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By: Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.
Lose one pound a week, by trimming 500 calories from your daily diet. Try some of
the following food and beverage swaps:
bagel with cream cheese and coffee with cream and sugar.
Choose: toasted English Muffin with light cream cheese and coffee with skim
milk or nonfat creamer.
500 calories
20-ounce soda, one cup orange juice, and second glass of wine
Choose: unlimited H2O, naturally flavored seltzer and unsweetened tea
500 calories
Daily Lunch Sandwich:
sub roll, the mayo, high fat meats and cheese (bologna, salami,
pastrami, etc.)
Choose: whole wheat bread, spicy mustard, lean turkey or ham, reduced fat
500 calories
candy bar, chips and 20 oz soda
Choose: baby carrots, string cheese and an apple
500 calories
Steak, fried potatoes, dinner roll, buttery vegetables
Grilled chicken or fish, baked potato with tablespoon sour cream,
sautéed spinach (in 1-2 teaspoons olive oil and garlic)
500 calories
Week 2 – Handout (v.8.8.08)
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Here are some snack ideas that will be easy to keep around for those "munchies"
• 1/2 cup of strawberries with a scoop of low fat frozen yogurt - 145 calories
• 1 apple baked with 1 tbs. cinnamon sugar mixture on top - 93 calories
• 1 apple - 80 calories
• 1 piece of string cheese – 80 calories
• 1 hardboiled egg – 70 calories
• 1 container of Yoplait light yogurt - 90 calories
• Celery, green peppers, and cucumbers - FREE calories
• 1 Jell-O Sundae Toppers pudding - 110 calories
• 1/2 apple with 1 tbsp. of whipped peanut butter - 95 calories
• 20 baby carrots dipped in 2 tbs. of fat free ranch dressing - 50 calories
• 2 oz. water-packed tuna - 96 calories
• 3 cups of light microwave popcorn - 100 calories
• 2 1/2 cups of air-popped popcorn with 2 tbsp of Parmesan cheese - 95
• 6 oz. of tomato juice with one rice cake - 65 calories And, if you just got to
have something sweet:
• 1 Haagen-Dazs Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream Bar - 100 calories
• 1/2 of a Hershey bar (give the other half away) - 100 calories
• 23 Chocolate-covered raisins - 100 calories
• Individual serving cottage cheese - 90
• 1 serving bag of Nabisco snacks - 100 calories
• ShapeWorks Protein Bars, which come in Peanut Butter, Lemon, Chocolate
Fudge and Chocolate Coconut, for 150 calories and 12 grams of protein.
• The new ShapeWorks Deluxe Protein Bars (Vanilla Almond, Chocolate
Peanut and Citrus Lemon) are 140 calories and 10 grams of protein, with no
trans-fats! All are delicious and healthy!
Week 2 – Handout (v.8.8.08)
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• Water is the most single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it
off and is key in suppressing appetite naturally and burning stored fat!
• Studies show that a decrease in water intake can cause fat deposits to
increase. Whereas the increase in water can actually reduce the fat deposits.
• Your kidneys do not function properly without adequate water intake. Most
people whose bodies retain water actually do not drink enough water. The body
sees this as a threat to survival and holds on to the water when you do drink
water which causes swollen hands feet and legs. Best way to overcome water
retention is to give the body what is needs …plenty of water and then water
stored will be released!
• Water also helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving them natural ability
to contract and not be dehydrated. Also will prevent sagging skin from weight
loss and develop a clear radiant complexion.
• Water also flushes waste products from the body so helps eliminate
constipation. Min of 6-8 glasses of water daily. Don’t like water?? Add H3O...
Mmmm… delicious! And your body will thank you being fully hydrated for total
wellness and vitality.
If we want something we never had before…we have to be willing to do something
we have never done before!
Week 2 – Handout (v.8.8.08)
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Drinking water and losing weight!
"Drink 8 glasses of water each day" is what we hear all the time but what weight loss benefits do we
get from drinking water? All functions within the body require the presence of water. A well hydrated
body enables these functions to occur quickly and efficiently. All chemical processes involve energy
metabolism and drinking plenty of water will make us feel more energetic and boosts metabolic rate.
Water makes your metabolism burn calories 3% faster.
Drinking water is important if you're trying to lose weight, some studies have shown that thirst and
hunger sensations are triggered together. If there is a slight dehydration the thirst mechanism may be
mistaken for hunger and one may eat when the body is actually craving fluid. As most food contains
some water, if one doesn't drink much they may be subconsciously driven to eat more to gain the
necessary water supply however, you also gain the undesired effects of increased calorie
consumption. Drinking more water can help to prevent overeating and benefit weight loss.
Importance of drinking water in the modern diet
So many new food product created today not only contain high amounts of energy from added sugar
and fats; they also contain very little water. Foods today need to be stored for longer periods and
foods with a high water content tend to spoil much faster, think about milk, yogurt, eggs, fruits and
vegetables. It may be great to think that we can stock our cupboards full of all these tasty foods that
last for months, trouble is, it means less water consumption from foods.
If a weight loss diet doesn't allow much food or if food consumption is mainly in the form of processed
TV dinners it may be necessary to drink even more water to help stop strong cravings for food.
How much do I need to drink to benefit losing weight?
For the average person experts suggest getting at least 64 ounces of water daily or eight 8-ounce
glasses. If you are on a diet to lose weight it is more important to consume more and keep drinking
water throughout the day, unless you have any medical condition that doesn't allow much water
intake. A good guide for daily intake is to drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight. A
200 pound person should be drinking around 100 ounces (12.5 cups) of water in order the gain the
benefits of increased energy and metabolism.
If exercising is part of a weight loss program a bit more water should be included to account for water
loss from sweating. Drinking water before, during and after exercise will keep energy levels high and
help recovery after training.
Many people don't like drinking pure water. Gaining water from eating fruit high in water content is a
great way to boost water consumption without drinking it directly. Fruit will also help fill up the
stomach with low calories and gain tons of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to increase vitality.
In fact any food with high water content can boost water consumption; most foods high in water are
naturally occurring, healthy foods, another reason to eat a healthy diet!
Water Tip: When feeling hungry drink water 15 minutes before eating!
Health benefits of drinking water
regulate appetite
increase metabolism
boost energy levels
less water retention
alleviate some headaches
help reduce blood pressure
help reduce high cholesterol
ease joint pain
decrease in risk of some cancers
less chance developing kidney stones
release toxic waste products
improves skin
Cautions to consider
People with kidney problems or other conditions were fluid intake needs to be limited should follow
their doctor’s recommendations with correct sodium intake. One potential but rare side effect of fluid
intake can be hypoatremia in which electrolytes become imbalanced. Always seek advice from your
doctor before trying any new diet or changing eating / drinking habits!
Week 2 – Handout (v.8.8.08)
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By: Kim Beardsmore
If I were asked, "what is the most difficult thing many people find to do when they start a weightloss program?" I would have to say right near the top of the list is this - they don't drink enough
Few people realize at first just how essential water is to the success of their weight-loss program.
In fact, the essential place of water in our diet extends to everyone - whether they want to lose
weight, gain weight or stay the same weight! We all know we can't live without water, but just
why is it so important? Well there are many reasons. Read on and discover why water can help
your loss weight and why it is your essential life-force.
Apart from 60-70% of your body being composed of water, water has an extensive range of
functions essential to life.
Assists digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. If you don't drink enough water you
can't get the full benefit of nutrients in the food you eat.
Assists excretion of waste from bowel and kidneys. If you don't drink enough water you get
constipated and put your kidneys under stress.
Regulates body temperature. If you don't drink enough water you compromise the
evaporation process you skin uses to keep you cool.
Your blood is 92% water. This is your body's transport system distributing nutrients around
the body.
Body secretions and digestive juices are almost entirely water.
Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight?
Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Do NOT underestimate the power of this statement.
Lack of water can lead to over eating. You brain does not differentiate between hunger and
thirst. So, when you think you are feeling hungry, your body may in fact be signaling to you that
you are thirsty! If you are not consuming enough water each day and you feel hunger pains,
chances are, your body really is crying out for water. In many instances people will find what they
thought were hunger pangs were in fact, satisfied by water. Try it! You have nothing to lose,
except some weight.
How do you know whether you are drinking enough water each day? Well the answer is not
The average person needs around 6-8 large glasses every day
Well then, how should you drink the 6-8 glasses per day? The aim is to drink water consistently.
If you drink too much all at once or too fast, it will simply pass through you, with little or no benefit
to your body.
If you are someone who enjoys the 'taste' of water, then perhaps you could fill a 1 liter empty soft
drink container with water the drink through it twice during the day. Room temperature or cold
water, even warm as some people like - whatever you prefer. Place it on the desk at work in front
of you as a constant reminder to sip continuously throughout the day.
Other people find they need a water 'diet' to help them keep on track. So for you, here is a
program easily followed to ensure you are well hydrated every single day.
1. When you wake up you will often be thirsty because your body loses water while you are
sleeping through breathing and perspiration. Drink a large glass of water with a slice of
lemon for zing.
2. Drink another glass of water with breakfast or a cup of herbal tea before setting off the day.
Week 2 – Handout (v.7.29.08)
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3. Mid morning - snack on a piece of juicy fruit such as orange, rock melon, watermelon,
cantaloupe, honey dew. Have a glass of water and perhaps try a dash of herbal aloe juice
which is wonderfully soothing to the digestive system.
4. Lunch - think of soup or have a glass of water before your meal, or perhaps an herbal tea.
5. Mid afternoon - While you are preparing your evening meal, drink a glass of water and
snack on some crunchy fresh vegetables.
6. Evening - Sip a glass of water before your meal with a dash of your favorite fruit juice for
7. After dinner - before bedtime drink your final glass of water and sleep well!
A few changes will happen when you start out with your water program. Obviously you may find
that you need to 'spend a penny' more often. Why? Because you body isn't used to being well
There is absolutely is no doubt about it. When you start drinking enough water regularly, there
are great benefits. You may notice your skin significantly improve and even tired muscles will
thank you. Many people find their energy is increased and constipation and headaches are
reduced, as well as hunger pains.
Now here's the really exciting part - many people notice a reduction in weight and centimeters,
as their body's water store become redundant and so decrease. If your diet has been one that
did not provide you with adequate water, your body will have developed a pattern of storing
water. It's part of the body's in-built survival mechanism - to store up the essential nutrients in
short supply - just in case they aren't available in the future. So if you don't drink enough water,
you are 'conditioning' your body to store water. And water is bulk and unwanted centimeters.
It's so simple...drink water! 6-8 large glasses a day.
How do you know if you are not getting enough water each day? This is a really important
question because so many of us have deprived ourselves of water for years that we have
become accustomed to doing without the full amount of water our body requires and we don't
recognize the symptoms of thirst.
The most common symptom is headaches. A major function of water is to flush toxins
from the body. Your brain is 75% water, so even being slightly dehydrated can cause
Poor concentration/fatigue. If you body can't get rid of the toxins it will struggle and you
will feel less energetic as your body diverts energy to deal with the toxins.
Constipation. Your body will divert water to more essential functions and as a result your
stools will be harder and more difficult to expel.
Reduced urine output or dark urine. Did you know that up to 200 liters of water is passed
through your kidneys daily? Without a fresh supply of water for the kidneys to filter waste
products out of the blood, your urine will become darker.
Furry tongue or bad breath. If you don't have enough water passing through the mouth to
wash away food particles, bacteria can proliferate and result in that 'furry' feeling or bad
Skin. Your skin should feel elastic. When you pinch the skin on the back of your hand it
should snap back instantly.
Final thoughts
Caffeinated drinks cause the body to lose water. They are what's known as diuretics as they
cause your body to dehydrate. You will do your body an enormous favor by cutting back. For
every cup of coffee you drink you will need to drink another TWO glasses of water to counter the
diuretic effect. Explore the world of herbal teas instead, you may be pleasantly surprised!
Kim Beardsmore is an Independent Herbalife Distributor, weight loss coach and author of the online magazine
Weight Loss Health. She has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biochemistry and Histology.
Week 2 – Handout (v.7.29.08)
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What makes Herbalife different?
It's the science behind the products. Technology and years of research enable us to deliver
targeted nutritional supplements tailored to your special needs. Our products have been
designed and manufactured from only the highest quality raw ingredients and herbs.
What makes our product line work so well?
Our Cellular Nutrition Program actually addresses the underlying problem we're experiencing
by giving the body what it needs on a daily basis. Hence allowing the body to do what it does
best: heal itself. Mastering the concept behind absorption and delivery has made it possible
to "Feel the Difference."
This breakthrough in nutritional science has opened new doors. For example, once your
body is able to absorb key nutrients and actually deliver them to your cells, you can then feel
the difference these vital nutrients make on your daily life.
This entire process begins in the small intestine. In your small intestine lives tiny microscopic
finger-like protrusions called villi (villi is the plural of 'villus'). The villi is where our bodies
absorb the nutrients from the foods and supplements we consume. However, these villi
become damaged or what they call – energetically impaired. As a result they retain little
surface area for them to work.
Factors that damage villi are: stress, smoking, alcohol, airborne toxins, medications,
preservatives, fats, additives, and drugs to name just a few.
Over the years as your villi break down your body absorbs less and less of the nutrients you
need from the food you eat. This is one reason our bodies begin to break down prematurely
and we feel worse and worse as time goes on.
Why Do We Feel Worse Instead of Better?
When our bodies cannot absorb the nutrients from our food and supplements, often times we
find ourselves eating more and more food because our appetites and cravings increase in
order to 'call us' for more and better nutrition (which we're not getting). We crave fats and
sugars because they are easiest for our body to absorb. We then become increasingly more
tired and fatigued because our body is not getting the proper nutrition it needs, daily.
Due to our villi being unhealthy and damaged, our body thinks its starving because it’s not
getting the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy. For people trying to lose weight, they know
this better than anyone. When your body thinks it's starving, it stores fat instead of burning
If you are trying to lose weight, it becomes almost impossible because your body is in the
mode of storing fat versus burning fat. No matter what you do, it doesn't want to burn the fat
Even for those of you not trying to lose weight, the concept is the same. You might find
yourself eating healthy, natural, low-fat foods, taking vitamins and exercising regularly, yet
you're still experiencing either no or slow weight loss (if that's your goal), moodiness and
fatigue because your body is not absorbing enough of the nutrition from the good foods you
are consuming.
Week 2 – Handout (v.7.29.08)
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So What's the Answer?
By starting with our program called Cellular Nutrition and adding our targeted products you
have the best chance of fighting the problems nutritionally. By using our products daily your
body will begin to repair and rebuild its villi back to the healthy state it was in when you were
younger (this process begins within 24 hours of starting the products). Your body is then able
to absorb not only the vital nutrients our Cellular Nutrition and targeted health and weight
loss products provide, but also the key nutrients from the foods you are eating. You will feel
the difference within days of being on the products. You may experience things like less
moodiness, more mental clarity, more natural energy and stamina.
Once you start using our products you can be assured you are moving in the right direction
toward better health and a happier you! This is the power of nutrition on a cellular level. Give
it a try today and you'll understand why.
Keeping Your Weight in Balance!
Nutrition holds a key to good health and lifelong weight management. Your body is
composed of trillions of living cells that grow, die and are replaced many times over during
your lifetime. These cells need proper nutrition to perform the vital functions of metabolism,
growth, repair, detoxification and reproduction.
Unfortunately, the average modern diet does not always provide you with a correct nutrient
balance for ideal good health.
Cellular Nutrition Technology
Herbalife's ShapeWorks Weight-Management Program uses three advanced technologies to
improve our nutrition: food science, micro-nutrients supplementation and herbal science.
Scientifically based formulas are at the very heart of Herbalife's ShapeWorks WeightManagement Program. They allow you to reduce your caloric intake while maintaining the
vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential to good health.
We provide these factors in an easily digestible form, so that your cells can function at their
highest level of efficiency.
Cell Activators
So many people believe that the body efficiently and completely absorbs all the nutrients
from food and supplements. However, nutrient absorption may be diminished and impaired
by poor eating habits, persistent dieting, stress or other factors. A key difference with
Herbalife's products is the inclusion of natural enzymes and herbs that act as cell activators.
These cell activators aid digestion and further improve your health and vitality.
The Herbalife ShapeWorks product line is the most advanced approach to nutrition, vitality
and weight loss on the market today.
Week 2 – Handout (v.7.29.08)
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