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• Physical activity simply means movement of the body
that uses energy.
• For health benefits, physical activity should be
moderate or vigorous and add up to at least 30
minutes a day (5-7 Days/Week).
• Examples??
• Fruits still have sugar, even though it is
natural…always eat in MODERATION
FOOD: Oranges
FOOD Group:
FOOD: Cereal
FOOD Group:
FOOD: Steak
FOOD Group:
Meat/ Beans
FOOD: Broccoli
FOOD Group:
FOOD Group:
FOOD: Dressing,
FOOD Group:
Compare & Contrast
you need to measure - everything is not
the same
What is it used to replace???
It is used to replace a part of your diet!
Examples: Amino Acids, vitamins,
nutrients, and herbs.
May be found in many forms such as
tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps,
liquids, or powders
Not considered a “drug” so it is NOT regulated at all!
Reading a Food
Label- know the
nutritional facts
Start with the
serving size.
This tells you the
number of servings
in the package
Next check the calories.
The number shown is for
one serving. The calorie
section will help you
manage your weight.
Remember that the number
of servings will determine
the number of calories you
actually eat (your portion
After checking the calories,
Look for the
(fats, carbs, proteins,
vitamins, etc.).
Check the daily
This will help you
monitor whether you
are eating a balanced
diet and getting the
proper nutrients
throughout the day.
Ingredient lists
will list what makes up
the product by listing the
ingredients used most in
descending order (the
first ingredient listed is
the most used in the
product). Be sure to
check this to make sure
you are not allergic to