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Student Research Pilot
Project 2007-2009
Carolinian Canada
Coalition &
University of Waterloo
Faculty of Environment
Work Term Summary
Fall: September 1 – December 31, 2008
Employer 1:
Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA)
Kate Monk, Stewardship and Conservation Lands Supervisor
Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
RR 3 Exeter, ON N0M 1S5
519-235-2610 x 227
[email protected]
Mark Funk, Stewardship Specialist
University of Waterloo, Environmental and Resource Studies
Specific tasks include the development and implementation of programs
to enhance environmental awareness and the uptake of stewardship
projects; assist rural residents in the Lake Huron Watershed to assess
their environmental impact and provide assistance in improving their
environmental performance; the identification of species and potential
threats to some species on ABCA owned lands (a priority project
identified in the Update of Conservation Area Master Plans, 2006); and
assist with the collection and analysis of biological and water quality
Work Tasks:
Species at Risk Inventory
 ABCA properties in Ausable River Valley ANSI and Aquatic Species at
Risk inventory at Joany’s Woods (Thames Talbot Land Trust)
 Vegetation inventory; tree stand analysis
 Biological monitoring for aquatic species
 Creation of internal database; field data entry
 Assisted in writing ABCA’s Ecological Land Classification and terrestrial
SAR Report for 2008
Ausable River Cut Conservation Area Restoration Project
 Researched species at risk possibly present at Ausable River Cut CA
near Port Franks for management/ restoration purposes
 Helped write, and provided research for Ausable River Cut CA
Restoration Proposal
Bear Creek Buffer Establishment Pilot Project
 Community outreach/ information session
 Contacted landowners and scheduled site visits in project target area
ABCA Tree Planting Project (site visits and preparation, planted trees)
Forest Management (tree marking for forest thinning/releasing crop trees)
Terrestrial Species at Risk on Ausable Bayfield Conservation
Authority Lands