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Corporate Health Manual
Lower Premiums
Higher Productivity Less Absenteeism
 Look and Feel Years Younger
 Heal Yourself of Any Disease
 Maintain Your Ideal Weight
And much more, naturally!
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From the Author
My father died of a heart attack when he was only 52. He never missed
a day of work in his life and I never saw him with even a simple cold, but
heart disease runs in our family. The closer I got to his age (I’m now 58)
made me take a long, hard look to avoid the same fate.
I exercise very little and party on the weekends, yet I’ve lost 30 lbs!
Ultrasound tests show I have the arteries of a healthy 30 year-old.
I wanted to know:
What is the best diet for humans
What is the best way to exercise
Can aging be slowed or reversed
How can we live long, happy lives
After extensive research, I wrote this
manual for my Corporate Wellness Program
Dale Jansen, President
I wrote this flyer on stabilized
aloe (AKA glyconutrients), and
it became popular world-wide.
(Sorry, out of print)
Be sure to read the entire manual
Not just the pages that you think apply to you!
On pages 2-5 are products I recommend
Contact me on the last page and I’ll tell you where to buy them
Disclaimer: The information in this manual is the opinion of the
author and is not meant to replace the advice of your medical doctor.
See page 2, WBHF
for more on this.
Bad Science
In 1961, the American Heart Association told us
to replace meat and fat with pasta and vegetable oils
Americans followed this advice, yet metabolic syndrome (heart disease,
obesity, diabetes) has skyrocketed. Rather than admit they were wrong,
government “experts” blame us for eating too much and not exercising enough!
The Food Pyramid
The original design for the pyramid recommended eating fewer grains and more
fat and meat. This was changed after major breakfast cereal producers complained.
Like the fox guarding the hen house, representatives of the cereal companies now
sit on the panel that determines the pyramid. (It’s now called a food “plate”)
Vegetable oil companies published false studies depicting their oils as healthier than
animal fats, and for decades the American Heart Association told us to replace butter
with man-made margarine. After 50 years of misinformation, trans fats such as
margarine are now being removed because new evidence proves they are unhealthy.
Representatives for major cereal
companies sit on the panel that
determines the food we should eat.
Drug Companies Dominate Health Care
Organizations like the American Cancer Society have close ties to drug companies. These associations
ask you to “donate for the cure”, but the “cure” is always some toxic drug treatment. Natural health
solutions are ignored because they compete with their drug company allies.
Alan Watson sheds new light on how corporate greed,
government delusion, and slippery science are making our children
sick and causing what the late Dr. Robert Atkins called “diabesity.”
Cereal Killer is a stinging indictment of the food and drug industry
who enjoy huge profits as Americans of all ages suffer from the
failed “low fat” federal nutrition guidelines.
To get FDA approval,
a substance must be
toxic enough to kill you.
All drugs are toxic
To get FDA approval, a substance must show at what level it will kill you. If it has no toxic level it’s
classified as a nutritional supplement and the FDA will never approve it for anything, no matter how
effective it is. Example: Vitamin C will never get FDA approval to treat scurvy because it’s non-toxic.
According to the American Medical Association’s own figures, over 50,000 people a year die in the US
after taking a prescription drug. I’m not talking about drug abusers, these people died after taking a
dose recommended by their doctor. Thousands more suffer permanent injuries, yet the medical
community continues to rely on drugs instead of natural substances. That’s because they make far more
money treating the symptoms instead of curing the disease.
“Treat it, don’t cure it”
Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition of the lungs
“Treat it, don’t cure it”
The medical industry makes
far more money treating
your disease than curing it.
I met a woman who totally cured her condition by
taking stabilized aloe. She no longer needed expensive
medications and quit going to her doctor for checkups.
You would think her doctor would tell the world, right?
Instead he got mad and told her not to
tell others about her “quack” medicine!
World’s Best Health Formula
World’s Best
Health Formula
Caution: Do not take
WBHF with chlorinated
tap water. See page 30
These nutrients are in
a health formula I take
Because I make health claims in this manual,
the FDA won’t allow me to name products here.
Contact me pg. 33 and I’ll tell you where to buy them
Stabilized Aloe (AKA Glyconutrients)
100’s of times better than regular aloe because of a special process that retains acemannan,
the natural healing factor found only in fresh aloe. Acemannan stimulates stem cells and a
powerful antioxidant called glutathione that super-charges the immune system to restore
your health from even the most serious illness. It keeps you young by increasing telomerase,
an enzyme that protects telomeres. Experts in Glycobiology believe the acemannan in
stabilized aloe to be the greatest health discovery in history – the key to a long healthy life.
ionic Trace Minerals
Plant-derived ionic trace minerals help bring life to dying cells, balance pH and are the “work
horses” of the body. Vitamins must have trace minerals to be effective, and due to depleted
soils, almost everyone is mineral deficient. The world’s most powerful chelators, they help
cleanse tissues of toxins. Their ionic size is natural and far more bioavailable than other
minerals such as colloidal minerals, so you only need a little. See page 27 for more on minerals!
MSM (sulfur) is often hailed as “The Miracle Mineral” because millions swear it provides
relief for dozens of conditions. MSM helps rebuild arthritic joints, and athletes claim it
prevents muscle stiffness after a long work-out. Users report smoother, clearer skin,
improved hair and nail growth, and an increase in energy. MSM truly is a “miracle mineral”.
This herb has been used for centuries to increase energy without crashing. Safe even in
large amounts, it improves mental clarity, reduces stress and improves athletic performance.
It helps normalize hormones, balance mood swings and increases energy for weight loss.
People suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression respond well to rhodiola.
Vitamin D3
More like a hormone, D3 regulates over 2,000 genes. Critical for immune function, it’s very
helpful in healing cancer. Lack of vitamin D is a major cause of depression world-wide. Your
best source is from the sun, but most people work indoors so supplementation is required.
Modern farming practices have
depleted the soil of trace minerals,
leaving us all deficient.
Safe in even large amounts,
rhodiola is a wonder herb
for many health conditions.
A vital mineral lacking in our
modern diet, MSM is called
“The Miracle Mineral”
This scientific book on stabilized
aloe will satisfy even the most
skeptical medical professional.
Dental Health
Gum disease, called periodontal disease, has been linked to heart disease, arthritis,
Alzheimer’s even cancer. The same bacteria that cause your teeth to loosen and fall out
can get into the blood and attack other parts of your body. In many people, their gums
are so infected that all their teeth must be removed before they can safely have
something as simple as a knee operation - and they never knew it.
Keep the
bottle in
and swish
It’s been estimated 30% of people over age 50 are at risk of developing heart disease due
to periodontal disease. Anyone who has had a root canal or needs one is especially at
risk. One study showed that 97% of terminal cancer patients had a root canal in the past.
ionic Silver Water is
sold in 1-liter bottles
Gov’t rules won’t allow me
to name the brand here.
Silver water is
good for your pet’s
teeth and gums!
I’ve been using ionic silver water for
over 14 years and my dentist says I have
healthy gums, with absolutely no plaque.
Ionic silver heals eye and ear
infections in one application.
I don’t think my dentist likes me!
Silver ions: A Natural Antibiotic
Swish nightly with ionic silver
Put a capful in your mouth
and puff your cheeks in and out
30 seconds. Swallow the water
and don’t rinse, just go to bed.
Note: Silver water will NOT
stain your teeth
Brushing and flossing can’t kill the bacteria that live inside the teeth and
gums. The best way to reach the bacteria is to use a technique called
“pulling”; puffing your cheeks in and out with silver water.
Put a capful in your mouth and “swish” with it just before bed. Swallow the
water and don’t rinse, let the ions absorb all night killing the bacteria. With
regular use it will also kill the plaque on your teeth and you may never have
to go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned again! See page 30 for more
Soak in ionic silver water for 20
minutes, 5 times to kill nail fungus.
Heat undiluted silver water on stove
and re-use the same water each time.
Bad Breath is often caused
by infected teeth and gums.
Ionic silver water kills the
bacteria that cause the odor.
Even persistent wounds
heal when you soak the
bandage with ionic silver water.
Spray into nose
to relieve allergies.
At the first sign of a cold
take a capful of silver water
every hour. Silver safely kills
bacteria, germs and viruses.
Dr. Westin Price; often called “The World’s Greatest Dentist” spent 25 years
researching the effects of infected teeth on human diseases. His 60-man team
discovered that no matter how well the gum and root was disinfected after a root
canal, the infection remained inside the tooth. This infection can travel throughout
the body causing all matter of degenerative diseases like, arthritis, heart disease,
mental and nervous conditions.
Dr. Price and his team of scientists traveled
the world documenting the effects of diet on
dental health. Tribes who ate the traditional
Paleo diet had straight, healthy teeth, while
those that adopted a modern diet of grains
had crooked, cavity-filled teeth. See page 31
Dr. George Meinig DDS, rediscovered Dr.
Price’s work and his book, Root Canal Coverup details that today’s antibiotics fail to kill
the bacteria inside your teeth because they
have become resistant to modern antibiotics.
Stabilized aloe
Emu oil
ionic Silver
Aloe Gel
Emu Oil is Unique
Emu oil closely resembles human skin
oil, allowing it to carry ingredients deep
into tissues. Plant oils just can’t match
the healing quality of emu oil.
Historical: Ancient people knew that only fresh aloe worked. After a few days the gel was
not nearly as effective so they carried live plants with them as they traveled.
Gov’t rules won’t allow me
to name the brand here.
Contact me on page 33 and
I’ll tell you where to buy it.
1950’s: After seeing the horrible radiation burns caused by the atomic bombs, American
scientists began testing various substances to heal these wounds. They found that fresh aloe
worked very well, but it had to be fresh as gel kept in storage did not work. Since there was
no way to keep it fresh, the discovery was forgotten.
Today: Only “stabilized” aloe has acemannan, the active ingredient in fresh aloe. The gel
from many plants is concentrated, making it more powerful than even fresh aloe gel.
World’s best anti-aging
skin care - at any price!
Far better than regular aloe gel
Helps heal diabetic and other persistent wounds and sores
Stops foot and underarm odor, great as a personal lubricant
Use before and after sun tanning to prevent sun burn
Helps heal severe burns, usually without any scarring
Apply to skin when undergoing radiation cancer treatments
Massage into skin twice daily to remove even old scars
Massage on pregnant abdomen to prevent/remove stretch marks
Use for: acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, age spots, hemorrhoids
Apply often to help prevent and heal skin cancer
Better than fresh aloe because it’s highly concentrated!
Stimulates stem cells and
collagen for younger looking skin!
Stabilized Aloe is Unique
More expensive but worth it!
Most aloe producers either don’t know how to
stabilize it, or don’t because of the higher cost.
99% of all aloe products sold today are not stabilized and
have no acemannan. Some producers add just a “pinch”
so they can claim it on the label.
When the leaf is cut, the plant releases an enzyme
that destroys the healing factor, acemannan, in a
few days. The aloe is stabilized by removing the
destructive enzyme.
The juice is then freeze-dried into a powder and
put into capsules or mixed into a creamy aloe gel.
Adult injured her leg as a child
Aloe Gel for Pain
Notice how much better the scar looks after
5 months of applying the aloe gel twice a day.
Rub the stabilized aloe gel into the affected
areas 2-3 times daily until you find relief.
Great for relief of arthritic pain!
Apply gel to insect bites to
immediately stop the itch
and reduce swelling.
Caution: Gel will sting when
applied to wounds, so do not
apply to baby diaper rash!
The stabilized aloe gel has emu oil to
carry the MSM and aloe deep into tissues.
The same healing occurs internally when
you take stabilized aloe in the WBHF pg 2.
Take colostrum on an empty
stomach first thing in the
morning and before bedtime.
colostrum absorbs
better than capsules.
“Fountain of Youth”
Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid secreted by all mammals in the first 48 hours after giving birth. It serves as
life’s first food for newborns during those first crucial hours of life. Studies show that breast-fed babies
have far fewer child-hood diseases than those fed on formula.
Fountain of Youth
Colostrum is known to build muscle, reduce body fat, increase bone density, repair brain
damage and promote younger looking skin. Celebrities and athletes often take expensive
Human Growth Hormone shots to lose weight and restore their youthful looks. The liver
then converts the Human Growth Hormone into Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. Colostrum is
loaded with IGF-1, and it doesn’t require expensive injections to get it.
Better than
HGH shots!
Overall, colostrum is considered as powerful as steroids at generating increased muscle mass
when used in conjunction with exercise, but without the risks and side effects. Colostrum is
nature’s perfect food – the “fountain of youth”!
Unsurpassed Immune Support
Colostrum also provides a potent array of 97 immune factors including immunoglobins, cytokines,
interferon and lactoferrin. Supplementation with colostrum can dramatically restore immunity; prevent
infections and speed healing and recovery from illness. Arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer,
Alzheimer’s - you name it, colostrum, the WBHF and the Paleo diet are your means to optimum health.
Hormone and intestinal support
Your thymus gland is critical for your immune system, and as we age it gradually shrinks to the size of a
pea. Colostrum has 87 growth factors (bio-identical hormones and hormone precursors) to strengthen
and rebuild your entire hormonal system, including restoring your thymus to a healthy, “youthful” size.
Colostrum has a variety of different probiotics and prebiotics that help feed the beneficial flora in your
gut, while keeping “bad” flora in check. A healthy colon is required for nutrient absorption.
The best colostrum powder is full-fat
The best colostrum comes from organic raised cows and only harvested after the newborn calves had
their share. It must be milked within the first 6 hours for maximum potency, and spray-dried with low
heat to preserve all its natural factors. Most remove the fat, but the one I take keeps the fat to retain all
the natural healing factors. Take 1-2 grams first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and the same
just before bed, or 5 times this much if you have cancer or other serious condition.
Lactose intolerant? The colostrum I recommend is taken from organic cows and is not pasteurized.
Pasteurization kills the enzyme lactase needed to help digest the milk sugar, lactose.
Colostrum Helps Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome
Many people have some degree of Leaky Gut Syndrome. LGS is caused by
antibiotics, grains, alcohol, antacids, birth-control pills, medications, etc.
These irritations cause small holes in the intestines, allowing undigested food
particles, toxins and parasites to enter the blood stream. Colostrum feeds
the beneficial bacteria that keep your intestines clean and healthy.
“Let your food be your medicine”
Whole Food Nutrition
(Not individual supplements)
After studying supplements for 30 years, I’ve never come across anything
that can reverse aging and heal so many different conditions as these two
foods. They will replace most other products, saving you time and money.
Paleo Diet
Hunter/Gatherer Diet, Caveman Diet
From the beginning, our ancestors ate only what they could kill or gather. There were no fruit orchards
or fields of grain. Their diet was mainly animal meat and fat, with some nuts, roots, fruits and berries.
Fossil records show they were very healthy with none of the diseases that plague modern man. Isolated
tribes who still eat the Paleo diet are much healthier than so called “civilized” societies of today.
About 10,000 years ago, people started cultivating grains and starchy plant
foods such as potatoes. Our bodies are not genetically designed to eat these new
foods and so began the decline of mankind’s health.
“The future of our health,
is the diet of our past.”
Cultures like Eskimos and North American Indians continued to eat the Paleo diet
until very recently. They didn’t suffer modern diseases such as gum disease, obesity,
arthritis and cancer. They had strong bones and teeth, thick, beautiful hair, strong,
healthy bodies and lived longer than “civilized” people of their day.
The Romans introduced grains
to the rest of Europe only about
2,000 years ago and this “new”
food is making us sick.
Dr. Atkins was right!
Cardiologist Dr. Atkins was demonized for 40
years for advocating a diet of fats and proteins.
Turns out he was right after all
The 70/20/10 Calorie Plan
Average male can lose 12-15 lbs. per month
Average female can lose 10-12 lbs. per month
Eat 70% animal protein and fats
20% vegetables, nuts, seeds
10% fruits and berries
This is easily achieved without
exercising or going hungry!
At special occasions such as parties, enjoy anything you
want, and go back to the Paleo diet when you get home.
Not only will you quickly get to your desired weight,
but you will easily stay there the rest of your life.
Fat is Your Friend
DR. Westin Price, called “The World’s Greatest Dentist” traveled the world documenting the destructive
nature of grains on mankind. In his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he states that the traditional
diet of meats and fats provided far better nutrition than the diets of tribesmen who moved to the city and
ate the “modern” diet of grains. Not only were their teeth healthy and straight, but over-all health and
vitality were better than their city cousins. Dr. Price had a team of over 60 researchers on his staff.
Most tribes had special high-fat diets for both parents seeking to have children. Lactating mothers and
growing children also were given this special diet as growing brains need animal fats to properly form. The
Westin Price foundation was established in 1999 to spread his research.
The Eskimo diet was 80% blubber
and 20% red meat, with absolutely
no vegetables, fruits or grains, yet
they lived long, disease-free lives.
Europeans who first encountered natives in the
new world were astounded at how tall and
healthy they were; no tooth decay, no diseases.
Pemmican, buffalo fat mixed with dried meat was
a staple food, and was traded to white men who
claimed it superior to any other food.
Healthy Flour
Foods to Eat: Paleo Diet
Meats: Meats of all kinds, but especially red meat.
Don’t trim any fat or skin as this has
flavor and nutrients. Restrict hot dogs, cured hams and luncheon meats (read the labels;
they have corn sugar) Cook beef medium rare, or rare (never well done) for best taste and
nutrition. 4oz meat per serving is all you need (about the size of your palm)
Eggs: Hardboiled, fried, raw, or scrambled.
Eggs are one of nature’s perfect foods
Almond and coconut
flour are very good
for making pancakes,
muffins, cookies and
other tasty foods.
Mix with yeast,
unsweetened almond
or coconut milk, eggs,
butter, coconut oil.
Chopped chicken, shrimp or ham in a salad with grated cheese, chopped egg,
nuts, cottage cheese. Use olive oil (most commercial dressings have sugar)
You need only a little lettuce for a salad. Use more meats and make a meal of it
Sea food:
Fish, shrimp, lobster, oysters, and crab any way you like, with lots of butter
If green in color, they’re usually OK. Onions, mushrooms, avocados OK
Also cook lightly in butter, bacon fat, coconut or olive oil (Coconut oil is best!)
Steam-cook vegetables with butter and spices (Don’t overcook; should still be crunchy)
Search the internet
for Paleo diet recipes!
Fruits and Berries:
Berries are better than fruits because they have more nutrients and less sugar
(frozen OK). All fruits OK in moderation (modern fruits are high in sugars so not too much)
Ripe bananas, watermelon, grapes and pineapple have the most sugar so severely limit these
Water, unsweetened tea, almond/ coconut milk (unsweetened)
Cheese and yogurt:
Take slices to work for lunch, sprinkle on salads and eggs.
Cottage cheese on eggs, yummy! Use plain, full-fat yogurt and add your own berries
Cooking Oils:
Coconut oil is by far the best, butter, lard (bacon fat)
Do NOT remove fat from meat, eat it!
To chicken broth, add: chicken, shrimp, pork, eggs.
Beef and vegetable soup. Chili con carne (no beans)
Spices are loaded with antioxidants!
Snacks: Olives, pickles, onions, piece of cold meat
Raw vegetables such as sugar snap peas
Raw egg, hardboiled egg, ½ apple, ½ orange, ½ banana
Plain, full-fat yogurt (add your own berries)
Nuts and seeds of all kinds (not peanuts)
Slice of cheese, cottage cheese, bowl of raspberries with crème
Lose 1/2 lb. a day
and not be hungry!
The 70/20/10 Calorie Plan
Eat 70% animal protein and fats
20% vegetables, nuts, seeds
10% fruits and berries
At special occasions such as parties,
enjoy anything you want, and go back
to the Paleo diet when you get home.
Coconut Oil for Breakfast
Coconut oil in the morning
stimulates your metabolism
and does NOT break your “fast”
Melt about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a glass of warm water or tea. Coconut oil
is “brain” food and one or two glasses will provide all your physical and mental
energy until lunch time. Try to eat lunch and dinner in a 6-hour period between 12noon and 6pm. This extends your fasting period and accelerates healthy weightloss. Most fat is burned while we sleep, or “fast”.
During your fasting period the body is burning stored fat and cleansing itself.
Morning, with just a tablespoon of coconut oil is also the best time to exercise as
you’ll be burning stored fat instead of glucose as you would with regular breakfast.
Read more about this on page 17 and 31
Eat lunch and dinner only
between 12 noon and 6pm
Foods to Avoid
You have to realize that
the pain of being sick and
over-weight is greater than
the pleasure derived from
eating unhealthy foods.
Anything made with grains
wheat corn, soy, oats, rice
Limit these foods to parties
and other special occasions.
Breakfast cereals, donuts, pastries, bread, anything made from grains.
Potatoes, yams, peas and other starchy foods quickly turn to sugar.
Brown beans, pinto beans, black beans (green beans are OK)
Sugar: High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), brown sugar, molasses, honey, pure cane sugar, alcohol
Note: Sugar and alcohol affects your skin’s collagen which leads to more wrinkles. Sugar feeds cancer!
Fruit juices of any kind (too much natural sugar, causes weight gain and tooth decay)
Pineapple, watermelon, ripe bananas, grapes, raisins and all dried fruit (too much natural sugar)
Soy products of any kind: Too many problems to list here
If it comes in a bag, a box or a can, then
you probably shouldn’t be eating it!
Milk: (has natural sugar, lactose); only babies are meant to drink it,
Fresh fruits and vegetables are best, with
frozen ones coming in a close second.
Avoid fruits and vegetables packed in cans
and only from their mother. Today’s milk is pasteurized to make it
“safe”. This heating process destroys all the healthy stuff leaving a
dead white liquid.
Vegetable oils such as margarine, canola oil, soy oil, corn oil and such are toxic man-made chemicals
found in almost every baked or fried food. Some are so toxic that the FDA is considering banning them.
Peanut butter: The peanut oil is replaced with cheap, unhealthy soy oil and added sugar
Legumes: Peanuts, Peas, Lentils, Soybeans (Legumes are similar to grains in that they
contain phytic acid and lectins that irritate the gut and inhibit absorption of nutrients)
Sport drinks are loaded with sugar, drink WATER!
Rice has the least amount of anti-nutrients making it the “healthiest” grain. After you reach your ideal
weight, you can eat some meals with a little rice. Make sure you add meat, fats and vegetables to help
slow the digestion of the rice.
Processed meats: lunch meat, sausage, hot dogs have added corn sugar and preservatives.
Alcohol: Beer, wine etc.
Any healthy stuff in wine is canceled out by the alcohol.
Vegetable juice: Whole vegetables are better than just the juice
All soda pop: (diet or regular) causes your cells to become too acidic. Your body
must maintain a proper pH so it increases the number and size of fat cells.
Whole wheat bread is worse
than white bread because it
contains more anti-nutrients!
Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Obesity
Artificial sweeteners interfere with microbes in the
gut, causing you to gain weight. Your cells become
glucose intolerant, causing a rise in blood sugar. This
excess sugar is then converted to fat cells in order to
maintain proper blood sugar levels.
Limit the amount of fruit
The fruit your ancestors ate had far less
sugar than today’s genetically-modified
fruit, and they only had it in season.
Keep these foods out of your house so you won’t be tempted to eat them!
Grains: The Other White Sugar
Myth: Eating grains are part of a healthy diet to lose weight
Fact: Grains are the worst food if you want to lose weight. They quickly turn into glucose and cause an
insulin response as bad as white sugar. In order to maintain proper blood sugar, excess glucose is turned
into fat. Eat grains, get fat. Eliminate grains, lose weight!
Myth: Corn comes from plants so it must be good for you
Fact: Corn is loaded with a sugar a called fructose. Fructose has replaced cane
sugar in soft drinks and most other foods. Cattle are taken off their natural
grass diet and fed corn to fatten them up just before slaughter. The same
happens to you when you eat grains!
Cattle are fed corn to fatten
them up for slaughter.
The same happens to you!
Myth: Humans need a diet high in grains to be healthy
Fact: Humans need absolutely no grains to be healthy. Grains are a relatively new food first cultivated
only about 10,000 years ago. Humans (and animals like cows) have not had time to adapt to this new
food and it’s making us sick. For hundreds of thousands of years prior to agriculture, people ate
absolutely no grains and lived much healthier lives than people today.
Grains are a relatively new
At least 95% of corn and soybeans are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).
food in the human diet and
Their DNA has been altered to resist herbicides. These “Frankenstein” foods
we have not genetically
have been implicated in many health problems in animals and humans, so
evolved to process them.
severely limit your foods made from grains for this and many other reasons.
Gluten is just one of several
factors in grain that may be
Myth: Grains are loaded with vital nutrients
causing your poor health.
Fact: Of all the food groups, grains have the least amount of nutrients!
Grains also contain gluten, phytic acid and lectin, anti-nutrients that block the
absorption of vitamins and minerals from your other foods. Grains are often infested with fungus
called mycotoxins that cause all kinds of havoc including acne and other skin blemishes.
Myth: Whole wheat is better for you
Fact: Whole wheat flour still has a very high glycemic index, and like all wheat it contains phytic acid and
lectin, anti-nutrients that interfere with the absorption of vital minerals. Wheat also has gluten, which
may cause reactions in many people including autism, depression, dyslexia and Leaky Gut Syndrome.
You don’t have to have full-blown celiac disease to have symptoms, so try going grain-free and see.
Myth: Soy beans are a modern day miracle food
Fact: Soy is one of the worst foods ever invented by man. For years, soy was grown only for its oil to be
mixed into paints and other industrial products and the leftover mash was fed to animals. Then the soy
industry began to market their waste product as a protein health food. Soy has such poor protein, and
so many anti-nutrients that soy milk is banned for sale as a baby formula. It’s loaded with
phytoestrogens, a female hormone-like substance that causes many problems. It blocks the synthesis of
thyroid hormones and the absorption of iodine required by the thyroid. Cheap soy oil is added to almost
every processed food today.
The Glycemic index is a scale of 0-100
The higher the number the faster your blood sugar rises
Banana 54
White sugar 68
Candy bar 55
Whole wheat 71
(Yes, whole grain)
Inflammation: Root of All Disease?
Inflammation is the result of the body trying to heal itself after an injury or illness. Chronic inflammation
is the body’s response to constantly being attacked. The typical Western diet of grains and sugars causes
chronic inflammation leading to all our modern diseases.
Inflammation causes cholesterol (plaque) to adhere to your arteries as a protective bandage. Day after
day, chronic inflammation leads to heart disease and many other diseases including cancer, arthritis,
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes and stroke, to name just a few.
Products made from grains contain harmful substances such as mold and
gluten that cause chronic inflammation. Vegetable oils are man-made
fat molecules and are very inflammatory.
Inflammation is responsible
for some 95% of all cancers
The Paleo diet is anti-inflammatory
A weak immune system allows bacteria and viruses to multiply and cause inflammation. Bacteria in your
teeth and gums can get into your joints and cause arthritis. Those same infected gums can inflame your
brain and cause memory loss. Chronic inflammation causes wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.
Think of a disease; and most likely inflammation due to our un-natural grain diet is the underlying cause.
Earthing is a natural health practice that’s gaining wide support. Our Paleo ancestors
were literally connected to the healing energy that comes from the Earth. They wore thin
leather shoes and slept on animal skins that allowed the transfer of healing electrons
from the ground. This electron transfer has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
You can ground yourself by working barefoot in your garden, walking on sandy beaches,
or tanning on a thin sheet on your lawn. You can even sleep on special linen called
“grounding” sheets that plug into the ground hole in your household electrical outlet.
Sugar Sickness
Autopsies performed on American soldiers during the Korean War showed heart disease in even the
youngest of men. Autopsies on Korean soldiers showed very little disease. At the time, doctors
speculated it was the higher fat diet of the Americans that caused this heart disease. Now we know it
was the higher SUGAR diet that was the real culprit. Alzheimer’s is often called “Type 3 Diabetes”
because of the effect sugar has on the brain.
Cultures like the Japanese and Koreans who eat little sugar; corn and wheat have almost no diabetes. As
their consumption of sugar and grains goes up, so does diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.
Sugar and grains also raise blood levels of triglycerides (blood fat) which causes inflammation and heart
disease. Animal and tropical fats like coconut oil do not raise triglycerides.
Cancer cells feed on sugar. New research shows that cancer cells
stop growing when test subjects stopped eating sugar, and foods
like grains that convert to sugar. The Paleo diet has little or no sugar.
The fruit your Paleo
ancestors ate had far
less sugar than today’s
modified fruit.
A glass of orange juice = 8 tsp. of sugar
“Natural” sugars just as bad. Fruit juice is fruit that’s been processed into “sugar water”. Fructose, the
sugar in fruit, signals your body to convert the sugar to fat cells. The fruit your ancestors ate had far less
sugar than today’s modified fruit, and they would have eaten the whole fruit, not just the juice. Honey is
just sugar that’s been processed by bees, and grapes are loaded with sugar, so avoid these as well.
Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Obesity
Artificial sweeteners interfere with microbes in the gut, causing you to gain weight.
Your cells become glucose intolerant, causing a rise in blood sugar. This excess
sugar is then converted to fat cells in order to maintain proper blood sugar levels.
Published in Nature, International Weekly Journal of Science
The Great Choleste
The Great Cholesterol Hoax
Myth: Cholesterol is bad for you
Fact: Your body produces cholesterol, a hormone-like substance that every cell in your body absolutely
needs, so how can it be bad for you? The myth started back in the 1920’s when researchers hired by a
vegetable oil producer fed rabbits a strict diet of cholesterol (rabbits are vegan and shouldn’t eat
cholesterol) and they developed heart disease. Ever since, the vegetable oil industry has used those
flawed studies to promote their toxic oils. (A similar study done with dogs failed to get the same results
and this study never saw the light of day.)
Chronic inflammation causes
Myth: High cholesterol causes heart attacks
plaque to adhere to the artery.
Fact: Wrong again. 50% of heart attack victims had
Stop the inflammation
normal to low cholesterol before their heart attack.
and the artery will clear itself.
Too much inflammation causes heart attacks.
The cholesterol adheres to the arterial wall as a means of
protecting the inflamed artery. Heal the inflammation and the artery will clear itself.
A better indication of heart disease would be elevated triglycerides.
The American Heart Association’s recommended low-fat, high
carbohydrate diet will raise your triglycerides (inflammation)
increasing your chances for a heart attack. The only solution is to go
back to our ancestor’s diet of meats, fats and green vegetables; the
Paleo diet.
Myth: Eating foods high in cholesterol causes high blood cholesterol
Fact: It doesn’t matter the amount of cholesterol you eat, your body will
automatically make more or less to maintain the level it needs.
Cholesterol is Not the Culprit
by Dr. Fred Kummerow
For over 50 years he has
been saying that cholesterol
and saturated animal fats are
required for a healthy body.
The real culprits in heart disease
are trans fats such as margarine,
Crisco and other vegetable oils.
Myth: Taking a cholesterol lowering drug will prevent you from having a heart attack
Fact: The only thing a cholesterol drug will do is damage your liver and heart, if you are lucky! Statin
drugs actually deplete CoQ10 and vitamin D, vital nutrients your heart muscles absolutely must have.
They often cause memory loss and high blood sugar, and are linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and
type-2 diabetes. Your brain needs lots of cholesterol to be healthy and statin drugs deplete cholesterol.
Myth: Having very low cholesterol is healthy
Fact: Just the opposite. Fat people, skinny people, it doesn’t matter your weight. Too low means you
are at a much higher risk for heart attack, cancer, depression, stroke, Alzheimer’s and much more.
Myth: Taking a cholesterol drug will unblock your arteries
Fact: Cholesterol drugs only shut down your liver’s ability to make cholesterol. The drug may lower the
amount of cholesterol in your blood, but it does NOT clear plaque already stuck to the artery.
“For the first time, a normal
level of a vital body substance
is considered a disease”
“I’m prescribing a statin drug.
It won’t do you any good, but it
keeps me from being sued”.
Malcolm Kendrick, MD,
British cardiologist
Heart disease runs in my family, so
I had my arteries checked using an
ultrasound machine. The company,
Life Line Screening, says I have very
clear arteries, no plaque buildup!
Note: Nine of the ten doctors on the panel that developed our current cholesterol
guidelines were actually taking money from drug firms that sell cholesterol drugs!
Big Fat Lie
Myth: Fast food is unhealthy because of all the fat
Fact: Fast or slow, any meal that has a bun, fries and soda is unhealthy. It’s these
carbohydrates that cause poor health, not the fat. Fried fast foods (chicken nuggets, fries) are bad
because the unhealthy vegetable oil they use also emits cancer causing toxins when heated.
Saturated fat such as butter; contains essential acids: lauric, palmitic, stearic and butyric acid. You
absolutely need these acids to absorb calcium and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E. Lack of these acids
is just one reason vegetarians are so sickly. Mother’s milk, nature’s perfect food contains over 50% fat
because growing brains especially need fat to develop.
Mother’s milk
is over 50% fat
Myth: Fat has the most calories per gram so eating fat makes you fat
Fact: Yes, fat does have the most calories per gram, but it’s digested slowly and gives
you energy all day. Carbohydrates, such as grains, quickly convert to glucose in the body
and must be stored as fat to keep blood sugar levels even. Even whole grains make you fat.
Myth: Experts agree that a diet high in grains and low in fat is the healthiest
Fact: Again, the “experts” are wrong. Thousands of years prove that eating animal fat is the healthiest
diet. Eskimos who eat a traditional diet of 80% fat and 20% meat have no modern diseases. Those who
switch to grains suffer the same diseases as white men. Northern Plains Indians could survive for
months in the winter on nothing but pemmican, a mixture of fat and powdered meat. Plants were
eaten only when meat/fat was not available. Hunting and fishing seasons were timed to when the
animals had the most body fat as this was the healthiest part of the animal. These cultures; and many
more around the world were very healthy and trim because they ate mostly animal fat and red meat.
Myth: Ancient cultures were healthy and trim because of their exercise, in spite of their high-fat diet
Fact: Ancient people were active for much of the day, walking from place to place and gathering food,
but they seldom did anything we would call a workout. Sitting for hours waiting to ambush an animal or
relaxing in the shade during the hottest part of the day would hardly be called exercise. Compared to
farmers toiling in the fields and raising animals, Paleo man was lazy, but much healthier.
Myth: Dr. Ancel Keys proved in the 1950’s that a high fat diet caused heart disease
Dr. Keys developed the “K” ration (K for Keys) for soldiers in WW2. Keys published studies “proving” that
dietary fat caused heart attacks. His studies had holes big enough to drive a truck through, but because
of his WW2 work, Keys had a reputation that matched his equally huge ego, and he simply shouted
down anyone who disagreed. Once the American Heart Association bought his story (funded by
vegetable oil producers), anyone who dared say otherwise would have their careers ruined.
Myth: Vegetable oils like corn and soy oil are healthy because they come from plants
Fact: Vegetable oils are unstable (easily rancid) processed oils and are very unhealthy. When you cook
with them, the high temperature produces cancer-causing agents. They increase free radical damage to
every cell in your body causing heart disease, diabetes, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.
The only answer is to go back to natural cooking oils such as lard and coconut oil.
Myth: Coconut oil is an unhealthy saturated fat
Fact: Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods you will ever eat! The vegetable oil industry
unfairly demonized this oil so people would buy their man-made oils. Coconut oil has medium
chain triglycerides which are very healthy for your brain. Treat yourself to coconut oil every day to lose
weight and be healthy. Eat a spoonful about 30 minutes before a meal and you’ll feel full and eat less.
“The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz
details how shoddy science and huge
egos in the science community led the
American people to accept the fallacy
that eating animal fat was unhealthy.
“That high-carb, low-fat diet I put you
on twenty years ago gave you diabetes,
obesity and heart disease. Oops.”
High Fiber Hype
The Paleo diet has all the fiber
one needs for a healthy colon
(See page 7 for the Paleo diet)
Myth: Eating lots of fiber is good for your colon
Fact: Some fiber is good, but too much is a breeding ground for bad bacteria and yeast (candida) that
are always present in the colon. It causes excess gas and is implicated in multiple colon diseases such as
Leaky Gut Syndrome and Crohn’s disease. These unhealthy bacteria cause holes in your gut and release
toxins into the blood stream causing all kinds of poor health.
Myth: You need lots of fiber to have proper bowel movements
Fact: You need very little fiber to have proper bowel movements.
Plains Indians ate very little fiber, especially during the winter months
and were very healthy. The traditional Eskimo diet was 80% fat and
20% protein- all year! Arctic explorers lived for months on nothing but
meat and fat and proclaimed it the healthiest diet.
An entire industry has been built around the
myth that we all need to increase our fiber.
These processed foods are big money makers
for the food industry – follow the money!
Myth: You must have one or more bowel movements daily
Fact: You will defecate when your body requires the need, not on some artificially determined schedule.
Constipation is not caused by a lack of fiber, but a lack of dietary enzymes and probiotics, and lack of
proper exercise. Note: Most people on the Paleo diet have a bowel movement daily.
Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is a former Russian neurologist whose child developed autism.
Your gut is one of your body’s most important organs. Lack of probiotics and enzymes in the gut
allows toxins to leak into your system. Our modern diet of grains and sugars, along with antibiotics
in our foods and medicines depletes the “friendly” bacteria we need to properly digest our foods.
Poor colon health can be passed onto children from their mothers in the womb resulting in all kinds
of neurological disorders, including autism, dyslexia, autoimmune disease, depression, OCD, bipolar
disorder, epilepsy, arthritis, skin problems, asthma, allergies, and many more. Colostrum can help
restore your gut flora and relieve many of these problems.
Myth: The average person has 10 pounds of undigested meat impacted in their colon
Fact: This a myth promoted by radical vegans. Ask any proctologist who uses a camera
to examine your colon; there is not 10 pounds of undigested protein lodged in it.
Grains and other foods not
in our natural diet cause gas.
Myth: You should eat lots of whole grains because they contain fiber
Fact: Most animals (cows, you and me) are not genetically designed to eat grains. Grains cause an
abnormal insulin response which can lead to diabetes and obesity. The real solution is to eat fiber we’ve
had in our diet since primordial times. Things like green vegetables, nuts, berries, and whole fruits.
Caution: Whole fruits in moderation because today’s fruit has large amounts of sugar called fructose.
Antibiotics also kill the
“good” bacteria on your gut.
You need these bacteria to
properly assimilate your food!
Take colostrum on an
empty stomach first
thing in the morning
and before bedtime.
Colostrum Heals Leaky Gut Syndrome
Most people have some degree of Leaky gut Syndrome. LGS is caused by
antibiotics, grains, alcohol, antacids, birth-control pills, medications, etc.
These irritations cause small holes in the intestines, allowing undigested food
particles, toxins and parasites to enter the blood stream. Colostrum feeds
the beneficial bacteria that keep your intestines clean and healthy.
If you’ve ever taken antibiotic drugs,
you need to rebuild your intestinal
flora with probiotic pills.
Veganism: Science or Religion?
I believe in the proper treatment of all animals, including animals
placed on Earth for the benefit of meat-eating animals like Man.
Vegans cruelly feed
their carnivorous
pets the vegan diet.
As participants in the “Great Circle of Life” it is our duty to respect all
of God’s creatures and raise and harvest them as humanely as possible.
Myth: The vegan diet is based on sound science
Fact: The vegan diet is more religion than science. Vegans believe
raising animals for food is bad for the environment. Like religious
radicals, some vegans even commit terrorist acts because they
believe they have a duty to save Mother Earth. The science does
not support this diet as healthy for meat-eaters such as humans.
In their attempt to “save” the planet, they are harming themselves.
The Vegetarian Myth
Lierre Keith, a former 20-year
vegan, exposes the belief that
the vegetarian diet is healthy
and better for the planet. She
is often attacked verbally and
physically by radical vegans for
daring to express her views.
Myth: Nature intended us to be vegetarians
Fact: We are genetically designed to eat meat. Your four pointy teeth in front are called canines. These
“dog teeth” are meant for ripping meat off the bone. Our digestive tract is designed to process meat
and fats, not the high fibers found in the vegan diet. Too much fiber causes bloating and gas, and can
cause intestinal diseases. If we were meant to be vegans, we would have a mouthful of molars like cows.
Myth: The vegan diet is the most nutritious
Fact: The vegan diet is the least nutritious diet. It’s nearly impossible to get the eight essential amino
acids and vitamin B12 found easily in animal protein, and it lacks the animal fats needed to absorb fatsoluble vitamins A, D, K, and E. Soy protein is an incomplete substitute for meat and has estrogen-like
hormones. The diet lacks essential omega-3 fatty acids leading to all kinds of health problems. Fatty
acids from flax seed are often rancid and are an incomplete substitute for animal-based omega-3.
Foods made from grains are of such poor quality that artificial vitamins and minerals must be added.
The high fiber diet, along with the anti-nutrients, gluten, lectin and phytic acid found in grains block
what little nutrients there are. Vegan women often have difficulty getting pregnant, and vegans won’t
admit it, but many often cheat on their diet because their bodies naturally crave meat.
The vegetarians of southern India have the shortest life-span of any society on Earth. Heart disease and
diabetes is double that of meat-eaters in northern India. They are weak and frail and suffer Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis and other diseases at an early age. The same for the Akikuyu tribe in Africa.
Myth: Studies prove that eating meat, especially red meat is the cause of modern diseases
Fact: These studies always blame the meat. They never consider that the bun, fries, soda
and vegetable oils are the real cause of today’s epidemic of diseases. They have no response
when confronted with the overwhelming evidence that hunter/gatherer cultures whose diet
was mostly red meat were much healthier than people who eat today’s diet of grains. Eskimos ate
80% fat and 20% red meat and had no modern “white-man” diseases. American Indians, who were
much healthier than white men, ate a diet of red meat/fat with little fruits/vegetables, and no grains.
Myth: The vegan diet saves the planet
Fact: This is what many vegans base their belief on, but it simply isn’t true. Large scale farming required
to support grain crops is destroying the environment. We must stop eating grains and stop feeding
grains to animals and return the Great Plains to grassland. We must replicate as closely as possible the
balance of predator and prey found in nature: Grazing animals eat the grass, and we eat them.
Mother Knows Best
When I began my research, I believed that a plant-based diet was going to be the healthiest,
but the historical and scientific evidence does not support this. In their attempt to save
Mother Earth, vegans are going against Mother Nature by eating a diet that is un-natural.
Exercise: Do’s and Don’ts
Myth: You need to do cardio for 30 minutes to get into the “fat burning zone”
Fact: We burn most of our body fat while we are sleeping, not exercising.
The best way to lose weight is to do short, intense exercises and eat the
Paleo diet. Short, intense exercise promotes the release of Human Growth
Hormone to burn fat while we sleep, and Paleo foods are burned as energy,
unlike like grains and sugars which are converted to fat cells.
Natural Energy vs. Sport Drinks
Typical energy drinks are loaded
with sugar and or caffeine.
Cayenne and rhodiola safely
increase energy without crashing.
See pg. 33 and I’ll tell you where to buy it
Myth: Extreme exercise like running marathons is especially good for you
Fact: Humans evolved to run short, fast sprints, so extreme exercises like marathons are very hard on
the body. Long-distance running causes the release of excess cortisol, a stress hormone responsible for
inflammation. Short, intense sprints push your heart and lungs to be their best, while long-distance
jogging damages your joints, increases heart disease and accelerates aging.
Myth: People who are naturally slender don’t need to exercise
Fact: Exercise is NOT about losing weight; it’s about getting and staying healthy. Your Paleo ancestors
didn’t run marathons or lift weights, but they were active all day just to survive. Modern man sits at a
computer all day so we need to get into a steady routine of push-ups, sit-ups and other simple muscle
building exercises. Exercise helps regulate blood sugar, reverse osteoporosis and builds strong heart and
lungs, and studies show that exercise keeps even old brains healthy.
Myth: Obese people can’t lose weight because they’re too unhealthy to exercise
Fact: For years we’ve been told we must exercise the pounds away. This is true if one continues
to eat a diet of grains because grains are converted to fat cells. All this changes with the Paleo
diet because fats and proteins are converted to energy and muscle, not fat cells. You’ll naturally
have more energy on the Paleo diet and the pounds just melt away – without extreme exercise!
Interval Training
Sprinting for 30 seconds is natural and much healthier than jogging. Sprint, then walk until your heart
rate returns to normal. Then sprint again. This can be done 4-5 times in about 15 minutes and you are
done. Interval training improves your heart and lung capacity without all the damage of sustained
jogging. “Sprinting” can be also done on a bicycle, treadmill or other machines.
While you sleep, your body will produce Human Growth Hormone. HGH is like the fountain of youth,
making every cell in your body healthier and younger, and you’ll burn even more fat as you sleep!
Interval stair training
Run up multiple flights, then very
slowly walk back down, repeat.
Simple exercises like push-ups and
sit-ups are still a great way to keep
you looking and feeling young.
Studies show that just a moderate
amount of exercise during the workday
dramatically increases brain function.
Take a short break and do a dozen
jumping jacks or go for a fast walk.
Jogging and biking on the street
today is dangerous, with so many
distracted drivers. Interval
training gets you off the street.
You can do interval sprints on a
tread mill and other cardio machines.
Start with one sprint, then gradually
add more as your health allows.
Go as fast as you can for 30 seconds
The WBHF and colostrum help you
recover from extreme workouts
Replenishes vital nutrients
Increases cellular energy
Reduces muscle soreness.
Improves strength/endurance
Athletes who take these report a
dramatic increase in performance!
Typical Weight Loss Programs Fail
Typical weight loss programs fail because it’s all about starving yourself. They still believe the outdated
science that eating fat makes you fat, so they sell you cheap, processed carbohydrates. You may lose
some weight because the portions are smaller, but much of the weight loss is due to muscle loss!
Their diets cause constant cravings and hunger because the foods burn too quickly from lack of animal
fat and protein. The meals have lots of fiber to keep you feeling full, but this causes bloating and gas.
“I went on a diet for
a month and all
I lost was 30 days”
In a recent study conducted by The National
Institute of Health, subjects eating the Paleo
diet lost significantly more fat than low-fat
dieters, and gained more lean muscle mass.
The low-fat dieters lost less weight, and most
of their weight loss was lean muscle!
People naturally lose fat and
gain muscle on the Paleo diet!
You’ll spend a small fortune buying their food or attending support group meetings. With super-human
willpower you can lose weight on these diets, but in the long run they’re damaging to your health. You
can’t maintain the insanity and soon all the weight returns.
All Calories are not alike
Traditional weight-loss programs assume that fats, carbohydrates and proteins have the same effect in
the body. Because an ounce of fat has more calories than an ounce of carbohydrate (grains), they
assume fat will make you fatter. Just the opposite! Fats burn slowly for all day energy, while
carbohydrates burn so fast your body thinks its sugar and stores it as fat cells. To lose weight, you need
to eliminate grains and sugars and replace them with animal fats/proteins and green vegetables.
Gary Taubes is a science writer with a long track record of producing sophisticated
and meticulously researched articles for Science, the NY Times and other highly
respected publications.
Taubes states that eating grains and sugars causes an overproduction of insulin
that makes us fat. Animal fat and protein do not stimulate insulin. More
importantly, insulin prevents us from using stored fat for energy, keeping us fat no
matter how little carbohydrates we may eat.
Lasting weight-loss is
90% Paleo diet and just
10% moderate exercise.
He goes on to say that exercising to lose weight is a “losing” proposition if you
continue to eat grains. The body adapts to burning glucose, the sugar from grains,
and refuses to burn stored body fat.
Myth: Exercising like crazy and starving yourself will get you to your ideal weight
Fact: You may get to your ideal weight this way but it will be almost impossible to stay there. Starving
and exercising like crazy is no fun, so most people eventually stop and all the weight returns.
Sleep your fat away!
Most weight loss occurs while we sleep because
your body has nothing to burn but stored fat.
This is why it’s important to eat dinner early,
before 7pm and don’t snack before bedtime.
Now is a good time to continue the “fast”
by eating only coconut oil for breakfast!
Too Fat to Exercise?
Lasting weight loss is achieved by
eating the Paleo diet, not by exercise!
The Paleo diet is
the original diet, all
others are just fads.
Why Our Program Works
A Lifetime Diet
People eating the Paleo diet never have to “go on a diet” to lose weight because these
are the foods you were meant to eat.
The Paleo diet satisfies your appetite so you’ll seldom have hunger pains or cravings.
The animal fat gives you all-day energy and the protein increases your muscle mass.
The Paleo diet won’t rob you of nutrients or cause inflammation leading to poor health.
Your hair, skin and nails will be their best and you’ll look and feel years younger!
Fasting for Health/Weight Loss
 For Breakfast, eat a tablespoon of coconut oil
(Dissolve the oil in hot water, coffee or tea)
 Eat a normal Paleo lunch and dinner
Average male can easily lose 15-20 lbs. per month
Average female can easily lose 12-15 lbs. per month
Super- Children!
Healthy babies come from
healthy adults; so eat the
Paleo diet and the products
on pages 2-5 before, during
and after pregnancy.
This is easily achieved without workouts or going hungry!
Children should also eat the
Paleo diet and take all the
supplements on pages 2-5.
If you cheat on the weekend, get back to it on Monday
Read page 31 for more on why fasting is healthy
Jogging vs. Sprinting
Sprinting makes you younger and healthier!
Interval stair training at work
Sprint up multiple flights, then very
slowly walk back down, repeat 4-5 times.
Interval Sprints
Sprint for 30 seconds.
Then walk slowly until your heart rate
returns to normal, about 2 minutes.
Repeat 4-5 times
(Takes only 15 minutes!)
The MSM in WBHF helps hair & nails
grow faster, thicker and stronger.
The sprinter has far more muscle mass than the
marathoner, even his arms are much larger. That’s
because sprinting stimulates your body to produce
muscle-building Human Growth Hormones.
Paleo man had to be fast to survive!
Sprinting pushes your heart and lungs to their
maximum making them bigger and stronger.
Your “sprints” may not be very fast at first
but gradually you’ll reach your peak level.
“I’m too fat to
exercise and
lose weight”.
You can achieve your ideal weight
without exercising when you eat
your natural diet, the Paleo diet.
We’re Made of Energy
The science of Quantum Physics reveals that all things,
living and non-living are actually made of the same thing, energy
Master these concepts and
you have the key to happiness
“A thought becomes a habit”
“A habit becomes a belief”
“A belief becomes your reality!”
Thought is Energy
All energy vibrates at its own unique frequency, even “thought” is energy. Positive thoughts vibrate at a
different frequency than negative thoughts. Positive thoughts make us feel good and healthy, while
negative thoughts make us feel bad, even sick. Knowing this, if you want to be happy and healthy, think
only about good things and avoid bad ones. Stop reading the negative articles in the
paper and stop watching television news altogether.
Stay away from “negative” people. You know them; they’re the ones
always complaining about their health, the weather or other people.
Associate with more positive people and avoid negative discussions like
politics or sickness, and choose to talk about “nice” things.
Choose to be Healthy. Most people who are sick, concentrate on not being sick.
This doesn’t help because they’re still thinking the word “sick”. Concentrate on being “well”! In your
imagination, see yourself as happy and healthy. Make believe, or daydream joyous thoughts as much as
possible and gradually you will become healthy. A person in a positive state of mind can’t be sick!
The Law of Attraction is as real as the Law of Gravity. Like a powerful magnet,
negative thoughts attract a negative reality, while positive thinking brings positive
results. Your current life is just the result of all your past thoughts. To change your
future, start thinking and acting the way you want your life to be and it must
happen – this is The Law of Attraction!
“Ask, believe and
ye shall receive!”
Money is like Love
You can never have too much, and the
more you give, the more you receive.
“To change your future,
change your current thoughts”
Positive Affirmations
“I am” and the words that follow are the most powerful words in any language
I am Fit, I am Strong, I am Well are on the front of this manual. Say the words “I am” and
add your own positive words along with them. Believe in your heart that you already have
what you want and give thanks to God in advance for what you are about to receive.
Every day for a week, hand-write 10 times on a piece of paper want you want:
Meditation, used for centuries by Buddhist monks, is gaining acceptance in the corporate
As you write these affirmations, “feel” the emotion of receiving what you want!
world, even the US military. Benefits include: less stress, more creativity, improved
immune system and most importantly, you become a healthier, happier version of
yourself. There are many books on how to meditate, and you don’t have to shave your
head or join a religion to do it. Even straight-laced Dan Harris of ABC News meditates. He
wrote a book on meditation called “10% Happier”, which I found to be very entertaining.
Autoimmune Diseases
R. Arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Crohn’s etc.
When your immune system attacks your own healthy cells, you have an autoimmune disease. Standard
procedure is to suppress the immune system with toxic drugs, but this doesn’t get to the root cause and
leaves you susceptible to diseases like infections and cancer.
Stabilized Aloe Reverses Autoimmune Diseases
In the 1980’s the new science of Glycobiology emerged to explain why the body attacks itself. Doctors
discovered that glycoproteins coat your cells and use them to “communicate” with all the other cells in
the body. Lack of these glycoproteins causes your killer cells to mistakenly attack healthy good cells,
resulting in an autoimmune disease.
The Acemannan in stabilized aloe is converted to glycoproteins and re-establishes cellular
communication. Now the body knows which cells are the “good guys” and stops attacking them. Your
doctor doesn’t know about this discovery because he lives in a world of drugs.
WBHF Heals Autoimmune Diseases
WBHF has been clinically proven to establish cellular
communication so your own immune system stops
attacking your body. If this were a drug, it would be
hailed as a miracle, but natural products are not allowed
to make health claims, so few people know this!
When cells touch each other they communicate using glycoproteins
(stabilized aloe) that coat each cell. Lack of glycoproteins leads to
miscommunication and your killer cells may attack your own,
healthy cells. You now have an autoimmune disease!
Arrogant Doctors
My doctor friends tell me, when it
comes to health care, the most
arrogant people are other doctors,
they think they know everything!
Cellular communication is vital when a sperm cell is
trying to identify an egg cell. Many infertile couples
report success after both partners take the WBHF.
Physicians’ Desk Reference
Baby Safe
The PDR, an important desk reference used by
medical doctors lists the acemannan in stabilized
aloe as essential for health. Listed as absolutely safe,
acemannan will not interact with any prescription
drugs or harm you in any way.
The Acemannan in stabilized aloe is so important that
mother’s milk is loaded with it; essentially providing an
immune system until the baby’s own system develops.
Imagine what it can do for your immune system!
Leaky Guy Syndrome and Autoimmune Diseases
Gluten and other anti-nutrients in grains irritate the colon and cause “Leaky Gut Syndrome”,
allowing small particles of food and toxins to enter the blood stream. Your immune system then
goes into over-drive attacking these invaders, and in some people this causes an autoimmune
disease because your immune system misidentifies healthy cells and attacks them as well.
The solution is to stop eating grains and heal the intestine with colostrum. The WBHF will reestablish cellular communication so your immune system can recognize the good guys from the
bad, and stop attacking your healthy tissues. See page 5 on colostrum
Since 1950, diabetes has gone up 700%. This comes as no surprise to advocates of the Paleo diet.
Eating grains causes a constant response from your pancreas to secrete insulin to deal with all that
sugar. At some point, your pancreas no longer produces insulin (type 1) or your cell receptor sites no
longer recognize the insulin (type 2) and you become a diabetic.
Type-2 can be reversed through proper diet and exercise. That means getting back to the diet we were
meant to eat, the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet keeps your blood sugar level low so your pancreas doesn’t
have to secret insulin. The Paleo diet reduces abdominal fat which further helps to keep blood sugar
levels normal. The Paleo diet is anti-inflammatory which helps your cell receptor sites recognize insulin.
Make sure you are taking enough vitamin D3, 2-3,000 IU or more per day!
Before the discovery of insulin, the best treatment for diabetes was the “ketogenic” diet of
animal fats and protein, with no grains and sugars. Normally our system burns glucose, if no
glucose is available it will burn ketones. The ketogenic diet is the Paleo diet!
Receptor Sites
In type-2 diabetes your cells no longer recognize insulin because they have been under constant attack
by carbohydrates such as grains and other sugars. Just like someone who has an inflammatory response
to gluten, people with type-2 diabetes have an inflammatory response to carbohydrates. Switch to the
Paleo diet and get off those deadly diabetic medications.
Statin Drugs Cause Diabetes?
Statin drugs can elevate blood sugar which makes your doctor think you have diabetes. Your doctor then
gives you a drug to lower your blood sugar. Both of these drugs rob you of important nutrients like
Vitamin D and CoQ10. Lack of these nutrients can cause all kinds of problems, including heart attacks
and memory loss.
Stem Cells for Diabetes?
The best hope for reversing type-1 diabetes may come from special plant nutrients like stabilized aloe
that stimulates your body to produce stem cells. Stem cells can rebuild damaged tissues, even a nonworking pancreas. I’ve met former diabetics who no longer need their insulin shots because the
stabilized aloe had rebuilt their non-working pancreas. Let me repeat this: The stabilized aloe in WBHF
on page 2 stimulates stem cells and can heal (rebuild) a non-functioning pancreas!
Big Money Health Care
A woman I know spent many months and $20,000 at the Mayo Clinic trying to
heal her diabetic wounds before the doctors gave up. She bought a $25 bottle of
silver water and two weeks of spraying it on the wounds completely healed them.
A man told me his dentist wanted to remove all his infected teeth at a cost of
$10,000. For $25 he healed the infection by swishing with ionic silver water for a
month. Our drug-dominated health care system is all about making obscene
profits off other people’s misery. Don’t expect your doctor to use natural cures!
Rebuild your pancreas with WBHF
Any damaged organ, including a pancreas can
be rebuilt by increasing stem cells in the body.
I’ve met former type-1 diabetics who no longer need
insulin shots because their pancreas is healthy again.
Silver water often heals stubborn
diabetic wounds that drugs fail to treat.
They start with 3 doses per day.
Later they only need 1-2 per day.
Do NOT take
calcium supplements!
As we age, our bones can become porous and weak. Since our bones are made primarily of calcium, one
would assume that taking calcium supplements would be the answer, but most calcium supplements are
not natural and are not accepted into the cells. They never reach your bones and can cause calcium
build up in your arteries and joints.
Dr. Robert Thompson, author of “The Calcium Lie” states
that our bones are made of not just calcium but dozens of
minerals all working together. Calcium from supplements
can make its way into arteries and joints – causing all sorts
of problems like arthritis, heart disease, hypertension,
diabetes, migraines and more. He goes on to say we need
more trace minerals, especially ionic trace minerals.
Most likely your doctor will prescribe a
drug or calcium pills. That’s because he
has very little if any training in nutrition.
So what’s the answer?
Eating foods from the Paleo diet is the best way to feed your bones. All green leafy vegetables like
spinach and many nuts and seeds are good natural sources of calcium. Forget today’s pasteurized milk
because all the beneficial enzymes have been destroyed so you absorb little if any calcium. Animal fats
and vitamin D are needed for minerals like calcium to be absorbed, so eat all the natural fat that comes
with your foods and get plenty of sunshine. In the end, you need little actual calcium, just the right kind.
Exercise Reverses Osteoporosis
One reason your bones become weaker as we age is lack of exercise. Minerals are stolen
from your bones because your body thinks you don’t need them. “Use it or lose it” as the
saying goes. Walking is a good start, but you also need to do weight-bearing exercises like
push-ups, jumping jacks or lifting weights.
You must do weight-bearing
exercises for healthy bones.
weights to continue the process.
Like to ride your bike?
Sprint as fast as you can for
30 seconds, 4- 5 times.
Riding a bike and swimming are good exercise, but they lack the weight-bearing
nature of exercise that signals the bones to create more mass. Tests were done on 60year-old bikers, and their bones were worse than those who did no exercise.
Whole-Body Vibration
Other than a tread mill, the only exercise machine I own is a Power Plate My3
vibrating platform. Whatever you do on it; pushups, sit ups or squats, the 3-axis
vibration increases the effect 5 times. Just by standing on it, it “exercises” the
muscles and reverses osteoporosis. This machine is very simple to operate, and I
believe that every senior living center should have one. Don’t be fooled by less
expensive machines, most of them only “waddle” back and forth and can hurt you!
Plant Minerals for Bone Health
At one time the Earth was covered in lush plant life. Over millions of years those plants died and
compacted into layers of sediment called humic shale. Today we can extract the ionic minerals
from those ancient plants and concentrate them in nutritional supplements such as WBHF.
Most people are deficient in minerals due to depleted soils and modern farming practices. Plantbased trace minerals are natural and far superior to all other forms of minerals such as colloidal.
Vitamins are useless without minerals, and bones become weak, not from lack of calcium, but
lack of these trace minerals in our diet. See page 27 for more on minerals.
Also see page 19 “Autoimmune Diseases”
Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease where the
immune system attacks the joints. Over time, this destroys the tissue, bone and cartilage that make up
the joint. The typical Western diet of grains causes inflammation, so start eating the Paleo diet and
watch your arthritis fade away. Regular exercise will help keep your joints lubricated and healthy.
The pain medication your doctor recommends,
even non-prescription ones are destroying your
joints. They temporarily relieve the pain but end
up causing more damage. Ibuprofen can even
cause liver and kidney failure with long-term use.
The far infrared heat waves from this mat penetrate
up to 8 inches to give relief from even chronic pain.
You’ll feel years younger and sleep like a baby!
Can Gluten cause arthritis?
Gluten is a protein that causes serious health issues for many people. My mother-in-law suffered with
arthritis and fibromyalgia for many years and found great relief once she gave up wheat. Her daughter
suffered migraines for years until she went gluten-free. So give up wheat (all grains) and see for yourself.
Swish with ionic silver water
for a clean, healthy mouth.
Put a capful in your mouth
and puff your cheeks in and
out for several minutes, then
swallow and don’t rinse.
Keep the bottle in bathroom.
Swish nightly before bedtime.
Can infected teeth cause arthritis?
Back in the 1920’s, Dr. Westin Price warned of the dangers of
infection following a root canal. No matter how well the dentist
disinfects the area, the infection remains inside the tooth and can
lead to all kinds of health problems elsewhere in the body. He
implanted the teeth under the skin of test animals and the animals
developed arthritis or other diseases the human had.
Rebuild your joints with Stabilized Aloe (WBHF)
Stabilized aloe stimulates stem cells to replace damaged tissues with new, healthy cells, and its antiinflammatory properties help bring relief to painful arthritis. Stabilized aloe even reverses rheumatoid
arthritis by establishing cellular communication so your immune system stops attacking your joints.
MSM (organic sulfur) repairs damaged joints
MSM is called the “Miracle Mineral” because it brings relief for so many conditions. It provides the
missing nutrients used to rebuild damaged joints and tissues. We don’t get nearly enough in our diet
anymore so supplementation is critical. This is one of the 6 ingredients in the WBHF on page 2.
Hydrogen Peroxide soak
Soaking in a hot tub promotes circulation to ease joint pain, but replace
the chlorine chemicals with food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Buy it at
health food stores or on-line. Do NOT use the inexpensive 3% sold in
drug stores. $500 inflatable hot tubs are available on-line and in stores.
Drinking drops of 35% foodgrade hydrogen peroxide in a
glass of water is a very
effective arthritis treatment.
Silver Water for MRSA
Put a capful in your mouth and
“swish” for 30 seconds, then
swallow it. Do this every hour.
You may put it in a small squirt
bottle for convenience.
A friend told me that his grandmother was near death from an
infection (MRSA) the doctors could not heal. He gave her a bottle of
silver water in the hospital and she drank a capful every hour - and
in three days she went home. She was completely healed, but the
doctors refused to believe it was the silver water that did it!
The WBHF on page 2 provides
the nutrients to actually help
rebuild damaged joints.
The stabilized aloe gel on page 4
contains MSM, emu oil and aloe
to help relieve arthritic pain.
A lifetime of Poor Nutrition
The Eskimos called cancer the “white man’s disease” since cancer was unknown in their culture. Our
modern diet of grains and sugar act as a “poison” causing chronic inflammation that leads to cancer.
In one clinical study done on AIDS sufferers, the stabilized
aloe in WBHF healed their AIDS, including cancer! See page 29
Sugar feeds cancer cells
Grain foods like bread, cereal and pasta quickly convert to sugar when consumed. Take a look at the
ingredients in the other foods you eat. Your salad dressing, ketchup and other sauces usually contain
some form of sugar. High fructose corn syrup is cheap and is added to most processed meats like
hotdogs and sausages.
Fruit juices are loaded with natural sugars called fructose. Even plain milk has natural sugar called
lactose in significant amounts. Eliminate these “sugary” foods and your cancer cells will starve to death.
It’s been estimated that 90% of all breast cancers are related to sugar intake!
Chemo not effective. Chemo therapy has poor long term results and damages every cell in your body,
including the immune system you need to restore your health! It seems to work at first, but many cancer
cells survive and they become chemo-resistant. Many people don’t recover from their second bout of
cancer and those who do often suffer life-long side effects from the intense chemo. Your doctor knows
all this but he has nothing else to offer you. He never learned about natural health in medical school.
Fasting protects cells. Fasting on your chemo treatment days protects your healthy cells from damage
and reduces those nasty side-effects. Healthy cells go into “survival mode” when you are fasting and this
protects them from the toxic chemo drugs. Eat only coconut oil on your treatment days.
Studies show that women on a lowfat diet have much higher cancer
rates, especially breast cancer.
If you still decide to use chemo, stabilized aloe has been shown to protect
surrounding healthy cells and assist the chemo in destroying cancer cells.
Colostrum for Cancer
Stabilized aloe in WBHF helps re-establish
cellular communication so your immune
system can identify and kill cancer cells.
(See page 19, Autoimmune Diseases)
Colostrum contains a potent array of 97
immune factors to prevent and reverse cancer.
It makes every system in your body younger
and healthier. Together with WBHF, colostrum
is a powerful natural healer.
Raising your body temperature in a hot tub
along with food-grade hydrogen peroxide is an
effective treatment for cancer. Cancer cells die
when heated, and the hydrogen peroxide
penetrates into tissues to kill the cancer cells.
$500 inflatable hot tubs are available
Far infrared mats emit infrared waves that
penetrate up to 8 inches into your body to
literally “cook” cancer cells to death.
Skin Cancer?
Apply stabilized aloe gel to
area twice or more daily.
How Much WBHF?
If you have cancer or some other serious
disease, you need to take 3 doses per day.
Radiation Treatment?
Later you can reduce this to just 1 or 2 as maintenance.
Apply gel to area before and
after to prevent skin burns.
Mammograms and PSA Tests
Expensive and Dangerous
Breast cancer is a leading cause of death for women, so it makes sense to get early detection, right?
Yes, but a mammogram is not the best or safest early screening. It has many “false positives” (you don’t
actually have cancer) and the radiation exposed to your breasts can be 1,000 times greater than a chest
x-ray. This makes you vulnerable to radiation-induced cancer.
About 50% of women have “dense” breast tissue making it very difficult to distinguish a cancer lump
from regular tissue. Additionally, mammography compresses the breasts so tightly it could lead to a
lethal spread of any existing cancer cells.
With so many “false positives”, why do cancer organizations keep promoting mammograms? Follow the
money. That breast cancer foundation with the pink ribbons owns stock in a large maker of
mammogram machines. It also owns stock in a major pharmaceutical company that sells cancer drugs.
After paying their executives large salaries; much of the rest of your contribution goes to more
fundraising so they can keep paying themselves large salaries!
Finding and treating cancer is big business.
Nothing performs better than WBHF and colostrum to fortify
your immune system to prevent and heal all forms of cancer.
There’s no money in cancer prevention!
Thermography is one of the best and safest cancer detection tools. A thermo gram
is a photo of the heat signature of your body. Cancerous tissues are warmer than
surrounding areas and easily show up on the monitor. Thermography is completely
safe and far more precise than mammograms , and it can detect cancer far earlier
than a mammogram, before it’s had a chance to spread. The “pink ribbon” organization has no interest
in telling you this because they own stock in a company that sells expensive mammogram machines.
Treating breast cancer is big money, and according to many doctors, many unnecessary procedures are
being performed in the interest of early detection and treatment. Thousands of women are subjected to
needless disfiguration and toxic radiation, resulting in long term mental and physical consequences.
Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men, especially those over age 50. The PSA test
to detect this cancer is seriously flawed and according to its inventors, was never intended to detect
cancer in the first place. There are numerous reasons a man could have elevated PSA, including benign
prostate enlargement, infection, age and race.
Taking a biopsy to see if one has prostate cancer can have serious complications caused by infection as
the needle passes through the rectal wall and into the prostate. If cancer is detected, the typical
procedure of removing the prostate and radiation therapy can cause more harm than good, resulting in
impotence, incontinence and even death. Preventing cancer is far better than trying to treat it later.
Most prostate cancers grow so slowly that a man over 60 will usually die of old age before succumbing
to the disease. The first thing your doctor wants to do is perform expensive surgery. Follow the money prostate cancer is big business.
“The stabilized aloe in WBHF has been clinically proven to stimulate stem
cells, glutathione and macrophages; key components in healing cancer!
Miracle Sugars
details the enormous benefits of stabilized
aloe in treating cancer and other diseases.
Another word for stabilized aloe is
glyconutrient or “sugar nutrient”. These
are not the same as table sugar, but are
unique carbohydrates essential for health.
The July 2002 edition of Scientific American devoted
their cover story to the acemannan in stabilized
aloe, calling it the “Sweet Medicine of the Future”.
Colostrum for Brain Health
Brain Disorders
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Autism, ALS,
Huntington’s, ADHD, Stroke, Brain Cancer, Head injuries
Scientists at St. Georges’ University
demonstrated that colostrum is very
effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease.
Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging
Note: Powdered colostrum absorbs better
than capsules.
Autism may be caused by toxins such as mercury from vaccines, and Leaky Gut Syndrome that allows
toxins to enter the blood stream. Colostrum helps heal the gut, and feeds the beneficial bacteria,
allowing for better nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. Autistic children, and often their parents,
are lacking in glutathione, our “master” antioxidant important in eliminating toxins. WBHF has been
clinically shown to increase glutathione by over 50%, and the ionic trace minerals in this formula are
potent “chelators” that attach to toxins and eliminate them via the now healthy colon. See page 27
Exercise your brain?
Most people think this means doing crossword puzzles and other “mental” exercises, but tests show
that vigorous physical exercises like sprinting and weight lifting stimulate growth of brain cells better.
Even moderate exercise is better than none.
The Ketogenic Diet for brains
In the 1920’s before the discovery of insulin, the best treatment for diabetes was the ketogenic diet
of protein and fat. Normally our brains burn glucose; if no glucose is available it will burn ketone
bodies derived from stored fat cells. Ketones are the preferred fuel for brain cells because they act
like a “super fuel” to heal and regenerate cells. Our ancient ancestors ate mostly meat and fats with
some fruits and vegetables. The ketogenic diet is the Paleo diet on pages 6 and 7!
Coconut Oil, the ultimate brain food
Coconut oil contains high amounts of Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCTs are converted into ketones brain food! Ketones reduce the brain’s need for oxygen and have proven successful in stopping and
even reversing brain disorders like Alzheimer’s. You should eat 4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil
throughout the day. You can mix it in hot water and tea, or eat it along with other foods.
By Dr. Bruce Fife
Stabilized Aloe Reverses Alzheimer’s
In May of 2013, the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reported that a year-long study conducted by the
University of Miami using the same exact stabilized aloe in WBHF made significant improvements in cognitive
function in the majority of recipients. Some patients made such remarkable progress that it astounded the
doctors, practically bringing the patients back to life. Until now, nothing in medical history has shown such
remarkable results, and with absolutely no negative side-effects (See WBHF pg. 2 for stabilized aloe). Don’t
expect this astounding discovery to make the news; natural products are not allowed to make health claims.
Stabilized Aloe for Brain Injuries
I had dinner with a medical doctor who suffered for six
years after a debilitating brain aneurysm. After taking
stabilized aloe for about 9 months, increased stem cell
activity totally repaired his brain. The stabilized aloe he
used was only half as powerful as the aloe in WBHF.
Stabilized Aloe Helps Brain Damage in Children
Soon after the public began taking stabilized aloe, reports came in that
children born with birth and genetic conditions such as Cystic fibrosis,
Down’s syndrome and Autism, were seeing remarkable improvement.
One medical study done on a SD Indian reservation showed a large
increase in cognitive function in children born with fetal alcohol
syndrome. It’s believed that increased stem cell activity in the brain is
responsible for these improvements.
WBHF for Concussions
Grain Brain
Every year thousands of athletes, male
and female of all ages suffer brain injuries.
Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter details
how sugar (grains) may cause Alzheimer’s,
ADHD, autism, depression and many other
brain conditions.
The stabilized aloe in WBHF stimulates stem
cells to repair and replace damaged brain cells.
Mental and Emotional Health
The ingredients in the
World’s Best Health Formula
work together to help relieve
the following conditions:
All Drugs are Toxic
The pain medication Vioxx killed an
estimated 60,000 people in just a
few years before it was recalled.
Depression, Anxiety
Inefficiency and lost work days due to depression costs US companies over $23
billion every year. Taking anti-depressants may help, but they don’t treat the
underlying nutritional deficiencies. The WBHF restores balance to the body to
relieve depression in as little as a few days, and without harmful side-effects.
Many people get relief after going grain free, especially gluten free. It’s also very
important to exercise often as this causes the release of endorphins in the brain.
Rhodiola, a natural herb has
been used for centuries to
relieve depression/anxiety.
Migraines are often caused by tension in nerves and muscles.
The WBHF calms nerves to relax muscles and ease your pain.
Gluten in grains can often cause headaches, so try the Paleo
diet for a few months and see if this helps.
be amazed how much better you’ll feel.
Mental Disease
Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Gran Brain tells how many of his
patients found relief from serious mental conditions such as bi-polar disorder and
schizophrenia, just by adopting the Paleo diet. Each of us is unique, and some
people are particularly sensitive to gluten and other factors found in our diets.
Low Sex-drive, Erectile dysfunction
Lack of energy and imbalanced hormones often results in a low libido. Many
medications affect sexual performance, so eat the Paleo diet, exercise, and take the
WBHF to get off all drugs. The WBHF will help balance your hormones, increase
blood flow and restore your energy to get you back in action again. The stabilized
aloe gel makes a great personal lubricant!
The stabilized aloe gel makes
a great personal lubricant!
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSD occurs after a traumatic event in which someone experiences intense fear,
helplessness or horror. Called “battle fatigue” during WW2, we now know that anyone
can suffer from this debilitating breakdown of the nervous system. The rhodiola in the
WBHF has been shown to calm the nervous system while at the same time energizing
and protecting the nerves themselves. This “balancing” has a profound effect on the
brain itself, reducing and often eliminating PTSD. Russian scientists discovered this
during WW2, and it was used extensively to treat Russian soldiers during and after their
Afghanistan war in the 1980’s. Tell a soldier about WBHF and Cayenne energy pills!
Low energy, poor mental clarity
Cayenne Energy Pills
These natural energy
capsules have Vit. D3
Cayenne, Rhodiola, MSM.
No sugar or caffeine,
so no crash later!
Our cells produce energy via the mitochondria, microscopic structures
that convert food into energy. Stress reduces the efficiency to convert
nutrients into energy, leaving you to feel constantly run down. Brain cells
are especially susceptible to stress which can lead to diseases such as
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The WBHF helps relieve stress and restores
cellular energy. Users report increased mental clarity and a dramatic
boost in productivity at work!
People with ADHD often
respond well to the nutrients
in the WBHF. Eating the Paleo
diet is also very important.
Caution: Never take WBHF
with chlorinated tap water.
See page 30 for more
Plant-derived ionic Minerals
The Missing Link in Nutrition
At one time the Earth was covered in lush plant life growing in soil heavy with trace minerals
from volcanic activity. Over millions of years, those mineral-rich plants died and compacted
into layers of sediment called humic shale. Today we can extract the ionic trace minerals from
those ancient plant deposits and concentrate them in nutritional supplements.
Root of all disease
Think of a disease; and most likely the cause is diet related. Our modern “factory”
farmed food doesn’t have the nutrients it once had, especially minerals. The only
solution is to take supplements, but not just any supplements. We need natural,
plant-derived minerals found in products such as WBHF. Only these minerals
contain the full spectrum of ionic trace minerals (over 70) along with the allimportant fulvic acid complex.
Plant-derived minerals are “naturally” better
Healthy soil contains microbes that live off decaying plant matter. These microbes excrete
fulvic acid that dissolves the minerals so they can be taken into the plant through the root
system. Plant minerals are submicroscopic ions, and because the plant “pre-digested”
them, they are water-soluble, making them far more bioavailable than minerals (rocks)
found in ordinary supplements.
Nature intended us to get our minerals from eating plants, or the animals that ate those
plants. All other forms of minerals are “artificial” and lack important co-factors such as
fulvic acid. Most supplement manufactures are not even aware that plant-derived
minerals exist, and those who do know, often don’t use them because they cost more.
Even “organic” foods and supplements are deficient because the soils in which they are
grown are mineral depleted. Look for “plant-derived” minerals on the label.
Ordinary supplements have
poorly digestible minerals,
and no fulvic acid complex.
Nutrients in, toxins out
As we age, cell walls become thicker and less permeable, keeping essential nutrients from
entering the cell. Plant minerals, with their natural fulvic acid complex, restores
permeability to the cell, allowing better absorption of nutrients and removal of toxins.
Your poor health could be caused by a lifetime of mineral deficiency. The plant minerals in
WBHF help the other powerful nutrients enter the cell. This is why WBHF can reverse
aging and restore health unlike any other nutritional supplement.
Super Animals
Poultry that are fed plant-derived minerals lay eggs 6 months longer, grow faster, and
are healthier on this new super-food. When given a choice, cows will always choose the
hay that was grown on soil enriched with plant-derived fulvic minerals. They have less
illness, produce more milk and have healthier calves. Imagine how much healthier your
pet would be with a capsule of WBHF mixed into their food every day.
Advances in nutritional science have unlocked
the secrets to reverse aging, cure diseases, and
heal injuries previously thought impossible.
Today, we all can live long, happy lives.
What are you waiting for!
Nothing works better
to reverse aging and
restore health than
WBHF and colostrum!
Vitamin D and Sun Tanning
The “sunshine” vitamin is actually more of a hormone, and almost everyone over the age of 50 is
deficient. Vitamin D3 is required for absorption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis. It’s as important as
estrogen and testosterone and regulates over 2,000 genes. Vitamin D helps promote weight-loss by
restricting synthase, an enzyme that converts calories into fat cells.
Cancer and vitamin D
Maintaining sufficient vitamin D is a great way of preventing all kinds of cancers including breast and
even skin cancers. Auto-immune diseases such as MS and Crohn’s often respond well to vitamin D.
Up to 90% of breast cancers could be prevented with proper intake of vitamin D alone!
It’s been estimated that sickness and depression due to
Vitamin D deficiency costs US employers over $150 billion yearly
The Sunshine Vitamin
The best way to get vitamin D is from the sun because the natural process of converting UVB rays into
vitamin D results in a form that is more easily utilized by the body. It also produces cholesterol sulfate
for better heart and vascular health. Just remember, if you don’t get your vitamin D from summer
sunshine, you most likely are deficient. Just 20 minutes of quality sunshine can produce 10,000 IU of
vitamin D. Many people require 5 -10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily, especially in the winter months.
Dark Deception, by Dr. Mercola, one of the world’s most popular health
experts explains the benefits of tanning and why we need supplementation.
It’s believed that more than 70% of us are deficient in Vitamin D because we
no longer work outside in the sun. Since ancient times, people have known of
the healing power of the sun, but an entire industry has developed to
“protect” us from something we desperately need.
Tanning Beds
Indoor tanning provides vitamin D and light
therapy for many people, especially during the
winter months. Like outdoor tanning, a little goes
a long way, so a deep, dark tan is not needed.
Converting sunshine into vitamin D has many benefits, so get as much sun as possible but avoid getting
a sun burn. Deep, dark tanning is not needed and will prematurely age your skin, especially your face as
this area is often exposed. Skin conditions like psoriasis and persistent infections often respond well to
the UV radiation from the sun. Many claim their toenail fungus cleared up after a sunny vacation!
your face!
Smart Tanning: Cover your face, but expose as
much skin as possible, not just your arms and legs.
The UVA rays are strong all day, even on cloudy
days, so the best time to tan is at noon on a clear
day when the vitamin D producing UVB rays are
strongest. Start with about 10 minutes per side
and increase the time as you tan.
The UVB (Vit. D rays) are best at noon. You must expose
as much of your body as possible, not just arms and legs.
Helps prevent and
heal skin cancer.
Stabilized Aloe Gel instead of Sunscreen
Use before and after sun bathing to prevent and heal the
inflammation of sunburn. Penetrates deep, can’t wash off.
Note: This gel is not a sunblock so you still get tan/vit. D
Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is caused by improper tanning (burning)
and a lifetime of poor nutrition. Paleo people were
outside most of the day and gradually built a tan.
Studies show that vitamin D, especially from proper
tanning helps prevent or reverse many cancers,
including skin cancer. Getting a weekend burn is
damaging, so get a little sun every other day to build
a moderate tan.
Now even fairskinned people
can safely enjoy
the sun!
Sunscreen is Big Business
Elizabeth Plourde details how chemical sunscreens
actually accelerate skin cancer, and their toxins disrupt
your body’s hormones. This multi-billion dollar industry is
behind a “public service” campaign to convince everyone
that the sun will kill us unless we buy their products.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: The products you recommend seem too good to be true. Why don’t I hear about them in the news?
The FDA won’t allow natural products to make health claims. I can say what I want in this manual
because I don’t mention the actual product names here. Most of the things in this manual are relatively
new discoveries, so few people know about them. The multi-billion-dollar drug industry has huge
influence over our government and the news media, so you’ll only learn about these natural cures from
people like me. Stop waiting for your doctor to heal you, he makes far more money just treating you!
Q: I’ve never heard of stabilized aloe, how do you know so much about it?
I attended a lecture given by a medical doctor who was healed, and he amazed me by what it could do.
When more medical doctors came to town to speak on the science of stabilized aloe, I often had dinner
with them. They told amazing stories of healing themselves and their patients. One doctor made a full
recovery after suffering severe brain damage from an aneurysm. He literally rebuilt his damaged brain.
One doctor stayed in my home, and he told me about a former patient with a transplanted kidney. After
taking the stabilized aloe for a year, a biopsy showed it had changed the DNA of the donated kidney into
her DNA and she no longer needed immunosuppressant drugs. Her kidney literally replaced itself due to
stem cell activity. Her doctors weren’t very happy because they lost her as a patient!
Q: Has stabilized aloe been thoroughly researched, and is it safe?
The Fisher Institute for Medical Research and others have published numerous papers on stabilized aloe.
Many diseases, including many genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis have responded well to stabilized
aloe. Studies have shown the aloe stimulates the production of healing stem cells. This may explain why
type-1 diabetics no longer need to take insulin, and brain injuries heal when doctors say it’s impossible.
One of the original studies done in the 1980’s showed the aloe was very effective in treating AIDS. Most
of the subjects became symptom free of cancer and all the other diseases they were suffering from.
Testing on lab rats showed there is no toxicity, even in very high amounts. In fact, all the rats lived 4
times as long as the control rats (this alone is reason to take it). As unbelievable as this sounds, the only
reason the FDA rejected approval for AIDS was because it had no toxic level. All drugs must show a toxic
level or it’s classified as a food; and according to FDA rules, foods aren’t allowed to cure anything!
Q: What exactly is “stabilized” aloe?
When aloe is harvested, the plant releases an enzyme that destroys the active ingredient, acemannan.
You stabilize it by removing the enzyme, then freeze-dry the juice into a powder. The “stabilized”
powder is then put into capsules or mixed into a gel. 99% of aloe products sold today are NOT stabilized.
Most people have never heard of stabilized aloe because until recently, it was sold only thru Mannatech,
a network marketing company. Several new suppliers are making it now, so it’s available to everyone.
Q: Can stabilized aloe cure cancer?
Natural supplements don’t “cure” anything. They simply provide the missing nutrition your body
requires to heal itself. Given the right nutrition, your body can overcome any disease, no matter how
serious it is. One common mistake is taking only the minimum or stopping too soon. If you have any
health condition, you need to start with 2-3 doses per day; later you can reduce this to 1 dose a day.
Q: How does the stabilized aloe in WBHF make you younger?
You can measure a person’s rate of aging by measuring the length of their telomeres, the “caps” on the
ends of your DNA strands. Normally telomeres shorten each time a cell divides, and their length is an
indication of aging. Stabilized aloe is thought to increase production of telomerase, an enzyme that
increases the length of telomeres. Rats in the AIDS study lived at least 4 times longer than control rats.
Q: I’ve been taking stabilized aloe (WBHF) and eating the Paleo diet for a month and I’m still sick.
Remember, it’s taken you many years to get sick so it may take many months to get well again. Be sure
to list all your ailments on the last page of this manual and notice as they slowly disappear. Most people
need to take more than just the minimum for the first three months, up to 3 doses per day.
Q: The label on the stabilized aloe jar (WBHF) says I shouldn’t take it with chlorinated tap water, why?
The trace minerals come from ancient plants that contain the whole spectrum of natural ingredients
including fulvic acid. Chlorine and fulvic acid form a carcinogen called trihalomethane. Water treatment
engineers know this and remove the fulvic acid that naturally occurs in water. The problem is not the
naturally present fulvic acid in the trace minerals, but the toxic chlorine chemical added to water.
Q: I am with a multi-level marketing company that sells glyconutrients; is stabilized aloe the same?
Yes, but much improved. Carrington Labs discovered stabilized aloe (aka Glyconutrients) in the 1980’s
and sold it via a MLM company called Mannatech. One of the original scientists who worked at
Carrington now produces a stabilized aloe that’s twice as powerful as your aloe, and this is the stabilized
aloe in WBHF. It’s water soluble, making it more bioavailable than your aloe. I used to be with
Mannatech, and I learned that most of the jar is filled with cheap rice powder. (See page 2 for WBHF).
Q: What’s so special about the energy capsules on page 26?
The two main ingredients are cayenne pepper and rhodiola. Most energy drinks use caffeine and or
sugar to increase energy, both causing a “crash” later. Rhodiola increases energy while at the same time
calming your nerves so you can concentrate. Cayenne increases blood flow to your brain and is very
healthy for your heart. MSM improves cellular permeability allowing more nutrients to enter the cell.
Vitamin D controls over 2,000 hormones and is critical for those suffering depression.
Q: You say the stabilized aloe gel on page 4 should be used before and after tanning; is it a sun block?
No, the gel does not block the sun so you will still tan and get vitamin D. It stops the inflammation
caused by too much sun before it happens. Scientists in the 1950’s healed radiation burns with fresh
aloe, and since the stabilized aloe gel is more concentrated, it can stop a sun burn before it happens.
Q: I’ve been using stabilized aloe gel on a scar for 2 months and I don’t see a difference yet.
Emu oil closely resembles human skin oil, allowing it to penetrate deep into skin to stimulate stem cells
creating new skin. Be patient and massage (not wipe) it into your skin twice a day and soon you will be
amazed. It has removed all the old scars for me and others I know; so don’t give up. It stimulates
collagen to reduce wrinkles and makes your skin look and feel softer and younger.
Q: Is there real silver in ionic silver water?
Yes. Electricity is passed through silver plates placed in purified water. Invisible silver ions come off the
plates and are suspended in the water. These ions are easily absorbed because they are just like the
ionic minerals found in our natural diet. Ionic silver is only 10ppm because that’s the saturation point.
Q: How does ionic silver water know the difference between “bad” bacteria and “good” bacteria”?
The silver only targets nonaerobic (non-oxygen) pathogens. The good bacteria in your colon require
oxygen and are not affected by the silver. Silver has been shown to safely kill bacteria, virus’ mold and
fungus. Before antibiotics were developed, silver was used widely in the medical profession. Today,
because of antibiotic resistance, silver is making a comeback. Don’t confuse ionic silver with colloidal
silver, they sound similar but ionic silver is far better – and totally safe.
Q: What’s the difference between “ionic” silver and “colloidal” silver?
Ions are the natural, bioavailable form of minerals we get them from plants, or the animals that ate those
plants. Colloids are basically very small rocks (not very digestable) suspended in water, like mineral water.
Mineral water sounds healthy, but you’re actually absorbing very little of the trace minerals. Colloidal
silver does contain some silver ions, and it’s these ions that do the work, not the colloids.
Q: Can ionic silver water turn my skin blue like that guy in the news?
The “Blue Man” made his own silver concoction using salt. This silver chloride can build up in the skin
and turn dark when exposed to the sun. Ionic silver water has no salt, is not affected by exposer to the
sun, and CANNOT turn your skin blue no matter how much you drink. Ionic silver water is a safe, natural
mineral for everyone, including pregnant women, babies and small children.
Q: If the Paleo diet has more fat than the standard western diet, then how can one lose weight?
The type of calories you eat matters more than the amount of calories you eat. The Paleo foods are
burned as energy, while the grains and sugars of the standard diet are converted to fat.
Q: Everyone knows that red meat is unhealthy, so why do you recommend it?
Red meat is “unhealthy” because radical vegetarians spread this lie and the low-fat police use it to justify
their diet. All around the world, ancient people ate red meat as much as possible. Chickens were saved
because they produced eggs. During Lent, Christians abstained from red meat, their preferred protein.
Q: Paleo people were healthy because they exercised all the time, not because of their diet.
Paleo people did not jog or lift weights, and only an idiot would run a marathon. True, they were active
much of the day stalking prey and gathering foods, but the major reason they were healthy and strong
was because they ate healthy foods – foods that nature meant for us to eat. Compared to the average
farmer raising crops and tending animals 150 years ago, Paleo man was lazy, but much healthier.
Q: What’s so special about the plant-based minerals in WBHF?
These are minerals from plants that lived millions of years ago when the soil was rich in trace minerals.
Minerals from plants are microscopic in size and water-soluble, making them far more bioavailable to
the cell. Other forms of minerals, even colloidal minerals are basically just small rocks and difficult to
digest. There are over 70 trace ionic minerals in WBHF, and all of them are required for a healthy body.
Q: I’m too fat and unhealthy to exercise, so how can I lose weight?
So called “experts” have been telling us for decades the only way to lose weight is to starve yourself and
exercise like crazy. This is true if you continue to each the basic carbohydrate diet we were all brought
up on. Lasting weight loss is done through the Paleo diet, not exercise. When you eat the foods that you
were meant to eat, you have more energy and you naturally lose weight. It’s still important to exercise
for health reasons, and as you lose the weight, you’ll be able to do more.
Q: If the Paleo diet alone will get me to my ideal weight, why do I need to exercise?
Studies show that people who exercise have a 50% less chance of getting cancer and other diseases like
Alzheimer’s. Peak exercise like interval training also promotes release of growth hormones to help you
keep the weight off. As you sleep, your body burns fat and builds muscle tissue.
Q: On page 17 you say I can lose weight quickly if I only eat coconut oil for breakfast; is this healthy?
Paleo man did not have grocery stores, so periods of limited food (fasting) were common. Fasting is very
healthy as toxins are illuminated, and the body increases stem cell production to rebuild damaged
tissues. Coconut oil is extremely healthy for you, especially your brain, so unlike other fasting diets,
you’ll have plenty of energy without any brain fog. Your Paleo lunch and dinner are very healthy, but for
added nutrition I recommend taking the WBHF on pg. 2 along with the coconut oil breakfast.
Q: How do I get my family to eat the Paleo diet?
You need to remove all the foods on page 8 from your home. Make sure you have plenty of healthy
snacks available at all times from page 7. Require everyone in the family to read this manual and review
it page by page. Search the internet and you will find many Paleo recipes including snacks. No one can
eat the Paleo diet 100%, so enjoy other foods as you would any other treat, occasionally.
Q: On page 3 you say that Dr. Westin Price proved that eating grains causes crooked teeth?
Dr. Price and his team of scientists examined and photographed thousands of people around the world.
They measured the facial bones and found that tribes who ate the Paleo diet had wider jaws making
room for straight teeth. Those who moved to the city and ate grains had narrower faces and crooked
teeth. So if you want to avoid expensive braces on your kids, start them on the Paleo diet now!
Q: How can colostrum and WBHF heal so many different diseases?
I’ve been studying supplements for over 30 years, and whole-food formulas like WBHF and colostrum
provide a wide array of super-nutrients to allow all the different systems of the body to naturally heal,
and unlike toxic drugs, these natural foods have no negative side-effects. In my experience, nothing
comes close to these two products in reversing aging, and restoring health and vitality.
Q: My friend is a vegan and says she feels great after giving up animal products.
Vegans usually feel better at first because they often give up alcohol, sugar, sodas and other unhealthy
foods. It takes years for the nutritionally deficient vegan diet to show its harmful effects. Also, many
vegans occasionally eat meat (secretly) and then claim the diet works. Before starting this manual, I too
believed the vegan diet was the healthiest but my research does not support this. The solution will be to
find a way to provide the Paleo diet to everyone in a way that is both animal and environment friendly.
Q: Can small children and pregnant women safely eat the Paleo diet and take the supplements?
Everyone, including babies and children ate the Paleo diet for thousands of years because this is our
natural diet. All the products in this manual are safe for babies, as well as pregnant /lactating women.
The Paleo diet, along with these supplements is the surest way to having healthy, super-children!
Q: My doctor says animal fat causes heart disease; you’re not a doctor so why should I believe you?
I just repeat what the new research and many other doctors have been saying for decades. The ONLY
research that matters is the one conducted over the last million or so years – mankind evolved (actually
thrived) on this planet eating mostly red meat and fat. Only after carbohydrates like grains and sugar
were introduced has mankind suffered poor health.
Q: If “natural” is the way to treat cancer, then why do so many people still die after trying it?
Most people who try a natural treatment for cancer usually do so after exhausting “toxic” medicine.
Their bodies are so damaged from all the chemo, radiation and surgeries that it’s often too late to
recover. Also, not all natural treatments are alike. Some advocate a strict vegetarian diet that lacks
crucial animal fats and proteins, and most have never heard of stabilized aloe, plant-minerals and
Q: Why are you so against the “Pink Ribbon” organization fighting cancer?
They claim to be looking for a “cure” but all they promote is expensive drug treatment, not prevention.
Most of the money goes to hefty CEO salaries and more fund raising. They tell you to get treatment, but
they don’t tell you that they own stock in a major drug company that sells those treatment drugs.
They recommend dangerous and less effective mammograms over thermograms because they own
stock in a company that makes mammogram machines. You can restore any health condition by eating
the Paleo diet and taking a few key supplements, but these groups can’t make money telling you this.
Q: I showed this manual to my doctor and he says nothing can cure the things you say!
Your doctor has no training in natural products, so according to his “drug education”, the things I say
here are impossible. He makes his living prescribing drugs and the repeated checkups they require. Our
entire medical system has no financial interest in actually curing people, so they will never accept
something as simple as diet and nutrition as the answer.
Q: Are any of the products in this manual FDA approved?
The FDA only approves drugs, not natural substances. To get FDA approval, a substance must be toxic;
in other words, it must be able to poison you to death. I know this sounds absurd, but no matter how
safe and effective something is, if it’s not toxic, the FDA will never approve it for anything.
About 20 years ago, a clinical study proved that stabilized aloe was very effective in treating AIDS, and
the only reason the FDA did not approve it was because it had no toxicity. Vitamin C will never get
approval to treat scurvy for the same reason. The FDA warned the doctors who treated AIDS that they
would fine them and throw them in jail if they went public with their discovery. I actually spoke at
length with the doctor who conducted the study and he is disgusted with today’s medical system. Now
you know why I have such a low opinion of our “drug-based” health care system.
Q: Why can’t you use the brand names of the products you recommend in this manual?
The FDA does not allow natural products to make health claims. I can say vitamin “C” treats scurvy, but
I can’t mention the name of a specific brand of vitamin C. This would be making a “health” claim, and
according to the FDA, only drugs can restore your health!
List of Ailments
(Circle the ones that apply to you)
You need to list them here because they'll
slowly disappear and you'll forget you ever had them!
Achy joints
Acid reflex
Age spots
Bad breath
Back pain
Blood pressure
Brain fog
Cold hands-feet
Cold sores
Ear problems
Erectile dysfunction
Eyes, color blindness
Eyes, dry
Eyes, night blindness
Eyes, watery
Flatulence (gas)
Foot odor
Foot, swelling
Hair loss
Hair, dry
Hair, oily
Hair, gray
Heart disease
Hot flashes
Leg cramps
Low energy
Lyme disease
Macular degeneration
Mood swings
Mouth, dry
Nail fungus
Nails, brittle
Nails, soft
Neck pain
Nose, dry
Nose, runny
Panic attacks
Restless legs
Scar tissue
Skin rash
Sleep problems
Sweating, excessive
Starting weight_____________
3 months_______________
6 months______________
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