrise (Uni Of Illinois
Press Paperback)
£16.95 + £3.25 UK p&p
BK050 Lincoln T. Beauchamp (Ed.): Bluespeak - Best Of The
Original Chicago Blues Annual (Uni Of Illinois Press Paperback)
£16.95 + £3.25 UK p&p
BK056 Thomas Brothers: Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans
TRIKONT 2LP £15.95
£12.95 + £2.75 UK p&p
US0412LP I Smell A Rat. The same tracks on the big- (Norton Books paperback)
selling CD but spread over a four sides of good old fashioned vinyl! An absolute must. Great tracks by Howlin’ LP771746 Miles Davis: Miles Ahead
Wolf, Johnny Gtr Watson, Coasters, Big Mama Thornton, LP771754 Dave Brubeck Quartet: Southern Scene
Andre Williams, Tarheel Slim, Etta James & more!
LP771756 Duke Ellington: Piano In The Background
WAX TIME (180g) LP £15.75
LP771765 Miles Davis: Plays For Lovers.
180g vinyl releases of jazz classics, with bonus tracks!
LP771767 Stan Getz: Award Winners.
LP771669 Charles Mingus: East Coasting
LP771772 Thelonious Monk Orchestra: At Town Hall.
LP771673 John Coltrane: Blue Train
LP771787 Clifford Brown & Max Roach: At Basin Street.
LP771676 The Miles Davis: Musings Of Miles
LP771794 Lester Young: The President Plays.
LP771679 Chet Baker Quartet: Jazz At Ann Arbor
KHR02 C.W. Stoneking: Jungle Blues. Our favourite album of LP771682 John Coltrane: Standard Coltrane
180g limited edition vinyl
2010 now on vinyl. Read the Red Lick review on our website - CD LP771690 Miles Davis: Sketches Of Spain
RGNET1268LP Charley Patton: The Rough Guide To Charley
or LP, this is a belter.
LP771700 John Coltrane: Coltrane Plays The Blues
Patton. 12 delta blues classics including A Spoonful Blues, Poor
KHR01 C.W. Stoneking: King Hokum. His sensational debut from LP771739 Ahmad Jamal Trio: But Not For Me.
Me, 34 Blues, Pony Blues and more.
2006. Once you are hooked, your hooked!
LP771745 Miles Davis: Cookin’
rare version of Jack Kelly’s Southern
Memphis Jug Band’s Highway 61 No.
2 (apparently unavailable anywhere on
CD) plus other rarely heard sides. A
truly marvelous LP enhanced by a
lovely 12 page A4 sized booklet
researched and written by Alex Van
Der Tuuk, renowned blues scholar,
researcher and writer. The only downside is that it is a limited edition, so get
it now!!
ULP9001 Bill Williams: Low And Lonesome (Blue Goose)
ULP9002 Blind Lemon Jefferson: Volume 2 (Riverside RLP12-136)
ULP9003 Duster Bennett: Smiling Like I'm Happy (Blue Horizon)
ULP9004 Michael Bloomfield: If You Love These Blues, Play 'em As
You Please (no booklet) (Guitar Player Records)
ULP9005 Son House: Real Delta Blues (Blue Goose)
ULP9006 Charley Patton: (2LP) Founder Of The Delta Blues
ULP9007 Memphis Jug Band: (2LP) Memphis Jug Band
ULP9008 Blind Boy Fuller: Truckin' My Blues Away
ULP9009 Blind Willie Johnson: Praise God I'm Satisfied
ULP9010 Blind Willie McTell: 1927-1933
ULP9011 Bo Carter: 1931/40
ULP9012 Bo Carter: Banana In Your Fruit Basket
ULP9013 Bo Carter: Greatest Hits
ULP9014 Buddy Boy Hawkins: And His Buddies
ULP9015 Cripple Clarence Lofton: And Walter Davis
ULP9016 Frank Stokes: Creator Of The Memphis Blues
ULP9017 Frank Stokes: Frank Stokes Dream
ULP9018 Funny Papa Smith: Original Howling Wolf
ULP9019 Furry Lewis: In His Prime
ULP9020 Hokum Boys: You Can't Get Enough..
ULP9021 Kokomo Arnold: Trendsetters 1930
ULP9022 Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell: Naptown Blues 1929-34
ULP9023 Mississippi John Hurt: 1928 Sessions
ULP9024 V/A: Alabama Blues
ULP9025 V/A: Barrelhouse Blues
ULP9026 V/A: Blues From Western States
ULP9027 V/A: Country Blues Bottleneck..
ULP9028 V/A: Don't Leave Me Here
ULP9029 V/A: East Coast Blues
ULP9030 V/A: Favorite Country Blues..
ULP9031 V/A: Georgia Blues
ULP9032 V/A: Going Away Blues
ULP9033 V/A: Guitar Wizards
ULP9034 V/A: Jackson Blues
ULP9035 V/A: Lonesome Road Blues
ULP9036 V/A: Mama Let Me Lay It On You
ULP9037 V/A: Memphis Jamboree
ULP9038 V/A: Mississippi Blues
ULP9039 V/A: Mississippi Moaners
ULP9040 V/A: Mister Charlie Blues
ULP9041 V/A: Roots Of Robert Johnson
ULP9042 V/A: Roots Of Rock
ULP9043 V/A: St Louis Blues
ULP9044 V/A: St Louis Town
ULP9045 V/A: Ten Years In Memphis
ULP9046 V/A: Ten Years Of Black Country Religion 1926-36
ULP9047 V/A: Uptown Blues
ULP9048 V/A: Voice of The Blues
ULP9049 Louisiana Red: The Imagery Of (Spivey)
ULP9050 V/A: 3 Kings And The Queen (Spivey)
ULP9051 V/A: 3 Kings And The Queen Vol Two (Spivey)
ULP9052 Lonnie Johnson: Vol 1 (Swaggie)
ULP9053 Sleepy John Estes: Vol 1 (Swaggie)
ULP9054 Sleepy John Estes: Vol 2 (Swaggie)
ULP9055 Johnny Shines: Sitting On Top Of The World (Biograph)
ULP9056 Johnny Shines: And Company (Biograph)
ULP9057 Larry Johnson: Country Blues (Biograph)
ULP9058 Leadbelly: Good Morning Blues (Biograph)
ULP9059 Leroy Carr: Singin' The Blues 1934 (Biograph)
ULP9060 Mississippi Sheiks: Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Biograph)
ULP9061 V/A: 1968 Memphis Country Blues Festival (Blue Horizon)
ULP9062 Andrew Hill: Grass Roots (Blue Note)
ULP9063 Hank Mobley: Workout (Blue Note)
ULP9064 Horace Silver: Song For My Father (Blue Note)
ULP9065 Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin' (Blue Note)
ULP9066 Sonny Rollins: Newk's Time (Blue Note)
ULP9067 Lonnie Johnson: Blues By Lonnie Johnson (Bluesville)
ULP9068 Henry Thomas: (2LP) Ragtime Texas (Herwin)
ULP9069 Big Joe Williams: Thinking Of What They Did To Me
ULP9070 Big Joe Williams: Tough Times
ULP9071 Blind Boy Fuller: Blues Classics Vol 11
ULP9072 Dr Ross: First Recordings
ULP9073 Flaco Jiminez: Ysu Conjunto
ULP9074 Jesse Fuller: Frisco Bound
ULP9075 Joe Turner: Jumpin' The Blues
ULP9076 Kokomo Arnold: And Peetie Wheatstraw
ULP9077 Lightnin' Hopkins: Houston King Of Blues
ULP9078 Lightnin' Hopkins: In Berkeley
ULP9079 Lightnin' Hopkins: Texas Blues Man
ULP9080 Lil' Son Jackson: Lil' Son Jackson
ULP9081 Mance Lipscomb: You'll Never Find A Man Like Mance
ULP9082 Mance Lipscomb: Vol 3
ULP9083 Mance Lipscomb: Vol 4
ULP9084 Mance Lipscomb: Vol 5
ULP9085 Mance Lipscomb: Vol 6
ULP9086 Mance Lipscomb: Texas Sharecropper
ULP9087 Mance Lipscomb: Trouble In Mind
ULP9088 Fred McDowell: Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
ULP9089 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Vol 1
ULP9090 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Vol 2
ULP9091 Snooks Eaglin: Possum Up A Simmon Tree
ULP9092 V/A: Bad Luck And Trouble
ULP9093 V/A: Blues And Trouble
ULP9094 V/A: Blues And Trouble Vol 2
ULP9095 V/A: Country Blues Classics Vol 1
ULP9096 V/A: Country Blues Classics Vol 2
ULP9097 V/A: Country Blues Classics Vol 3
ULP9098 V/A: Country Blues Classics Vol 4
ULP9099 V/A: I Have To Paint My Face
ULP9100 V/A: Jug, Jook & Washboard Bands
ULP9101 V/A: King Of Country Blues Vol 1
ULP9102 V/A: King Of Country Blues Vol 2
ULP9103 V/A: Memphis And The Delta
ULP9200 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Sonny & Brownie (A&M)
ULP9201 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: In London (Marble Arch)
ULP9202 Big Bill Broonzy: Remembering Big Bill Broonzy (Mercury)
ULP9203 Big Bill Broonzy: The Blues (Mercury (French))
ULP9204 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Long Way From Home
ULP9205 Charlie Byrd: Blues For Night People (Oriole)
ULP9104 V/A: Texas Blues Vol 1 (Arhoolie)
ULP9105 V/A: Texas Blues Vol 2 (Arhoolie)
ULP9106 Lord Sutch: Heavy Friends (Beck, Page, etc) (Atlantic)
ULP9107 Wilson Pickett: In The Midnight Hour (mono) (Atlantic)
ULP9108 Magic Sam: (2LP) Live (Delmark)
ULP9109 Modern Jazz Quartet: MJQ (10" LP) (Esquire)
ULP9110 Big Joe Williams: Early Recordings 1935-1941 (Mamlish)
ULP9111 Mississippi Sheiks: Stop And Listen (Mamlish)
ULP9112 V/A: Barefoot Bill's (Mamlish)
ULP9113 V/A: Black Cat Trail (Mamlish)
ULP9114 V/A: Bullfrog Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9115 V/A: Good Time Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9116 V/A: Hard Times Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9117 V/A: Home Again Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9118 V/A: Low Down Memphis Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9119 V/A: Mississippi Bottom Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9120 V/A: Mr Johnson's Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9121 V/A: New Deal Blues (Mamlish)
ULP9122 Lonnie Johnson: Woke Up This Morning (OJL)
ULP9123 Memphis Minnie: Take Dirt Road Home 1944-49 (OJL)
ULP9124 Mississippi John Hurt: Piedmont Recs Vol 1 (OJL)
ULP9125 Mississippi John Hurt: Piedmont Recs Vol 2 (OJL)
ULP9126 Sam Collins: Crying Sam Collins (OJL)
ULP9127 V/A: (2LP) Rural Blues Box (RBF)
ULP9128 Sleepy John Estes: 1929/40 (RBF/Folkways)
ULP9129 Johnny Shines: Live (Rounder)
ULP9130 Fred McDowell: And Johnny Woods (Rounder)
ULP9131 Johnny Shines: Standing At The Crossroads (Testament)
ULP9132 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Amazing Grace (Testament)
ULP9133 Fred McDowell: My Home Is In The Delta (Testament)
ULP9134 V/A: Chicago String Band (Testament)
ULP9135 V/A: Sound Of The Delta (Testament)
ULP9136 V/A: Travelin' Through The Jungle (Testament)
ULP9137 V/A: (2LP)John Hammond's Sprituals To Swing (Vanguard)
ULP9138 Big Joe Williams: And Sonny Boy Williamson
ULP9139 Blind Boy Fuller: With Sonny Terry And Bull City Red
ULP9140 Memphis Minnie: Blues Classics 1
ULP9141 Memphis Minnie: Vol 2 With Kansas Joe McCoy
ULP9142 Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee): Vol 2
ULP9143 Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee): Vol 3
ULP9144 Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee): Blues Classics by
ULP9145 Blind Joe Taggart: A Guitar Evangelist 1926-31 (Herwin)
ULP9146 Big Joe Williams: Studio Blues (Prestige)
ULP9147 Furry Lewis: Back On My Feet Again (Prestige)
ULP9148 Jesse Fuller: San Francisco Bay Blues (Prestige)
ULP9149 Jesse Fuller: Favorites (Prestige)
ULP9150 Lonnie Johnson: Blues Ballads (Prestige)
ULP9151 Lonnie Johnson: Idle Hours (Prestige)
ULP9152 Pink Anderson: Carolina Blues Man (Prestige)
ULP9153 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: At 2nd Fret (Prestige)
ULP9154 Jesse Fuller: Amazing One Man Band (Prestige/Ace)
ULP9155 Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus & Max Roach: Money
Jungle (United Artists)
ULP9156 Little Brother Montgomery: Farro Street Jive (Xtra)
ULP9157 Memphis Slim: All Kinds Of Blues (Xtra)
ULP9158 Charles Lloyd Quartet: Of Course Of Course (CBS)
ULP9159 Thelonious Monk: It's Monk's Time (CBS)
ULP9160 Barney Kessel: Volume 1 (Contemporary)
ULP9161 Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne & Ray Brown: Poll Winners
Three! (Contemporary)
ULP9162 Sonny Rollins: Way Out West (Contemporary)
ULP9163 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers: With Eric Clapton (Decca)
ULP9164 Rolling Stones: Rolling Stones No. 2 (Decca)
ULP9165 Rolling Stones: Between The Buttons (Decca)
ULP9166 Rolling Stones: Big Hits, High Tide & Green Grass(Decca)
ULP9167 Furry Lewis: Furry Lewis (Folkways)
ULP9168 Jazz Gillum: Blues By (Folkways)
ULP9169 Leadbelly: (2LP) Last Session Vol 1 & 2 (Folkways)
ULP9170 Leadbelly: Last Session Vol 3 (Folkways)
ULP9171 Leadbelly: Last Session Vol 4 (Folkways)
ULP9172 Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins (Folkways)
ULP9173 Memphis Slim: At The Village Gate (Folkways)
ULP9174 Memphis Slim: Real Honky Tonk (Folkways)
ULP9175 Memphis Slim: Songs Of Memphis Slim (Folkways)
ULP9176 Memphis Slim: The Real Boogie Woogie (Folkways)
ULP9177 Son House: Delta Blues (Folkways)
ULP9178 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: New Sound (Folkways)
ULP9179 Speckled Red: Barrelhouse Blues (Folkways)
ULP9180 Bill Evans: Dig It! (Fontana)
ULP9181 Charlie Byrd: In (Fontana)
ULP9182 Joan Baez: Farewell Angelina (Fontana)
ULP9183 Memphis Slim: Clap Your Hands (Fontana)
ULP9184 Freddy King: Sings (King)
ULP9185 Sunnyland Slim: Slim's Got His Thing Goin' On (Liberty)
ULP9186 Modern Jazz Quartet: At Music Inn (London)
ULP9187 Thelonious Monk Quartet: In Action (Riverside)
ULP9188 Wes Montgomery: Round Midnight (Riverside)
ULP9189 Memphis Jug Band: Vol 1 (Roots)
ULP9190 Memphis Jug Band: Vol 2 (Roots)
ULP9191 Son House: And Robert Pete Williams Live (Roots)
ULP9192 Son House: Legendary 1941/42 Recordings (Roots)
ULP9193 V/A: Legendary Sessions Delta Style (Roots)
ULP9194 V/A: Legendary Sessions Memphis Style (Roots)
ULP9195 V/A: Southern Sanctified Singers (Roots)
ULP9196 Jimmy Smith: Greatest Hits (mono) (Verve)
ULP9197 Stan Getz / Charlie Byrd: Jazz Samba (Verve)
ULP9198 Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto: Getz & Gilberto (mono) (Verve)
ULP9199 Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker: Diz 'N' Bird (Vogue)
ULP9206 Big Mama Thornton: You Ole Houn' Dawg (Ace)
ULP9207 Furry Lewis: Done Changed My Mind (Ace)
ULP9208 Juke Boy Bonner: They Call Me Juke Boy (Ace)
ULP9209 K.C. Douglas: Big Road Blues (Ace)
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ULP9212 V/A: Way Back Yonder (Albatross)
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ULP9214 V/A: (2LP) Story Of The Blues (CBS)
ULP9215 V/A: (2LP) Birmingham Quartet Anthology (Clanka Lanka)
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ULP9217 Big Joe Williams: Nine String Guitar Blues (Delmark)
ULP9218 Big Joe Williams: Piney Woods Blues (Delmark)
ULP9219 Magic Sam: West Side Soul (Delmark)
ULP9220 Magic Sam: Legacy (Delmark)
ULP9221 Roosevelt Sykes: Hard Driven Blues (Delmark)
ULP9222 Roosevelt Sykes: In Europe (Delmark)
ULP9223 Sleepy John Estes: Broke And Hungry (Delmark)
ULP9224 Sleepy John Estes: Brownsville Blues (Delmark)
ULP9225 Sleepy John Estes: In Europe (Delmark)
ULP9226 Sleepy John Estes: Legend Of (Delmark)
ULP9227 Yank Rachell: Mandolin Blues (Delmark)
ULP9228 Jim Brewer: Tough Luck (Earwig)
ULP9229 Zakir Hussain: Making Music (ECM)
ULP9230 John Lee Hooker: (2LP) Black Snake (Fantasy)
ULP9231 John Lee Hooker: (2LP) Boogie Chillum (Fantasy)
ULP9232 S. Terry/Brownie McGhee: (2LP) California Blues (Fantasy)
ULP9233 Sonny Terry & B McGhee: (2LP)Midnight Special (Fantasy)
ULP9234 Big Joe Williams: Unissued Chicago Blues Of 50s (Flyright)
ULP9235 Blind Boy Fuller: Carolina Blues (Flyright)
ULP9236 Guitar Slim: Greensboro Rounder (Flyright)
ULP9237 Juke Boy Bonner: One Man Trio (Flyright)
ULP9238 Memphis Minnie: 1934-1941 (Flyright)
ULP9239 Memphis Minnie: 1941-1949 (Flyright)
ULP9240 Mississippi John Hurt: Vol 1 (Flyright)
ULP9241 Mississippi John Hurt: Vol 2 (Flyright)
ULP9242 Mississippi John Hurt: Vol 3 (Flyright)
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ULP9245 V/A: Georgia Blues Today (Flyright)
ULP9246 V/A: Jerry's Saloon Blues (Flyright)
ULP9247 V/A: Old Country Blues (Flyright)
ULP9248 V/A: Red River Runs (Flyright)
ULP9249 V/A: Tarheel Stomp (Flyright)
ULP9250 Don Covay: Hot Blood (Mercury)
ULP9251 Modern Jazz Trio (Jim Hall, Red Mitchell & Red Kelly):
Good Friday Blues (Pacific Jazz)
ULP9252 Jim Brewer: Jim Brewer (Philo)
ULP9253 Fred McDowell: Dose Of Double Dynamite (Red Lightnin)
ULP9254 Fred McDowell: Standing At Burying Ground (Red Lightnin)
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ULP9256 Little Bro’ Montgomery: Chicago Living Legends(Riverside)
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ULP9258 Blind Boy Fuller: On Down Vol 1 (Saydisc)
ULP9259 Albert King: Live Wire (Stax)
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ULP9262 Sunnyland Slim: I Done You Wrong (Storyville)
ULP9263 V/A: Blues Scene USA Vol 3 (Storyville)
ULP9264 Luke Miles: Country Boy (Sundown)
ULP9265 Johnny Woods: So Many Cold (Swingmaster)
ULP9266 Johnny Shines: Too Wet To Plow (Tomato)
ULP9267 V/A: (2LP) Great Bluesmen - Newport (Vanguard)
ULP9268 Mississippi John Hurt: (2LP) Best Of (Vanguard)
ULP9269 Jimmy Smith: Hobo Flats (Verve)
ULP9270 Big Bill Broonzy: Big Bill's Blues (CBS)
ULP9271 Leroy Carr: Blues Before Sunrise (CBS)
ULP9272 Lightnin' Hopkins: Drinkin' The Blues (Collectables)
ULP9273 Lightnin' Hopkins: Mama & Papa Hopkins (Collectables)
ULP9274 Lightnin' Hopkins: Nothin' But The Blues (Collectables)
ULP9275 Eugene Rhodes: Talkin' About My Time (Collector Issue)
ULP9276 Furry Lewis: Live At Gaslight (Collector Issue)
ULP9277 Furry Lewis/Bukka White: Furry & Bukka (Collector Issue)
ULP9278 Gus Cannon: 1963 (Collector Issue)
ULP9279 Lightnin' Hopkins: Joel & Lightnin (Collector Issue)
ULP9280 Hound Dog Taylor: Live At Florences (yellow vinyl) (JSP)
ULP9281 J.B. Lenoir: One Of These Mornings (JSP)
ULP9282 Piano Red: Original Dr Feelgood (JSP)
ULP9283 Calvin Newborn: From The Hip (Rooster)
ULP9284 Freddie King: Burglar (RSO)
ULP9285 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Sings Hot, Hot, Hot (Arc/Society)
ULP9286 Otis Redding: (2LP) The Best Of (Atlantic)
ULP9287 Champion Jack Dupree: Tricks (Black & Blue)
ULP9288 Etta James: Etta James (Chess)
ULP9289 Howlin' Wolf: The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (Chess)
ULP9290 Memphis Slim: Memphis Slim (Chess)
ULP9291 Muddy Waters: Live At Mr Kelly's (Chess)
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ULP9293 Sleepy John Estes: Master's Of Blues Vol 3 (Collector's
ULP9294 Johnny Copeland: Bringin' It All Back Home (Demon)
ULP9295 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: At Sugar Hill (Fantasy)
ULP9296 Andrew Dunham: And Friends (Krazy Kat)
ULP9297 Champion Jack Dupree: 1945/46 (Krazy Kat)
ULP9298 Champion Jack Dupree: Rub A Little Boogie (Krazy Kat)
ULP9299 John Lee Hooker: Detroit Blues (Krazy Kat)
ULP9300 V/A: East Coast Blues (Krazy Kat)
ULP9301 V/A: Get Right With God - Hot Gospel 1947-53 (Krazy Kat)
ULP9302 V/A: Get Right With God - Hot Gospel Vol Two (Krazy Kat)
ULP9303 V/A: Piano Boogie & The Blues (Krazy Kat)
ULP9304 V/A: Texas Country Blues (Krazy Kat)
ULP9305 V/A: Water Coast Blues (Krazy Kat)
ULP9306 Roy Buchanan: Rescue Me (Polydor)
ULP9307 Champion Jack Dupree: 1944/45 (Red Pepper)
ULP9308 Buckwheat Zydeco: Waitin' For My Ya Ya (Rounder)
ULP9309 Golden Echoes: Heaven On My Mind (Rounder)
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ULP9311 V/A: Rare Blues (Takoma)
ULP9312 John Lee Hooker: (2LP) Alone (Tomato)
ULP9313 Robert Pete Williams: Robert Pete Williams (AhuraMazda)
ULP9314 Scott Dunbar: From Lake Mary (Ahura Mazda)
ULP9315 Jimmy Yancey: Chicago Piano (Atlantic)
ULP9316 John Lee Hooker: Don't Turn Me From Your Door (Atlantic)
ULP9317 Roosevelt Sykes: Original Honeydripper (Blind Pig)
ULP9318 Lazy Lester: Rides Again (Blue Horizon)
ULP9319 Earl King: Street Parade (Charly)
ULP9320 Ron Carter And Jim Hall: Live At Village West (Concord)
ULP9321 Smokey Hogg: Sings The Blues (Ember)
ULP9322 Ann Peebles: If This Is Heaven (Hi)
ULP9323 Kokomo Arnold: Bad Luck Blues (MCA)
ULP9324 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Gospel Train (MCA)
ULP9325 Johnny Taylor: Everybody Knows My Good Thing (Mojo)
ULP9326 Stanley Clarke: Journey To Love (Nemperor)
ULP9327 Big Joe Turner: And The Blues Make You Happy (Savoy)
ULP9328 Big Joe Williams: Legacy Of The Blues Vol 6 (Sonet)
ULP9329 Juke Boy Bonner: Legacy Of The Blues Vol 5 (Sonet)
ULP9330 Snooks Eaglin: Legacy Of The Blues Vol 2 (Sonet)
ULP9331 Koko Taylor: Live From Chicago (Sonet/Alligator)
ULP9332 Blind Boy Fuller: 1935/40 (Travelin' Man)
ULP9333 Blind Boy Fuller: Blue & Worried 1935-40 (Travelin' Man)
ULP9334 Leadbelly: 1935 (Travelin' Man)
ULP9335 V/A: Down In The Alley (Travelin' Man)
ULP9336 V/A: Going Back On The Farm (Travelin' Man)
ULP9337 Howard Tate: Get It While You Can (Verve)
ULP9341 Al Miller: 1927/36
ULP9342 Big Boy Teddy Edwards: 1930/36
ULP9343 Doctor Clayton: 1935/47
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ULP9346 Leroy Carr: 1929/1934
ULP9347 Mississippi Sheiks: 1930/35
ULP9348 Roosevelt Sykes: 1929/36
ULP9349 Roosevelt Sykes: 1936/51
ULP9350 Roosevelt Sykes: The Honey Dripper
ULP9351 Sleepy John Estes: 1929/41
ULP9352 Sonny Boy Williamson/Shakey Horton: Solo Harp
ULP9353 St Louis Jimmy Oden: 1932/48
ULP9354 Will Shade: 1961 Private Party
ULP9369 Leroy Carr: Remaining Titles 1930/58
ULP9365 Mississippi John Hurt: 1963/64
ULP9366 Son House: Vol 1
ULP9367 Son House: Vol 2
ULP9338 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Home Town Blues(BGO)
ULP9339 Brownie McGhee: Brownie's Blues (Bluesville)
ULP9340 Doctor Clayton: Gotta Find My Baby (Bluetime)
ULP9355 Los Lobos: By The Light Of The Moon (London)
ULP9356 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Hometown(Mainstream)
ULP9357 Charlie Burse/J. Deberry: Complete Recs (Old Tramp)
ULP9358 Leroy Carr: 1929/1935 (Old Tramp)
ULP9359 Big Joe Williams: Malvina My Sweet Woman (OldieBlues)
ULP9360 Blind Boy Fuller: Death Valley 1909-1941 (Oldie Blues)
ULP9361 Blind John Davis: The Incomparable (Oldie Blues)
ULP9362 Cripple Clarence Lofton: Clarence Blues (Oldie Blues)
ULP9363 K.C. Douglas: Mercury Boogie (Oldie Blues)
ULP9364 Little Willie Littlefield: Houseparty (Oldie Blues)
ULP9368 Ray Charles: Modern Sounds In C & W Music (Rhino)
ULP9370 Flaco Jiminez Ysu Conjunto & Peter Rowan: San Antonio
Sound (Waterfront)
ULP9371 Big Joe Duskin: Live (Wolf)
ULP9372 Champion Jack Dupree: 1940/50 (Wolf)
ULP9373 Jazz Gillum: 1935/46 (Wolf)
ULP9374 Jazz Gillum: Roll Dem Bones (Wolf)
ULP9375 Leroy Carr: 1925/35 (Wolf)
ULP9376 Memphis Jug Band: 1927/32 (Wolf)
ULP9377 Robert Nighthawk: Vol 1 (Wolf)
ULP9378 Robert Nighthawk: Vol 2 (Wolf)
ULP9379 Roosevelt Sykes: 1929/42 (Wolf)
ULP9380 Roosevelt Sykes: 1931/41 (Wolf)
ULP9381 V/A: Memphis Sessions (Wolf)
ULP9382 Ben Webster: Meets Coleman Hawkins (World Record)
ULP9383 Ray Charles: Ray Charles In Country & Western (ABC)
ULP9384 Ray Charles: Ray Charles In C & W Vol 2 (ABC)
ULP9385 Lightnin' Hopkins: Really The Blues (America)
ULP9386 John Coltrane: The Legend - Giant Steps (Atlantic)
ULP9387 Muddy Waters: I'm Ready (Blue Sky)
ULP9388 Big Bill Broonzy: Midnight Steppers 1940-1947 (Bluetime)
ULP9389 Louis Armstrong: Louis And The Blue Ladies (BYG)
ULP9390 Miles Davis: The Birth Of The Cool (Capitol)
ULP9391 Benny Goodman: (2LP) All-Time Greatest Hits (CBS)
ULP9392 Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue (CBS)
ULP9393 Miles Davis: Sketches Of Spain (CBS)
ULP9394 Prisonaires: Five Beats Behind Bars (Charly)
ULP9395 Neville Brothers: Neville-ization - Live Tipitina's (Demon)
ULP9396 Golden Eagles: Lightning And Thunder - Live (Demon)
ULP9397 Larry Coryell/Philip Catherine: Twin House (Elektra)
ULP9398 V/A: (2LP) Lost Soul (Epic)
ULP9399 John Lee Hooker/Lightnin' Hopkins/Joe Carrol: Teachin'
The Blues (Guest Star)
ULP9400 Dixie Hummingbirds: Dixie Hummingbirds (Heritage)
ULP9401 V/A: Nobody Knows My Name (Heritage)
ULP9402 Bill Evans & Jim Hall: Undercurrent (Memoir Jazz)
ULP9403 V/A: Blues From The Deep South Vol 4 (Musidisc)
ULP9404 V/A: Detroit Blues Vol 6 (Musidisc)
ULP9405 V/A: Mississippi Blues Vol 9 (Musidisc)
ULP9406 Mississippi John Hurt: Candy Man (Quicksilver)
ULP9407 V/A: Primitive Piano (Sirens)
ULP9408 Johnnie Taylor: Chronicle Vol Two 1972-1974 (Stax)
ULP9409 Johnnie Taylor: Super Taylor (Stax)
ULP9410 Staple Singers: City In The Sky (Stax)
ULP9411 Albert King: King Albert (Tomato)
ULP9412 Kokomo Arnold: Down And Out Blues (Agram)
ULP9413 Memphis Slim: Tribute To Big Bill Broonzy (Candid)
ULP9414 Memphis Slim: USA (Candid)
ULP9415 Leroy Carr: 1928 (Matchbox)
ULP9416 Memphis Jug Band: Remaining Titles (Matchbox)
ULP9417 Mississippi Sheiks: Vol 1 - 1930 (Matchbox)
ULP9418 Mississippi Sheiks: Vol 2 - 1930/34 (Matchbox)
ULP9419 Roosevelt Sykes: 1929/34 (Matchbox)
ULP9420 Leroy Carr: Blues Before Sunrise (Official)
ULP9421 Memphis Slim: Blues - My Own Way (Official)
ULP9422 Swamp Dogg/Michelle Williams: Dancin' With Soul (RB)
ULP9423 Chet Baker: Let's Get Lost (RCA)
ULP9424 Count Basie: The Atomic Mr Basie (Roulette)
ULP9425 Irma Thomas: Breakaway (Stateside)
ULP9426 Smiley Lewis: I Hear You Knocking (Stateside)
ULP9427 Bill Hardie: The Music Of Scott Skinner (Topic)
ULP9428 Arthur Alexander: A Shot Of Rhythm And Soul (Ace)
ULP9429 Albert Collins, Robert Cray And Johnny Copeland: Show
down! (Alligator)
ULP9430 Rufus Thomas: That Woman Is Poison! (Alligator)
ULP9431 Ronnie Earl: I Like It When It Rains (Antones)
ULP9432 Stephen Stills: (2LP) Manassas (Atlantic)
ULP9433 Memphis Slim: Legend Of The Blues Volume 1 (Beacon)
ULP9434 Memphis Slim: Legend Of The Blues Volume 2 (Beacon)
ULP9435 Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee): Vol 2 (Bluebird/RCA)
ULP9436 Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee): Vol 1 (Bluebird/RCA)
ULP9437 Lonnie Johnson: Originator Of Modern Guitar (Blues Boy)
ULP9438 Steve Miller: Born 2B Blue (Capitol)
ULP9439 Taj Mahal: Oooh So Good 'n Blues (CBS)
ULP9440 Memphis Slim: Messin' Around The Blues (King)
ULP9441 V/A: Rural Blues Vol 2 - Saturday Night Function (Liberty)
ULP9442 Blind Boy Fuller: Shake That Shimmy 1935-38 (Magpie)
ULP9443 Leroy Carr: 1930-35 - The Piano Blues Vol 7 (Magpie)
ULP9444 Memphis Minnie: Hot Stuff - 1936-1949 (Magpie)
ULP9445 V/A: Alla Blues (Muskadine)
ULP9446 V/A: Packin' Up My Blues (Muskadine)
ULP9447 Tom Scott & The LA Express: Tom Cat (Ode)
ULP9448 Big Joe Williams: Crawlin' King Snake (RCA)
ULP9449 Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee): Bluebird Blues (RCA)
ULP9450 Big Joe Williams: Blues From South Side (Stack-O-Hits)
ULP9451 Sonny Thompson: Cat On The Keys 1947-56 (Swingtime)
ULP9452 Brendan Croker & 5 O'Clock Shadows: Brendan Croker &
The 5 O'Clock Shadows (Unamerican Activities)
ULP9453 Count Basie: The Atomic Mr Chairman (Vogue)
ULP9454 Little Feat: (2LP) 2 Originals-Little Feat/Dixie Chicken (WB)
ULP9455 St Louis Jimmy Oden: Dog House Blues (AGB)
ULP9456 Miles Davis/Coleman Hawkins: I Giganti Del Jazz (ACE)
ULP9457 Charlie Parker: The Bird (Astan)
ULP9458 Roosevelt Sykes: The Meek Roosevelt Sykes (Jewel)
ULP9459 Jimmy Reed: Sings The Best Of The Blues (Joy)
ULP9460 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 1 (Magpie)
ULP9461 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 10 (Magpie)
ULP9462 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 11 (Magpie)
ULP9463 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 12 (Magpie)
ULP9464 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 13 (Magpie)
ULP9465 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 14 (Magpie)
ULP9466 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 15 (Magpie)
ULP9467 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 16 (Magpie)
ULP9468 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 17 (Magpie)
ULP9469 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 18 (Magpie)
ULP9470 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 19 (Magpie)
ULP9471 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 2 (Magpie)
ULP9472 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 20 (Magpie)
ULP9473 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 21 (Magpie)
ULP9474 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 3 (Magpie)
ULP9475 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 4 (Magpie)
ULP9476 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 5 (Magpie)
ULP9477 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 6 (Magpie)
ULP9478 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 7 (Magpie)
ULP9479 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 8 (Magpie)
ULP9480 V/A: Piano Blues Vol 9 (Magpie)
ULP9481 Rolling Stones: Black And Blue (Rolling Stones)
ULP9482 Mahalia Jackson: Greatest Hits (CBS)
ULP9483 Mahalia Jackson: Newport 1958 (CBS)
ULP9484 Mahalia Jackson: Sings American Hymns (CBS)
ULP9485 Mahalia Jackson: When The Saints.. (CBS)
ULP9486 Chuck Berry: New Juke Box Hits (Chess/Green Line)
ULP9487 Robert Cray Band: Bad Influence (Demon)
ULP9488 V/A: (4LP) The Blues Legend Vol III (Happybird)
ULP9489 Staple Singers: Pray On (New Cross/Charly)
ULP9490 Little Feat: (2LP) Hoy-Hoy (Warners)
ULP9491 Ted Hawkins: Watch Your Step (Windows On The World)
ULP9492 Memphis Slim: Blues & Songs (Zodiaco)
ULP9493 V/A: Ace Story Vol One (Ace)
ULP9494 V/A: Ace Story Vol Two (Ace)
ULP9495 V/A: Blues Anthology Vol 1 (Adelphi)
ULP9496 V/A: Blues Anthology Vol 2 (Adelphi)
ULP9497 V/A: Blues Anthology Vol 3 (Adelphi)
ULP9498 V/A: Blues Anthology Vol 4 (Adelphi)
ULP9499 V/A: Blues Anthology Vol 5 (Adelphi)
ULP9500 Louis Armstrong: & The All Stars (AudioFidelity)
ULP9501 Anson Funderburgh: Talk To You By Hand (Black Top)
ULP9502 Carrie Smith: Do Your Duty (Black&Blue)
ULP9503 Blind Willie McTell: 1940 L Of C Session (Blue Moon)
ULP9504 Julia Lee: Of Lions And Lambs (Charly R&B)
ULP9505 Rufus Thomas: Jump Back (Edsel)
ULP9506 Ray Agee: Black Night Is Gone (Mr R&B)
ULP9507 Memphis Slim: I'll Just Keep On Singin' The Blues (Muse)
ULP9508 Al Green: The Lord Will Make A Way (Myrrh)
ULP9509 Phil Spector: Christmas Album (Phil Spector International)
ULP9510 The Who: Who's Next (Track)
ULP9511 Memphis Slim: Memphis Heat (Blue Star)
ULP9512 Charlie Mingus: Ah Hum (CBS (I Love Jazz series))
ULP9513 Nina Simone: My Baby Just Cares For Me (Charly)
ULP9514 Little Milton: Golden Decade (Chess)
ULP9515 Ray Charles: The Authentic Ray Charles (Concert Hall)
ULP9516 The Wailers: Burnin' (Island)
ULP9517 V/A: This Is Blues (Island)
ULP9518 Ry Cooder: Chicken Skin Music (Reprise)
ULP9519 Eddie Vinson/J Witherspoon: Battle Of The Blues 3 (Sing)
ULP9520 Little Feat: Feats Don't Fail Me Now (Warners)
ULP9521 Little Feat: Time Loves A Hero (Warners)
ULP9522 Little Feat: Sailin' Shoes (Warners)
ULP9523 Little Feat: The Last Record Album (Warners)
ULP9524 Ry Cooder: Show Time (Warners)
ULP9525 Ry Cooder: Into The Purple Valley (Warners)
ULP9526 Little Richard: The Fabulous (Ace)
ULP9527 Charles Mingus: Scenes In The City (Affinity)
ULP9528 Saffire: The Uppity Blues Women (Alligator)
ULP9529 V/A (Featuring Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee): Book Of
Numbers (OST) (Buddah)
ULP9530 Lefty Frizzell: CBS Historic Edition (CBS)
ULP9531 Leo Kottke: Live In Europe (Chrysalis)
ULP9532 Steeleye Span: (2LP) Original Masters (Chrysalis)
ULP9533 Frankie Lee: Face It! (Demon)
ULP9534 Tiny Bradshaw: I'm A Hi-Ballin' Daddy (Jukebox Lil)
ULP9535 The Heartfixers: Cool On It (Landslide)
ULP9536 Ray Charles: (2LP) Focus On Ray Charles (London)
ULP9537 B.B. King: Cook County Jail (Pickwick)
ULP9538 John Lee Hooker: Never Get Out Of These..(See 4 Miles)
ULP9539 V/A: (2LP) New Roots (Stylus SMR972)
ULP9540 V/A: The Boogie Woogie Masters (Affinity)
ULP9541 V/A: The New Bluebloods (Alligator)
ULP9542 V/A: Boogie Woogie Fever (Charly)
ULP9543 Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers: Heaven Is My Home (Castle)
ULP9544 Them: Featuring Van Morrison (Decca/Rock Echoes)
ULP9545 George Jones: Live At Dancetown USA (Del Rio)
ULP9546 John Lee Hooker: (2LP) The Best Of (GNP Crescendo)
ULP9547 Johnny Otis: The 1984 Johnny Otis Show (Hawk Sound)
ULP9548 Emmylou Harris: Pieces Of The Sky (Reprise)
ULP9549 Emmylou Harris: Elite Hotel (Reprise)
ULP9550 J Blackfoot: City Slicker (Sound Town)
ULP9551 V/A: This Is How It All Began Vol 1 (Speciality)
ULP9552 V/A: This Is How It All Began Vol 2 (Speciality)
ULP9553 George Jones: Good Ol' Boy (Sundown)
ULP9554 Smokey Robinson & Miracles: Greatest Hits (Motown)
ULP9555 V/A: Rock Gospel - Key To The Kingdom (Tamla Motown)
ULP9556 Bobby King & Terry Evans: Live And Let Live! (Topic)
ULP9557 Ry Cooder: Get Rhythm (mini LP) (WEA)
ULP9558 Ronnie Milsap/T-Bone Walker: Plain & Simple (51 West)
ULP9559 V/A: This Is Soul (Atlantic)
ULP9560 V/A: Soul - In The Beginning (Avco)
ULP9561 Louis Armstrong: Original Performances 1923-31 (BBC)
ULP9562 V/A: Rare Jazz & Piano Blues (Document)
ULP9563 V/A: Female Blues Singers Vol G/H 1922-30 (Fantasy)
ULP9564 V/A: Female Blues Singers Vol H/I/J 1923-30 (Fantasy)
ULP9565 V/A: Female Blues Singers Vol O/P/R 1923-30 (Fantasy)
ULP9566 V/A: Female Blues Singers Vol T/U/W/Y ‘23-32 (Fantasy)
ULP9567 V/A: The Blues Is Alright (Malaco)
ULP9568 B.B. King: Take It Home (MCA)
ULP9569 Marvin Gaye: (2LP) Anthology (Motown)
ULP9570 Fats Waller: Ain't Misbehavin' (RCA International)
ULP9571 Fats Waller: The Vocal Fats (RCA Victor)
ULP9572 Fleetwood Mac: Penguin (Reprise)
ULP9573 Sam & Dave: Greatest Hits (Showcase)
ULP9574 Ivory Joe Hunter: Sixteen Of His All Time Hits (Sing)
ULP9575 V/A: Father & Sons-Historical Gospel Quartets (Spirit Feel)
ULP9576 Mahalia Jackson: (2LP) Gospel (Vogue)
ULP9577 Kinsey Report: Edge Of The City (Alligator)
ULP9578 Blues Band: Official Blues Band Bootleg Album (Arista)
ULP9579 Blues Band: Ready (Arista)
ULP9580 Bobby Radcliff: Dresses Too Short (Black Top)
ULP9581 Elmore James: Red Hot Blues (Blue Moon)
ULP9583 Bessie Smith: Bessie Smith Story - Volume Two (CBS)
ULP9584 Bessie Smith: Bessie Smith Story - Volume One (CBS)
ULP9585 V/A: This Is Charly Soul (Charly R&B)
ULP9586 Robert Cray Band: False Accusations (Demon)
ULP9587 Eddie Condon All-Stars: Confidentially, It's Condon (Gala)
ULP9588 V/A: The Rock & Roll Stars Vol 3 (Joy)
ULP9589 Robert Cray: Midnight Stroll (Mercury)
ULP9590 Ray Charles: The Incomparable (Summit)
ULP9591 V/A: Motown Chartbusters Vol 5 (Tamla Motown)
ULP9592 Van Morrison: Hard Nose The Highway (Warners)
ULP9593 V/A: Real Bluesmen & Folksingers (no cover) (BYG)
ULP9594 Ghostwriter: Wreck The City (End Of The West)
ULP9595 Mahalia Jackson: I Believe (Grand Ward)
ULP9596 Johnny Paycheck: Golden Classics (Gusto)
ULP9597 Spirit Of Memphis Quartet: Original Greatest Hits (Gusto)
ULP9598 The Bluesbusters: Accept No Substitute (Landslide)
ULP9599 Jimmie Rodgers: Train Whistle Blues (Living Era)
ULP9600 V/A: Living With The Blues (Musicdisc)
ULP9601 V/A: The Kindness Of Strangers (Off Beat)
ULP9602 Big Joe Turner/Count Basie: The Bosses (Pablo)
ULP9604 V/A: A Tribute To Leadbelly (Tomato)
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1001 V/A: (8CD) The Mercury Blues 'N' Rhythm Story 1945-1955
1186 Enrico Crivellaro: Freewheelin' (Electro fi)
1187 Ernest Lane: 72 Miles From Memphis (Acoustic Music)
1188 Esbjorn Svensson Trio (EST): Plays Monk (ACT)
1189 Esbjorn Svensson Trio (EST): Winter In Venice (ACT)
1002 Blues Band: (4cd & 42 page Booklet) Blues Band Box (BGO)
1190 Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers: Little Big Men (Jupiter)
1003 Buddy Guy: (2CD) Complete Chess Studio Recs (Chess/MCA)
1191 Hans Theessink: Jederman Remixed-Soundtrack (BlueGroove)
1192 Henrik Freischlader: Still Frame Replay (Cable Car)
1004 V/A: (2CD) No Room For Squares (Blue Note Japanese)
1193 Homesick James And Snooky Prior: (2CD) The Big Bear
1091 Eddie Jones/Eddie Hazelton: One String Blues (Takoma)
1005 V/A: (3cd) Living Country Blues : An Anthology (Evidence)
Sessions (Sanctuary)
1092 James Carr: 24 Karat Soul (Soul Trax)
1006 V/A: (4CD) Masters Of Memphis Blues (JSP (7725))
1194 Hot Club Of Cowtown: Continental Stomp (Hightone)
1093 James Hunter: People Gonna Talk (Rounder)
1007 V/A: American Primitive (Revenant)
1195 Hot Tuna: Steady As She Goes (Red House)
1094 Janis Joplin: Pearl - Ltd Millennium Edition (Columbia)
1196 Janis Joplin: (2cd) Absolute Janis (Columbia)
1095 Jimmy Rogers: (2CD) The Complete Chess Recs (Chess)
1197 Jelly Roll Morton: Anamule Dance - Library Of Congress
1008 Charlie Musselwhite: Curtain Call Cocktails (Westside)
1096 Jon Cleary: Alligator Lips And Dirty Rice (Ace)
Recs Vol 2(Rounder)
1009 Jelly Roll Morton: (3CD) Library Of Congress Recs (Affinity)
1097 Josh White: (2CD) The Blues (Fremeaux)
1198 Jimi Hendrix: Blues (Polydor)
1010 Jimmy Giuffre/Jim Hall: (4CD) Complete Studio Recs (Gambit) 1098 Les Primitifs Du Futur: World Musette (Sketch)
1199 Jimi Hendrix: (2CD) BBC Sessions (Experience Hendrix)
1011 King Curtis: Plays The Great Memphis Hits (Atco)
1099 Lightnin Hopkins: (2cd) Complete Imperial Recs (EMI USA)
1100 Little Walter: (2CD) Blues With A Feelin-Collectibles 3 (Chess) 1200 Jo Ann Kelly: Talkin Low:Rare & Unissued Vol 2 (Mooncrest)
1201 John Lewis: Alabama Slide (Arhoolie)
1012 Peter Green: (4CD) The Anthology (SALVO)
1202 John Mayall & Friends: (2CD) 70th Birthday Concert (Eagle)
1102 Mannish Boys: Big Plans (Delta Groove)
1013 V/A: (4CD) Take Four - 49 Essential Jazz Tracks (Mojo)
1203 Johnny Adams: I Won't Cry (Rounder)
1103 Peetie Wheatstraw: (2CD) The Blues 1931-1941 (Fremeaux)
1014 V/A: (2CD) Golden Afrique Vol 1 (Network)
1204 Johnny Adams: There Is Always One More Time (Rounder)
1015 V/A: (2CD) Musica Negra In The Americas (Network)
1205 Johnny Otis: The Capitol Years (Capitol)
1105 Robbie Robertson: (2CD) How To Become Clairvoyant (429)
1016 V/A: (3CD) Newport Folk Festival - Best Of Blues (Vanguard)
1106 Scott Hamilton Scandinavian 5: (CD&DVD) At Nefertiti(Sdance) 1206 Johnny Shines: Johnny Shines (Hightone)
1107 Sonny Boy Williamson: (2CD) The Blues 1937-45 (Fremeaux) 1207 Johnny Shines Band: Masters Of Modern Blues (Testament)
1017 Mannish Boys: Live & In Demand (Delta Groove)
1108 V/A: (2CD) Chess - The 50th Anniversary Collection (Chess)
1208 Jon Cleary: Mo Hippa Live (FHQ)
1018 Ronnie Dawson: Just Rockin' & Rollin' (Upstart)
1109 V/A: (2CD) Chess Blues Guitar (Chess)
1209 Junior Wells: Blues Hit Big Town (Delmark)
1019 V/A: (4CD) Spreading The Word - Early Gospel Recording (no 1110 V/A: (2CD) Aristocrat Of The Blues (Chess)
1210 King Curtis/Champion Jack Dupree: Blues At Montreux (Atlantic)
outer sleeve) (JSP (7733))
1211 Larry Young With The Youth And Elders Of Rural Alabama:
1111 V/A: (2CD) The Last & Lost Blues Survivors (DixieFrog)
1020 V/A: (4CD) Rockin' This House - Chicago Blues Piano 1946Here I Stand (Smithsonian Folkways)
1112 V/A: (4CD) Blues Connection Vol 1 - How Long Blues (EMI)
1953 (no outer sleeve) (JSP (7762))
1113 V/A: (4CD) Blues Connection Vol 4 - Guitar In My Hand (EMI) 1212 Leadbelly: Shout On (Smithsonian Folkways)
1021 V/A: (2CD) The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Yazoo)
1131 Washboard Sam: (2CD) Swinging The Blues ‘35-47(Fremeaux) 1213 Lightnin Hopkins: Gold Star Sessions (Arhoolie)
1132 Willie Dixon: (2CD) The Chess Box (Chess)
1214 Lightnin Hopkins: Gold Star Sessions Vol 2 (Arhoolie)
1121 V/A: Barrelhouse Mamas (Yazoo)
1215 Little Brother Montgomery: Good Bye Mr Blues (Delmark)
1022 Big Bill Broonzy: Black, Brown And White (Mercury)
1122 V/A: Dallas Alley Drag (Yazoo)
1216 Little Milton: The Sun Masters (Rounder)
1023 Bobby 'Blue' Bland: 3B Blues Boy - Blues Years ‘52-59 (Ace)
1123 V/A: Down In Black Bottom (Yazoo)
1217 Little Walter: Boss Blues Harmonica (Charly (CDRED4))
1024 Bukka White: The Complete Bukka White (CBS)
1124 V/A: Down On The Levee (Yazoo)
1218 Lonnie Johnson: Stompin At The Penny (CBS)
1025 Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers/Sleepy John Estes: (2CD)
1125 V/A: Dreaming The Blues (Yazoo)
1219 Lonnie Johnson: Complete Folkways (Folkways)
Legendary 1928-1930 Recordings (JSP)
1220 Magic Slim & The Teardrops: Raw Magic (Alligator)
1026 V/A: Dim Lights, Thick Smoke & Hillbilly Music ‘62 (BearFamily) 1126 V/A: Juke Joint Saturday Night (Yazoo)
1221 Mance Lipscomb: Live (Arhoolie)
1222 Mance Lipscomb: Captain Captain (Arhoolie)
1027 Bessie Smith: (4cd) Queen Of The Blues Vol 1 (JSP)
1129 V/A: The Way I Feel (Yazoo)
1223 Mance Lipscomb: You Got To Reap ... (Arhoolie)
1028 Blind Lemon Jefferson: (4cd) Complete 94 Sides (JSP)
1224 Memphis Minnie: Early R&B 1949 (Biograph)
1029 Jelly Roll Morton: (5cd) Jelly Roll Morton (JSP)
1225 Memphis Slim: Legends Of The Blues Volumes 1 & 2 (BGO)
1030 V/A: (4cd) Nugget-Golden Age of Gospel (JSP)
(From Alan Lomax Collection series of Library Of Congress material) 1226 Michael Jerome Browne: The Road Is Dark (Borealis)
1031 V/A: (4cd) Powerhouse Gospel (JSP)
1227 Michael Powers: Revolutionary Boogie (Blues Boulevard)
1114 V/A: Afro-American Blues And Game Songs
1032 Charley Patton: (5cd) Complete Recs 1929-34 (JSP7702)
1228 Mick Martin: (2CD) Boogie Cares Away - Best Of (BluesRock)
1115 V/A: Prison Songs Vol 2 - Don'tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling
1033 V/A: (4CD) Classic Field Recordings (JSP (77131))
1229 Mighty Joe Young: Mighty Man (Blind Pig)
1116 V/A: Southern Journey - 61 Highway Mississippi - Delta
1230 Mighty Joe Young: Mighty Joe Young (Blind Pig)
Country Blues, Spirituals, Work Songs & Dance Music Vol 3
1034 Big Town Playboys: Hip Joint (Blue Horizon)
1231 Mighty Mo Rodgers: Cadillac Jack (Tin Drum)
1117 V/A: Southern Journey - Bad Man Ballads Vol 5
1035 Bob Brozman & Others: Tone Poems 3 (Accoustic)
1232 Mike Zito: Greyhound (Electo Groove)
1118 V/A: Southern Journey - Sheep, Sheep Don'tcha Know The
1036 Candi Staton: (2CD) Evidence - Complete Fame Recs (Kent)
1233 Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue (CD & DVD Dualdisc) (Columbia)
Road - Southern Music, Sacred And Sinful Vol 6
1037 Colosseum: (2CD) Love 05 (Ruf)
1234 Mississippi John Hurt: Avalon Blues 1963 (Rounder)
1119 V/A: Southern Journey - Velvet Voices - Eastern Shores
1038 Cookie And The Cupcakes: By Request (Jin)
1235 Monroe Brothers: What Would You Give? (Rounder)
Choirs, Quartets, And Colonial Era Music Vol 8
1039 Davey Brothers: (2CD & DVD) Monkey No. 09/Monkey Child/
1236 Muddy Waters Blues Band: Mud In Your Ear (Wienerworld)
1120 V/A: The Land Where The Blues Began
Monkey See Monkey Do (AN)
1237 Mustangs, The: Shaman & The Monkey (Cross Border)
1040 Django Reinhardt: (2CD) Complete Vol 2 1934-35 (Fremeaux) THESE AT £8.50 EACH
1238 Neal Black & The Healers: Sometimes The Truth (DixieFrog)
1041 Gary Primich & Omar Dykes: (2CD) A Little Bit More (Old Pal) 1133 Brownie McGhee: (2cd) The Complete (CBS)
1239 Neal Black & The Healers: Handful Of Rain (DixieFrog)
1134 Dani Wilde: Heal My Blues (Ruf)
1042 Golden Gate Quartet/Josh White: Freedom 1940 (Bridge)
1240 Norton Buffalo: King Of The Highway (Blind Pig)
1135 Dani Wilde: Shine (Ruf)
1043 Hubert Sumlin: Heart And Soul (Blind Pig)
1241 Otis Rush: Ain't Enough Comin' In (Quickilver)
1136 Eric Clapton: (3CD) Platinum Collection (Reptile/Me & Mr
1044 Hubert Sumlin: Wake Up Call (Blues Planet)
1242 Paul Rodgers: (2cd) Muddy Water Blues (Victory)
Johnson/Unplugged) (Warner)
1045 Ida Cox: The Uncrowned Queen Of The Blues (Black Swan)
1243 Philip Sayce: Ruby Electric (Provogue)
1137 Erja Lyytinen: Dreamland Blues (Ruf)
1046 James Hunter: Kick It Around (Ruf)
1244 Piano Red: Atlanta Bounce (Arhoolie)
1138 Freddie King: (2CD) King Of The Blues (EMI)
1047 Kenny Brown: (2CD) Can't Stay Long (Devildown)
1245 Pinetop Perkins & 'Big Eyes' Smith: Joined At The Hip (Telarc)
1139 Jimi Hendrix: (2CD) Voodoo Child - The Collection (Universal) 1246 Pokey Lafarge & South City Three: Riverboat Soul (Freedirt)
1048 Ma Rainey: The Paramounts Vol One 1923-24 (Black Swan)
1140 Jimmy Bowskill: Live (Ruf)
1049 Ma Rainey: The Paramounts Vol Two 1924-25 (Black Swan)
1247 Ray Charles: (2CD) Complete Early Recs 1949-1952 (JSP)
1141 John Surman: Road To Saint Ives (ECM)
1050 Mahalia Jackson: (3cd) Apollo Sessions (West Side)
1248 Rev. Louis Overstreet: Rev. Louis Overstreet (Arhoolie)
1142 Oli Brown: Open Road (Ruf)
1051 Paul Butterfield: (5CD) Original Album Series (Rhino)
1249 Ronnie Earl/Duke Robillard: Duke Meets The Earl (DixieFrog)
1143 Pilgrimage: Mississippi To Memphis (Ruf)
1052 Southern Sons: Deep South (Trumpet)
1250 Rooesevelt Sykes/Victoria Spivey: Ann Arbor Festival (BChief)
1144 Sonny Rollins: Tenor Madness/Saxophone Colossus (Prestige) 1251 Roomful Of Blues: Standing Room Only (Alligator)
1053 The Miracles: (2CD) Depend On Me - Early Albums (Hip-O)
1145 V/A: (2CD) Warren Haynes Benefit Concert Vol 1 (Evil Teen)
1054 V/A: (2CD) The Dial Records Southern Soul Story (Kent)
1252 Roosevelt Sykes: Blues By (Folkways)
1146 V/A: Violin, Sing The Blues For Me 1926-1949 (Old Hat)
1055 V/A: (2cd) Soul Deep (BBC/Universal)
1253 Rory Block: I Belong To The Band - Tribute To Rev Gary
1147 Yardbirds: Little Games (Sundazed)
1056 V/A: (2CD) More Miles Than Money (Ace)
Davis (Stony Plain)
1057 V/A: Bandera Doo Wop (Ace)
1254 Roy Rogers: Blues on The Range (Blind Pig)
1058 V/A: (2CD) Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hr Season 3 (Ace) 1148 Abyssinian Baptist Choir: Shakin' The Rafters (CBS)
1255 Roy Rogers: Chops Not Chaps (Blind Pig)
1059 V/A: (2CD) Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hr Season 2 (Ace) 1149 Ace Andres: Cowboy Hat Blues (Urban Camo)
1256 Roy Rogers: Slideways (Evidence)
1060 V/A: (2cd) Texas Down Home (Fremeaux)
1150 Allman Brothers: (2CD) Live At Atlanta Pop Festival ‘70 (Sony) 1257 Roy Rogers: Slide Of Hand (Liberty)
1061 V/A: (2CD) Accordeon 1925-1942 Vol 2 (Fremeaux)
1151 Ana Popovic: Unconditional (Electo Groove)
1258 Roy Rogers: Slide Zone (Liberty)
1062 V/A: (2CD) Standing In Shadows Of Motown - OST (Hip-O)
1152 Ben Webster: At The Renaissance 1960 (Solar)
1259 Roy Rogers: Rhythm & Groove (Pointblank)
1063 V/A: Swamp Gold Vol 1 (Jin)
1153 Bessie Jones: Put Your Hand ... (Rounder)
1260 Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo: R & B (Blind Pig)
1064 V/A: Famous 1965 Gospel Festival (L&R)
1154 Bettye Lavette: A Woman Like Me (Blues Express)
1261 Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo: Roots of Our Nature (Blind Pig)
1065 V/A: Black Banjo Songsters Of North Carolina And Virginia
1155 Bettye Lavette: Nearer To You (Charly)
1262 Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo: Travellin' Tracks (Blind Pig)
(Smithsonian Folkways)
1156 Big Joe Williams: Going Back To Crawford (Arhoolie)
1263 Sean Costello: At His Best - Live (Landslide)
1066 V/A: Been In The Storm So Long (Smithsonian Folkways)
1157 Big Joe Williams: I Got Wild (Delmark)
1264 Skillet Lickers: Old Time Fiddle From North Georgia (County)
1067 V/A: Gospel And Jubilee (Trumpet)
1158 Big Joe Williams: Stavin Chain Blues (Delmark)
1265 Smokey Robinson: Double Good Everything (SBK)
1159 Big Joe Williams: These Are My Blues (Testament)
1266 Sonny Landreth: Elemental Journey (Proper)
1068 Jeff Healey Band: (2CD&DVD) Legacy: Vol One (Ear)
1160 Big Papa & TCB: (2CD) Dance With The Devil (Dream Pickle) 1267 Stephen Dale Petit: The Crave (333)
1069 Roy Lee Johnson: When A Guitar Plays Blues (Bear Family)
1161 Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: Live Communication (Repertoire) 1268 Steve Phillips: Every On A Gem (Good Ol Boy)
1269 Stevie Ray Vaughan: (2CD) Couldn't Stand The Weather (Epic)
1070 Ry Cooder: (2CD) The UFO Has Landed - Anthology (Rhino)
1162 Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: (2CD) Double Bill (Ripple)
1071 V/A: Hammond Heroes-60s R&B Organ Grooves (Bear Family) 1163 Billy Lee Riley: Hot Damn! (Capricorn)
1270 Tab Benoit: Medicine (Telarc)
1072 V/A: My Rifle, Pony & Me-Movie & TV Themes (Bear Family)
1271 V/A: (2CD) Lost Blues Tapes - More American Folk Blues
1164 Blind James Campbell: Blind James Campbell (Arhoolie)
1073 V/A: Rio Bravo And Other Movie & TV Themes (Bear Family)
Festival 1963-65 (ACT)
1165 Blind Willie McTell: Atlanta 12 Strings (Atlantic)
1074 V/A: (3CD) Chicago - The Blues Today (Vanguard)
1166 Blues Band, The: (2CD) Best Of The Blues Band (Repertoire) 1272 V/A: Country Negro Jam Session (Arhoolie)
Mississippi Delta Blues Vol 1 (Arhoolie)
1168 Bob Dylan: (CD & DVD special edi) Modern Times (Columbia) 1274 V/A: Mississippi Delta Blues Vol 2 (Arhoolie)
1075 Big Bill Broonzy: (4CD) Chicago-New York ‘37-40 (JSP7750)
1275 V/A: Sacred Steel (Arhoolie)
1169 Bob Marley & The Wailers: (2CD) Live Forever (Axiom Zion)
1076 Blind Willie Johnson: (4CD) & Guitar Evangelists (JSP7737)
1276 V/A: Texas Blues (Arhoolie)
1170 Brownie McGhee: Folkways Years (Folkways)
1077 Charley Patton: (5CD) Complete Recs 1929-34 (JSP (7702)
1277 V/A: Mortika-Rare Vintage Recs From Greek Underworld (Arko)
1078 Lightnin' Hopkins: (5CD) All The Classics 1946-51 (JSP7705)
1278 V/A: (2CD) Cobra Records Story (no slip case) (Capricorn)
1079 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: (5CD) 1938-48 (JSP7721)
1279 V/A: Old-Time Music From South-West Virginia (County)
1173 Bukka White: Memphis Hot Shots (Columbia Blue Horizon)
1080 V/A: (4CD) Atlanta Blues (JSP7754)
1280 V/A: (2CD) The Last & Lost Blues Survivors (DixieFrog)
1174 Carl Martin: Crow Jane Blues (Testament)
1281 V/A: (2CD) Blues, Blues Christmas 1925-1955 (Document)
1175 Carolina Chocolate Drops: Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch)
1081 Albert Collins: (2cd) Complete Imperial Recordings (EMI USA) 1176 Charlie Mingus: (2CD) Tijuana Moods (Columbia Legacy)
1282 V/A: Blues For Hippies? (Excello)
1082 Big Bill Broonzy: Play Your Hand (Arpeggio)
1177 Chicken Shack: 40 Blues Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready 1283 V/A: (10CD) Diggin' Deeper - 200 Blues Treasures (Membran)
1083 Big Bill Broonzy: (2CD) The Blues- Chicago 37-45 (Fremeaux)
1284 V/A: (2CD) History Of New Orleans R&B Vol 1 (Rhythm&Blues)
To Serve (Columbia)
1084 Big Shoes: (CD+DVD) Walking & Talking The Blues(Vizztone) 1178 Chris Barber: (2CD) Memories Of My Trip (Proper)
1285 V/A: (2CD) History Of New Orleans R&B Vol 2 (Rhythm&Blues)
1085 Buddaheads: Howlin' At The Moon (Grooveyard)
1286 V/A: Smithsonian Classic Jazz Collection Vol II (revised)(CBS)
1179 Chris Duarte And Bluestone Co.: 396 (Provogue)
1086 Cannon's Jug Stompers: Best Of (Yazoo)
1287 V/A: Smithsonian Classic Jazz Collection Vol IV (revised)(CBS)
1180 Cornell Dupree: I'm Alright (Dialtonr)
1087 Champion Jack Dupree: Natural & Soulful Blues/Champion Of 1181 Del Dragons: Southern Jumbo (DixieFrog)
1288 V/A: Smithsonian Classic Jazz Collection Vol V (revised) (CBS)
The Blues (Atlantic)
1289 V/A: Bottleneck Blues (Testament)
1182 Earl King: Earl's Pearls (West Side)
1088 Champion Jack Dupree:(2CD) Complete Blue Horizons (CBS) 1183 Edler Roma Wilson: This Train (Arhoolie)
1290 V/A: Can't Keep From Crying (Testament)
1089 Doc & Merle Watson: Columbus Stockade Blues (Raven)
1184 Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson: (2CD) Live On Tour (Scarlet) 1291 V/A: Chicago Blues At Home (Testament)
1090 Dr John: (2CD) The Dr John Anthology (Rhino)
1292 V/A: Mandolin Blues (Testament)
1185 Elizabeth Eustis: Walk With Me (Delmark)
1293 V/A: Modern Chicago Blues (Testament)
1294 V/A: San Diego Blues Jam (Testament)
1295 V/A: Traveling Through The Jungle - Fife And Drum Band
Music From The Deep South (Testament)
1296 W Brown/C Prince: Blues Everywhere (West Side)
1297 Walter Trout: Blues For The Modern Daze (Provogue)
1298 Watermelon Slim & Workers: The Wheel Man (NorthernBlues)
1299 Willie "Big Eyes" Smith: Bag Full Of Blues (Blind Pig)
1494 Michael Burks: Iron Man (Alligator)
1495 Michael Hill's Blues Mob: (2CD) Electric Storyland Live (Ruf)
1496 Michael Messer: King Guitar (Catfish)
1497 Michael Messer: Second Mind (Catfish)
1498 Michael Messer: Lucky Charms (Cooking Vinyl)
1499 Michael Messer: Slidedance (Minidoka)
1500 Mississippi John Hurt: Immortal (Vanguard)
1391 Bobby Timmons: This Here Is Bobby Timmons (Riverside)
1501 Mississippi John Hurt: Last Sessions (Vanguard)
1392 Bonnie Raitt: Nick Of Time (Capitol)
1502 Mississippi John Hurt: Today! (Vanguard)
1393 Brad Vickers Vestapolitans: Traveling Fool (ManHatTone)
1503 Muddy Waters: (2CD) Muddy 'Mississippi' Waters Live 1394
Legacy Edition (Epic)
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1395 Brother Joe May: Live (Ace)
1504 Nathaniel Mayer: Why Don't You Give It To Me? (Alive)
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1396 Brother Joe May: Best Of (Nashboro)
1505 Patrick Vining Band: Atlanta Boogie (Blues Boulevard)
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1397 Brother Joe May: Thunderbolt ... (Speciality)
1506 Paul Reddick: Wishbone
1398 Bruce Springsteen: Bound For Glory 1973 (Left Field Media)
1507 Pilgrim Jubilee Singers: Homecoming (Nashboro)
1399 Buddy Guy: Broken Hearted Blues (Blues Boulevard)
1508 Pilgrim Jubilee Singers: Walk On (Peacock)
1509 Pilgrim Travelers: Better Than That (Ace)
1300 Aces, The: No One Rides For Free (El Toro)
1510 Pilgrim Travelers: Best Of (Ace)
1301 Algia Mae Hinton: Honey Babe (Cello)
1402 Carlos Guitarlos: Hell Can Wait (Nomad)
1511 Pilgrim Travelers: Walking Rhythm (Ace)
1302 Angela Strehli Band: Soul Shake (Antones)
1512 R.L. Burnside: My Black Name A Ringin (Adelphi)
1303 Ann Peebles: Greatest Hits (Hi)
1513 R.L. Burnside: Acoustic Stories (M.C.)
1304 Big Joe Turner: Rhythm & Blues Years (Atlantic Jazz)
1514 Radio Four: There's Gonna Be Joy (Ace)
1305 Big Joe Williams: Classic Delta Blues (Original Blues Classics)
1406 Chick Willis: Let The Blues Speak For Itself (Benevolent)
1515 Radio Four: There's Gonna Be Joy (Nashboro)
1306 Bill Evans: (2CD) The Definitive (Concord)
1516 Ramon Goose: Uptown Blues (Blues Boulevard)
1307 Billy Lee Riley: Blue Collar Blues (Hightone)
1517 Ray Charles: (2CD) The Definitive Ray Charles (Rhino)
1308 Bo Diddley: Hey! Bo Diddley/Bo Diddley (BGO)
1409 Chuck Berry: (2CD) The Anthology (Chess)
1518 Rev. Cleophus Robinson: Someone To Care (Ace)
1309 Bo Diddley: The Black Gladiator (Future Days)
1410 Consolers: Give Me My Flowers (Ace)
1519 Reverend Charlie Jackson: God's Got It (Case Quarter)
1310 Calvin Frazier: This Old World In A Tangle (Laurie)
1520 Reverend Gary Davis: Rev Gary Davis (Gospel Heritage)
1311 Candye Kane: Sister Vagabond (Delta Groove)
1521 Richard Berry: Get Out Of The Car (Flair)
1312 Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm: 2 Man Wrecking Crew
1413 Delmore Brothers: Freight Train Boogie 1946-52 (Ace)
1522 Robert Pete Williams: Louisiana Blues (Takoma)
(Delta Groove)
1523 Rod Piazza And The Mighty Flyers: Alphabet Blues (HEPCAT)
1313 Champion Jack Dupree: One Last Time (Bullseye)
1524 Rolling Stones: (2CD) Live Licks (Virgin)
1314 Chris Kenner: I Like It Like That (Collectables)
1525 Roy Orbison: King Of Hearts (Virgin)
1315 Cuarteto Cedron: Piove En San Telmo (Le Chant Du Monde)
1417 Dixie Hummingbirds: Live (Peacock)
1526 Rusty Zinn: Sittin' & Waitin' (Black Top)
1316 Dan Pickett: 1949 Country Blues (Collectables)
1527 Ryan Hartt & The Blue Hearts: Call My Name (Far-Tone)
1317 Eddie Lang & Lonnie Johnson:(2CD) Blue Guitars I & II (BGO)
1528 Sally Martin Singers: Throw Out The Lifeline (Ace)
1318 Elvin Bishop: Red Dog Speak (Delta Groove)
1420 Doris Troy: I'll Do Anything - Anthology 1960-1996 (Kent)
1529 Sensational Nightingales: Heart & Soul (Peacock)
1319 Freddie Roulette: Back In Chicago (Hi Horse)
1421 Dorothy Love Coates: Best Of (Ace/Speciality)
1530 Silas Hogan: So Long Blues (Excello)
1320 Furry Lewis: Fourth And Beale (Maison De Blues)
1531 Sister Lucille Pope: Best Of (Nashboro)
1321 Henry Townsend: My Story (APO)
1532 Skip Gorman: A Greener Prairie (Rounder)
1322 Honeyboy Edwards: The World Don't ... (Earwig)
1424 Doug Kershaw: Swamp Grass/D. J. Kershaw (Wounded Bird) 1533 Skip Gorman: Lonesome Prairie Love (Rounder)
1323 Hot Lips Page: Roll Roll Roll! (El Toro)
1534 Skylarks: Best Of (Nashboro)
1324 Howard Tate: Rediscovered (Private)
1426 Dr Ross: One Man Band (Takoma)
1535 Slim Harpo: Shake Your Hips (Ace/Excello)
1325 Howlin' Wolf: The Back Door Wolf (Chess/MCA)
1427 Duffy Bishop Band: Bottled Oddities (Burnside)
1536 Slim Harpo: I'm A King Bee (Ace/Excello)
1326 James Blood Ulmer: Birthright (Hyena)
1428 Eddie Kirkland: Lonely Street (Telarc)
1537 Smokey Smothers: Sings The Backporch Blues (Ace)
1327 James Blood Ulmer: Memphis Blood - Sun Sessions (Hyena)
1538 Son Seals: Nothing But The Truth (Alligator)
1328 Johnny Rawls: Soul Survivor (Catfood)
1539 Son Seals: Living In The Danger Zone (Alligator)
1329 Kay Kay And The Rays: The Best Of (Catfood)
1431 Eugene Hideaway Bridges: Born To Be Blue (Blueside)
1540 Son Seals: Lettin' Go (Telarc)
1330 l Ferrier: I'm The Man (El Toro)
1432 Fairfield Four: Bells Are Tolling (Ace)
1541 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Back to New Orleans (Ace)
1331 Lightnin' Hopkins: Prison Blues (Collectables)
1542 Stan Webb's Chicken Shack: Stan's Blues (Blues Boulevard)
1332 Little Brother Montgomery: At Home (Earwig)
1543 Staple Singers: Great Day (Ace)
1333 Little Buster: Looking For A Home (Sequel)
1435 Finis Tasby: People Don't Care (Shanachie)
1544 Steve Cochran: 12 Reasons (Blues Boulevard)
1334 Little Mack Simmons: High & Lonesome (St George)
1545 Stevie Cochran: The Next Stage (Blues Boulevard)
1335 Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen: The Banff Sessions (Push)
1546 Swamp Dogg: It's All Good -Singles Collection 1963-89 (Kent)
1336 Mississippi John Hurt: L Of C Sessions July 1963 (Flyright)
1547 Swan Silvertones: My Rock (Ace)
1337 Muddy Waters: Muddy Mississippi Waters Live/King Bee (BGO) 1438 Fotheringay: Fotheringay (Hannibal)
1439 Freddy King: Blues Guitar Hero - The Early Sessions (Ace)
1548 Swan Silvertones: Heavenly Light (Ace)
1338 Neal Pattman: Prison Blues (Cello)
1549 Swanee Quintet: What About Me (Ace)
1339 Paris Slim (Frank Goldwasser): Blues For Esther (Blue Sting)
1550 Swanee Quintet: The Best Of (Nashboro)
1340 Paul Gayten: Ain't Nothin' Happenin' 1947-57 (El Toro)
1442 Hightower Brothers: Best Of (Nashboro)
1551 Sylvester Cotton/Andrew Dunham: Blues Sensation - Detroit
1341 Pinetop Perkins: With The Blue Ice Band (Earwig)
Downhome Recs 1948-49 (Ace)
1342 Reverend Gary Davis: Say No To The Devil (OBC)
1552 Tab Benoit: What I Live For (Justice)
1343 Robert Pete Williams: Free Again (Prestige)
Benoit: Sea Saint Sessions (Telarc)
1344 Rudy Green: Wild Life! (El Toro)
1446 Impressions: Impressions/Never Ending Impressions (Kent)
1554 Tab Benoit, Debbie Davies & Kenny Neal: Homesick For The
1345 Rusty Kershaw: Rusty - Cajun In Blues Country (Collectors)
1346 Ruth Brown: Black Is Brown And Brown Is Beautiful + The
1448 Irma Thomas: A Woman's Viewpoint (Kent)
1555 Tad Robinson: A New Point Of View (Severn)
Real Ruth Brown (Blue Moon)
1449 Jack Casady: Dream Factor (Eagle)
1556 Taj Mahal & Hula Blues Band: Hanapepe Dream (Trad & Mod)
1347 Sampson Pittman: Devil Is Busy (Laurie)
1450 Jackie Oates: Saturnine (ECC)
1557 Taj Mahal & Phantom Blues Band: Shoutin' In Key (Hannibal)
1348 Sandy Carroll: Just As I Am (Catfood)
1558 Ted Taylor: Keep What You Get (Kent)
1349 Sandy Denny & The Strawbs: All Our Own Work (Witchwood)
1559 Terry Hanck: Look Out! (Delta Groove)
1350 Sean Chambers: Live Long Island Blues Warehouse (BlueHeart)
1452 Jackie Verdell: Lay My Burden Down (Ace)
1560 The Scamps: Red Hot (Ace)
1351 Smokin' Joe Kubeck: Take Your Best Shot (Bullseye)
1561 The Soul Of John Black: Good Thang (Yellow Dog)
1352 Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King: Got My Mind Back (Bullseye)
1562 Thorbjorn Risager: Dust & Scratches (Cope)
1353 Soft Machine: (2CD) Third (Sony BMG)
1563 Tinsley Ellis: Fanning The Flames (Alligator)
1354 Solomon Burke: (2CD) Home In Your Heart - Best Of (Atlantic) 1455 Jimmy Johnson: Bar Room Preacher (Alligator)
1456 Jimmy T99 Nelson: Cry Hard Luck (Ace)
1564 Tinsley Ellis: Fire It Up (Alligator)
1355 Taj Mahal: Oooh So Good 'N Blues/Mo' Roots (BGO)
1565 Tinsley Ellis: Trouble Time (Alligator)
1356 T-Bone Walker: (2CD) Complete 1950-54 Recs (Definitive)
1566 Tinsley Ellis: Hell Or High Water (Telarc)
1357 Tweed Funk: Love Is (Tweed Tone)
1567 Troy Ramey: Best Of (Nashboro)
1358 V/A: (2CD) Where Have All The Flowers Gone - The Songs Of 1459 John Lee Hooker: That's My Story/The Folk Blues Of (Ace)
1460 Johnnie Allen: Promised Land (Ace)
1568 V/A: Blues From Dolphins Of Hollywood (Ace)
Pete Seeger (Appleseed)
1569 V/A: Another Saturday Night (Ace)
1359 V/A: (2CD) Rural Blues (BGO)
1462 Junior Kimbrough & Soul Blues Boys: All Night Long (Demon) 1570 V/A: Bert Berns Story Vol 1 (Ace)
1360 V/A: Rural Blues Vol I & II (BGO)
1463 Justin Townes Earle: Midnight At The Movies (Bloodshot)
1571 V/A: Bert Berns Story Vol 2 (Ace)
1361 V/A: Rural Blues Volume III - Down Home Stomp (BGO)
1464 Kevin Bowe & Okemah Prophets: Restoration (Pop Sense)
1572 V/A: Best Of Excello Gospel (Ace)
1362 V/A: Urban Blues Volumes I & II (BGO)
1573 V/A: Best Of King Gospel (Ace)
1363 V/A: Please Give Me Something-Roots Of Stray Cats (El Toro)
1466 Lazy Lester: Rides Again (Ace)
1574 V/A: Best Of Nashboro Gospel (Ace)
1364 William Bell: The Soul Of A Bell (Atlantic)
1467 Lee Dorsey: The New Lee Dorsey (Sundazed)
1575 V/A: Blues Guitar Blasters (Ace)
1365 Willie Hightower: Willie Hightower (Honest Jons)
1576 V/A: Bo Diddley Is A Songwriter (Ace)
1366 Willie Nelson: Country Music (Rounder)
1469 Lightnin' Hopkins: The Very Best Of (Rhino)
1577 V/A: Chicago Blues From Federal Records (Ace)
1470 Lightnin' Slim: Rooster Blues/Bell Ringer (Ace/Excello)
1578 V/A: Come Together - Black America Sings Lennon &
1367 Albert Collins: Truckin' With Albert Collins (MCA)
1471 Lightnin' Slim: Winter Time Blues (Ace/Excello)
McCartney (Ace)
1368 Albert Washington: Blues And Soul Man (Ace)
1472 Lightnin' Slim/Whispering Smith: High & Low Down/Over Easy 1579 V/A: Fender - The Golden Age 1950-1970 (Ace)
1369 Alex Bradford: Too Close (Ace)
1580 V/A: Get On Board Little Children (Ace)
1370 Alex Bradford: Rainbow In The Sky (Speciality)
1473 Little Brother Montgomery: Tasty Blues (Prestige)
1581 V/A: Great 1955 Shrine Concert (Ace)
1371 Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham: Roads Not Travelled (Whirlie)
1474 Little Charlie & The Nightcats: Disturbing The Peace (Alligator) 1582 V/A: Greatest Gospel Gems (Ace)
1372 Anders Osborne: Live At Tipitina's (Shanachie)
1475 Little Charlie And The Nightcats: Deluxe Edition (Alligator)
1583 V/A: House Rockin' Blues (Ace)
1373 Andre Williams: Hoods And Shades (Bloodshot)
1476 Little Milton: Little Milton (Warner France)
1584 V/A: It's Jesus Y'All (Ace)
1374 Andre Williams And The Goldstars: Nightclub (Pravda)
1477 Little Richard: Get Rich Quick! 1951-1954 (Revola)
1585 V/A: Leiber & Stoller Present The Spark Records Story (Ace)
1375 Angelic Gospel Singers: Best Of (Nashboro)
1478 Little Willie John: 1966 (Kent)
1586 V/A: Jerry Ragovoy Story (Ace)
1376 B.B. King: The RPM Hits 1951-1957 (Ace)
1479 Lonnie Brooks: Deluxe Edition (Alligator)
1587 V/A: Jumpin' The Blues (Ace)
1377 Balfa Brothers: Play Traditional Cajun Music (Ace)
1480 Lonnie Mack: From Nashville To Memphis (Ace)
1588 V/A: Landlocked - The Downey Story (Ace)
1378 V/A: 8 Hands On 88 Keys-Chicago Blues Piano Masters(Sirens) 1481 Lord Luther: I Am The Lord (Ace)
1589 V/A: London American Label 1957 (Ace)
1379 Bettye Swann: Bettye Swann (Honest Jons)
1482 Los Lobos: By The Light Of The Moon (Slash)
1590 V/A: London American Label 1958 (Ace)
1380 Big Gilson: Blues Classics Live (Blues Boulevard)
1483 Louisiana Red: Midnight Rambler (Charly)
1591 V/A: Messing With The Blues (Ace)
1381 Big Gilson: Sentenced To Living (Blues Boulevard)
1484 Maddy Prior & June Tabor: Silly Sisters (Topic)
1592 V/A: Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 3 (Ace)
1382 Big Joe And The Dynaflows: I'm Still Swingin' (Severn)
1485 Maggie Ingram: The Best Of (Nashboro)
1593 V/A: Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol 4 (Ace)
1383 Big Joe Turner: (4CD) Shout, Rattle & Roll (no case) (Proper) 1486 Magnificent Sevenths: Best Of - Bourbon Street Blues (Mardi) 1594 V/A: Phil's Spectre Vol 1 (Ace)
1384 Big Joe Williams: Delta Blues (Warner France)
1487 Mainsqueeze: Live At Ronnie Scott's 1983 (Trapeze)
1595 V/A: Phil's Spectre Vol 2 (Ace)
1385 Billy C Farlow: Southern Moon (Zane)
1488 Marion Williams: My Soul Look Back (Shanachie)
1596 V/A: Phil's Spectre Vol 3 (Ace)
1386 Black John: The Soul Of John Black (Eclecto Groove)
1489 Martin Simpson: Kind Letters (Topic)
1597 V/A: Rock Your Baby (Ace)
1387 Bobby King & Terry Evans: R&B, Soul & Grooves (Special)
1490 Meditation Singers: Good News (Ace)
1598 V/A: The Travelling Record Man (Ace)
1388 Bobby Mack: Highway Man (Provogue)
1491 Memphis Jug Band: Volume Two (Frog)
1599 V/A: Women Of Gospel (Ace)
1389 Bobby Mack Night Train: Honeytrap (Provogue)
1492 Memphis Slim/Canned Heat: Memphis Heat (Maison DeBlues) 1600 V/A: Swamp Blues (Ace/Excello)
1390 Bobby Marchan: Get Down With It -Soul Sides 1963-67 (Kent) 1493 Mercy Dee Walton: One Room Country Shack (Ace)
1601 V/A: The Real Excello R&B (Ace/Excello)
1602 V/A: Change Is Gonna Come - Voice Of Black America (Kent)
1603 V/A: Dave Hamilton's Detroit Soul (Kent)
1604 V/A: Gettin' To Me (Kent)
1605 V/A: In The Naked City (Kent)
1606 V/A: Just Keep On Dancing - Chess Northern Soul (Kent)
1607 V/A: Kent's Cellar Of Soul (Kent)
1608 V/A: Kent's Cellar Of Soul Vol 2 (Kent)
1609 V/A: L.A. Happening (Kent)
1610 V/A: Larry Banks' Soul Family Album (Kent)
1611 V/A: Mirwood Story Vol 1 (Kent)
1612 V/A: Mirwood Story Vol 2 (Kent)
1613 V/A: Northern Soul's Guilty Secrets (Kent)
1614 V/A: Okeh - A Northen Soul Obsession (Kent)
1615 V/A: Okeh - A Northen Soul Obsession Vol 2 (Kent)
1616 V/A: Shrine - The Rarest Soul Label (Kent)
1617 V/A: Southern Soul Showcase - Cryin' In The Streets (Kent)
1618 V/A: The Goldwax Story Vol 2 (Kent)
1619 V/A: Note Of Hope - Woody Guthrie Lyrics (429)
1620 V/A: (2CD) Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Tour (Alligator)
1621 V/A: Let's Have Some Fun-Hound Dog Taylor Tribute (Alligator)
1622 V/A: Belfast Beat, Maritime Blues (Big Beat)
1623 V/A: (2CD) Straight No Chaser (Blue Note)
1624 V/A: Live Mountain Stage (Blue Plate)
1625 V/A: (3CD) Le Blues 1925-1952 (Body & Soul)
1626 V/A: (2CD) Chicago Blues - The Vee Jay Era (Charly)
1627 V/A: (2CD) Good Rockin' Tonight -Birth Of R n R Vol 3(Charly)
1628 V/A: Drink House To Church House Vol 1 (DixieFrog)
1629 V/A: Wail Daddy! - Nashville Jump Blues (Excello)
1630 V/A: God's Mighty Hand-Gospel Evangelists (Gospel Heritage)
1631 V/A: (2CD) Doo Wop Underground (NMC)
1632 V/A: Raisin' The Roof (Peacock)
1633 V/A: Always Lift Him Up - Blind Alfred Reed Tribute (Proper)
1634 V/A: (4CD) Broke, Black & Blue (Properbox)
1635 V/A: (4CD) Getting' Funky-Birth Of N.O R&B (no box) (Proper)
1636 V/A: (4CD) Good News (nobox) (Properbox)
1637 V/A: Keep It Rollin' - The Blues Piano Collection (Rounder)
1638 V/A: Bloodstains On The Wall (Speciality)
1639 V/A: Early Rappers - Ancestors Of Rap (Trikont)
1640 V/A: (2CD) Suckin' Stuff (Westside)
1641 V/A: 4th & Beale & Further South -Ace (Ms) Blues 2 (Westside)
1642 V/A: Honkin' 'N' Hollerin' - R&B From Radio Corp 1 (Westside)
1643 V/A: Groove Story - R&B From Radio Corp 2 (Westside)
1644 Volker Strifler Band: Volker Strifler Band (Blue Rockit)
1645 Volker Strifler Band: The Dance Goes On (Blue Rockit)
1646 Wanda Jackson: Baby, Let's Play House (Music Avenue)
1647 Willie Neal Johnson: Best Of ... (Nashboro)
1648 Wynona Carr: Dragnet For Jesus (Speciality)
1649 Zed Mitchell: Game Is On (Acoustic Music)
1650 Zion Travelers: Dootone Masters (Ace)
1651 Al Di Meola: (2CD) Anthology (Columbia)
1652 Ali Farka Toure: Savane (World Circuit)
1653 Amos Milburn: Down The Road Apiece - The Best Of (EMI)
1654 Barrence Whitfield & Savages: Ritual Of The Savages(Ocean)
1655 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages: Let's Lose It (Stony Plain)
1656 Big Bill Morganfield: Rising Son (Blind Pig)
1657 Blind Willie McTell: (2CD) The Essential (Classic Blues)
1658 Bo Carter: (2CD) The Essential (Classic Blues)
1659 Bob Long III: Log Bomb (Fat Possum)
1660 Bob Margolin: My Blues & My Guitar (Alligator)
1661 Bob Margolin: Down In The Alley (Alligator)
1662 Bobby Jones: You Ain't Got No Proof (Desert Sounds)
1663 Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry With Earl Hooker: I Couldn't
Believe My Eyes (BGO)
1664 Bryan Lee: Live And Dangerous (Justin Time)
1665 Bryan Lee: Braille Blues Daddy (Justin Time)
1666 Bryan Lee: Katrina Was Her Name (Justin Time)
1667 Bryan Lee: Live At Old Absinthe House Bar-Friday (JustinTime)
1668 Bryan Lee: Six String Therapy (Justin Time)
1669 Bryan Lee: Timepieces - Greatest Hits (Justin Time)
1670 Charlie Musselwhite: Ace Of Harps (Alligator)
1671 Chris Rea: (2CD) Dancing Down Stony Road (Jazzee Blue)
1672 Clarence Gatemouth Brown: No Looking Back (Alligator)
1673 Clarence Gatemouth Brown: Standing My Ground (Alligator)
1674 Clay Hammond: I Kissed Her Gone (Desert Sounds)
1675 Dave Acari: Devil's Left Hand (Buzz)
1676 Dave Mason: (2CD) Certified Live/Let It Flow (BGO)
1677 Dave Mason: Mariposa de Oro/Old Crest On New Wave (BGO)
1678 Dave Mason: 26 Letters - 12 Notes (Out The Box)
1679 Dr John And The Lower 911: Sippiana Hericane (Parlophone)
1680 Drams, The: Jubilee Dive (New West)
1681 Eddie Taylor: Bad Boy (Wolf)
1682 Ella Fitzgerald: Mack The Knife - Ella In Berlin (EJC)
1683 Elmo Williams: Takes One To Know One (Fat Possum)
1684 Emmylou Harris: Cowboy Angels-1975 Broadcast (All Access)
1685 Five Blind Boys Of Alabama: Deep River (Nonesuch)
1686 Flatlanders, The: Wheels Of Fortune (New West)
1687 Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues (Bella Union)
1688 Fotheringay: Fotheringay 2 (Fledg'ling)
1689 Fred McDowell: Mama Says I'm Crazy (Fat Possum)
1690 George Thorogood & Destroyers: Half A Boy, Half A Man(SPV)
1691 George Thorogood & Destroyers: The Baddest Of (EMI)
1692 Ghetto Cowboy: Check Your Mailbox (Desert Sounds)
1693 Golden Gate Quartet: 1941-1947 (Columbia)
1694 Homesick James &Snooky Pryor: Sad And Lonesome (Wolf)
1695 Ivan Appelrouth: Blue And Instrumental! (Eller Soul)
1696 J.W. Warren: Life Ain't Worth Livin' (Fat Possum)
1697 James Hill: Mn With A Love Song (Borealis)
1698 Jimmy "Duck" Holmes: Back To Bentonia (Broke & Hungry)
1699 Jimmy Thackery & Drivers: Empty Arms Motel (Blind Pig)
1700 John Hiatt: Paper Thin - 1989 Broadcast (All Access)
1701 John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat: Hooker N' Heat (Rhino)
1702 John Mooney: Gone To Hell (Blind Pig)
1703 John Primer: Blue Steel - A Tribute To Elmore James (Wolf)
1704 Kenny Neal: Walking On Fire (Alligator)
1705 Kid Thomas: Here's My Story (Wolf)
1706 Kim Wilson: (2CD) Tigerman/That's Life (Retroworld)
1707 Koko Taylor: Jump For Joy (Alligator)
1708 Koko Taylor: Koko Taylor (Chess)
1709 La Bottine Souriante: Appellation D' Origine (Borealis)
1710 Leadbelly: (2CD) The Essential (Classic Blues)
1711 Leroy Carr: (2CD) The Essential (Classic Blues)
1712 Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' & Blues - Herald Sessions (Buddha)
1713 Little Brother Montgomery/Sunnyland Slim: The La Salle
Chicago Blues Recordings Vol 1 (Wolf)
1714 Little Milton: If Walls Could Talk (Chess)
1715 Mad Hattie: Soul Fishin' (Roseleaf)
1716 Mahavishnu Orchestra: The Inner Mounting Flame (Columbia)
1717 Memphis Jug Band: Associates & Alt. Takes 1927-30 (Wolf)
1718 Nathaniel Mayer: I Just Want To Be Held (Fat Possum)
1719 Peetie Wheatstraw: (2CD) The Essential (Classic Blues)
1720 Pete Franklin: Guitar Pete's Blues (OBC)
1721 R. L. Burnside: Bad Luck City (Fat Possum)
1722 R. L. Burnside: Too Bad Jim (Fat Possum)
1723 R.L. Burnside: A Ass Pocket Of Whisky (Fat Possum)
1724 R.L. Burnside: A Bothered Mind (Fat Possum)
1725 R.L. Burnside: Come On In (Fat Possum)
1726 R.L. Burnside: Mr Wizard (Fat Possum)
1727 Ray Davies: Other People's Lives (V2)
1728 Robert Cage: Can You See What You're Doing (Fat Possum)
1729 Rusty Zinn: The Chill (Alligator)
1730 Ry Cooder: Chavez Ravine (Nonesuch)
1731 Souad Massi: Deb (Heart Broken) (Wrasse)
1732 Stan Rogers: Fogarty's Cove (Borealis)
1733 Temperance Seven: Best Of (Upbeat Jazz)
1734 V/A: Andy Smith's Northern Soul (BGP)
1735 V/A: Dynamic Grooves (BGP)
1736 V/A: DJ Andy Smith's Jam Up Twist (BGP)
1737 V/A: California Blues (Black Lion)
1738 V/A: Chicago Piano 1951-1958 (Flyright)
1739 V/A: Down From The Mountain (Lost Highway)
1740 V/A: The Blues Is Alright - Greatest Hits (Malaco)
1741 V/A: Talk About A Party (Rockstar)
1742 V/A: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (OST) (Universal)
1743 Albert Collins: Molten Ice (Selected Sound Carrier)
1744 Albert King: (2CD) I'm Ready- Best Of Tomato-no box (Charly)
1745 Alvin Lee & Ten Years After: Pure Blues (Chrysalis)
1746 Amalia Rodrigues: Lisboa A Noite (Planet)
1747 Big Daddy Kinsey: I Am The Blues (Gitanes)
1748 Big Daddy Kinsey: Ramblin' Man (Gitanes)
1749 Blackberry Smoke: Little Piece Of Dixie (Bamajam)
1750 Bo Diddley: Bo's Blues (Ace)
1751 Boban Markovi Orkestar Inc Lalko Félix: Srce Cigansko (X)
1752 Bobby Bland: The Voice (Ace)
1753 Brownie McGhee: 1944/55 (Travelin Man)
1754 Buddy Guy: Live At The Checkerboard Lounge (JSP)
1755 Bukka White: 1963 Isn't 1962 (Edsel)
1756 Calvin Jackson & Mississippi Bound: Goin' Down South(M&M)
1757 Carl Weathersby: Restless Feeling (Evidence)
1758 Carl Weathersby: Come To Papa (Evidence)
1759 Carl Weathersby: Don't Lay Your Blues On Me (Evidence)
1760 Carl Weathersby: Looking Out My Window (Evidence)
1761 Carrie Rodriguez: She Ain't Me (Manhatan)
1762 Chieftains, The: The Long Black Veil (BMG)
1763 Chris Beard: Live Wire (NorthernBlues)
1764 Curtis Jones: In London (Deram)
1765 Danny Click: Life Is A Good Place (Dogstar)
1766 Dave Weld And The Imperial Flames: Burnin' Love (Delmark)
1767 David Raitt And Jimmy Thackery: That's It! (Blue Rock'It)
1768 Davina And The Vagabonds: Black Cloud (Roustabout)
1769 Derrin Nauendorf: The Rattling Wheel (Rising)
1770 Dr John: Desitively Bonnaroo (Atco)
1771 Eddie Boyd: And His Blues Band With Peter Green (Deram)
1772 Eddie Holman: A Night To Remember (Unidisc)
1773 Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr: Shape Of Scrape (Mrs Casey)
1774 Fillmore Slim: Funky Mama's House (Fedora)
1775 Five Blind Boys Of Alabama: Sermon (Ace)
1776 Five Blind Boys Of Alabama: Oh Lord (Ace/Speciality)
1777 Guitar Shorty & Otis Grand: My Way Or The Highway (JSP)
1778 Hosea Leavy: You Gotta Move (Fedora)
1779 Ivory Joe Hunter: I Almost Lost My Mind ()
1780 Jackie DeShannon: Laurel Canyon (RPM)
1781 James Hunter: The Hard Way (Go)
1782 Jeffery Broussard’s Creole Cowboys: Return Of Creole(Maison)
1783 Jimbo Mathus: Confederate Buddha (Memphis Int)
1784 Jimi Hendrix: First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (MCA)
1785 Jimmy Johnson: Every Road Ends Somewhere (Ruf)
1786 Jimmy Witherspoon: Evenin' Blues (Original Blues Classics)
1787 Joe Louis Walker: Blues Survivor (Gitanes)
1788 Joe Louis Walker: JLW (Gitanes)
1789 John Hammond: Can't Beat The Kid (Evangeline)
1790 John Hammond: Push Comes To Shove (Jopama)
1791 John Lee Hooker: (2CD) Detroit 1948-49 Vol 1 (Body & Soul)
1792 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Chillun (Fantasy)
1793 John Lee Hooker: Live At Sugar Hill Vol 2 (Fantasy)
1794 John Lee Hooker: The Country Blues Of (OBC)
1795 John Lee Hooker: (2CD) Ultimate Collection 1948-90 (Rhino)
1796 John Lee Hooker: The Complete 1964 Recordings (Shout)
1797 Johnny Hodges: The Rabbit (Emarcy)
1798 Killing Floor: Zero Tolerance (Appaloosa)
1799 Kimberly Gordon Organ Trio: Sunday (The Sirens)
1800 King Tutt Band: Heart Of Soul (Henry Stone)
1801 Kip Hanrahan: Coup De Tete (Yellowbird)
1802 Bertolo, Girardon & Kerr: Voice Union (Fellside)
1803 Lisa Biales: Just Like Honey (Big Song Music)
1804 Little Milton: Complete Checker Hit Singles (Connoisseur)
1805 Little Milton: Friend Of Mine (Henry Stone)
1806 Lucky Peterson: Lucky Peterson (Gitanes)
1807 Luther Allison: Hand Me Down My MoonShine (Ruf)
1808 Luther Allison And Friends: Pay It Forward (Ruf)
1809 Lynn White: More Of The Best (Blues Works)
1810 Mary Flower: Misery Loves Company (Yellow Dog)
1811 Mem Shannon: Live - A Night At Tipitina's (NorthernBlues)
1812 Memphis Slim: The Sonet Blues Story (Sonet)
1813 Mercy Brothers: Strange Adventure (Gibraltar)
1814 Michael Coleman: Do Your Thing! (Delmark)
1815 Michael Coleman: Blues Brunch At The Mart (Delmark)
1816 Mick Fleetwood Blues Band & Rick Vito: Blue Again(Hyperten)
1817 Mikey Jr: It Ain't Hard To Tell (8th Train)
1818 Mikey Jr: Mikey Likes It (8th Train)
1819 Montgomery Express, The: Does Party Fever (Ikef)
1820 Mostar Sevdah Reunion: The Legends Of Life (Snail)
1821 Orlando Cachaito Lopez: Cachaito (World Circuit)
1822 Otis Grand: The Blues Sessions 1990-1994 (JSP)
1823 Otis Redding: The Dock Of The Bay (Atco)
1824 Otis Redding: The Immortal (Atco)
1825 Paul Reddick: Sugar Bird (NorthernBlues)
1826 Paul Reddick: Revue (NorthernBlues)
1827 Professor Longhair: New Orleans Piano (Atlantic)
1828 Radio Tarifa: Rumba Argelina (World Circuit)
1829 Ravens: Rarities (Savoy)
1830 Rick Vito: Lucky Devils (Hypertension)
1831 Roach Thompson: Honky Tonkin' With Roach (Henry Stone)
1832 Robert Anderson: Working The Road (Delmark)
1833 Robert McCoy: Bye Bye Baby (Delmark)
1834 Roots Tonic: Meets Bill Laswell (ROIR)
1835 Roy Hamilton: Tore Up (Shout)
1836 Ruben Gonzales: Chanchullo (World Circuit)
1837 Rum Drum Ramblers: Mean Scene (Big Muddy)
1838 Ry Cooder: River Rescue - The Very Best Of (Warners)
1839 Salif Keita: M'Bemba (Universal)
1840 Sam & Dave: Hold On, I'm Coming + Double Dynamite (Edsel)
1841 Santana: Fillmore Performance-San Francisco 68 (Northworld)
1842 Santana: Performance (Northworld)
1843 Scarlett Johansson: Anywhere I Lay My Head (Atco)
1844 Skip James: She Lyin' (Edsel)
1845 Smoky Babe: Hottest Brand Goin' (Original Blues Classics)
1846 Sonny Black: Corner Seat (FREE SPIRIT)
1847 Sonny Black And The Dukes: Heart And Soul (Bluetrack)
1848 Susanna: Wild Dog (Rune)
1849 Taj Mahal: Senor Blues (Private)
1850 Ted Hawkins: Love You Most Of All (Evidence)
1851 Ti Jaz: Rêves Sauvages (Diffusion Breizh)
1852 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Mojo (Reprise)
1853 Tony Joe White: The Best Of (Warner Archives)
1854 Too Slim & Taildraggers: King Size Troublemakers (Burnside)
1855 V/A: The Northern Soul Of Brunswick (Brunswick)
1856 V/A: Chess Gospel Greats (Chess)
1857 V/A: Negro Spirituals Gospel ... (Chess)
1858 V/A: Psychedelic Jazz & Funky Grooves (Chess)
1859 V/A: (2cd) Gospel Celebrities & .... (Fantastic Voyage)
1860 V/A: (2cd) Jazz Noir (Fantastic Voyage)
1861 V/A: (3cd) Britain's First No 1 (Fantastic Voyage)
1862 V/A: (2CD) Superbad Funk & Cinematic Soul (Music Club)
1863 V/A: Birth Of Motor Town (Shout)
1864 V/A: Going Back (Speciality)
1865 V/A: Gospel At Newport (Vanguard)
1866 V/A: After Hours - Northern Soul Masters (Warners)
1867 Whiteboy James & Blues Express: Extreme Makeover(RipCat)
1868 Willie Dixon With Memphis Slim: Willie's Blues (Ace)
1869 Willie Dixon/Memphis Slim: Willie's Blues (OBC)
1870 Wynonie Harris: (4CD) Properbox (no box) (Proper)
1871 Zmimos: Cholent With Huckleberry (Global Village)
1872 Ainslie's Vibes: Standing Ten Feet Tall (AV)
1873 Albert Castiglia: These Are The Days (Blues Leaf)
1874 Albert Collins: Iceman (Pointblank)
1875 Albert King: Albert King (compilation) (Warner)
1876 Béla Mavarák & Stars Of Buena Vista: (2CD) A Breeze In The
Wind (Termidor)
1877 Ben Reynolds: How Day Earnt Its Night (Tompkins Square)
1878 Bernie Pearl: Sittin' On Right Side Of The Blues (Boulevard)
1879 Bobby Day: Rockin' With Robin (Hoodoo)
1880 Candi Staton: Candi Staton (Capitol)
1881 Clovers, The: Down In The Alley (Atlantic)
1882 Dinah Washington: Slick Chick On The Mellow Side(Collectors)
1883 Eddie Cochran: Rockin' It With Eddie Cochran (T-Bird)
1884 Hank Shizzoe: Walk (Crosscut)
1885 Hank Shizzoe: Low Budget (Crosscut)
1886 Jack McDuff: The Re-entry (32 Jazz)
1887 Jeff Golub: The Three Kings (e-One)
1888 Jelly Roll Morton: (2CD) Complete - Vol 1/2 1926-27 (RCA)
1889 Jimi Hendrix Experience: Radio One (Rykodisc)
1890 Jimmy Thackery And The Drivers: We Got It (Telarc)
1891 Joe Liggins: Vol 2 - Dripper's Boogie (Ace)
1892 Joe Louis Walker: Preacher And The President (Verve)
1893 John Hammond: Wicked Grin (Pointblank)
1894 John Hammond: Got Love If You Want It (Pointblank)
1895 John Hammond: Long As I Have You (Pointblank)
1896 John Lee Hooker: Blues Brother -Sensation Recs ‘48-51 (Ace)
1897 John Lee Hooker: Get Back Home (Black & Blue)
1898 John Weston: Got To Deal With The Blues (Midnight Creeper)
1899 Leadbelly: Huddie Ledbetter's Best (BGO)
1900 Ledfoot: Gothic Blues - Volume One (Hypertension)
1901 Lucky Peterson: Black Midnight Sun (Dreyfus)
1902 Mamadou And Vanessa: Faso Mali (BMG)
1903 Matt Edwards: Follow The Plan (Matt Edwards)
1904 Memo Gonzalez: Dynomite (Crosscut)
1905 Meshell Ndegeocello: Weather (Naive)
1906 Mighty Sam McClain: Joy And Pain (Crosscut)
1907 Fred McDowell: Standing At The Burying Ground (Sequel)
1908 Otis Grand: Live Anthology (Mystic)
1909 Paul Westerberg: Folker (Vagrant)
1910 Peg Leg Sam: Medicine Show (Trix)
1911 Professor Longhair: New Orleans Piano (Sequel)
1912 Roosevelt Sykes: The Honeydripper's Duke's Mixture (Verve)
1913 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: At The Bunkhouse (BGO)
1914 Tasha Taylor: Taylor Made (Tasha Taylor)
1915 Terry Evans: Blues For Thought (Pointblank)
1916 Terry Evans: Walk That Walk (Telarc)
1917 Thierry 'Titi' Robin & Gulabi Sapera: RakhÎ (Naive)
1918 V/A: Better Believe It- Rare & Modern Soul Gems (Rhino)
1919 V/A: Better Believe It Vol 2 -Rare & Modern Soul Gems (Rhino)
1920 Wilson Pickett: In The Midnight Hour (Rhino/Atlantic)
1921 Albert Ammons: 1936/39 (Classics)
1922 Albert King: I'll Play The Blues For You - The Best Of (Stax)
1923 Albert King: The Best Of Albert King (Stax)
1924 Andrew Tibbs: 1947-1951 (Classics)
1925 Armando Peraza: Wild Thing (Vampisoul)
1926 Art Blakey: Jazz Messengers!!!!!/A Jazz Message (Impulse)
1927 B. B. King: Blues Summit (MCA)
1928 Bebel Gilberto: Momento (Crammed Discs)
1929 Big Bill Broonzy: 1951 (Classics)
1930 Big Bill Broonzy: And Washboard Sam (MCA)
1931 Bill Morrisey: The Essential Collection (Rounder)
1932 Bill Morrissey: Night Train (Rounder)
1933 Bill Morrissey: You'll Never Get To Heaven (Rounder)
1934 Bill Samuels: 1945-1947 (Classics)
1935 Blodwyn Pig: (2CD) All Said And Done (Secret)
1936 Bob Dylan: Modern Times (Columbia)
1937 Bonnie Raitt: Takin' My Time (Warners)
1938 Brownie McGhee: Blues Is Truth (Blues Alliance)
1939 Buddy Guy: Left My Heart In San Francisco (Chess/MCA)
1940 Buddy Guy: Bring 'Em In (Silvertone)
1941 Buddy Guy: Buddy's Blues - Chess 50th Anniv Series (Univ)
1942 Buddy Miller: (2CD) Love & Other Lies/Poison Love(Floatworld)
1943 Buster Bennett: 1945-1947 (Classics)
1944 Captain Beefheart: The Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot (Reprise)
1945 Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica (Reprise)
1946 Cesaria Evora: Voz D'Amor (BMG)
1947 Champion Jack Dupree: New Orleans Barrelhouse (CBS)
1948 Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Ferociously Stoned (Bachelor Pad)
1949 Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Kids On The Street (Bachelor Pad)
1950 Chris Ardoin: Alter Ego (Maison de Soul)
1951 Chris Thomas King: Chris Thomas King (21CB)
1952 Chris Thomas King: Cry Of The Prophets (Hightone)
1953 Chuck Berry: Is On Top (Chess/MCA)
1954 Chuck Carbo: The Barber's Chair (Rounder)
1955 Clarence Carter: Touch Of Blues (Ichiban)
1956 Clarence Carter: Snatching It Back (Sequel)
1957 Colin Linden: Through The Storm Through The Night (Demon)
1958 Cream: BBC Sessions (Polydor)
1959 Curtis Jones: Lonesome Bedroom (Delmark)
1960 Dave Rice’s Old Time Cronies: Ned Went A'Fishin' (GSD)
1961 Dede Priest: Candy Moon (Cool Buzz)
1962 Dede Priest: Kinky At The Root (Creeping Fig)
1963 Dennis Coffey: Big City Funk (Vampisoul)
1964 Dry Branch Fire Squad: Just For The Record (Rounder)
1965 Eddie Robinson: This Is My Story, This Is My Song (Sirens)
1966 Etta James: (2CD) Love's Been Rough On Me/Life, Love &
The Blues (Floating World)
1967 Etta James: (2CD) Time After Time/Mystery Lady(Float World)
1968 Four Aces: 1946/55 (Flyright)
1969 G. Love & Special Sauce: G. Love & Special Sauce (Okeh)
1970 Geno Washington: (2CD) It's Geno Time (Secret)
1971 George Thorogood: Live In '99 (SPV)
1972 Georgia Melodians: 1924-26 (Timeless)
1973 Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz: Draw Closer (Rounder)
1974 Ivory Joe Hunter: 1945/47 (Classics)
1975 Ivory Joe Hunter: 1947 (Classics)
1976 Jeff Jensen Band: I'm Coming Home (Swingsuit)
1977 Jim Suhler & Alan Haynes: Live At Blue Cat Blues (Top Cat)
1978 Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat: Starvation Box - Best Of (Lucky 7)
1979 Jim Wynn: 1945 - 1946 (Classics)
1980 Jimmy Dawkins: Tribute To Orange (Black & Blue)
1981 Jimmy Witherspoon: 1950-51 (Classics)
1982 Joe Hicks/Jimmy Hughes: Something Special (Stax)
1983 Joe Louis Walker & Otis Grand: Guitar Brothers - 2002 (JSP)
1984 John Campbell: Howlin Mercy (Elektra)
1985 John Hammond: Best Of The Vanguard Years (Vanguard)
1986 John Handy: Hard Work/Carnival (Impulse)
1987 John Lee Hooker: It Serve You Right To Suffer (BGO)
1988 John Lee Hooker: Private Recordings (Flyright)
1989 John Lee Hooker: That's Where It's At! (Stax)
1990 John Spencer Blues Explosion: Damage (Mute)
1991 John Spencer Blues Explosion: Now I Got Worry (Mute)
1992 Johnny Guitar Watson: 3 Hours Past Midnight (Flair)
1993 Johnny Otis: 1951 (Classics)
1994 Johnny Otis: 1950 (Classics)
1995 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Plastic Fang (Mute)
1996 JT Coldfire: Always & Never (Crazy Sun)
1997 Julia Lee: 1927-1946 (Classics)
1998 Julian Sas: Resurrection (Provogue)
1999 Kelly Joe Phelps: Roll Away The Stone (Ryko)
2000 Kelly Joe Phelps: Tap The Red Cane Whirlwind (Ryko)
2001 Larry Darnell: 1949-1951 (Classics)
2002 Lloyd Glenn: 1947-1950 (Classics)
2003 Lowell Fulson: 1947-1948 (Classics)
2004 Lowell Fulson: 1948-1949 (Classics)
2005 Lowell Fulson: 1946-1947 (Classics)
2006 Marc Ford: Weary And Wired (Provogue)
2007 Marion Williams: Spirituals (CBS)
2008 Marvin Pontiac: Greatest Hits (Strange And Beautiful)
2009 Matt Walsh & Christian Bleiming: MC Shuffle (Acoustic Music)
2010 Matt Walsh Acoustic Quartet: A Part Of Me (Acoustic Music)
2011 Mel Lewis/Bob Brookmeyer: Live At Village Vanguard (DCC)
2012 Memphis Jug Band: Volume One (JSP)
2013 Memphis Jug Band: Volume Three (JSP)
2014 Michele Lundeen: Song Inside Me (Milestone)
2015 Mighty Sam McClain: Journey (Audioquest)
2016 Mississippi John Hurt: Legend (Rounder)
2017 Monti Amundson: I See Trouble (Me & My)
2018 Monti Amundson & Blubinos: Man On The Floor (Me & My)
2019 Nolan Struck & King Edward: Brother To Brother (Paula)
2020 Peg Leg Sam: Early In The Morning (Blues Alliance)
2021 Ray Charles: 1949 - 1950 (Classics)
2022 Robben Ford: Blue Moon (Concord)
2023 Robert Ward: Black Bottom (Black Top)
2024 Robert Ward: Rhythm Of The People (Black Top)
2026 Roy Ayers: Daddy Bug (Atlantic)
2027 Shirley Smith: In Hymn I Trust (The Sirens)
2028 Stanislaw Sroka Quartet: Keep Running (Ars Mundi)
2029 Steve Hicks: The Rag Trade (Acoustic Music)
2030 Steve Mancha: Detroit Soulman - The Best Of (Connoisseur)
2031 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Live Alive (Epic)
2032 Taj Mahal: Mo' Roots (Columbia)
2033 Taj Mahal: Live At Ronnie Scott's (Sanctuary)
2034 T-Bone Walker: (2CD) Armadillo 2 (Floating World)
2035 Ted Hawkins: I Love You Too (PT)
2036 Thomas Fraser: Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Nel Music)
2037 Tiny Bradshaw: 1949-1951 (Classics)
2038 Tony Remy: Metamorfollow-g (Alltone)
2039 Tony Remy's Blue Vibe: Jammin' At The 12 Bar Club (Alltone)
2040 Tony Remy's Blue Vibe: Street Guitar (Alltone)
2041 V/A: Blues & Soul Power (Atlantic)
2042 V/A: Blue Orleans - Blue Notes From Basin Street (Blue Note)
2043 V/A: (2cd) There Will Be No Sweeter Sound (CBS)
2044 V/A: (2CD) Best Of Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hr (Ch. Dream)
2045 V/A: Nick Drake's Jukebox (Chrome Dreams)
2046 V/A: Biddle Street Barrelhousin (Delmark)
2047 V/A: Blues From Up The Country (Delmark)
2048 V/A: (2CD) World Is Yours Vol 2 (sampler) (Floating World)
2049 V/A: Drove From Home Blues (Flyright)
2050 V/A: Got My Mojo Working (Flyright)
2051 V/A: From Mississippi To Chicago (HMG)
2052 V/A: Soul Satisfaction 1966-69 (MCA)
2053 V/A: Heavy Timbre (Sirens)
2054 V/A: (2CD) Global Roots - Chess Blues (Spectrum)
2055 V/A: Disturbin My Soul (Stax)
2056 V/A: Hot Dance Bands 1925-1927 (Timeless)
2057 V/A: The Chicago Hot Bands 1924-1928 (Timeless)
2058 V/A: (2cd) Blues At Newport 1964 (Vanguard)
2059 V/A: (2cd) Blues With A Feeling (Vanguard)
2060 Walter Vincson: 1928-1941 (RST)
2061 Wes Montgomery/Wynton Kelly: Smokin' At Half Note (Verve)
2062 White Stripes: The White Stripes (XL)
2063 Willis Jackson: 1950-1954 (Classics)
2064 Wynonie Harris: 1944 - 1945 (Classics)
2065 Yasmin Levy: Romance & Yasmin (Connecting Cultures)
2066 Zakiya Hooker: Another Generation Of The Blues (Silvertone)
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2067 Albert Ammons: 1936/46
2068 Ollie Shepard: Volume 1
2069 Ollie Shepard: Volume 2
2070 Robert Nighthawk: Prowling With Robert Nighthawk
2071 Blind John Davis: Vol 1 1938-1952
2072 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 1
2073 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 2
2074 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 3
2075 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 4
2076 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 5
2077 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 6
2078 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 7
2079 Bumble Bee Slim: Volume 8
2080 Dan Kildare: Earliest Black String Bands Vol 2
2081 Four Vagabonds: Vol 1
2082 Four Vagabonds: Vol 2
2083 Four Vagabonds: Vol 3
2084 Frank 'Springback' James & George Curry: 1934-38
2085 Golden Gate Quartet: 1939/43
2086 Golden Gate Quartet: 1941/44
2087 Golden Gate Quartet: 1945/49
2088 Golden Gate Quartet: 1949/52
2089 Harem Hamfats: Volume 1
2090 Harem Hamfats: Volume 2
2091 Harem Hamfats: Volume 3
2092 Harem Hamfats: Volume 4
2093 Harlem Hamfats: Vol 4 - Oh Rider
2094 Jazz Gillum: 1938/41
2095 Jazz Gillum: 1941/46
2096 Leadbelly: Vol 1 1939-1940
2097 Leadbelly: Vol 3 1943-1944
2098 Lightnin Hopkins: Remaining Titles
2099 Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe: Vol 3 1929-1934
2100 Ralph Willis: Vol 1
2101 Ralph Willis: Vol 2
2102 Roosevelt Sykes: Volume 8
2103 Roosevelt Sykes: Volume 9
2104 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Vol 1
2105 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Vol 2
2106 Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Vol 3
2107 Son House: And The Great Delta Blues Singers 1928-1930
2108 Sonny Terry: Volume 1
2109 Sonny Terry: Volume 2
2110 St Louis Jimmy Oden: 1944/55
2111 Tampa Red: Volume 12
2112 V/A: Vocal Duets 1924-1931
2113 Versatile Three/Four: Earliest Black String Bands Vol 3 ‘19-20
2114 Washboard Sam: Volume 1
2115 Washboard Sam: Volume 2
2116 Washboard Sam: Volume 3
2117 Washboard Sam: Volume 4
2118 Washboard Sam: Volume 5
2119 Washboard Sam: Volume 7
2120 Alvin Youngblood Hart: Start With The Soul (Hannibal)
2121 Billy Joe Shaver: Old Five And Diners Like Me (Koch)
2122 Captain Beefheart & Magic Band: Ice Cream For Crow (Virgin)
2123 Carlos Nunez: En Concert (Sony BMG)
2124 Champion Jack Dupree: Blues For Everybody (King)
2125 Chris Thomas: 21st Century Blues..From Da' Hood (Private)
2126 Dave Bartolomew: In The Alley (King)
2127 David Sanborn: Here & Gone (Decca)
2128 George Thorogood & The Destroyers: Ride 'Til I Die (Eagle)
2129 Ian Franklin & Infinite Frequency: Breaking Grounds (Petting)
2130 John Hammond: John Hammond (Vanguard)
2131 John Hammond: Solo (Vanguard)
2132 John 'Juke' Logan: The Chill (Mocombo)
2133 John Mooney: Testimony (Domino)
2134 John Mooney: Against The Wall (HOB)
2135 Kevin Brown: Mojave Dust (Doodah)
2136 Kevin Brown: Rust (Hannibal)
2137 Lightnin' Hopkins: Prestige Profiles (Prestige)
2138 Little Esther: Better Beware (King)
2139 Little Hatch: Goin' Back (APO)
2140 Long Tall Texans: (2CD) Long Tall Texans Story (Anagram)
2141 Mem Shannon: A Cab Driver's Blues (Hannibal)
2142 Mem Shannon: Second Blues Album (Hannibal)
2143 Muddy Waters: Hard Again (Blue Sky/CBS)
2144 North Mississippi Allstars: 51 Phantom (Blues Boulevard)
2145 North Mississippi Allstars: Polaris (Tone-Cool)
2146 North Mississippi Allstars: 51 Phantom (Tone-Cool)
2147 Otis Grand: He Knows The Blues (Sequel)
2148 Otis Grand: Perfume & Grime (Sequel)
2149 Paul Cox & Charlie Fabert: What We Were Born For (Note)
2150 Po' Girl: Po' Girl (Diesel Motor)
2151 Ramsay Midwood: Shoot Out At OK Chinese Restaurant (Vgd)
2152 Sam Cooke: My Gospel Roots (Xtra)
2153 Sam Taylor: Jazz For Commuters/Salute To Saxes(FreshSound)
2154 Seth Walker: Seth Walker (Hyena)
2155 Sonny Rhodes: In Europe (Appaloosa)
2156 Southern Scratch: Em-We: Hejed (For All Of You) (Canyon)
2157 Steve Dawson: Nightshade (Black Hen)
2158 V/A: Tribute To Bo Diddley (Blues Boulevard)
2159 V/A: (8CD) Black & White Box Of Jazz (Castle)
2160 V/A: Testifying - The Country Soul Revue (Casual)
2161 V/A: (2CD) Boogiology (GVC)
2162 V/A: (2CD) National Soul Of Dore Vols 1 & 2 (Night Owl)
2163 V/A: (4CD) Broke, Black & Blues (no box) (Properbox)
2164 V/A: East St Louis - The Stevens Sessions (Sequel)
2165 V/A: Legacy Of The Blues Maxi Sampler (Sonet)
2166 V/A: Blackpool Mecca - The Northern Soul Story Vol 3 (Sony)
2167 V/A: The Golden Torch - The Northern Soul Story Vol 2 (Sony)
2168 V/A: The Very Best Of Phil Spector 1961-1966 (Sony)
2169 V/A: Live At The W.C. Handy Blues Awards Vol 1 (Tone-Cool)
2170 V/A: Sun Records -25 More Blues Classics (VaréseSarabande)
2171 Zed Head: Mortal Man (Blues Boulevard)
2172 Aaron Burton: Rising Sun (Aaron Burton)
2173 Akira Otsuka: First Tear (Patuxent)
2174 Al Green: I Can't Stop (Blue Note)
2175 Al Green: Lay It Down (Blue Note)
2176 Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield: Fillmore East - The Lost Concert
Tapes (Columbia)
2177 Albert Collins, Robert Cray & Johnny Copeland: Showdown!
2178 Anders Osborne: Black Eye Gallery (promo copy) (Alligator)
2179 Andrew Jr. Boy Jones: I Need Time (JSP)
2180 Andy Gunn: Steamroll (Provogue)
2181 Andy Poxon Band: Red Roots (Andy Poxon)
2182 Anthony Gomes: Sweet Stringin' Soul (Urban Electric)
2183 Aretha Franklin: So Damn Happy (Arista)
2184 Aretha Franklin: Aretha Now (Atlantic)
2185 Aretha Franklin: Never Loved A Man Way I Love You (Rhino)
2186 Aretha Franklin: Lady Soul (Rhino)
2187 B. B. King: (2CD) Original Greatest Hits (Virgin)
2188 Barney Kessel: Barney Kessel's Swingin' Party (OJC)
2189 Barney Kessel: Original Jazz Classics Collection (OJC)
2190 Ben Harper: Diamonds On The Inside (Virgin)
2191 Bernard Allison: Storms Of Life (Tone-Cool)
2192 Bernard Allison Group: Hang On! (Inakustik)
2193 Bernie Marsden: Green And Blues (Castle)
2194 Billy Preston: Wildest Organ In Town/Club Meeting (Stateside)
2195 Blodwyn Pig & Mick Abrahams: Radio Sessions ‘69-71 (Secret)
2196 Blues Band: Stepping Out (Hypertension)
2197 Blues Band: Live (Mau Mau)
2198 Blues Band: Fat City (RCA)
2199 Bluesmasters, The: Featuring Mickey Thomas (Direct Music)
2200 Bobby Dean Blackburn: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Electro fi)
2201 Burton Winn: First Light ()
2202 Carl Verheyen: Slingshot (Provogue)
2203 Carl Verheyen: Slang Justice (Provogue)
2204 Cassandra Wilson: Closer To You - The Pop Side (Blue Note)
2205 CeCell Davis/Herman Alexander: Highway 61 (Wolf)
2206 Charlie Wood: Lucky (Inside Sounds)
2207 Chet Atkins: The Best Of (Columbia)
2208 Chris Rea: (2CD) Still So Far To Go - The Best Of (Rhino)
2209 Clarence Edwards: Swamps The Word (Blues Factory)
2210 Creedence Clearwater Revisited: (2CD) ReCollection (SPV)
2211 David Maxwell & Friends: Max Attack (DixieFrog)
2212 Doug Sahm: (2CD) Juke Box Music/The Last Real Texas
Blues Band (Antones)
2213 Etta James: Hickory Dickory Dock (Ace)
2214 Fleetwood Mac: Crazy About The Blues (Secret)
2215 Fred McDowell: The Train I Ride (Fan Club)
2216 Golden Gate Quartet: Swing Down Chariot (CBS)
2217 Golden Gate Quartet: Gospel Train (JSP)
2218 Golden Gate Quartet: Travelin Shoes (RCA)
2219 Hank Marr: Greasy Spoon (Charly)
2220 Harry Manx & Kevin Breit: Jubilee (NorthernBlues)
2221 Holmes Brothers: Promised Land (Rounder)
2222 Howlin' Wolf: Rockin' The Blues, Live In Germany ‘64 (Acrobat)
2223 Howling Wolf: Sings The Blues (Ace)
2224 Ike & Tina Turner: Don't Play Me Cheap/It's Gonna Work Out
Fine (Stateside)
2225 J Edwards: Lulu's House (Serenity Hill)
2226 Jackie Lee: The Duck (Kent)
2227 James Roberts & Martha Carson: Gonna Let It Shine (BACM)
2228 Jimmy McCracklin: I Had To Get With It (Stateside)
2229 Joe Henderson: Original Jazz Classics Collection (OJC)
2230 Joe Jackson Trio: Live Music Europe 2010 (Edel)
2231 John Lee Hooker: Original Folk Blues (Ace)
2232 John Lee Hooker: House Rent Boogie (Ace)
2233 John Mays: I Found A Love (Electro-Fi)
2234 JT Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters: Live (Hunters)
2235 Jumpin Jack Benny: I'll Be Alright (Boppin)
2236 Ken Whiteley: Another Day's Journey (Borealis)
2237 Kenny Blue Ray: Pull The Strings (Tone King)
2238 Kid Bangham & Amyl Justin: Pressure Cooker (Tone-Cool)
2239 Kirsten Thien: Delicious (Screen Door)
2240 Lance Keltner: Last Of The Cowboy Vampires (Provogue)
2241 Les Copeland: Don't Let The Devil In (Earwig)
2242 Lightnin' Hopkins: California Mudslide (And Earthquake) (Ace)
2243 Lil' Dave Thompson: C'mon Down To The Delta (JSP)
2244 Little Feat: As Time Goes By - Very Best of (Warners)
2245 Liz Mandeville: Red Top (Earwig)
2246 Lonnie Johnson: Me & My Crazy Self (Charly)
2247 Lucky Peterson: Beyond Cool (Verve)
2248 Malted Milk: Sweet Soul Blues (DixieFrog)
2249 Mem Shannon: Memphis In The Morning (Shanachie)
2250 Memo Gonzales: Big Time in Big D (Continental)
2251 Michael Holloway: Blues Travels Fast (Nightfly)
2252 Mick Clarke: New Mountain (Burnside)
2253 Mighty Popo: Gakondo (Borealis)
2254 Miles Davis: Miles In Montreux (Jazz Door)
2255 Mississippi Fred McDowell: Shake 'Em On Down (Charly)
2256 Mississippi John Hurt: Memorial Anthology (Edsel)
2257 Nine Below Zero: Don't Point Your Finger (light marks) (Zed)
2258 Northernblues Gospel Allstars: Saved! (NorthernBlues)
2259 Oliver Schroer & Nuala Kennedy: Enthralled (Borealis)
2260 Paul Lamb & King Snakes: Take Your Time Get It Right(Indigo)
2261 Paul Marl’s Van Dorens: Smartest Man In Room (Radiation)
2262 Peetie Wheatstraw: The Devil's Son-In-Law 1939-1941 (Wolf)
2263 Phil Alvin: County Fair 2000 (Hightone)
2264 Phil Lee: So Long, It's Been Good To Know You (Palookaville)
2265 Rickey Godfrey: Nasty Man (Serenity Hill)
2266 Robert Cray: Shame & Sin (Mercury)
2267 Robert Cray: Sweet Potato Pie (Mercury)
2268 Robert Cray: Take Your Shoes Off (Ryko)
2269 Robert Wilkins/Gus Cannon: Memphis Blues (Wolf)
2270 Roosevelt Sykes: Music Is My Business (Tomato)
2271 Roy Buchanan: Live Stock (Polydor)
2272 Roy Hynes: Stealing Genius (Borealis)
2273 Roy Trevino: Roy Trevino (Troubador)
2274 Sam Cooke: With The Soul Stirrers (Ace)
2275 Scott Ellison: Ice Storm (Earwig)
2276 Scott McKeon: Can't Take No More (Provogue)
2277 Sherman Robertson: I'm The Man (Indigo)
2278 Skip James: Devil Got My Woman (Vanguard)
2279 Sonny Moorman Group: More Live As Hell (Atlas)
2280 Sonny Rhodes: Out Of Control (King Snake)
2281 Sonny Rhodes: A Good Day To Play The Blues (Stony Plain)
2282 Sonny Rhodes: Blue Diamond (Stony Plain)
2283 Sonny Terry: Black Night Road (Tomato)
2284 Stan Webb: Webb (Indigo)
2285 Staple Singers: Freedom Highway (CBS)
2286 Sylvia Striplin: Give Me Your Love (Charly)
2287 Taj Mahal: (2CD) The Very Best Of (Global)
2288 T-Bone Walker: Low Down Blues (Charly)
2289 Terry Callier: Essential - The Very Best Of (MCA)
2290 Terry Robb: When I Play My Blues Guitar (Burnside)
2291 The Once: The Once (Borealis)
2292 The Who: Then And Now (Polydor)
2293 Tim Woods: The Blues Sessions (Earwig)
2294 Tino Gonzales: Nuke The World (DixieFrog)
2295 Tommy Ridgley: (2CD) King Of The Stroll (Acrobat)
2296 V/A: (2CD) Livin' That Wild Life - Gospel Masters (Acrobat)
2297 V/A: Soul Of The '60s Vol 1 - Calla Records (AVI)
2298 V/A: (3CD) Beg, Borrow Or Steal - The Origins, Music and
Influences Of Robert Johnson (Catfish)
2299 V/A: (2CD) Cincinnati Blues (Catfish)
2300 V/A: (4cd) Oh Happy Day (Charly)
2301 V/A: Up All Night - 30 Original Soul Underground Hits (Charly)
2302 V/A: Up All Night - 30 Northern Soul Classics (Charly)
2303 V/A: (2CD) Chicago Blues - Chance Era (no box) (Charly)
2304 V/A: (2CD) Chicago Blues - Golden Era (no box) (Charly)
2305 V/A: Downey Blues (HMG/Hightone)
2306 V/A: Best Of Hollywood Records Vol 2 (Hollywood)
2307 V/A: King Of The Blues - A Tribute To Muddy Waters (Hybrid)
2308 V/A: (3CD) The Robert Johnson Connection (Indigo)
2309 V/A: (3CD) Hellhounds On Their Trail (Indigo)
2310 V/A: (2CD) Blues Roots Of Rock 'N Roll (Performance)
2311 V/A: (4CD) The Blues Box (Proper/Basix)
2312 V/A: Jubilation (Rhino)
2313 V/A: (2CD) Buxton '95 - Alexis Korner Memorial (Sanctuary)
2314 V/A: (2CD) Where The Action Is! (Sanctuary)
2315 V/A: Ric Tic Relics Vol 1 (Soulworld)
2316 V/A: Rhythm & Booze (Stateside)
2317 V/A: Tease! The Beat Of Burlesque (Verve)
2318 V/A: ABCO Records Presents (Wolf)
2319 V/A: Best Of Mustique Blues Vol 1 (Wolf)
2320 V/A: Best Of Country Blues - Southern Camptown Blues (Wolf)
2321 V/A: Best Of Country Blues Women Vol 1 1923-1930 (Wolf)
2322 V/A: Chicago Blues Sessions Vol 8 (Wolf)
2323 V/A: Mississippi Blues 1935-1951 (Wolf)
2324 V/A: Rough Guide To Cajun & Zydeco (World Music Network)
2325 Weather Report: Heavy Weather (Columbia)
2326 Wes Montgomery: Original Jazz Classics Collection (OJC)
2327 Willie Dixon: The Big Three Trio (Columbia)
2328 Willie Dixon: Poet Of The Blues (Columbia Legacy)
2329 Willie Dixon: The Big Three Trio (SPV)
2330 Young Neal & The Vipers: One's Enough (King Snake)
2331 Barry Goldberg Blues Band: Blowing My Mind (Acadia)
2332 Ben Vaughn Combo: Beautiful Thing (Noble Rot)
2333 Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows: Self titled (Flying Fish)
2334 Bill Jackson: Long Steel Rail (Testament)
2335 Bruce Katz Band: A Deeper Blue (Severn)
2336 Calvin Russell: Dream Of The Dog (Last Call)
2337 Chubby Carrier’s Bayou Swamp Band: Zydeco Junkie (S’delic)
2338 Cissy Houston: Face To Face (HOB)
2339 Clarence Spady: Just Between Us (Severn)
2340 Connie Lush: Unfaithfully Yours? (Blue Rhythm)
2341 Daryl Davis: American Roots (Armadillo)
2342 Dave Nachmanoff: Step Up (Troubador)
2343 David Axelrod: Heavy Axe (BGP)
2344 David Johanson: And The Harry Smiths (Chesky)
2345 El Seven Nite Club: Featuring Big Sugar (Provogue)
2346 Eric Clapton: (2CD) One More Car, One More Rider (Reprise)
2347 Ernest Ranglin: Below The Bassline (Island)
2348 Human Orchestra: (2cd) Human Orchestra (Jasmine)
2349 James Taylor Quartet: 1987 (BGP)
2350 Jerry Lee Lewis: Last Man Standing - The Duets (Artfull)
2351 Jimmy Page: Outrider (Geffen)
2352 Jimmy Witherspoon: Gone With The Blues (Jasmine)
2353 John Gary Williams: John Gary Williams (BGP)
2354 Johnny Turner: Blues With A Feeling (Testament)
2355 JP Soars: More Bees With Honey (Soars High Productions)
2356 Kinsey Report: Midnight Drive (Alligator)
2357 Larry Johnson: Two Gun Green (Armadillo)
2358 Long John Hunter: Ride With Me (Alligator)
2359 Long John Hunter: Swinging From The Rafters (Alligator)
2360 Lonnie Brooks: Bayou Lightning Strikes-no back cover(Alligator)
2361 Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter & Phillip Walker: Lone Star
Shootout (Alligator)
2362 Nils Petter Molvaer: ER (Sula)
2363 Pattersonaires: Why Not Try My God (HMG)
2364 Ray Gelato: Hey There (Double Scoop)
2365 Shane Henry: Deliverance (Shanachie)
2366 Slim Harpo: The Best Of (Excello)
2367 Spirit Memphis Quartet: Traveling On (HMG)
2368 Terry Callier: Lifetime (PolyGram)
2369 Tom Waits: Small Change (Asylum)
2370 Tom Waits: Nighthawks At The Diner (Asylum)
2371 V/A: Looking Good - Symphony In Midnight Blue Mohair (BGP)
2372 V/A: Best Of King, Federal & Deluxe Doo-Wop Vol 1(Collects)
2373 V/A: Best Of King, Federal & Deluxe Doo-Wop Vol 2 (Collects)
2374 V/A: The Very Best Of The Blues Vol 1 (Collectables)
2375 V/A: Not The Same Old Blues Crap Vol 3 (Fat Possum)
2376 V/A: (2CD) Pulp Fusion - Bustin' Loose (Harmless)
2377 V/A: Bawdy Blues (OBC)
2378 V/A: Chicago - The Living Legends, South Side Blues (OBC)
2379 V/A: Dial 3 For Northern Soul (Outta Sight)
2380 V/A: Soul Of Chicago (Shanachie)
2381 Airborne Toxic Event: Airborne Toxic Event (Major Domo)
2382 Alex Bradford: Close To Heaven (Charly)
2383 Allen Toussaint: Mr New Orleans (Charly)
2384 Amos Milburn: (2CD) Booze, Babes, Blues & Boogie (Indigo)
2385 Angelic Gospel Singers: Touch Me Lord (Heritage)
2386 Anson Funderburgh, Otis Grand and Debbie Davies: Grand
Union (Blueside)
2387 Anthony Gomes: Music Is The Medicine (Ruf)
2388 Anthony Gomes: Live (Ruf)
2389 Avail Hollywood: Drinking Again (Desert Sounds)
2390 Ben Harper: The Will To Live (Virgin)
2391 Ben Harper & Blind Boys Of Alabama: Live At Apollo (Virgin)
2392 Bernard Allison: Hang On (Ruf)
2393 Bernard Allison: Kentucky Fried Blues - Live (Ruf)
2394 Bernard Allison: Times Are Changing (Ruf)
2395 Bernard Allison: Across The Water (Ruf)
2396 Bessie Smith: Blues Queen - Definitive Collection (Definitive)
2397 Big Joe Turner: Greatest Hits (Sequel)
2398 Bill Perry: Crazy Kind Of Life (Blind Pig)
2399 Bill Perry: Raw Deal (Blind Pig)
2400 Blind Boys Of Alabama: Holdin' On (House Of Blues)
2401 Blind Boys Of Alabama: Atom Bomb (Real World)
2402 Blind Boys Of Alabama: Tell It On The Mountain (Real World)
2403 Blind Boys Of Alabama: Spirit Of The Century (Real World)
2404 Blind Willie McTell: (2CD) Mr McTell Got The Blues (Snapper)
2405 Bo Diddley: I'm A Man (Jasmine)
2406 Boz Scaggs: Come On Home (Virgin USA)
2407 Buddy Guy: Blues Singer (Silvertone)
2408 Buddy Guy: Damn Right, I've Got The Blues (Silvertone)
2409 Buddy Guy: Skin Deep (Silvertone)
2410 Buddy Guy: Hold That Plane (Vanguard)
2411 Buddy Guy: This Is Buddy Guy (Vanguard)
2412 Cal Valentine: The Texas Rocker (Black Magic)
2413 Caravans: Amazing Grace (Charly)
2414 Charles McCormick: Many Moods Of Charlie (Desert Sounds)
2415 Charles Walker: I'm Available (Superbird)
2416 Charlie Wood: And New Memphis Underground (Daddy-O)
2417 Corey Stevens: Albertville (Ruf)
2418 Darlene Love: The Sound Of Love - The Very Best Of (Sony)
2419 Davis Sisters: 1949/52 (Heritage)
2420 Derek & The Dominos: Layla (Polydor)
2421 Edwin Hawkins Singers: Best Of (Sequel)
2422 Hank Ballard & Midnighters: All 20 Of Their Chart Hits (King)
2423 Harmonizing Four: 1950/55 (Heritage)
2424 Henry Mancini: The Music From Peter Gunn (Buddha)
2425 Hitchin' Post: Death Valley Junction (Glitterhouse)
2426 Ivory Joe Hunter: (2CD) Blues At Sunrise - Essential (Indigo)
2427 James Taylor Quartet: (2CD) Mission Impossible/Hand Of The
Inevitable (Snapper Recall)
2428 James Taylor Quartet: The Collection (Universal)
2429 Jeb Loy Nichols: Just What Time It Is (Ryko)
2430 Jim White: No Such Place (Luaka Bop)
2431 Jimi Hendrix: Fire - The Collection (Experience Hendrix)
2432 Jimmie Vaughan: Out There (Epic)
2433 Jimmie Vaughan: Strange Pleasure (Epic)
2434 Jimmy Smith: Home Cookin' (Blue Note)
2435 Jimmy Smith: Dot Com Blues (Blue Thumb)
2436 Jimmy Smith Trio: The Master (Blue Note)
2437 Joan Baez: In Concert Part 2 (Vanguard)
2438 Joanna Connor Band: The Joanna Connor Band (MC)
2439 Joe Louis Walker: Cold Is The Night (Hightone)
2440 Joe Maphis: Fire On The Strings (Tbird)
2441 John Mellencamp: No Better Than This (Rounder)
2442 Johnny Jones: I Was Raised On The Blues (Black Magic)
2443 Johnny Nicholas: Thrill On The Hill (TopCat)
2444 Johnny Otis: Let's Live It Up (King)
2445 Jubalaires: Singing Waiters (Heritage)
2446 Kokomo Arnold: 1934-1937 (Black & Blue)
2447 Larry LaDon: Living On Borrowed Time (Black Magic)
2448 Lloyd Jones: Love Gotcha (Blind Pig)
2449 Longview: Longview (Rounder)
2450 Louis Jordan: (2CD) Jumpin' And Jivin' (Snapper Recall)
2451 Manu Dibango: African Soul - The Very Best Of (Mercury)
2452 Mark Harrison: Watching The Parade (Mark Harrison)
2453 Mark The Harper: Man On A Mission (Turquoise City)
2454 Mick Clarke Band: No Compromise (Taxim)
2455 Mick Simpson: Hard Road (Live Wire)
2456 Mississippi John Hurt: In Concert (Blue Moon)
2457 Muddy Waters: Folk Singer (Charly)
2458 National Gallery: Keep It Clean (Rhiannon)
2459 Oliver Nelson, King Curtis & Jimmy Forrest: Soul Battle (OJC)
2460 Paul Mark & The Van Dorens: Trick Fiction (Radiation)
2461 Preacher Boy: Gutters And Pews (Blind Pig)
2462 Radio Four: Radio Four (Heritage)
2463 Radiotones: Bound To Ride (Buzz)
2464 Radiotones: Gravel Road (Buzz)
2465 Rainer & Das Combo: The Texas Tapes (Glitterhose)
2466 Rainer & Das Combo: Barefoot Rock (Glitterhouse)
2467 Renee Austin: Sweet Talk (Blind Pig)
2468 Reverends, The: The Reverends (The Reverends)
2469 Robby Ameen: Days In The Life (Two And Four)
2470 Robert Lowery: Rainin' Down Blues (Wolf)
2471 Robert Nighthawk: Sweet Black Angel (Roots)
2472 Ron Franklin: Ron Franklin (Alive)
2473 Rounders, The: Wish I Had You (Blind Pig)
2474 Ryan Adams & Cardinals: (2CD) Cold Roses (Lost Highway)
2475 Sally Martin Singers: Precious Lord (Charly)
2476 Sarah Vaughan: (3CD) The Very Best Of (EMI)
2477 Silversun Pickups: Swoon (Dangerbird)
2478 Sleepy John Estes: 1935-1938 (Black & Blue)
2479 Staple Singers: Uncloudy Day (Charly)
2480 Sweet Claudette: That Man's Got To Go (Reel)
2481 Tailgators: It's A Hog Groove! (Upstart)
2482 Tal Farlow: (2CD) Modern Jazz Archive (Membran)
2483 Tamco: Don't Think Twice (Edition)
2484 T-Bone Walker: (2CD) Born To Be No Good (Snapper Recall)
2485 Tomato And The Hot Stuff Band: Live! (Blue Rhythm)
2486 V/A: Rhythm & Blues Legends Vol One (Blue Moon)
2487 V/A: (2CD) New York Is Our Home (Blue Note)
2488 V/A: Speedball - No Room For Squares V (Blue Note)
2489 V/A: (4CD) Nothin' But The Blues (Castle Pulse)
2490 V/A: Chicago Twine Time (Charly)
2491 V/A: Windy City Soul (Charly)
2492 V/A: Delmark 40th Anniversary - Blues (Delmark)
2493 V/A: Jump 'n' Shout - New Orleans Blues & Rhythm (Delmark)
2494 V/A: On The Battlefield (Delmark)
2495 V/A: The United Records Story (Delmark)
2496 V/A: West Coast Jive (Delmark)
2497 V/A: Gin House Blues (Flapper)
2498 V/A: (2CD) Drunk And Nutty (Indigo)
2499 V/A: Boogie Woogie Boys (Magpie)
2500 V/A: Shout, Sister, Shout (MC)
2501 V/A: Collector's Choice (Rounder)
2502 V/A: Chicago Slide Guitar Masters (SagaBlues)
2503 V/A: Plantation Blues - Cotton Patch & Tobacco Belt (Saga)
2504 V/A: The Songsters Tradition - Before The Blues (SagaBlues)
2505 V/A: Traveling Man - A Blues Travel Guide (SagaBlues)
2506 V/A: Great Googa Mooga Vol 1 (Sequel)
2507 V/A: New York Doo-Wop 1958-66 (Sequel)
2508 V/A: (3CD) Jazz Box (Union Square)
2509 V/A: Best Of Country Blues (Wolf)
2510 Willie Lomax Blues Revue: Ribs Are Ready (Big Boss)
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2511 Arthur Nielson: Hell Of A Nerve! (DixieFrog)
2512 Arthur Nielson: Moan & Cry (DixieFrog)
2513 B.B. King: Live At San Quentun (MCA)
2514 B.B. King: (2CD) His Definitive Greatest Hits (Universal)
2515 Banu Gibson: Livin' In A Great Big Way (Swing Out)
2516 Banu Gibson: My Romance (Swing Out)
2517 Banu Gibson: You Don't Know My Mind (Swing Out)
2518 Banu Gibson’s Hot Jazz Orchestra: Let Yourself Go (SwingOut)
2519 Beth Rowley: Little Dreamer (Blue Thumb)
2520 Big Ed Sullivan: It Takes A Big Big Man (DixieFrog)
2521 Big Ed Sullivan: Run The Border (DixieFrog)
2522 Big Joe Turner: Every Day In The Week (MCA)
2523 Big Jon Short: Big Shorty (Hoe-Made)
2524 Blue Rhythm Boys: At Last (Big Beat)
2525 Booker T Laury: Nothin' But The Blues (Bullseye)
2526 Brian Setzer Orchestra: Jump, Jive An' Wail-Best Of (I’scope)
2527 Charles Brown: Just A Lucky So And So (Bullseye)
2528 Dave Derby: And The Norfolk Downs (Reveal)
2529 Dusters, The: Dang (DixieFrog)
2530 Fond Of Tigers: Continent & Western (Drip)
2531 Fond Of Tigers: Release The Saviours (Drip)
2532 Fontella Bass: The Best Of Fontella Bass (MCA)
2533 Golden Gate Quartet: Incredible (DixieFrog)
2534 Howlin' Wolf: The Genuine Article (MCA)
2535 Jelly Roll Morton: Vol 2 1924-29 (King Jazz)
2536 Jimmy King: Live At Monterey (Bullseye)
2537 Jimmy King: Soldier For The Blues (Bullseye)
2538 Jimmy McCracklin: A Taste Of The Blues (Bullseye)
2539 Jimmy McCracklin: My Story (Bullseye)
2540 Jimmy Reed: The E.P. Collection (See For Miles)
2541 John Lee Hooker: Everybodys Blues (Ace)
2542 John Lee Hooker: Legendary Modern Recs 1948-1954 (Ace)
2543 John Lee Hooker: Endless Boogie (MCA)
2544 John Lee Hooker: Boom Boom - Collectors Ed. (Pointblank)
2545 John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers: With Eric Clapton (London)
2546 Johnny Sansone: Watermelon Patch (Bullseye)
2547 Jumpin' Johnny Sansome: Crescent City Moon (Bullseye)
2548 Larry McCray: Ambition (Pointblank)
2549 Larry McCray: Delta Hurricane (Pointblank)
2550 Layla Zoe: Shades Of Blue (Indie-Pool)
2551 Little Jimmy King: Something Inside Of Me (Bullseye)
2552 Little Richard: 22 Classic Cuts (Ace)
2553 Louis Bo Collins: Mr. Bo - If Trouble Was Money (Blue Suit)
2554 Matt Smith: Free Beer & Chicken (DixieFrog)
2555 Michelle Willson: Evil Gal Blues (Bullseye)
2556 Michelle Willson: Wake Up Call (Bullseye)
2557 Mose Allison: Mose Allison Sings (Prestige)
2558 Ornette Coleman: The Shape Of Jazz To Come (Atlantic)
2559 Paul Filipowicz: Midnight At The Nairobi Room (Big Jake)
2560 Phil Brown: Cruel Intentions (DixieFrog)
2561 Preston Shannon Band: Break The Ice (Bullseye)
2562 Radio Kings: Money Road (Bullseye)
2563 Shannon Curfman: Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions (Arista)
2564 Sly & The Family Stone: The Best Of (Epic)
2565 Steve Johnson: Bluestoons (DixieFrog)
2566 Tiny Bradshaw: The EP Collection (See For Miles)
2567 V/A: New Blues Classics (Bullseye)
2568 V/A: (2CD) Absolutely Best Of The Blues Vol 3 (Fuel 2000)
2569 Walter 'Wolfman' Washington: Sada (Pointblank)
2570 Alexis Korner: Blues From The Roundhouse (GVC)
2571 Beat Daddys: South To Mississippi (Waldoxy)
2572 Ben Harper & Blind Boys Of Alabama: Will Be Light (Virgin)
2573 Bluestone Co.: Bluestone Co. (Big Stone)
2574 Bobby Radcliff: A Cold Grave In Your Way (Black Top)
2575 Bobby Radcliff: Universal Blues (Black Top)
2576 Brother Jack McDuff: Brotherly Love (Concord)
2577 Buddy Guy: Live! The Real Deal (Silvertone)
2578 Burton Gaar: Mighty Long Road (Louisiana Red Hot)
2579 Burton Gaar: Home Of The Blues (Sound Venture)
2580 Cal Hollow: Two Bulb Twilight (Cello)
2581 Captain Beefheart: Safe As Milk (Castle Classics)
2582 Chris Cotton: I Watched The Devil Die (Yellow Dog)
2583 Chris Rea: The Blue Jukebox (Tru Note)
2584 Clarence Dobbins: The Soul Of A Man (Reach Hi)
2585 Clarence Spady: Nature Of The Beast (Evidence)
2586 Clarke Boland: (2CD) Big Band Oct 29 1969 (Delta)
2587 Cosa Nostra: (2CD) Patriarcas De La Rumba (Rumba Classic)
2588 Dan Treanor & Frankie Lee: African Wind (NorthernBlues)
2589 Darby & Talton: Ooze It Up To Me (Acrobat)
2590 David Jacob-Strain: Live From The Left Coast (DJS)
2591 Davis Coen: Jukebox Classic (Soundview)
2592 Deep River Boys: (2cd) London Harmony (Acrobat)
2593 Dick Campbell: Blue Winds Only Know (Revola)
2594 Dixon Brothers: How Can A Broke Man Be Happy? (Acrobat)
2595 Druce & Jones: Songs From The Silver Band Room (Dusty)
2596 Duke Ellington: (2CD) The Masters (Eagle)
2597 Eddie Turner: Rise (NorthernBlues)
2598 Eddie Turner: The Turner Diaries (NorthernBlues)
2599 Eden Brent: Mississippi Number One (Yellow Dog)
2600 Eef: Life Without You (Blue River)
2601 Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi: Great Lost Album (Veejay)
2602 Gospel Harmonettes: Camp Meeting (Veejay)
2603 Hans Olson: Hans Olson (Sky Ranch)
2604 Harmonizing Four: God Will Take Care Of You (Veejay)
2605 Highway QC's: Jesus Is Waiting (Veejay)
2606 Howlin' Wolf: (2CD) 28 Great Blues Ballads
2607 Ike Turner/Jackie Brenston: Rocket 88 - Proper Intro (Proper)
2608 J.B. Beverley: Watch America Roll By (promo) (Helltrain)
2609 J.J. Barnes: Best Of - Baby Please Come Back Home (CC)
2610 James Thunderbird Davis: Check Out Time (Black Top)
2611 Jesse Thomas: Lookin' For That Woman (Black Top)
2612 Jimmy McGriff: Best Of The Sue Years 1962-1965 (Stateside)
2613 Jimmy Norman: Little Pieces (Wildflower)
2614 Joanie Pallatto: As You Spend Your Life (Southport)
2615 John L Holmes y los amigos: The Holmes Stretch
2616 John Lee Hooker: (2cd) The Complete Vol 1 (Body&Soul)
2617 John Lee Hooker: (2cd) The Complete Vol 2 (Body&Soul)
2618 John Lee Hooker: (2cd) The Complete Vol 3 (Body&Soul)
2619 John Lee Hooker: (2cd) The Complete Vol 4 (Body&Soul)
2620 John Mayall: Crusade (Decca)
2621 John Mayall's Blues Breakers: Bare Wires (Decca)
2622 Ken Saydak: It's My Soul (Evidence)
2623 Kipori Woods: Big Black Cadillac (Louisiana Red Hot)
2624 L.A. Blues Authority: L.A. Blues Authority (Blues Bureau Int)
2625 Lennie Tristano: The New Tristano (Atlantic Jazz)
2626 Little Barrie: Stand Your Ground (Wall Of Sound)
2627 Little Esther Phillips: Mistrustin' And Deceivin' (Acrobat)
2628 Little Johnny Kantreed: Bring Me A Little Water (ANJ)
2629 Little Richard: Greatest Hits Live (Epic)
2630 Margret: Com Você (Sunnyside Communications)
2631 Maria Rolls: The Blues Is A Lady (Wild Orchid)
2632 Mighty Clouds Of Joy: Best Of.... (Universal)
2633 Monty Alexander, Ray Brown & Herb Ellis: Trio (Concord)
2634 Muddy Waters: King Bee (CBS)
2635 Muddy Waters: (2CD) Call Me Muddy Waters (Music Ave)
2636 Muddy Waters: (3CD) Anthology (Not Now)
2637 Paul Cowley Trio: Live (LouB)
2638 Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac: Live At Marquee (Receiver)
2639 Professor Longhair: Mardi Gras In New Orleans (Proper)
2640 Ray Charles: At Newport (Atlantic)
2641 Ray Charles: Genius & Friends (Atlantic)
2642 Ray Charles: The Genius Of (Atlantic)
2643 Ray Charles: The Great (Atlantic)
2644 Richard Digance: A Varied Selection (RDE)
2645 Richard 'Hacksaw' Harney: Sweet Man (Edsel)
2646 Rick 'L.A. Holmes' Holmstrom: Lookout! (Black Top)
2647 Rising Sons: Featuring Taj Mahal And Ry Cooder (Columbia)
2648 Robert Bradley: New Ground (Vanguard)
2649 Robert Ealey: I Like Music When I Party (Black Top)
2650 Robert Johnson: King Of The Delta Blues Singers (Columbia)
2651 Ron Beer: The Blues Don't Say It All (Ron Beer)
2652 Sam Cooke: The Man And His Music (RCA)
2653 Sister Hazel: Chasing Daylight (Croakin' Poets)
2654 Son House: Father Of The Delta Blues (CBS)
2655 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: (2CD) Sportin' Life (Proper)
2656 Swan Silvertones: (2cd) 1946/51 (Acrobat)
2657 Swan Silvertones: Pray For Me (Veejay)
2658 Swan Silvertones: Singin' On My Soul (Veejay)
2659 T-Bone Walker: Everytime - A Proper Intro (Proper)
2660 Toni Lynn Washington: Been So Long (NorthernBlues)
2661 Trish Murphy: Captured (Southbound)
2662 V/A: Queen Of Hits - The Macy Recordings Story (Acrobat)
2663 V/A: This Is Americana (American Music)
2664 V/A: Essential Gospel Sampler (CBS)
2665 V/A: Precious Lord (CBS)
2666 V/A: Expressin' The Blues (Cello)
2667 V/A: Booze & The Blues (Columbia)
2668 V/A: Great Blues Guitarists - String Dazzlers (Columbia)
2669 V/A: Messed Up In Love (Columbia)
2670 V/A: (2CD) Where The Blues Was Born (K-Box)
2671 V/A: (Almost) Everybody Slides (Sky Ranch)
2672 V/A: Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own (Stateside)
2673 Vicky Fifield: & Devotion (F-Ire)
2674 Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots: Lit Up! (Wildroots)
2675 Z Z Top: XXX (RCA)
2676 Allman Brothers Band: Eat A Peach (Capricorn)
2677 Band, The: A Musical History - The Best Of (Capitol)
2678 Beverley Knight: Music City Soul (Parlophone)
2679 Big Babe Martin & Chump Change: Ain't It Funny (B. Martin)
2680 Big Bill Broonzy: Vol 7 - 1935 (Masters Of Jazz)
2681 Big Bill Broonzy: Unissued Test Pressings (Milan)
2682 Big Sugar: Five Hundred Pounds (Provogue)
2683 Billie Holliday: (3CD) The Essential (Soho)
2684 Bullmoose Jackson: Badman Jackson That's Me (King)
2685 Cecil Gant: Cecil's Jam Session (Zircon)
2686 Dave Lennox: Lufthalle (Note)
2687 Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Deslauriers: En Duo (Justin Time)
2688 Eddie Jones: Plays The Blues (DeWolfe)
2689 Elvis Presley: (3CD) The Real Elvis Presley (Sony)
2690 Hack Bartholomew: Lifting Jesus Up Down In New Orleans (HB)
2691 Jimmy Witherspoon: Sings The Blues (AIM)
2692 Johnny A: Get Inside (Favored Nations)
2693 Johnny A: Sometime Tuesday Morning (Favored Nations)
2694 Louis Prima: Collectors Series (Capitol)
2695 Memphis Slim: Life Is Like That (King)
2696 Ray Charles: (2CD) Just Ray (Air)
2697 Ray Charles: Best Of Ray Charles: The Atlantic Years (Rhino)
2698 Scott Hamilton: (2CD) Groove Yard (Snapper Recall)
2699 Sheryl Warner: Lucky Oil On My Hand (SW)
2700 Stevie Wonder: Innervisions (Motown)
2701 V/A: Blues Across America - The Dallas Scene (Cannonball)
2702 V/A: (2CD) Essential Blues Piano (House Of Blues)
2703 V/A: Battle Of The Blues Vol 4 (King)
2704 V/A: Highway Of Blues (King)
2705 V/A: (3CD) Ladies Sing The Blues (Union Square)
2706 V/A: (3CD) The Birth Of The Blues (Union Square)
2707 Vivian Vance Kelly: Hit Me Up (Wolf)
2708 Word, The: The Word (Ropadope)
2709 Zakarrias: Zakarrias (Cherry Tree)
2710 Amos Milburn: (2CD) Thinking & Drinking (Blue Orchid)
2711 Ann Rabson: Music Makin' Mama (Alligator)
2712 Arthur Louis: Knockin On Heavens Door (Wet Bird)
2713 Astrud Gilberto: Jazz Masters 9 (Verve)
2714 Atomic Roots Orchestra: Border Radio Gamble (ATO)
2715 B. B. King: Deuces Wild (MCA)
2716 B.B. King: (2CD) Electric Blues (Not Now)
2717 Big Bill Broonzy: Southern Blues -Masterworks Vol 49 (Charly)
2718 Big Bill Broonzy: Big Bill Broonzy (Topaz Blues)
2719 Big Bill Broonzy/Muddy Waters: Big Bill's Blues (Roots)
2720 Bill Perry: Love Scars (Pointblank)
2721 Billy White Trio: Illusionation (Grooveyard)
2722 Blues Swingers, The: Who's Yo' Daddy (Swing Pan Alley)
2723 Bo Diddley: (2CD) Hey! Bo Diddley (Not Now)
2724 Bob Bingham: Alone At Last (Mitawan)
2725 Bob Wills & Texas Playboys: Swing Hi! Swing Lo! (Music Club)
2726 Canned Heat/Screamin' Jay Hawkins: (2CD) Have I Got Blues
For You (Dressed To Kill)
2727 Captain Beefheart: The Mirror Man Sessions (Buddha)
2728 Carmin Turco: Angel (Orchard)
2729 Charles Brown: (2CD) Cryin' Mercy (Blue Orchid)
2730 Christine Perfect: Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (CBS)
2731 Coleman Hawkins/Ben Webster: Compact Jazz (Verve)
2732 Cooper Terry & Night Life: Take A Ride With... (Blue Flame)
2733 Count Basie: At Newport (Verve)
2734 David Speegle: Dim Lights And Candles (Prestige)
2735 Desmond Dekker: The Israelites (Castle)
2736 Diamond Jim Greene: Just A Dream (Black Magic)
2737 Dixie Hummingbirds: Jesus Has Traveled ... (Gospel Friend)
2738 Django Reinhardt: Django's Music (Hep)
2739 Doobie Brothers: Listen To The Music - Best Of (Warners)
2740 Eddie Boyd: Complete Recs 1947-50 (Blues Collection)
2741 Eddie Boyd: Complete Recs 1951-53 (Blues Collection)
2742 Eddie Boyd: Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (Columbia)
2743 Eddie King: Another Cow's Dead (Roesch)
2744 Ella Fitzgerald: The Intimate Ella (Verve)
2745 Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: Ella & Louis (Verve)
2746 Elvis Presley: Elvis In The Movies (Jasmine)
2747 Eric Dolphy: Iron Man (Charly)
2748 Etta James: Life, Love & The Blues (BMG)
2749 Etta James: Blues From The Big Apple (Music Avenue)
2750 Fats Domino: Kings Of Beat 3 (Repertoire)
2751 Fats Waller: Fun With Fats (Charly)
2752 Fenton Robinson: Mellow Fellow - Masterworks 41 (Charly)
2753 Fleetwood Mac: The Pious Bird Of Good Omen (Blue Horizon)
2754 Fleetwood Mac: Blues Jam In Chicago Vol Two (Columbia)
2755 Floyd Lee: Ain't Doin' Nothin' Wrong (Mogla)
2756 Four Tops: Classic - Universal Masters Collection (Motown)
2757 Freddie Brooks Band: One Little Word (King Ace)
2758 Funk Brothers: The Best Of - Millennium Collection (Motown)
2759 Garth Webber: Get A Grip On The Blues (Crosscut)
2760 Gay Adegbalola: Bitter Sweet Blues (Alligator)
2761 Golden Age Quartet: Our Story (Columbia)
2762 Golden Gate Quartet: Golden Years (FD Music)
2763 Grant Geen: Am I Blue (Blue Note)
2764 Guitar Jack: Losin' Hand (Mango)
2765 Guitar Junior: The Crawl - Blues Masterworks Vol 1 (Charly)
2766 Hank Williams: 24 Of Hank Williams Greatest Hits (Mercury)
2767 Hideaway: Come Inside (Parsifal)
2768 Isley Brothers: Forever Gold - A Collection (Epic)
2769 James Nixon: No End To The Blues (Black Magic)
2770 James Taylor: Hourglass (Columbia)
2771 Janis Joplin: Pearl (Columbia Legacy)
2772 Jerry Lightfoot & The Essentials: Burning Desire (CRS)
2773 Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Experience (Polydor)
2774 Jimmie Rodgers: The Very Best Of (BMG)
2775 Jimmy Nations Combo: Tarheel Boogie (Rubric)
2776 Jimmy Reed: (2CD) The Anthology (Not Now)
2777 Jimmy Rip: Way Past Blue (House Of Blues)
2778 Jimmy Smith: Compact Jazz (Verve)
2779 Jimmy Vivino’s Rekooperators: Do What, Now? (Music Masters)
2780 Joe Krown Trio: Old Friends (Joe Krown)
2781 Joe Weaver: Baby I Love You So (Black Magic)
2782 John Coltrane: Blue Train (Blue Note)
2783 John Lee Hooker: The Folk Lore Of (Charly)
2784 John Lee Hooker: Travelin' (Charly)
2785 John Lee Hooker: Shake It Baby - Masterworks 45 (Charly)
2786 John Lee Hooker: Best Of Friends (Pointblank)
2787 John Lee Hooker: Jealous (Pointblank)
2788 John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat: Best Of (Disky)
2789 Johnny Cash: The Man In Black - Definitive Collection (CBS)
2790 Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash: Duets (Columbia Legacy)
2791 Johnny Whitehill: Guitar Slinger (Indigo)
2792 Johnny Winter: Live In NYC '97 (Pointblank)
2793 Jon Buck Project: Voltaire Road (Jon Buck)
2794 Josh White: Blues Singer 1932-1936 (Columbia)
2795 Julian Cannonball Adderley: Somethin' Else (Blue Note)
2796 Katherine Whalen: Dirty Little Secret (M.C.)
2797 Katherine Whalen: Whalen's Jazz Squad (Mammoth)
2799 King Pleasure & Biscuit Boys: Blues & Rhythm Revue (Castle)
2800 Kinsey Report: Crossing Bridges (Pointblank)
2801 Lance Anderson: Shorthanded (Make It Real)
2802 Leadbelly: Blues & Folk Singer (Saga Blues)
2803 Lee Dorsey: Freedom For The Funk (Charly)
2804 Leroy Carr: The Piano Blues 1930-1935 (Magpie)
2805 Little Milton: Running Wild Blues (Charly)
2806 Lonnie Johnson: He's A Jelly Roll Baker (Bluebird)
2807 Louis Jordan: Rock 'N Roll Call (Bluebird)
2808 Ma Rainey: (2CD) Hustlin' Blues (Blue Orchid)
2809 Mama's Bad Boys: Family Business (Mama's Bad Boys)
2810 Marie Knight: Hallelujah What A Song (Gospel Friend)
2811 Mark Bird Stafford: Harp Space (Mark Stafford)
2812 Mellow Fellows: Street Party (Alligator)
2813 Memphis Minnie: (2CD) The Essential Recordings (Primo)
2814 Memphis Slim: (2CD) Boogie After Midnight (Not Now)
2815 Michael Buffalo Smith: Something Heavy (Mill Kids)
2816 Michael Hill's Blues Mob: Bloodlines (Alligator)
2817 Michael Osborn: A Case For The Blues (Crosscut)
2818 Mike Bloomfield: RX For The Blues (Pilz)
2819 Mongo Santamaria: Fuego (Fania)
2820 Muddy Waters: (3CD) Rollin' Stone (Green Line)
2821 Muddy Waters: (2CD) The Best Of (Not Now)
2822 Nelson Adelard: Blues Still Got A Hold On Me (Blue Track)
2823 Nick Drake: Pink Moon (Island)
2824 Nick Drake: Way To Blue - An Introduction (Island)
2825 Nick Woodland: Big Heart (Enja)
2826 Nina Simone: (2CD) Gold (Universal)
2827 Otis Grand: Nothing Else Matters (Sequel)
2828 Otis Spann: The Biggest Thing Since Colossus (Columbia)
2829 Paul Black And The Flip Kings: King Dollar (HOB)
2830 Paul Cebar: Tomorrow Sound Now For Yes Music People
2831 Preacher Boy: Crow (Whatup)
2832 Ray Charles: (2CD) Mess Around (Proper)
2833 Rick Moore: Slow Burning Fire (MRL)
2834 Rob Orlemans: Into The Spirit (Grooveyard)
2835 Robert Cray Band: Bad Influence (Demon)
2836 Robert Johnson & Friends: (2CD) Rough Guide (World Music)
2837 Rosco Gordon: Rosco's Rhythm (Charly)
2838 Ryan Adams: Demolition (Lost Highway)
2839 Ryan Adams: Rock n Roll (Lost Highway)
2840 Sean Chambers: Strong Temptation (Vestige)
2841 Siegal-Schwall Band: Flash Forward (Alligator)
2842 Star Of Bethlemhem: Above My Head (Gospel Treasure)
2843 Steve Miller Band: Fly Like An Eagle (Arcade)
2844 T.D. Bell And Erbie Bowser: It's About Time (Black Magic)
2845 Taj Mahal: The Best Of The Private Years (Private)
2846 Tamela Mann: Gotta Keep Movin' (Tillymann)
2847 T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Shuffle - Masterworks Vol 14 (Charly)
2848 Ten Years After: Cricklewood Green (EMI)
2849 Tommy Hill: Rolling With Tommy In 2000 (High Hill)
2850 Tony Mathews: Condition: Blue (HMG)
2851 Tyrone Hibbs Hip-Shakers: Let's Jump Tonight (Blue Horizon)
2852 V/A: Genuine Houserockin' Music V (Alligator)
2853 V/A: Atlantic Soul Classics (Atlantic)
2854 V/A: South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way (Charly)
2855 V/A: (2CD) Chicago Blues - Vee Jay Era (no box) (Charly)
2856 V/A: (2CD) Very Best Of The Blues (Demon)
2857 V/A: This Is The Blues Vol Two (Eagle)
2858 V/A: (3CD) I'm A Bad, Bad Girl - Dusky Divas(no box) (Indigo)
2859 V/A: (3CD) Roll & Tumble Blues - Slide Guitar -no box (Indigo)
2860 V/A: (3CD) Sweet Home Chicago -no box (Indigo)
2861 V/A: Way Up Yonder - A Celebration Of Lake Records (LAKE)
2862 V/A: Good Blues Tonight (Memoir)
2863 V/A: (3CD) Beginner's Guide To The Blues (Nascente)
2864 V/A: (2CD) Best Of Cajun & Zydeco (Not Now)
2865 V/A: That Left Coast Is Swinging (Pacific Blues)
2866 V/A: Highlights From The History Of R & B 1925-42 (R & B)
2867 V/A: Black Heroes - From Stagger Lee To Joe Louis (Saga)
2868 V/A: Blow-Up (OST) (Sony)
2869 V/A: Tinsel Tunes - More Holiday Treats (Sugar Hill)
2870 V/A: A Tribute To Howlin' Wolf (Telarc)
2871 V/A: Exile On Blues Street (Telarc)
2872 V/A: Testament Records Sampler (Testament)
2873 V/A: Songs 4 Worship - Soul (Time Life)
2874 V/A: Dealing With The Devil (Varése Sarabande)
2875 V/A: (2CD) Blues Makers - Natural Blues 2 (Wrasse)
2876 V/A: Psychedelic Jazz (Jazzclub)
2877 W.C. Clark: Deep In The Heart (Alligator)
2878 Wilco: A Ghost Is Born (Nonesuch)
2879 Willis Gator Tail Jackson: On My Own (Whiskey, Women…)
2880 Woody Guthrie: Dustbowl Ballads (BMG)
2881 B. B. King: Sings Spirituals (Ace)
2882 B. B. King: The Fabulous (Ace)
2883 B.B. King: He's Dynamite! (Ace)
2884 B.B. King: Woke Up This Morning (Proper)
2885 Billy Jones: Tha' Blues (Black & Tan)
2886 Bukka White: Parchman Farm Blues (Roots)
2887 Byrds, The: The Very Best Of (Columbia)
2888 Captain Beefheart: A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To
A Diamond (Virgin)
2889 Chick Roberts: Blue Turning Gray (Old Blue Goat)
2890 Chocolate Syrup/Jimmie Briscoe & The Little Beavers: Battle
Of The Bands Round Four (Sequel)
2891 Corey Stevens: Road to Zen (Discovery)
2892 Corey Stevens: Blue Drops Of Rain (Eureka)
2893 Ed Earley Band: Going On Blue (Ed Earley)
2894 Ed Earley Band: Raggedy Old Car Blues (Ed Earley)
2895 Ella Fitzgerald: The Best Of Rodgers & Hart (Delta)
2896 Fleetwood Mac: Green Shadows - Classics And Rarities
Featuring Peter Green (Union Square)
2897 J. Geils Band: Best Of (Atlantic)
2898 James Armstrong: Sleeping with a Stranger (Hightone)
2899 James Solberg: The Hand You're Dealt (Ruf)
2900 Jeff Healey Band: See The Light (Arista)
2901 Jimmy Ruffin: Ruff'N Ready (Universal)
2902 John Lee Hooker jr Blues Band: Blues With A Vengeance
2903 John Mohead: Lula City Limits (Okra-Tone)
2904 Leadbelly: (2CD) My Last Go Round (Snapper)
2905 Little Feat: Sailin' Shoes (Warners)
2906 Louis Jordan: (2CD) The Platinum Collection (Start)
2907 Louis Prima: The Wildest! (Capitol)
2908 Mike Henderson & The Bluebloods: Thicker Than Water
(Dead Reckoning)
2909 Mudbone: Fresh Mud (Influx)
2910 Paulie Bignell: Red Eye Flight (Paulie Bignell)
2911 Robert Johnson: (2CD) The Complete Recordings (Columbia)
2912 Roosevelt Sykes: Sings The Blues (promo copy) (Ace)
2913 Roosevelt Sykes: Music is My Business (Sarazong)
2914 Sarah McLachlan: Afterglow (Arista)
2915 Screamin' Jay Hawkins: Screamin' The Blues (CAS)
2916 Sonny Rodgers: They Call Me The Cat Daddy (Fattening
2917 Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal (Columbia Legacy)
2918 Taj Mahal: The Best Of Taj Mahal (Columbia Legacy)
2919 Taj Mahal: The Real Thing (Columbia Legacy)
2920 T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Blues (Sequel)
2921 Tri-Sax-Ual Soul Champs: Go Girl (Demon)
2922 V/A: Bluesville Vol 1 - Folk Blues (Ace)
2923 V/A: Cajun Classics - The Kings Of Cajun At Their Very Best
3015 Mark Selby: More Storms Comin (Vanguard)
3016 Martina Topley Bird: The Blue God (Independiente)
3017 Memphis Linda Jane: The Soul Of A Woman ()
3018 Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool (Capitol)
3019 Miles Davis: Decoy (Columbia)
3020 Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue (Columbia)
3021 Miles Davis: Mellow Miles (Columbia)
2924 V/A: Mojo Working - The Best Of Ace Blues (Ace)
3022 Miles Davis: Miles Ahead (Columbia)
2925 V/A: More Cajun Classics - The Kings Of Cajun At Their Very
3023 Miles Davis: Porgy And Bess (Columbia Legacy)
Best (Ace)
3024 Mitchell's Christian Singers: Vol.1 (Document)
2926 V/A: Cool Beat - 20 Rock Classics From The Sixties (Castle)
3025 Mitchell's Christian Singers: Vol.3 (1938-40) (Document)
2927 V/A: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Blues 3026 Muddy Waters Tribute Band: You're Gonna Miss Me (Telarc)
3027 Naughty Jack: Good Times (Wang Dang Doodle)
2928 V/A: Love & Jealousy - The Deeper Side Of Southern Soul
3028 Nina Simone: Sings The Blues & Nuff Said (Camden)
3029 Noah Wotherspoon: Buzz Me (APO)
2929 V/A: Blues Radio, Volume 1 (DixieFrog)
3030 Nublues: Dreams Of A Bluesman (Tekni)
2930 V/A: Highway 60s/70s - Blues Revisited (DixieFrog)
3031 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: A Sufi Supreme (Union Square)
2931 V/A: Highway 60s/70s - Blues Revisited Vol 2 (DixieFrog)
3032 Ola Dixon: Labor Of Love (Severn)
2932 V/A: Koko's Hideaway (DixieFrog)
3033 Oliver Schroer: Freedom Row (Borealis)
2933 V/A: Roots & New 2002 (Dixiefrog)
3034 Oliver Schroer: Hymns And Hers (Borealis)
2934 V/A: Soul Of A Man (DixieFrog)
3035 Otis Grand & The Dancekings: Always Hot (Indigo)
2935 V/A: Trouble In The Morning - Chicago Blues Of The Fifties
3036 Pace Jubilee Singers: Vol 2 (1928-1929) (Document)
3037 Paul Lamb & The King Snakes: Shifting Into Gears (Indigo)
2936 V/A: Bluesville - Original Blues Classics Sampler (OBC)
3038 Pee Wee Crayton: Blues After Hours - The Essential (Indigo)
2937 V/A: Balling The Jack - The Birth Of Nu-Blues (Ocho)
3039 Robert Cray: Strong Persuader (Mercury)
2938 V/A: Summertime Blues (Ruf)
3040 Robert Cray: Time Will Tell (Sanctuary)
2939 V/A: Where Blues Crosses Over - A Sampler (Ruf)
3041 Robert Cray Band: False Accusations (Hightone)
2940 V/A: Rich Man's War - New Blues & Roots Songs Of Peace
3042 Robert Cray Band: False Accusations (Mercury)
And Protest (Ruf)
3043 Robert Cray Band: I Was Warned (Mercury)
2941 V/A: Rock 'N' Roll Roots - The Blues Influence (Smith & Co)
3044 Robert Cray Band: Midnight Stroll (Mercury)
2942 Weepin Willie: At Last, On Time (APO)
3045 Robert Cray Band: Shoulda Been Home (Rykodisc)
2943 Xavier Cugat: In Person (Harlequin)
3046 Rockin Highliners: Oh My! (Stony Plain)
3047 Ron Campbell: Pure Blues Guy (Ron Campbell)
3048 Roosevelt Sykes: 1931-1941 (Wolf)
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3050 Santana: Black Magic Woman - The Best Of (Columbia)
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3051 Scott Holt: Dark Of The Night (Mystic)
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3052 Smith And Bruer: Searching For A Cool Basement (Turns)
3053 Sonny Thompson: Jam Sonny Jam 1947 - 1956 (Sequel)
3054 Soul Generation/The Joneses: Battle Of The Bands (Sequel)
3055 Station West: Blues In The Red House (T-Bone)
2944 Alan Jackson: The Greatest Hits Collection (Arista)
3056 Steppenwolf: 16 Greatest Hits (MCA)
2945 Andy White: Himself (Cooking Vinyl)
3057 Steve Potter: Like The Truth
2946 B. B. King: (2CD) Gold (Universal)
3058 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Texas Flood (Epic)
2947 Bessie Smith: Martin Scorsese Presents (Columbia Legacy)
3059 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn't Stand The Weather (Epic)
2948 Beyond The Pale: Postcards (Borealis)
3060 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Soul To Soul (Epic)
2949 Bill Monroe: 16 Gems (Columbia Legacy)
3061 Taj Mahal: Live And Direct (Magnum)
2950 Blind Willie McTell: Vol 2 (1931 - 1933) (Document)
3062 Taj Mahal: Phantom Blues (Private)
2951 Bo Diddley: The Collection (Spectrum)
3063 T-Bear & Dukes of Rhythm: Let The Sweet Talk Flow (El Toro)
2952 Bobby Bland: Master Of The Blues - The Best Of (Nectar)
3064 T-Bone Walker: Inventor Of Electric Guitar Blues (Blues Boy)
2953 Bobby Bland: Ask Me 'Bout Nothing (But Blues) (Spectrum)
3065 T-Bone Walker: Stormy Monday Blues (Sun)
2954 Bonnie Lou: Friction Heat 1953-58 (GVC)
3066 Yalloppin' Hounds: Ghetto Swing Extreme (Yalloppin' Hounds)
2955 BR5-49: BR5-49/Big Backyard Beat Show (T-Bird)
3067 Tractors, The: Farmers In A Changing World (Arista)
2956 Bronzeman, The: Radio Transcriptions 1939 (Document)
3068 Troy Turner: Blues On My Back (Telarc)
2957 Buddy Guy: The Collection (Spectrum)
3069 Twice As Good: If That's All Right With You (P&R Stewart)
2958 Buddy Guy: Blues Greats (Universal)
3070 V/A: Black Top Blues Vocal Dynamite! (Black Top)
2959 Buddy Scott: Bad Avenue (Gitanes)
3071 V/A: Black Top Blues-A-Rama Vol 5 (Black Top)
2960 Charley Patton: Vol 1 (1929) (Document)
3072 V/A: Acoustic Blue Chicago (Blue Chicago)
2961 Charley Patton: Vol 3 (1929 - 1934) (Document)
3073 V/A: (4CD) Mississippi Blues - N.O. To Chicago -no box(Castle)
2962 Chris Chown: Stompin' Grounds (Speakeasy)
3074 V/A: Acoustic Routes OST (Code 90)
2963 Chuck Berry: The Best Of (MCA)
3075 V/A: Feel Like Going Home - Martin Scorsese Presents (CBS)
2964 Cootie Stark: Sugar Man (Cello)
3076 V/A: Messed Up In Love And Other Tales Of Woe (Columbia)
2965 David Foster: What A Life - Lost LA Sessions (Trod Nossel)
3077 V/A: Soul Of A Man - Martin Scorsese Presents (Columbia)
2966 Earl Johnson: Volume 2 (1927-1931) (Document)
3078 V/A: Warming By Devil's Fire-Martin Scorsese Presents (CBS)
2967 Ellis Hooks: Undeniable (Zane)
3079 V/A: Planete Blues - The Essential Series (Cooking Vinyl)
2968 Eomot Rasun: Three Days Walkin' (APO)
3080 V/A: God Don't Like It - Document Shortcuts Vol 1 (Document)
2969 Eric Clapton: The Cream Of Clapton (Polydor)
3081 V/A: If You Take Me Back - Shortcuts Vol 2 (Document)
2970 Eric Clapton: There's One In Every Crowd (Polydor)
3082 V/A: A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan (Epic)
2971 Eric Clapton: From The Cradle (Reprise)
3083 V/A: New City Blues - Prestige/FolkLore Years Vol 2 (Fantasy)
2972 Eric Clapton: Journeyman (Reprise)
3084 V/A: Singing Out Loud -Prestige/Folklore Years Vol 4 (Fantasy)
2973 Eric Tessmer Band: Blues Bullets ()
3085 V/A: Absolutely The Best Of The Blues (Fuel 2000)
2974 Guy Forsyth: Needlegun Needlegun (Antones)
3086 V/A: Absolutely The Best Of The Blues Vol 2 (Fuel 2000)
2975 Hoodoo Kings: The Hoodoo Kings (Telarc)
3087 V/A: (3CD) Blowing The Blues - A History Of Blues Harmonica
2976 Howlin' Wolf: Memphis Days - A Proper Intro To (Proper)
1926-2002 (no box) (Indigo)
2977 Jackie Johnson: Memphis Jewel (Catfood)
3088 V/A: (3CD) The R&B Hits Of 1952 (no box) (Indigo)
2978 Jake Andrews: Jake Andrews (Antones)
(3CD) The R&B Hits Of 1953 (no box) (Indigo)
2979 James Gordon: My Stars Your Eyes (Borealis)
3090 V/A: He Digs Doo-Wop Volume 5 (Juke Box)
2980 Janis Joplin: Greatest Hits (Columbia)
3091 V/A: He Digs Doo-Wop Volume 6 (Juke Box)
2981 Jeff Healey Band: The Very Best Of (Camden)
3092 V/A: Best Of M.C. Records 1996-2002 (MC)
2982 Jimi Hendrix: Experience Hendrix : The Best of (MCA)
3093 V/A: (2CD) Very Best Of The Blues (Nascente)
2983 Jimmy Dillon: Undercover Man (Mystic)
3094 V/A: Johnny's Blues - Tribute To Johnny Cash (Northern Blues)
2984 Jimmy Witherspoon: Nobody's Business (Snapper Complete)
3095 V/A: (2CD) Blues Love Songs (Outcasts)
2985 Joe Liggins: Essential Recordings (Purple Pyramid)
3096 V/A: Great Jazz Pianists (Past Perfect)
2986 John Lee Hooker: (2CD) The Essence Of (Delta)
3097 V/A: Mr & Mrs Bridge (OST) (RCA)
2987 John Lee Hooker: It Serves You Right To Suffer (MCA)
3098 V/A: Easy Pickins (Rykodisc)
2988 John Walden: John Walden's Blues Band (Walden)
3099 V/A: Dirty Work Goin' On (Spectrum)
2989 Johnny Sparrow: And His Bows And Arrows (Collectables)
3100 V/A: The Sun Blues Years (Sun)
2990 Johnny Winter: The Collection (Castle)
3101 V/A: Down The Dirt Road - Songs Of Charley Patton (Telarc)
2991 Josh White: Blues And… (Wooded Hill)
3102 V/A: Hellhound On My Trail-Songs Of Robert Johnson (Telarc)
2992 Juan Zelada: High Ceilings & Collarbones -promo (Decca)
3103 V/A: (2CD) The Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack (Telstar)
2993 Junior Parker: The Collection (Spectrum)
3104 V/A: (2CD) While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Universal)
2994 Keb' Mo': The Door (Okeh)
3105 V/A: Best Of The Chicago Blues Volume One (Vanguard)
2995 Keb' Mo': Just Like You (Okeh)
3106 V/A: Gitanes Jazz - Trumpet (Verve)
2996 Keb' Mo': Keb' Mo' (Okeh)
3107 V/A: Latin Jazz (Verve)
2997 Kelly Harrell: Vol 2 (1926 - 1929) (Document)
3108 V/A: Soul Jazz (Verve)
2998 Kent Cooper: The Blues & Other Songs (Labor)
3109 V/A: (2CD) Blues Album (Virgin)
2999 Kent Cooper: The Blues & Other Songs Vol 2 (Labor)
3110 V/A: Downtown Blues Vol 2 (Virgin)
3000 Lazy Jumpers: Comin' On Like Gang Busters (El Toro)
3001 Leadbelly: Bourgeois Blues - Golden Classics 1 (Collectables) 3111 V/A: Danceland Years (Virgin/Pointblank)
3112 V/A: Sing My Blues Tonight-Ace (Ms) Masters Vol 1 (Westside)
3002 Leadbelly: Defense Blues - Golden Classics 2 (Collectables)
3113 Velvet Candles, The: The Story Of Our Love (El Toro)
3003 Leadbelly: Memorial Volume 3 & 4 (Collectables)
3114 Vince Converse: One Step Ahead (Mystic)
3004 Leadbelly: Party Songs / Sings & Plays (Collectables)
3115 Will Scott: Keystone Crossing (Will Scott)
3005 Leadbelly: Rock Island Line 1935-1943 (Naxos)
3116 Willie Lewis: A Legend Of His Time (Rhythm Bomb)
3006 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (Atlantic)
3007 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II (Atlantic)
3008 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin III (Atlantic)
3009 Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV (Atlantic)
3010 Little Walter: Juke - A Proper Intro To (Proper)
3011 Lonnie Shields: Midnight Delight (Rooster)
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3014 Malchicks, The: To Kill A Mockingbird (Cadiz)
3117 Big Bill Broonzy: 1934-1947 (Story Of Blues)
3118 Blue Traffic: More Tales Along The Way (Blue Traffic)
3119 Butler Twins, The: Not Gonna Worry About Tomorrow (JSP)
3120 Cats & The Fiddle: We Cats We'll Swing (Acrobat)
3121 Clarence Williams: Top Of The Town (Marshall Cavendish)
3122 Delany Davidson: Bad Luck Man (Voodoo Rhythm)
3123 Ella Fitzgerald: Love Songs (Universal)
3124 Gus Lambros & Electric Mud: Bad Gamble (Buster Puss)
3125 John Lee Hooker: Rock With Me (Acrobat)
3126 Johnny V's Blues Allstars: If Daddy Could See Me Now (Fest)
3127 Josh Clayton-Felt: Inarticulate Nature Boy (A&M)
3128 Josh White / Big Bill Broonzy: Josh White Come A-Vistin' Big
Bill Broonzy Comes A-Singing' (Empire)
3129 Lee Sankey: (2CD) My Day Is Just Beginning (Special Edition)
(A Ten Year Noose)
3130 Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell: 1930-1958 (Story Of Blues)
3131 Lisa Bourne: Bluehipnotik (JSP)
3132 Louis Jordan: Jukebox Hits Vol 2 - 1947-1951 (Acrobat)
3133 Lowell Fulson: Vol 2 - I'm A Night Owl (Acrobat)
3134 Menic: Railroad Blues Anthology (Voodoo Rhythm)
3135 Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers: Good Reaction (JSP)
3136 Monsters, The: Pop Up Yours! (Voodoo Rhythm)
3137 Morris Lane: Tenor Saxman (Acrobat)
3138 Move, The: The Early Years (Earl)
3139 Muddy Waters: Blue Skies: The Best Of Muddy Waters (Epic)
3140 Muddy Waters: Hoochie Coochie Man (Epic)
3141 Muddy Waters: King Of The Electric Blues (Epic)
3142 Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson: Best Of Both Worlds (Ripete)
3143 Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson: Best Of Both Worlds (Westside)
3144 Nathan Cavaleri Band: Nathan (Epic)
3145 Peetie Wheatstraw: 1930-1941 (Story Of Blues)
3146 Pussywarmers: Chronicles Of -no back cover (Voodoo Rhythm)
3147 Randy Volin & The Sonic Blues: Used Guitars (Brittbea)
3148 Richard Boals: That's The Truth (JSP)
3149 Richard Ross: Coming From Kansas City (A)
3150 Ruth Brown: Jukebox Hits 1949-1955 (Acrobat)
3151 Ruud Weber Band: New Blues (Lie Low)
3152 Sonny Boy Williamson: Eyesight To The Blind ‘51-54 (Acrobat)
3153 Steve Gibson: (2cd) It's So Good (Acrobat)
3154 Taj Mahal: Big Blues (Castle)
3155 T-Bone Singleton: Walkin' The Floor (JSP)
3156 Thomas Stelzer Trio: All Night Long (Sap)
3157 Tim Williams: Riverboat Rendezvous (Festival)
3158 Tutu Jones: I'm For Real (JSP)
3159 V/A: A Woman's Place Is In The Groove (Acrobat)
3160 V/A: Country Slide (Acrobat)
3161 V/A: West Coast Down Home Blues (Acrobat)
3162 V/A: If This Is Love (Blind Pig)
3163 V/A: White Line Flyers - Mile Melting Road Raves (Blind Pig)
3164 V/A: Thelma's Detroit Collective (Goldmine Soul Supply)
3165 V/A: This Is The Blues (JSP)
3166 V/A: Jazz Greats - Boogie Woogie (Marshall Cavendish)
3167 V/A: Jazz Greats - Jazz City Chicago (Marshall Cavendish)
3168 V/A: Voice Of Blues - Early Blues & Gospel 4 (Masked Marvel)
3169 V/A: British Blues All Stars At Notodden Blues Festival (SPV)
3170 V/A: Champions Of R&B (SPV)
3171 V/A: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy (SPV)
3172 V/A: Guitar Guitar - Bottles, Knives & Steel (SPV)
3173 V/A: Legends Of The Blues - Vol One (SPV)
3174 V/A: Let's Have A Ball (SPV)
3175 V/A: On My Merry Way (SPV)
3176 V/A: Please Play My Song (SPV)
3177 V/A: Roots Of R& B - Tribute To Robert Johnson Era (SPV)
3178 V/A: Country Blues Collector's Items 2 ‘31-37 (Story Of Blues)
3179 V/A: Greatest In Country Blues Vol 3 1929-56 (Story Of Blues)
3180 Washboard Sam: 1935-1947 (Story Of Blues)
4006 Bessie Smith: Classic Blues (Orbis)
4007 Big Bill Broonzy: Whiskey And Good Time Blues (Orbis)
4008 Big Joe Turner: Roll 'Em (Orbis)
4009 Big Joe Williams: Baby Please Don't Go (Orbis)
4010 Big Maceo: Worried Life Blues (Orbis)
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3226 Jerri Hart: Nice And Easy
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3231 JoCelyn Brown: True Praises (Kingsway)
4020 Champion Jack Dupree: Junker Blues (Catfish)
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3233 John Lee Hooker: Detroit Blues (Flyright)
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3241 Kory Montgomery Band: The Kory Montgomery Band (KMB)
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4031 Eric Clapton: And The Yardbirds (mostly Jeff Beck!) (Orbis)
3243 Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Peace & Love (M&S)
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4036 Hank Edwards: The Real Thing (Spark)
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4037 Howlin' Wolf: London Sessions (Orbis)
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4039 Jake Andrews: Time To Burn (Jericho)
3251 Lonnie Johnson: Tomorrow Night (Blues Forever)
4040 Jimmy Reed: You Don't Have To Go (Orbis)
3252 Louis Armstrong: Hot Five & Hot Seven (Giants Of Jazz)
4041 Jimmy Reed: Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (SPV)
3253 Marie: Full Of Fire (BAMM)
4042 Jimmy Witherspoon: Ain't Nobody's Business (Orbis)
3254 Mark Breitfelder & Jack Cook: Feed My Body To Fishes (NM)
4043 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Man (Orbis)
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4045 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Chillen (Zirconbleu)
3257 Muddy Waters: Blues Sky (Columbia Legacy)
4046 John Mayall: New Bluesbreakers (Orbis)
3258 Muddy Waters: Baby Please Don't Go (Vogue)
4047 Johnny Cash: Ring Of Fire - Legend Of (Universal)
3259 Nina Simone: (2CD) Songs To Sing - Best Of (Music Club)
4048 Koko Taylor: Wang Dang Doodle (Orbis)
3260 Nina Simone: The Great Nina Simone (Music Club)
4049 Leadbelly: Midnight Special (Orbis)
3261 One Too Many: One Too Many (Fountainbleu)
4050 Lee Sankey: My Day Is Just Beginning (A Ten Year Noose)
3262 Five Blind Boys Of Alabama: Closer Walk With Thee (Charly)
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4053 Lightnin' Hopkins: Autobiography In Blues (Tradition)
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4054 Lightnin' Slim: Rock Me Mama (SPV)
3266 Randy Garibay: Invisible Society
4055 Little Milton: Stand By Me (Orbis)
3267 Ras Smaila: Black Man's Blues (Blues Power)
4056 Little Richard: Long Tall Sally (Orbis)
3268 Ray Wilson: Unplugged (Wilson)
4057 Little Walter: Blues Boss Harmonica (Orbis)
3269 Rhett Tyler & Early Warning: My Passion (Herman's)
4058 Little Walter: Blues With A Feeling (SPV)
3270 Rico McFarland: Tired Of Being Alone (Evidence)
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4071 Muddy Waters: (2CD) The King Of Chicago Blues (Indigo)
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4072 Muddy Waters: Chicago Blues (Orbis)
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4074 Muddy Waters: The Universal Masters Collection (Universal)
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3285 Tony Z: Get Down With The Blues (Tone-Cool)
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3286 Tony Z: Kiss My Blues (Tone-Cool)
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3289 V/A: Jazz Café - The Blues (Bluebird)
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4082 Robert Cray: Who's Been Talkin' (Orbis)
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3190 Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Long Beach 1983 (Charly)
3293 V/A: Original Ragtime Classics (Charly)
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4085 Roosevelt Sykes: 44 Blues (Orbis)
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3297 V/A: Soul Sisters (Chess)
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3299 V/A: Jazzy Vibes (Demon)
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4091 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Blowin The Fuses (Tradition)
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3301 V/A: (2CD) The Best Country Ballads In The World Ever (EMI) 4092 Southside Donny: Moving On (Denny Snyder)
3199 Count Basie: Essential Jazz Vol 1 (Columbia)
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4093 Stacy Mitchhart: Gotta Get The Feeling Back Again (Dr Sam)
3200 David Avery: Feel Good For Awhile (Bonedog)
3303 V/A: Pure Vintage Blues - You Dirty Mistreater (Empress)
4094 Tampa Red: The Guitar Wizard (Orbis)
3201 Dennis Austin: Do You Know Him? (Word Inc)
3304 V/A: Pure Vintage Blues 2 - Mining Camp Blues (Empress)
4095 T-Bone Walker: Stormy Monday Blues (Orbis)
3202 Donny Noyes Project, The: Urban Rhythm (Urban Rhythm)
3305 V/A: Atomic Cocktails (Giant Steps)
4096 Tony Sarno: It's A Blues Thing (Icehouse)
3203 Double Trouble: Been A Long Time (Tone-Cool)
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3307 V/A: Paint It Blue - The Songs Of The Rolling Stones (HOB)
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3205 Down In The Alley: Bad Town Blues (Bad Moon)
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4100 V/A: Harmonica Blues (CRS)
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3310 V/A: (4CD) Blues (no box/outer sleeve) (Object)
4101 V/A: Rockin The Blues (CRS)
3208 Eddie Fisher: And The Next 100 Years (Chess)
3311 V/A: The Blues Experience (PolyGram)
4102 V/A: That Lonely Feeling Called The Blues (HighNote)
3209 Eddie 'Guitar Slim' Jones: Things I Used To Do (Blues Encore) 3312 V/A: American Blues (Putumayo)
4103 V/A: (3CD) The Devil's Music (no box) (Indigo)
3210 Emily Druce: New Day (Roly)
3313 V/A: Mississippi Blues (Putumayo)
4104 V/A: Le Blues 1 (country blues compilation) (Jazz Panorama)
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3314 V/A: Feelin' Good - The Very Best Of Sun Blues (Sanctuary)
4105 V/A: Blues At Christmas (Orbis)
3212 Eric Clapton: Pilgrim (Reprise)
3315 V/A: Jubilee Jezebels (Sequel)
4106 V/A: East Coast Blues (Orbis)
3213 Eric Clapton: Reptile (Reprise)
3316 V/A: Leopard Lounge Presents - The Jazz Singers (Warner)
4107 V/A: Texas Blues (Orbis)
3214 Eric Clapton: August (Reprise)
3317 Wildlive: Jammin The Blues (Mercury)
4108 V/A: Thirties' Blues (Orbis)
3215 Flanagan: The Chosen Few (Swashbuckle)
3318 Wilson Diesel: Short Cool Ones (Aurora)
4109 V/A: Guitar Player Presents - Electric Blues Vol 1 (Rhino)
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3319 Yardbirds: The Very Best Of The Yardbirds (Music Club)
4110 V/A: New Orleans Jazz 1918-1932 (Summit)
3217 Gales Bros, The: Left Hand Brand (House Of Blues)
4111 V/A: XNA Allstars (Swingin' Door)
3218 Gary Moore: Blues Alive (Virgin)
4112 V/A: (2CD) Blues - The Essential Album (Union Square)
3219 Gary Moore: After Hours (Virgin)
4001 (Big) Joe Turner: Jumpin' Tonight (SPV)
4113 V/A: (2CD) Natural Blues Album (Universal)
3220 Gerald Charlie: & Black Owl Blues (Just Trax)
4002 112 North Duck: Dog At Your Door (Applecopter)
4114 V/A: Chicago - The Blues Today! Vol 1 (Vanguard)
3221 Ike And Tina Turner: Too Hot To Hold (Javelin)
4003 Annita: What Good'll It Do Me (CRS)
4115 Velvetone: Switchback Ride (Crosscut)
3222 Inner Circle: World 2000 (Laserlight)
4004 B. B. King: The King Of The Blues (Orbis)
4116 Wynonie Harris: Around The Clock Blues (Orbis)
3223 James Rogers Band: Wanna Go Home (Mak)
4005 B. B. King: Take A Swing With Me (SPV)
4117 (Big) Joe Turner: Watch That Jive (President)
4118 Arthur Crudup: Dirt Road Blues (TIM)
4119 Astor Piazzolla: Tango Piazzola 1984-1989 (Music Club)
4120 B. B. King: Introducing B.B. King (MCA)
4121 B. B. King: The Very Best Of B.B. King (MCA)
4122 B. B. King: The World Of (Trace)
4123 B. B. King: The World Of B.B. King/Lonely Nights (Trace)
4124 Bert Wills: Mr. Politician (Gold Rhyme)
4125 Big Bill Broonzy: Stayin' Home With The Blues (Spectrum)
4126 Bill Monroe: The Essential Collection (Spectrum)
4127 Bill Sims: Bill Sims (Warner)
4128 Bill Thomas: Ain't Halfsteppin (Bluetrack)
4129 Blind Willie McTell: Nobody Sings Blues Like 1 (Blue Planet)
4130 Blind Willie McTell: Nobody Sings Blues Like 2 (Blue Planet)
4131 Blind Willie McTell: Broke Down Engine Blues (Wolf)
4132 Bobby Darin: EMI Presents The Magic Of (EMI)
4133 Bobby Murray: The Blues Is Now (Viceroots)
4134 Buddy Holly: The Best Of (MCA)
4135 Check Shirt Floyd: Throw The Dice (Planet)
4136 Chris Rea: The Very Best Of (Magnet)
4137 Count Basie: Basie Best Vol. 2 (Charly)
4138 Count Basie: Listen, You Shall Hear (Hep)
4139 Cullen Winter: Sluggo Blues (Nice Ride)
4140 Danny George Wilson: The Famous Mad Mile (Fargo)
4141 Dennis Wright: Don't Wait (Durango)
4142 Dizzy Gillespie: Professor Bop (Charly)
4143 Eileen Joyce: Bluesman - A Tribute
4144 Ella Fitzgerald: L'Art Vocal Vol 5 1935-1939
4145 Elmore James: Come Go With Me (Charly)
4146 Eme James: Belongs To You
4147 Eric Clapton: Stages (Spectrum)
4148 Fats Domino: The Fat Man Sings (EMI)
4149 Fleetwood Mac: The Blues Years (Castle)
4150 Fleetwood Mac: Greatest Hits (Columbia)
4151 Fremonts, The: Mighty Crazy (Wooden Monkey)
4152 Glen Clark: Looking For A Connection (Dos)
4153 Hank Williams: The Best Of (Spectrum)
4154 Hills And Lemelin: Neither Here Nor There (H&L)
4155 Horace Silver: Doodlin' - A Proper Intro To (Proper)
4156 Howlin' Wolf: Moanin' At Moonlight - Blues Classics (Blue City)
4157 Hurricane Jay Laboy & In Step: Step Aside (Leric)
4158 Jay Owens: The Blues Soul Of Jay Owens (Code Blue)
4159 JHardine: Edify (Jhardine Farrell)
4160 Jimi Hendrix: Gangster Of Love (Charly)
4161 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Chillun (Charly)
4162 John Lee Hooker: Cream (Charly)
4163 John Lee Hooker: Don't You Remember Me (Charly)
4164 John Lee Hooker: House Rent Boogie (Charly)
4165 John Lee Hooker: Lets Make It (Charly)
4166 John Lee Hooker: Mambo Chillun - Masterworks 19 (Charly)
4167 John Lee Hooker: Plays And Sings The Blues (Chess)
4168 John Lee Hooker: Boom Boom (Pointblank)
4169 John Lee Hooker: (3CD) John Lee Hooker
4170 John P. Strohm: Caledonia (Flat Earth)
4171 Jon Brown: 70 Years Coming (Acid Blues)
4172 Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra: Jack O The
Green - Small World Big Band Friends 3 (Radar)
4173 Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra And Friends:
Small World Big Band (Warner)
4174 Jools Holland & R&B Orchestra: Live Performance (Beautiful)
4175 Josh White: Presenting (Signature)
4176 Junior Valentine: I Can Tell (Monkey Nerve)
4177 Ladysmith Black Mambazo: The Best Of (PolyGram)
4178 Leadbelly: Good Morning Blues (Topaz)
4179 Lee Sankey: She's Not Alone EP (10 Year Noose)
4180 Little Milton: We're Gonna Make It (Roots)
4181 Louise Taylor: Ride (Signature)
4182 Lynyrd Skynyrd: The Collection (Spectrum)
4183 Ma Rainey: Presenting (Signature)
4184 Mahalia Jackson: Queen Of Gospel (Music Club)
4185 Marnell: Keep On Climbing (Carent)
4186 Max Bangwell: King Of The Hill (Courtyard)
4187 Memphis Minnie: American Blues Legend (Charly)
4188 Memphis Slim: Nobody Loves Me (Wolf)
4189 Muddy Waters: They Call Me Muddy Waters (Blue City)
4190 Muddy Waters: Hoochie Coochie Man (Charly)
4191 Muddy Waters: The Essential Collection (Spectrum)
4192 Nate Campany & Serenade: The Only Bridge I Need (Lo Jinx)
4193 Otis Redding: The Heart & Soul Of (Castle)
4194 Paul Anka: Rock Swings (Verve)
4195 Ray Austin & Friends: No Other Way (Wonderland)
4196 Ray Charles: The Essential Collection (Metro)
4197 Ray Charles: (2CD) Shades Of Blue (Newsound)
4198 Ray Charles: Busted (Traditional)
4199 RG: The Project (272)
4200 Rick Hatfield: The Frill Is Gone (Jumpin’ Bobcats)
4201 Robert Cray: The Score - Masterworks 16 (Charly R&B)
4202 Robert Johnson: King Of Delta Blues - Mojo Workin' (CBS)
4203 Robert Johnson: (2CD) Gold Collection (Retro)
4204 Robinson Brothers: When I Get Home (Airtight)
4205 Roland Sanchez: Salsa Hawaii (Arc)
4206 Roosevelt Sykes: Music Is My Business (Charly)
4207 Rudy Rotta: Live In Kansas City (Just Teasin)
4208 Sammy Six Gilkey: To The Rescue (Chueffa)
4209 Sarah Vaughan: The Essential (Metro)
4210 Sid Phillips & His Clarinet: Ridin' High (Sunflower)
4211 Snibb: Snibb (Manhattan)
4212 Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee): Blues Legend (Charly)
4213 Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller): Best Of (Spectrum)
4214 Sonny Terry: American Blues Legend (Charly)
4215 Superstition: Bones
4216 T-Bone Walker: T.Bone Shuffle - Masterworks 14 (Charly)
4217 T-Bone Walker: Presenting (Signature)
4218 Terry Daily: I've Paid My Dues (promo) (Great Country)
4219 Tomato And The Hot Stuff: Taking A Chance (Blue Rhythm)
4220 V/A: Shouting the Blues (Aspect)
4221 V/A: Boogie Woogie Stomp! (ASV)
4222 V/A: Ladies Sing The Blues (ASW Living Era)
4223 V/A: RCA Victor 80th Anniversary 1940 - 1949 (BMG)
4224 V/A: Teachin The Blues - 21 Blues Originals Which Inspired
Eric Clapton (Charly)
4225 V/A: Twenty Gospel Greats (Charly)
4226 V/A: Legends Of The Blues Vol One (Columbia)
4227 V/A: Mojo Workin - Blues For The Next Generation (Columbia)
4228 V/A: Roots Of American Music-Chicago Inner City Blues (Delta)
4229 V/A: Hot Biscuits - House Of The Blues Sampler (HOB)
4230 V/A: American Blues (MCA)
4231 V/A: Feel Like Goin' Home (Pointblank)
4232 V/A: Empty Bed Blues - Best Of Good Time Mommas (Pulse)
4233 V/A: (2CD) Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Blues Classics (Retro)
4234 V/A: R&B Classics (Spectrum)
4235 V/A: Knights Of The Blues Table (Viceroy)
4236 V/A: Playing The Blues (Virgin)
4237 V/A: Judgement Day - Songs Of Robert Johnson (Warlock)
4238 V/A: Natural Blues (Wrasse)
4239 V/A: Blue Midnight (Zillion)
4240 War: War (Avenue)
4241 Wynonie Harris: Here Comes The Blues (President)
4242 Wynonie Harris: All She Wants To Do Is Rock (Proper)
4243 Benny Goodman: A Jazz Holiday - The Early Benny Goodman
1926-31 (Living Era)
4244 Billie Holiday: God Bless The Child (Proper)
4245 Blind Lemon Jefferson: Match Box Blues (Indigo)
4246 Blind Willie McTell: Statesboro Blues (Indigo)
4247 Elmore James: The Sky Is Crying (BMG)
4248 Jack Hylton Orchestra: She Shall Have Music (Living Era)
4249 Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra: Amapola (Living Era)
4250 Jimmy Witherspoon: Ain't Nobody's Business (Indigo)
4251 Jimmy Witherspoon: Whole Blues & Nothing But Blues (Indigo)
4252 John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson: Sugar Mama (Indigo)
4253 Joseph A. Malgeri: I Bid You Welcome - Part One (Fictitious)
4254 Leadbelly: Good Mornin' Blues (Living Era)
4255 Lightnin' Slim: Blue Lightnin (Indigo)
4256 Lonnie Johnson: Blues In My Fingers (Indigo)
4257 Louis Armstrong: L'Art Vocal Vol 2 - 1926-1938
4258 Memphis Minnie: Black Widow Stinger (Indigo)
4259 Memphis Slim: Ambassador Of The Blues (Indigo)
4260 Muddy Waters: Mississippi Rollin' Stone (Magnum)
4261 Muddy Waters: Rollin' Stone (Magnum)
4262 Muddy Waters: Volume 1 - Rolling Stone (Roots)
4263 Peter Green: Katmandu (Play)
4264 Peter Parcek: The Mathmatics Of Love (Redstar)
4265 Richie Milton: Straight Ahead, No Stoppin - promo (Right Track)
4266 Tampa Red And Big Maceo: Guitar & Piano Duets (Indigo)
4267 V/A: 20 Gospel Greats (Cascade)
4268 V/A: 20 Great Blues Recordings Of 50s And 60s (Cascade)
4269 V/A: 20 More Gospel Greats (Cascade)
4270 V/A: (2CD) Nothing But The Blues (Hit)
4271 V/A: (2CD) Ultimate Blues (Hit)
4272 V/A: Q Rhythm & Blues (Hit)
4273 V/A: Little Rock Blues - Essential Country Girls (Indigo)
4274 V/A: Need A Shot - Essential Urban Blues (Indigo)
4275 V/A: Handful Of Keys (Living Era)
4276 V/A: Swinging The Blues (Living Era)
4277 V/A: All That Blues (OBC)
4278 V/A: Something New Something Blue (Sticky)
4279 V/A: 1995 - We Are The Blues (Verve)
4280 Woody Guthrie: Pastures Of Plenty - The Best Of (Prism)
4281 Woody Herman: (2CD) Wailin' With Woody (Snapper)
4282 Zocko Groendal & The Electra Blues Band: Deuce
4283 B.B. King: The Story (De Javu)
4284 B.B. King: Blues (Disky)
4285 Big Bill Broonzy: Members Edition (TKO)
4286 Big Joe Turner: Live -Shake, Rattle And Roll (Pilz)
4287 Billy Ray Deiz: The Nashville Tracks ()
4288 Billy Sheets: Please Tell Me Why (Big Clock)
4289 Blou: Blou Blanc Rouge! (I'Infini)
4290 Bobby Darin: Collectors Gold Vol 29 (Globe)
4291 Buddy Guy: Buddy Guy (Centurion Blues)
4292 Buddy Guy: Buddy Guy (Ibiza Entertainment)
4293 Charles Brown: Bobby Sox Blues (TKO Magnum)
4294 David Reavis Band: Soldier (promo) (David Reavis)
4295 Dr C. E. Williams: Real Touch Of Spirit (Touch Of Macedonia)
4296 Geno Parks: Live On The Air (3 track EP) (Eastlawn)
4297 Glen Gray: Swinging Sounds of Great Bands (Eric)
4298 Gospel Messengers, The: Without That Night
4299 Gregory Whitaker: And The R.E. Love Sr Traveling Choir
4300 Howlin' Wolf: 16 Greatest Hits (Route 1)
4301 James Brown: Essential Masters (Proper)
4302 Jay Owens: Movin On (eastwest)
4303 Jimmy Reed: Big Boss Man (Pilz)
4304 Jimmy Witherspoon: Aint Nobodys Business (Blue Boar)
4305 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Man (Blue Boar)
4306 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Man (Editions Atlas)
4307 John Lee Hooker: Sings Blues (TKO)
4308 John Lee Hooker: Electric (TKO Magnum)
4309 Johnny Favourite: Holiday Romance (Universal)
4310 Lacee: Lacee's Groove (Advantage)
4311 Leadbelly: The Very Best Of Leadbelly (Music Club)
4312 Leadbelly: Blues For You (Weton)
4313 Leadbelly: New Orleans (Weton)
4314 Leftover Salmon: Leftover Salmon (Compendia)
4315 Lightnin' Hopkins: Lonesome Dog Blues (Tring)
4316 Lil Green: Romance In The Dark (ABM)
4317 Lone Star Trio: Lone Star Trio (VLH)
4318 Lonnie Donegan: Rock Island Line - The Best Of (Kaz)
4319 Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington: The Best Of (Disky)
4320 Louis Jordan: The Essential - Volume 1 (Emporio)
4321 Louis Jordan: The Essential - Volume 2 (Emporio)
4322 Louis Jordan: The Essential - Volume 3 (Emporio)
4323 Pete Neuman & Real Deal: Box Of Yesterdays (Golden Pond)
4324 Ray Charles: The Collection (Castle)
4325 Ray Charles: (2CD) Legend - Best Of Early Years (Crimson)
4326 Scrapper Blackwell: Hard Time Blues (ABM)
4327 Selecter, The: Best Of (Disky)
4328 T-Bone Walker: Evil Hearted Woman (Proper)
4329 T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Blues (Proper)
4330 T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Jumps Again (Proper)
4331 T-Bone Walker: T-Bone Shuffle (Proper)
4332 Ted Heath And His Orchestra: Sweet And Lovely (Pegasus)
4333 V/A: Chicago Black Small Bands (ABM)
4334 V/A: Chicago Urban Blues (ABM)
4335 V/A: Guitar Blues (ABM)
4336 V/A: Harlem Blues (ABM)
4337 V/A: New Orleans Blues (ABM)
4338 V/A: West Coast Down Home Blues (ABM)
4339 V/A: (2CD) Straight To Blues (Bianco)
4340 V/A: Bebop Revolution (Bluebird)
4341 V/A: Empire Made - The In Crowd Vol 2 (Cherry Red)
4342 V/A: Low Down St Louis Blues (Classic Blues)
4343 V/A: Here 'Tis (Connoisseur)
4344 V/A: Blue Demons (Demon)
4345 V/A: Blue Cat Blues - All Instrumental (Easydisc)
4346 V/A: Blues After Hours (Easydisc)
4347 V/A: Blues Moods (Easydisc)
4348 V/A: Blues Of Robert Johnson (Easydisc)
4349 V/A: Songs Of The Stanley Brothers (Easydisc)
4350 V/A: Hell Of A Night With The Blues (Emporio)
4351 V/A: New Artist Development (Hi-Lites)
4352 V/A: World Of The Blues (MCR)
4353 V/A: The Giants Of Jazz Vol 2 (Object)
4354 V/A: Presenting The Best Of The Blues (Signature)
4355 V/A: Presenting The Great Blues Singers (Signature)
4356 V/A: Absolute Jazz (Slam)
4357 V/A: Best Of British Jazz (TKO Magnum)
4358 V/A: Blues Roots (Tomato)
4359 V/A: Steeped In The Blues Tradition (Tradition)
4360 B. B. King: How Blue Can You Get (Going For A Song)
4361 B. B. King: Sweet Little Angel (Hallmark)
4362 Bessie Smith: Bessie's Blues (Hallmark)
4363 Big Joe Turner: The Forties Vol 1 - 1940-46 (Fabulous)
4364 Blind Willie McTell: The Legend Of (Going For A Song)
4365 Canned Heat: Vintage (Fabulous)
4366 Charlie Christian: Electric Guitar Genius (Going For A Song)
4367 Charlie Parker: Bluebird (Hallmark)
4368 Duke Ellington: Vol 2 - Take The 'A' Train (Musketeer)
4369 Eric Clapton: And Friends Live (Going For A Song)
4370 Eric Clapton & Friends: Live (Going For A Song)
4371 Eric Clapton: And The Yardbirds (Going For A Song)
4372 John Lee Hooker: Blues Is My Favourite Colour (For A Song)
4373 John Lee Hooker: Essential Collection (Half Moon)
4374 Johnny Otis: Willie And The Hand Jive (Going For A Song)
4375 Leadbelly: Live! (Fabulous)
4376 Leadbelly: Midnight Special (Going For A Song)
4377 Lightnin' Hopkins: Nightmare Blues (Going For A Song)
4378 Lil Green: Romance In The Dark (Fabulous)
4379 Muddy Waters: Live (Hallmark)
4380 Ray Drew: Too Much Lovin (Midnight Creeper)
4381 Robert Johnson: Last Of The Great Blues Singers (Fabulous)
4382 Robert Johnson: Crossroad Blues (Going For A Song)
4383 Scott Joplin: The Scott Joplin Story (déjà vu)
4384 Scott Joplin: The Entertainer (Going For A Song)
4385 Sonny Boy Williamson: All Time Blues Classics (Virgin)
4386 Sonny Boy Williamson: Sonny Boy Williamson (Virgin)
4387 Studio 99: The Dream- Tribute To Fleetwood Mac (For A Song)
4388 T-Bone Walker: Stormy Monday Blues (Half Moon)
4389 T-Bone Walker: Stormy Monday (Hallmark)
4390 Tony Bennett: The Essential Tony Bennett (Columbia)
4391 V/A: Early Blues Roots Of Bob Dylan (Catfish)
4392 V/A: Ground Breaking Blues - Blue Horizon Sampler (CBS)
4393 V/A: The Essential History Of Electric Blues (déjà vu)
4394 V/A: Rhythm & Blues Session (Fat Boy)
4395 V/A: Soul Nights (Fat Boy)
4396 V/A: Blues Eyed Blues (Hallmark)
4397 V/A: The Best Of Boogie Woogie (Hallmark)
4398 V/A: Boogie Woogie Stomp (Indigo)
4399 V/A: Chicago Blues - Vol 2: Raisin' Sand (Indigo)
4400 V/A: Dust My Blues - Mississippi Delta Blues (Indigo)
4401 V/A: Pickin' The Blues - Original Guitar Wizards (Indigo)
4402 V/A: Rockin' The House - R & B All Stars Vol 2 (Indigo)
4403 V/A: Roll And Tumble Blues - Slide Guitar Blues (Indigo)
4404 V/A: Big Boss Men (Selected Sound)
4405 V/A: Early Blues Roots Of Bob Dylan (Snapper Complete)
4406 V/A: (2CD) Blues By Five
4407 B. B. King: The Great B. B. King (Castle Pulse)
4408 B. B. King: Why I Sing the Blues (Delta)
4409 Benny Goodman: Jumpin' At The Woodside (SMS)
4410 Bessie Smith: Empress Of The Blues (Castle Pulse)
4411 Bessie Smith: Do Your Duty (Indigo)
4412 Bessie Smith: Empty Bed Blues Vol 4 1927-28 (Naxos)
4413 Bessie Smith: Preachin' The Blues 1925-27 (Naxos)
4414 Bessie Smith: St Louis Blues Vol 2 1924-25 (Naxos)
4415 Bessie Smith: Downhearted Blues (Naxos)
4416 Bessie Smith: The Empress Of The Blues (Prism)
4417 Bessie Smith: Empress Of The Blues (Saar)
4418 Big Bill Broonzy: King Of The Blues (Castle Pulse)
4420 Billie Holiday: The Legend Of Billie Holiday (MCA)
4421 Bix Beiderbecke: Leon Bismark Beiderbecke (Jazz Portraits)
4422 Eric Clapton: Eric Clapton (Biem)
4423 Eric Clapton: Strictly The Blues (Castle Pulse)
4424 Ink Spots: Sincerely Yours (Rolled Gold)
4425 Jimmie Rodgers: Famous Country Music Makers (Castle)
4426 John Lee Hooker: Legend The Best Of (Demon)
4427 John Lee Hooker: The Collection (Demon)
4428 John Lee Hooker: The Real Blues (Emporio)
4429 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Chillen (Indigo)
4430 John Lee Hooker: Introducing… (MCA)
4431 John Lee Hooker: Best Of John Lee Hooker (Music Club)
4432 John Lee Hooker: Boogie Awhile (TIM)
4433 John Lee Hooker: Hoogie Boogie (TIM)
4434 John Lee Hooker: I Feel Good (TIM)
4435 John Lee Hooker: Strike Blues (TIM)
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RED LICK RECOMMENDS HOT NEW RELEASES! continued from the front cover
Ace CD - CDCHD1345
Al Ferrier, Johnny Jano, Nathan Abshire, Tommy
Todd, Warren Storm, Rocket Morgan, Vince Anthony, Jivin’ Gene, Hunter Watts, Ronnie Bennett,
Arnold Broussard, Jay Chevalier and more.
The first in a proposed series of releases unearthing a
new seam of buried rock and roll treasure that has until
now languished in the vaults of independent Louisiana
labels since the fifties.
Following the agreement of new licensing deals
(not least with the estate of legendary entrepreneur and label owner Jay D. Miller), Ace has
been able to combine these hot new finds with
other tracks first uncovered more than 30 years
ago by Bruce Bastin of Flyright. And by using
modern technology and their own brand of
magic google-dust, they have re-invigorated the
sound quality of the original masters to allow us
the privilege of an hour or so of top quality
entertainment in the company of these rollicking
28 stonkers from unknown, barely-known and
(on this evidence) criminally-neglected artists.
Is it churlish to highlight favourites when every
last one of these tracks is situated somewhere between
rock solid and inspired? Well, either way, I am particularly partial to the country-fried version of Feel So Good
by Bill & Carroll & The Neches Valley Boys and Al Ferrier’s tremolo - heavy Indian Rock ‘N’ Roll which brings
to mind the great sound of Jack Scott’s early rockabilly
classics. And what exactly do we make of Rocket Morgan’s boogie piano-led version of Release Me (yes, we
are talking Englebert here)? Thankfully, the set just
never stops giving, even holding back some of the very
best moments until near the end - just check out the
teasing riff-led Little Bitty Mama by Rod Bernard & The
Twisters and the amazing version of Boogie Children
(John Lee Hooker’s Boogie Chillun to you and me) by
The Playboys with John Fred on vocals.
So, if you are a sucker for propulsive rhythms, hiccuping
vocals, reverb guitar, honking saxes, rolling piano fills
and, this being Louisiana, the sound of an accordion
and fiddle or two, I strongly recommend you do yourself
a favour and get this CD. And, if you like it as we think
you will, keep an eye out for the other CDs proposed for
the series.
Ask for CDCHD1345 - only £10.95 + p&p at Red Lick
Fantastic Voyage 2CD - FVDD105
Paul Gayten, Jack Dupree, Al Terry, Fats Domino,
Roy Brown, Frankie Ford, Chris Kenner and more.
What do they say? Great Louisiana rock and roll compilation are like buses - you wait ages for one to come
along and then they all come together.
Well, point proven, as along with the Ace CD, Fantastic
Voyage also visit Louisiana for the latest of their popular
regional rock and roll overviews. Thankfully, among the
51 tracks here, there is barely any duplication with the
Ace set and furthermore, the scope of this set is much
broader and looser, incorporating a balanced set mixing
famous names and big hits alongside fascinating rarities and unknowns.
Among the ‘famous’, the monumental Jerry Lee
Lewis bookends proceedings with two tracks,
Dale Hawkins’ classic Suzie Q is in, as are
Huey Piano Smith’s High Blood Pressure and
Later Alligator by Bobby Charles. Other star
names are present and correct but are pleasingly represented by rarely anthologised sides.
Of the ‘unknowns’, Cheater’s Can’t Win by
Margaret Lewis is a rough-hewn country soul
belter, Louisiana Boogie by Harry Choates
takes us rocking Arcadian Cajun-style, and Al
Terry’s Watch Dog offers a hopping tonguetwisting delight.
All in all, apart from Puppy Love by a 13 year old Dolly
Parton, there is not a dud on show and this is a highly
recommended purchase guaranteed to combine hours
of genuine entertainment while also further developing
an appreciation of the uniqueness and variety of popular
music as it came up through Louisiana.
Ask for FVDD105 - on offer at a special review price
of only £8.95 plus p&p until 19 October
Dirt Farmer
Vanguard CD - VCD79844
Not a new album of course but Levon’s superb album
from 2006. This was the album that won him a welldeserved Grammy Award and turned his career around,
leading to a creative resurgence that subsequently
resulted in the superb follow up CD Electric Dirt (798
612) and excellent Live At The Ryman album, available
on both CD (079 8582) and DVD (079 8589).
Unfortunately, this resurgence could not last and in early
2012 Levon succumbed to the
throat cancer that had taken
hold a number of years before.
Indeed, it was on this album
that the effects of this disease
on his vocal chords was first
noticeable, though at the time
the added cragginess and
fragility added a certain gravitas
to his voice and an increased
poignancy to the songs on the
Recorded in his own Woodstock studio, this was his first
studio album in over 20 years
and it was clear from the outset that he was intent on
making up for lost time. There is an extent to which this
is a concept album, seeking to capture a sense of a
rural America that he once felt part of
but now felt he had lost. The acoustic
instrumentation and songs employed
(re-arranging traditional material and
re-interpreting songs from contemporaries and friends, such as Steve
Earle and Buddy Miller) all gelled
perfectly, invoking the heart and soul
of country, gospel and folk into one
cohesive set. Like his work with The
Band many years before, this album
set a new benchmark for presenting
the history of America in musical form.
This album really is choc-full of special songs and performances such as
The Mountain, Little Birds, Anna Lee, the heartbreaking
closer Wide River To Cross and all the rest. And let’s
just be thankful we had his special talents while we did.
Ask for VCD79844 - on offer at a special review price
of only £11.75 + p&p until 19 October
The sheer diversity of the album works in its favour and I
love it all, but special mention must go to the laugh-out
loud versions of songs such as South American Joe,
Hard Hearted Hannah and, especially, Skirts.
If you liked the recent Ken & Bob CD on Grass Skirt and
have enjoyed the likes of CW Stoneking and Pokey
LaFarge over recent years, turn your ear to this!
Ask for LACD311 - on offer at a special review price
of only £11.75 + p&p until 19 October
Plays For Lovers
Jackpot CD - 48727
It has not escaped attention that we are
stocking an increasing amount of jazz
here at Red Lick. And why not? There is
a whole world of great jazz to catch up
on and our customers seem to appreciate the growing range and variety on
offer here at The Lickery.
For some customers however jazz is
still perceived as impenetrable, complex
and difficult. So what better way to help
the case for the defence than this reissue of a collection of standards and
ballads, first issued on LP by Prestige
but now re-mastered and extended to
include other fine recordings that fit the
context of the album.
Recorded in the mid-to-late 50s at different sessions,
and with a jaw-dropping array of supporting musicians,
the music on offer is always haunting and atmospheric,
with an emphasis on the melody and lyricism of each
song. Indeed the notes are often underplayed, allowing
some silence to build up the tension and effect.
In Glorious Mono
Lake CD - LACD311
I often jokingly tell Red Lick customers that I listen to a
lot of awful music so they don’t have to! There is sadly a
some truth in this as, far too often, eager anticipation of
a potential new-found gem of a CD soon gives way
boredom and annoyance. However, when little gems do
turn up, it all seems to be worthwhile, and here I now
am, the proverbial kitten that has found some cream.
This 23 track CD is a corker, incorporating vintage
American acoustic string music such as hot jazz, 1930s
swing, gypsy jazz, early blues,
American songbook crooning
and so much more, all thrown
together in just about the most
playing-est amalgam possible,
always respectful but not
overly reverential.
The core trio is led by multiinstrumentalist
Langham, ably supported by
Malcolm Sked and Danny
Blyth. Veterans of the UK jazz
scene, between them they play
everything from guitar, banjo,
mandolin, harmonica, clarinet,
tuba, even triangle and energetically apply it across a
bewildering canvas of musical styles - from the lively
gypsy jazz opener of Swing Gitane, through classic
period songs of Kern and Hammerstein, George and Ira
Gershwin and Irving Berlin, taking in Greig’s Norwegian
Dance (Op35 No 2), even ending the set with a sprightly
version of Louis Prima’s Oh, Marie. This is clearly music
made and played to be enjoyed.
However many times you listen, there is always something new to enjoy in the loveliness of great songs such
as My Funny Valentine, That Old Devil Moon, Nature
Boy, It Never Entered My Mind, or any of the 16 tracks
on display. The interplay between the trumpet of Miles
and the other musicians is simply stunning, only to be
expected perhaps when they variously include the sax
of John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, the piano of Red
Garland, Bill Evans and Horace Silver, the bass of
Charles Mingus and Paul Chambers, or the drums of
Elvin Jones, Art Blakey and Max Roach.
This might not be regarded as one of the major works
on which Miles reputation was forged, or now rests, but
it sure is a darned fine collection of haunting music for
the jazz –curious and jazz-committed alike. And at this
price, you just can’t go wrong!
Ask for 48727 - on offer at a special review price of
only £8.50 + p&p until 19 October
All reviews conceived, written and edited in Cardiff by Red
Lick. All reviews are the copyright of Red Lick Records Ltd
Factual mistakes, errors in judgement and taste, typos, poor
grammar and other botches are Tony’s fault & his fault alone.
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