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Craving for
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Craving control starts with a seemingly insatiable desire for
Are gas and bloating part of a healthy digestive system?
food, but not just any food, sugar, sweets, simple uncompli-
They are not. They are, however, the ever present companion
cated carbohydrates. And you can’t get them in your mouth
of many individuals. Gas is expulsion from yeast cells. Yeast
and down your throat fast enough. The extreme relief and joy
cells feed largely on sugars. So as you give into cravings and
is immeasurable. Moments later you are in the throes of guilt,
you experience the methyl gas expulsions, you can know the
gas and bloating, not to mention other digestive symptoms
yeast cells presiding along your intestinal tract are both feast-
that you are not even remotely aware of. It afflicts millions
ing and proliferating. It is neither normal nor healthy. You
need a healthy population of intestinal flora, better known as
Symptoms of craving control?
probiotics or acidophilus, in order to control the overgrowth of
It starts with an insatiable desire for something sweet or a
unhealthy flora. Feed them; not the yeast cells.
combination of sweet and fatty foods. Following the con-
What do I do now?
sumption of your favourite naughty food or foods is generally
Consider the following outline of possible reasons we suffer
a mucus reaction; upper intestinal mucus first, the urge to
craving control. Think about yourself in each situation and
clear your throat. Closely behind mucus is the bloating and
consider on a scale of one to 10 how each situation applies
gas. Then your pants start to take on that tight uncomfortable
to you. Then apply the correction to achieve the control you
feeling. Brain fog, itchy skin, redness in the cheeks are all
need, deserve and require in order to enjoy a return to eating
possible unpleasant consequences of succumbing to cravings.
control, health and healthy energy.
Why do you get these reactions? Because the foods you are
Imbalance in blood sugar
craving have cause and effect on your health. Food sensi-
Balancing your blood sugar starts in the a.m. with breakfast.
tivities, proliferation of unhealthy intestinal flora like yeast
It is not necessary for you to feed yourself for a mountain
cells, intestinal inflammation, interference with the absorption
climbing expedition, but you do need to balance your blood
of healthy foods, slowing down digestion, interfering with a
sugar in order to get control of both your food choices and
healthy hormonal system are some of those other problems.
food volume through the day. Balancing your blood sugar in
These are a thumbnail sketch of the expressions of an irri-
the a.m. also gives you the best chance at sustaining energy,
tated bowel and the concurrent problems that can both cause
improving your ability to concentrate and enjoying a calm,
and result from cravings.
healthy digestive system through the rest of the day.
Twenty-five per cent of your daily food intake should be eaten
the berries before you eat them. Try a quarter teaspoon of
for breakfast. It needs to consist of healthy, easily absorbed
protein, healthy fats and a carbohydrate. So, here are some
Cereal: Not so much. Why? Commercial cereals are notori-
examples of how easy it is to choose a breakfast that will give
ously full of taste-laden stuff that will invite you to the circle
you the best shot of control through the day.
of the yo-yo blood sugar imbalance for the rest of the day.
Yogurt: It needs to be organic and no less than two per cent
Cereals, organic or not, are a cover for and an easy excuse to
mf. No more fat free, skim milk yogurt. First, you need the
eat bad choices for breakfast.
vitamin D content, which is the fat soluble vitamin found in
Remember that craving control starts with how you feed your
milk fat. Vitamin D content is added back to fat-free yogurt,
body in the a.m. To ignore that simple rule is to invite crav-
however, vitamin D relies on the presence of fat as the trans-
ings in. If you do not balance your blood sugar in the a.m. it
port system across the cell wall. Without the presence of fat,
is next to impossible to get control through the day. On the
vitamin D has much less biological activity in the body. Fat,
other hand, to feed yourself properly and achieve a healthy
and particularly healthy fats, slows down digestion leaving you
blood sugar balance is to invite control throughout the day.
feeling satisfied longer.
Most common food sensitivities
Second, yogurt is a predigested food, predigested by healthy
Milk, but not just any milk, UHT milk or Ultra Heat-Treated:
flora some of which you will recognize, like acidophilus. So,
UHT has fat molecules emulsified to their very tiniest compo-
organic yogurt is a good source of healthy intestinal flora.
nent, which renders the fat molecules vulnerable to oxidiza-
Third, yogurt is an excellent source of protein, easily broken
tion, causing a histamine reaction. The real goal of UHT is
down and easily absorbed by the body. About one cup is a
to increase storage life of milk in your fridge for unnatural
good starting point. Add a few things to make it interesting:
lengths of time. Notable symptoms generally include mucus
cinnamon, nutmeg, shredded unsweetened coconut, a table-
and sinus pressure. Try organic goat’s milk, nut milks or
spoon or two of assorted crushed nuts, either crush them or
organic milk.
chew them thoroughly. Add a few tablespoons of berries or
Wheat and particularly gluten: If you have irritable bowel
mango, banana, etc. Try one quarter to a half teaspoon of
syndrome, you want to stay away from this. Gluten is notori-
xylitol if you prefer a bit more sweetness. Use your favourite
ously difficult to break down for sensitive individuals. Try using
search engine to learn the wonderful health benefits of xylitol
almond flours and other nut flours to prepare breads or cook-
and this family of sugar alcohols.
ies rather than wheat flours. Go to for
Hemp hearts: Hemp hearts should be part of every man,
some awesome recipe ideas.
woman and child’s daily diet. Adults take five tablespoons
Eggs: Generally it is the white of the egg that is the real
daily and children take three to five tablespoons daily. Put
culprit here. Try using mostly the yolk. Be unafraid of the
them in your yogurt, or take them like medicine, one table-
cholesterol monster; yolk contains lethicin, a fat emulsi-
spoon in your mouth, chew, mix with a bit of water and swal-
fier. Cholesterol is more of an issue of your liver and thyroid
Eggs: Poached, a frittata or crust-less quiche made with two
Addressing low blood sugar concerns
or three rough cut vegetables, over-easy eggs cooked with
Do as recommended in the a.m. Eat regularly through the
extra virgin olive oil and a bit of butter or soft boiled. Don’t
day, picking foods that have a component of a healthy fat,
overcook your eggs. Overcooking changes the protein struc-
protein and small amount of carbohydrate. So, for example,
ture and in turn makes it more difficult to digest.
a big salad with tuna or salmon or chicken, a few nuts and
Oatmeal: Do not choose instant, microwaveable oatmeal. Try
seeds and a carbohydrate like a slice of rye bread with a
old-fashioned or steel cut if you prefer crunchier oatmeal.
tablespoon of cheese, or some rice like a brown basmati and
Here is the best way to handle oatmeal. Take a cup; soak it
white basmati mix. That is delicious.
in equal parts water or buttermilk or yogurt. Soak over night
Hungry past the point of control
in a bowl covered with plastic wrap or something like that and
Don’t let yourself get hungry. People will often miss meals or
leave on the counter. You are creating a predigested food
wait until later in the day to start to eat. This generally comes
with more easily absorbed nutrients. The next day add a few
with an erroneous perception they are engaging in willpower
optional ingredients like cinnamon, rather than brown sugar,
hoping to lose unwanted weight. Willpower has nothing to
a few nuts or seeds, sliced apple or banana or blueberries,
do with craving control. Next time you succumb to cravings,
homemade apple sauce or apple butter. You get it. Make it
which should be much less after this article, do not be upset
interesting, but presoak it!
at yourself for ‘losing control,’ be darn right mad at yourself
Cottage Cheese: Try an organic dry cottage cheese or an
for allowing yourself to get that hungry in the first place. You
organic creamy cottage cheese. It has the same basic nutri-
will excite your survival instinct each and every time you let
ents as yogurt. Some like yogurt and some like cottage
yourself get hungry. Your hypothalamus, the root of hunger
cheese. Add a few tablespoons of berries. Be sure to wash
control, lies at the top of your brain stem, in the ‘ancient
brain’ region. It controls your hunger through a complex system sensitive to nutrient density and blood sugar balance. It
does not see you live in the land of plenty. It does not empathize with your ongoing weight battle; it measures health and
hunger by blood sugar levels and nutrient density of your
cells. You let yourself go hungry, watch who is in control. It
isn’t you. You will eat and you will not only eat you will eat
foods that will have an immediate impact on your blood sugar
levels. When your blood sugar levels drop, you risk losing
consciousness. What is the best remedy; sugary, fatty food
decisively to instantaneously raise your blood sugar levels.
You will eat and you will not only eat sugary, fatty foods,
but you will eat an extra 10 per cent for insurance. You are
hardwired for that; it is rooted in physiology. Decide now to
work with nature. You are not about to rewrite the book on
willpower and craving control. You will excite your survival
instincts each and every time you allow yourself to get too
While breakfast largely determines your blood sugar balance, lunch and supper play an important role in craving
• Twenty-five per cent of your daily intake of food should be
consumed at breakfast.
• Fifty per cent of your food should be divided between a
mid-morning snack, lunch and a mid-afternoon snack.
• Twenty-five per cent of the balance of your food should be
consumed at supper.
• Choose a healthy protein, healthy fat and a healthy carbohydrate at each meal.
• Go to bed on a relatively empty stomach so you can start
with natural hunger the next day.
Want something sweet, but healthy? Bake cookies using nut
flours rather than white flours. Bake macaroons using coco
powder or a wonderful Swiss chocolate rather than ordinary
milk chocolate. Have a macaroon about 15 to 20 minutes
after lunch. Don’t avoid healthy sweets. Think, research and
make healthy desert choices that will sustain your energy
rather than interfere with good digestion.
It is that simple. Balance your blood sugar in the a.m. with
the food choices talked about. Check for food sensitivities
with the list of most common offenders. Not sure what is
causing your food sensitivities? Work with a professional to
uncover the problem.
The best has been saved for last – CHEW! CHEW! CHEW your
food thoroughly before swallowing. Chew to break down the
cell walls to release nutrients, chew to thoroughly start the
digestion process, chew because your teeth are in your mouth
and not, as most would believe, in your stomach, chew to
prevent the lifetime achievement award of acid reflux caused
by inadequately chewing your food.
Joanne Vaughan, BSW BSc DSc, is a clinical nutritionist in
North Bay.
Flu season or
BY Dr. Chris Mazzuchin
With all of the leaves raked, rain troughs gutted and lawn
products stored away, it is time for our bodies to also prepare
for ‘old man winter.’ So how do you prepare for something that
seems to sneak up on us in disguise, incognito or unrecognized?
What would you say if I told you that flu and cold season is
not a season at all, but rather an insensitivity to our environment?
It was understood that before the Tsunami hit the Eastern
hemisphere in 2004, there were some native tribes that knew
it was coming. They knew because they lived in such a manner
that they are in constant communication with their surroundings. This means interpreting and balancing your life and the
environment in which you live. The common luxuries of our lifestyles such as oil, gas heating systems, refrigerators and freezers, microwaves and well insulated homes all prevent us from
properly communicating between our internal weather regulator
(called our hypothalamus) and our external sources of warning
(called our five senses).
When the weather starts to get colder, our metabolism is
meant to pick up the slack with conservations of body heat
(through increases in fat storage), water loss prevention, alterations in sleep patterns and biochemical changes in food digestion and assimilation.
This causes our bodies to do different things with the same
elements we may be exposing our bodies to regularly. Looking
at vitamins B and C is a good example. They are both water
soluble, which means our bodies can move, lose and exchange
these vitamins in water, unlike vitamins A, D, E and K.
Since they are water soluble, we lose them when we sweat or
go to the bathroom. The rate of our loss or our gain is largely
determined by our lifestyles
Health Tips
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I am a 51-year-old woman and last March I had a total
I thought after having that operation I would not experience the menopausal symptoms as badly as some
women do.
However, I believe the hot flashes have taken over and
I was wondering if there is anything from a naturopathic approach that I could use to help with the discomfort and unpredictability of these symptoms.
Menopause and the symptoms it brings can be a multisystem problem. By that I mean even though your
hormones may be unbalanced, the emotional side to
menopause and the challenges that brings can be just
as important to understand.
For the hormones, however, botanicals like Chastetree,
Wild Yam and Black Cohosh can help tremendously.
In addition to this, homeopathic preparations have been
a ‘god send’ to some women, as they have said to me
in the past.
Nutraceutical wise, the one major vitamin you seem to
be missing is a B-complex.
My daughter turned three years old early July this year.
Her urine test showed uric acid crystals. What might be
causing this in a child of this age? Is this diet? Can this be
corrected? I know it can later cause kidney stones if she
doesn’t drink enough water.
Typically, uric acid is a product of protein metabolism. If
she is producing uric acid crystals at her age it could be an
‘imbalance’ in her kidneys, liver or intestines. Imbalance
could mean many things, such as insufficient digestive
enzymes, decreases in intestinal flora or nervousness and
anxiety about something.
She may also be consuming a large quantity of ‘purines’ in
her diet like beef, chicken or fish. This too could cause uric
acid to show up in her urine. When the body is imbalanced
it is always possible to re-balance it. The difficulty is the
medicine or the perspective of the clinicians treating the
disease. Therefore, the more people you consult with the
better an idea you can get on possibilities and options for
your daughter. The uric acid is a sign of something else
going on to create the imbalance so make sure to have all
of her organ systems assessed.
day curse
BY Dr. Tony Martin
Chronic fatigue (CFS) and fibromyalgia are a modern day dilemma. Ninety five per cent of all cases of CFS and fibromyalgia
occur to women. That’s why I entitled the book I wrote on this
topic in 1999 “Steps to Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the
Modern Woman.” This book was the result of studying over 500
‘medically diagnosed’ cases of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I believe that fibromyalgia is a symptom of the overriding
syndrome of chronic fatigue. When I studied the history of
these 500 cases of CFS and fibromyalgia there where common
denominators that a majority of these patients experienced:
1. long history of antibiotic use (many had taken antibiotics for treatment of acne)
2. the use of the birth control pill
3. exposure to mold
4. history of a traumatic event i.e. loss of a loved one,
divorce, car accident, financial stress
5. cleaning with household chemicals
6. use of chemicals in personal hygiene products
Based on research on CFS and fibromyalgia the number one
reason people get this disorder is due to adrenal gland exhaustion The adrenal glands curve over top of the kidneys and they
secrete key stress hormones such as cortisol, DHEA, a steroid
hormone produced primarily by the adrenal glands, and adrenaline.
The body is well built for stress, however, prolonged stress
overtakes the adrenals leading to exhaustion and other symptoms. Remember adrenal gland dysfunction will suppress the
thyroid, pineal, pituitary glands and the ovaries.
These in turn will render the sufferer with a variety of symptoms including:exhaustion, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), low
blood pressure, poor immune function, allergies, repeated infections (bladder, yeast, respiratory), fibromyalgia (due to abnormal secretion of cortisol) and sleep disorder.
Treatment options for CFS and fibromyalgia
Nutrition: food for the CFS and fibromyalgia patient is either
helpful or can make a patient’s symptoms much worse.
Therefore it is absolutely necessary for these patients to be
quite disciplined about what they eat.
Foods that help
Anti-inflammatories found in Omega 3 fatty acids (Hemp
seed, flax, fish (cold water), hot peppers (contain capsaicin
which reduces inflammation), celery, red grapes, red grape juice
(not wine and not from concentrate), apples, eggs, any type of
berry (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry etc), extra virgin olive
oil, and grapefruits and melons contain lycopene, which is a
powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Food that aggravate CFS and fibromyalgia
Sugar, pastries, including doughnuts, bagels, muffins (unless
homemade with no sugar added), dairy products, soft drinks,
junk food (chips, french fries) etc., and margarine.
• The number one supplement that has been clinically proven to
lessen fatigue and decrease inflammation is pine bark extract.
That is why it is called the super antioxidant.
• Probiotics are necessary for restoring the digestive tract and
building immune function.
• Omega 3 can be obtained by taking a minimum of five grams
daily of hemp seed oil, which really reduces inflammation and
helps to restore cellular function.
Dr. A. W. Martin DC, Ph.D., RNCP, D.N.M. is a doctor of natural
medicine practicing in Sudbury. He is the author of the new
book “Medical Crisis – Secrets your Doctor won’t share with
Ask a Naturopath
(ie. the more active we are the more we use and lose) as
well as our environment (ie. stressful surroundings speed
up the loss of water soluble vitamins).
In the summer, vitamin C is replenished easily through
consuming fruits and vegetables, which are more in season and in higher quality. B vitamins are found primarily
in meats and typically our winter season requires our diets
to increase our consumption of meat. Remember centuries
ago there were no grocery stores, so canned goods and
meat were the only options. Meat also encourages heatproducing biochemical reactions in our body, to ward off
colds and poorer circulation. So, how we seasonally cook
and eat meat and vegetables is really the answer to maintaining a healthy and efficient level of vitamins B and C.
Soups, stews and eliminating raw foods during the winter
months allow for more easily digestible and highly concentrated mineral and vitamin meals that enhance our
hypothalamus’s ability to efficiently regulate our body temperature and effectively communicate our body’s needs in
relation to the weather outside. Using warming herbs and
spices like garlic, cinnamon, oregano, onions and pepper
enhance all of the above processes. Taking a dose of vitamins with our meals is also an excellent way to optimize
our health and ward off the flu season that really isn’t a
season at all!
Dr. Mazzuchin is a naturopath at Life Zone in Sudbury.
Send questions to [email protected]
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Looking for an alternative to prescription
antibiotics? Oil of Oregano, after thousands
of years in use in the treatment of infectionrelated illness and disease, is making
a comeback. Oil of Oregano contains
antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and
antiparasitic properties making it a natural
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Cancer strategy: Reduce toxic overload
Since 1978
Monday-Friday 9-9
Saturday 9-5
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1191 Montrose Ave.
Sudbury, ON
(705) 566-3820
An eminent German oncologist said that the main cause
of cancer is environmental toxins. Others agree. While there
are obviously other issues, fungus, viruses, genetics, etc., the
major change that has led to the explosion of cancer over the
last 100 years has been the introduction of tens of thousands
of chemicals into the environment that we had never been
exposed to before.
Biotech companies have been aggressively promoting the
use of genetically modified food. It’s a financial goldmine for
them. Unfortunately, there are several problems with genetically modified food. Even scientists at the FDA resisted them
till political pressure led them to approve it. Every independent
study has shown problems; abnormal cell growth being high on
the list.
Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception writes, “More
worrisome is that the “promoter” used inside GM foods could
get transferred to bacteria or internal organs. Promoters act
like light switches, permanently turning on genes that might
otherwise be switched off. Scientists believe that this might
create unpredictable health effects, including the potentially
pre-cancerous cell growth found in the animal feeding studies.
Foods are not required to be labeled as GM foods.The only
way to make sure you are not eating food that has been genetically modified is to eat organic food or food labeled non-GMO.
Eating organic food, of course, will also reduce the amount of
chemicals you are ingesting.
There are several types of toxic buildups in the body that need
to be dealt with when fighting cancer. There is cellular toxicity
primarily caused by the shunting of toxins into cells
due to excess acidity in the
blood. There is heavy metal
toxicity coming from years of
exposure to highly toxic heavy
metals. While many come
from the environment, silver
amalgam fillings, vaccines and
some other drugs put mercury
and metals into our body.
And then there is the toxic
buildup in the colon of undigested foods and hardened
fecal matter. Nutrient absorption is disrupted, and toxins
sitting in that decaying mess
are reabsorbed back into the
body. Colonic cleanses are good.
Toxins and pathogens in
water have led to many diseases. But did you know that
what’s put in your water to
purify it may be causing your
cancer and heart disease?
The French, with their lower
cancer rates from consuming
red wine, have made red wine
famous for its health benefits.
There is another side to their
low cancer rates, though, that
most people don’t know.
The French do not drink
chlorinated water. They ozonate their water to purify it.
We don’t use chlorine because
it’s safe; we use it because it
is cheap. The long-term effects
of chlorinated drinking water
have recently been recognized.
According to the U.S. Council
Of Environmental Quality,
“Cancer risk among people
drinking chlorinated water is
93 per cent higher than among
those whose water does not
contain chlorine.”
Up to two-thirds of our
exposure to chlorine is due to
inhalation of steam and skin
absorption while showering.
Install a shower filter to
dechlorinate your shower water.
Also limit exposure from the
chemicals in the carpets and
walls of your home, as well
as in personal care items like
shampoo, conditioner or skin
lotion and cosmetics.
Dr. Magne, PhD (c), is
an expert in spontaneous
remission. Discover for yourself
the 10 ways to fight cancer by
claiming a free report and audio
The cancer strategy is not
intended to diagnose or treat
any disease. Consult your health
care professional about the use,
or non-use, of any health-related
products or medically related
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I saw the doctor
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I did the hydrotherapy ionic foot bath
three times during
that week. On the
surgery date
the surgeon could
not find the lump
and to this day it
has not returned.”
~Frances N.
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Dos & Don’ts
For arthritis sufferers, that mid-afternoon doughnut, laden
flax seeds provide a source of protein. Hulled hemp seeds
with sugar, white flour and preservatives, washed down
also provide a good dietary source of protein, and, unlike
with a glass of cold milk, may be just the food combination
soy products, hemp seed is free of tryspin inhibitors, which
that feeds inflammation in the body.
block protein absorption. Hemp seeds also have all the
A complete revamping of dietary habits not only has the
potential to reduce arthritic symptoms, but even to stop
arthritis in its tracks, according to a northern naturopath.
“Diet and lifestyle come to mind right off the bat,” when
assisting patients with arthritis, says Dr. Kelly Wallace, a
naturopath who practices in North Bay.
Diet is one of the most common factors in causing or
aggravating the disease, and controlling it, she says.
Dairy and red meats can increase inflammation, which
aggravate symptoms of arthritis, she points out.
“People think that their only source of calcium comes
eight essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.
Processed foods, masquerading as healthy choices for
the time-strapped individual, are best avoided if one wishes to keep arthritis symptoms at bay, she advises.
Soda, potato chips, candy bars and junk foods are definitely a no-no.
These foods are known to be inflammatory, high-sodium,
acid-raising foods. Steer clear of foods that raise the acid
levels in the body, which can aggravate or cause more pain
in joints.
Aim to alkalize the body, she suggests.
from dairy,” Wallace says. “Though it is a source of calcium,
When babies are born, scientists say that they are 100-
you can get calcium from a number of food sources.”
per-cent alkaline. As one ages one tends to become more
Raw seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, as well as nuts
acidic, in part due to the Western diet, which is largely
like raw almonds and Brazil nuts also provide a good source
centred around acidifying foods. This paves the way
of calcium.
for degenerative diseases like arthritis to develop, she
Meat products needn’t be one’s main source of protein,
she adds. There are legume proteins, which can be found
When revamping a diet, Wallace suggests adding more
in garbanzo beans, kidney, lentil and lima beans, and also
cold water fish, plenty of whole grains, nuts and fruits,
proteins in grains like quinoa, millet, oatmeal and wild rice.
and, if maintaining meat in a diet, strive for the lighter
Vegetables like beets, broccoli, cauliflower, and of course
meats like chicken or turkey.
fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges and pineapple, and
Wallace warns it is wise to stay away from the
nightshade family of vegetables as these members exacerbate inflammation. These foods include eggplant, tomatoes,
Use cooking herbs abundantly, she says.
Herbs like ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory
Scientists have found that garlic is also useful for this purpose, and components of some fruits like pineapple, which
contain bromelain, are effective as well.
Consider ways to modify recipes, like replacing milk with
an alternative product such as a nut-based milk, like a nondairy almond beverage, found at health food stores.
Study after study points to the açaí berry, harvested in
the rainforests of Brazil, as one of the most nutritionally
dense fruits in the world.
Açaí offers a rich source of polythenols, making it a
powerful antioxidant, according to a research study at the
University of Florida.
Its pulp is said to have 10 times more antioxidants than
red grapes, as well as essential amino acids, essential fatty
acids and dietary fibre and phytosterols, which promote
digestive and cardiovascular health.
Pure açaí berry juice can be found at health food stores.
Eliminate enriched white flour-based products from the diet,
as well, she stresses.
bell peppers and potatos, but not sweet potatos.
Try alternatives like whole grain flours, arrowroot or, even
better, spelt flour. Exchange eggs for apple sauce and sugar
for molasses.
Cook and bake with a healthier oil, like grape seed oil,
rather than vegetable or canola oil.
Some arthritis sufferers, depending on the severity of the
disease, have been able to completely heal themselves and
become arthritis free through dietary and lifestyle changes,
Wallace says.
Others find that dietary shifts help control the symptoms
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doctors have
no answers
How one mother unearths
the solution to daughter’s
failing health.
Tears streamed down her cheeks, numbness overcame
her body as thoughts about what doctors at West Parry
Sound Hospital had just told her ruminated in her mind.
Cindy Miller faced what many parents would consider their
worst nightmare – the prognosis that her six-year-old
daughter had leukemia.
Little did she know her daughter’s plight would lead her
to spend the next six months piecing together a puzzle of
symptoms and circumstances that would unveil the truth
about her daughter’s health condition.
It was in July 2006, while at their cottage in Dunchurch,
just outside of Parry Sound, that Miller and her husband
first realized something was drastically wrong with their
then six-year-old daughter, Brooke.
Only a few days before, Brooke had been seen by their
family doctor because of increasing concerns about pain
that was developing in her body – pain that appeared to
have manifested in Brooke following a severe bout of food
“She would whimper, ‘Mommy my legs are sore, my
back’s sore,” and she’d be crawling to the bathroom,” Miller
recalled. “I took her to see the doctor and he said, ‘There’s
nothing wrong with her. They’re growing pains and there’s
nothing we can do about it.”
The pain that particular day in mid-July intensified.
“Her whole body from head to toe was white. She had
inflammation in her eyes. Her eyes were red and blood shot
and there were big dark circles under her eyes. Her lips
even went white. She was as white as a ghost. I took one
look at her and realized something was wrong.”
Miller and her husband rushed Brooke to West Parry
Sound Health Centre.
This, on the heels of a recent bout of food poisoning from
undercooked pork, an illness which the whole family had
muddled through, seemed like too much, too soon.
They were advised to rush Brooke to SickKids Hospital
within 24 hours as the symptoms suggested Brooke may
be a victim of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, or even worse,
At SickKids doctors forged ahead with a battery of tests,
based on all of her symptoms, which mimicked both diseases.
The remainder of the summer was spent at the hospital,
Brooke enduring one test after another. The testing continued through till November.
“Near the end she was just running down the hospital aisles,
running from the needles, begging not to have any more
tests because she had so many needles and tests,” Miller
They tested her for leukemia, rheumatic fever, lymes disease, Kawasaki disease, salmonella and e-coli, and a slew of
other conditions, and no tests came out positive. She had all
the symptoms of leukemia and rheumatic fever.
“You could actually see the deformation of the joints at the
knees. They would actually feel hot to the touch. And the
pain and the inflammation were staying from the top of her
back down. She was in horrible pain.”
“One of the best disease specialists in the world couldn’t
figure out what was wrong with her,” Miller said.
Although tests for rheumatic fever were inconclusive, in
November 2006 doctors opted to remove her tonsils and
adenoids with the premise that if her condition was rheumatic fever then the tonsils and adenoids were likely harbouring
the infection.
“That’s when I became so upset. They tested her for
everything under the sun. The leukemia was a continuous
test, and she was seeing a heart specialist, and no one could
give me an answer.”
Urging doctors to consider the possibility there was a link
between the food poisoning and her daughter’s condition,
Miller decided to take matters into her own hands.
“I could just no longer take having no answers at all. So I
finally thought if there was a parasite that got into the body
and started to attack the joints then there’s got to be a way
to get it out of there.”
Brooke had also been placed on a lifelong prescription of
antibiotics. The reasoning, Miller said, was that if it were
rheumatic fever it would protect her until she was 18.
“I took her off the antibiotics. I couldn’t take it anymore. It
was so stressful. Everyday I was just thinking that this can’t
be good for her system.”
In December, after much research, she started Brooke
on a 15-day parasite cleanse and probiotics, and had also
enrolled Brooke in energy martial arts.
Brooke continued to have inflammation flare-ups after the
first treatment in December, but they appeared to decrease
in intensity and frequency.
She repeated the parasite cleanse once again in June
2007. Brooke has had no inflammation, no health complications or symptoms of disease since the cleansing in June.
Miller suspected at the root of Brooke’s complications was
the breakdown of healthy bacteria in her gut, stemming from
antibiotic usage. Every year from September through to June
Brooke seemed to be riddled with a cold, and asthmatic-like
symptoms. Just prior to the food poisoning Brooke had just
finished a prescription of a potent antibiotic. This, Miller suggested, set the stage for a parasite to set into her body.
Body bugs:
the good, bad, and the ugly
Our body’s surface is colonized by
trillions of microorganisms - ten times
more than the number of cells in our
body. Most of these ‘bugs’ are tolerated
well. Some are beneficial, and some
are irritating and can be pathogenic
when their population is high.
For many, the populations of these
irritating organisms are not severe
enough to be termed infection, but they
are causing problems. This is called
Dysbiosis typically occurs: on the
skin (acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis,
tinea, vitilago, cradle cap; the membranes of the respiratory tract (chronic
sinusitis, tonsillitis, ear infections, respiratory infections, asthma, allergies); the
digestive tract (gingivitis, periodontal
dz, gas/bloating, IBS, diverticulitis,
Crohn’s food allergies); the urinary tract
(chronic urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis); and the genital tract (pelvic
inflammatory disease, chronic vaginal
and uterine infections, cervical dyspla-
sia – HPV, endometriosis, prostatits,
herpes, infertility).
When dysbiosis becomes systemic
– bugs cross our surface and enter
- you may see conditions like chronic
fatigue, high blood pressure and cholesterol and lyme disease. Autoimmune
diseases, attention deficit, autism and
cancer, among others, are related to
Dysbiosis involves many types of
organisms. Bacteria, parasites, fungi,
viruses are all involved to different
degrees in different people. The key
point here is that the whole community
must be addressed, not just one part. If
one population is suppressed, another
can rise.
The most common example is a
woman getting antibiotics for a bladder infection, then developing a yeast
infection the next day. Conversely,
if yeast and parasite populations are
suppressed, h. pylori (bacteria) can
Parasite cleanse tips
1) When you kill parasites, they
release lots of toxicity and other
organisms; this is why we get sick.
When you do a parasite cleanse,
you should be taking something for
bacteria (golden seal or other berberine containing formulas are best),
and possibly something for virus and
fungi as well, together with support
for draining the liver and kidney (and
possibly the local site – pelvis, lung,
skin etc).
Probiotics always need to be used
as well. Substances we call ‘sponges’
are needed to bind up the toxicity and
carry it out in the stool rather than
being absorbed across the intestinal
membrane and brought to the already
burdened liver.
Greens are the best sponges,
especially the sea greens.They are
such good sponges, however, they
may already be contaminated when
you buy them. This is another reason
quality-controlled products should be
2) Kids are much more vital and don’t
require as powerful of substances as
adults. Homeopathics are usually sufficient. Some people are loaded so
we need to proceed gently, especially
if there are a lot of viruses involved
ie. chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lyme
disease, HIV, herpes, HPV, etc.
3) In terms of a product’s effectiveness, quality control of the company
is a big factor and the price usually
reflects this.
4) In our society, almost everyone
should consider cleanses.
5) In terms of side effects, if you push
change too quickly, you can open
a ‘can of worms’, when it comes to
toxins and bacteria, etc.
6) It is not always necessary to
consult a professional such as a naturopath. An otherwise healthy person
can get away with more experimentation with cleanses, without consulting
a professional.
If one has any of the conditions mentioned above, it is prudent to consult.
7) A cleanse kills the bugs we don’t
want around, puts the ones there that
belong, and cleans up the toxicity that
brings them around.
8) Frequency of a cleanse varies. In
the beginning of treatment, cleansing
is ongoing for many months; as many
as two years for some. After this is
accomplished, one to two times a
year is sufficient maintenance.
Article written by Todd Carricato, a naturopathic doctor
at Elgin Integral Health Centre in Sault Ste. Marie
Something worth
leafing through...
The Hundred-year Lie
By Randall Fitzgerald
This book targets a large number of
myths that we have come to believe
about the wellbeing of the environment
and our consequent health. In general
we have come to believe these myths
as truths and the author points out the
potential danger of continuing to do so.
He debunks these myths and raises
the question about how safe we really
are in our environment and whether or
not it is possible to stop this trend.
For the last 50 years or so, the author
points out, our health has been decreasing as fast as the toxic chemicals keep
increasing and are being released into
our living space.
He also offers a number of positive
and practical solutions for both the
individual and for society.
for the
Arie Vander-Reyden
“The best vaccine
against common
infectious diseases
is an adequate diet.”
- The World Health
Healthy places to surf:
provides consumers with useful resources,
like a shopper’s guide to pesticides in
produce and chemicals in everyday products,
to protect health and the environment.
Take charge
of your health
Chiropractors have long been preaching the virtues of preventative health care, specifically when it comes to back and neck
pain. Exercise, stretching, good nutrition and weight control,
stress management and regular adjustments are all part of the
As a health care provider, I treat my patients to help them
regain their health, however it is always the patients themselves
who must take the primary role. I have found one of the more
vital roles I play in my patient’s health care is the dispensing
of advice. Of course the advice pertains to ways in which my
patients can take care of themselves, mostly regarding the musculoskeletal system (muscles and joints), and is often nothing
more than teaching a proper lifting technique or home stretching. However, as I speak with my patients I find our conversation
naturally leads to the topic of overall healthy lifestyle. Nutrition,
exercise, ample rest, mental health and stress management are
all integral to not only the musculoskeletal system, but more
importantly overall quality of life.
To truly understand illness or injury prevention one must
understand the process which causes disease or injury. To use
the word prevention gives the impression that ill-health occurs
suddenly and is an all-or-nothing phenomenon. In reality disease
or injury does not work this way (there are always exceptions).
It is a process, and one is sick or injured long before one doesn’t
feel well. True prevention must also be a process and therefore
must be incorporated into lifestyle - a more accurate term would
be ‘health maintenance.’
Take a simple back injury for example. One would think
the back injury occurred with the lifting of the grocery bag.
However, it is probably the extra 30 pounds the person has on
their belly putting excess strain on their low back, sitting on the
couch all week watching football resulting in weak back muscles,
sitting at a desk all week stiffening up the low back and a poor
diet resulting in lack of oxygen and nutrients to the low back tissues, making the person more susceptible to injury. Throw in a
stressful day which tightens muscles and fatigue causing inattention to proper lifting and the stage is set for the back injury. So
we can’t blame the grocery bag. The person slowly and silently
was setting the stage for injury and the lift was simply the final
straw. The injury was a process. The person gradually became
de-conditioned until the injury occurred. The ‘process’ of ‘health
maintenance is exercise, good nutrition, proper
lifting technique and stretching breaks at work so that when the
grocery bag had to be lifted, the low back was well prepared.
The great thing is that a healthy lifestyle is all encompassing.
What is good for the digestive system is good for the musculoskeletal system, is good for the nervous system, is good for the
cardiovascular system, etc. A good example is the patient who,
because of a back injury, becomes sedentary, then depressed,
then obese and then develops high blood pressure and diabetes
and his heart attack is what kills him – all from a back injury!
All systems of the human body are reliant upon each other and
completely interconnected.
So eat well, exercise, get your rest and have a positive attitude.
And, although this guarantees nothing, (there are factors out of
our control like pollution and genetics), it gives you the best odds
of living a long and happy life. All of the above mentioned strategies do not cost the health care system a dime, and are easily
done in the comfort of one’s own home. Simple and cheap - what
better combination?
Your body is truly a temple and should be treated as such. It
is really up to you, not some fancy test, to protect and maintain
it. To simply rely on some expensive ‘early detection’ or ‘it’salready- too-late’ medical test is passing the buck, and a decision
for which you may pay with your life, or at the very least your
quality of life.
Dr. Mike Nennonen is a chiropractor in Sault Ste. Marie.
E-mail questions to [email protected]
Considering widespread studies on the health impacts of exposure to chlorine bleach and dozens of other chemical-laden,
toxic cleaners, why not explore a cheaper, toxin-free option?
Hydrogen peroxide, H202, is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing areas, or diluted with water as a natural bleach for laundry
and a powerful stain remover. Hydrogen peroxide is simply a
combination of hydrogen and oxygen and is considered a top
cleaning agent because of its ability to break down a stain from
the molecular level. Oxygen cleaners, like peroxide, leave no
environmental footprint and don’t leave a toxic burden on your
body. Experiment with different levels of dilution with water to
discover what works best.
In the North
150-mile diet challenge
Much of the food in your fridge and pantry likely
traveled over 4,000 kilometres before finding its way
into your home, while producing thousands of tonnes
of greenhouse gas emissions on its way.
Consider the impact of shopping locally. This is
what Eat Local Sudbury, a non-profit co-operative
that aims to connect local farmers with local eaters,
is urging people to consider.
While the 100-mile diet is gaining momentum
across the globe, in the North, Eat Local Sudbury has
revamped the diet to include 150 miles, since geography is one of the greatest challenges for northerners.
The 150-mile diet challenge simply encourages
people to commit to either a dinner, a day, a week or
even a year of eating only locally produced product.
This includes all products. Those in other parts of
northern Ontario are encourage to take on the challenge, as well.
Although the 150-mile diet may be more challenging to do in the winter months, Eat Local Sudbury
offers resources such as a meat buyer’s club and
local farm listings, and can also link people to places
where they can find various products.
Visit for more information. Organizers of Eat Local Sudbury encourage
those who have tried the 150-mile diet to share their
experiences by e-mail through the web site or to call
The 100-Mile Diet book, by Alisa Smith and J.B.
MacKinnon and published by Random House, may
be a good starting point for inspiration to take on the
challenge. The book captures their one-year experience eating locally, buying all food and drink from
within 100 miles of their home in Vancouver
Black is best
when it comes to berries
When it comes to choosing a berry for its level of antioxidants,
black is best, according to researchers at Ohio State University
Medical Centre. Scientists at the centre have been studying the
cancer inhibiting properties in freeze-dried blackberries, black
raspberries and strawberries for years. While berries in general
contain antioxidants that help reduce damage to DNA caused
by chemical carcinogens, the darker the berry is, the greater its
level of antioxidants, researchers have found.
In the university’s studies on animals, consuming a diet with
five to 10 per cent freeze-dried berries has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer and cancer in the oral cavity and
esophagus by up to 80 per cent. Preliminary research in humans indicate the berry is well tolerated and beneficial at the
same dietary percentages as in animals, and there is no toxicity
linked to long-term consumption of berries.
Chew on this
Craving a cookie or an afternoon snack?
Reach for chewing gum if trying to limit
calorie intake, researchers say. A recent
study led by Marion Hetherington, professor of biopsychology at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, found that
individuals who chew gum before
reaching for an afternoon snack experienced diminished cravings,
reduced hunger and a feeling of
The study suggests chewing
gum can play a positive role
in weight management.
Asthma risk
linked to chlorinated pool use
relief with pine bark extract
Symptoms of menopause may be alleviated through
the use of Pycnogenol, pine bark extract, according
to a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of
Obstetrics and Gynecology. Researchers at HamMing Hospital in Taiwan studied 155 women ages
45 to 55 over a six-month period. Participants received either 100 milligrams of Pycnogenol or a placebo pill twice a day for the study period.
Those who had taken the Pycnogenol reported
improvements in their menopausal symptoms in
comparison to the placebo group, who reported no
change. Blood tests further indicated the Pycnogenol group had higher antioxidant levels than the
placebo group, and improved cholesterol levels.
stops cancer in its tracks
Nutrients in avocados may
have the potential of stopping pre-cancerous cells from developing into cancer, according to new research.
Researchers at Ohio State University, through preliminary
research, have determined that extracts from Hass avocados, those found most often in supermarkets, put an end to
the growth of pre-cancerous cells that lead to oral cancer.
The research suggests the nutrients in avocados may have
the same effect on other types of cancer as well.
The avocado’s cancer prevention properties are linked to
its high levels of phytonutrients or phytochemicals, typically found in dark-coloured fruits and vegetables.
Avocados are packed with antioxidants, as well as vitamin
C, E and fibre. The study was published in the journal
Seminars in Cancer Biology.
Hint: Adding avocado to a daily diet can be as simple as
scooping out the centre of the avocado and adding chunks
to a salad.
Water babies and children who swim in both indoor
and outdoor chlorinated pools on a regular basis have up
to nine times greater risk of developing asthma than children who don’t swim in chlorinated pools. In a study that
examined the risk of asthma developing in 30 adolescent
competitive swimmers, researchers found that more
than 50 per cent suffered from bronchial hyperreactivity through continual exposure to chlorinated swimming
A further 73 per cent of participants were found to be
sensitized to airborne allergens, a level that is more than
double than that of the general population. Both bronchial
hyperreactivity and sensitization to airborne allergens are
considered predictors of asthma onset. While swimming
instructors and poolside staff have been reported to have
the greatest risk, children who swim in chlorinated pools
regularly are also directly at risk, according to a recent
study in the European Respiratory Journal.
A separate study of 843 adolescents in three Belgian
high schools sought to further determine the risk of
asthma due to swimming in open-air chlorinated pools.
The control group included students from a school that
offered swimming lessons as part of its curriculum in a
non-chlorinated pool, disinfected by copper-silver ionization.
Youth who spent more than 500 hours in open-air chlorinated pools had three times more risk of developing
asthma than those who had never swam in a chlorinated
pool. Children who have higher levels of immunoglobin, an antibody linked with an increased risk of allergies
and asthma, were found to have nine times the risk.
The study was conducted by a team of researchers from
the Catholic University of Louvain’s department of toxicology.
Choline explored
as natural asthma therapy
Results of a preliminary study on choline as an alternative treatment for asthma show potential for the natural
compound to be used as a substitute for steroid therapy
in asthmatics.
Scientists at the Institute of Genomics and Integrative
Biology in Delhi, India have been studying the anti-inflammatory properties of choline, a nutrient typically
grouped within the Vitamin B complex. Choline has
been found to aid in reducing mucus production and preventing airway obstruction.
Good sources of dietary choline can be found in
foods such as eggs, cauliflower, navy beans, tofu
and almonds.
Sleep deprivation
takes greater toll on
women’s health than men’s
A new study suggests that women who sleep five
hours or less a night instead of the recommended
minimum of seven double their risk of hypertension.
Men, on the other hand, can get by with five hours of
sleep or less each night without the same health consequences.
The study was conducted by the University of Warwick and included 6,592 volunteer male and female
participants from 20 London-based civil service departments.
lowered in mate tea drinkers
Mate tea drinkers may have an
edge when it comes to lowering
LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.
Following on the heels of a
recent lab study on mate tea,
Elvira de Meija, a scientist at
the University of Illinois, is
embarking on major study on
the antioxidant enzymes created by this herbal tea.
In her initial study, participants consumed half a litre of either mate tea, milk or coffee.
Those who drank the mate tea experienced a 10 per
cent increase in enzyme activity associated with lowering bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol.
“The tea used in the study was prepared at the same
concentration used in South America, although they
usually drink two to three litres per day,” said de
In her study, about four
mate tea bags were
used instead
of one, in order
to boost the
levels of the tea.
Strength, aerobic
training a prescription for diabetics
A new study by the University of Calgary dispels the myth
that resistance training is not effective, or can be potentially
harmful, for diabetics aiming to improve glycemic control.
251 sedentary adults between the ages of 39 and 70, with
type 2 diabetes, participated in the 26-week study, which
explored the effectiveness of exercise on diabetes control.
Study participants were randomly assigned to one of the
four groups: one group did 45 minutes of aerobic training
three times a week, another group did 45 minutes of resistance training three times a week, the third group did combined aerobic and resistance training for 45 minutes and the
fourth group did no exercise.
Researchers measured changes in the hemoglobin A1c
value the end of the trial. A drop of one per cent in A1c
equals a 15 to 20 per cent decrease in heart attack and stroke
risk and 25 to 40 per cent decrease in risk of diabetes-related
eye or kidney disease.
Compared to the no exercise group, participants who did
combined resistance and aerobic training experienced the
greatest benefits in controlling blood sugar.
Ask a Yogi
Healing power
of breath
We live because we breathe. Stop breathing and see what
happens. Nobody will argue this supposition. Yet breathing is
primarily taken for granted. Most of us pay little attention to
our breathing or the quality of air we take in. But, especially
in the winter, this awareness can avoid a number of health
Air quality has become a great concern in modern society.
I live on a farm very close to nature and breathe air directly
from an abundance of living trees and a forested area.
Whenever I visit one of the big cities, within hours my eyes
start burning and feel scratchy, and I don’t seem to be able to
get enough air or oxygen. Consequently I tire quickly and my
senses seem to dull.
Maybe that is partly the consequence of having to deal with
massive amounts of traffic, hordes of people, and a never ending onslaught on my senses. Maybe it has to do with the fact
that my mind is constantly focused on coping and surviving,
rather than just being and enjoying. Maybe my lifestyle has
become something of the past.
As little as one hundred years ago the atmosphere generally contained at least twice the amount of oxygen. Also, there
was generally a lot less pollution and chemical toxins in the
air. There were also no electromagnetic waves created by
our modern technologies or the many radio frequencies, cell
phones, television, satellites all emitting their specific waves
and frequencies to this cacophony.
Today, especially in the big cities, we are living in conditions
that are far removed from what even our grandparents lived
in. There is a constant bombardment of input and impulses
that we quickly had to get accustomed to and we don’t really
know the impact on our health and wellbeing.
What we do know is that our breathing, our respiratory system, our lungs, our sinuses and the distribution of oxygen to
our system has become highly challenged. The need to keep
our breathing mechanism fine-tuned and clean has never been
So how do we do that?
Yogis developed breathing exercises many thousands of
years ago. They understood the direct connection between the
life energy that is keeping us alive and our breathing mechanism. Breathing exercises were created to prolong a healthy,
happy lifestyle and increase our quality of life experiences.
Breathing exercises fall primarily into two categories: cleansing, detoxifying breathing, and energizing, maximizing breathing. In the cleansing breath we focus on the exhalation and try
to push out the toxins that have accumulated in our system,
especially the lungs and respiratory tract. Even a few minutes
a day might prevent problems like colds, the flu, bronchitis
and asthma. At least the chance of attracting one of these
diseases can be minimized by keeping our lungs clean. And
that is something that would be most beneficial in these coming winter months.
The energizing breath sends fresh oxygen directly to our
blood circulation by expanding the lungs and allowing the
blood the opportunity to distribute that extra oxygen to our
system. The focus here is on the inhalation and holding the
BY Arie Vander-Reyden
breath and expanding our lung capacity so we take in as much
oxygen as possible.
Unfortunately many of us have developed poor breathing
habits. These can be caused by a large number of influences
like stress, poor working or living environment, little exercise
or body movement and poor diet. Many of us only breathe with
less than 25 per cent of our lung capacity.
Yoga postures and breathing exercises will help to develop
proper breathing habits and will keep your lungs well functioning. Proper breathing engages the lower abdomen and diaphragm. If, when you breathe, only the top part of your chest
moves, then chances are you are not getting enough oxygen
and consequently not enough natural fuel to feel good and
We know that there is a close correlation between breathing
and our emotions. When we are stressed our breathing is short,
irregular and shallow. In a relaxed, happy state of mind we
breathe slowly and deeply. Certain exercises like yoga, swimming and walking automatically create deep and slow breathing. The related happy feeling is a big part of the benefits of
this type of discipline.
Laughing and singing stimulate natural cleansing breathing
since both are focused on the exhalation, and both are emotionally greatly rewarding.
In today’s society disciplining and directing our breathing has
become an important part of remaining healthy and motivated.
There are plenty of resources available to find out how. Let me
know if your need assistance with that. And, happy breathing.
E-mail Arie at [email protected]
Winter’s posture
1.Begin the posture in a
seate d position with hands
beside your back on the
floor, palms facing down ward and legs apart, feet
flat on the floor.
2. O n inhalation raise
buttocks and belly toward
the ceiling.
3. Lower the back of the
head down toward the
floor and hold the position.
while holding your breath.
4. O n exhalation lower but tocks back onto the floor
and cross legs below but tocks .
5. B end forward tucking
legs under and relaxing
arms beside the torso on
the fl oor.
1.The flow creates a deep
massaging of the spine
and the muscles along the
spine, which aids to pre vent lower and upper back
stiffness and pain.
2.The contraction and
expansion of the abdominal
area deeply cleanses the
small and large intestine.
3.Pushing the lower abdo men upwards in inhalation
maximizes diaphragmatic
breathing and consequent
cleansing of the lung-sacs.
4.If you do this exercise
for 10 minutes, then rest
for a few minutes and do
another 10 minutes; it will
effectively strengthen your
Yoga embodies your inner beauty.
The table - sitting child pose flow
all 10-class passes
(2 pass limit)
1-year membership
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alternative measures
Dr. Jeffrey Phillips
Today, Ritalin is almost synonymous with
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD). However, Ritalin need not be the
only means of effecting children or adults
with ADHD. Neither is it always the most
appropriate mechanism. There are a number
of alternative approaches to consider.
Most types of ADHD respond best to a
higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet.
Individuals with substantial tendencies
toward inattentiveness and hyperactivity
can respond well to L-tyrosine, an amino
acid that serves as a precursor to serotonin
in the brain. Other nutritional substances
that can serve a treatment purpose include
GABA, 5-HTP, Gingko Biloba, essential
fatty acids, etc. It is necessary to assess
the exact nature of the ADHD and the
likely brain areas impacted before one can
understand which nutrients are best likely
to serve the individual.
allergy testing
Brain dysfunction often accompanies
immune disorders, such as allergy. With
Provocative Allergy Testing, one can identify
allergies and sensitivities, and become aware
of the symptoms generated by exposure
to substances to which one is allergic or
sensitive. There are also treatment options
that focus on psychoneuroimmunological
issues and improvement of the immune
system resulting, in turn, in progress to
brain function.
The Halton Board of Education noted
that there was a geographical divide in the
board. On the north side of a particular
line going through the board there were
substantial incidence of asthma, ADHD
and various learning problems, as well as
allergy. On the other side of the line there
were lower incidents of the same disorders.
Above the Niagara Escarpment where it
was hypothesized that there was more
fresh air, lower incidence of physical and
psychological difficulties were noted. Below
the escarpment, where it was thought that
polluted air was being trapped as it came
from Hamilton, and other areas, there
was higher incidence of ADHD and other
potentially related issues.
Some individuals with ADHD demonstrate
symptoms of varying intensity over the
day. Allergies and sensitivities need to
be investigated. Similar symptoms can
result from hypoglycemia, wherein blood
sugar levels go up and down over the day
and impact mood. Other individuals may
demonstrate ADHD symptoms that vary
with the seasons. Those who are worse
in the spring and fall may be experiencing
mold, allergies, and/or Candidiasis (i.e.,
systemic yeast overgrowth). When ADHD
symptoms are most common in the winter,
consider indoor allergens, such as dust.
Similarly, in the summer, one might direct
their attention toward pollens and grasses.
Neurofeedback involves EEG readings of
brain activities and various areas of potential
impact related to ADHD. The individual
going through neurofeedback is given the
assignment of modifying their brainwaves,
as monitored by a computer and on screen
for the individual. For children, as they
become successful in regard to meeting
computer program demands in regard to
brainwave management, they can, through
their response, control the activities of
a game on the computer, making the
neurofeedback exercise fun.
Individuals undergoing
neurofeedback have been able
to get off medication permanently.
Cranial electrostimulation involves the
use of a device that looks somewhat like an
MP3 player. Wires from a small MP3 playerlike device are clipped onto the ears, and a
low level electrical impulse is released and
travels through the bony channel of the ear
to the lower aspects of the brain, stimulating
that part of the brain and, in turn, stimulating
rebalancing of neurochemical functioning
and other functional issues of the brain.
Prior to any treatment a full comprehensive
assessment should be carried out. Without
this, one is at risk for potentially simply
identifying ADHD due to difficult behaviour
on the part of a child.
Such difficult
behaviour could be the result of many other
things, however, including anxiety, learning
disability, trauma reaction, low self-esteem,
abuse, low intellect, etc.
Written by Jeffrey R. Phillips Ph.D., C.
Psych., DABFE. Dr. Phillips is a psychologist
at LifeWorks Centre in North Bay.
HealthyB TES
Easy, healthful tried and tested recipes kids will love!
Tofu Snacks
Foods for sexy
1 block organic, firm tofu
2-3 tbsp Red Star nutritional yeast
Bragg liquid soy, or another high quality soy sauce.
2 tbsp olive oil (approx.)
Lightly oil a large cast iron pan and put it on medium heat.
Slice tofu width-wise into 1/2 cm thick rectangles. When the pan is hot, place
the slices snuggly one layer thick covering the pan. Sprinkle half of the nutritional yeast over each piece. Apply a few squirts of Bragg soy sauce over
each piece. Fry for 2 minutes and flip over. They should be lightly browned.
You may need to add more oil. Add the rest of the nutritional yeast and a few
squirts of Bragg, fry for another 2 minutes again. Once the tofu is brown and
crispy on both sides, it is ready to serve.
Serve over a fresh green salad, add to a sandwich or just
eat as a snack on its own.
This dish can also be baked, if your oven is on already.
Place your sliced tofu in an oiled baking dish, one layer thick. Sprinkle
nutritional yeast over top and the soy sauce. Bake for 20 minutes; grill if you
would like the tofu crisp.
Spelt and Rice flour Crepes
In a large bowl combine:
1 1/2 cups brown rice flour
1/2 cup whole spelt flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp sea salt
Beat together:
2 large eggs
2 1/2 cups rice milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
BY Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe
Add to flour mixture and mix thoroughly.
On a thoroughly oiled hot fry pan (a flat cast iron crepe pan works the best)
pour a medium-sized ladle full of batter, turning the pan in a circular motion
to spread the batter evenly. Flip after the surface of the crepe has bubbled
and the crepe can be handled easily. Once the pan is evenly hot, each
crepe should be cooked through in about 2 minutes or less. Your element
should be between medium heat and hot on most stove tops. Because of the
consistency of rice flour, the pan will need to be oiled before each ladle full
is poured on.
Serve with fresh maple syrup, fruit and yogurt.
Nutritional note:
Nutritional yeast is a non-active yeast, unlike yeast used for
baking breads. It is an excellent source of B12 and can be found
in health food stores or some bigger grocery stores with a natural foods department. If the yeast is of good quality, it should
be bright yellow and flaky.
Bragg Liquid Aminos can be found at your local health food
shop. It is the best choice because it has no genetically modified organisms and has no chemical additives, sugar or colouring and is not fermented.
Recipes provided by Sherry Milford, certified nutrition consultant.
She can be reached by e-mail to [email protected]
Throughout history, cultures around world have been
convinced of the power of foods, particularly when it comes
to enhancing sex drive. Modern interest in the subject is
not new, but now research on how food affects hormones is
catching up with traditional theories.
John Harvey Kellogg, M.D., founder of the “Snap, Crackle,
and Profitable” Kellogg breakfast cereal corporation, believed
that food could be so sexually stimulating that people suffering from sexual excesses should avoid all stimulating foods
such as spices, pepper, ginger, mustard, cinnamon, cloves,
all condiments, pickles, “flesh” foods in any but moderate
quantities, chocolate, coffee and tea. Kellogg had no science
to prove his recommendations, but today researchers know
many of the foods purported to be sexual enhancers by him
back in the 1800s do exactly that—enhance sexual arousal,
stamina and satisfaction.
Some foods actually contain hormones, while other foods
act upon hormone receptors. Estrogens have a tangled relationship with food. Some foods and herbs block estrogens,
that is, they keep estrogen molecules from fitting into estrogen receptors on cells. Some foods enhance the action of
estrogen, making it stronger. Some foods contain high levels
of estrogens and should be avoided or eaten in moderation.
Some foods keep your estrogens at healthy levels by aiding
the liver in detoxifying excess estrogens, while some foods
contain progesterone that helps to balance out estrogens.
Other foods stop estrogen-related cancers from forming.
Alcohol raises bad estrogens
It has been known for over a decade that drinking alcohol
increases estrogen levels in women. This is the reason why alcohol
consumption increases the risk of breast cancer. You do not have
to be a big drinker; just three glasses of wine a week can increase
your risk. A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association
shows that the increases in estrogen and breast cancer risk are
much higher when drinking even small amounts of alcohol while
taking estrogen therapy. The study found that when postmenopausal
women taking oral estradiol drank the equivalent of just half a
glass of wine, the levels of estrogen circulating in their blood nearly
doubled. After a drink comparable to three glasses of wine, estrogen
surged more than threefold. Another study by the same researchers
found that estrogen levels rose in women who drank while using
the estradiol skin patch, although the increase was just 40 per
cent. Previous studies in men have found that alcoholic men have
seriously elevated levels of estrogen.
Good foods that balance estrogens
These foods have been found to keep estrogens in a healthy range
while stopping the conversion to bad estrogens – cancer-causing
estrogens. Eat these foods often: dried beans/lentils/chickpeas,
sesame seeds/flaxseeds (they contain lignans), whole grain rice
and oats, alfalfa sprouts (rich in vitamin K; avoid if you are taking
blood-thinners), mung beans, apples, berries (blueberry, cranberry,
pomegranate, bilberry, blackberry, raspberry), pears, carrots, wheat
germ/barley, non-genetically modified, organic fermented soy products (tempeh, miso, soy sauce, fermented soy powders), rice bran,
grapefruit, extra virgin olive oil, borage, evening primrose oil, wild
Great foods that inhibit bad estrogens
Eat plenty of these foods every day to improve your estrogento-progesterone ratio. They are also cancer-preventing: broccoli,
Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, flaxseeds
(ground), buckwheat, figs, melons, green beans, squash, green tea
and chamomile tea
Share your stories of health and healing with readers.
Email [email protected] or call 1-877-989-1600
The ugly estrogenic foods
Avoid these altogether or limit their intake. These foods contain
either estrogen, fit into estrogen receptors, or cause your fat cells
to make too much estrogen: soy beans, tofu, soy beverages, soy
oil, coffee (drink only organic if you like coffee), cotton seed oil
(often found in sardines or other canned fish), corn oil, hops in beer
(both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), commercial chicken, pork and
beef, commercial dairy products, farmed fish, alcohol
Now that you know what a powerful effect foods have on your hormones make sure you choose organic fruits and vegetables from
the great and good lists.
Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe is the author of eight books. Her latest is
Sexy Hormones (Fitzhenry 2007) just released this month.
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Think for a moment the last time
you gave your hip flexor muscles your
undivided attention, treating them to at
least two minutes of gentle stretching.
Can’t remember when? And yet, today
you have put your hip flexor muscles
to use in practically every activity you
were engaged in, with the exception of
The importance of stretching, particularly in the hip region, cannot be
overstated. Yet, quite often, our lowerbody stretching consists of quick fivesecond, old-school techniques, focused
on merely stretching out the quads (the
front of your thighs), the hamstrings
(the back of your thighs) and, if there’s
a couple of extra seconds, the hip flexors – the region of muscles that cross
in front of your hips.
Even then, in our time-challenged
schedule, we tend to devote more time
to stretching our hamstrings with the
hope that someday, with more stretching, we’ll be able to touch our toes.
How often have you noticed that
your hamstrings are tight, and so you
decided to stretch out your hamstrings?
Seems like the logical thing to do. But
you may be missing the mark when it
comes to increasing flexibility in that
particular area.
Interestingly, if you focus your effort
on opening the hip region through
targeted stretches that improve flexibility in this area, you’ll find an overall
improvement in flexibility in other areas
and increased efficiency of movement.
Not only that, your lower back will
love you for it. And, if you’re an athlete, your coach will love you for it.
The following stretch increases
range of motion in the hip region, and
stretches the fascia of the muscle, the
deep connective tissue, releasing tightness and restrictions in all the muscles
surrounding the hips.
Stretch for success
Do the following stretch slowly and
rhythmically with your breath. The key
here is to move slowly and gently into
the stretch. You may wish to test the
effectiveness of the stretch. Gently
bend forward from a standing position,
knees relaxed, and note how close you
are to touching your toes.
1. Step forward with your left leg and
kneel into a lunge position. Inhale and
draw your right arm straight up above
your head, resting your left hand on
your right thigh. Exhale, lunging forward slightly, just enough to feel a
slight stretch in the hip flexor area.
Inhale back to the starting position.
Repeat the stretch two more times,
each time lunging forward a little more
until you feel the tissue release. Be
sure to continue the breathing pattern.
Note: Legs should be far enough apart
so that when you lunge forward the
knee is not jutting past the toes.
2. Continue this stretch from the same
starting position as above. Inhale,
drawing the arm overhead. Exhale and
lunge, pressing the hip forward, reaching the right arm over to the left side,
into a side stretch.
Repeat the stretch two more times,
each time keeping the movement fluid
and lunging forward slightly more each
time. Repeat the stretch on the opposite side.
Then, if you wish, test its effectiveness. Once again, from a standing
position bend forward, keeping knees
relaxed, and test how much closer you
now are to touching your toes.
Sari Huhtala is a Can-Fit-Pro certified
personal trainer.
E-mail questions and comments to
[email protected]
[email protected]
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