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Fast Track Fast Trends®
A Monthly Report from David Michael & Co.
November 2008
Our monthly report on new snack products includes sub-groups within the snack
category, including salty snacks, snack mixes, fruit snacks, nuts and beef snacks. Last
month 746 new snack products were launched worldwide!
Unique Product Launches
Each month, we review launches to find the most unique
new products from around the world
Company: Java Houten Food Industries
Brand: Krispy Korn
Country: Indonesia
Product Description: Krispy Korn Cappuccino Flavoured Popcorn contains no
artificial flavouring and colouring, and is said to be high in fibre. The halal
product contains no preservatives and is available in a 100g pack. Also
available in this range is Gula Jawa Flavoured Popcorn. This halal certified
product contains no artificial flavouring or colouring, and is high in fibre. The
product retails in a 100g pack.
(Source: Mintel GNPD)
Our Thoughts: We found a number of interesting
popcorn flavors this month, but cappuccino
certainly was our favorite. Also in this line is Gula
Jawa flavored popcorn. (Gula Jawa is Indonesian
palm sugar.) Our popcorn favorites this month
included Jolly Time Healthy Pop Caramel Apple
from Canada, and Jolly Time Mallow Magic Yummy
Marshmallow from India. The latter is said to
replicate the taste of marshmallow krispy treats,
and provides a serving of wholegrains.
Company: Vanguard
Product: Jian Yue Zu He
Country: China
Product Description: Jian Yue Zu He Rose Pumpkin Seeds are
roasted and said to be tasty. This product is available in a 220g
can. (Source: Mintel GNPD)
Our Thoughts: Last month we featured green tea flavored pumpkin seeds...they
just keep getting better!
Company: Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World
Brand: Lorenz Snack-World Naturals
Country: Poland
Company: Tohato
Brand: Caramel Corn
Country: Japan
Product Description: Caramel Corn Spicy
Chocolate Flavoured Caramel Corn is
coated with chocolate and is flavoured with
six spices including black pepper, ginger
and cinnamon. This product, aimed at
adults was launched on November 3, 2008
with an RRP of 126 yen.
(Source: Mintel GNPD)
Our Thoughts: The flavors used in this sweet and savory corn snack got
our attention. The other spices not listed above are cardamom, allspice
and clove, combined with corn grits, breadcrumbs and honey in what
sounds like one fantastic product.
Company: Komal Herbals
Product: Kazana
Country: USA
Product Description: Kazana Exotic Cashews
are all natural and gluten free with no trans fat
and seasoned with Himalayan sea salt. The
product is available in two flavors; Himalayan
Secret and Sweet 'n' Sour. The cashews are
organic, and a good source of copper,
magnesium and calcium. They are also high in
monounsaturated fats which are associated with lowering heart
cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. The product has been
flavored using Amla berries, an antioxidant rich 'super fruit', and turmeric,
known for its digestive and anti inflammatory properties.The kosher, nonGM product is available in a 2-oz. resealable pack.
(Source: Mintel GNPD)
Our Thoughts: What we found so intriguing about this product is that it is
flavored with Amla, or Indian Gooseberries. Amla is a superfruit, and one
that we intend to keep our eyes on. There are a number of launches this
year utilizing amla, mainly in India. In the US, we have found amla in Yogi
Tea and Zrii juice.
Product Description: Lorenz Snack-World Naturals Balsamico Flavour Crisps are potato crisps with a balsamic flavour that are
claimed to contain only natural ingredients, and are cholesterol- , artificial colours-, flavours- and preservative free, and contain 65%
less saturates than traditional chips. The product is available in a 75g pack.
(Source: Mintel GNPD)
Our Thoughts: The balsamic flavor used in this chip is another interesting mix of savory and sweet. The bitterness and sweetness of
the balsamic must add a delicious new level to the crisp.
trend corner
This month, we’re dedicating our “page 2” to a look back at our favorite products of 2008.
Whether it’s innovation, flavor, or added value, we’ve thought long and hard, choosing
the products that best differentiated themselves from the pack, and best demonstrated
growing trends. So, without further ado...
Kellogg’s Live Bright (USA)
Helping to usher in the latest fortification trend - brain food - Kellogg's Live Bright Brain
Health Bars contain 100mg DHA omega-3 per bar. In the past few years, we’ve spotted
DHA Omega-3’s added to foods for toddlers in Europe and Canada for brain
development (more recently in the US), and in Asia for student targeted study aids (often
with added caffeine). Expect to see more brain health claims in 2009.
Given that the beverage category sees such a great influx of new
trends, we couldn’t help but choose two here...
Nestlé Glowelle ( USA)
Formulated with a proprietary blend of antioxidant vitamins (A, C and
E), real tea, phyto-nutrients, botanical and fruit extracts, this beauty
beverage is sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf
Goodman stores. Wildly popular in Japan, beauty foods have been
growing in Europe and North America recently. Here in the U.S., beauty
foods are typically premium items, but as the trend picks up, we expect
to see more RTD beauty beverages in the convenience store, right
next to the VitaminWater.
ViB Chill-N (USA)
Energy beverages may still be big news, but we’re betting on relaxation
beverages to surface as the next trend in that category. Need a
reason? Look at your desktop. ViB stands for "Vacation in a Bottle", and
was recently featured in Brandweek.
The Best of 2008
Loblaws President's Choice Takeout Indian (Canada)
President's Choice Takeout Indian Curried Vegetables
combines a pre-cleaned and chopped mix of veggies in a
tomato based curry sauce. This product is a great example of
growing convenience in the produce section. Not only can it
be stored refrigerated or frozen, and be microwaved, but it is
part of a broader line. On the back of the package, diagrams
suggest that a balanced meal can be comprised of three
parts - just mix and match in the President’s Choice Takeout
item you desire from the color coded options.
Prepared & Processed Foods
Grace's Kitchen (USA)
Those “in the know” may be wondering why we
chose a company that’s no longer in business for a
“best of” feature. Well, the sad truth is that
sometimes, even the good products don’t make it.
Grace's Kitchen Rustic Tart (with mushrooms, leek
and fennel) is a great example of this high-end line
of appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts that
combined flavor and convenience. We first spotted
Grace’s Kitchen at the 2007 Fancy Foods Show
(NYC) and thought they had a great product - sleek
packaging, upscale flavors, and the number of
portions marked on the front of the box (both
portions were individually wrapped inside) was quite helpful.
We imagine the price point may have caused shoppers to cringe as the economy
went south this year. At $8.69, this tart could have been a hard sell - but next time
you buy dinner for two at your favorite fast food establishment, try to keep it under
that price (a hard trick even at Taco Bell these days). Plus, we imagine the cooking
times seemed a little inconvenient - 30 minutes in the oven, in lieu of a microwaved
meal. Grace’s was definitely targeting a niche market - consumers looking for a
high-end meal, of good quality, who wanted to feel like part of the cooking process.
Maybe they were just a little ahead of their time.
Nestlé KitKat ( Japan)
Frequent readers of our confection reports won’t be surprised to hear we have a bit of a
crush on Japanese KitKats. Well, how could we not, with all of their exciting limited
edition flavors! Nestle really has their finger on the pulse with this line, tapping into to
emerging flavor trends like salt, black tea and soy sauce (yes, those are in KitKats).
Other flavors were more seasonal, such as
watermelon and rose blossom. And yet others
more locally inspired, such as soybean powder
or regional specialities, like locally harvested
fruits and brown sugar. In some cases, Nestle
even included alternative serving suggestions,
such as “best served cold.”
Sauces & Seasonings
Dairy & Dessert
Frito-Lay Rold Gold Pretzel Waves (USA)
Talk about a brand makeover. Rold Gold Pretzel
Waves take those deliciously buttery pretzels, and
turn them into a chip-like thingie. Available in four
flavors - two savory, two sweet - Erin loved the
Chocolate Drizzle for afternoon snacking, while
Danielle preferred the Parmesan Garlic in lieu of
chips with her sandwich.
Spoonable Yogurt & Yogurt Drinks
There were so many choices in this category, we had a difficult time choosing just one
innovative product to feature. So, we decided on two sub-categories. Whether for flavor
or function, yogurt was full of changes this year - all of which have contributed to
increasing sales. Our favorites this year included new alternative varieties, such as
Greek yogurt, and increased options in cereal and fiber inclusions (we especially liked
the Yoplait Mixed Seeds Yogurt from Sweden). In flavor offerings, we found a number of
new green tea flavors, such as Danone Silhoutte 0+ Raspberry-Green Tea Yogurt
(Canada), as well as a variety of other creative flavors: Nestle Integral Yogurt (Brazil) in
Sage with grape juice (a great example of an increase in herbal flavors), Milbona Q10
Yogurt (Germany) in Orange Cactus and Mango Aloe Vera (demonstrating and increase
in aloe vera use in yogurt), and finally, Asda Extra Special (UK) in Champagne Rhubarb .
Sargento Salad Finishers (USA)
Salads - exciting in the restaurant, boring at home. But with consumers
increasingly looking for do-it-yourself products, Sargento makes it just a little
easier. Salad Finishers combine favorite toppings like cheese, fruit and chicken,
into one bag. For example: Chicken Caesar with chicken, Parmesan cheese, and
baked Caesar croutons, and Cranberry Bacon with dried cranberries, roasted
pecan, mozzarella and asiago cheese. (Now, if they only included dressings
packets too...) We also like the Potato Finishers line of toppings for baked potatoes.
Published by David Michael’s
Marketing Department
© Copyright 2008, David Michael & Co.