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Releana® Instructions
It is important that you follow these instructions carefully.
Preparation of Releana®
Twist off both caps - The cap on the blue Releana® liquid and the black cap on the powder hCG. Pour
the powder from the small bottle into the Releana® liquid bottle. To remove all the contents of the hCG
into the Releana® liquid bottle simply connect the top of the hCG bottle to the top of the Releana®
liquid bottle and hold together and shake carefully.
Place the white cap back on the blue bottle and shake up and down until fully mixed. Once fully
reconstituted you may place the white spray cap on the Releana® liquid bottle, making sure the spray
tubing curves into the bottom of the bottle. DO NOT CUT THE END OF THE SPRAYER.
Be sure to pump the sprayer several times to prime it until the Releana® liquid begins to spray.
Administration of Releana®
Dosage is 2 SPRAYS - 2x a day (12 hours apart, if possible)
Spray two sprays under the tongue and hold for 3 minutes
After you swallow the remaining content, be sure not to eat or drink anything for 10 minutes.
Not eating or drinking for 10 minutes is important for full absorption of the hCG.
Releana® must be kept refrigerated
Releana® is effective for 60 days after being reconstituted
You must take Releana® twice daily. It doesn't matter if it is taken on an empty stomach or not.
Patients, who have routinely forgotten the second dose, will have markedly increased hunger and their
weight loss will be affected.
Day 1 & 2 - These days are critical for success
Take Releana® twice a day for 2 days and eat anything you want, particularly foods high in fat. The
foods eaten during these two days do not need to be healthy. Eat as much as you can of the high fat
foods that you like during this time without overeating. This fat will not stick and will be used for
energy. You will still lose the first week. Many patients are resistant to this part of the diet, but it is
The reason for these two days is to create enough fat reserves that can be used in the first 3 days of the
diet. It seems to take 3 days before abnormally deposited fat begins to circulate and thus become
available. If you do not eat high fat foods for the first two days of the diet, you will be markedly
hungrier than those who do.
Day 3 – 20 and beyond if weight goal has not been reached
You will follow a low calorie diet plan made up of healthy, nutritious food. See Releana® Food Guide
below. So even though you are restricted to consuming only 500 calories, those calories are from lean
meats, fresh vegetables and fruits that you will shop for at your local market and feed to your family.
Follow the diet strictly without interruption for the first 20 days. This is the time when the body
metabolism is improving. If you have more weight to lose you will continue on the diet past 20 days
until you reach your goal.
You cannot make any exceptions to the diet plan. Only eat the quantity suggested and the food
suggested on the diet plan. Your success will depend entirely on the how well you follow the first two
days eating high fat foods and the subsequent days on the diet plan.
The first 20 days reprograms the hypothalamus. It takes this long for the effects on the hypothalamus to
occur so it is critical to be completely dedicated to the diet for this time. The most positive results will
be obtained if you stay on the diet without adding anything for the first 20 days. If you go off the diet
for a day or even a meal, there will be a set-back in weight loss by about 3 days and you will
experience increased hunger, but it will not undo the progress that has been made to that point. During
the first 20 days the reprogramming of the body is taking place. A disruption beyond a day during this
time will affect long-term weight loss.
After 20 days or later if you have not yet met you weight loss goal
After 20 days, the occasional lapse in diet will not affect long-term weight loss. You can continue the
diet for as long as needed until your weight loss goal is achieved.
At the end of the 20 days or the day you have reached your goal, you will stop taking the Releana® and
continue the 500 calorie diet for three more days. At the end of the three days, you will go into a
transition phase (also known as maintenance) to prepare your brain/body to eat normally. See After
Releana® below.
Diet Tips
 Purchase a food scale and weigh all the meat and vegetables raw;
If possible, eat only organic meat, chicken, vegetables, and fruit. In order to be organic, beef
needs to be free-range hormone free and chicken should be free range, no antibiotics. Beef
should be very lean cuts, no marbling and all fat removed before weighing and cooking.
GROUND BEEF is usually not allowed, however people have been successful eating small
amounts of 93% lean ground beef.
No fat whatsoever is allowed on this diet. Nothing can be added to the diet without increasing
hunger. Even fat-free salad dressings have sugar, which will increase appetite. Do not take
Omega-3 capsules.
No non-dairy creamer or other substitute is allowed.
You can add spices and hot sauce, but read the labels and buy those without sugar. Making
food spicy can be very satisfying, help to decrease cravings and increase water intake.
There is no limit of coffee or tea. 2 diet sodas are allowed daily. Those liquids should not be
consumed in place of water.
There is absolutely no alcohol of any kind allowed.
You may come into our office once a week to weigh in. You can come in anytime we are open,
no appointment needed. We encourage you to weigh at home every morning after emptying your
bladder and without clothes before eating or drinking. A digital scale is recommended.
Weight loss occurs in stair-step fashion. First you will drop then plateau, etc. We have found that
even during the plateau phase, patients will still be losing inches. Usually the plateau does not last
more than a week and may coincide with the onset of menstruation in women.
Supplemental Medications
Vitamin B12
During weekly weigh-ins, patients are encouraged to have a B12 injection for energy and
overall health. Or you may take a sublingual B12 tablet or liquid drops in the morning
each day. Let it slowly dissolve in your mouth. Do not take for 10 full minutes after the
Potassium 10meq
We ask you to take a potassium supplement as the hCG can cause some loss of potassium
over time.
OptiMag - take 2 tablets daily or more if needed for constipation.
We have a Potassium/Magnesium combination available for purchase here.
Appetite Suppressants
Because the Releana™ diet is very low calorie, some patients might need an appetite
suppressant. We encourage you to attempt the diet alone first. If you continue to suffer
from intense hunger we suggest Chromium picolinate, a natural supplement to decrease
hunger and food cravings. Chromium can be used safely up to 3 times a day.
Chromium is available in our office for $12 for 60 tablets.
Phentermine, a prescription strength appetite suppressant can be used second line in some
cases. It is a stimulant and is regulated by the federal government. Patients are instructed
to take 1/2 a tablet in the morning 1 hour before they eat. Many times only a half a tablet
is needed because this protocol will reduce and correct the appetite. You can take the
second half later in the afternoon if needed. In some cases the patient can take 1 whole
tablet in the morning. Stimulants can raise blood pressure and cause your heart to race.
We are not able to prescribe this medication for anyone with a heart condition or
elevated blood pressure.
Releana® Food Guide
Breakfast: Any Non-Calorie Fluids in any amount. (See fluid options below)
Protein Foods: 3 ½ oz 's twice daily (lunch and dinner)
Example: About the size of a makeup compact
Choose only lean meats particularly
 Veal or Steak (free-range only)
 Fresh White Fish (Halibut, Cod, Flounder, Monkfish, Perch, Pike, Pollock, Snapper,
Sole, Whiting, Crab meat, Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops)
 Chicken-no skin (Chicken Breast Only)
All visible fat must be removed before cooking and the portion should be weighed raw. It must be
cooked without additional fat.
Salmon, eel, tuna fish, herring, DRIED, PICKLED or SMOKED fish are not allowed
Fresh Vegetables: 3 ½ oz’s selected vegetables twice daily (lunch and dinner)
 Spinach, Chard, Chicory, Beet-greens, Green Salad, Tomatoes, Celery, Fennel, Onions,
Red Radishes, Cucumbers, Asparagus, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Green
beans. (Do Not Mix Vegetables - One Vegetable Choice per serving.)
NO Pumpkin, Beetroot, Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Mushrooms, Green pepper or Corn
Fruit: Two Portions per day. At least 6 hours apart – usually mid morning and mid afternoon.
 1 Large Apple, Strawberries (6 large), 1 Orange, 1/2 Grapefruit
Fluids: minimum of two liters of water daily
Each day a MINIMUM OF TWO LITERS (10 glasses) of water should be consumed.
 Tea/coffee, Soda Water, Mineral Water, Diet Soft Drink (up to two cans)
 Do not count coffee, tea, or diet soda in your total water intake.
Little Extras
 Only one tablespoon of milk daily
 Use artificial sweeteners. We recommend Stevia. No Sugar!!
 Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, and
other spices are freely available as seasonings.
 NO Margarine, Butter, Oil, Salad Dressing. Balsamic vinegar works well on salads – be
sure to check label for added sugar.
 The juice of 1 lemon is allowed daily.
 Some people have found that our high protein Isagenix shakes are more filling and
convenient for the lunch meal, if you want to try some, let us know.