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You may be surprised who controls
your kids eating habits.
Discover how to take back control.
funding shortages to secure lucrative
Parents are often stymied when trying
illions of dollars are spent
concessions in places they know lack
to give their kids food that has true
every year on advertising
a parent’s watchful eye.
nutritional value:
Intense advertising during children’s
Sound Familiar? TV hours convinces kids to go to the
“This tastes DISGUSTING.” It’s Not Your Fault
that tells your kids it’s okay
to eat foods that are addicting and
unhealthy. Surrounded by this relentless
advertising—thousands of images
every day—and with their taste buds
hopelessly distorted by synthetic
flavors and chemical “fake foods,” it’s
little wonder that so many kids are
overweight and addicted to sugary
drinks and snacks.
The possible consequences of poor
ingredient choices in your kids’ drinks,
snacks, and other foods: • Weight Gain
• Poor Performance in School
• Behavior Problems
• Early Development of
“Adult” Diseases
• Lack of Confidence
• Low Energy
• Depression
vending machines every chance they
get. The consequences are devastating
because the kids are caught from
both sides. First, from the outside, by
“I want PIZZA.”
“I don’t like vegetables.”
intense brainwashing from advertising
images showing good-looking, happy
kids eating junk. Then from the inside
as their growing bodies react to
the effects of the poor nutrition and
distorted cravings for more junk.
Think that’s exaggerated? Then think
again. The fast food and junk food
industries make billions in profits by
feeding on your kids’ emotions and
appetites. Read the ingredients on a
box of sweetened kid’s cereal. Then
look at the price tag. Profits like that
are hard to give up.
The Taste Problem
The human body is beautifully
engineered to detect what it needs
in food: sensors for sugars, fats, salt,
How Did This Happen?
and many other compounds drive
Good food didn’t get replaced with junk
the desire to consume those foods in
food overnight. It’s been a long, slow
order to grow and thrive. But in nature,
process that has accelerated over the
these compounds come in moderate
past several years. Just a few decades
doses, bundled with other nutrients,
ago, food was produced or caught
fiber, gums, and substances that
locally, prepared at home and eaten
moderate flavor and slow digestion
with the family together. Today, that
and absorption.
has largely been replaced by hurried
trips to the freezer section, or a quick
meal to go, with families often eating at
separate times, in many cases in front
Not so with junk foods. Sugary
and fatty snacks exploit those
built-in sensors and distort taste
of the TV or a video game.
by concentrating sugar, processed
Things aren’t much different at school.
often rendering real food bland
In recent years, fast food and junk
by comparison.
flour and chemically altered fat—
food companies have used education
Snazzle Snaxxs™
Success in that area is truly a family
That’s why we invented Snazzle
affair. We’ve gotten into this problem
Snaxxs™. They’re tasty snacks that
all together. We have to get out of it
the labels. We’ll distinguish good from
will help your kids, not hurt them. You
bad, and show you how to substitute
can use them in place of unhealthy
snacks while you start transitioning
your family to a healthy diet. We call
them transitional foods. The Snazzle Snaxxs Story
We developed Snazzle Snaxxs after
hundreds of people told us their kids
were having real issues with junk
What’s your problem?
food: issues that ranged from difficult
There are all kinds of problems for
behavior to poor grades, to mood
which Snazzle Snaxxs can be part of
swings, to weight gain. Our research
the solution. Which of these are most
showed that certain ingredients and
familiar to you? chemicals in foods cause kids to get
The Snazzle Snaxxs Solution e’ll show you and your kids
what ingredients to look for on
Snazzle Snaxxs. We’ve harnessed
science to create transitional foods that
along with the principles outlined in Dr.
Ludwig’s book, can help make it easier
for your kids to be healthier, happier,
and perform better.”
“addicted” to the food while causing
“I don’t have enough time to cook.”
“They scream if I don’t give them
energy highs and lows and weight gain.
Plus, those foods were missing many
ingredients—like vitamins, minerals,
junk food, or if I try to give them
and essential omega fatty acids—that
can help kids perform well in school.
“I’m too stressed and busy. I just need
Some of the finest work on the sugar
to get something on the way home.”
response and childhood obesity has
“I try to feed them right, but they buy
candy and soda at school.”
Who’s in Control?
been done by David Ludwig, MD,
PhD, at Harvard Medical School. His
amazing book on this subject: “Ending
the Food Fight” is a key part of our
program. It’s a book every parent in
In most cases, the problem is about
America should read, and that’s why
control. It turns out, the solution is
we provide it for you. Other research
also about control. Who controls your
shows just how much the lack of
kids? Who controls their moods, their
vitamins, minerals and other essential
grades, attitudes, performance and
ingredients can affect academic
attention span? Is it you? Is it your kids
performance and behavior.
While the ultimate solution is fresh
Or is it all the junk food advertising that
foods as close to nature as possible,
manipulates their thinking—and their
there’s a huge need to bridge the gap
metabolism? You decide. Did you
and provide the same satisfaction as
know that certain ingredients in drinks
“junk” food while helping, not hurting,
and snacks control mood, energy,
our kids. It wasn’t easy, and we’re still
attitude and performance? That’s why
not perfect, but when you read the
the solution to so many of our current
labels on Snazzle Snaxxs, you’ll see
problems lies with proper nutrition.
how far we’ve come.
Snazzle Snaxxs™
Dr, David Macallan
Clinical Director
The Trump Network™
Here are six reasons you and your kids
will LOVE Snazzle Snaxxs:
We designed Snazzle Snaxxs to make it possible for your
kids to make healthy snack choices, anytime.
They’re Simple 2
They’re Convenient
They’re Tasty
They Satisfy
5 They Nourish
They’re Effective
Just use whichever Snazzle Snaxxs
Snazzle Snaxxs are handy, light, easy
Habitual junk food eating has
Unlike foods that are designed to
There are all kinds of nutrients in
Snazzle Snaxxs really work. They’re
is appropriate for the time of day, or
to make and ready when your kids are.
distorted kids tastebuds so “real”
make kids crave more, Snazzle
Snazzle Snaxxs that you won’t find in
much more nutritious than regular
what it’s replacing. Whether it’s a drink,
Barzzs, Twissters, and Puffs are ready
food doesn’t taste so good any
Snaxxs are designed to satisfy. From
regular snacks: lots of protein in some,
snacks, and they’re so tasty. They
savory snack or sweet treat, they’re all
to eat; Stixxs and Paxxs just need
more. We’ve designed Snazzle
the protein content of the Barzzs,
vitamins and minerals in others, fiber
provide steady energy and enhance
easy to use and simple to substitute.
water or milk.
Snaxxs to taste great while providing
Twissters, and Puffs, to the vitamin,
in some, essential fatty acids in others.
performance. Use them to help transition
protein and healthy micronutrients.
mineral, essential fatty acid, or fruit
There’s even the nutrient equivalent of
to a healthy diet of fresh foods, then
They taste so good your kids won’t
and vegetable content of the Stixxs
a serving of fruits and vegetables in
keep them handy when you or your kids
believe they’re healthy.
and Paxxs, they take the edge off
each Snazzle Paxxs. What’s not to like?
just need to reach for something.
cravings without creating more.
Snazzle Snaxxs™
How to Use Snazzle Snaxxs
No matter what you do, junk food and sugary snacks will always be part of your
kids’ surroundings. Try to eliminate them, and they’ll dig in their heels. Instead,
challenge them to read the labels on all the foods they eat, including Snazzle
Snaxxs, and they’ll WANT to replace the bad food with the scientifically designed
nutrition in great-tasting Snazzle Snaxxs. You can begin to change your family’s
nutrition habits for the better. Here it is: Nutrition by Design.
Snazzle Snaxxs™
Tips and Tricks
Use in place of unhealthy snacks
Using Snazzle Snaxxs couldn’t be
and sugary drinks. For example, if
easier. Simply substitute them for
you like chocolate or vanilla milk better
an unhealthy snack whenever the
than regular milk, just mix one of our
occasion arises, and take note of
Snazzle Stixxs into regular milk and
these simple guidelines:
presto, you have delicious flavored
milk without all those sugars, and
1. Snazzle Snaxxs aren’t meant to take
with some vitamin or omega goodness
the place of healthy, balanced meals.
in there too.
The foundation of good nutrition
occasional fruits in season, and small
The Snazzle Snaxxs
Starter Kit
servings of complex carbohydrates
The Snazzle Snaxxs Starter Kit contains
like whole grains.
a box of each of our Snazzle Snaxxs
is fresh vegetables, lean proteins,
2. Before They Snack, Check The
Back. As you begin learning to
read labels better, you’ll see how
products, a copy of Dr. Ludwig’s book
“Ending the Food Fight,” and a Snazzle
Snaxxs Shaker.
many snack foods are high in sugar,
additives, fat and calories, and low
on protein, vitamins and minerals.
Learn to compare, and you and your
kids will soon see the benefits.
Use Snazzle Twissters instead of
potato chips, Snazzle Puffs instead
3.Use Stixxs and Paxxs to replace
of your regular breakfast cereal,
sugary drinks, including fruit drinks
Snazzle Paxxs instead of sugary fruit
and sodas. One thing you’ll quickly
drinks, and Snazzle Barzzs instead of
learn is that even pure fruit juices
chocolate or candy.
are very high in sugars, and not as
good for you as some people would
All of our nutritionally designed snacks
have you believe. You can also use
the Stixxs to pour over your Snazzle
Puffs for breakfast.
4. Use Barzzs and Twissters any time
you need to handle a kid’s snack
attack. They’ll satisfy without
and drinks for kids are included in the
Some of our nutritionally designed
Snazzle Snaxxs Starter Kit.
snacks are ready to eat, and you
just add water or milk to the rest.
Each snack has its own instructions
on the box.
leaving them hungry.
Bottom line: if you’re going to spend
money on snacks, spend it on snacks
that can help them not hurt them—
choose Snazzle Snaxxs.
If you’re ready to help your
family be healthier, then take
the Snazzle Snaxxs pledge.
If your family’s health isn’t what
1. It’s important for me to improve my
don’t improve my family’s nutrition?
Their current health  Yes  No  Yes  No you’d like it to be, it’s time to make a
Their future health
 Yes  No change—and that brings us to a few
questions we’d like to ask you—the
Their performance
in school
 Yes  No
same questions many other families
Their behavior
 Yes  No
have asked themselves. Just take a
minute to check off each one, so you
know why you’re committing to
2. Will there be future consequences if I
family’s nutrition because of: Their self-confidence Yes  No
Their mood
 Yes  No
If yes, what?_____________________
3. Am I willing to learn and follow the
principles in Dr. Ludwig’s book?
 Yes  No
positive change.
I hope you answered “Yes” to
everything. If you did, you are ready
for change. And we’re here to help:
I declare that I am committed to improving my family’s nutrition.
 Yes  No
Beat back the snack attack.™
Call your Trump Network Independent Marketer today to get
started right away.
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