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Nutrition Education and Healthy
Eating Series
Monday, May 11, 18, June 1, 8, 15
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Do you want to adopt a healthy eating style but aren’t
sure where to start? In this five part series we will explore options for eating healthy by learning the basic
principles of nutrition, reading food labels, practicing
portion control, creating healthy menus with flavorful
recipes, share cooking tips, taste some of the foods
prepared and shopping strategies.
• Nutrition Basics - Learn the basic principles of
healthy eating and receive tools and tips to help you
easily adopt healthy eating habits into your life.
• What are Good Protein Sources? - Learn how much
protein you need, good sources of protein and the
unique protein package found in beans, lentils and
• Why Are Whole Grains So Special and What Exactly Is Fiber? - Learn how to identify whole grain
products and foods rich in fiber and tips to easily
increase whole grains in your diet.
• Vegetables and Fruits: A Rainbow Of Nutrients Learn about the powerful nutrient rich-packages in
fruits and vegetables, hidden added sugars in food
and beverages, sweet alternatives to adopt variety
into your day.
• A Primer On Fats - Understand how different types
of dietary fat and cholesterol impact our health, learn
about healthy plant fats and tips to include moderate
amounts of healthy fats into your diet.
Magdolna Solti, MD
Dr. Solti is a medical oncologist and the
director of the Compass Survivorship
Program. She has been instrumental in the
ongoing development of this innovative
program designed to help patients regain
health, happiness and confidence after
treatment. She has advanced expertise in
breast cancer, cancer genetics and clinical
trials research.
Compass Oncology
Rose Quarter
265 N Broadway
Portland, OR
This event is FREE and open to the public. Space is
limited and registration is required. Light
refreshments will be served. Please call or email
Rosemary McDermott to reserve your space.
503.577.3655 [email protected]
Kristina Frank, RDN, LD
Kristina is a registered dietitian and earned
her degree from the University of Nebraska
– Lincoln and completed her internship at
University of Nebraska Medical Center. Her
professional experience includes nutrition
education in oncology, diabetes, cholesterol
and weight management. Kristina is a
member of the Oncology Nutrition Practice
Group and Academy of Nutrition and
Find your path to hope and healing at®
Rosemary McDermott, RN
Rosemary has devoted her practice to
oncology since 1975. She is an active nurse
educator at Compass, teaching classes on
a wide range of topics including “Getting
Started,” a must for those beginning