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Legal and Ethical Issues
Marketing – Chapter 6 Notes
Roles of the Government
 Executive Branch - President; Executive Department (___________, Commerce, Treasury)
 ______________ Branch - Congress (___________; House of Representatives)
 Judicial Branch - network of _________ at all levels of government
Role of Service Provider and Customer
 government spends a lot of money to carry out its responsibilities (almost ____ of GDP)
Role of Regulator
 enforce laws designed to protect the safety, health, and welfare ___________________
Protecting Consumers
 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - regulates the labeling and safety of ___________
_____________________________ (nutrition facts labels, approves new products)
 Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) - oversees the _________ of products such as
toys, electronics, and household furniture
5 Toys recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
Protecting Workers
 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (______) - responsible for the fair treatment of
________________with regard to hiring, firing, and promotions
o prevent discrimination due to race, age, and gender
 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (______) - sets guidelines and enforces
______________ safety and environmental concerns
Protecting Investors
 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - regulates the sale of _________ (stocks and bonds)
Protecting the environment
 Environmental Protection Agency (_____) - established in 1970 to protect human health and our
o monitoring and reducing _____ and ___________ pollution
o oversees recycling and hazardous waste _____________
Federal Trade Commission (______) - responsible of enforcing the principles of a private enterprise
system and protecting ________________ from unfair or deceptive business practices
Bureau of Consumer Protection
 responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws and trade rules (truth-in-advertising laws;
help with ______________________ and other fraud complaints)
Bureau of Competition
 prevention of anti-competitive _____________ and business practices (prevents monopolies;
_____________________________; anti-competitive mergers)
Bureau of Economics
 studies the impact of its actions on consumers and _________ its findings
Legal and Ethical Issues
Monitor of our Economy
 Federal Reserve System - _____________________ (attempts to adjust our economic situation)
Business Supporter
 Small Business Administration (SBA) - government agency that provides _____________ to small
Business and Social Responsibility
In the Workplace
 ______________ - allows workers to choose their work hours
 Telecommuting - involves working at ___________, usually on a computer
 Extended Family Leave - leave from __________ with pay in addition to the time required by the
Family and Medical Leave Act
 On-Site Child Care - on-site child care very popular with ___________________ families
 Health Care Benefits (major employee ____________)
 Time Off ___________ (vacations, sick days, and personal days)
__________________ - nonprofit organization that helps produce public service advertising campaigns
Green Marketing - companies engage in the production and promotion of _______________________
safe products
 _________________
 environmentally friendly
 _________________
 ozone safe
Business Ethics
Ethics - guidelines for good _________________
John F. Kennedy's _______________ Bill of Rights
 to be ____________________________ against fraud, deceit, and misleading statements, and
to be educated in the wise use of financial resources
 to be protected from _______ products
 to have a __________ of goods and services
 to have a __________ in product and marketing decisions made by government and business
Better Business Bureau (_____) established in 1912, the BBB is a nonprofit organization that promotes
__________________ among businesses
Price gouging - pricing products ____________________ when the need is great or when consumers do
not have other choices
Whistle-blowing-_____________ an illegal action of one's employer