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Satvik Diet – Yogic Diet
A sattvic diet that is part of a yogi’s way of life is said to be pure, simple and
light and helps to keep the mind and the body clean. Sattvic diet recipes will
include foods that do not strain the digestive system. They should not be
chemically treated, have a low fat and protein content and should be
relatively bland with just a minimum amounts of spices added for flavoring.
Because of these requirements, the diet is completely vegetarian. Apart from
these types of foods, a yogi will also be mindful of the amount of food eaten
as well as the manner in which it is eaten as all these factors affect the
various organs and the energy centers in the body.
“Sattvic diet means not only vegetarian food, but food rich in Prana (lifeforce) like organic fresh fruit and vegetables. It requires avoiding canned
and processed food, and foods prepared with chemical fertilizers or sprays.”
People who follow this type of diet as well as practice the various asanas are
reputed to have a lower incidence of diseases as well as have clarity of
thought and peace of mind.
Yoga Tea – Homemade Herbal Tea
Herbal teas are a delicious and easy way to increase your fluid intake
and sneak in some extra nutrients.
Herbal teas are simple, effective, inexpensive, caffeine- and drug-free
ways to enjoy the taste and benefits of herbs and spices .
On October yoga you will have Yogic diet cooking and Yoga Tea making
class with our Indian yoga Instructor Samantha. Come, take part, learn
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