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Hello and Welcome
To the March edition of your
Health & Wellbeing Newsletter
From the Editor’s Desk
With winter just a couple of months away
it’s a good time to take stock of how well
our immune system is going, and what we
can do to improve it.
Typically it’s a time when everyone around
us is getting colds and flu. Are you one of
those persons who never gets sick, or do
you catch everything that’s going around?
1. Do you suffer from hay fever?
2. Do you get swollen and itchy eyes?
3. Do you get a scratchy or sore throat, or
a hoarse voice?
4. Do you get a runny nose?
5. Do you get congested sinuses?
6. Do you sneeze a lot?
7. Do you get regular coughs and colds?
8. Do you come down with the flu?
9. Do you get bronchitis?
10. Do you get lung infections?
11. Do you get pneumonia?
Yes to these questions indicates that you
need to start thinking about building up
your immunity so that you have greater
resistance to the viruses that make
themselves at home in our respiratory tract
during the colder months, or to the allergic
effects of pollens, moulds and dust.
What can you do?
Warm drinks are better than cold.
Drink plenty of warm filtered water.
Eat citrus fruits.
Have limes and lemons diluted 50/50
with warm water and a ½ teaspoon of
Vitamin C & Bioflavonoid Complex, and
1 teaspoon Manuka Honey 10+.
2 to3 times a day.
 Cod liver oil (liquid or capsule) for
Vitamin A & D.
 Take supplementary garlic (Kyolic)
 Home-made Chicken Soup with plenty
of yellow vegetables, onion and garlic.
 Eat a well-balanced wholefood diet.
 Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
 Keep warm and rug up when outdoors.
Following these suggestions now, will help
ward off the winter woes and fight the
fearsome flu.
Annette Sheppard
Life is what happens to us when we’re
making other plans John Lennon
At Ease Natural Therapies
eNews March 2015
AUSTRALIS is here page 3
Can’t lose weight? You could have Syndrome X
The chemical imbalance that makes men and women store FAT
Dr. Sandra Cabot
Dr. Sandra Cabot is an Australian medical doctor who has extensively
researched weight gain and weight loss. Her approach is to look at the
individual’s unique biology and identify possible chemical imbalances that might
be present, and that cause weight gain and a corresponding inability to lose
Her methods have helped thousands of people to drop those extra kilos, regain
their health, and maintain their weight within acceptable levels.
She identifies four different body types and how they respond differently to diet
and lifestyle. In particular she outlines how our responses to various hormonal
signals result in weight and health issues.
The book not only gives comprehensive information about the things that may
cause weight gain, it also offers a practical guide and recipes to kick start your
weight loss program.
How often have you reached a point where no matter what you do the weight
just won’t come off? Dr. Cabot gives lots of good advice about how to break
through the barrier and start to drop those hard to move kilos.
She gives advice about appropriate nutritional supplementation and special
foods that help with weight loss.
This book is well worth a read, especially if you’ve tried and failed
over the years to shift that extra, unwanted weight. It can be
purchased or ordered at most bookshops.
Did You Know?
Adequate amounts of B vitamins are essential for sound
mental health.
The RDI (recommended daily intake) is the minimum
required to avoid deficiency – not that required for optimal
health and wellbeing.
Thiamine – Vitamin B1 prevents Beriberi, a disease
characterised by neurological problems.
Riboflavin – Vitamin B2 helps prevent skin disorders and
problems with the mucus membranes. Cracks and sores at
the corner of the mouth may indicate a need for extra B2.
Niacin/Niacinamide - Vitamin B3 is implicated in mental
health problems and is essential for energy production, and
the prevention of skin disorders. It is involved in more than
50 biochemical reactions in our body.
Pantothenic Acid – B5 is related to cardiovascular
disorders, digestive problems and neuromotor
Pyridoxine – B6 is involved in 120 different enzyme
systems and is an important metabolic co-factor. Can be
implicated in convulsions, and is essential for skin health
and red blood cell formation.
Cobalamin/Cyanobalamin – B12 deficiency can have
serious repercussions. The aged, alcoholics, and
vegetarians (particularly vegans) are at risk and can
develop anaemia, and also sometimes irreversible
neurological and mental complications.
Folic Acid – B9 is implicated in anaemia, and deficiency in
pregnant women has been associated with neural tube
defects (Spina Bifida) in their babies. It is also involved in
the synthesis of the mood modulating neurotransmitters
noradrenalin and serotonin.
The B vitamins should always be taken as a B Complex
rather than individually, as taking excessive amounts of one
can disrupt the balance of the others. As you can see, if you
are not getting sufficient B vitamins your health could
suffer. Generally you should try to eat foods rich in these
nutrients, however, there are times when a high dose B
Complex formula might just give you that extra boost.
Put the SPICE back into Your
Generally we think of herbs and Spices as
something we add to our cooking to give it a
particular flavour or aroma. How often do we
realise that these additions to our diet have
been part of the international pharmacopeia for
thousands of years?
The medicinal value of plants - the fruits,
seeds, leaves, bark and roots, indeed any part
of the plant – was realised from the time of
primal man. Evidence of the use of various
plants for medicinal purposes goes back as far
as the archaeologists can record.
How much of this ‘folklore’ should we
believe – is it just witchcraft, mumbo jumbo
from a time gone by – or is there real value
in adopting the ‘medicines’ of the past?
Science is rapidly catching up with the
ancient wisdom embedded in folklore and
archaic texts. Many of the herbs and spices are
now undergoing rigorous testing and research,
that very often endorses the value of these
ageless remedies.
Those very elements that give our food
distinctive flavours and aromas are the
substances that provide protection from various
illnesses and helps recovery from disease.
Of particular interest have been the
antioxidant properties of many common herbs
and spices, and their ability to counter the
inflammatory process, and free radical
Interestingly, it has been found that the
antioxidant value is so high that only small
quantities are needed to get a therapeutic
Adding herbs and spices to your repertoire of
culinary ingredients can change the flavour of
your cooking, and bring improved health and
wellbeing to yourself and your family.
Tops in Antioxidant Value
At Ease Natural Therapies
What’s Happening?
Australis is here – Enrol NOW call 4031 7738
or go online at
Nutrition & Naturopathy
Check in to Change Your Life
 General Healthcare - getting the Pep
back into Your step
 Weight Management - getting your
metabolism back on track
 Mood Food and Other Strategies - to
help you get back on top
 Far Infrared Sauna + Nutrition - to help
you detox and regain the get up and go
 Special Nutrition for Special Kids - to
improve behaviours and learning
 Kinesiology for Kids – to improve
behaviour, physical and mental coordination and enhance learning
Vet Fee Help available through
Australis Natural Health College. (RTO31518)
for the following courses.
. (HLT60512) Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.
. (HLT60112) Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine And
. (HLT61012) Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.
Put Yourself in the Picture
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For Your Appointment
PHONE 4031 7738
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$250.00 includes Workbook and
5 x 3 hour practical sessions
At Ease Natural Therapies is now
The Cairns Campus to Australis Natural Health College.
delivering Natural Health Courses through Australis Natural Health
We are extremely excited to be part of this new enterprise and look
forward to a lasting and fruitful relationship. The benefits for students are
many, and include online resources and assessment, as well as access to
‘on the ground’ tutors right here in Cairns.
Contact us now to see how you can be a part of and benefit with this
exciting learning partnership.
Nutrition – Includes general nutrition and
special diets, culinary herbs & spices,
fermenting & recipes.
Relaxation & Stress Management – Find
out about the mechanisms of stress, and
how to manage your responses to
everyday experiences that interfere with
your health and wellbeing.
PHONE 4031 7738!.aspx
For up to date health & wellbeing info
This Newsletter is designed to offer suggestions for healthy living. At no time is it intended to take the place of professional
advice. You need to have a regular check up with your healthcare practitioner, and seek the advice of properly trained
professionals before making radical dietary changes or undertaking strenuous exercise programs