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Physical Results of
They Shape Our Landscape
 As plates move, we may feel these movements as
 If there were no plate motions, our planet would not look
like home
 There would be no mountains, no valleys, no plateaus
 More than disasters on the human scale
Earth Shaking =
Earth Shaping
 Earthquakes and other tectonic activities have been
occurring for as long as the Earth has existed.
 Events range from small cracks in the soil to the raising
and lowering of huge chunks of lithosphere
 Happens over long periods of time
 Where rock is strained beyond limit, it will fracture, and
the rock mass on either side will move abruptly.
 Accumulated stress and strain within rocks of the
lithosphere may cause great warps or folds in rock layers.
Soil Liquefaction
 Much of the dollar damage due to earthquakes result
from liquefaction
 Table group exploration and discussion
 Video of liquefaction in Japan; video Tokyo Park
 Earthquakes trigger many landslides, particularly in the
rainy season
 Video of landslides – general
 Video of landslide – Mt. St. Helens (lahar)
 Graphic showing Japan flooding
Due to earthquake and landslide
Underwater Earthquakes
 Tsunamis
 Video Japan 2011, raw footage
 Video Indonesia 2004
 Deaths due to Earthquakes/Tsunamis
 Read “I survived a tsunami”
 Complete the worksheet on one side to order the events
 On the back, answer the questions: “In what ways did
Masahiro exhibit courage?” What do you think of
Masahiro? How do you think you would have reacted
under the same circumstances?
 Aftershock: A smaller earthquake that follows a more
powerful earthquake in same area.
 Liquefaction: A process by which the shaking of the
ground causes loose, wet soil to act like a liquid.
 Tsunami: A water wave caused by an earthquake,
volcanic eruption or landslide.