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Helps naturally reduce LDL oxidation and maintain healthy blood platelet activity, while also
helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.*
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving % DV
Proprietary Blend
330 mg
Grape Seed Extract
Grape Skin Extract
60 mg
Green Tea (leaf) Extract
100 mg
Proprietary Blend
60 mg
Proteases (Bromelain, Fungal)
Quercetin Powder
Bilberry (berry) Extract
Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) Extract
The Need
Reducing LDL oxidation and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels are two key
factors that contribute to proper heart health.
Competitive Solutions
Many competitive grape skin and grape seed supplements assume all grapes are the
same and select an extract based on its price—not its flavonoid content.
The Melaleuca Solution
ProvexCV’s super-concentrated blend of premium grape skin and grape seed has been
carefully selected after testing many extracts from around the world. A proprietary
enzyme blend helps maximize the absorption and performance of the antioxidants.
Serving Size 1 capsule
ProvexCV has been shown to help reduce LDL oxidation, maintain healthy blood
pressure levels, maintain healthy blood platelet activity, and nourish blood vessels to
% Daily
promote a healthy cardiovascular system.* Amount
Supplement Facts
Per Serving
The Melaleuca
No other grape antioxidant supplement has ProvexCV’s super-concentrated grape skin and
Seed quercetin,
Extract , Proteases
grape seed blend,Grape
plus the
of Grape
and bromelain.
(Bromelain, Fungal), Ginkgo Biloba Extract (leaves),
Bilberry Extract (berry), Quercetin Powder
Daily Value not established.
ingredients: Gelatin,
best results, two
ProvexCV capsules
be taken
daily. Store
ProvexCV in
cool, dry place.
ProvexCV Is Patented
Only Melaleuca has the exclusive ProvexCV
combination of grape seed, grape skin,
ginkgo biloba, bilberry, and quercetin. Plus,
it includes an exclusive enzyme blend
that helps your body absorb all the heartprotecting flavonoids.
Consult your physician, health care
practitioner, and/or pharmacist regarding
any health problem and before using any
supplements or before making changes in
prescribed medications. The information
presented herein is in no way intended
as a substitute for medical counseling.
Always read and follow label directions
and warnings.
cholesterol normally circulates in your bloodstream,
Daily Value (LDL)
not established.
dropping off cholesterol at various places in the body where it is needed to help form
cell membranes,
develop some
Flour. other bodily functions.
Occasionally, however, LDL cholesterol slips underneath an artery to invade the
space behind it. This space is called the subendothelial space. When LDL cholesterol
gets into the subendothelial space, it can become oxidized.
Much like excess moisture oxidizes exposed metal causing it to rust or air causes
an apple slice to turn brown, free radicals oxidize LDL cholesterol. If LDL cholesterol
becomes oxidized, the immune system is called into action. Essentially, the body
generates unwelcome free radicals. Fortunately, free radicals can be neutralized
by antioxidants.
Antioxidants are beneficial compounds naturally occurring in the body, and they’re
also obtained in the diet from foods like fruits, vegetables, and tea. (Supplements like
the Vitality Pack and CellWise are also rich in antioxidants.) If the body has a sufficient
supply of antioxidants, it is more likely to be protected from free radicals.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
The French Paradox
A phenomenon called the French
Paradox first received national attention
in 1992. It was observed and publicized
that the French, on average, eat more
high-fat foods (almost three times as
much lard as Americans) and highcholesterol foods (almost four times
as much butter as Americans), and
smoke many more cigarettes per
person—yet the French generally
have healthier hearts!
This apparent paradox has been
attributed to the fact that most French
people—compared to Americans—
drink more red wine with their meals.
The red wine contains flavonoids—
which have cardio-protective properties.
ProvexCV’s Extraction
ProvexCV’s enzyme blend is not its only
unique feature. The extraction process
used to make ProvexCV is also unique.
Some grape skin extracts on the market
use sulfur dioxide in their extraction
process. Sulfur dioxide can cause allergic
reactions in some people. Partly for this
reason, ProvexCV does not use sulfur
dioxide in its extraction process.
The extraction process for ProvexCV
ensures you receive only premium
grape antioxidants—without getting
leftover winemaking grapes or sulfur
dioxide, so the extracts are potent and
The Exclusive ProvexCV
Enzyme Blend
It has been established through scientific
studies that although flavonoids are
present in plant extracts, they are not
all bioavailable. That’s where ProvexCV’s
exclusive enzyme blend comes in.
ProvexCV’s enzyme blend helps maximize
the absorption and performance of the
antioxidants by as much as six times.*
Creating a Defense*
If LDL cholesterol is oxidized, the immune system summons white blood cells called
monocytes to the area. Attracted to the artery’s inner layer, monocytes begin to
pass through the endothelial lining to the subendothelial space. As monocytes pass
through the lining, they become macrophages that begin to scavenge the oxidized LDL
cholesterol—treating it as they would a foreign invader like bacteria.
The Importance of Proper Blood Pressure
When it comes to cardiovascular health, healthy blood flow doesn’t always get the most
attention, but it is a crucial component of total heart health. According to the National
Institutes of Health, healthy blood pressure should be a priority for one in three
Americans (over 65 million). Maintaining healthy blood pressure will allow you to live
a healthier life with your family and loved ones. There are some simple ways to help
maintain healthy blood pressure levels, including eating healthy and exercising. But
for many, that may not be enough. That is why ProvexCV includes ingredients that help
protect your heart—naturally.*
The Patented ProvexCV Formula
The all-natural ingredients that make up ProvexCV were carefully chosen and meticulously
combined to deliver enhanced cardiovascular protection. Melaleuca tested dozens of
strains of grapes and ended up going halfway around the world to use the absolute best,
most heart-protecting grape seed and grape skin.*
Super-Concentrated Grape Seed and Grape Skin Extract
The grape seeds used in ProvexCV are a leading source of one of the most beneficial
groups of plant flavonoids: proanthocyanidins. These flavonoids have been found to have
a powerful antioxidant effect—neutralizing free radicals before they can cause damage.
Studies have shown that the antioxidant power of proanthocyanidins can be up to 20 times
greater than vitamin E and up to 50 times greater than vitamin C. *
The super-concentrated grape seeds in ProvexCV use a proprietary process that
increases bioavailability and antioxidant value, and can help maintain healthy blood
pressure levels. The extract has been further fortified with a large amount of anthocyanins,
which have been shown to help maintain healthy platelet levels.
Research has also shown that proanthocyandidins in grape seed help enhance heart
health by strengthening capillaries, arteries, and veins.3*
Finally, ProvexCV’s grape seed extract also contains gallic esters which are powerful
free-radical scavengers.*
The flavonoids found in ProvexCV’s grape skin extract contain many of the common
components of grape juice, such as anthocyanins (another class of flavonoids), tartaric
acid, tannins, and minerals. These components are believed to help promote healthy blood
platelet activity. In addition, the anthocyanins possess free-radical-scavenging action that
protects against LDL cholesterol oxidation. *
A polyphenolic compound found in grapes and some berries that has been shown in
lab tests to neutralize free radicals and inhibit LDL oxidation; it is also associated with
maintaining healthy platelet function and supporting endothelial function.
The last flavonoid in ProvexCV is quercetin—found in red wine and grape juice, in fruits
and vegetables, and in the hops, malt, and barley used to make beer and wine. Researchers
have found that quercetin, by itself, promotes healthy platelet activity. By adding
The Research
Behind ProvexCV
• “A Clinical Study on the Commercial Mixture of
Flavonoids Inhibits In Vivo Thrombosis and Ex Vivo Platelet
quercetin to the grape extracts, the cardio-protective power is increased. Quercetin has
also been shown to be effective in free radical scavenging which reduces LDL cholesterol
oxidation. Quercetin has also been shown to be instrumental in helping maintain healthy
blood pressure levels.*
Aggregation.” The Journal of Investigative Medicine, March 1998.
• “The Commercial Mixture of Flavonoids Inhibits In Vivo
Thrombosis and Ex Vivo Platelet Aggregation,” The Federation
of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal, April 1999.
Green tea extract
A natural extract containing the catechin EGCG, which is associated with healthy vascular
endothelial function
• “The Flavonoids in ProvexCV Significantly Inhibit
Experimental Thrombosis,” Poster presentation for the
1st International Congress on Heart Disease, May 1999,
Extracted from the stem of pineapple, bromelain helps maintain healthy platelet function.
Washington D.C.
• “Flavonoids in ProvexCV Inhibit Human Ex Vivo Platelet
Aggregation and In Vivo LDL Oxidation,” Poster presentation
for the 1st International Congress on Heart Disease, May
Ginkgo Biloba
ProvexCV contains Ginkgo biloba extract because research suggests it has a significant
free-radical-scavenging property, which can help reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation. *
1999, Washington D.C.
• “Synergism Between Antiplatelet Properties of Grape Seed
and Grape Skin Extracts,” The Federation of American Societies
for Experimental Biology Journal, March 2001.
• “Grape Seed and Grape Skin Extracts Elicit a Greater
Antiplatelet Effect When Used in Combination the When
Used Individually,” Journal of Nutrition, December 2002.
Supporting Research
1. Meunier M.T., Curoux E., and Bastide P., “Free Radical
Scavenger Activity of Procyanidolic Oligomers and
Anthocyanosides with Respect to Superoxide Anion and
Lipid Peroxidation,” Plant Med Phytother, Vol. 4, 1989.
2. Facino R.M. et al., “Free Radicals Scavenging Action
and Anti-enzyme Activities of Procyanidines from Vitis
Vinifera. A Mechanism of Their Capillary Protective
Action,” Arzneim Forsch, Vol. 44, 1994.
Historically, bilberry has been used for the treatment of scurvy, dysentery, eyestrain, visual
acuity, and day and night blindness.
ProvexCV includes bilberry because it contains flavonoids known as anthocyanosides,
which have been shown to prevent free radical damage. These flavonoids also help
maintain the integrity of capillaries, which in turn helps give artery walls their structural
integrity. Studies show that bilberry also promotes healthy platelet activity.*
Do What’s Right for Your Heart
Heart health is a serious concern for millions of people. Fortunately, there are steps you
can take to maintain a healthy heart. Eat the right diet. Get regular exercise. Visit your
doctor as needed. And add the natural cardiovascular protector ProvexCV to your routine.
Your heart deserves the best. Your heart deserves ProvexCV.* 
3. J Shi, J Yu, et al., “Polyphenolics in Grape Seeds—
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.